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at our house but in other words we run away we ski because we're scared of radiation but there is no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are still ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here. organic farm us committed suicide because you know the. soil is everything they have good soil for after many. just contaminated one night to go so. far so i'm very sad to hear the news and many other also very much depressed
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a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that suicide rates in japan have been found increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous two years but the demographics are not what you might expect. to date increase. note. but if you're areas because some barbers struggling to you costs. they have not had to make suicide this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster plus nuclear disaster many people who lost their jobs or working
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on the show was crushed. so. yeah they have of so many good reasons to commit suicide. causing japan's death toll to keep rising even though the initial disaster subsided months before in japan sean thomas over to. president barack obama has turned to the public for help in pushing through a deal on its debt he wants americans to put pressure on congress to find a compromise and a televised national address he warned that failing to raise the debt ceiling will cause and calculable damage obama blamed republicans in the house of representatives for the lack of a deal to avoid a u.s. national default congress has just a week to raise the fourteen point three trillion dollars debt limit before runs out of money risking a downgrade of its credit that would mean higher interest rates republicans and democrats have been a locked in a dispute over whether spending cuts or tax hikes is the answer to the debt crisis
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matthew senior editor at the capitol research center says the government's needs to raise its borrowing limits to keep investors. obama and the democrats in congress just want to keep on spending. and so they would like to see the debt ceiling raised so that they can continue to give rewards to their supporters among the labor unions of the various political organizations that are sympathetic to the democratic party's cause the u.s. is able to keep raising its debt ceiling because people investors around the world have confidence in the united states they believe that the u.s. government will honor its outstanding obligations and so as long as people have faith in the investors have faith in the u.s. government in its credit worthiness then the u.s. could keep raising its debt ceiling the problem right now is that the debt is so high that that in itself is starting to become
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a negative factor that could lead to a credit rating downgrade of the united states government if china lose. confidence in. america the american government's ability to pay its debts then the u.s. will have nowhere to run to the u.s. with the only the only choice it would have would be to keep printing money to inflate the currency run the printing presses and risk devastating hyperinflation so that's about the only or the u.s. government would have to drastically cut spending and implement pretty severe austerity measures. i was matthew that i'm a senior editor at capital research center from washington d.c. paul we are closely following developments on the american financial scene on our web site to go to our team dot com for the latest updates and the videos. as
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a whole of america counts down days until the fall of wall street high flyers are bracing themselves for a rocky ride. in this life is the job going to it so let's get a sweet release going. while others in the u.s. are choosing to ignore the problem by dressing up as superheroes and a tanning the annual comic-con convention. the latest threat to the middle east peace process is a promise from israel to punish the palestinians have a go i had with plans to declare statehood at the u.n. in september israel says it will scrap the low accords ninety three agreements which is the main road map for resolution to the conflict while we are cross live
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to jerusalem for an israeli perspective on the issue helmer from the country's ministry of foreign affairs joins us live from there is a problem thank you for being here in the program now the old lower courts confiscated sixty percent of palestinian land in the west bank and granted israeli settlers exclusive access what israel is by scrapping this. first of all we're not talking about any punishment or about the retaliatory measure i think this rhetoric crumbs from the commons thing is because that's how they want to depict what we're doing but that's totally not what this is all about what we are examining are the implications of a palestinian unilateral move to the un to get unilateral recognition and that could mean in the effect that cancellation of the all slow agreements now if the palestinians should recur to that's kind of measure they must bear the consequences and now we are examining what this would mean to relations between israel and the
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palestinians of course it serves the palestinians purpose ganda to show this as an israeli punishment or an israeli initiative but then you should have here is the palestinian side they chose to ignore negotiations negotiations altogether and to go straight to the un in breach of existing agreements that will have legal implications and this is what we are examining mr palmer but just let me remind you that the peace talks have been stalled since last of tambour when israel resumes settlement building and what abbas says into pan's declaration is a result of a failure of negotiations so do you accept that. well negotiations are stalled because the palestinians refused to negotiate they have asked for a gesture in the form of a unilateral freeze settlement activity for some time we did that we did that and
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the palace you said it wasn't have to renew negotiations finally when we did renew negotiation they said they wanted more but they couldn't guarantee that even if we prolonged a jester they would continue talking to us in the end they decided to shut negotiations all together to make demands outside the framework of the negotiating structure and to resort to a unilateral motion at the un i think the poncing need to say what they want there will be no agreement if we don't agree on that there will be no peace treaty if we don't talk on it they need to come to all but isn't there resumption of settlement building in a way a provocative move well i could give you a full list of provocative moves by the palestinians and that's precisely because we have our grievances and they have a grievance over many grievances that we need to negotiate how do you expect people or countries or bodies around the world to solve their problems if not by
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negotiation and negotiation is needed because we disagree profoundly on many things that are fundamental for either of us if we don't negotiate we will not solve this the settlement issue can and will be solved but only if addressed in the negotiation and through talking through dialogue through a negotiating process well let's now focus more on abbas as a u.n. bed as one elder palestinian leader continues to gather international support for the u.n. vote despite israeli threats and reportedly over one hundred countries have promised support in september so why would israel do if the vote goes through. there's not much we can do if it goes forward goes through all we can say and that's we are saying now to all our partners in diplomatic contacts that this will have dismal implications to the peace process because if the if the vote goes through and about the scenes get what they want at the u.n.
