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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2011 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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what's really happening to the global economy with mike's culture there are no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on r.g.p. . from. germany shelters a nazi executioner wanted for torturing and killing his victims refusing to hand over its citizens despite being quick to say prosecution of other war criminals. thousands of libyans stand in defiance of nato's military campaign as colonel gadhafi threatens to attack europe if the alliance doesn't stop its best parks. just vessels with humanitarian aid for blockaded gaza stopped on a greek port just year after nine activists from the snow that are killed by israeli forces.
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news and much more twenty four hours a day you're watching r.t. . germany has long since bad all nazi symbols in an attempt to distance itself from its dark past but it seems berlin is not so scrupulous when it comes to punishing world war two criminals who hold german passports to music and all bush will track down a convicted murderer still living in a small german town those from the close carol for volunteered for the nazis in world war two he tortured victims before killing them all concentration camp in the level and where and frank was held to heaven she systematically beat up people in the night they have to dig their own graves and she was part of the foreign school i was shot down. a dutch court jailed for the war for twenty two
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movers he's suspected of many more it's annoying t. fifty to keep to germany which lets him go and gave him full german citizenship he was basically good or protected from extradition neverland's has applied time of the time to have returned to serve his sentence but germany doesn't extradite its citizens no matter how horrific the crime this is the man who ruled for can stay free yet he hates the german law which he has to enforce. and prosecute. like criminals. no difference. if he kills. another person many of neverland's of this criminals. costings family was murdered
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in the second world war by the dutch sis he confronted four dollars to me if he had any remorse for responded with sneers and mockery that was four years ago neighbors say farber's no house pound and close to death it's a race against time for justice now you say well he's eighty nine. and i will say something and say why you are now. you know his face never lifted and the second place you had to feel sorry for this is. so if you go to munich you. just want to know that when people really don't put him in jail before he dies it will always him as a dark cloud the boy why didn't your fairy last real cruel. since he loved germany convicted ukrainian american. you. of nazi war crimes
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or more evidence germany has one rule for its people says cause skins and another for foreigners about the younger but this from russia you know they don't mind kicking him around as well this isn't germans or even far because of the german national therefore if this is where the moment of the nazi executioner lives german media is banned from revealing his address but we know he's in the last if he has a message for the families of his victims. do you have a message for. the thoughts of making a final push to put him behind was they applied to have him so he said since in germany activists say it's the law to chill the butcher of. the new bushel of see him go. but defying nato bombings of tripoli thousands of
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libyans have taken to the streets to voice their support for colonel garvey and odium message why the often himself dressed what was the largest demonstration since the alliance galatz campaign in a country threatened to attack you. right comes after france confirmed it had supplied weapons to the rebels. criticize the. u.n. resolution and has been talking to former a belgian politician. so sometimes. using the security council for its own interests you probably. are solutions they are not a legal expert in the sense as a lot of voters in a country which basically interpretation of resolutions is a matter of ideology and of power why does france interpret it this way because they can't it is no international agencies don't you cannot that's the problem we teachers aleutians they want to take over control of this country in this very important strategic situation between tunisia between egypt where things are going
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the wrong way to mean the wrong way for european union and and united states let's not forget democratic inclusion in these countries what does that mean it'll mean when governments that take care of the interests of their own people and not of international corporations it's a simple and that they plan on a jewish clearly to take control of north africa whether they say that on paper already this is a night of fishley that. germany has announced it will provide nato with weapons or it out campaigning here after spite its refusal to participate in direct military action unless the cost of still believes the u.s. has put pressure on. germany had to make good on their flaws as this is see in political germany has rolled to replenish the empty arsenals of some of the nato allies which is usually a normal thing to do but in this case it has
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a certain smear on it and very definitely germany is under a lot of pressure the media accused mr and the government not to be able to contact the crew here in strategy where of course it is very clear that we do not take part in the warfare with soldiers replenish arsenals of allies that it's normal thing to do but what we see here is that the media in germany under our tears u.s. influence is also excusing germany of being in bad company by voting together with russia which is not reflecting the good position after our electoral connections those eight who are doing it may be requesting some support from the others so there will be a long breath but in fact what we see here is that deliberately the country is being destroyed which is by far by far transgressing the decision by the security council and it's a very bad story right now. still ahead here in r.t.
