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funding don't even know they're receiving taxpayer financed help home mortgage interest deduction hope or lifetime learning tax credit and student loans are also people who receive this government assistance are completely ignorant of receiving government help as soon as propagandists in other words all day long in all the major media in the united states you hear this we don't want socialism we are pure capitalism and but in reality every single one of those frickin losers isn't some government sponsored social program don't want to extent of the other but because of propaganda they don't even know they're on a social welfare propaganda tell us more of the did well max this is from boeing boeing and with the way cory doctorow explains it he says keep your government hands off my medicare phenomenon writ large a society of people who subsist on mutual aid and redistributed policies who have been conned and conned themselves into thinking that they are rugged individualists
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and that everyone else is a parasite so where did they get that mis notion of course from the likes of fox news where you hear over and over and over and over again the welfare people are those black people who live in public housing and you see those people way down the bottom of the list twenty five percent of food stamp recipients don't realize they're receiving government aid seventy five percent know it which is pretty shocking actually that twenty five percent don't know where they get it from you know. the ones that they do know the deal that they're getting by the mayor and the people on the top don't know that actually they're also getting by the man yet so the bottom is told constantly by the media and the media distracts the upper middle class and the middle class people from the fact how much of the redistributive policies benefit them they don't respond they don't know they're receiving these benefits so that's why they're out there you know shouting to the politician. to
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get rid of those welfare bums when they get themselves out the welfare bums and i bet you anything that if they questioned bankers because i don't see them represented on this but i bet you one hundred percent of bankers like lloyd blankfein who said they don't need any help from goldman sachs we don't use any help from the government but we know for a fact they've received trillions and help oh absolutely one hundred percent of their entire existence is due to the largest the government assistance the redistribution of wealth these a v the government to these should mottoes on wall street who are adding nothing to society they are the parasites they are the leeches well you know on a number of regards because first of all while some of them will recognize that tarp was there they know that's a government program but it's the taxpayer and their triple a rated debt that backs these banks they give these banks zero percent money to speculate around the world and to destroy other economies they have unlimited capital available to them
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and zero percent interest rate to speculate with and if they make a bad bet they get bailed out so it's actually let me explain something here see there is a betting strategy involved it's called the martin gayle betting strategy if you go to the roulette wheel and you put your money in red if you lose you just double your bet and you keep placing that money in red until eventually you win and this is called the martin del betting system and the problem of using it in a country like america when you have banks like goldman sachs and j.p. morgan using the martin betting system using derivatives and unlimited borrowing of cash is that it destroys the currency so what goldman sachs and j.p. morgan are saying is like we're just going to keep placing our bets on the same read on the roulette wheel global to reduce markets and we don't care if it means the total destruction of america the global financial system and the us dollar to me that is the equivalency of any brazen act by any extremist.
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wielding any type of weapon anywhere and yet nobody is stepping in and cutting these people off from their own limited free credit and their bogus attempt to win by rigging these markets well we talk about this propaganda and how it changes the outcome of our economies and our political systems so eric cantor hit by democrats for potentially profiting from us default house democrats are circulating a resolution accusing house majority leader eric cantor of having a conflict of interest in the debt ceiling debate a move that could provide an awkward c.-span moment for one of the lead republicans in the budget negotiations well ok so eric cantor is not just making a little bet it's not like ok he bought gold or silver and he's going to profit if if the u.s. collapses he's taken an active bet he owns a. trust ultra short twenty year treasury e.t.f. but short ultra short double down betting that the american bond market will
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collapse because they don't hit the debt ceiling resolution in any reasonable period of time thus he cashes in on the ensuing chaos so this is you hadi bankers and brokers who are willing to blow themselves up to make a quick buck so go flashing back to nine eleven era cancer would be one of those guys who bought airline puts on the airlines right before they crashed into the towers profiting from the deaths on nine eleven that's the kind of financial terrorist eric cantor is proven by him buying double down short government bond e.t.f. and then making sure that the debt ceiling becomes a chaotic situation that's financial terrorism that's treason you mentioned the martin gal technique and this is you know our politicians in the united states striving to destroy the economy i mean is this them doubling down over and over is he he's doubled down on this bet like out. long has he been is he is he making up
