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tv   [untitled]    June 23, 2011 10:31am-11:01am EDT

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and also in i can't that's why white house couldn't be out to hear the truth and they want to block my wife same few years they call us a puppet regime. and impose a ban on my travel abroad by a freedom loving justice slapping and two. guys ation an actor waster and us and them even democratic minded politician they put pressure on like our mentor and finally they give me reason you've said many times that the us and nato pushed the afghans from the frying pan into the fire. exactly do you mean by that because these are no doubt alliance fundamentalist warlords who are literally same like taliban but only fiscally has been changed after nine eleven and these warlords they were in power from their duty to ninety six before of domination of the taliban and alone in kabul they culled more than sixty five thousand and sent people destroyed our national unity raped even our phoria sold babies and grand old
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matters and many other crimes similar like the taliban they committed against our people back there with bloody hands who went to my school for democracy sutent thai and they come in power after nine eleven and paws on our people and that's why the situation day by day getting worse two wars but surely things were worse for women under the taliban regime when we couldn't go to school and walk in the street alone i want you to progress have you seen more women in afghanistan since two thousand and one it is true that after nine eleven tragedy. here in afghanistan especially in some big city us in metro they build some schools some government in guards they have access to joplin education i think most of problems so soft afghanistan especially in the fall with problems as in the wages and districts that situation for a woman is like hell killing of women that much in. the food of water loss and also
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taliban like killing of birth in south thousands of innocent civilians has been killed by occupation forces who have been from the sky most of them are foremen and children and rape cases still mistake while insists i see the attacks pointing their guns to school and a many out there are thirty seconds woman crimes against women increasing rapidly even historical united states invaded afghanistan more than ten years ago because the taliban regime was sheltering osama bin laden is dead now does that change anything for afghanistan unfortunately you know it those who give shelter to osama bin ladin now the us government deny to invite these terrorists to. a mafia puppet regime of how many guys they. lost also have no problem with them they are not increase. they are fighting just because of the power because of the dollar and our puppets and enemies of our people especially for men.
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they are poor put. their movie star holly followed up by killing of osama bin ladin and. because i want to tell you as elections are coming they want sam sexes and decide action to deceive people after all wars especially people of the us for the people of afghanistan also know bin laden has died has been killed ten year cycle. us government used him as a nice to me are to deceive people often. so all they need to have this criminal war. so-called war on terror so you've clearly become a fierce critic of the u.s. mission in afghanistan but what happens when the united states leaves their plans to begin drawing down forces this summer are you worried about civil war or a return of the taliban i think you. this almost politician
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who continued to have war crimes and afghanistan and occupied my country they are just lawyer from one hand they are telling publicly to our people and to to have people to media that they will leave afghanistan by mid afternoon thousand and eleven or two thousand and twelve by the soon but from another hand they are talking about kaiser strategy she is talking to a us problem in complexity basis in afghanistan and they are here for a strategy we can only call you can't trust them to make another excuse and it's why we need to risk our main to make an enemy to and buy into an enemy as always they need to justify. war so that they leave afghanistan as now my people they face truly powerful enemies warlords taliban and al corp forces the future of political reconciliation will have to include the taleban. would likely demand certain compromises as far as
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freedoms go afghanistan particularly for women. would you be willing to negotiate with the taliban i think it makes no sense that. just like warlords they will negotiate with and thereby terrorists like the taliban and that is as tough this is clear for evil as a human being and especially we know that how much bloody and they are terrorists mr arjun is really black should more weiland sosa especially against women and more mysterious power people and it's not new news for afghan people to talk about already this ten years they were in power in directly they have support us like us to go into specially this time we are supported taliban in directly by pakistan to pakistan by sea ice tide and taliban all of a violent power member of the parliament the party member of the side of the style of milan as a lot of money. and many of the taliban has could live in the safest place of the
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couple. is that if you spoke by some of the taliban in pakistan the embassy said no he also has a good life in the safest place of kabul in the by sometimes as a politician coming to the media this list can be prolonged that these killers all duty they are in power so what you're saying is it's a choice between bad living with u.s. and nato forces here and worse. and with warlords and the taliban or is it all the same our history shows that we have powerful history we never accept occupation british and apos want to occupy afghanistan faced with resistance of our people rush as a superpower want to occupy our country our people with empty hands give them a very good lesson and day by day resistance of the people getting more resistance after student of the university some democratic minded parties all going to the afghan people they come on the streets with the day the bodies of peace or violence will stop they will form an interest right and their banners usually. us out of
