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tv   [untitled]    July 2, 2011 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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can they find out what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines you mean you cause a report. of them. many shelters a nazi executioner wanted torturing and killing his victims perfectly using the hunger over is this is a despite being quick to see prosecution of the war criminal. vessels with humanitarian aid for blockaded gaza last stop the greek port just a year after knocking out to the us from a similar fertility were killed by israeli forces it's. thousands of libyans stand in the fires of naysayers that should campaign as colonel gadhafi threatens to attack europe if the alliance doesn't stop its air strike it's.
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a very warm welcome to this is the live from moscow germany has long since found all nazi symbols then to distance itself from its dark past but it seems that is not so scrupulous when it comes to publishing criminals who hold german passports. will track down a convicted fascist murderer still living in a small german town. close carol for volunteered for the nazis in world war two he victims before killing them out of concentration camp in the level and with frank was held to have been she systematically become people in the night they have to dig their own graves and she was part of the firing squad which shot down. court jailed for part of the war for twenty two murders
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he suspected of many more but in ninety fifty two state germany which lets him go and gave him full german citizenship he was basically sure they were protected from extradition neverland's as applied time of the time for returned to serve his sentence but germany doesn't extradite its citizens no matter how horrific the crime this is the man who ruled for can stay free yet he hates the german law which he has to enforce them across a cute. and prosecute. like criminals. no difference. in the killings. and. many other lands of this criminals. cause really was murdered in
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the second world war by the dutch sis he confronted four dollars to me if he had any remorse for responded with sneers and mockery that was four years ago they were safe no housebound and close to death it's a race against time for justice now you say well he's eighty nine. and it will say something and say well why didn't you all now. you know his victims never live that long and the second is you feel sorry for us. so if you go to munich you. just you know that with the possible rebuild before it does it will always hang as a dark cloud of war you know why didn't you your for real cruel not since he belonged germany convicted ukrainian american new. of nazi
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war crimes or more evidence germany has one rule for its people says cause skins and another for foreigners about the younger but this from russia you know they don't mind kicking him around as well this isn't germans or even for. a german national there. this is where the man dubbed the nazi it's a condition of live streaming media is banned from revealing his address but we know he's in trouble last if he has a message for the families of his victims. do you have a message for. the thoughts of making a final push to put him behind bars they applied to have him say he sentence in germany activists say it's the law's chilled to jail the butcher of. the new bushel see him go start. the greek government tell us shit about
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football the funny thing is poor for seven hundred activists on both they were planning to find israel thorson by delivering humanitarian aid blockade to past again terre tree over designed to replicate the freedom to tell which ninety were killed by israeli marines just like a pair of american activists on board a ship taking part says the greek government with all the pressure from israel on the us. account of how the full weight of even. one of the boats of the first killer we had together started its mission one of us. today i was international waters were due to meet with the other ships. came up. the ship from in front with a couple of larger. cutters. coast guard coming.
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down into it and pulled up alongside the ship. threatening to. board the ship. with the squid back into a port. it's ready to leave getting ready to leave and two of our ships earlier this week. sabotaged. already. we know we saw prime minister netanyahu comments yesterday where he thanked prime minister papandreou for basically doing israel's work. putting a ton of pressure on the greek government the greek government is very weak position because of its economic problems the popular government. it's. internee fall
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prey to such pressure and we believe although we don't have political we are we do believe both in. putting economic pressure on greece as well we we will continue to challenge we're going to challenge the cabinet decision which our lawyers here believe in the legal order we will be challenging it in court we will be challenging. but when especially. you know or understand better than ever before a little bit better what it would be like to be a pilot and we. get out into open sea which is right in front of us of course we are. to play telecommuting other with the right hand access it but it was adam shapiro an american activist who organized recounting his experiences of the greek hopes. so i have to leave here on that he returns a great life playing is trying to make strauss can offer his sex attack case
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appears close to collapse. under the new u.s. defense secretary promises change of the path to get we look at the legacy his predecessor behind. defying nato bombings of japanese thousands of libyans have taken to the streets to voice their support for colonel gadhafi and all the a message like it out himself address one of the largest demonstration since the alliance began its campaign of the country he threatened to attack europe in the event in the eighty's as strikes it comes after the second fun house applied to the rebels moscow criticized me for head out of the way the un resolution on libya has been tapped from a belgian politician no divine the worst says nato is the end game is to control the region by using the security council's mandate for its own interests to bring in. real solutions they are not only in text in the sense as. a lot of voters in a country basically the interpretation of resolutions is
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a matter of ideology and of color why does france interpret it this way because they can't there is no international agency and don't you cannot that's the program which is a solution they want to take over control of this country in this very important security situation between cheney between egypt where things are going the wrong way to mean for european union and and united states let's not forget democratic evolution in these countries what does that mean it can mean governments that take care of the interests of their own people and not of international corporations it's a simple and that the plan of nato is clearly to take control of north africa whether they say that on paper already in night officially. germany has a belt it will provide they say with weapons for the alliance this campaign in libya that despite its arthel three participants direct action alex cross
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a hostile u.s. and put pressure on. germany to make good on the floor is this is see in political germany has a road to replenish the empty arsenals of some of the nato allies which is usually a normal thing to do but in this case it has a certain smear on it and very definitely germany is under a lot of pressure the media accused mr and the government not to be able to conduct the call here in strategy where of course it's very clear that we do not take part in the warfare with soldiers but replenish of allies it's a normal thing to do but what we see is that the media in germany under our fears u.s. influence is also accusing germany of being in bed company by voting together with russia which is not reflecting the good position of our electoral connections those