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for losses like has he been trying to make it default and it hasn't yet succeeded and they haven't yet been downgraded and they haven't yet triggered a credit event but meanwhile they're destroying grace as we know through their acolyte in the region the i.m.f. they're destroying now looking at italy spain they destroy ireland and of course guys like eric cantor make millions of dollars by destroying these countries and making these bets and insider trading is legal in washington the shadow banking system is fourteen trillion large so a lot of the stuff is off the books unregulated unseen and they're just laughing at the american people eric cantor is laughing at the american people so i don't know why i can laugh at the american people if your own senators blasted what you made you mentioned agree some particular increase went down that slippery slope of oblivion because pop into a zero and the likes of their oligarchs who own all the country started making bets against their country so once they had that incentive once they owned the insurance products that only go up in value that were worth nothing if the economy doesn't
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collapse if the same with this product the error counter own it's worth zero if the economy does not collapse right you can make the argument that it's some german well managed well balanced portfolio this is the equivalent of improvised explosive devices killing marines in iraq from the terrorist eric cantor is the same thing he's a terrorist trying to kill people in america using improvise exploding financial devices let's move on to another place where you know he's being attacked financially collapsing anyway is italy italy orders short sellers to disclose positions now this is interesting because italy's financial market regulator moved to curb short selling after the country's benchmark stock index fell the most intimate five months and bonds tumbled on investor concern italy would be the next victim of the reasons debt crisis so the regulator is forcing short sellers to read . their positions when they reach point two percent or more of the company's
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capital but the original headline of this article which i failed to capture was that they were going to ban naked short selling but that changed they haven't banned that so they often confuse the two short selling per se it is a perfectly acceptable strategy in the market offsets buying stocks using borrowed money or margin selling short would be the equivalent of the sell side because you're doing that also in a margin account so these two balance each other out and create a fair price discovery that's fine but naked short selling is counterfeiting this is when you sell stock or security in this case that doesn't exist you're simply selling something that doesn't exist in the hopes of fling the price discovery mechanism a specialist into falsely creating a negative downward pressure on prices using counterfeiting and to get more technical about it the way it's counterfeit is that the obligation to deliver the
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short sale within the three day period is ignored and the regulatory agency that's set up to count that stuff doesn't exist anymore so this is clearly a case of outright fraud well greece in the case when there are countries being attacked by naked short selling pump and came out and he said i'm going to ban naked short selling what he did in fact was widen the window for which people could short it to five to ten days so in fact he was doing the exact opposite so you could probably look for berlusconi to be doing the same right exactly the three day period or the five day period of the trade settle when they reconcile all the buys and sells he extended it to ten days which is the exact opposite of trying to. diminish the naked short selling it's by increasing is throwing gasoline on to the naked short selling soap opera is either a incredibly stupid be incredibly corrupt or c. all of the above well let's stick. back here with italy because greece ireland and
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portugal are gone or is but those countries are less than four hundred billion dollars connally's now we're going we're seeing spain and italy attacks italy is a two trillion dollar economy with two thousand tons of gold twenty four hundred tons ago italy it's the second biggest position in the euro zone and if that's the mother lode bethink that's been the target all along the green the ireland portugal those are side shows there are little micro-cap countries not much of a deal there but italy's got actual gold at the i.m.f. and the people who support the i.m.f. the terrorists as i mentioned like eric cantor they're helping to facilitate the thieving of that twenty four hundred tons of gold because that is meaningful yeah of course because they need that gold because of course is the i.m.f. going to get the airport landing fees from naples or sicily. no but italy is a little foreign country to look at it i mean it's kind of berlusconi is
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a media tycoon he owns ninety percent of the media there he's the murdoch of italy yeah even more than that but this is why you know this ugly old buffoon who runs a country into the ground. and the population seems happy with it because he has lots of breasts on his television shows and in all his media and porn stars that he nominates for it to run the economy and they seem all perfectly happy with that but when the i.m.f. comes and takes their gold i think somebody else is going to have the last laugh they might have had a real fun with this before but. look stacey i think this is incredibly important ken can you stay. over past a break is not ok i think i can say all right don't go away we'll be right back after this.
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we'll. move. to shoot. if. you.
