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yes of self-sacrifice comparison with those who understand fully that you have to live a. real life stories from. nineteen forty five don't cheat dot com. aviation experts examine the black boxes of a russian plane that exploded into flames after crashing in the republic of korea killing forty five people. relatives of the survivors and the victims of the plane crash rushed to their loved ones deal with their grief while the people of the clear three days of mourning for all the details in a few moments. the greek government survives a critical vote of confidence in its own security drive furious protests that the will of the people has been neglected. and a dark page in history former soviet republics mourn the millions killed in the
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second world war seventy years after nazi troops invaded the city you. will soon know business books and find out what russia is doing to reverse the trend of capital flows in the twentieth time of business. you're watching on t.v. world news twenty four hours a day. ten year old victim of a plane crash that killed forty four people has died in hospital doctors spent two days fighting for his life outside his condition was too severe a tragedy happened on monday night in both western russia and a two one three four jet plane landed on a highway just a few hundred meters from the runway. reports from the site of disaster. families of the survivors as well as the victims are making their way or go are going to be
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making their way to where there are family members are there but they've been five hundred with. psychological help that is if they need it and also here at the site of the crash site itself has been the cleaned up of the identification of the bodies continue we are told that several have already been identified but there have still been a lot of body parts recovered the late last night for of the wreckage that we still have to identify part of number of bodies now three of the a survivors are still in the local hospital while a fire that have been flown to moscow now dear family members we are expecting them to come today there is supposed to be a plane to take them to but there is a void the explain be a bit of a delay this accident happened on monday night so they say that most of the families don't live in moscow they live in a region surrounded moscow now and the locals here are also dealing with their own grief. i would say they've been coming here until late last night bringing flowers
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to decide after all it was the witnesses the locals living right a by the road where the plane had crashed that had been the first at the scene. we first told. and we heard a man screaming his clothes were burning around my house. the flames. of course is still very early stages initial theories investigators say that they are looking at all possible avenues or one of the statements made by the local airport you can see where i am right now they said that they had the pilot to make the second tower but he said that he would make it the first time so but but again these are all based on the statements made by the black box itself will have to be decoded as you know of course takes us some time before the fischel state will be made. a commercial plane that would have landed on schedule i ended up in pieces and in flames this tuple of one three four
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carrying fifty two people from moscow the bet was a vodka northwestern russia crash on a road around a kilometer from the runway there only missing a row of houses and killing forty four on board airport officials say the plane hit a high voltage power line that cut off lights on the runway which also knocked out the town's electricity. at around midnight the lights went off in our house we were going to check the electric transformer when we heard the sound of a huge explosion we arrived at the scene of the accident people plane was seriously damaged we could see its wing jutting out of the bushes scattered all around the field there were lots of them below we're here at the site with a total of one three four crash landed on a road and as you can see behind me there's a lifting parts of the plane the man living here was first on the scene because the plane had landed right in front of his home. i carried three people out of the wreckage long was either a girl or a woman i could not sell but she was larger than the man was hard to see it was
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dark and there was a man it also was unhappy it was not even me and then we carried out two more people from the wreckage in the middle of the road another man reached out his hand towards me but i couldn't make it to him and everything starts explaining i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire so very. among the eight survivors were a young boy his teenage sister and their mother five had been flown to moscow for medical treatment initial reports point to a human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground staff at the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories and nothing has been ruled out just yet arson investigator. continue their work at the site of the tragedy the debris there is spread across a three hundred meter radius the flight recorder has already been found
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communication recordings are being analyzed forensic analysis is being carried out we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes this is the twenty eighth crash involving a tuple of one three four tarnishing its reputation even more in two thousand and seven russia's transport minister called the aircraft obsolete and should be replaced within five years but some would argue that in most plane crashes human error placed the biggest part. of which i don't think anything would go wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation the triple of one three four has proved to be extremely reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here the pilot should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane while investigators work on the case relatives of the victims and
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survivors are dealing with their own grief one shared by the people of beth as avoids declaring three days of mourning the loss are still here r t and the russian region the greek government has narrowly won a key vote of confidence around the prime minister to continue his fight for cuts parliaments and now has to decide whether to impose austerity measures with aliens of europe or to secure a second. and i thought of the country's problems economy as sarah. ever widening divide between the governments vision and they would have the people. it's considered by many to be the past place of democracy but increased now the whitening gap between the aims of the people and the government is creating explain . that we are a mix of people that have no political dollars and we are all together to say that
