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this is the first time since the second world war the japanese people have nor trust in the government as a country's authorities launched massive radiation checkups three months after the fukushima disaster local people are angered by the late response and a lack of transparency. germany is under pressure to lock out of the tories nazi war criminals were found a safe haven in the country over half a century ago. russia's split over proposed restrictions on abortion with some saying the move aimed at tackling demographic applying will breach pregnant women's rights and resultant war a ban on children. i don't know is going to line with the trading of ninety dollars
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per barrel on worries about global demand and the international energy agency preparing to launch the reserve crude more on that in twenty minutes and our business book is. coming to you live from moscow i'm marina joshie the japanese government is starting radiation checkups for more than two million people living near the crippled fukushima plant that's part of a long term health monitoring program launched over three months after the nuclear crisis started and as our teams shine thomas reports confusion over where safe and where isn't it seeing man you lose trust and the authorities. in a culture that is generally non-confrontational and obedient thousands take to the streets of tokyo against nuclear energy it is a serious sign of discontent. for the stresses it is true that the people. more
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cautious and we need to take advantage of it this is the first time since the second world war the japanese people have no trust in the government the walking a coastal city devastated by the earthquake the tsunami and on the edge of the radiation exclusion zone is starting on the long road to recovery but the people living here say the government just isn't doing enough from the thirty hole like iraq the day they said different things are not perfect or they said different things and the government has a different thing with. they're not together or part of the country. here they are a part but some believe it is too early to tell what the real dangers of the situation or scientists who know that large doses of radiation given in one blast is a significant health threat but they say there isn't enough information about long term exposure to lower doses of radiation and the types of damage it can do if you check it here or a radiation level and then you should get breeze and then you take water you always
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feel have different values because it's so close and it's so changing so you can hardly say but it's really exceeds what a normal person would have by a year one of the frightening things about this entire incident is that there are no concrete boundaries that can clearly guarantee your safety one example is this looks like a beautiful lush green valley behind me but in fact this is the very head of the what we call ometer exclusion zone that the government has set up in fact we're trying to get a little bit closer but we're sort of out by a police officer and a couple of earth will now although this is supposed to be a safe area the radiation levels here are still between seven and ten times higher than normal whether from misinformation or mis understanding the people who live in the affected areas don't always take the proper precautions here a volunteer works to clean up toxic radioactive hot spots with hardly any protection at all a problem that some say is compounded by government propaganda accentuating the
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benefits while neglecting to inform about the dangers of nuclear waste the first thing the government should do is let the citizens know the real cost of nuclear energy until now the priority has been to profit from energy the p.r. machine of the government has been emphasising the benefit of nuclear energy and the citizens have been brainwashed to believe it now in the wake of an international crisis and there are allegations that the government and the power companies have work only deal to help each other and that the media. has been born on. the t.v. channels need the money from advertisement and the nuclear energy companies pay a lot with this money they cannot survive for produce and i have to shut up about the situation the newspapers have this problem as well that if true keeps the important information hidden from the people saving face for those in charge in japan showing thomas. the japanese government is pushing people to get back to normal life where creating safe enough conditions for it that's the view of the
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greenpeace activists who is part of a team conducting an independent investigation into the fukushima health effect is interviews coming next hour but here's a quick preview. i actually find it personally one of disturbing because on one hand you see that your police are forcing people and the society to be back to normal kind of sort of the work again kids go to schools farmers start to actually plant bigger fields because it's a growing season and yet at the same time there are still extremely high levels of radiation and the contamination of both in the soil but also potentially in the food because three months after the accident started got the japanese these japanese are you sexually we call information they don't tell people the rules and they don't provide any kind of support. they call him the butcher one of the last surviving nancy s.s. officers who has been convicted of war crimes but who remains at large the families of his victims think doubt putting him behind bars is their last chance for justice