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could there be a return to grace a political life like mr brooks just car after his sex attack is collapse. and there's a new u.s. defense secretary promises change and we look at the legacy in this essay that. the greek government has banned the telenor of ships bound for gaza from leaving it . seven hundred activists on board were planted by the israeli authorities right here in the palestinian territory as well as i read in which nine people were killed when one reads the. i don't. wish. government. talked. down to. one of the boats of the flotilla we had ten all together that started this
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mission one of them us try to make its way today out international waters where. the other ships twenty minutes out toward waters the coast guard came up stopped the ship from in front with a couple of larger. cutters. coast guard. down into indonesia and pulled up alongside the ship. i mean to you to board the ship. to the rest. of the square to back into a port we have. several other ships that are ready to leave getting ready to leave and two of our ships earlier this week have been sabotaged israel is already packing. we know we saw prime minister netanyahu comments yesterday where he
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thanked prime minister papandreou for basically doing israel's work. behind the scenes including as well as the united states has been building a ton of pressure on the greek government government in a very weak position because of its economic problems a very popular government and it. can certainly fall prey to such pressure and we believe although we don't have concrete evidence of this we do believe that both. are putting economic pressure on greece as well we will continue to challenge we're going to challenge the cabinet decision which our lawyers here believe. the legal order we will be turning in court we will be challenging it i mean essentially when there is no understand perhaps never before a little bit better what it would be like could be. get out into open
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sea which is right in front of us from the court where we are. there would be right. here right there the american activists organize the photo that selling off his experiences at that report to. the french political everyday is awaiting the return of dominique strauss kahn his house arrest was lifted. chief at least once that he said that the victim tony repeatedly lied about what happened in the that time cause west. regulations as a frenchman always annoyed sixty tomorrow. and it presidents before the scandal so the chambers from which this is all things will be here a substantial room denies. he fits this paradigm of you know
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villain victim you know the victim being the victim but the villain being you know the old pepe le pew cartoon figure was based on these stereotypes and means and you've got the shady thorough european french guy who you can you mold into this kind of creature and then all at the same time i mean this coincides with the whole white men behaving badly thing with terms of how our particular television media and say the blogosphere and internet pundits work that doesn't matter it's all fear it's all ratings it's all you know machinations and bringing opinion into it you know it doesn't matter what happens this guy has fulfilled his role. and then all the other hand you have the victim now who was slaughtered lamb kind of victim you know filling that role in the opera she comes into you know the third world. call kind of illegal alien time you know so we could play
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that stereotype in. some other world news in brief for you this hour. tens of thousands of protesters once again taking to the streets across syria and. at least twelve people were killed in clashes with security forces during the demonstrations described by some. civil rights groups say almost fifteen hundred people killed by that since mid march state playing solitaire. and mexico three people have been killed by tropical storm but the elements continue to batter central parts of the country every rain stretching more flash floods and mudslides as assistance towards the pacific up to twenty thousand people could be affected the season's first storm came ashore in mexico central gulf coast earlier today. mexico.
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where joys of moroccans have approved new constitution reforms in the home of the six response to the recent democracy test results show nineteen percent supported the changes reforms give more power to the prime minister cain still remains the head of the military the gist of it is the judicial concessions the protests and risings across the world. and still ahead in the program grandest slamming her way to the final. rushes queen of the courts run so. second we couldn't follow. a verse just celebrated her progress on the beaches on the books of the world as a sporting skills. and what those who knew their futures in their hands in their twenty one day shed and even victory.
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as it turns out arm wrestling is not just for the guys here in russia's north caucuses more and more women are getting game t.v. out of how we managed to wrestle the secrets of some of the stories superwomen. america's new pentagon chief as promised tough budget choices are the same times that national defense will not suffer we opened a former cia chief as an irritant three wars for his predecessor what gates nazis religion contributor says it was gates' extremism in afghanistan and pakistan but he too wants help and stop selling. for i would generation of the cold warriors on the both sides in the united states and in russian federation it is robert gates there i would go in secretary of defense who personalize it's called war
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at its peak roderick gates was anything but controversial and he has garnered full respect all across the board during his valedictory exit tour from afghanistan all across europe and back to the united states robert gates displayed unbelievable specter of sincerity and candor providing he's honest and unvarnished assessment of the united states strategic overreach all across the globe somehow i have a hunch it's been his upcoming memoirs robert gates will explain his one unfinished dream that is to finish the job keith initiated in his previous capacity as the cia chief when he opened up a pound or a box of extremism in pakistan and in afghanistan only to be called back to duty almost thirty years later to eradicate the eval which she so carefully
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rared and groomed in his previous capacity as the cia chief. with russian that tennis player s. rather is roaring back to the top and it's in a second the boom of the final for the sport star knows all too well that in the women's game able to get at him it's not as wealthy as tom barton that's else keeps him includes the screens and the comes to her appearance on court. that. was. the russians call it big tennis to distinguish it from the ping pong match to the amusement of foreigners but now russia's racket wielding darling has made it to the biggest and installment of the more. reassuring up of the is in the womb final again it's a great feeling it's been many years but it's a really great feeling where today i was in my best match of the championship so
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really happy to get through in two sets but. it's pretty amazing that i can at stage since her win at wimbledon in two thousand and four maria mania has turned sharapova into a star off the court as well on peaches and catwalks she's joined the hall of fame with jaw dropping russian tennis woman but she only wants to talk about the tennis but i told myself to just take it one point at a time and really focus and then i thought like i just kind of got in my zone so we went down to one of moscow's toughest young tennis tournaments the club here claims to be the home of tomorrow's players so what do these young russians think of their compatriots example. i think she's very positive and not everyone could have such patients patients is by entering counties. i've always liked her even when i was very young i started playing because i wanted to be like her and now to go are
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telling me i'm playing like her god now i think i find a very strong inspiration from her i really like the way she plays she has very good technique she always fights to the end and never gives up one thing nobody can ignore about sharapova. that groomed or scream or whatever it is we decided to sample some of russia's future grimacing talent become a complete. was. i think one of the stars this club has turned out is katherine a pope who she was running jade's here in world under eighteen rankings but she forged her career in russia should out of has been a miracle since she was seven doesn't lessen her inspirational appeal well. russia is a brush yourself do you need to. be working harder i might have to put in a few more. ok so i probably couldn't even beat these kids for the
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game of tennis but that's because they're out here every day practicing driven on by heroes like maria sharapova oh maybe because i haven't mastered the all important run. shot out. there but more sports news coming your way in just over eight hours time or you can check it out right now online it's just about those who are the party of the we the men and women braving death defying dives to the cheers of a seventy thousand strong crowd one of the most dangerous championships in the world guns. also on live rounds out the sound of engines as an exotic car show kicks off in the russian capital retro vehicles mixed with motorcycles on the news also i watch more it out in the car plus course don't forget to check out our other videos on you
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tube which. is. download the official allocation q i phone i pod touch from the i choose our. video. costs. as features now with.
