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the captain in custody will tell us dock at port that's how the mission of gaza bound vessels ended in greece before it even departed for the blockade it all played. activists on board accuse the united states and israel of putting pressure on the greek government i'll bring you more in a few moments. germany's position on nazi war crimes is question as it continues to shield a convicted world war two criminal. and r.t. takes him to collaborate and excitement mixes with the stars of moscow's international film festival where the movie the waves matches the top prizes it's a call to spain.
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first after one am in the russian capital you're watching r t thanks for joining us now greece has banned a flotilla from leaving its ports and arrested one of the captains the ships carrying humanitarian aid to gaza planned to complete a similar failed turkish mission to palestine last may well campaigners on board have suggested the greek government gave in to pressure from the u.s. and israel archies policy or has more from tel aviv. there has been no explanation given by athens as to why this preventing these ships from sailing form its ports distant to gaza one of the steps called the giuliana set sail it was in the waters for some fifteen to twenty minutes before the greek closed guard stopped it and diverted it to a military dockyard now athens is not quiet about this and has come on record as saying that no ships distant from gaza will be that sports and not a correspondent on board one of the ships that has been seized explained that greece is acting in violation of international law. not to will not give
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up there are twelve members of european and other national parliaments among the free gaza activists and they're trying to pull strings to force their governments to try to influence greece's decision to block their ships in their harbors or lawyers for the freedom flotilla are saying the greek government actions are unlawful because the ships cannot be prohibited from going to gaza and they should not be restrained from three relieving the harbors i have seen every part of the ship i'm on and there are no weapons or anything that could be used as weapons the people who participate in the free gaza flotilla are harmless most are elderly many over sixty and even seventy well let's go to that has been dubbed the freedom flotilla two and it's been in the planning for at least two years since that first fatality and last year that came at the end of may and an individual with nine turkish citizens being killed on board one of the ships not activists or pains to prevent this from happening again they've made a point of saying that their whole attempt to bring humanitarian supplies to gaza
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is a non violent mission at the same time the israeli authorities have been at pains to also try and prevent this from happening activists around the world have been accusing the united states and israel of putting pressure on athens particularly when it's seeking economic balance we spoke to one such activist adam shapiro israel is really you know already expecting the flotilla and we know we've heard prime minister netanyahu is quite. yesterday he made where he thanked greek prime minister public radio for basically doing israel's work for it and what we know behind the scenes that israel has been putting as well as the united states have been putting a ton of pressure on the greek government the greek government is having a very weak position because of its economic problems a very popular government and it. concerned need for previous such pressure and we believe although we don't have concrete evidence of it we do believe that both the united states and israel are putting economic pressure on greece as well the
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activists themselves are in a number of different positions some of them are out at sea some of them have already been arrested and are being detained we are hearing that they do plan in number of large demonstrations in athens to call on the government to explain to give him a just an explanation as to why does the brain to these tips on saving we've also been hearing reports of sabotage the reports of an irish missile that at this moment is in turn to seize was sabotaged by israeli divers who worked on the ground to prevent their engines from working obvious way the foreign ministry today saturday denied those charges it called them ridiculous and paranoid but certainly the activists are facing an uphill battle in trying to get this fertility going. well there is more exclusive coverage of the flotilla for you and that includes a regular mock updates from our own correspondent aboard one of the boats taking part and you can find that and more on our website our team dot com. coming up for
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you artie's resident takes of the streets of new york to ask whether people think social networking is a gift or a curse. or just put anything on the young girls young kids you know home addresses and everything like that people see what you show them not what you actually are in my experience and if you put something on the internet people will watch and think that that's actually your life you know when when people could be sitting at home doing nothing for a whole weekend they might just make things up just to make themselves more interesting. germany is shielding a torturous nazi war criminal convicted and jailed for murdering dozens of people class karl father was serving a life sentence in the netherlands but later escaped and fled to germany where for decades berlin has been refusing to extradite the german national parties during a bushel came face to face with a nazi executioner who still evading justice. those from the class carol for