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but they face a race against time in german law as daniel bushell reports this is where the amount of nazi executioner lives german media is banned from revealing his address but we know he's in. a message for the families of his victims. do you have a message for. those from the clause carol for volunteered for the nazis in world war two he tortured victims before killing them i twist the board concentration camp in the level of where daughter is and frank was held to have been. the medically because people in the night they had to dig their own graves and she was part of the firing squad which. a court jailed for but after the war for twenty two murders he's suspected of many more but in ninety fifty two he states germany which let him go and gave him full german citizenship he was
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basically sure that are protected for extradition in the netherlands has applied time of the time to have formal returned to serve his sentence the germany doesn't extradite its citizens no matter how horrific a crime this is the man who ruled for a can stay free yet he hates the german law which he has to enforce. prosecute those like criminals. in ferenc. the killers. and. many neverland's this criminals all of course confirmed when he was murdered in the second world war why the dutch sis he confronted four dollars to be if you had any real balls for the
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responded with sneers and mockery that was four years ago they were safe was no housebound and close to death it's a race against time for justice now you say well he's a king. it will say something and say well why didn't you. one of his victims. that and the second was you know he never felt sorry for this is. so if you go to munich you. just you know just don't want to talk about if we don't put him in jail before he dies you know it will always him as a dark cloud the ball to him you know why didn't you put your for your last real cruel not since he looked last month germany convicted ukrainian american john demjanjuk of nazi war crimes all much weaker evidence germany has one rule for its people says cost billions and then another for foreigners to care
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about the younger but it's probably russia you know they don't mind keeping him around as well this isn't germans or even father of the. german national therefore for the dutch making a final push to put him behind bars this week they applied to have him say the sentence in germany activists say is the last child to kill the western wall stuff then you bush will see him go start. log on to our web site r t dot com to discover how similar cases to that one have been handled and you can find out more on the john demjanjuk trial including his victim's evidence as well as comments from his lawyer all that and much more is just a click away. senior
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venezuela visuals have denied to the country's president about chavez has cancer this comes after a record signing a u.s. intelligence source saying the staunchly anti-american leader is in a critical condition after undergoing surgery in cuba chavez has been in cuba for more than she weeks treated for public abscess and the official say he's going to be back in venezuela by the fifth of july author and researcher adrian so gucci things the u.s. is driving the reports in an effort to destabilize charges his government. what we are seeing the generalized rejean change promoted by the united states britain france and even to israel behind the scenes in north africa. as a whole will now be coming very likely to latin america so i would not be surprised to see a wave of us promoting regime change in various countries in latin america from their point of view a logical country to start to begin to zoom in a circle has very close ties with. a growing movement
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a very strong movement really united states out of kabul to be clear and classified and israel has called terrorist state apparently the global power elite operating from the united states and from britain he's said on global regime change as they move. closer and closer to a more formal world government. well similar talk about the us fostering regime change has appeared after the state department announced its new programs aimed at spreading democracy around the world it's going to provide finance and technology to opposition groups but it only appears to apply out of those countries which the u.s. would like to see the leadership toppled i discouraged account has more of the u.s. state department now generously hands out cash and technology to dissidents throughout the world its bureau of democracy human rights and labor has announced the request for proposals on how to fast the change in a number of countries in the middle east and north africa as well this cuba the us
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claims the best of intentions saying it wants to strengthen independence civil society groups in those countries it's just in really another form of provoking regime change they're just trying to do it under a different guise under a different facade saying that somehow with the best of intentions they're promoting democracy but in reality it's just promoting us agenda among other things the state department is financing the creation of stealth wireless networks that would enable activists to communicate outside the reach of governments in countries like you. iran syria and libya according to criticisms in the projects other programs include a so-called here and out in a suitcase of powerful portable wireless transmitter that activists king used to set up their own networks in order to circumvent state control but at the same time american companies provide authorities in bahrain saudi arabia and kuwait with the technology to a fact of li block websites those double standards still inspect system everybody
