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the minute one or doing something behind the dark certain chinese of the world with three. friends builder there's another secret society right now our own backyard so what exactly happens behind those california runways at the bohemian grove gathering. and ask the economic skies darkened in the political winds blow around the debt ceiling debate is the u.s. prepared for the perfect financial storm. plus if it believes it leaves so will obama kill murdoch and settle the political storm with news for once and for all.
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meaning it's friday july fifteenth i'm laurin leicester here in washington d.c. and you're watching r.t. . well let's see let's going on right now on this friday we have a country weeks away from defaulting on its debt one of the biggest media giants in the country and the world is being investigated by the f.b.i. for journalistic wrongdoing a former government employees faces sentencing in a case that's helping obama outdo every previous president for going after whistleblowers consumer confidence at a two year low because jobs are scarce such as one bit of bad economic news a and latter group of the most powerful men in the country meeting in the forests of california to do secretly face all these problems brews asked policy political careers and deals in private have sex with the male waitstaff well the
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latter three are actually what the allegations are they've been made in the past about the goings on at bohemian grove dumping around the stomping ground of the bikini and club which critics have called build river blessed now the club in this retreat has been around for more than a hundred years it's attracting the past presidents from taft and hoover to regen and george bush father and son along with actors business leaders and sometimes protesters on the outside the lead take a look at these old reports from the one nine hundred eighty s. and ninety's. the politics of peace and the environment facing down the power elite . oh the model of the bohemian club is weaving spiders come not here every year at this time of year late around the country got together for two and a half weeks of. media arts allowed in and in fact that both kenyans have a long history of secrecy but some people say with this much power and this much
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money located in one place there is more to the whole give me and club then campfires and canoeing most of the bohemians have left earlier knowing there might be some trouble the stated reasons for the demonstration were the connections of the clubs members to nuclear weapons research the political and business deals made there and the exclusion of women from membership inside the compound there have been persistent rumors about closet homosexuality john hunt for the former waiter says there have always been relationships between club members and employees one black waiter or gay black waiter or years ago said it's whenever they would come over to the employees quarters and he made a comment that it was not unlike coming down to the big house to the slave quarters for a piece of. wow now i mentioned those are all from the eighty's and ninety's but now this story really doesn't get much play one big exception is our guest alex jones he is one of the members of the media who have infiltrated a bohemian grove himself in two thousand and fact he sneaked in and filmed the
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cremation of care ceremony as it's called take a look at. the time in the darkness across a small wait. a minute black we're doing something behind the dark curtains changing for the world would free. again one of their carers earlier i spoke with alex jones i asked him why bohemian grove doesn't really get any major media attention these days. the c.e.o.'s and presidents vice presidents of the big four networks all attend year after year and you have former presidents you have current presidents you have british royalty that go there helmut schmidt the previous german chancellor wrote a book men in power as a political retrospective and in the book he said look the trilateral commission
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goes there the bulk of our group because they are the leaders the world go there for fifteen days and a lot of decisions get made there and he admitted that they are establishing a private corporate world government and that one of the most important secret meeting houses is the bahamian grove and richard nixon told harper's magazine and after his death a recording was released of the interview but it is not been fully published where he did say that it is basically a again meeting that that's the main thread besides politics is that a lot of the major magnets. in corporations and media but also government come there and male prostitutes are shipped in to service them but but my main issue is that the bahamian grove actually has released some of their animals now through berkeley and other universities of sonoma state and they brag they hatch
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the manhattan project their view comic bomb they brag that they got government and industry together for that the star wars s.d.i. program in the eighty's show many big events are decided and some of the big deals are made at the bahamian grove and so it is that secret smoky room but instead of a bunch of guys behind closed doors smoking cigars and making decisions with government officials it is a fifteen day retreat with music alcohol plays ritualistic behavior. and the moon then also leave the grove and go to the nearby town. visit with female prostitutes that are flown in from all over the world so that might be one reason there's such a. overtone in the whole thing is that it's only me i'm allowed inside the grove now because of the threats of lawsuits i'm going to show them women are
