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tv   [untitled]    July 7, 2011 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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russia today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us.
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media. i.
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think you need it. hugh he. said you know going out of the i have got all the but i can gain strike against against. a month so if you're a monarchist ankara turkey and being stuck against that actually are going up all over iraq to against against against that by forty dislocate against right against you know your if you hold against against the us army i'm a i'm young narrow layer of talk of vets i'm also against a radar base. but
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considering who threw the radar for start another arms race internationally speaking internationally speaking it's not that i'm against the americans as it has nothing to do with it i feel the same and if a us army squad arrives we'll learn english drink a beer with them and play a little soccer not much to object to about american soldiers.
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it's like the military zone begins here the crossing bars open. this is what happened come hides. the floor down to the booth just in case i'll say i'm looking for mushrooms and the funny nobody i'll say i'm looking for mushrooms something's coming. up. maybe just someone curious about where the river is not going to be good and i would i were at the spot height about seven hundred eighteen meters it's a place where like i said the raider is not going to be changed
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sht sht. be something nice. it's a high place in this military zone which would over the americans a good vantage point for the raid or. are you following the radar debate. on the radar for the anti-missile defense so yeah. it's just changed it's changed. i'm thomas government radar spokesman for my. cancer i'm a government spokesman my name is called hello i know you do fall of the radar debate so far but it's nothing like a few more of the really mean the radar is for nothing that it shouldn't be there
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that's not why it's of the russians who were here thirty years is the same kind of occupation point i'm holding a discussion tomorrow hold whatever you want. to the political appointee rothenberger stop saying oh but i do interested if the russians kept us down what about the americans receive why would they keep us down they will go home tomorrow without a foreign army has no business being in a sovereign country come to the discussion and find out more mystical than aren't you yes but i also know where my coming you're still i would know or suspect this is not the first consideration. come here and things will be like this with a read or hear you know what i know you're right probably think. sure they will things will be different we'll say yankee go home jacks are tough or get used to things and just keep moving on. yeah similar argument was an homage to you got my shit i'm happy to welcome the three godfathers of his christening the. actor
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usually plays in our. largest director an actor a lot of smelly ark. and senator actor and businessmen still poor. mr than in the middle ages if some tatars had yelled you names why are you fortifying your town we want her jew i see you're building walls no one wants to climb over. that's how i see the radar it's just a wall against anyone who would threaten the area with ballistic missiles. and people started going to school records on. all three of us have signed it right.
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that's just great eunice. hurry up the owner says. he's going around. where are we mister who. we are now at a former soviet army installation. there were supposed to be underground nuclear silos here with hidden missiles. you can see the underground shelter or bunker. deporter there are probably tracks here for bringing out missiles. and i pitched.
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here's another vent from underground in your here's another. one i don't wish to come it's closed so no one knows where it goes underground and they have a steam up of a lot and. it was all guarded. guards were at every corner hundred fifty doctrine. which changed changed changed changed changed changed changed. roger himself dear friends thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm not a politician i'm sixty six retired and an unpaid mayor. talk of
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absence resistance to the american base was published in one thousand to world papers including the new york times the bellicose mess we can be heard very far away from the only mr top ally nick the czech prime minister and our government listen up there with me and i am so pleased as the founder of the mayor's league against radar and i'll be able to come and inform you of our fight you know should i know i have not come in vain and only the greater public and independent news media around the world can help fight against needless military bases armaments and provoking war should government officials this played such a level servility to mr bush they became the object of jokes that keep discrediting them stay to tell you and this in details our minister of defense made the song for george w. bush and the song remake of god batterings song from fifty's you know something
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like hello raider we welcome you here we are so happy with that and people from all around europe were telling us like oh your your minister of defense is so great she made such a joke of mr bush you know i was like no no this was not a joke like i was kidding this had to be a joke she made out you know that song remake of decorous song like hello raider no this isn't true. i still. miss a guy who. got. stuck. let's see a little list this is the to. the list to me. lizzie the message is. simply cut
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to. actually shut. up. shut. up he. lives. a lift. up leave read up the serious stuff.
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i was not. allowed. to. be smug mom we're a small country in the me too if you're a business and i'm already we've all noble because we're small next up are not many times in history we have experienced the value that freedom and democracy. a difficult to gain and easy to lose crowd disclosure puerto rico not as if we have something here that is part of a large defense system connected to significant defense conflicts like nato and two
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superpower like the united states with whom the czech republic and back here have only had the best of experiences and our safety will be ensured like never before in history ignorance this is the main point. i was harassed because as you received any feedback from the white house from president bush but the song you give me last year a woman who lives around her now do you know that was just a little thing. about that except for an interview with a native he's i don't remember ever getting back to it at seventy i don't have a car ever on. record what did the aide say good she liked it because i don't. have a lot of this is pretty crazy. this is a child after a bomb attack on can do. we want to bring. it to ask you
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about this place about your activities because in chicken years there is nothing about people like you there are just news about gordon brown and mr blair you know saving pilots and just. the thought yeah basic is that so that we drop out nuclear waste. will lead to the initial. wave the world's. who took thousands of tell. me. how the whole time you're sitting here for more time when it was. it started on the second of june july one second of june to olaf six and a half years old she's the portable person that if there isn't someone over your
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living here six and a healthier. thank you very much and they really think that luck good luck because we've. been. told. that wherever you are down here is in here we're. where you are there. she. asked. shift. so his mother watching one of those come to washington for more consultations about how to proceed with our information campaign with other. person. on the.