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should be fully aware of things and understand. us or united states governments austrian regime change that's were essentially all revolutions are technologies not all the u.s. provides to instigate change in certain countries some opposition movements get a direct cash supply for example we can leaks cables show that the state department has for years secretly funded syrian anti-government groups in general to create a world that is more aligned more specifically more controlled we align with the views of the united states i'm now looking at the state department website that promotes grants for those willing to bring about change in communist cuba and here is one of the requirements i'm going to revisit is preferable with these personnel who speak spanish fluently has a solid understanding of the cultural context and have prior experience on the island in order to maximize their
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a fact witness in this unique operating environment and of quote sounds very much like recruiting agents but instead of doing it the traditional secretive way the u.s. goes there right out in the open on their website help most often comes with strings attached many say opposition leaders in libya who now get financial and political support from washington are sure to get instructions on how to return the favor so it's really eight years into consistent with. agents of u.s. government even if they don't necessarily think it's going to check an r. t. washington d.c. . well we have more on washington's less subtle involvement in other countries later this hour in the u.s. is about to start its troop withdrawal from afghanistan we'll bring you expert opinion are wide legacy americans are leaving behind. a push by the russian government to raise childbirth or to stakes has driven lawmakers to propose
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a bill limiting a pregnant woman's options over abortion legislators say they want to reduce the huge number of terminate a pregnancy but there is criticism that the measures will deprive women of the right to determine their own future as the details. when she heard she was pregnant again in the end i had already been through the syrian sections and had to tell the sons to make a life complete along with her diabetes this pregnancy was a huge risk now though she can't imagine life without her sasha this. little miracle i can't even imagine that once i had thought about getting rid of him i've never regretted my decision to leave i was able to make her choice freely had she wanted to terminations and nothing would have stood in her way abortion in russia is available on request up to twelve weeks and is permitted at any stage if the pregnancy puts the mother's life in danger the proposed legislation would end free
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abortions and state clinics and make women weak for a week before determination to think over their decision the morning after pill no available at any pharmacy would also become prescription only it's a gamble that was put in for that if we managed to avert at least twenty percent of abortions annually we have a clear increase in birth rates instead of the demographics of mine. that's a qualified psychologist working at one of moscow's maternity hospitals says the stress of an unplanned pregnancy often makes women rush to a decision they might later regret because the reservation task is not just local woman out of proportion just sure they'll turn it's so that she doesn't. documents in her software with questions like all the baby would have been now and what he or she would have looked like. experts say the only way forward is to give women the security needed to embark on motherhood olga found the help she was so desperate for at a moscow charity this is. my husband natalie when i was pregnant i didn't have any
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means to feed the kids already had a little longer is another one. however opponents of the proposed legislation believe limiting a woman's choice reaches her rights both health and human my body is my business is just one of their slogans that we have about three shows that being abortions has never actually read it will when the soviet union outlawed abortions in nineteen thirty six the result was an enormous increase in the maternal death rate and that's what doctors fear most the restrictions on legal abortions will only push women to the point risky backstreet alternatives even if it threatens their health and life view of those the years living in russia forty percent of women decide against pregnancy and if a woman is determined not to have children she won't and that you could simply abandon them. like the mothers of these babies he's found another way to escape
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burdens of motherhood these children are too young to understand why they were not wanted. these children didn't choose to come into this world and be deprived of their basic rights or parental love one day they might find someone to call their family over the question is whether restricting abortions well lead to more children abandoned after being born against their mothers will carry or show or r.t. . egypt is still waiting for political and economic reform in the wake of an uprising which saw ousted as president but for thousands of people who live and work in a rubbish dump on the outskirts of cairo it seems change is not always welcome in ten minutes we'll bring you a documentary on the challenges the community faces due to globalization and the arrival of foreign companies.
