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house was where the plane actually landed in front of it and for most of the experience was harrowing the memory that they can't forget most is the fact that they were hearing cries for help at the site and so they do believe that there were more people alive actually but then there were further explosions after the initial one could only save as many as they could and only eight had survived initially and now seven are still live in a state hospital course so it's still very early into the investigation what the statements that have been made are based on the physical evidence as you can see behind me this is actually be a forest where the plane come through and hit some of the treetops there still working on the site behind me so based on the statements made that there was low visibility there was bad weather and also ground control here said that they had asked the pilot to make a second turn so the initial theories that have come out from this investigation are based on the block box is still be decoded it's in moscow they're going to find
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out more from the part of the united nations on the life of. a commercial plane that would have landed on schedule ended up in pieces and in flames this tuple of one three four carrying fifty two people from moscow to northwestern russia crashed on a road around a kilometer from the runway airport officials say the plane hit a high voltage power line that cut off lights on the runway which also knocked out the town electricity. at around midnight the lights went off in our house we were going to check the electric transformer we heard the sound of a huge explosion. scene of the accident. damage we could see. around the field. three people wreckage. i could not. as
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a man he also was unhappy he was launching than me then we carried out two more people from the wreckage in the middle of the road another man reached out his hand towards me but i couldn't make it to him everything started exploding i could not get any closer everything was engulfed by fire so very. initial reports point to human error and bad weather conditions at the time as possible causes of the crash ground staff at the local airport claimed they had asked the pilot to make a second approach but he said he'd make it the first time however investigators say there are several theories and nothing has been ruled out just yet. we're looking into several versions of what caused the tragedy these include the human factor such as an air of the crew or the ground services severe weather conditions technical failure and several other potential causes but some would argue that in most plane crash a human error place the biggest part. of which i don't think anything would go
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wrong with the plane itself in forty years of operation the triple zero one three four has proved to be extremely reliable aircraft in previous catastrophes human error was always to blame and the same is true here the pilot should have made a second landing approach this is exactly what happened to the polish presidential airplane while investigators work on the case relatives of the victims and survivors are dealing with their own grief one shared by the people of beth as avoids declaring three days of mourning tesser sylvia r.t. in the russian region. the greek government has now ready won a key vote of confidence around the prime minister to continue his fight for more cuts parliament to decide whether to impose austerity measures worth billions of euros or to secure a second bailout life of the country's parliament khana me said arthur reports there's an ever widening divide between the government's vision and the will of the
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people. is considered by many to be the best place of democracy but increased now the whitening gap between the aims of the people and the government is preaching explained. we are a mix of people that have not political dollars and we are all together to say that we cannot be on the vice president we cannot hold. the measures taken on the measures that they take for us without us and we want to take out a large bug demonstrations held in the central square now on a daily basis with some of the protests turning violent protests to say the suffocating take ask nothing compared to the a stage the measures that they fail strangling their economy the people are being refused very right to judge what policies are going to be implemented upon them and of course the greek government is an accomplice to this of popular sovereignty
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i mean we're not we're not anymore in the proper sense a sovereign country when the i.m.f. can dictate policy when the european when the and the european union and the argument of the so-called troika can come and say listen these are these are the measures you're going to implement you are going to implement them whether you like it or not we can say you know we were facing a very peculiar form of dictatorship by the european union the european central bank and the i.m.f. finance chiefs a desperate not to see the first year raising suffering default and they're rising concerns about the crisis that could trigger throughout europe i think very chance of a domino effect if. the full and this is their problem and this is the reason why the europeans are helping greece but in fact we are hearing greece because they don't want just. because they want
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to pay for a very shortage of british. for the sixteen percent of the greek what full sun employees western economic conditions here in greece the year is saying dream it seems it's a. one person who are people worse off as were before over. there were uprising or there will be a lot of violence in the streets the people have said that when they're turning out into the streets and then millions and the government continues to push ahead with the prepays measures will then they deign to have democracy anymore the government is trying to grab the people refuse to be governed in this way every day that disconnect becomes more and more dangerous bizzare peaceful pair above the reef tops and not really a world away from what's been happening on the streets recently the question a lot of people have been asking is just when will greece reach boiling point lenny
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when he was on the streets of athens to witness the violence will know that it's already past that point the question a lot of people are now asking is really how much further does this guy. was on the streets of athens when violent protests hit the capital read all about her experiences in what's been a golfing greece and her blog you can find it's on our website i thought a dot com. greece is seeking twelve billion euro from the e.u. and the international monetary fund but european parliament member david campbell bannerman believes abandoning the euro is the only way the nation can survive. the question now is are we throwing good money after bad money. how many billions can you throw at this you know the tolerance of the people for carts for extra taxes as we see it in greece there's real trouble there were there is trouble in spain and ireland particularly i think it's in major trouble the euro and i have been saying
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for some time i do believe it will collapse either implausible totally and probably quite shortly now but to be honest i think you leave your is a political prism for for countries such as greece and spain and they need to be liberated from that prison recreate their own currencies have devaluation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and they'll get back on their feet i think they should go back to the drachma i think they need to get out the euro it is a prison for them and to recreate the drachma i know there are no plans at present to do that but of course they can't sort of plan to be until you are actually fails i think that is the salvation for greece and that's the way it really should go but obviously that's a matter for the greek people. so they had this hostage to conflict as number of civilian casualties to rise in their b.s. if you read government is not simply unable to withdraw from the campaign.
