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to whom. the powerful credit rating agencies get a low score from germany and once they are current after they put forth a lot of risk of a second bailout. facing up to europe sinking feeling the new i.m.f. chief sets out her stall plots the media's eyes remain fixed on her predecessor sleaze scandal. and arctic expansion as russia plans to ask the un to redraw borders at the energy rich north pole which for other countries claim to. and the un's findings into last year's gaza aid flotilla radar do but israel refuses to apologize to turkey for killing nine of its citizens onboard.
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ten am the russian. capital you're watching r t with me we're going to joshua germany's finance minister wants to curb the power of the dominant credit rating agencies their verdicts can make or break economies most recently causing a euro stock plunge after downgrading portugal's death to junk germany is at the heart of propping up failing nations but is now questioning whether the bailouts are legal for some economists the current strategy is just maintaining the pain. the fact now looks like a political will need a second bailout some point in the future and that it could default puts it in the same sort of financial problem as greece and it could have same sort of financial market response as a greek default we have to remember that the greek public have been putting up with this for much longer than the portuguese public have so maybe a year down the line we might be seeing similar process in portugal in lisbon as we're seeing now in greece so we can't really mitigate for that. there's still the problem of political unrest in the central countries such as germany where there is
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the outrage against the bailouts not just to greece but to countries such as school and this political unrest seems to keep growing and will keep growing with a second bailout of portugal the alternative is there will be a default in these countries at the moment the real approach just seems to be delay it for as long as possible it looks as if germany and france are dictating this and they are trying to protect their banks and delay the inevitable default if you allow the countries to fund themself for short amount of time a year or two but ultimately these countries are insolvent and they will not be able to point us in selves in the long term so they will need some form of debt relief in some form of debt restructuring so it's better to get through this sooner rather than later as all only increase in terms of both political costs and economic course. in all these countries is yet to peak and will continue increasing over the next year so the eventual restructuring the eventual write downs which need to be taken just get larger not to mention as we've already spoken about the political costs of continuing these bailouts and the austerity measures. financial
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commentators have long suggested that the euro zone's weaker economies should quit the currency online r.t. here is a very different solution. it's a better solution if germany. explains why the big boys should bow out it's hard to get passed along with more inside europe's financial world. that can. strapped to a use giving christine legarde much to think about in her first days in charge of the i.m.f. she told reporters that she's picking up the baton from her predecessor to deal with the problems and reforms that began under stross khan's watch but artie's christine says there is still more interest and muckraking than money matters. from violent on the streets of the middle east. to protests in north africa to europe. or portugal's credit rating has been deemed junk.
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and in greece. where unemployment hovers at about sixteen percent and the debt crisis has sparked anger nearly all of this anger stemming from poverty and failed economic policies in the us as well high unemployment sits atop a mountain of problems like a housing crisis and slow financial growth. this is the world christine legarde inherits as she begins at her new post as managing director of the international monetary fund in her first formal meeting with the press at the i.m.f. headquarters in washington she seemed optimistic in her hopes the international monetary fund is here to serve and to provide services to its hundred and eighty seven members if not the sexiest of news stories but still the inaugural press conference for the new managing director of the i.m.f. did garner quite a bit of media attention most likely it had less to do with christine lagarde
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herself and more to do with the reason why she's here. what lessons do you think ought to be drawn from the way the u.s. legal system to handle this current case we could be any reforms in the human rights and human resources policies here do you plan any changes and in light of the controversy over mr strauss kahn the controversy of course with dominique strauss kahn accused of raping a hotel maid in new york that case now starting to crumble after it turned out the maid had credibility problems but back to the i.m.f. or lagarde will take over then yes you have a couple of issues what worries you the most la garde did her best to stay on message we cannot be only driven by the hope to reduce fiscal deficits and organize fiscal consolidation in a big way whether you look at advanced economies or whether you look at emerging
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markets or low income countries the issue of employment. is a critical one the one hundred eighty seven nation organization has already lent one hundred sixty billion dollars to cash strapped nations many of which have little hope for paying it back. so the real questions are manifested here on the streets of some of the nation suffering the most are accepting aid from the i.m.f. has been presented at times as the only option as austerity measures are now being put into place the questions too are in the dollar and how its value may or may not change under her watch for managing the debt crisis around the world will fall at the top of her agenda as the rest of the world watches with hope first ability in an unstable world in washington christine for south r.t. . next hour the kaiser report takes on the euro countries who are selling the
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family silver to stay afloat. in the introduction of neo feudalism into europe as we've said all along cells cells everything must go in great fire sale these nations are giving up income producing assets they're basically the toll booths it's not capital things that has nothing to do with capitalism couples have been first competition if you're not allowed to compete because the state is orchestrating takeovers from foreign banks of your assets that's called an occupation. diplomats from russia and france have reportedly clashed over of the libyan crisis and a closed door meeting of the un security council it's thought moscow lambasted the french decision to arm the and take it off the rebels in violation of the un resolution artie's garnished account takes
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a look at detail. but you know there was a discussion and russia says such actions violate the arms embargo that was imposed on libya and the weapons supplies also breach the un mandate that was given to establish a no fly zone and protect the libyan civilians the u.n. authorization was given in the middle of march and since then nato bombings have killed scores of libyan civilians undermining the goal of the operation speaking of goals western powers have their logic of understanding the goals of the operation they say in order to protect the civilians they need to get rid of gadhafi in order to get rid of gadhafi they need to weaken his strongholds which means intense bombing of the country and that's what the forces are now actively engaged in but by all means alone they say will not bring it desirable and to the conflict which is ousting khadafi so there needs to be action on the ground that the u.n. resolution explicitly says no foreign troops on the ground in any form and that's why they arm the rebels according to france for example but critics say that logical change takes us very far from the initial goal stated in the u.n.
