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welcome back here's a recap of the top stories on our verging on the brink of default greeks go on strike with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to mark against. china's prime minister on tour through europe has offered to buy the embattled euro out of the troubles. prosecutors in the hague called the libyans to turn over colonel gadhafi for allegedly ordering the killing of civilians but the country's leadership refuses to recognize the tribunals legitimacy labeling it a cover for nato illegal actions in libya. activists say that a flotilla heading for gaza is carrying chemical weapons to use against soldiers are just attempting to undermine the aid mission. now the boom in opium production
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in afghanistan is a high international demand and the years of war and destruction well that's the view of the afghan minister who talks to our next. we would like to start of course with the the statistics of the meat production of poppies in afghanistan i guess that is always being. at the point of the blame for the community that afghanistan is products at producing a huge amount of drugs and exporting it. to the word but can you just from your point of view what do you think i mean how to tackle these problems but. first i welcome you to afghanistan there's no doubt that the area of plantation song with narcotic crops has increased since military hostilities started in afghanistan i believe that the war was the root cause that forced afghan
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people to turn to poppy growing this is the source of most problems afghanistan faces today the afghan government has pledged to put an end to all be in production in the country if we study the history of drug production how it spread in afghanistan and what degree it has reached you will learn that about two hundred fifteen hector's of prominent contain poppy crops but thanks to the efforts of the democratic afghan government which i consider to be quite successful we've managed to cut that area to one hundred thirty hector's this year the government intends to further reduce the earliest saumur poppies so as to fully meet its commitment to destroy poppy cultivation but we will be unable to solve this problem once and for all on our own we will need people support in other words we should not be focused only on the question of poppy cultivation it's an international problem and not just the problem of growing poppies in afghanistan for example we realize the poppies are cultivated in afghanistan but then the question arises in what way
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about thirteen hundred tons of chemical substances necessary for processing opium into her own illegally get into afghanistan there are countries other exam. that the world consumes ninety five percent of afghan produced opium by contraband while opium consumption in afghanistan accounts for just five percent this proves that not only afghanistan but the whole world should careworn these narcotic substances . over the past six years the afghan government has managed to reduce areas of poppy crops to forty three percent in doing gas we almost stopped sowing poppies and seven afghan provinces more than twenty other provinces are fighting to destroy them i would also add that we've worked out a plan to put an end to sowing poppies in several provinces this year as part of efforts to implement this plan we intend to further edges areas of poppy fields it doesn't mean that we don't have difficulty is as i said earlier i'm against drugs
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it's not just a problem for afghanistan this is an international problem the world community to realize that it took on allies the situation in afghanistan with a name to organize a campaign against drugs in this region and elsewhere in the world if we consume five percent of drugs then where does the ninety five percent go for example if we manage to cause internal demand what should be done to decrease the constantly growing world demand for drugs therefore we believe that any success in fighting this evil list closely linked to international cooperation and support afghanistan doesn't have enough ability to treat drug addicts we can help only one percent of all drug related patients as the undead drugs minister i admit that i face money tasks i realize that i have responsibilities with regard to the people of afghanistan under the mounts for compensation to afghan landlords who give up poppy cultivation chemical imports are an even bigger problem or the total profits from the drugs trade amount to about sixty five billion dollars
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a year all of them go to the international drug fair local drug smugglers barely get three percent from votes on if you have the expenses because of a. afghanistan we see that property and this trade are miserable the international drugs mafia gets the bulk of the profits. there is one concept that it's connects somehow the presence of the international forces in afghanistan with the drug trade . there is a talk that there is a possible with all of the interest at all for afghanistan when they see of ecstasy or. do you think after the withdrawal of the situations of drug fighting what improve. if we look at these things objectively will see that the situation after the war has improved however the afghans don't feel a great deal of her party work has to be done and it's necessary to train the afghan police and army to fight drug trafficking now that we're down to the post
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war period but i assume that everything we can do in this area brings positive results every day i can claim that in recent years the anti drugs ministry has achieved concrete positive results we've detained money drug traffickers this year money more than in previous years the professional training of afghan police and army personnel has also improved if things continue this way i'm sure that by twenty fourteen we will be able to control the entire territorial afghanistan i would like to emphasize one thing under no circumstances is the afghan government going to wage a war against its own people we operate under the model of struggle against terrorism extremism and drugs we see that in our condition foreign aid has turned out to be pernicious for money afghans a considerable part of the country's infrastructure has been destroyed it should be other than a sharp change in the specialization of agriculture's closely linked to foreign factors perhaps you can see it for yourself the drugs production flourished in the
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period of the most intense of military hostilities which led to serious disruption in security as well as law and order as a result the illegal sowing of poppy crops increased that's why we count on the cooperation of the world community in the struggle against the same and we won't lay the blame solely on afghan as the afghans are people who want to live in compliance with the law but today they want to use the benefits of peace in the first place. we are now facing the most terrible consequences of the war against terror we witnessed the destruction all some of bin laden and the took place near a military base in pakistan all this should be subject to a more profound analysis such issues shouldn't be tackled superficially. a couple of months back there was a joint operation between the russian forces of. the americans and of the forces of fighting the you think such operations could be multiple or.