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tens of thousands of candles have been lifting the former soviet republics this morning to commemorate the twenty seven million people died fighting against me on this day seventy years ago nazi troops invaded the soviet union and what is described as a great patriotic war. is in the city of breast but every switch bore the brunt of german attacks on the eastern front. being here in such the prettiest fortress on these days seventy years after the start of the great passion war makes you not only see the visual damage to this city. the forefront of that war you can also feel the human coast of those terrible times dance from the walls of the fortress maybe you cannot see clearly behind that smoke is a living reminder about that the roches night thousands of people were buried alive
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on these four square kilometers on the night of the twenty second of june nineteen forty one defending the prettiest fortress was the first battle for the soviet union in the great war but it was also one of its most boyhood and chapters the nazi invade us expected that they would capture it swiftly but instead they came up against resistance which held out for months full thousand people managed to flee the territory of the fortress but most of them were killed shortly often thousands others were besieged behind the fortresses was the last of the captured at the end of july nineteenth forty one those some reports even suggest that isolated resistance was encountered even a month later here also love to behind several inscriptions like the phone on a wall i'm dying but i want so we're not leaving us each year and fewer witnesses saw the first day of the war and the horse which followed
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. here is that story. like any careless child i had plans that evening i wasn't afraid when they started shelling not only i only remember that something exploded on where my bed was thrown into another room and experienced red army officer was also caught flatfooted that night seventy years ago. this work of i was at his house with my mother my father who was delayed to defend the breast fortress this was our window on the first floor my father was sure there could be no war this is what the party keeps saying he thought it was an earthquake he grabbed his accordion and ran outside the womb my mom stopped a nazi told me this is warm out and come up with a name for long before blitzkrieg but as seach they'd planned would last just hours instead was to go on for weeks in
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a fierce battle with those who defended to the death. the real scorches became the size of the first major fighting between soviet forces and the viet mocked there was no warning when the nazis invaded us on the night of the twenty second of june one thousand nine hundred forty one the bombardment of the garrison by a surprise but on the officers was spread out on hostile i'm wrong then i mean nation but even this didn't stop them. i apologize for the technical problems that now looking back seventy years since germany's invasion of the soviet union historian dr michael jones tells r.t. it was a great patrick isn't the soviet people that helped win the war. to look for ways wanted to invade the soviet union the reason he gave out was that the soviet union would actually attack germany i think the evidence for that in nine hundred forty one slight underneath that justification to his military were two main factors the
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first was hitler's hatred of communism bolshevism but underneath the real truth about this war was race hatred i believe that if it was just the science or the technical side. germany could very well have want to either a nine hundred forty one on nine hundred forty two but it with love of the motherland it was this extraordinary determination to carry on fighting that the germans underestimated and. you can see the full interview with dr michael johns in ten minutes ahead l.t. . u.s. is tightening financial sanctions on the libyan government some members of congress call for a one year extension of america's military role in the country meanwhile the intervention has been hit by continuing criticism over a number of civilian deaths historian loans davidson says the u.s.