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resolution which was to stop the massacre and nowhere in that resolution that is a forceful regime change many say nato is actions that old were meant to stop the massacre have brought about a lot of destruction not to mention that it's a direct and now a long lasting involvement in a civil war france was the first to acknowledge weapons supplies to the rebels in libya we're talking about rocket launchers assault rifles machine guns and anti-tank missiles there are several aspects that analysts point out in france is this dispatch apart from the fact that he very clearly breaches the arms embargo that was imposed on the one their radical elements among among those rebels while and there are likely to show mercy for their opponents and those arms supplies most certainly inflame the situation even more and the way it was done the weapons were parachuted from planes who knows who got hold of them it could be kids it could be criminals but it seems nobody cares as long as the the rebellion and that's the phrase used by the french as the reasoning behind the airlift to boost the rebellion but many libyans now say the last thing they want is a boost to the to the civil war that has to take. and so many lives that has torn
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their country apart. still have for you this hour why seeing the light could be deadly for air travelers russian passenger planes come under increasing attack from laser hooligans or a blinding pilots with powerful beams of light as the land. plus artes close up team meets the seniors of siberia as one of the region's oldest cities helps its lonely elderly citizens. discussions over who owns the territory surrounding the north pole are coming to a point with russia planning to ask the un to look at arctic borders it's brought the request forward by two years as for other countries i up getting access to the arctic's natural riches i just got to in this hour of explains what the rush is all about. striking gold in the cold yet another russian scientific expedition is making its way to the arctic ocean. will spend sixty days gathering evidence
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like could see russia significantly expand its territory. this evidence will go to show that russia should be expanded by one point two million square kilometers that's ten percent of the country's current area at the moment russia's arctic area of responsibility is a sector stretching from the colo peninsula to the bering strait but it's what lies beneath the ice that's the big prize here if russia can prove that the ocean floor as part of its continental shelf it will be getting much more than just new territory according to estimates the arctic seabed holds nineteen billion barrels of oil a vast treasure trove even for russia. that's basically twenty. or so says production is what just means. this untapped reserves of natural resources is tempting to all states with arctic territory russia norway denmark the united states and canada are all staking claims and all five are locked in
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a tight race to gather evidence in support as some scientists warn that global warming could leave the region ice free in less than twenty years russia originally planned to file its claim with the united nations by twenty fourteen moving the deadline up by two hears is a clear cut sign the race is on and it's time to flex some arctic muscle. are to scrap. discover more of our special reports on the arctic on our newly launched sister channel our t.v. it's available on t.v. and online with breathtaking pictures and analysis of the icy waters of the arctic seas the web address is r t v dot com. leo i was due to report of the gaza aid flotilla raid by israeli troops and. may last year nine activists died when commandos stormed a turkish ship delivering humanitarian supplies to blockade of palestinians scheduled release comes as more aid vessels try and reach the arab territory but
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last year's incident continues to drive a wedge between israel and turkey as paulus leader now explains. today thursday is the deadline that the united nations gave itself to submit a report into last may's patella incident in which knowing turkish citizens were killed while trying to break israel's blockade on gaza for the last few days is radiant turkish citizens have been meeting around the clock in new york to try and reach some kind of formula that is acceptable to both sides at the heart of the dispute is its timbales insistence that tel aviv apologize for its role in the bins but so far israel has refused to do those offering in state with great for the loss of life now the head of the commission jeffrey palmer has said regardless of whether or not both sides are able to reach some kind of prior mutual agreement he is issuing that report today is day and this has been an impetus to both the israelis and turks to try and iron out the differences for reconsideration because most people do understand that if the report is issued with we consider it will be
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much harder for the reconsideration to be made at a later date now it is also widely understood that the report is likely to uphold israel's illegal right to impose a naval blockade on gaza but at the same time it is likely to charge these raids with using excessive force that is what has so far indicated that it is prepared to pay compensation but as long as this doesn't create a precedent and open it up for food and such illegal claims. are news is updated around the clock at r.t. dot com and let's look at some of the other features you'll find there right now. detained for clapping their hands of police violently clamp down in a struggle to stifle peaceful protest in belarus plus. the best crackers in the world produced in sixteen men. fortunately i need something to do in sixty seconds you carry your. wife's imitating art in mexico where police discover that mexican drug lords are kidnapping computer hackers to help them