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could be more in future as. joint operations especially from the russian forces. at this moment we're trying to strengthen our law enforcement primarily the afghan police which is predominantly in charge of destroying poppy crops as i said earlier i assume that we've made great progress in this field but more importantly we exchanged reconnaissance information we discussed this question with russia already to build up cooperation with moscow in this field jointly we worked out several mechanisms and applying them ensuring special information this information could help us catch smugglers in a note side afghanistan or in this we rely on help from countries which have experience in this field and your excellency thank you very much for being with us from russia to the dale wish of i started the prosperity and peace and. to drugs thank you which thank you.
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the top stories on our version on the brink of default go on strike with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets to. zero out of its troubles. prosecutors in the hague. for allegedly ordering the killing of civilians. to record levels legitimacy blueboy past and. legal options. activists say. chemical weapons. are attempt to undermine the show. more news coming your way in fifteen minutes time but first here is all the latest with.
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hello and welcome to this course news and yet other headlines. red hot favorite maria sharapova russia's domenica supposed to buy in hundred now for a while possibly millicent ski semifinals at wimbledon. waffle irons job former world cup referee little but all sexy signs up to wait to see the progress of russia's match officials. and training blows through the markets go on stage u.k. copy verbal battle ahead of saturday's unification fight in germany. the first of tennis and maria sharapova has stormed into the semifinals after thrashing dominique about in straight sets on a rainy fact today wimbledon it looked like a walk in the park for sharapova who also won the grass court grand slam back in two thousand and four but it saved russian media our lot from russian scientists the vacuum. of eight straight games to seal an easy six one six one win his
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argument become the favorite to win the title she has yet to drop a set since said that this has been one of her easiest wimbledon's so far. well by the way next if young german sabine lisicki the twenty one year old was the number one seed marion bartoli the frenchwoman had knocked out last year's winner serena williams in the fourth round but lost the opening set before backing back to win the second half time break but she lost the mental to see the december sixth one this it's backing into her maiden grand slam semifinal after hitting a stunning fifty two was the way this was the first to go so far that steffi graf was a thank you. of course i'm disappointed both a result but i can't really blame myself because i just tried really tried my hardest and the d.n.a. you know my mind was show them and my body just couldn't anymore. and in the
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meantime dog i respect down at their own very struggling against check. after that much in a quarter final line up dominated by eastern europe for save the twenty as a rank that i sing to instill. a passion. and in the meantime russia's former world number one tennis player and two time grand slam champion catholic off has now been crowned russia's golf champion at the national championship in the moscow region constantine but out of reports on the story of one man who triumphed in two different sports. the twentieth national tournament will go down in history as one of the most interesting so far in the woman there was a first ever hole in one my mother you cannot count on the second day but there was no surprise in the overall can petition where might either channel is still the biggest name in russia the twenty five year old dominated on the greens from the very beginning showing solid glee however the first russian to achieve full time membership on the leader's european tour did give her
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a few chances on the final day but her lead proved to be too comfortable and that china was security her third russian title to the first three days of play really. like hold today after after that night i was just like so so completely lost my concentration it was hard for me and i start missing person kind of it was tough meanwhile the men's can petition turned out to be a real cracker the two favorites who took boards half way through the tournament were disqualified from moving distance markers and the fate of the russian gold crown was to be decided on the clues in the. hundred meter mark. the next day i went in there and knew about we just heard about it and we just wanted a reference that we had this kind of situation for. us and incredibly former tennis world number one in two time grand slam winner even. any kind of feeling of
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look it up to a little boy to grip his first professional title the thirty seven year old was too ailing by aides to oxy had to live for an oldie but later found his perfect touch to produce an impressive last round which included six birdies in just one bogey and despite a pretty modest finish of fifteen over by the olympic tennis champion is going to boost his golf skills for the olympics in rio in two thousand and sixteen but i didn't expect to win it was a real surprise for me i'm very satisfied with my score in the last round as i finished five under par i love golf and will continue playing and it would be great if i could take part in the olympics in two different sports with the growing popularity of golf in russia championships like this and results like government gives other best way off encouraging those interested in the sport to pick up a golf club because they and other both are. now following the arrival of world cup without a better call us on stocco churchill it there's been another high profile appointment