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we cannot be on the displeasure we cannot hold. the measures taken on the measures that they take for us without us and we want to become large but demonstrations are held on the central square now in a daily basis with some of the trade tests turning violent the trade has to stay the suffocating take ask nothing compared to the stairs he measures if they fail strangling their economy the people are being refused very rights to drugs what policies are going to be implemented. and of course the greek government is an accomplice to this popular sovereignty i mean we're not we're not anymore in the proper sense a sovereign country when we are your best can dictate policy will be european and the european union and the i.m.f. the so-called troika can come and say listen these are these are the measures you're going to implement you are going to implement them whether you like it or
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not we can see you know we were facing a very peculiar form of dictatorship by the european union the european central bank and the. finance chiefs a desperate not to see the first year raising suffering default and they're rising concerns about the crisis that could trigger throughout your writing very chance of a domino effect if greece. around should be full and this is their problem and reason why are europeans are are helping greece but in fact we are here pingers because they don't want this domino effect and because they want to take all very short of greece. sixteen percent of the quick what full sun influence western economic conditions here increased the year is a dream it seems is a. worst reoffends were before over.
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uprising or. violence in the streets the people said that when they're handing out into the streets in their millions and the government continues to push ahead with the prepays measures when they don't have democracy anymore the government is trying to grab the people refuse to be governed in this way every day that disconnect becomes more and more dangerous this very peaceful a pair but the reef told. me a world away from what's been happening on the streets recently the question a lot of people have been asking is just when will greece reach boiling point lenny when he was on the streets of athens to witness the violence will know that it's already past that point because a lot of people are now asking is really how much does this guy. was on the streets of athens went down in protest you can read all about the revolt . on her blog on our website.
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on the international monetary fund with european parliament members they could come down and branding the euro. survives. the question now is are we throwing good money after bad money. how many billions can you throw at this you know the tolerance of the people for carts for extra taxes as we see in greece there's real trouble there were there's trouble in spain and ireland particularly i think it's in major trouble the euro and i have been saying for some time i do believe it will collapse either in thoughtful totally and probably quite shortly now but to be honest i think you leave your is a political prison for for countries such as greece and spain and they need to be liberated from that prison recreate their own currencies have the valuation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and
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they'll get back in on their feet i think they should go back to the drachma i think they need to get out the euro it is a prison for them and to recreate the drachma i know there are no plans at present to do that but of course they can't sort of plan for me until we are actually fails i think that is the salvation for greece and that's the way it really should go but obviously that's a matter for the greek people. also ahead this hour hostage the conflict as the number of civilian casualties continue to rise in libya something vaguely of their government is not stuck in the conflict politically unable to withdraw from the template. and find out how a missing russian writer used of instigating mass riots reappeared in the general. turns over thousands of candles have been lit in the former soviet republics today to commemorate the twenty seven million people who died fighting against it was
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only me on this day seventy years ago when i would see troops break the soviet union. great war and bloodiest in terms history thousands of square missions but for a. first time almost in front a ceremony it was also held in a secure breast in which the brunt of the first defense of the nazis deployed on a ray of every artillery and weapon on the breast fortress but failed to break the resistance to his. is their first. these days seventy years. of the cut work makes you know something even the subtle frown so that's what you don't see. the subtle tongue. that leaving the room on the roads just not in the course of the night now since
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he was in these wacky non-self the second of two things it was. the saw the take actually more but it was so most poignant. to me it is expected that they would sweep out the. resistance which holds out the weakness of the thousand people managed to leave the tower shuts most of them were killed shut up to the point of the last to cut you want go some reports even suggest that isolated resistance was in college and even the to. rip shut like the one with the nikon the will you sign but i want to run into knots
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. while looking back. at his invasion of the soviet union leading british historian. told r.t. great patrick people that helped win the. i believe that if it was just the science or the technical side germany could very well have won it either in one nine hundred forty run and i'm sure forty two but it with love i'm not alone we see this extraordinary determination to carry on fighting the germans underestimated it was also true to some profound patcher to them that the red army recovered from the initial crisis realized it was a powerful for survival and what was at stake was not just the communist system but russia as a country and the soviet union was in the boardroom and of that and it really did become a tree what it was the germans they were carried away by their own successes their previous successes blitzkrieg lightning war and they believe that if they hammered