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and nato have made themselves hostages to conflicts. what this calls into question is the original justification for american intervention which was humanitarian my own personal opinion is that that was always a just a media story for our domestic consumption you cannot enter being anywhere with this level of munition and not kill civilians. so ok you're going to protect civilians by intervening with the type of munitions that cannot avoid killing civilians i'm thinking that nato and its commanders and the president and the politicians involved in this are beyond a point of no return so they simply cannot stop in terms of their own mind what they've invested in this and therefore they will end up doing whatever is necessary
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to secure victory in libya and they will project media stories to cover. for the latest news from libya go to our website sets r.t. dot com and use an eye catching videos always of their fields well here's a taste of the u.s. steps up its drone attacks against militants in the least and a growing number of civilians caught up in the strikes on sunday what creates the arms of extremists. khaled just saw sounding the alarm over the tourists don't seem to read from the central russia into r.t. dot com to find out why it's construct to spend almost two hundred thousand dollars on planting trees and i had a chance to take root. russian writer eduardo who disappeared in moldova almost a week ago has turned up in jail the author is suspected of organizing mass protests in two thousand and nine against the results of the country's
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parliamentary elections party's countries are as the story written off russian writer the lot by get of was last seen on june sixteenth in the moldovan capital keesha now. a week later it's turned out that he had been detained by local authorities for allegedly masterminding public riots in april two thousand and nine then thousands of unhappy moldovans took to the streets protesting the results of the country's parliamentary elections opposition leaders accused the ruling communist party of falsifying their votes by give himself frequently stated that he was in fact one of the organizers of the end rest but until now not many people took him seriously at the you know i know he was there when the riots with taking place he doesn't deny that fact there anything but as far as organizing the riots would taking part in any kind of commotions that's ridiculous the unique kind of
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action he would have gotten involved that would have been with the ladies not the police. and authorities however took him very seriously so seriously they issued an order for his arrest and even though he will officially remain behind bars for another month not many officials in question now are willing to admit the fact let alone talk about it on bills that is been arrested by the prosecutors his warrant was issued by the prosecutors and it's the prosecutor's office that should be on string questions about him which is providing the cell where he's being held on prosecutors however aren't keen on admitting that responsibility in fact they're trying to avoid admitting anything at all when you don't have the most prosecutor general's office does not confirm nor deny the arrest of mr buy gear of. those attempted stonewalling would have been effective had the russian consulate staff not gone and visited the men in prison would you consider on the twenty first of
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june a consular employees from the russian embassy in will do is a visited big year if he did not express any complaints about his living conditions or the way the investigation was going he's using the services of a qualified private moldovan lawyers currently an investigation is being carried out by most of an authority it's in accordance with a court decision he'll be held for thirty days from the embassy is money storing the situation. you know what i get of detention could have been a completely routine legal process but the very fact that moldovan authorities are still refusing to part with any coherent information concerning the case is definitely not doing them any favors and it's showcasing them on that one prosecutor's office and of very unfortunate white. catherine as are our team moscow . five special forces offices have been killed and twelve others wounded during a shootout with militants in russia's republican doug a stone there are reports of several militant casualties as well the anti terror
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operation that began on tuesday continue its attempt to combat lynton movement in the region there were reports of intense fighting as insurgents trying to break through the surrounding national units and special forces talking about hideouts we're going to shows you the militants were conducting training to carry out terror attacks in the region. let's check on some other international headlines for you now. in mexico police have arrested the alleged leader of one of the country's top drug gangs who is in the seuss and then there is also known as a monkey taking control of the familiar cutout of the death of its previous leader announced mexican president felipe calderon the praise the capture is a great blow against organized crime our guests are sick and used to trafficking and sending drugs and couldn't could couldn't and i want to is also the last tomorrow. really. hundreds of
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rioters of clashed with police in northern nodded to a second night of sectarian violence in eastern frost her nose hold stones fireworks and petrol bombs at police who applauded also target two men were treated for burns reason the press photographer was shocked to make this the worst trouble to ever see the king's. flights slowly resume. from south australian airports as the ash cloud from a volcano moves off shore the country's largest airports have suffered two days of cancellations as a result of the eruption that is now expected to move to new zealand domestic flights were also disrupted the volcano in chile which had been dormant for decades erupted on the fourth of june. just a few minutes we'll talk to a british historian about nazi germany's invasion of the soviet union seventy years ago and find out why he thinks hitler's forces failed business news that would