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in russian football for referee roberto does that he is taking charge of the country's much officials forty three year old italian has been brought in by the russian football union following the sacking of his food assessor said in march was that he joins on a four year deal and one of his task is to encourage youngsters to become professional referees and prepare them for international career is present his own career spans twenty seven years and came to surprising almost as well as south africa he fell out of favor with the first off the controversial decision in the argentina this is mexico last sixteen match and opted to retire say no instead three rossetti's fellow former coach and mentor p.l.o. e.g. call enough to stay in the same job ukraine. and in the meantime there is another managerial casualty in the russian premier league as bottom side clearly a setoff have sacked their head coach likes on the panel after eleven months in charge and the latest to no defeat at home to sparta not to last three the fifty
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six year old is the ice manager to go since the start of the domestic season only just over three months ago but a top official insists all the changes for the better. i don't want to describe this situation as a merry go round of sorts this process is just a phase in the development of russian football in general and the premier league in particular we did have a kind of low point not so long ago as young inexperienced coaches were given the reins a top clubs and enjoyed mixed fortunes but now a balance exists and we have both tried and tested trainers along with john and ambitious ones. boxing now and kitsch co has promised to teach david haye some manas after the britain was almost an hour late for ten that to be an ill tempered press conference the two heavyweight champions will square off in a unification batting home but on saturday and they knocked horns in a verbal battle ahead of that showdown with ukrainian superstar threatening to punish pay back into reality and show him how to behave and to turn up on time
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watch the uva champion hayes picked up with or that by saying he will dismantle the kitsch go machine to hold the other three title belts. the news is that great in the study in the end is very bad. to get in. there. because. you see the difference and. it's going to be fun. to see the state. well the war of words didn't stop there was thirty year old hay refused to shake his opponent's hand and klitschko who is thirty five responded by dropping all the names he could remember in a bid to intimidate the ones in the. jury who are really like joe frazier laurie white guys this is. the i don't know. oh
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good thing everybody. needs to build or just carry on and is. still there. but you don't want to shake this man's wife. and finally one of the world's best kite serve as attends to cross the gulf of finland is on hold russia which was due to the eighty kilometers from tal into helsinki but as richard found poor feet reports the surfing supreme has been forced to postpone his bed due to a lack of wind. may have already been crowned world champ. but the task of trying to surf all the way from tallinn to helsinki presented its own problems such as having to navigate the sea currents and trying to make sure the wind did not blow him too far of course he had plenty of supports even his parents were present having made the short journey from their home in st petersburg where the conditions
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also look perfect and the temperature hovering around the twenty five degree mark however unlike the previous couple of days it was distinct lack of wind but didn't have a weather conditions there when there's a lie still hold the bill for given year so try to make it to no confidence. future so will be fine for sure but over some like. it was evident from his first attempts for trying to cross the eighty kilometer distance was going to be a tall order as fear was just not enough wind he just spent around ten minutes in the water before having to return to shore so we give a try today and the winner was beginning with in the end it dropped so it's not enough for my biggest kite and it's not really comfortable to go so i'm in the still possible over this other this fun so we're going to wait a bird till today by the i think it's going to be really good so this way turtle was there there's a really nice focus from the from the other side the wind but these three really
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nice to finland so wait one more day and with another try p.t. was philosophical as not even he has the power to control the elements and his attempt to become the first russian to cross the gulf of finland will have to be put on hold for a few more days yes we might be one of the best client service in the war but even page has had to admit defeat today due to a lack of wind which has made his attempt to try and cross the gulf of finland almost impossible however he'll keep on trying and over the next few days hopefully he'll be able to make it all the way from tolland to helsinki richard i'm portrayed r.t. tallinn estonia. and that's when he's not supposed to ask five. new
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