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a lot of preparation to work there. right i was going to get in here for a second i think that some of the stories who said that those instances i think a prostitute was interviewed this is a while back saying that that's more of the rarity are the exception herbert hoover though called it the greatest men party and that it was just a lot of returning gun so i and peter bergen who you confronted about it said that everything is very gentlemanly so a lot of reports about what exactly is going on your experience certainly is interesting but as far as concerns over the business and political dealings going on there because that is one of the bigger concerns and you mention a project that's one that's been by these guided others that i've seen are a bit ragged in expanded had private conversations in which writing agreed he wouldn't run for president for the next thing couldn't nixon said that he gave a speech there that you believe kind of launched his political career but what about any more recent examples of things that are going on there that concern you as far as the policy or political career is being made behind closed doors and not
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open to the public. well you talked about the fact that the dominant media the united states the old line dinosaur media really doesn't talk about mimi and rove very much there was an exception. in two thousand right after i got back. from the grove. the announcement was then made on c.n.n. later that the decision for dick cheney to be george w. bush's running mate was made at lehman brothers that was that was said on c.n.n. and when i confronted david gergen at the r. and c. convention in two thousand and four in new york i was very polite but i brought up the rituals and he said listen if you were inside the grove you weren't supposed to talk about that i said no i snuck in at which point the karl rove or five previous administrations blew up at me and got in my face something david gergen has never
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been seen to do in the five administrations but he's worked with thousands of media interviews so this is a big deal to them they wait for decades on a waiting list to get into it and major decisions are being made there outside of the democratic process he so this is one of the main meeting houses for fifteen days i mean why would why would have a big screen well world powerful people why would why would these heavy hitters the most powerful people in the world travel and spend weeks together for just a party it is a party atmosphere where they try to cement the elite together and basically create a consensus for an agenda and i've had several the widows a bahamian rogue member sent me their internal analysts that you can actually buy from collectors that are thousands of dollars apiece i have several of these and in there there is a very pro world government anti-national sovereignty sentiment running through it
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and so that's why it's import. is that show many big decisions are being made are they going with the media the top hollywood people together the head of banking the academia with the government basically it is a huge network you know vienna where they try to show this global agenda and of the opinion and analysis of alex jones radio host of the alex jones show and according to him the secrecy and exposing the secrets doesn't stop there with what you heard in that interview alex jones actually had a lot more to say about the bohemian grove including stuff this much too graphic for me to talk about on t.v. this was according to his account and if you go to our web site you can see that youtube dot com slash arche america you can see alex's full interview and hear what he says members have done in the past that he saw with his own eyes according to him that are a little too graphic for me to even repeat and be sure to tune in next week because
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we're going to get a much deeper look at the bohemian grove because we have correspondent christine present and my colleague she's there she's reporting on this she is out getting the information and will bring us all the juicy details that she finds for herself next week. and also the elite are partying at the greatest men's party on earth which is what president herbert hoover once called a union grove eight european banks failed a stress test casting more concern over europe and in the u.s. manufacturing has slumped and consumer confidence thing to its lowest level in two years meanwhile the country's headed for default and even if it avoids default standard imports as the u.s. credit rating is still threatened pending the result of these debt talks average folks are still sweating an economy that's taken their jobs their home equity their pensions and not something we're seeing from the u.s. to greece it's kind of a global phenomenon can they be
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a leader sitting pretty because these come out the winners of policies are. we're supposed to spur an economic recovery for everyone but i have in reality padded their volunteers for more golf for the wealthy but also on the backs of the poor at least that's what charlie mcgrath and he's founder of wide awake news dot com with core inflation gaining with manufacturing slumping with consumer confidence down because of the job situation i asked him whether he sees the u.s. economy moving up or down if you are just an average person on main street here's what he said. if you are main street did never even started to turn into any kind of recovery even though for the last two and a half years we've been this propaganda the green shoots and prosperity but the reality of it is we main street has not even you know recovered one job that's been lost since the two thousand and seven recession the so-called great recession
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allegedly ended in two thousand and nine so whisking who is winning what do you is anybody coming out on top here you think that some of the investor you got there are you know to be the corporate interests who are the same ones. demanding we have a debt ceiling increase these are the ones jamie dimon to the world telling us that you know if we don't do it it's going to be catastrophic well it's going to be catastrophic if we do do it it's already catastrophic because of the fact that from two thousand and seven to now we went from nine trillion to fourteen point three trillion but if these power elite in these in these corporate interests get their way. they want this it is in their agenda to get this done because it guarantees profits for i've got a few examples just by the corporation exxon had thirty point four six billion dollars in profit in the year two thousand and ten they paid zero in taxes yet they were able to contribute seven million dollars in campaign funds i will go down the whole list with their profit line but between exxon v.o.a.