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plunder banks make sure you take the legal route to our website and gather details attitude of. airliners are add they are most vulnerable during takeoff and landing and now there is an increasing spread from the ground from a beam of light more than fifty planes in russia have had laser show into the cockpit this year dazzling pilots just when they need all their concentration because they are reports of the police hunt for the whole against behind the potentially lethal lasers. there it is clear proof that the does a laser or indeed i can be a major distraction for food bill or christian or not to do it meant. but the consequences could be catastrophic if someone is stronger to while flying an aircraft with hundreds of passengers on board and blinding pilots by laser beams has become an increasing nuisance and rush over fifty attacks registered since the
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beginning of the year. the latest incident was that this most important one the pilots of a tupolev passenger ally now arriving from istanbul were does old by paul paul green light aimed at the aircraft by someone on the ground just minutes later and now that probably. nothing but but yet it's only a matter of time before that that accident occurs we were going to during landing just a hundred meters above the ground when we were only a kilometer away from the runway as a result we were in danger of losing control the crew was dazzled in a catastrophe could have happened. in the worst case scenario pilots can land automatically but not full aircraft can land on autopilot and even if they do those in the cockpit need to remain in control and be able to see. the effect of a laser beam on a pilot can be compared to that of lightning
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a blind you potentially lethal laser guns imported from china can be bought in russia for as little as one hundred dollars firing a laser beam as far as five kilometers they can burn through paper and even plastic . in the u.s. sales of such devices are banned russian legislators are also considering outlawing them and toughening punishment for this offense though some are shining a spotlight on the police calling for more action the courtrooms and court of everyone's waiting for new laws there's no excuse for police and action on the ground or current legislation is good enough is allows for the arrest and imprisonment of such fools for up to ten years in prison as of now there has been only one arrest in russia for intentionally targeting an aircraft with a laser with the suspect still under investigation attempting to down a plane by other means would be classed as terrorism public concern and russia's
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rising about the potentially equally serious risk from laser allowed and their high tech hooliganism it's in a grouch over our team moves. one x. and russia close out we take you to the gateway to siberia. we are in the corgan region which lies south of the my eighty year old mountains and is distracted by the renowned trend siberian railway its lush landscape has made it a prime spot for russia's food basket giving it a rich every cultural heritage at its heart lies corgan city one of siberia's all the cities and one of which is developing a new life for its senior citizens as santa boy has been discovering. she may be eighty nine but the xander ivana doesn't have too many happy memories to dwell on
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a loveless childhood or work color to youth a hard working adult life at twenty five she married an older man and devoted her time to caring for him they didn't have children so she always knew eventually she'd be alone most people used to ask me why i worked so much they would say you don't have kids why do you need money and i would respond if i had kids they'd help me when i'm old and since i don't have children i needed to work hard at least they would accept me in a retirement home yet her faith to get trained she could never have expected when alexander could no longer care for herself and was about to move into a nursing home a local family offered to adopt her overnight she received two grown up kids and a granddaughter who seemed to need her just as much as she needed them my mother passed away and we just couldn't come to terms with it we were really longing to how grandmother in the house for advice
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a company an elder prussian around this family's part of the senior adoption program pioneered in that regard the region six years ago the local authorities say it's a win win for all involved senior citizens receiving family care and their adoptive family getting benefit payments in return. one hundred dollars a month may not seem like a lot but in remote russian villages where jobs are scarce any source of income is valuable. if you place a sunni or a citizen in a nursing home it costs the local budget between four hundred and five hundred dollars per month but they live with families is down to about one hundred dollars per person the economic effect is obvious but the most important thing is that elderly people enjoy the comforts of family life yet despite its apparent all round appeal the program is still small involving only around fifty. and there is a cultural reason for it traditionally in russia elder care has been seen as
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a responsibility of family members being placed in a nursing home we still associate it with shame and stigma and it seems that the idea of living with strangers is not the easiest sell either. one dispassion or join galina and her mother the arrangement was it would be only for a year or so not to seventy two and has no children no close relatives and she's deeply concerned her deteriorating health will be a burden for others. and like it here we haven't heard a single fight but who am i for them why should they care for me when they can barely move around i don't want to burden anyone. not doesn't feel there is a lot to celebrate about being all that helps her remaining time will be brief she says at least now she has somebody to talk to. you know getting older is one of the biggest fears in the russian society on par with wars over terrorism natural