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general assembly then they will never never be tempted to return to negotiations this is what we hear now from palestinian rhetoric from pal seem officials if they can get you know some sort of symbolic satisfaction that the u.s. nothing will change on the ground and everybody knows that even palestinian leaders have said as much but the satisfaction to score some p.r. points will be so big that public opinion will not allow its leaders to go back to negotiations and negotiation means concessions if you go to the u.n. you know you don't need to concede anything so there will persist in shunning the negotiations in getting some quickly getting but quickly evaporating p.r. points at the u.n. or other multilateral for and things will not move forward right here on the ground where they need to make for a while now mr powell let's take a look at the nine hundred eighty eight palestinian declaration of independence
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that was approved by the united nations so in that sense palestinians have every right to claim independence don't they. that's not a problem we don't deny that when have we denied that we have said that the palestinian state living side by side in peace and cooperation with israel is definitely considered by us as an interest of israel itself and we don't deny that we have heard israeli prime minister state and declared that in public from paris to edward but right from that and you know to ariel sharon the all say that so that's not even the issue the issue is will this palestinian state come out of an agreement because if there is no agreement there will be no recognition and no state and once it's established can we have the guarantees that this will be real peace or will this be only a phase in the palestinians plan to continue to combat and battle israel but under
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improved conditions from their point of view these are the guarantees that we need but we agreed to negotiate on this stems from the palestinian state and in the pen it's not something that frightens us on the contrary if it's within the framework of an internationally supported peace treaty with clear security guarantees that's not a problem while mr palmer actually well they say actions speak louder than the words let's take a look at what's happening in the actions that israel is taking israel calls the nine hundred sixty seven borders and a fanciful and wants to scrap the oslo accords and continues building settlements you have benjamin netanyahu has been all still claims everything is on the table quote unquote to go back to peace talks so how can we believe a word he says. what's the problem did anyone put him did anyone try to negotiate with him and then come up with with a conclusion that it's impossible israel has already put on the table
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a comprehensive peace plan and on two occasions once prime minister barak had put a comprehensive peace proposal to chairman arafat chairman arafat rejected it the second time mr olmert has suggested the comprehensive peace plan to president a bus this was rejected there was no counter offer so you're asking me how anyone can trust netanyahu i'm asking how anyone can trust the pouncing leadership that has rejected time and again comprehensive peace plan supported by the international community yet we have we are completely could not isn't on the fact that we need to reach a peace treaty in spite of palestinian rejection in spite of continued palestinian terrorism from gaza by hamas islamic jihad and other fundamentalist and terrorist groups in spite of all that we want to negotiate a peace treaty that will give security to both sides so saying that we cannot be
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trusted because the palestinians are rejecting time and again every reasonable offer i think that's taking it a bit too far for anyone for any observers for any observant standards well during this century mr palmer you mentioned several times that israel is happy about palestine's in japan and you're not against it but then why are you continuing israel in fact continuing to threaten them. we're not threatening anyone i mean you've taken a headline in the israeli newspaper that simply reveals that we're examining the consequences of the palestinian policy and you're calling it a threat when i say you i don't mean you personally obviously i mean the palestinians are doing that and then this is being repeated but we're not threatening anyone on the contrary we're under threat because you're speaking about actions let's think about actions israel has evacuated the gaza strip completely in
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two thousand and five handed it over to the palace in the flirty and hope that this would dynamos the peace process with dismantle settlements and military camps and we were helping the palace in the for it seemed to work together for the prosperity of gaza and yet gaza is now a platform for terror attacks against israel gaza is ruled by a terror organization hamas that does not even recognize the palace in the forest see it doesn't recognize israel it is dedicated to war against israel now we have the big grievance here we have something to fear we are under threat israel is hundreds of thousands of israelis living in the south and part of the country are under threats by rockets and mortar shells every time hamas or other groups in gaza feel like firing on israeli territory we are under threat here and this is the threat we want to remove among other things by signing a peace treaty that can stand that can provide security guarantees were not