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afghanistan but they used to be a time when most afghans supported the u.s. mission in afghanistan. why did start to change after nine eleven even a lot of people they had no good experience a happy heart about foreigners they had experience british ratio in the past but because the. thousands of innocent people american people has been killed and nine eleven tragedy they thought maybe this time they will be honest people and will remove this hell upon from their power and they really need to honest helping hand but unfortunately remove the taliban but brought in power the photocopy of the taliban as they are by this situation getting worse and millions up afghan by presence of can suffer thousands troops in afghanistan they suffer from injustice insecurity joblessness portie etc so they further from the situation from this occupation. and now afghanistan is the second most capped country and of course
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more than sixty two million dollars carries a story she received from the so-called international community and that the name of the construction of afghanistan is schools are funds where you tools etc but most of these money went into the pocket of these warlords who are in power or even family of harvard guys they have self corruption to start from the palace house and to their small offices and a million south afghan now they live below the poverty line like two dollars a day while it's the second is women day by day increasing more and more and tens of thousands of innocent people has been killed most often wild women and children this ten years only to picture i can show you that. these children dare not tell us that they are telling and did a name of taliban and now they're in white. two giant they cower whenever they should respect to justice love and peace loving people out there for i think people of us i don't know what they're going to but my people that democracy never come by a democracy never by military invasion democracy never by cluster bomb by white
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phosphorus by muscle car by bombing our wedding parties you paint a pretty bleak picture right now are you hopeful about the future of your country. i believe as long as hope is alive and you think it's possible this is security to hear enough afghanistan one underground activist these are hopes these guys who are going to school they have to education despite all of these traits convey to our seats on their faces with journalist to interview with them and they did they they briefly say yes when we become treatment again we will go to their school these are hopes and many i did example that's why i always my message to justice loving people around the world is that please educationally support my people because education is a key. regarding this distance off afghan people against occupation and against us and democracy justice is meaningless your first constant day after.
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and you have many supporters over seas who invited you to to move abroad we really have afghanistan for good not far because i'm no better than my people. and as a human rights woman best actress i was born to play my role and i was i strongly believe that woman died human rights democracy freedom and justice and peace these values are not something a bunch of people fall at that fall and when it gets to us it is true that we are receiving a day it's quite not normal life and now we have because of telling the truth and raising their wives against all completion against taleban have to live underground and headed to my very skin limitation and die and pious by a which is the positive pint and hope for a pint of people day by day they enjoy him as more and support me more truth yes support i understand how much are right as always i say to my people that even if for a second i will sit silent you think that that's just like political data for me as
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i believe that and always i'm saying i don't feel that even our people they call our people the fear state different way that i feel part of silence against injustice thank you parson times who are raising the true jason.
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the headlines on our team is stuck in the middle with intensified nato bombardments claiming civilian lives under alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces some libyans of feel betrayed after what was initially started as a nation wide uprising forces that promise to fight for freedom not pose a danger to the population. the u.s. the trades boots with a bombs in afghanistan obama announces the withdrawal of more than thirty thousand troops while deadly drone strikes are stepped up because of more civilian casualties nearly seventy thousand americans will stay in afghanistan after two thousand and twelve. accused of inciting hatred and discrimination against muslims such far right politician the hood builders a walks free from according to them
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today while many held it as a win for freedom of expression experts say his trial shows that europe's multiculturalism policies have had the opposite effect driving communities apart. and bringing the best of russia and its heart and soul to a global audience twenty four hours a day to use a brand new documentary channel goes live with the help of a president. brings the best approaches culture nature and history to a global audience broadcasting. time now for the sporting news with natasha. well welcome to the sports all day thanks for joining us this hour the headlines staying put says come oscar the native new slogan might seem to remain top of the russian football premier league. football with missed the call but a bit of doris final and it in a massive brawl with everyone involved. and also our team with
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a pioneer old russian and formally solve its school of medicine a city but i'm in the basketball team to gold of the solar lympics and has now become the hero of a documentary but let's go straight to wimbledon first where the fools action is in full swing now with quite a lot of russian interests there so then it was it's all about has already booked a place in the third stage as she thrashed alexandra de guerre zero six love six do not if it's always also through as she became passionate in the sea of over the chance of a six three six three and joining them in the third stage was mighty god was a seven five seven five point overtime rain tunnel sugandha well body shop all stars have clashed later on. the williams had to come from a sat down to beat someone to haul it over mania the full time wimbledon champion making it through three six six two six one french open champion not leave plays. a bit late just as karen has nowitzki who is the top seed at this year's wimbledon.