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the red army at the front it would all be. but they are underestimated the red army and they underestimated the soviet union. and you can see the full interview with dr michael johns next hour here nazi. the u.s. is tightening financial sanctions on the libyan government there are calls in america to extend the nato but actually campaign to is not just a year but involving military intervention has caused dozens of civilian deaths economic historian lawrence davidson says the u.s. and nato have made themselves hostages to conflicts. is poison to question is the original justification for american intervention which was humanitarian my own personal opinion is that that was always a just a media story for our domestic consumption you cannot enter being
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anywhere with this level of munitions and not kill civilians so ok you're going to protect civilians by intervening with the type of munitions that cannot avoid killing civilians i don't think that nato and its commanders and the president and the politicians involved in this are beyond a point of no return so they simply cannot stop in terms of their own mind what they've invested in this and there where they want to end up doing whatever is necessary to secure victory in libya and they will project media stories to cover it. for all the latest news from libya get a website i thought he called a line right now a strike of course of the kills people as an explosion rocks the house of
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a topical don't think general jones grandsons fourth birthday party going to scenes of devastation. and overdone law school gets away and then goes in empty handed to what the us bank saying christmas is charles to get health care put up or its parts he thought. russian writer edward get off or disappeared and will go for almost a week it has turned up in jail the author is suspected of the rise of mass protests in two thousand and nine against the results of the country's parliamentary elections nazis cattleman's of a story. written off russian writer the wife by you know was last seen on june sixteenth in the moldovan capital kitchen now. a week later it's turned out that he had been detained by local authorities for allegedly masterminding public riots in april two thousand and nine and then thousands of unhappy moldovans took to the streets protesting the results of the country's parliamentary elections opposition
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leaders accused the ruling communist party of falsifying votes by give himself frequently stated that he was in fact one of the organizers of the unrest but until now not many people took him seriously. i know he was the moldova when the riots with taking place he doesn't deny that fact there anything but as far as organizing the riots were taking part in any kind of commotions that's ridiculous the only kind of action he would have gotten involved that would have been with the ladies the police. and authorities however took him very seriously so seriously they issued an order for his arrest and even though he will officially remain behind bars for another month now many officials in question now are willing to admit the fact let alone talk about it on bills that is been arrested by the prosecutors his warrant was issued by the prosecutors and it's the prosecutor's office that should
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be on stream questions about him which is providing the cell where he's being held a lot of and prosecutors however aren't keen on admitting that responsibility in fact they're trying to avoid admitting anything at all you don't have you know don't even prosecutor general's office does not confirm nor deny the arrest of mr buy gear of those attempted stonewalling would have been effective at the russian consulate staff not gone as it of the men in prison would you consider on the twenty first of june consular employees from the russian embassy mildew for visited next year if he did not express any complaints about his living conditions or the way the investigation was going so he's using the services of a qualified private moldovan lawyers. currently investigation is being carried out by motive and a third it's in accordance with a court decision he'll be held for thirty days the embassy is monitoring the situation. and the what i get of tension could have been
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a completely routine legal process but the very fact that most building authorities are still refusing to part with any coherent and for nation concerning the case is definitely not doing them any favors and it's showcasing of the prosecutor's office and of very unfortunate right. catherine as are the r.t. . by special forces officers have been killed and twelve others wounded during a shootout with militants and russian republic of dagestan a special operation that again on tuesday continues and it's ten minutes and there is intense fighting as insurgents try to break through the surrounding russian units with special forces targeted hideout with heavy artillery reports of several minutes and casualties first let's check on some other international headlines for you. in mexico these have arrested the alleged leader of one of the country's top drug gangs saying that since there's a lot of us sinners monkey taking control of the media after the death of its
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previous leader last year mexican president felipe calderon raise the temperature as a great blow against organized crime while the us is accused of trafficking and selling drugs can be contained in. the sun for the last month kidnapping and killing over numbers. lightsource slowly resuming from suffolk street in airports and ashcroft much involved came sure the country's largest airports have suffered two days of cancellations as a result of the eruption cloud is expected to move to new zealand next apply to city disrupting the volcano in chile which had been dormant for decades not just in the fourth of june. hundreds of rioters have clashed with police and. a second glance of sectarian violence crowds hurled stones fireworks and actual bombs at police water cannons to men which comes from. watching season
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rhetoric or tensions between this traffic police and community is. argentina's president has announced he will stand for reelection and months of speculation over the future. cristina fernandez. succeeding her husband died of a heart attack last october often described. how gentle it was a couple of polls show the leader lacks majority support in the country but when the first round don't against a divided opposition. just a few minutes we have from the defenders of the breast fortress the soviet union's western right place to world war two first. stay with us.