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dimitri stay with us. you're watching business money has been steadily flowing out of russia for the last nine months to to risk aversion among global versus a new state backed investment fund as part of the effort to reverse that trend and encourage foreign capital to take a longer business tsotsi caught up with the c.e.o. of the new fund at the st petersburg for. as the basic idea behind the plan to spur investment because actual budget meets your chairman of michigan on bain myself and some other key people who traveled around the investors and the world and we asked them how would you invest much more into the russian economy and basically they
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said that they would like to invest more but they need to have a good partner because so many people that get their first investment the russian they need to have a partner so we're investment is a basic ideas of funds we'll invest in projects but it can invest in projects only if at least the same amount of money is going vested by the leading international investor in the project thus while you look at the broad a purpose of this fund what is it to achieve i think. many investors feel that is the wrist sort of a perception gap between real risk situation in russia and how some investors perceive it and you know we can go into the history of it but everybody agrees that the resists perception gap that basically investors think it's more difficult and more risky to invest in russia as an actual it is so defunct it will be a partner in that they need the partner at the field look comfortable make an investment and it's very similar for example if you invest in a rig in china you know would you invest on your own but would you like to partner
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was a chinese fund so we're just making it easier to find a partner and we share the risk because russian state will become invested was those investors. i have lost russia's flagship carrier has ordered eight triple seven passenger jets from boeing announced at the paris air show the one point two billion dollar deal is widely seen as a turn away by air flight from air bus which has been its regular supply and the say the russian airliner has obtained a fifty percent discount from boeing saving up to a billion dollars meanwhile effort is bashed for inconsistent terms and librium price some argue that it would be difficult for us to float rather to give up on air bus as it accounts for eighty percent of the carriers fleet. so you're going to marcus investors in asia gaining more confidence that greece will avoid an imminent default the nikkei up one point eight percent at the close the hang seng has come down rather raising earlier gains on the list of exports and the and phone numbers
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of that is gaining five and a half percent most of this point in europe that sue securities is up four percent at the close of the tokyo. european markets started wednesday session on negative note with investors cautious as to what might be the next step in solving greece's debt problems banks in london are down barclays instead of charted one percent lower. here in moscow the market's also trading in the red we're seeing the artistic mining point three percent my six point six percent this is as oil prices are decreasing so you get the main movers on the my six ross selling call me is taking a very harsh beating is down one point six percent losing four percent on choose day and eight percent on monday now f. lot is up twenty three percent on the hesitation between us and boeing. and russia's diamond giant al ross's increases that profit by forty two percent for schools of the year and four hundred thirty million dollars will support
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a voice from the production and a fifty four percent increase in precious stone prices. is the south sea we'll be back in fifty minutes time with an update the headlines are next with karen.
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more than a month. in one of the most extreme environments on the planet this is and charge adults and people have to be aware that they are far away from civilization and sean combs discovers fault makes antarctica so special and attractive for many the wildlife in antarctica is a both and from the. expedition to the bottom of the earth are to.
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it without a top of the international headlines now the ten year old victim of a russian plane crash has died in hospital the number of those killed in east and fortified the news comes as aviation experts examine books recorders from the passenger jet explode into flames and the public of. the greek government survives a critical vote of confidence in its austerity drive amid furious protests that the group of people is being ruled parliament to must now decide whether to impose austerity measures worth billions of euros in order to secure a second event out. of the former soviet republics more than the twenty seven
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million the victims killed in the fight against those troops this day seventy years ago something from the soviet union on least the bloodiest conflict in the region's history which became known as the great natural to. the. when next we talked to british historian and author dr michael jones well known for his books on world war two he told r.t. what motivated him to this decision to invade to save the union seventy years ago and what helped the sylvia troops to win the war. today marks the seventieth anniversary of the start of operation barbarossa hitler's code name for germany's invasion of the save the union it became the lower just as a military operation both in terms of resources deployed and also in casualties dr michael jones's new book tells the story of the red told me during the second world war dr james thank you for talking to r.t.
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today let's start from the beginning of operation why did decide to invade the u.s.s.r. always wanted to invade the soviet union the reason he gave out was that the soviet union would actually attack germany i think the evidence for that in nineteen forty one flights underneath that justification to his military were two main factors the first was hitler's hatred of communism of bolshevism and that was what he really put out to your that it was a crusade against bolshevism bolshevism was a man that needed to be destroyed but underneath the real truth about this war was race hatred and if one reads mind hitler's book it's clear that you always want to carve out living space. and do the expense of the people he regarded as racially inferior and when he now.


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