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volunteered for the nazis in world war two he tortured victims before killing them at westerbork concentration camp in the netherlands where doris and frank was held to have been. systematically beat up people in the night they had to dig their own graves and she was part of the firing squad which shot down. a dutch court jailed for of the war for twenty two murders he's suspected of many more but in one nine hundred fifty two he escaped to germany which let him go and gave him full german citizenship he was basically sure of that are protected for extradition in the netherlands has applied time of the time to have formal returned to serve his sentence the germany doesn't extradite its citizens no matter how horrific the crime this is the man who ruled for book can stay free yet he hates the german law
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which he has to enforce and across. and prosecutors like criminals. no difference. the killers. another person in germany in neverland this criminals on old cause really was murdered in the second world war by the dutch sis he confronted farber and asked him if he had any remorse for responded with sneers and mockery that was four years ago neighbors say farber's know how spell and i'm close to death it's a race against time for justice now you say well he's eighty nine and he will say sometimes say well why put him in jail now but you know his victims never lived that long and a second of this you know had never felt sorry for us. it's deeds so if you go to
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munich to talk to me you just can't you know just don't want to talk about if we don't put him in jail before he dies you know it will always hang as a dark cloud a ball you know why didn't you put your fairy last real cruel not since where he belongs to germany convicted ukrainian american john demjanjuk of nazi war crimes or much weaker evidence germany has one rule for its people says cost pins and another for foreigners about the younger but he's from russia you know they don't mind kicking him around but as long as it's germans or even father they become a german national they're free. this is where the man dubbed the nazi executioner live streaming media is banned from revealing his address but we know he's in a mosque if he has a message for the families of his victims. do you have
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a message for. the dutch making a final push to put him behind bars they applied to have him serve the sentence in germany activists say it's the last chance to jail the butcher of westerbork the new bush will see him go start. and all the way for you some ladies you wouldn't want to mess with. arm wrestling is not just for the guys here in russia's north caucuses more and more women are getting into the act and we managed to wrestle the secrets of some of this course super women. and one police officer has been killed and two others wounded in a gunfight with militants in russia's republic of chechnya security forces came into contact with the group on saturday morning before exchanging fire with the suspects refused to surrender well officials say that up to
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a dozen armed militants escaped and are thought to have fled into a nearby dense forest the area has been sealed off with additional security troops closing in on the assailants russia's caucasus is seeing a spike in violent activity with the number of terror attacks going up by a third in the last few months special operations by government forces have seen over two hundred militants killed this year. well let's check some other world news in brief this hour the syrian the president has sacked a key official after friday's regime demonstrations which were believed to have been the biggest yet president bashar al assad signed a decree removing the governor of the central city of hama from office tens of thousands took to the streets nationwide rejecting assad's promises of reform and demanding an end to his authoritarian rule activists say the government crackdown which began in mid march has claimed almost fifteen hundred lives. there have been
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protesting against a recent string of rocket attacks that have killed at least thirty six civilians on the border with pakistan demonstrators accuse the pakistani army and intelligence services of responsibility pakistan has denied the accusations but admitted that some rockets may have fallen accidentally on afghan territory as. purity forces targeted militants carrying out cross border attacks. police in bahrain have fired tear gas at hundreds of anti-government protesters were did now seeing peace talks between the sunni led government and the shiite opposition according to reports of the dialogue follows months of violent protests that claimed over thirty lives the shiite community in bahrain claims it's discriminated against by the sunni majority thousands participated in nationwide demonstrations demanding fair political representation. eurozone finance ministers have decided to
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release twelve billion a year road to greece as part of a bailout package agreed last year alleviating the threat of an imminent sovereign default by athens will be also pledged to complete work on a second rescue package for the nation in the coming weeks out the nz has approved the second round of austerity measures aimed at curbing its and mounting debt despite widespread public opposition over the fairness of the plans but without the money greece would have defaulted within days and the international monetary fund is now expected to rubber stamp its three point three billion euro part of the bailout later this week. now leon panetta has been sworn in as the new u.s. defense secretary replacing robert gates who had held the position for over four years well during his time as pentagon chief gates struggle to bring about victory in iraq and afghanistan but our military contributors says the retard defense secretary actually helped nurture the taliban in the first place. for our