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the dot com. it's difficult to overestimate the role of social media in today's modern life some countries it helps people. it arouses public anger about censorship so what people think about this innocent social networks online talk show host the rest and find out on the streets of new york. in today's social media driven world you can post whatever hate speech doctored photos or other nonsense you want with virtually no consequences how do you feel about that defining our times this week let's talk about that i was as still here guy on facebook once and by mistake instead of rising his name into the search i put as my status was awkward i knew how to meet these things very quickly adding everybody to the did you learn your lesson yeah yeah people just put anything on here young girls young kids you know home addresses and everything like that are going to.
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open up or just. as people see what you show them not what you actually are in my experience and if you put something on the internet people will watch and think that she said she your life you know when people could be sitting at home doing nothing for a whole weekend they might just make things up just to make themselves more interesting a lot of people tend toward. being snotty or rude and they've been taught through television and other media that that's that's the new cool yet there's a shift in our culture going on that'll change as people start to understand that they end result of that is isolate you isolate yourself when you do that kind of stuff we need to be center of attention. as the world just become a giant high school yeah but it would fade as we are all just a bit tired but we owe a life goal we all hate it so why do we want to live it every day i think the question isn't and it's almost even in a more middle school that sort of mean girl kind of being and i think even adults
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get into the bullying which is kind of sad. do you think that as we grow as a society people will get smarter about what's a post or will it just get worse than where i think people always be people are going to have people that are smart you can have people who don't march and i think it always be fruit cakes that put things on the there is just i'm hopeful and harmful. regardless of how you feel about the pitfalls of social media the bottom line is that it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better if it ever does. well on receiving the would be considered to be a clash of the male titans but it was a russian republic it's going down a storm with women. and how girls are changing their high heels for high sporting ambitions in the wrestling arena. there is little clue as to why there's quite a coup out of russia in the north caucasus hide such a powerful secret because his hair that we find perhaps some of the strongest women
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in the country but they're hoping their arm wrestling talents will one day be shared with the world in the olympic arena. i mean the cell of again wrestling in nine hundred ninety four but now she's clearly a super woman with town world and fourteen year old gold medals born in a small village in the mountains she says that she has achieved everything she wished for and now it's time for a younger generation to follow in her winning footsteps i've been his biggest concern though is that the sport doesn't get the recognition she feels it deserves sometimes we simply don't have money to go to the championships after training so hard young girls are losing the stimulus to continue when they hear that there is no chance for them to go unless they collect the money themselves and one thing that might change that would be as poor it was made part of their lengthy games bringing one tension and financing competitive organizing maja's began in california in nineteen thirty two and so on gains real popularity arm wrestling as
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one of the most peaceful convert of sport that actually doesn't require any special equipment and people of all ages have a real chance of winning i did mean quite so they're cutting. out the chance of winning right now i'm going to check it for myself i. would certainly it's an easy time. standing hours at the gym i mean as trainee luisa she doesn't know if she'll ever have enough money to go to the championships but she never loses hope. we beat is an incorrect comparison but sport is like a swan for me once you get into there's simply no. turning back i tried to stop but i can can live without it and they will continue hoping that monday will be recognized by the public but. it seems like kook asian women are falling hard on
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the successful heels of their man can take many of the world snuggles in almost all types of frustrating and with girls has seemingly determined to break the stereotypes and we can soon see more and more high hills making their way into the rest encountering us well i think we should all artsy the republic of the north as such yet. but i shall sleep well press further when a journey babe reveals the secrets of how to take a snap that can really make a difference in the world that's enough into the show spotlights to or that other back of the makeup of the main stories anything stay with us.
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twenty years ago in the largest country in the systems in place of. one hundred more men to teach began a journey. where did it take.


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