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frightening anyone we're extending our hand in peace and our actions over the years not just pulling out from palestinian territory not just dismantling settlements and military cons but also working to empower palestinian civil society and training palestinian doctors and experts in agriculture and irrigation training palestinian professionals fostering a youth camp fostering people meeting and knowing each other all. speak for themselves is one species is road works for peace and our homes is extended it should be taken at face value and you will see what we can achieve once there is good faith from the other side well as you just heard mr palmer working together is key to solving the issues and as we can see there are a lot of issues to be r. and r. there thanks very much for your views from the country his ministry of foreign
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affairs. a senior north korean diplomat has been invited to new york in an attempt to revive the long stalled talks over his country's controversial nuclear program the moves come just days after the top and boy from the north and south korea set together for the first time in over two years on the sidelines of a security summit in indonesia there they agreed to renew six party talks over pyongyang's atomic ambitions were halted after north korea shelled young island killing four people saying it was responding to a provocative military drills however the u.s. secretary of state says before any deal is discussed north korea must first the smale its nuclear facilities to discuss the issue let's cross live now to pepe escobar asia times correspondent august from bangkok heavy thank you for being here with us now why don't you have the u.s. invited the north korean envoy now what do you read into the timing how significant
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is it. well i macs a little bit of desperation specially because when you look at the inbuilt clause which is you will dismantle it you'll nuclear program first and then we decided to talk to you that's an absolute no no i was in our studio last year and i confirmed from north korean officials directly that. the state awfully is the same state of glee as it was fifty eight years ago to morrow to morrow as the fifty ace and in verse three of the armistice that did not end the north korean war for that matter north korea south korea are still at war with each other doesn't armistice and the north koreans are saying we have to sit down the same table with the americans and then we going to formally and the war and then we're going to discuss everything including the nuclear program so this state department now is trying to joke they've got us in tokyo first you get rid of their nuclear weapons you know at that
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point no missiles and then we thought so all those are not good he has are going to watch them this special envoy is going to watch he's going to say look our position has been assume for the best fifty eight years stake it or leave it. will. you know everyone's been talking about when will the two koreas sit down face to face and talk and resolve their issues but do you see this likely is this likely to happen no no no it's not that when it's fascinating when you visit south korea and then you visit north korea and you compare the ideal logical divide and the wall of mistrust between two sides it's almost humanly impossible to find a middle ground they would have to sit down which of course the u.s. on the side of the south koreans and china more or less the friend in a north korean position. even if it's
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a six party talks like you know they call abscessed least. three times before and there's nothing to prevent them from collapsing all over again the saying is first you have to end the war it's true and the war from the north korean point of view is a war against america is not south korea they view it as a puppet government of the americas and asia that south korea in the minds of course is still all killed by by american troops there are thirty six to thirty eight thousand us troops but the north korea says it has a western occupation of south korea so yes you start to i really doubt this basic difference is important it's absolutely impossible to even start talking trying to point to the chinese gets even more complicated because china wants the status quo to go on and i would say for ever they don't want korean reunification they see that that korea would be in the stream lead later if it soonish find the
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north east asia they prefer sayings as they stand at the moment as long as u.s. doesn't have full spectrum dominance ideas of trying to control the yellow sea so you know what you can see that you know there's problems going like that below missiles. are let's not talk more a little more about the u.s. and south korean cooperation which dimensional area and as we know they hold joint military menorahs quite off on a regular basis so in your opinion why do they do. more harm or get. more harm when there's going to be a huge military exercise next months in fact made august involving dance of thousands of south korean troops and computer games and ultra high tech u.s. military technology so watered in north koreans doing. to preempt what is going to