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now in the men's game second seeded nova jordan to choose through to the third round with a straight sets win over kevin anderson of south africa russia's macau usually has a chance to advance as well as he faces on see the indians to evolve a wild meter so no we'll have to work hard against eleven see that you are going to meltzer and in the late match six time when our order federer takes for drown you know all fronts. football now and says god have maintained this spot of the russian prime an exe. it after seeing all the city arrivals look at my two three one and want to wednesday's dump is safe to do i'm big on the ball rolling after thirty minutes how by some great work from brazilian wagner love on the outside their. first comprehensive attack then resulted in the allies of the young brilliantly loving his free kick home right before the hall followed moloch. but it was old
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after that the man's go ahead strike an absolute clinker from zorah gossage here but perhaps the goalkeeper should have done a bit better and attack after attack would follow with their third coming fifty eight minutes into the match with a beautiful pass to toss sitch the same holds onto the ball for just the right length of time before taking out doonbeg and for his second goal of the day three one how it ended in moscow. is a need not keeping the pressure up on the leaders though the same petersburg side so. veteran constantine's it out of thirty fifth minute strike the raving champions remain two points behind says scott and the muscovites do hold a game in hand. elsewhere obeying state said following went home to high flying on a second from bottom criticize but not before captain roberto carlos left the nano was thrown at him to minutes from time elsewhere wins for
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a current erik while the de sac of moscow dobbie so it is now my gets one of us spartak moscow. a force that came for us. it was the first match in charge for nearly pointed dinamo managers have you can. afford to spoiling his debut as the red in wales hadn't beaten their rivals in seven straight matches over the last three and a half years however it was the moment who controlled the early possession but the wasted several great scoring opportunities but the danger was mounting for spartak and they did some show finally broke the deadlock after thirty four minutes with this diving head at spartak while looking five key players duty injury and failed to create anything more here for you all well denominate doubled their telly as formally will forward on that he went on and sent the ball into the net with a powerful shot with twenty five minutes to go and that sealed the final score to kneel before i would as we expected it turned out to be
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a tight game we started good from the kick off and as a result schooled in the second half we doubled the lead and relaxed but played confident in defense and didn't give spacek a chance to school. these are the best players who are fit to play at the moment i can't claim them and anything more of them they lack some skills but passion on the pitch they did everything they could to be here so do now is celebrated the day you have killed with three valuable buoyant and corn to four sport while spartak suffered their sixth defeat in fifteen minutes and la eight was claimed by the above. men while in south america. there was a truly hard fold win for santosh as the globe lifted the third goal but a bit of those title the brazilians and the euro why opponents spend are all however both showing they can pack a punch afterwards brazil's and that's when to start the new will have a home in the sixty eighth minute giving some to our side confident sunil lead the
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nineteen year old us helping the club to eventually two one victory when chaos began but she every player getting involved in a mass rule coaching stuff and match officials also caught up as a rival supporters filled onto the pitch one man emerging with his hands held high out of the mass though it was full marks on display of the seventy year old legend no doubt remembers the side's best two titles which helped win in one nine hundred sixty two and again before the year. now go things and station already mcelroy has been enjoying a hero's reception back in his native no than island off to bringing home a major trophy at the age of twenty two the twenty eleven years open champ of braiding the silverware around his native town of hollywood the record breaking start to finish victory elevating mcleroy to a career high ranking of fourth in the world. also caught at the lowest score ever in the tournaments history winning by eight shots the use open trophy the us staying in the island off the last is event was won by
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a graeme mcdowell microwave al said to enjoy a few weeks holiday but now is a whole new set of challenges await next month at the british open. and finally sports medicine plays a crucial role in the success of athletes these days and one russian doctor is considered one of its pioneers my city of roman goes techniques help this obvious basketball team claim olympic gold in one thousand nine hundred eighty in seoul and the film has now been made about his amazing career which is still going strong and pharma has more. at sixty two years old the sealy average has a wealth of experience and the chief in his field success with the russian basketball team in seoul over twenty three years ago is now the focus of a documentary about his life he realized morning sleep was crucial to the team's recovery and his plays were the only ones to miss breakfast every day a factor they believe contributed to their gold medal triumph. of the brothers the
