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tv   [untitled]    July 1, 2011 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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welcome back time for a look at our main headlines now greece's parliament's passes a close on how to implement partial stones the measures now the government is ready to sell some new concepts to eventers to stay afloat but many say it's a sign ups. three men are each sentenced to twenty five years for being caught in an f.b.i. sting in a great plot to blow up synagogues in new york the questions are raised about the u.s. tactics of wanting a terror. of. russia questions france's admission that it supplied
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weapons to libyan rebels so it goes far beyond the humanitarian mission in the country and while they said confirms a multiple civilian casualties were caused by excess funds. for next colonel gadhafi son saif other islam feels how the announces tax on that will have wiped out whole families that's an exclusive interview with r.t. . so first thank you very much for joining us here on our t well in two thousand and eight you were welcomed in london tony blair embraced your father you received your ph d. from london school of economics and now just three years on. targeted by nato missiles in your own country split by civil war why do you think has your fate turned so violently so good let's put it working for us and for us.
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we heard. i mean we got most of us from our many countries. from iran north korea. this is your mistake you give up your weapons of mass destruction you will start developing new style as you'll be hearing very friendly with the west and this that is. so. it is this is a message to everybody that you have your strong and never trust them and you have to be. on alert because those who are the don't have friends over when i. understand. and the same thing could happen to any other country talking about mistakes and lessons what would you have done differently one of our big mistakes that we stopped. we delayed buying new weapons.
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from russia was the mistake by the way we delayed that we delayed building a strong army because we thought that we would not fight again the americans the europeans our friends cannot fight again. so. not to build a strong and modern army was a big mistake because we thought we solve our problems and now we are peaceful country nor there will be any more no local to be normal relation we do business there live as it is it was our mistake to be very tolerant. our energies. of about everybody is blaming me that it's because if you because you were told you were nice with everybody and now we brought all the enemies from abroad to libya and this that is a charge by the international criminal court with the design in quotation as state policy aimed at deterring and quelling by any means including by the use of lethal force the demonstrations of civilians against that office regime which started in
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february two thousand and eleven this policy exist. the accuse me of killing people everybody in or even the libels of themselves and they are accusing me of using force or because i'm not in the army or not in the government so for me to be responsible for killing people it was a big job second to the people who die giving one hundred fifty nine and most of the people died when the apartment is right and this would happen anywhere anywhere in the world and russia in america in france and germany in italy if. people in the street and move towards the military side training mission or arms the military will prevent this what happened in benghazi who are these people a little. north of the. groups
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but it was clear that a direct question to give your your father. all the army to kill protesters of course not this number one no second. my father. but you're not allowed but there isn't because you know he's one of the leaders of all of that you called him and called him and because of that. we've called him many times don't use force with people he told us but they are tracking the little sighs it's very difficult situation who did order nobody of a nobody the guards fired person in five it was the guards were surprised by the attacking people and they start firing. on the order to work to defend themselves and to defend their. camps was the purpose of this
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war and when nature is already trying to kill your father with this chorus it is it is a beacon of course the sentence or against against the idea. there is a punishment so they decided to kill me and to commit other and they did kill my brother and they destroyed my house so i have this means. little were executed so now you are talking while i rest me i mean. the nuns are going to kill me and you are after me every day you are trying to find the other community and my brother so is simple number two just to tell you that the supreme court. the little of what they are trying to negotiate with us a deal of yours is the we think you're at the gate of the court what does mean. is is controlled by those countries. which are attacking us every day it's just to put
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. political pressure that it is saying nato is trying to kill you right today i was swimming and machine it was very hard at what we were into the beach. so we are in our country doing our life fighting for our country living with people who feel we need our country where we would if we die we go to heaven so we're. here and the libyan government says there's more than one hundred people have been killed since the beginning of the operation in march while nato has only its metered nine civil interests and they destroyed our house in the middle of. area small house thrown around a great many houses we were living near this small school next to the bomb that house with four sides because my brother he young civilian he had nothing to do
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with with war with politics he was studying in germany because of the war he came back to libya he was the. natives it is. a command and control center because it was a two bedroom kitchen small house this is give you an example from my family let alone many other examples one week ago the house of a friend of my father killed the whole family. the wife pregnant. two young girls of the day and said again we are hitting a military site. a pregnant wife. with her. controlling and commanding libyan troops come up. for the second it's a very funny shape with. the have one target
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this country is a piece of cake rich full of guys. and we have more than one hundred billion dollars because it's abroad so we have to share this cake that it and we have to get it of course there could be any cause is the only obstacle between. us and the cake it's as simple as that but there are some people saying that if the fighting will stop still. not because your goal the goal is to control libya is accountability this is the target. and the videos will not allow them to do that so the power will continue but what do you think about the media war who's winning this war had to be hearing the one everyone. or the one because it was planned from the crowd he is in france we are.