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general electric chevron and boeing they have managed to amass seventy seven point one six billion dollars in profit paid zero in corporate tax and they managed to contribute forty three point one million to campaign contributions so that should tell you exactly who benefits from raising the debt ceiling let the people of the country side. i would say that the agenda is let the people of the country have all the burden for running the government pretend that we have this thirty five percent corporate tax rate but in reality it's too big to fail corporations they absolutely nothing and their profits are guaranteed and they can fail unlike main street who continue has failed primarily since two thousand and seven and continues to fail as we speak today charlie good friends and have that feeling turned out average people get their social security tax and. well you know the so security fund suppose there are two point six trillion dollars in a lockbox right that's what we've been told since time immemorial the fact of the
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matter is the people we take in over two trillion dollars a year we pay that much in income taxes right now we take in enough money to make our social security pay we don't take in enough money to keep funding special interest when a simple and we don't take in enough money to keep this projection of the empire america alive and well five military engagements around the planet you know corruption has run amok you know primarily since two thousand and eight it's been you know pedal to the floor so the idea that our president comes out and uses this calculated tactical fear pack that in order to scare one of the weakest segments of our population is an absolute and utter insult at least to anybody who's a critical thinker that's not the president right invasion doesn't say that they're going to or the u.s. credit rating and we don't give a damn thing else so do you not care about what the credit ratings agencies said no no i do not absolutely not care because they've been they've been proven to be not only failures because they missed the whole entire housing boom or the housing bust
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rather they're proven to be rating the products that they're wall street financier's the ones that the products that they create they re aaa and other using these great rating agencies as a sledgehammer or an anvil rather to convince not only people of country but nation look at greece look at italy the threat of a downgrade is causing all these austerity measures to be implemented these rating agencies have proven to fail time and time again so then under that logic if the u.s. credit rating was downgraded without that result out there any measures any lasting hurt average. yes going to your question really don't want you don't want average people to be hurt. well you will let me clarify let me let me make it perfectly clear it is far as my opinion goes suffering is coming we can do if we raise the debt limit we might kick the can down the road we might continue to paper over this fictitious fantasy recovery this wall street recovery that could happen for another
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six months a year two years three years maybe even but in reality at some point we've got to pay the piper and i think the average americans at least the ones that i thought we were on main street they understand it took times are coming and we were ok with that maybe we have been living as a nation beyond our means maybe we shouldn't be consuming twenty five percent of the world's energy and maybe we do have to experience austerity and in fact i think a lot of people are willing to take that is long as we're not sitting there watching these corporations just rake in massive profits have to pay shoulder none of the burden and are able to actually influence with their you know with their financing of washington d.c. influence legislation that make sure they never touch when it comes to shouldering the burden of this must have austerity as part of the graph founder of gladly news dot com now all bad economic news cast doubt on economic recovery bad news gathering casts doubt on the mainstream media rupert murdoch's news abroad newspaper hacking scandal has taken over both american and british headlines
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because the type of thing happen in the u.s. if you think not you might be living under a rock the f.b.i. is on to it investigating murdoch's news corps about possibly hacking into the phones of victims of the nine eleven attacks and just in less than ten he was reportedly murdoch a right hand man after fifty years he's leaving the company and reports are saying it's because of this hacking scandal so even without any of that on my colleague anastasio turk in a new york found plenty of evidence that those scandal u.k. tactics are already here in iraq. sex drugs cheating and lies phony political scandal flashing dirty laundry racy made up celebrity gossip and crime stories almost beyond human imagination. all this is served on a platter and sold for a couple of quarters by tabloids headless man in topless bar or soccer. moms in the
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freezer. like i thought it they were a journalist michael was one of millions falling for the bait of catchy headlines even though he knows the business inside out in america we don't break the law per se but they do a sleazy tactics i mean they will slams a story they probably make up sources i mean when you read them a source of anonymous source said well who is it many times they can just make up the quote themselves joe smith queen said blah blah blah a lot of times they feel they're just inventing these quotes to back up the thesis of the story fascination with scandal is almost religiously observed in the u.s. and great britain we are both countries and both media environments and gossip sells and there's a tremendous interest in celebrity both countries are of was after rupert murdoch's news of the world newspaper phone hacking shocker broke in london empire stretches
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far and wide across the u.s. as well let's not forget he owns the new york post the wall street journal and the daily protest outside murdoch's big apple i pad protesters demanded an investigation into this publication that we know murdoch does in england because he was caught and we want congress to investigate what he was doing here in the united states we don't know if newspapers or other people in this country yet but i see no reason to put it past them so how far from potential public embarrassment do american newspapers stand the ones that are owned by rupert murdoch without question the new york post. is one of the most hideous you see for. tools of criminals. when it comes to getting scandal sold in the u.s. counting on the reader short attention span is a common publishing trick jennifer aniston and brad pitt have gotten together about forty times so far this year and i haven't seen them photographed together since two thousand and six they're able to keep selling and repackaging the same story
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and it isn't even a story no publication would have made it to paying for. information but that's also often a technicality what a lot of mainstream news publications can get away with doing is even though they want explicitly give someone money in exchange for an interview someone might set up a terrible organization and then the news will happen to donate twenty thousand dollars to that charitable organization the culture of some fictional ism in the press is putting the future of journalism on the line the anglo-american style is trashy it's ribald there's just sort of this cone is very american you know we're a juvenile society where young society i don't really know what the roots excuses i mean they've been around a long time but. we blame it on them because we're their children while some will always remain fascinated by tabloids as right continue to sell others have reached a breaking point i don't have that great of a sense of what happens in britain but i know it's pretty bad here and there are a lot of people who are really upset about the culture news in america and just how
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little information seems to get out in between all the gossip the press has to be vigilant and in the united states the press has fallen asleep and you know r.t. new york. now all of this centers around the empire of one man rupert murdoch considered by some on the protests just listen we. can truly the media because. i couldn't agree more and what do you agree or disagree now here to talk about where this control is going and where media is going is jeff cohen his journalism professor at ithaca college thanks so much for being with us so first i'm just i want to know is rupert murdoch in your eyes the most powerful man in the us media i'd say he's the most powerful individual man or woman in the u.s. media yes and it is news corp the most powerful media company in the u.s.