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welcome back to the kaiser and for what stacy heard you know we were talking about the fraudulent nincompoop berlusconi who the economist magazine and converse to i just recently called the biggest jerk in europe i believe was the headline but continue please well we're on the topic of media tycoon who have destroyed democracy certainly in italy and now it turns out destroyed the economy but i want to turn to murdoch everybody's covering the story of course but he is a media tycoon has who has destroyed democracies and economies based on his propaganda and i want to show how this is systemic and systematic the way he is treated by politicians and by justice around the world and why we continue to find ourselves in economic collapse all these years later and it's part of the political collapse first take a look at this picture this is rupert murdoch last weekend arrives in london and
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meets with rebecca brooks who was the editor of the news of the world until two thousand and three and when asked what his top priority was according to the daily mail the eighty year old media mogul gestured to mrs brooks she is he replied not the victims not the shareholders b. sky b. shares plunged as news corps bid mired in uncertainty it's first of all it's mired in uncertainty the guy should be in handcuffs the whole entire team should be in jail right now but here's how the guardian reports bloomberg they say reported that as many b. sky b. shares changed hands in the first ten minutes of trading then as in a normal day but there were also signs that some institutional investors were buying up b. sky b. shares often from her. hedge funds who are bailing out of the company what does
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that tell you max well it tells me that he's got a great relationship with banks the same banks of the government bailed out are now buying shares of b. sky b. on the behest of murdoch and a collusion that is again completely out of fame to the sense of fair play and democracy in the marketplace again it's a fraud it's perpetuating a fraud and let me just put make a little side here the who's the biggest shareholder to come to the knox defense on day one but saudi prince who's a big shareholder and of course the saudi arabia is a perfect example there is a country that's completely in the throes of a dictatorship a pernicious dictatorship forty the wealth and income gap is probably one of the highest in the world that's what the murdoch's aspire to they aspire to lords in service they speier to define right schleps snopt split dictators well going back to the story about hedge funds ditching the shares and selling them to institutional investors institutional investors are also of course
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the passive funds of a pension fund so these once again all the risk all the toxic waste all of the fraud all of the bad stuff gets dumped on to passive investors us chunks whether we're you know taxpayers or peasants in these this oligarchic system we get dumped with the risk whatever you want it doesn't matter it's what happened there we saw the same thing with british petroleum there were other reasons why they weren't fully prosecuted for their goal logical whole cost is because they said oh well everyone owns b.p. and their pension you don't want that they go down to you so they've made every want to complicit in the crime and you see this now all over the place this is one of the problems in this shareholder owning society is that the oligarchs can come back and say well you own a little bit of a share here in your employ implicated if you prosecute me then you're guilty and of course that is a full lation. argument that's tied to
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a sense of entitlement that a guy like murdoch has that it goes against any notion of a democratic society bordering on treason and i again sixteen mind john locke making his statement when the social contract is broken a revolution is required basically rupert murdoch has delivered to us a democracy and this is how this continues we no longer have the rule of law we have only democracy and you can bet your bottom dollar he always sticks with one party in the u.s. it's republican in the u.k. it's. it's basically conservative even if it's under the guise of new labor like tony blair is a conservative was ok so he establishes a hyper partisan democracy where half the population will not ever see that he is doing any wrong or the audience of fox news will they be shocked that he tapped the phones of nine eleven victims know he won't really know and of course their defense
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they say something about free speech this is the right to their own regulated protects free speech and they're broke the law and they're justifying their getting out the so-called truth is justifies their breaking the law so let's see if the department of justice will get involved because news corps is a us listed company rupert murdoch's news corp could face one hundred million dollar bill for u.s. investigation into police payments dr evil here one hundred million dollars fine they're facing for forty four billion dollars i'm going to go through those are clear about this that all means is that they call of goldman or morgan and they borrow one hundred million which then morgan will put on to the taxpayer tab as part of the overall bailout so this potential hundred million dollars would only happen if the u.s. department of justice decides to investigate based on america's foreign corrupt practices act so basically american listed companies aren't allowed to bribe
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foreign officials or police or royal protection officers. well i know the u.s. justice system is got some cards to play and i mean clearly in los you want to just say that nine eleven was a joke and a bunch of financial mercenaries died on that day and we shouldn't give a flying hoot about it but unless you feel my way then you should prosecute rupert murdoch if it up and stop complaining you whining babies but he's he like first the u.s. department of justice has to investigate dick cheney which they haven't done that yet for his being that. executive during the time that k.b.r. was bribing nigerian officials i remember it turns out that they just paid him the nigerian officials two hundred fifty million something crazy to make sure there was no investigation there and search seeking to raise the debt ceiling because they got all these others of millions of dollars of the bribes constantly are adding up the go another two trillion of bribes so let's look how other people inside britain
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are treated by u.s. justice and the british justice system for similar crimes to what rupert murdoch or rebecca wade brooks are being accused of u.s. anti-piracy body targets foreign website owners for extradition british website owners could face extradition to the u.s. on piracy charges even if their operation has no connection to america and does something which is most probably legal in the u.k. this according to the u.s. is immigration and customs enforcement official eric barnett he says that as long as the website address ends in dot com or dot net it is implicated in the spread of pirated u.s. made films t.v. or other media it is a legitimate target to face extradition to the u.s. and his quote defending this decision is this max i'll give you an analogy a lot of drug dealing is done by proxy you rarely give the money to the same person that you get the dope from i think the question is are any of these people less