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aides who are doing it may be requesting some support from the others so there will be a long grip but in fact what we see here is that deliberately the country is being destroyed which is by far by far transgressing over the decision by the security council and that's a very big story right now. as the cause of hostile bird talking to us from germany . the friends political arena is hoping for the return of dominique strauss can after his house arrest in new york was lifted the thought. that really start reports that his alleged said to himself made repeated he lied about what happened in the alleged attack charles callus arrested in male sexual assault allegations which the frenchman always denied this it was seen as a potential candidate for the french presidency before the scandal christopher chambers from challenging investment please the media played a substantial role in strauss comes to mind he fits this paradigm of
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villain. you know the victim being the victim but the villain be you know it. all puke or to figure it was based on these stereotypes and means in. the shady the thora european french you can you mold into this kind of creature and then all at the same time i mean this coincides with the whole way in and behaving badly thing with terms of how our particular television media and so the blogosphere and pundits work that doesn't matter it's all fear or it's all really it's all you know machinations and bringing opinion into it doesn't matter what happens this guy has fulfilled his role and then on the other hand you have the victim who was the slaughtered lamb kind of victim you know filling that role in the opera now she comes into you know the third world.
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call kind of illegal alien time you know so we can play that stereotype in. some other world news in brief now this hour on the syrian president has time to keep after friday's antigovernment demonstrations which need to happen the biggest get bizarre last signed a decree removing the head of the city of hama to the thousands of protesters took to the streets across the country demanding an end. almost two hundred people have been killed the violence which started in such. a roadside bomb has ripped through many paths in the south of afghanistan killing at least eleven members of the family the group that included t. children thought to be afghan refugees returning from pakistan through the volatile border area roadside bombs planted by taliban militants and frequently used against targets in the country meanwhile in a separate part of afghanistan
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a local council member with kill her. to come with all the motorbike. twenty one workers are trapped in a mine in southwest china after a flood is there were twenty nine people on the ground when the incident happened but age of them managed to make it to safety a major rescue operation is still underway trying is coal mines the deadliest of the world thousands of miners killed every year. average or civil wrong consider uprooted new constitutional reforms put forward by king mohammad the sick the response to recent pro-democracy protests preliminary results show more than ninety eight percent supported the changes the reforms give more power to the prime minister but the king is still remains the head of the military religious authorities under judiciary because the actions come after protests inspired by uprisings across the arab world. right still ahead in the program or grandstanding her way to the final.
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rushes the queen of the courts grant way into a second wimbledon file. or is just as celebrated by a pro as on the beaches and the cat walls of the world as this gorgeous girls. girl power we meet days you know their future is in their hands a bee in their talent or one day shares in the picture of. the month good as it turns out arm wrestling is not just for the guys here in russia's north caucuses and more and more women are getting into viagra and we managed to wrestle the secrets of some of this poorest superwomen. america's new pentagon chief as promised tough budget choices but at the same time said national defense will not suffer leon panetta former cia chief has inherited three wars from his predecessor robert gates contributions as it was bates nurtured extremism in
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afghanistan and pakistan when he wants help the post of cia heads. for our generation of the cold warriors on the both sides in the united states and in russian federation it is robert gates. would go in secretary of defense who personalize it because the war had its peak road to regain some was anything but controversial and he has garnered full respect all across the board during his valedictory exit tour from of ghana stand all across europe and back to united states robert gates displayed don't believe a bull specter of sincerity and candor providing he's honest an unvarnished assessment of the united states strategic overreach all across the globe somehow i have a hunch that in his upcoming memoirs robert gates will explain his run
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unfinished dream that is to finish the job keep initiated in his previous capacity as the cia chief when he opened up a pound or a box of extremism in pakistan and in afghanistan only to be called back to duty almost thirty years later to eradicate this which he so carefully rared and groomed in his previous capacity as the cia chief. rawson tennis player maria sharapova is wrong back to the top reaching her second brimble the final but the sports star as well of the women's game in particular image and that's is on that and find out what health club so many glued to the screens when it comes to her appearance on the court. the russians call it
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a big tennis to distinguish it from ping pong much to the museum and to foreigners but now russia's racket wielding darling has made it to the biggest tennis tournament in the mood i can reassure up with is in the moon final again it's a great feeling it's been many years but it's a really great feeling and today i was in my best match of the championship so really happy to get through and to say. it's pretty amazing that stage since her winning wimbledon in two thousand and four in rio mania has turned into a star off the court as well in peaches and catwalks she still in the hall of fame with dropping russian tennis women but she only wants to talk about the tents but i told myself to just take it one point at a time and really focus and. i just kind of got in my zone so we went down to one of moscow's toughest young tennis tournaments the club here claims to be the home
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of tomorrow's players so what can these young russians think of their compatriots example. i think she's very positive and not everyone could have such patience patience is vital in tennis because i've always liked her even when i was very young i started playing because i wanted to be like her and now the girl are telling me i'm playing my her god no i think i find a very strong inspiration from her i really like the way she plays she has very good technique she always fights until the end and never gives up. one thing nobody can ignore about showed up with. that brute force scream whatever it is we decided to sample some of russia's future grimson talent can make compete. with. one of the stars this club has turned out is cancer enough. she was ranked
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eighty in the world under eighteen rankings but she forged her career in russia sure up of has been america since she was seven doesn't lessen her inspirational appeal but. that's right she is a growth voice mails you need to. continue working harder i might have to put in a few more hours my suv. ok so i probably couldn't even bring these kids for the game of tennis but that's because they're out here every day practicing driven home by heroes like maria sharapova. well maybe because they haven't mastered the all important run. time bassinet grunting her way to make a more sports news coming their way in just over an hour's time or of course you can always check it online anytime you like here's what else will find out com me the man and women in braving it gets a fine dives to the cheers of the seventy thousand strong one of the most dangerous
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championships in the world and probably. also on the line moscow revs out to the sound of engines as an exotic car show kicks off in the russian capital where recce vehicles mix of motorcycles and the new a sports cars what's more policy dot com plus don't forget check out other videos on you tube channel.