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generation of the cold warriors on the both sides in the united states and in russian federation it is robert gates the outgoing secretary of defense who personalizes the cold war at its peak robert gates was anything but controversial and he has garnered full respect all across the board during his valedictory exit tour from havana stand all across europe and back to the united states robert gates displayed unbelievable specter of sincerity and candor providing he's honest and unvarnished assessment of the united states strategic overreach all across the globe and somehow i have a hunch that in his upcoming memoirs robert gates really explain his one unfinished dream that is to finish the job keep initiated in his previous
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capacity as the cia chief when he opened up at the pound or a box of extremism in pakistan and in afghanistan only to be called back to duty almost thirty years later to eradicate the evidence which is so carefully rared and groomed in his previous capacity as the cia chief social media gives everyone a chance to play their part in any story it's been a communication a revolution encouraging a mass uprising in some countries and causing controversy in others with a perceived lack of censorship the resident in new york at the sidewalks to ask what people there think of the social networking scene. in today's social media driven world you can post whatever hate speech doctored
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photos or other nonsense you want with virtually no consequences how do you feel about that defining our times this week let's talk about that i was as still looking a guy on facebook once and by mistake instead of rising his name into the search i put as my status was all good i knew how to meet these things very quickly adding everybody to already see did you learn your lesson yeah yeah people just putting the thing on here young girls young kids you know home addresses and everything like i got a nice you know open approach is a. people see what you show them not what you actually are in my experience and if you put something on the internet people will watch and think that that set your life you know when when people could be sitting at home doing nothing for a whole weekend they might just make things up just to make themselves more interesting a lot of people tend toward being snotty or rude and they've been taught through television and other media that that that's the new cool yet there's a shift in our culture going on. that'll change as people start to understand that
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they end result of that is isolate you isolate yourself when you do that kind of stuff we need to be center of attention as the world just become a giant high school yeah i would say yes we are all of just a big giant but we always cool we all hated it so why do we want to live it every day that's a good question that's a good reason and it's almost even in the more middle school that sort of mean girl kind of thing and i think even adults get into the bullying which is kind of sad but do you think that as we grow as a society people will get smarter about what's a post or will it just get worse and worse i think people always be people you're going to have people that are smart you can have people that are nots and i think they always be fruitcakes that put things on they that is just unhelpful and home. regardless of how you feel about the pitfalls of social media the bottom line is it's probably going to get a lot worse before it gets better if it ever did. the
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russians caucasus region is known for its outstanding male wrestlers but now the local women are hot on their heels pumping iron in the gym and testing their limits to the max and the art of arm wrestling well some of these ladies have become a force to be reckoned with and as artie's muddied a question of a finds out they are determined to become international stars. there is little clue as to why this quite corner of russia and the north caucasus hide such a powerful secret because his hand that we find perhaps some of the strongest women in the country but they're hoping their arm wrestling talents will one day be shared with the world in the olympic arena. i'll be no silva began wrestling in nine hundred ninety four but now she's clearly a super woman with town world and fourteen year old gold medals born in a small village in the mountains she says that she has achieved everything she
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wished for and now it's time for a younger generation to follow in her winning footsteps i've been as biggest concern though is that the support doesn't get the recognition she feels it deserves sometimes we simply don't have money to go to the championships after training so hard young girls are losing the stimulus to continue when they hear that there is no chance for them to go unless they collect the money themselves one thing that might change that would be if the sport was made part of their limpy games bringing more attention and financing competitive organize matches began in california in nineteen fifty two and soon gained real popularity arm wrestling as one of the most peaceful calm the diff sport that actually doesn't require any special equipment and people of all ages have a real chance of winning if i did something quite simple there are. times. that i have the chance of winning right now i'm going to check it for myself.