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happen in august day are holding their own military exercises this week in fact and yesterday by the way there was a very significant by came joel and his son and probably a fair. he's the youngest son they went to the marine commanding pyongyang yesterday this is something very unusual and we'll be following this through the. news agency and they said they have made it a law that this is the first time that happened since two thousand and two for nine years this visit never happened so this means it's very important that the current leader and them actually there are going to visit their key military which is do which is the marine force of north korea to prepare for this preemptive exercises. you know like three weeks before this south korean american was so it's like
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a thing it's like a kabuki theater and that that's a korea you know this happens all the time so we do an exercise we respond with threats from the other side we respond from our side and this could go on forever all right pepe escobar from asia times thanks very much indeed for sharing your eggs with us here on our team. that brings us up to date we now turn to the world of business was meeting. thanks marina hello and welcome to business r.t. despite a plea to pause expansion russia's bt bank is weighing up a new purchase in the express credit markets the country's second largest lender is considering buying a ten percent stake in the home credit b.v. by the autumn b.c.b. wants to buy a stake in the bag ahead of home credits b. visa listing the i.p.o. over twenty five percent stake is expected to raise around one billion dollars the
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company's key asset is home credit and finance bank in russia this bank holds a quarter of the instant credit markets. which are on the markets oil is trading marginally up this is by u.s. president warning the country's debt deadlock threatens to damage the u.s. economy the world's largest group consumer. e.u. markets opened on a moderately positive note with the other point two percent the dax point to b.p. is up on news that it's a boost to profits more expected to move to the russian markets and here the r.t.s. is up point six percent of my sex up by just a notch this is on the back of recovering world prices let's take a look at some of the main movers and the cautious trade there with energy shares moving slowly higher. however it is up one point two percent after its daughter company has a gold purchased eighty nine percent of the company for
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a reverse takeover. russian equities have been heavily influenced by events in the u.s. and in europe but you've got to get your mother for the alpha capital says stocks that are less affected. i would like to single out problems burbank which i believe is not so much exposed new the true your appear not to be you as dept problems looks like that in the financial sector of the stock show all performance also like some resource stories like novacek and roll collar which have shown a nice performance during the last couple of months so i do believe this stock's got a good bet about the market in the. nearest time gazprom still looks cheap but while it's there it's a hard stalking a hot story for investors. but best it looks quite cheap in comparison to international oil and gas majors the headlines are next with marina.
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twenty years ago the largest country in the suitcases of them. was hugging. each began a journey. where did it take to. welcome
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back you're watching our tv's are the top stories the international atomic agency chief makes his first visit to japan's crippled fukushima plant and the consequences of the nuclear nightmare have seen a rise in the suicide rate in the four months since a devastating earthquake and tsunami. president obama appealed to the public to pressure congress into a compromise over its debt ceiling just a week a slap before. the u.s. could potentially default for the first time in its history. at
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a top north korean diplomats heading to the u.s. for talks on resuming stalled nuclear disarmament negotiations comes days after envoys from the north and south mad for the first time in two years and agreed to renew the six party talks. up next artie's so we should not be interviews legendary queen guitarist and songwriter brian may she caught up with the who also happens to be an astrophysicist after he suppose i'm astronomers in the canary islands he shares his memories of working with freddie mercury and gives insight into how music stars help life here on earth. it's great to have you with us today sir thank you for being so recently i was
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going through the glass bead game of passing and he writes about music and what he says about music is that except it's art it's also true power over nations and human souls and then many people say that exactly why music is compared to exact sciences like math. so i never really got there because i finished piano conservatory and i always failed my math class now you as a man of music and science can tell me how music is related with science or exact science like math for example it's a hard question. obviously there are all mathematical things in music but ironically i think the most important things in music will be instinctive things so i don't know quite how that works out except maybe gives you a balance but yes i love pure science and i love you or music and they're not the same sure but. certainly throughout history there has been connections and people who were immersed in both.


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