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collapsed the rebels occupied tripoli and there is a gun. to it became to the whole country. we are still now suffering from the planes but now the libyans are we're one day everybody and the we're seeing the libyan libyan navy is going in the harbor of mr . mr is in the middle of the desert it's one thousand troops all here if the libyan ships are bombing the harbor of mr excuse me is this the security council resolution because libya because of the fake media report seeing where libya is booming. civilian districts in tripoli killing seven thousand people we started with the past let me finish with the future. it's
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knowing that you couldn't ask for on the front that there will be no place for you in a post-war libya and. i see why interest and i wanted my abroad so realistically where do you go from here who you were. only with a right because you said. we had a problem. and we were going on one of my friends but at the time i was reading your group. very peaceful. peaceful certain extent. i thought. libyans are. those everybody has to. be in libya to be added to do with a. little town but the whole cognition found out. was because pretty manageable those people against libya sold it they said it's
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called a few. of those sneaks. managed to put it treat our country and work with foreigners comes to our country so we're very angry with you because you are very tolerant and don't forget by released all the prisoners at the beginning of the zero prisoners so we're going to continue. to march to them but using their rights to be honest i'm. super tolerant. i was naive. because you no longer. nothing will change i will not. minimum conceal from. the cmos the from the simple
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so i can kiss you i can forgive you but only for good so what you have done is going to be mine for a long time. and every one of us that we could police and according to the experience one of the nightmare will be over how does this little comparables ball and harry they want to put a soon as possible because the hungry the tired they want to share the cake. stake for them leave is lake placid but the laws passed because every should be passed past all past. first class victory but we are very patient because we are in our country so why can't. we live here and they're here so we're very patient and one day the french will go back to corsica in france
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the italians will go back to sicily and italy. the danish will go back to denmark the kids will go back to toronto. and leave you would go after them if you. i was just thinking about my future before the foreign companies came i dreamed of owning a camcorder in factory. but we have less garbage now. some busier sue come here make fun of me. regular garbage boy i'm not bad like people think. i'm a good person. it's just that people don't see me. but i feel that with time
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people like me. i feel people will start to appreciate us. greece's parliament passes a vote on how to implement hostiles thirty measures that's infuriated thousands of governments is ready to sell some of the greek assets to eat this to stay afloat they say it's a sign out. of three men or it sentenced to twenty five years for taking part of an f.b.i. sting in the fake thoughts to synagogues in new york the questions are raised about u.s. tactics of fighting homegrown terror. in russia questions francaise admission that it supplied weapons to the rebels in prague itself is sun cranes and nato
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support strikes and wiped up whole families that's an exclusive interview with dr. told me for stories around fifty minutes time out there you know this here will lead to sports news and we could be seeing an unprecedented surge in baseball fans in. us next start i like how you put it valleys of course because the n.f.l. the national football league might not be happening and then today we've just heard carry the n.b.a. might not be helping so here who passed the full thumbs going to be happy at all so much more not story plus the rest of the sport in just a second. good to have you with us this is sports today here in twenty four hour r.t. plenty ahead including all that. and then there were two maria sharapova powers into the wimbledon ladies' final and a meeting with czech patrick feats of. basketball blues the upcoming n.b.a.
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season is in a state of jeopardy today after team owners vowed to lock our players over various issues including a proposed salary cap. on the sun lightning power runs the fastest one hundred metres of the season in switzerland clocking a blistering time of nine point seven eight sec. after a tough injury ridden time of late maria sharapova looks at last back to her best the russian storming into the wimbledon final her first major decider in three years following a straight sets win over sabine lisicki sharapova though not with the best of starts losing the opening three games but the fifth seed recovered with aplomb taking nine of the next ten against the german that would see her clinch their first set six four with the second and more straightforward of her taking it six three trucks but this into our second final out the all england club she famously won an all in two thousand and four aged just seventeen shara is yet to drop
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a single set this tournament but she isn't twenty unarmored with her for us here. it's a great feeling it's been many years but it's a really great feeling and today i was in my purse match of the championships was really happy to get through in two sets but. it's pretty amazing stage awaiting on saturday a surprise package patrick of each of us at the track seeing off world number four victoria azarenka of power reuss every service storming to the first set six one before her appeal. tried proceedings in the second six three i was right there with then double fault at much point down to feet of a claiming that the size of third on a six word i'm stating afterward she only seems to lose to eventual champions of late i think. you know because she. is really good. for it and she's going to play like this when she played today.
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which is two and two in the next match massive day of tennis in the men's side of action to. localise will most certainly be on the day second semifinal that hits together british number one with world number one rafael nadal scot murray has never reached the wimbledon decider while defending champion that ali is aiming for his third london crown in four years before that one kicks off though we'll know our first men's finalist novak djokovic versus the man we saw roger federer in the previous stage wilfred song. let's talk football where former dino moscow coach andrea koppel live has been named as the new moderator of police off and he's got a job to do this summer i felt like i rooted to the podium of the russian premier league the forty two year old signing it three year deal after being sacked as the boss last year he's expected to drastically restore truly is fortunes something his
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predecessor alexander proud of feel to do for us our international profile off was fired on tuesday following three years home defeat to fellow strugglers technology . a great opening round on the greens for adam scott and hunter haas over the eighteen thousand national the one shot lead to set the pace in pennsylvania house with a decent start including a birdie on the fourth year the thirty four year old american however it did most of his good work on the uk nine as he signed forster. birdies from thirteen to the sixteenth hole scott's also with a solid showing this truly an ending his day with a birdie on the final hole for a four under sixty six scorecard on one shot to lead a top to overall for the field despite the excellent conditions with only twenty eight players managing to preach part. america is two most popular sport leagues may not have a season next year after all the national basketball association joining the n.f.l.