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oh it's thirty. standing hours of the gym i'll be in as a trainee louise she doesn't know if she'll ever have enough money to go to the championships but she never loses hope. maybe it is an incorrect comparison but sport is like a swamp for me once you get into there's simply no turning back i try to stop but i can't live without it and they will continue hoping that one day we will be recognised by the public. it seems like kook asian women are following hard on the successful heels of their man who take many of the world's models in almost all types of wrestling and with girl's hands seemingly determined to break the stereotypes we could soon see more and more high hills making their way into the wrestling arenas. the republic of north the south. and
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later on the program another super woman russian star but here. we are defined by her in comparables still remains a symbol of success for generations of young players that despite her wimbledon final defeat. now the star studded international film festival in moscow has reached a suitably dramatic climax where the winner of the best film was announced our correspondent peter all over was there at the ceremony soaking up the glitz the glamour. this year's winner of the coveted golden george award is the movie the waves directed by alberto maya's it's a spotless movie the second and you're in a row that a spanish language movie has won the top prize here at the moscow international film festival last year it was the turn of a man or sold brothers this year though it's gone to the waves a movie set and that against the backdrop of the spanish civil war it's not the only prize that movies picks up carlos out of it is also taken the best actor price
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at this year's festival so two awards going to the spanish movie the waves the the top prize for best film and also the best actor prize now there's also been plenty of other awards up for grabs in one person who's picked up one of those awards this isn't a stranger to collecting gongs she's already got four buff does three golden globes for emmys amongst others including an academy award for best actress dame helen mirren the british actress has picked up the stanislav ski award for acting excellence i mean mentally on it you know the name shannon saskia obviously to our costs are sacked as she is of it and an enormous importance you know to possible really to say how important standard task is now not just for theater acting obviously that was where his influence started but but then went on to film acting a real delight to talk to dame helen mirren earlier on she was telling us the
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outright respect what she hires for russian film and russian acting and how much of an honor it was to pick up that stanislav ski award of course as she said silas loves so associated with with acting excellence and she's been altered with that going today a whole host of celebrities plenty of russian celebrities from stage screen and the world of sports as well as business and politics be represented here but also a whole host of international stars now i met up with. the director of the movie. which is closing out the ceremony the thrill of the deaths in which dame helen mirren actually stars. the director john mountain no you may know him from his movie shakespeare in love as well as captain corelli's mandolin he was. due to soak up the atmosphere for the first time you're saying at the moscow film festival and also absolute a whole host of other people and the mcdowell had a few interesting comments to make about the the green carpets of course the color you color for the carpet these type of events usually read the. festival going for
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green she was saying it's caused some problems when it comes to picking up perfect outfits i had a wonderful stylist that lives here in russia helped me pick out the dress and she brought me many dresses to choose from and i particularly liked this one because it was like a piece of sculpture and it fit me perfect so i was happy to have it and she was a lovely lovely lady well it's not just on the mcdonald of course it had problems picking out what she was going to wear i agonized for hours and hours this morning about what i was going to put on to make sure i looked right for this i'm sure you can sell now despite a great fight in the wimbledon final russian tennis star but he has shot up of on may not have won the cup this year but she's still an inspiration for an entire generation of young players well tennis is a twenty four year old player's greatest passion and she attracts worldwide attention for striking looks as much as her sporting prowess artie's tom barton has been looking into the secret of shut up of
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a success. the russians call it big tennis to distinguish it from ping pong much to the amusement of foreigners but now russia's racket wielding darling has made it to the biggest tennis tournament of the more since her win at wimbledon in two thousand and four maria mane here has turned up over into a star off the court as well on beaches and catwalks she's joined the hall of fame with jaw dropping russian tennis woman but she only wants to talk about the tense i told myself to just take it one point at a time and nearly focus and then i thought like a disco got in my zone so we went down to one of moscow's toughest young tennis tournaments the club here claims to be the home of tomorrow's stuff players so what do these young russians think of their compatriots example. i think she's very
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positive and not everyone could have such patients patience is very important in tennis. i've always liked her even when i was very young i started playing because i wanted to be like her and now that all are telling me i'm playing like her i'm like you know i find very strong inspiration from her i really like the way she plays she has very good technique she always fights until the end and never gives up one thing nobody can ignore about shut up over. that grant or scream or whatever it is we decided to sample some of russia's future grunting talent can make and pete. you can be one of the stars this club has turned out is catarina pop over she was ranked eightieth in world under eighteen ranking. but she forged her career with
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russian children through those being in america since she was seven doesn't lessen her inspirational appeal. just so russia is russia what else do you need to keep. working hard i might have to put in a few more. ok so i probably couldn't even beat these kids for the game of tennis but that's because they're out here every day practicing driven home by heroes like maria sharapova. maybe because they haven't mastered the all important. all that was tom barton there with more of a squeak abene grunt and we have more for you on our website r.t. dot com you can go online for updates on all our stories new videos and much more we're also covering the fifteenth exotic car show in moscow where weird and wacky
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meets fast and furious at the annual motoring event which has opened its doors to the public. and also online a bengal tiger cub has become the main attraction at a zoo in a russia's urals and he even has his own twitter page. and coming up we'll bring you a closer look at the father of the soviet hydrogen bomb well that's right after a recap of our top stories coming up in just a few moments. we'll
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