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the official. joy. for me. on the job called. now is so difficult savor estimate the role of social media in today's north life and son countries that help people carry out our risings and revolutions while at all those that arouses public anger about a lot of censorship so what people think about and this and this in social networks online which it has the president found out on the streets of new york. in today's social media driven world you can post whatever hate speech doctored photos or other nonsense you want with virtually no consequences how do you feel
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about that defining our times this week let's talk about that i was as still here guy on facebook once and by mistake instead of writing his name into such a place as my status was awkward i knew how to meet the things very quickly adding everybody to really say did you learn your lesson yet people just put anything on here young girls young kids you know home addresses and everything like i got a nice. open approach is that. people see what you show them not what you actually are in my experience and if you put something on the internet people will watch and think that that's actually your life you know when when people could be sitting at home doing nothing for a whole weekend they might just make things up just to make themselves more interesting a lot of people tend toward. being snotty or rude and they've been taught through television and other media that that that's the new cool if there's
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a shift in our culture going on for what that will that will change as people start to understand that they end result of that is isolate you isolate yourself when you do that kind of stuff we need to be center of attention something that as the world just become a giant high school yeah i would say yes we're all it's just a big giant oh a high school will hate it so why do we want to live it every day that's a good question that's a good reason and it's almost even in a more middle school that sort of mean girls kind of thing and i think even adults get into the bullying which is kind of sad but do you think that as we grow as a society people will get smarter about what's a post or will it just get worse and worse i think people always be people you're going to have people that are smart you can if people that are not and i think it always be fruit cakes that put things on there. it is just i'm hopeful in my home floyd beautiful regardless of how you feel about the pitfalls of social media the bottom line is that it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better if it ever it.
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all wrestling may normally be considered to be a clash of the male titans that one russian republic it's going down with women aussies maybe the course of a has about how girls are changing the high heels the high sporting ambitions the wrestling arena. there is little clue as to why this quiet corner of russia in the north caucasus hides and ship powerful secrets because his hair there we find perhaps some of the strongest women in the country but they're hoping their arm wrestling talents will one day be shared with the world in the olympic arena. i mean the cell of her began wrestling in nine hundred ninety four but now she's clearly a super woman with town world and fourteen year old gold medals worn in a small village in the mountains she says that she has achieved everything she wished for and now it's time for a younger generation to fall in her winning footsteps i've been his biggest concern
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though is that the support doesn't get the recognition she feels it deserves sometimes we simply don't have money to go to the championships after training so hard young girls are losing the stimulus to continue when they hear that there is no chance for them to go unless they collect the money themselves and one thing that might change that would be a supported was made part of their limpy games bringing one tension and financing competitive organize maja's began in california in nineteen fifty two and soon gained real popularity arm wrestling as one of the most peaceful convert of sport that actually doesn't require any special equipment and people of all ages have a real chance of winning if i did something quite so bothered me. as a chance of winning right now i'm going to check it for myself i. would
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certainly it's an easy time. standing out worse of the jam i've been as a trainee a reason she doesn't know if she'll ever have enough money to go to the championships but she never loses hope. we beat is an incorrect comparison but sport is like a swan for me once you get into there's simply no. turning back i tried to start but i can't live without it and i will continue hoping mondy will be recognized by the public. it seems like ok jand women are following hard on the successful heels of their man can take many of the world's models in almost all types of wrestling and with girls handsome mainly determined to break the stereotypes and we could soon see more and more high heels making their way into the wrestling i mean us. as an additional artsy they would probably go to north aside. shortly a world press photo where daily baby reveals the secrets of her success that fall
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into the shape spotlight before bought about with a recap of our top stories in just a few minutes a disable. it
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. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. british.


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