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in locking out its players after the expiration of the side's collective bargaining agreements american football officials are trying to split up months of profits but the n.b.a. it faces a different struggle twenty two of the thirty teams claim to be operating in debt on the which one changes a salary cap for players is also a major source of disagreement a last lockout would use the one thousand nine hundred ninety nine season to fifty games from over eighty the only time the league has been cut juve to their work stoppage. i'm resigned to the potential damage caused to worldly. as i said earlier all of the people that are in a living from italy. as we get deeper into would. use the use of the good guys to take on a life of their own. and you don't never can predict what will happen. now the
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n.f.l. lockout meanwhile which has been in place since march continues to bring out the hidden talents in one of great aren't more flamboyant stars with no pre-season training to attend to chad ochocinco has been breathing in the fumes on the nascar oval the atlanta motor speedway the next location for the thirty three year old son takes nascar driver jeff burton showing the receiver just what it takes thirty minutes from the pit stop. the cincinnati bengals receiver has already tried out for a u.s. soccer team a bull this offseason. his next stop to think you will wrestle in alligators in florida. suffolk powell has laid down the marker in the men's one hundred meters this year the jamaican clocking in the season's quickest mark of nine point seven eight seconds to beat a solid field in the zone but there was no tyson pair you've seen polls among them in switzerland the olympic gold medalist and world champion with an excellent start
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the mark to beat this year was gaze at nine point seven nine powell taking full advantage of the americans head injury some weeks ago to become the fastest man in twenty eleven by zero one of a second also means the fastest man in the world though his nine point five eight second time in zero nine still ensures above the rest. he may still be a week to go before the next formula one race but mark webber says he's in the right form to once again when the british grand prix at silverstone also turns out that isn't the australians only impression the thirty four year old red bull money is the german to swap his driver's helmet for a pilot's comp with obtaining a flying license one of the top items on his wish list webber given his first lesson at london's heathrow airport this week however he'll have to stay grounded if he's to put the pressure and really a foreign leader sebastian vettel on july thirteenth. right some people are very confident very suicide risk up the back of a pretty solid results of
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a couple of results actually so feel of one race rob is very very good. otherwise last year is. totally feel like it's a very special procedures for a. british girl grey's always attracted hundred thousand nearly every every race. finally free style wrestlers from russia's republic of dagestan are always sure it's a lot less sizable number of medals to russia's olympic coverage while wrestling remains the region's favorite sports other martial arts are also widely practiced there as our teams are among course referee ports. just on is russia south or most region situated on the coast of the caspian sea bordering i j by john and georgia the republic little known around the world is now uniquely represented at the headquarters of the international federation of associated wrestling styles in that a switzerland in recognition of its achievements in wrestling the sport's governing body has unveiled
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a statue just as most prominent athlete. being the first world champion from biggest down i thought he defended five times he's paid the way for fifteen of the champions from his home republic in suing years on a certain level it's thanks to ali ali of that there are now thousands of boys and that you stand for keenan continued the one custom of domination on the international wrestling scene. international recognition of family ever as a token of respect towards dagestan and his contributions and the development of wrestling worldwide i'm sure that our wrestlers will deliver new victories and add to the grocery of russian schools hopefully the flag of russia will be raised in their own or at the upcoming olympic games in london. however wrestling alone doesn't fully represent that just on in the combat sports lineup as such discipline seems to be the republic sport say at the moment apple russia's national taekwondo saying hoping to goes that's what it's called london games are from the latest on
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and that's a legacy that coaches want to continue as they lure more kids into this gym as well you must talk to your child personally if you don't talk to them the result will be new schools and talk to the kids in these way we draw them into schools and coach them in sync and they keep moving up another a limp explored where the locals have excelled is boxing soltani brigade move went even further becoming a pro at it w b o heavyweight champion of the world he started right here in the town of cat species which is lovingly dubbed as little cuba here and that just on just the large number of boxers school. here over the last fourteen years bikers from vegas don evans dropped below the podium in russia's amateur nationals all that's while winning world european and then the big gold medals for the sorts of these kids are so full of passion and gentle split in a good way because when i was young the facilities where it was good today the government supports sports and things are better i feel truly happy when i see
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these kids the good stuff on tries to be at the forefront of what other forms of martial arts do such as the m.m.a. fight boxing and karate to name just a few as they become widely available in the republic i'll talk about that though imports to overseas feature of martial arts in this region are monoculture of artsy russians republican. stuff that's all from a man and that's all for me for now i'll see it soon what is next. for sure is that so much of their lives musicians can find the mark with black mark and stand off in libya is there a military solution to the conflict in libya and a stable democratic and whole if you chris.
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twenty years ago the largest country. soon to be sensible. must have been.


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