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disasters and crime and while in the west people are perhaps of about aging mainly because of the associated health problems here in russia aging is linked to poverty loss of dignity and willingness but at least for these two pensioners it's no longer the same old story while to discuss the plight of elderly people in russia and here in the core god region in particular riyadh now joined by popular come a glorified local brass that has spent years working with the local administration where you just came back from the united states where you spent two years fighting for your master's degree actually if you put your program starts i know in the industry a person listed living in the united states is there well developed the sheer number of nursing homes i think more than thirty thousand to prague and i did state speaks for that in russia there are just about fifteen hundred nursing homes are all around the country and as far as i understand there's also
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a big difference culturally and socially to how people approach the sort of subject of the differences. you're perfectly right that united states assisted living is a kind of business am people huge. as just another way to be independent during their old age so that they could not feel themselves as a burden to their families to their working kids so that they could be. independent in the economic sense and that medical sense well here in the area in the russian federation is totally different because there is no business like assisted living and. institutions of this kind are totally on the world war on the federal budget not sure about it but it's just that the culture culturally people are very wary of freed up finding themselves in these homes and these kinds of institutions because
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they do not want to be a burden to the government they do not they want to be with their families and so the feeling of loneliness while being while living museum situations is really something people are afraid of being very much free time watching stats all they have time apart but please c.n.n. the most stories from the cook out region here on our team. oksana boyko reporting there while the brings us up to date for now and let's see what's happening in business you know he is here. let's try time to bring you all the latest on the world of business green complain us want the e.u. to get even tougher on greenhouse gases and want to thirty percent cut in ten hears it means you're of some bushes to cut its emissions a nuclear energy dependence open new opportunities for gas but trying to stem from the oxford is too good for energy studies believes everything hangs on the price.
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and worth of gas becomes more important your it will depend very poor be on how it is priced if you continues to be priced in the same way as oil and relative to oil and that i think you will make some progress but not much because it will be too expensive and eventually renewable energy will be competitive with it if on the other hand it is priced in terms of markets where they supply and demand and i think you can have a much bigger share at least in the short to medium term up to twenty twenty. dollars check the markets back from early losses has about says that shrinking stockpiles are signs of economic recovery in the u.s. the light switch is trading at around nine to seven dollars per barrel while brandi's that one hundred fourteen dollars vision markets down this hour the nikkei story op this hour rather make a scratch still to the biggest decliners starts after a pause that nuclear power plants which have been offline since march may not
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restart this summer well that scientists higher bank saw the top game is here that softer china lifted its benchmark a bulls eye and lending rates by a quarter point. and in russia they are protests opened higher than myself closing the road on wednesday as you can see the figures are from wells or its closure the losses were mainly driven by banking and energy stocks. gazprom is considering merging its electricity generating business with another russian energy measure i.e.s. holding its. greet the joint company will become the country's biggest power produce that with an estimated value of at least seven billion dollars. on russian gas or to make a gas group was continuing to put the financial crisis behind it it's increased sales twenty five percent year on year in the first five months of twenty eleven there was salts have kept pace with the growth the group saw in twenty ten when it returns to profit boosting this news is gas agreement to assemble volkswagen cars
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at the plant to pave the no growth which lies a few hundred kilometers east of moscow gas c.e.o. who under some says it's part of a three pronged investment program. first we're very happy to have been picked up the contract manufacturing for foregoing idea but requires some investments so i can only we are launching a new program some of it is already funded door paid for and then for working on the next generation goes up. ok in a sense you're after a day or two more business years unless someone else time say about.
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twenty years ago the largest country in the world to certain places of. what had been chosen. to teach began a journey. where did it take to. the close up team as being to the republic of north the situation where half of the area is occupied by nature preserve. this time our team goes to the region where men flock from all over the world to add a few centimeters to their self-confidence where young families are not hesitant about having a senior citizen in their family.


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