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culpable well first of all copyright has a close called fair use which ninety percent of the time the people that they're going after are simply using a constitutional fair use right so they're the ones breaking the law number one second of all let's talk about this copyright thing for a second to the people that murdoch hacked into the seven seven bus bombing victims as soldiers or got killed in foreign wars they have their stories that it's their stories they own their stories and their story has a monetary value obviously it doesn't move millions of units of papers ok. so that's a comp you're right violation right there because copyright law under you digital millennium copyright act freaks you have the ownership of your own story still to this day you haven't figured out how to genetically remove people's personalities from their skeletons yet so the fact that murdoch uses their stories to sell papers is a direct violation of the digital millennium copyright act he has broken copyright
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law thousands tens of thousands of times george michael would be covered by the r i a a mega selling musician he's now very involved in this as well because his phones were tapped and he says his computers were hacked so he definitely has our i covered material that they would have hacked they would have listened to they would have listened to which is an act of of copyright infringement that's right so that's they're eating their own tail here they've passed a law that makes no sense and now they're being tripped up by it well with this copyright story the u.s. is seeking the extradition of a twenty three year old from britain to america because he linked to something that was copyrighted now let's look at this hacker ryan cleary could be extradited to u.s. to face court over cia computer attacks again this is the duplicity that is treated here is a i guess he's a teenager autistic teenager they're seeking his extradition because he hacked into
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a computer he faces ten years in prison in the united states. whereas rupert murdoch for hacking george michael's computer is engaged in industrial strength acting across hundreds of thousands of accounts probably because they already know thousands probably represents the tip of the iceberg meanwhile one or two garden variety teenagers who happen to run afoul of this ridiculous law are being treated like rank terrorist and subjected to the harshest penalties of the law ok max let's end where we started and that was where we said that the propaganda from fox news in america leads many people to not realize that they themselves are the welfare queens they so despise visa europe blocks wiki leaks donations through payment site so here's rupert murdoch's press in the u.k. in the u.s. who hammers on and exposes the luxury lifestyles of people living in prison or on
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food stamps then there's julian assange who exposes the the genuine extravagance of the mubarak some ben ali's of the world who have stolen hundreds of billions from their populations with the help of the big banks on wall street i might add. and it's julian a song who is marginalized and attacked financially by the likes of visa and master card while david cameron pleads with rupert murdoch please reconsider your bid for b. sky b. don't do it please. well you in describing here is the while for disconnect between rich and poor which has been growing for a couple of decades is spilling over into almost every single aspect of the law there's two sets of laws for copyright there's two sets of laws in banking those two sets of laws almost on every piece of the jurisprudence spectrum that you could imagine and that is clearly a breakdown in the social contract i don't know how else to describe it it's
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a complete separation from the club to craft that are running away with the wealth versus everyone else that's stuck there eating dirt like in haiti we're all becoming like haiti all right stacy her well that's all the time for we have thanks so much for staying over and going through some of the stuff for us thank you thank you rex and that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser and stacy herbert if you want to send me an e-mail please do kaiser report at r t t v are you until next time this is max hauser saying.
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just. in india. the move to join. the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly. you can.
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see don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was such a treat. four thirty am in moscow these are your arty headlines and once inside the bodies were everywhere in this corridor or counters you were wearing the life of divers continue the hiring task of bringing the bodies of victims to the surface after sunday's sinking of the volga river cruise ship this is a former captain claims he raised the alarm years ago over the ship's condition he said of us old was run on a shoestring budget and needed constant repairs throughout any voyage. rupert murdoch's bid for the u.k.'s biggest satellite broadcaster b. sky b. crumbles under political pressure as the hacking scandal spreads beyond britain
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u.s. senators are now calling for an inquiry following reports that journalists from murdoch papers tried to bribe police for information after nine eleven britain's best selling tabloid news of the world was shut down after allegations the mobile phones of murder victims politicians and celebrities were hacked with the knowledge of the editors. and more trouble for the eurozone as the irish economy slides for their new central bankers fear italy and spain may be headed for their own financial abyss brussels is concerned it won't have enough cash in its euro bailout fund to meet italy's debt analysts say europe's fourth largest economy italy is too big to fail and that it has a worse debt problem than either ireland or portugal. coming up our special report on one of the most scenic regions in russia from lush woodland to mighty mountains the region is a sight to behold discovering russia up next. the
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region deep in the sun for east is one of russia's newest territories. two thousand and eight it brought together the chips and the argument regions and with it a striking mix of asian and european culture. you can fund buddhist temples spooling national parks and remote villages that still trying to stretch the date back a thousand years but if you're flying here you'll be landing in the region's point capital. whenever you're a new place of course the best way to get to know is to have a local show you around and i know one lady here who's promised to sew me a bit of what life is like in the. firm to just over three.


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