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one i remember that at the olympic games in seoul we had to walk to the canteen it was very far and inconvenient soviet delegation lived in the outskirts of the olympic village and we had to cover quite a long distance on the road you know if you have a training session at ten o'clock in the morning it's very hard to wake up after intensive games the day before you want to sleep longer and vassili managed to order breakfast for fifteen people and take it to their bedrooms that built his reputation as a lateral thinker and his expertise is still being called on by russian medal hopes for the next olympics olympic champion tatiana lebedev or is one of them. in two thousand and nine she was on the brink of withdrawing from the world championships in berlin with a back injury but with his help she managed to recover and developed a new mental toughness some of the skill little he has disclosed his secret himself and we the athletes can only confirm that everything comes from your head no matter
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what depressed state an athlete can be an ability to implant a feeling that you're the best confident the most focused and the strongest person of all is the most important thing not every person has an ability to inspire this feeling is it was silly every minute i was the one who has this gift where i did to fight and win even with traumas i don't have the words to express our gratitude to have used for understanding an athlete requires more than just an understanding of medicine it means appreciating had their minds work. and according to him appreciating the person's soul yes that i use i am probably a bit different from other sports doctors i spend one third of my life in monasteries where try to cognize the meaning of life i learned from the elders how to penetrate into the depths of the human soul and i want to find the thinnest thread in it that i apply my knowledge in sport especially with outlets who suffer serious defeats elders say that it's not a sin to fall but it's
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a sin not to wake up it was there but i was really with his track record of success commands great respect within russian sport patients have included pole vaulting great healing isn't by either and sergei bubka but the doctor insists his results are not just based on modern techniques plenty vance's can be found in the past and alternative medicine you know about them i have international peyton's for a habitation methods except going you can be closer to got traditional medicine in nature including treatment with products of a.p. culture this method has been forgotten but i like kids and all my patients like legs of us lesser rank of anderson by using my methods of traditional medicine throw jelly and propose i've been to thousands of doping control some of them at world and european championships and they were clean. herdsman maybe celebrating his sixty third birthday this year but he's no immediate plans to retire his only plans are to lead russia to more gold next summer andrew farmer r.t.
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. that was this for jamie again a few hours time and coming up right now is the weather stay with us.
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in the czech republic auntie's available in a hotel assayas central hotel premier and the nissan most regal to full stop aida i'm a taste in bosnia and herzegovina available in. me and bit of each. but you know to put you know period of time at hotels you have enough cold air a boutique hotel tons. in serbia multis available in moscow and hyatt regency.
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stuck in the middle with intensified nato bombardments claiming civilian lives and alleged atrocities committed by rebel forces some libyans feel betrayed after what was initially started as a nation wide uprising. the u.s. trades boots for bombs in afghanistan obama announces the withdrawal of over thirty thousand troops while deadly drug strikes are stepped up sparking fears of more civilian casualties. accused of inciting hatred and discrimination against muslims far right politician heard builders walks free from a court. experts say his trial shows europe's multiculturalism policies have simply driven communities apart. and bring the best of russia and its heart and soul to a global audience of twenty four hours a day parties
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a new documentary channel goes live with the help of a president. this is r.t. live from moscow where it's now a just after seven pm i'm a received a welcome to the program well throughout the course of the four month long revolution against colonel gadhafi his regime libyans have found themselves surrounded by threats forces have killed hundreds of civilians during that bombing campaigns this according to government claims and rebels have been accused of committing atrocities against their own people. from our expense. this family hasn't had the war quiet and peaceful like this one for months it was key to the libyan rebel stronghold of benghazi to hide in this refugee camp in the west of the country after a life in their native town became
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a nightmare. it's not safe there anymore it's become dangerous and it's not only because of explosions and gunshots one day people from the government in the you call them rebels we call them terrorists came to me and told me we have to arrest your daughter because we know that she supports gadhafi. these keep has been long and hard for the within the family but i remember. i had to hide for some time from them as they've been searching for me and then we knew there was a bus coming from benghazi to near zero the bus with the rebels for their purposes we took that bus with our faces covered and everybody was against gadhafi on it we told them that we were also against him and they lot of soon we kept silent until we went to egypt and from there via tennessee and we were sent here. to get them. son was a brother doctors his surgeon has also fled the city he says they've made three attempts on his life but he only finally left when he saw.


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