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tv   [untitled]    July 16, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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more than a decade of growth businesses like badasses have been hit hard was the center shopping street in athens is still bustling the problems with the economy means that many businesses here in greece has simply gone and joining the euro in many european prices but for many of the members with we could kind of nice it didn't mean european wages with one botched after another year of skeptics who wanted danger from the start they have become the unlikely heroes of this tale just who the hell do you think you people are you are very very dangerous people indeed your obsession with creating this euro state means that you're happy to destroy democracy you appear to be happy for millions and millions of people to be unemployed and to be poor untold millions must suffer so that your euro dream could continue if you rob people of their identity if you rob them of their democracy but they are left with is nationalism and violence countries are now waking up to the
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reality of the nightmare their chaps and. the euro is a political prison for for countries such as greece and spain and they need to be liberated from that prison recreate their own currencies have devaluation make their exports cheaper make it easier for tourists to visit their countries and they'll get back on their feet greece ireland portugal italy spain it dominates continue to topple for the year and it seems there will be no happily ever after south. happens. while fears of a looming default are forcing you governments to cut spending a british union leader says people refuse to suffer for something they're not responsible for later marks or walk and tells us how he thinks governments will be made to listen once hundreds of thousands strike back. the idea is to build pressure so the government realize that working people the length and breadth of
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the u.k. are not just going to let them get away with what they're doing and we believe that pressure ultimately comes forced them to change direction the point is to change their mind and saying you won't negotiate just when they're having a chat with a few people in a room is one thing saying you want to go see you when there could be millions of people taking strike action is entirely another we actually believe that the six million trade unionists plus the thousands and thousands or hundreds of thousands of pensioners and students all becoming a joint campaign is going to be politically very powerful. and you can watch of the full interview with a british trade union leader mark so what kind about twenty minutes time right here . as the eurozone debt crisis shock waves spread ratings agencies have put the us in the firing line is well america is on the verge of reaching its fourteen point three trillion dollar debt ceiling which means obama and his
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republican opponents need to strike a switch to deal before the government runs out of cash in theory at any rate but a common economics professor rodriguez tremblay believes that the debt limit will once again go up as it always has done in american history. the united states is not in the same position as and they are a country this is a country karen says you know as internationally and therefore they can afford to print more dollars than the euro can. parents like but that debt level is very high they raise the debt ceiling each year they will be raised because the president obama has a tradition of caving in to the demands of the republicans he did that he did it twice before so the republicans. expecting that he will do the same it will take the fall a few days or a few hours before the deadline of august second that could be
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a similar situation as that happened in one thousand nine hundred four when the representative going which closed the government for a few a few days or if you are in the nearly two weeks this held very much to president clinton at that time to be re-elected in one thousand nine hundred six that's what president obama is hoping now that the republicans will be so extremist than they in two thousand and twelve next year he may be re-elected. and later on in the program the formula for success. what's the secret to success in making india one of the world's top ten economies find out a little later in the program. and another story of success this time a russian orphan who's become a golfer prodigy after being adopted by american parents but his biggest challenge is not in the world of sport but in finding the family he left behind.
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rupert murdoch has apologized for the news of the world phone hacking scandal with full page ads in seven british national newspapers the media mogul is that now working with a team of top p.r. experts before a grilling from british m.p.'s on tuesday amid public outrage over illegal accessing of the mobiles of murder in terrorism victims and dead soldiers families the crisis has already forced him to shut the one hundred sixty eight year old newspaper scuttled his bid for b. sky b. and claimed two of his top executives journalists were tons he says however some are set to benefit from the meltdown at murdoch's media empire. the political class is here finally feel free to up for the first time in decades and decades so i do think appeasing murdoch will particularly work everyone is watching for tuesday's committee where rupert murdoch and his son james will appear so it'll be interesting to see that but i think we should remember that the prime minister here
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and we would probably know today because it's saturday said the truth is we've all been in this together the press politicians and leaders of all parties and yes that includes me very sorry indictment for democracy in this country and coming through the house i suppose one could say that it was multinationals who are using murdoch in a way so they're lobbying rupert murdoch gets the big companies big multinationals and so forth that seem to get things done by there are helping m.p.'s behind me perhaps not as bad as in washington but i do think it's the end of outside influences outside on democratic forces as regards influences on the parliamentarians behind me it is interesting that he owned these newspapers and they always say rupert murdoch loves newspapers he basically had newspapers so that he could manipulate monopoly concerns over his broadcast interests which actually did make money unlike the newspapers newspapers are just a tool as a war he has lots of enemies out there he probably a lot of ammunition to go back at them though thanks to all the muckraking