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. maybe maybe god there are many colors there are like a handful of power companies time warner is ok. ok. the sumner redstone. used their. got a lot of big media conglomerates uses their conglomerates for their political and of it watchable and murder ok well let's see ok that was murdoch is the most powerful man in media according to you and news corps is one of the most powerful media corporations in the u.s. what does it say about the state of mainstream media that the most powerful man in charge of one of the most powerful corporations is falling apart and you a case for this hacking scandal in being investigated in the u.s. for it's an ethical or possible illegal tactics what does this say about the direction that media has been going i think or with murdoch.
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u.s. culture is a retail. there's no doubt about it you know we have the jerry springer and we have cops which by the way is murder we had a current affair for years that was murdoch you know you have the national enquirer which is a huge circulation all those supermarket tabloids so we've always had a tabloid culture what i think more about has done in the u.s. if he's accomplished what he's already accomplished and in england which is the the meshing of tabloid culture with political news. you know i can think of one of the most powerful newspaper and you'll probably is murdoch's son it's the biggest newspaper it's two million twenty million three million circulation when you compare got gridded search british population so the u.s. it's the equivalent of having a newspaper in this country that's fifteen million people so that you know the goes
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to order dashon one for political news but one decides who to vote for president for the national enquirer in our country right but in england they do and not for publication that you can get your political news and your presidential your prime minister endorsement from murdoch's son which is a great hour for boys and news publications that's the difference so how long until we see that cons here as the only way to make money in news is because if and most powerful news organization is making money that's way i would suggest that's where you make money there's no doubt that with the new york post which murdoch owns which is one of the more powerful butts in new york city there has been that marriage of tabloid culture and news and right wing ideology pops news channel the same thing you know fox news channel in one breath they talk about what decent americans and patriots should do and then they're the first to quit after make it.
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you're all right so nobody got kids wrong with this merger right wing ideology and tabloid culture to the us to fox news and the new york post and that has been well as other publications and outlets in this country as well so then how long until we see more of these tactics that are at best ask to call out worst illegal mark pervasively used to get the stories that people want to see and that makes money for newspapers or t.v. stations i would say that depends on how murdoch emerges from this scandal if murdoch and news corp are seriously weakened by this scandal then that would be a good thing or quality journalism in the us if murdoch is able to get through this in a few months then that's not good for quality journalism remember we have something
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that doesn't which is a code of ethics that the society of professional journalists have put forward their. own culture tends to be not news. in england as merge the two and that's the big difference that arco news media have a little more have shown so much more ethics then murdoch has shown certainly in england ok let me ask you this because i have to ask this if news corps is one of the most powerful companies murdoch one of the most powerful men and fox news is there for a very powerful news network any united states and it is right leaning and it is critical of the obama administration in many cases where there be a vested interest by the current administration to take you down. the administration. had its head screwed on it would have to do with fox news and right wing media. as an outgrowth of the
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republican party in a much different way than it had so then i think that's why one could argue that if there is politics over at the justice department and the f.b.i. it's in their interests. politics is politics it's influencing the f.b.i. to really find something here so innocent until proven guilty we don't just real quickly yes or no do you think that has anything to do with this f.b.i. investigation of news corp i don't think it does at this point because remember congressman peter king a republican from new york has been the one pushing for this he was the loudest so i mean time will tell i'm best to david here to see if they're doing what they were doing in england it's completely correct for the f.b.i. to do it politics play a role down the way we don't know we will see what have you on to talk about how israel isn't professor jeff cohen thanks for going on and on american and u.k. tabloids are struggling news corus traveling we are proud to announce our sister
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channel r.t. spanish was recognized this week with the omni intermediate award for best commercial writing here is a snippet of the problem of that one that word. a little please this is a. little secret with. when t.v. could be suspect the t.v. news for english speaking audience the video says love the news at first sight is promoting the channel's introduction into hotels around the world including right here in the u.s. an artsy spanish just a little background the station it launched in december of two thousand and nine and it was also nominated for best channel launch for the broadcast digital boards in two thousand and ten and on that second you know that's going to do it for now for more of the stories we covered that are to you doug.


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