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outs. for round three there are three of them here. and you think for the general right and quicker. than you senator can we discuss what you're going to shift from the president of. will start when the general comes ok if it's him he's coming now we need to work something out before then. three men here. close. for me. are you going to join the queue for doing this. and we just need. to talk to.
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a couple of minutes they want them to make some atmosphere picture some of them are ok and start right it's more more than fair ok. he's not the same as them. but. it is our strong desire to provide as much information and in the best for any help you provide is very helpful for us in order to ensure that there is an informed public on now on exactly what our proposals are and exactly the consequences any other questions or information am so excellent thank you. thank you.
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traveling with you inside. the center and under the right. kind of. and one of the nevada won't be just radar if there's radar will be other safeguards nearby i'm afraid the americans will take over the whole area. wherever american soldiers appear on the cloud flows everywhere.
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which changed changed changed. lives and come sign a petition for the referendum on locating a us army base in our country with a rather bad guy is scum going to get off doing that and where's the courage. changed. by the way i'm ivan martin uro's you haven't noticed if you've got hate for ice i hate for ice they're treacherous for south. korea we have
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a performance and i know you. take these these communist losers are protesting against the radar. through you know the american army liberated us three times. world war one and world war two hundred and reagan out arm the soviets and you losers the americans and english sold us out and thirty eight shut up sold us out sold us out through careful eye witnesses france and england sold us out not to us instead of kneeling before america and worshipping it. what were you doing when the soviets put in their rockets. first all.
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that. there was a lot of discussions going on these are easy agreements to put in place the two of them solving for the i wouldn't disclose all of it while the rest of the holdout is not going to stack that we will get the status of as the prime minister said we're down a couple words what you probably want to know is the three words i'm not going to tell you some are saying it because that's because there's a half of the actually you are five hours or three alphabetically and that's because of political on the. cost. of all of the quotas to physically so it doesn't start and and because there are many politicians in the world there are very few countries politicians will call real statement even a small bit of go to the truck on your start. to mislead to she'd so only because. all of us who have one print those who argue maybe we've not spoken about this extensive this is what i appreciate the most something you know misspoke or
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magickal president bush well i'm certainly absolutely out of them i thank you i thank you very. very carefully really where. we were at the right environment the hard part i think there are now here ok sorry we're. i. changed. it's changed. it's changed changed. so why you hear the words because we don't like what they are planning and we never wanted them here and those scoundrels have been making more since one thousand nine hundred forty five they're
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always bear. edging in somewhere in the world. the united states has budgeted ninety million dollars we can turn it into crowns. but i thought they were trying to get us a billion for the ninety ninety million that would be like the little you had many on would go on them or you go three and a half just they're going to shift sht chest . when you know how many bases do they have around the world one hundred eighty eight in western germany. they rule the out fully expect that the czech people will participate in a lot of that it's just logical that the czechs would be the people who are primarily or at least to a large extent participating in that construction and in that maintenance i made up
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of i just don't think i'm a huge insurer yeah can i stop bad. you know you are a sovereign country you have every right and you should make those decisions about i knew them there. just emotional. thank you i didn't think that we're going to come back ok governor as one of my favorite places ok no. no. no no no. no. no. confront that's fantastic.
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part i'm keeping my fingers crossed for the rebel party i hope you hold on and don't let them drag you away from your thoughts of the citizens of yes i am a citizen of prague and below i mean. nice to meet your fellow it's nice of you to come as a decision up do you think this action will help prevent the razor base. of yes i'm sure of it think about greenpeace is fight against whaling. voted on your father of the three in peace is there to intervene whenever something's going on. good day ladies and gentlemen i'm the head of the body military zone lieutenant colonel because of. i'd like to request that you leave the military zone and this action is an authorized and i hope you leave the area by two o'clock to cope with
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really. know what will you do if the activists don't leave this comment. don't you regularly monitor the area that are having a problem we do have is how do you explain how the activists got here six of us how did you get here. any more questions the call thank you. a telemarketer broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture.
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wealthy british style. that's right. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with much stronger or a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cause a report on our cheap.
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me he. says.


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