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journalists who spent their time. looking at sex scandals really he does have lots of friends one should add but it looks as some m.p.'s have it believable that he has the right to own any form of media in this country we're about to talk about the united states because that's where it gets really interesting the democratic party in congress is a full on party doesn't really have anything any hope left now that president obama has destroyed his reputation warmongering and and his sort of reaganites economic policies as he deals with the deficit so democrats have nothing much to do but they all hate one particular. cable channel four news and i'm hearing that if if the nine eleven victims have been hacked by subsidiaries of news corps then fox news is finished it took it took the most curious cases of hacking rather than any kind of regulator ie
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a body to be able to get murdoch to finally. finally overthrow him as it were is an amazing story we'll be. looking for the hollywood blockbusters as we've just heard scandal in britain is now starting to spill over to the u.s. where even bigger trouble could lie ahead for murdoch with reports that phones of victims of the nine eleven terrorist attacks were hacked charges that could also result in the u.s. over bribing of british police by staff corruption abroad is illegal for american based companies but as honest as the attraction to reports the tabloids keep flying off the shelves sex drugs cheating and lies phony political scandal flashing dirty laundry. and crime stories almost beyond human imagination. all this is served on a platter and sold for a couple of quarters by tabloids headless man in topless bar or something to kids
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moms in the freezer. like i bought it veteran journalist michael musto is one of millions falling for the bait of catchy headlines even though he knows the business inside out in america we don't break the law per se but they do have sleazy tactics i mean they will slam to story they probably make up sources i mean when you read them a source. of the source said well who is it many times they can just make up the quote themselves joe smith from queen said blah blah blah a lot of times i feel they're just inventing these quotes to back up the thesis of the story fascination with scandal is almost religiously observed in the u.s. and great britain we are both countries in both media environments where gossip sells and there's a tremendous interest in celebrity both countries are a buzz after rupert murdoch's news of the world newspaper phone hacking shocker broke in london his empire stretches far and wide across the u.s.
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as well let's not forget he owns the new york post the wall street journal and the daily at a protest outside rupert murdoch's big apple pad protesters demanded an investigation into his publications at home we know what murdoch does in england because he was caught and we want congress to investigate what he's doing here in the united states we don't know if newspapers are backing other people in this country yet but i see no reason to put it past them so how far from potential public embarrassment do american newspapers stand by the ones that are owned by rupert murdoch without question the new york post. is one of the most hideous deceitful. tools of the criminals that there could be when it comes to getting scandal sold in the u.s. counting on the readers short attention span is a common publishing trick jennifer aniston and brad pitt have gotten together about forty two times so far this year and i haven't seen in part a graph together since two thousand and six they're able to keep selling and repackaging the same story that isn't even
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a story no publication would admit to paying for and for me. but that's also often a technicality what a lot of mainstream news publications can get away with doing is even though they won't explicitly give someone money in exchange for an interview someone might set up a terrible organization and then the news will happen to donate twenty thousand dollars to that terrible organization the culture of sensationalism in the press is putting the future of journalism on the line the anglo-american style is it's trashy it's ribald and there's just sort of this snickering tone that is very american and you know we're a juvenile society where young society i don't really know what the brits excuses i mean they've been around a long time but hey we blame it on them because we're their children while some will always remain fascinated by tabloids as rags continue to sell others have reached a breaking point i don't have that great of a sense of what happens in britain but i know it's pretty bad here and there are a lot of people who are really upset about the culture news in america and just
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a little information so you get out in between all the gossip the press has to be vigilant and in the united states the press has fallen asleep and r.t. new york as reading a newspaper gossip columns has become a daily habit for millions. of people in new york if the phone hacking scandal surrounding murdoch's media will make them change. how has tabloid journalism become so influential and so popular in today's world this week let's talk about that i mean people like to read about other people's business. you know. newspapers have to try to compete with the internet. with up to date you know. dirt i think it's absolute trash there's no space in this world for it at all i hope they'll go in there but they're
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not going under they're increasing in power i don't believe that this is going to be the biggest takedown ever rupert murdoch is going down i think it's more a pop culture based audience and so the journalists kind of cater to that and in turn it's kind of fun for them to be secret detectives but isn't it terrible i mean it might be fun but it's still criminal acts it's horrible i hate journalists you know whatever that whatever it takes to get the story and her whoever they want you know and do you ever do you have that attitude at your job no not at all so what makes journalists special and they're not special they're the opposite of special they have no scruples we have of them are true and that's because. people. you know they like to end where you they like. to in the money but that's not what journalism supposed to pay and what's true but never believe the media is. it just