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watching business. and money has been steadily flowing out of russia for the last nine months due to risk aversion among global investors a new state backed investment fund is part of the efforts to reverse that trend i think cars foreign capital to take a longer view of course all caught up with the c.e.o. of the new. petersburg forum and started by asking him how the phone would work. there's a basic idea behind the plan to spur investments because actually let's move me to a chairman of national bank myself and some of the key people who traveled around the investors of the world and we asked them how would you invest much more into the russian economy and basically they said that they would like to invest more but they need to have a good partner because for many people to be their first guest of the russian if
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a partner so for investment is a basic ideas of funds we'll invest in projects but it can invest in projects only if at least the same amount of money is going vested by the leading international investor in the project to swap what's the broader purpose of this fund what is it to achieve i think many investors feel that as a result of a perception gap between real risk situation in russia and how some investors perceive it and you know we can go into the history of it but everybody agrees that the resists perception gap that basically investors think it's more difficult and more risk it would invest in russia as an actual it is so defiant it will be a partner in that they need the partner to feel more comfortable making investment and it's very similar for example if you invest in the rig in china you know would you invest on your own would you like to part it was a chinese fund so we're just making it easier to find
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a partner and we shares the risk because russian state will bid for investment as those investors why should a guarantee be necessary isn't the kind of admission that there is a genuine risk that there are problems that clones be fixed funds like exist funds that invest a lot in domestic economy exist in many countries and it's very important because many conflicts france and pretty much all of the countries they want money to be invested inside if they want to make sure that instead companies grow inside so it's not something incredibly unique that's good though it is ten billion dollars going to be enough well first of all been a good to get ten billion the front you're going to get two billion each year for the next five years and we believe it's. a good way to start chinese investment corporation because three hundred billion dollars demanded from the greatest one hundred fifty billion dollars to management so that snorkels the largest loss to the world but for what it is designed to do which is to bring international best risk into russia and we believe that it will really war going to be sufficient amount of money to showcase the ordeal for the very successful investment example
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over the next my seven years. well reuss is yet another deadline with almost zero pulls the lever on the other is just the supplies of the country completely and then has to pay the bill and so on next monday the outstanding that amounts to just fifty million dollars into route some say who is trying to beef up its leverage over the cash strapped the russian economy says it's the economic crisis that has sparked the mess and promises to settle the issue. for the markets finally starting with oil and there's been a reverse trend light sweet is down fifty one cents as you can see there brands is up just twenty six cents no real single definite movement on the market despite positive developments in the eurozone debt situation that's also the greek government running key confidence vote on tuesday investors in asia gaining more confidence that greece will avoid an imminent default and the nikkei is up one point nine percent this hour on the positive sentiment hong kong listed exports and
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form limited gains six percent as most of its clients are in europe that's true securities is up two point eight percent insecure there most of the markets will open in around one hour both theology is on the mind six as you can see there on monday posting gains the markets which energy and financial stocks on a rebound in crude prices that we saw on tuesday. the of the market poses a problem for investors most interesting call from capital has some suggestions about the best equities to park at. during this war perlman worked at pick ups you know the bangs the legs billabong would be on the save us government for russia. selected to the consumer retail names also quote defense of some people say gold folks like paul and i throw balls. against of those who will will vote. always a medium term if the market or grid is recovering them higher but the names including
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on gas might old perform short term but we don't expect this to happen say this week the headlines and i starting see the next step. little. more than a month. one of the most extreme environments on the plumbers this is antarctica and people have to be aware that they are far away.


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