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i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a can cutting factory. but we have less garbage and now. some visitors who come here make fun of me. figure out garbage boy i'm not bad like people saying. i'm a good person. it's just that people don't see me. but i feel it was time people like me. i feel people will start to appreciate us. let's now take a look at some other stories from around the world a trial that's open income boy a former khmer rouge leaders on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity
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afford of fans are believed to be responsible for the deaths of up to two million people during their four year rule in the nineteen seventies the regime was trying to create a utopian society but people died from starvation disease and overwork last year the former khmer rouge member of congress dutch was sentenced to thirty five years in prison. for a flotilla carrying humanitarian aid to gaza is said to depart from greece it's reported it will consist of about ten ships with some five hundred activists on board israel's government has ordered the fans forces to start the convoy reaching gaza and urge foreign journalists not to go on board at him to deliver aid to the blockaded region last year resulted in a raid by israeli forces that left ny activists dead. as greece is asking for more money to bail the country out of economic crisis more voices are accusing the eurozone are failing. debate among e.u. members on whether to hand over more money is scheduled for early july but our across the program is already tackling the issues. so we're trying to buy time
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though i was still trying to buy time this to allow greece to more carefully consider what exactly does it want to do because greece's resumed their lives and those are both trying to avoid being on the politicians bases that's the key issue here they don't want to admit that the euro has been a mistake so they're doing anything that they can to try on a paper over the cracks and try and hope the problem will go away you really think that maybe you if you look a lot easier when you're like. you know you don't. want to be. and some u.s. officials are arguing for more leeway over the way the country's combat operations
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in afghanistan are carried out is this by president obama's announcement last week of plans to pull out some american troops are his military contributor you get a crucial believes that america should be waging an anti drug war rather than a war on terror in afghanistan. during his speech related to the u.s. forces record figuration in afghanistan which was supposed to cover the old or new years policy you know again history. president obama has never ever mentioned he's conserved or demonstrated his understanding that when it comes to ghana stan the real threat doesn't come from but i cried or it's associated but it has everything to do we have narco terrorism the u.s. legacy in afghanistan will be mostly measured by the fact that it was due to the u.s. and nato occupation ever again a stand has been turned into narco state and their local insurgency has spread
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into international america terrorism unfortunately as you clearly kolsky who is the us president dr good guys are was not involved in their reviewing of the old and formulating the new us policy in afghanistan and it boils down to crunch approach there's counter-narcotics strategy for afghanistan and counterterrorism for pakistan and to integrate both approaches in comprehensive counter terrorism strategy. all agree the topic here at the end business news is next with me.
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uniform welcome to business team russia's biggest lenders burbank could be in line for a hefty investment from china and chinese investment corporation is interested in buying a five percent stake in the bank and as you know that could be worth while billion dollars however sources say the lender is unlikely to sells it's a big stake in just one investors world bank is a prime asset in russia's massive privatization program so it is going to sell a seven point six percent stake in the bank in order. well as extending losses with a stronger dollar and worries about greek debt weighing on the price it dropped sharply at the end of last week following a decision by the international energy agency to release strategic reserves on to the market a move is having a direct impact on the russian market which relies heavily on energy exports
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however get us out of someone like a bush a bank says the effects are not likely to be shortlived i really think that these measures will prize as is. transitory i don't think it's going wrong from significant that. i think the reason why you have. reaction from the markets is the sheer possibility of such measures being undertaken and the possibility of them being with heated in the future that i think is what is accounting for such a significant reaction but if things are left to that and there's no continuous sort of effort on the part of the developed world to try and raise will supply then i think it's unlikely to be a significant factor in the determination of oil prices for this year and we continue to project will prices averaging one hundred seventeen point
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five dollars or. turn to the markets and take a look at the current oil price and yes it's still declining light sweet is trading at just over ninety dollars per barrel brant is below one hundred and four there's also a lot of worries about the state of the global economy and demand in asia energy stocks so therefore under pressure on the we can prove financials also down european debt worries world's top central banks of the side of most important lenders should carry an extra couple proper heavy weight a just b. c. is down more than one and a half percent in hong kong. here in russia the markets will start trading in one of the sandwiches seeing is friday's closing picture of the r.t.s. my six put on. one and a half percent in gains led by banks where bank gained around three percent. looking ahead to the trading week peter weston from out on believes reactions hard to predict although sentiment will probably continue to be dominated by the sovereign debt crisis in europe this week and probably another greek week given
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that at the end of the week we're going to have the voting by the greek parliament on the austerity measures and even though they might you know they are likely to pass it we're still going to have the response from the population which we love that optimistic so i think that would be what's going to taint the whole week and also we're going to see whether or not we're going to have more trouble out of a lot of countries given that we've had a hike in the lending rates that means that the cost of borrowing has gone up for these countries so we're going to have a lot of speculation about who's going to list so i think you correctional it's going to extremely difficult to sort of say how how this was going to pan out but i think we can rest assured it will be more volatility probably volumes so any upside it is seeing is going to be a low conviction upside light to roll over it's a very difficult market to play right now kind of like starting the headlines with marina to stay with us for. coming.
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