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going to keep getting worse probably do you think journalism like that is bound to spread around the world and become as rampant as it is in britain i do unfortunately and it really isn't journalism i mean there is no logical reason a huge gaar reach the bottom line is that if the rampant popularity of tabloid journalism in the u.k. is any indication the rest of the world should be. cared for their own general to get a lot. of. workers are to use a special crane boat lifting equipment to raise the cruise ship from the bottom of the volga river after it sunk on sunday one hundred fourteen people twenty eight of them children the search operation for fifteen missing people who are soon to dead continues. reports from the site the two enormous cranes behind me have begun the process of lowering two cables which will then be threaded underneath the ship and
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used to right it is currently leading on its left side divers will then be able to go under to check for any of the remaining fifteen bodies that are yet to be found the shores are also being searched for any of those bodies and they'd also be able to search for the potential damage caused to the bulgarian to sink they will eventually find that damage as the ship is ready to be raised and they'll have to seal the hole to let all the water in and any other holes and then all the water inside the bulgarian will be able to be pumped out making it's light enough to be raised the divers though i've got a difficult task ahead of them with me is. he's from the emergencies ministry under a could you just tell us a bit about the conditions that the divers are working in. divers are currently working on the riverbank it but it's really difficult because of crew visibility basically you can't see anything even if it's right in front of you
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that's why the divers are preparing to lift the ship up there barely able to see what they're doing obviously this operation now everyone is waiting especially the relatives on the banks will be desperate for news of what has happened to their loved ones and increasingly investigators want to know what caused this ship to sink and sink so fast causing so much tragedy. now let's turn to some other international news in brief for covering for you today. syrian opposition members have been holding meetings in damascus and istanbul to discuss ways of ousting president assad this comes after a massive nationwide protests that rocked the country on friday leaving at least of thirty two people dead hundreds of thousands of anti-government demonstrators poured on the streets of the capital and other cities before facing a crackdown by security forces the government has launched a national dialogue but protesters are demanding president assad steps down.
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venezuelan leader hugo chavez has transferred part of his presidential power to the vice president and minister for finance as he travels to cuba for a new round of cancer treatment he's been given unanimous approval from the national assembly for the trip even from the opposition as a battle with cancer has raised doubts over his fitness to lead the country but he insists he still plans to run for reelection next year. despite warnings from china u.s. president barack obama has held a private meeting with the exiled tibetan spiritual leader the dalai lama the chinese government earlier called on the united states to cancel the talks saying it would damage relations between the countries the leaders were expected to discuss the dalai lama's hopes for tibet to be semi autonomous china has accused him of pushing for full tibetan independence. india has recently become one of the top ten largest economies of the world a key driving force is the willingness of indians to work for long hours for low
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pay doing their western counterparts reports. it's a busy city with busy people india is a rising economic locomotive still what's the driving force behind it success it could very well be that people like. both are co-directors of a small one import company called divine and is indians have developed a strong liking for french and spanish mintages young men are working overtime to fill their glasses you have to be very flexible with your working hours. in today's world to go to globalization and because of our you know you are interacting with so many people from abroad especially america or europe so. we can't be fixed by means where we can say we're only going to work from nine to five but people in britain for example can and do say that stephan spent two years working as a business consultant in the u.k. and he says brits watch that clock closely in britain people leave
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a five o'clock and they won't stay later because i've got a train to catch you know for many years in britain and here there is that some people don't work in britain people don't work weekends it's changing a little bit now particularly in periods of economic recession. but generally it's a monday to friday as recently as just two years ago india had a six day long week the government has put in strict regulations regarding labor hours but that doesn't stop people from spending more time in the office than needed. the most significant difference between the kind of work culture in india and in britain is the pressure of people around to work above and beyond contracted hours. everyone will do this irrespective of really if there's work to be done if there is a small enterprise to run then all state regulations go out of the window if
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sacrifices equal success then you have to make them i'm working twenty four seventh's. working at another level off. that it is an office working because they all have been processed but being organized so as far. as money. but what may seem a fine example of did occasion may actually be. in the office environment i think people are expected to do the job of two or three people. even though the contract adele's might say one thing which isn't always such a good thing because if you work such long hours it's going to affect your performance while europe and the u.s. spend their money on fighting wars and their time on trying to figure out a way to get out of economic slump india is busy getting things done the indian way or garnishes probably the most popular god in the entire hindu pantheon in india he is supposed to bring prosperity and success to those who worship him but the success of indian businessmen should not be
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a trip to the divine help alone ninety five working hours just don't cut it here in the. hours of hard labor but at the end all of that hard work pays off in. new delhi. and for more exciting stories and videos check out our team dot com here's some of what you'll find on our website. a ukrainian man goes wild the planning to spend over a month or living with a family while blogging about his experience. more than a ton of radioactive blueberries have been found in moscow stores to find out more on the story and similar cases. you can also check out all the best videos on our you tube channel. is.
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the official. video. feed. of your. russian boy has become a goal for prodigy after being adopted by american parents but the biggest challenge. lies not in the world of sports but in the quest to find his birth family. as the story. he might have
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a smoother swing but from the outside nicholai looks no different to the pampered junior players in this hyper exclusive moscow golf club but this couldn't be further from the truth nikolai come alecky was an eleven year old all for when he was adopted by an american family you can never say that or think his life is easy you know and basically they're the they make you feel like it's nothing you're nothing to me when i came to united states i had a lot of problems emotionally he's an incredible young man he is someone who has taken on many challenges in his life and he's always overcome then came the golf one day i just saw my desk going in a golf club in the backyard and. i don't remember exactly but i had no idea what it was i just was a piece of metal and i asked him what it was and he told me it was golf and then he asked me to he said you want to do want to try and i tried it and i headed straight
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for my first ball and he said you're playing. despite making headway in sport because one thing nicholai could not get over when he moved to the united states nikolai was separated from his younger sister and brother and lost track of them he rejected several sports scholarship offers at top years colleges to play for the russian national golf team so he could search for his siblings then this year during a top junior tournament heard news about his sister my whole life. my dad and we have paid a lot of money to different companies to try to find her and then i met family out of nowhere and they found there in less than two weeks so to me i never thought that i was ever going to see her again reunited at last nicholai sister and the seer was never adopted she's about to graduate from a school in southern russia. when i heard about my brother and i thought it was
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a prank my friend played on me i don't remember much of him but when. going to become close again she just listening i'm going to buy her computer so that we can talk to each other all the time so that we never lose touch again but when you put it earlier back in moscow nikolai has won the prestigious faldo series tournament and will compete against europe stop young players later this year but he says now his priority is finding his brother were can only wish nicholai the best dream to become a professional golfer but what he's had to overcome whatever happens next he is already a winner in either of our ordinary absi in moscow. right there a recap of our top stories coming your way in just a few minutes stay with us.
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in india all g.'s available in the movie the joint the hotels the home of the gateway hotel the grand imperial truly the top western coast coromandel. the
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closeness giotto sea don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was hotel as a retreat. and broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow where it is two thirty in the morning this is our team is really glad to have you with you taking you through the top headlines from finance to the scandals seen in the media for its cover up look at those headlines right now. eight out of ninety european banks have failed stress tests based on a worst case economic scenario the mage. already of them were in spain meanwhile italy has approved a tough austerity budget aimed at verging on a full scale financial crisis. rupert murdoch has made a public apology for phone hacking by the news of the world he's a rapidly losing allies on both sides of the atlantic with his
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a media empire trying to stop itself from self destructing the iron grip of his newspapers once held on british politicians has crumbled as they turned on him in seeking a new press regulation with public outrage now their most powerful weapon in taming the tabloids. and preparation work is underway to lift a russian cruiser from the bottom of the volga river the operation is aimed at shedding more light on why the vessel sank with the loss of around one hundred thirty lives. while governments cut back spending to tackle debts that refused to budge europeans that them selves are less convinced that they should pay for the mistakes of the banks and politicians next we hear from a u.k. trade union leader who says that the public won't take this without a fight. today
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i'm talking to mark hughes one of the brains behind the. nationwide strike in the u.k. he's head of the public and commercial services union thanks for talking to you today know this is possible to cut public spending in this country just how drastic are these cuts going to be give us an impression of what they might mean for the. projected to mean half a million jobs lost in the public sector six hundred thousand jobs in the private sector as a direct result. in the delivery of wealth. for young people. in addition to many of the communities up and down the country. everything that people have taken for granted as. you seem to see these cuts in terms of rights and a moral position but isn't there.


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