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in india oh she's available in the movie going to join t.v. shows the home of villas the gateway to the grand imperial truly it's all western. new china what's little socialism which i see don't need to go. wrong this is the kernel was her job as a retreat. i submit your default crisis hurtles towards america lawmakers have less than forty eight hours to ponder solutions for the impact is felt meanwhile washington's biggest lender china criticizes the rest of jeopardizing the world economy. the polish probe reluctantly acknowledges pilot error caused last year's presidential plane crash in western russia play concerns politics played a pivotal role in a also based investigation. and or of spring turns into israeli summer tens of thousands flood streets and squares and agents raided cities and i
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think prime minister netanyahu undertakes economic reforms. on air and online you're watching r t v welcome to the program there's still no consent between us lawmakers on tackling the country's debt crisis as a senate trails to agreement deal proposed by the democrats on friday a proposal to raise the debt ceiling was passed in the house of representatives we saw that killed it and was later the u.s. capitol remains in deadlock as they try to avoid default ahead of tuesday's deadline restrengthen for jim rogers says political gains are driving the country into a deeper recession. they're not going to do anything serious they've got to go now at something you know the
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day before the day off but the day after and they're going to say everything is ok but in six months from now a year from now america is going to be in worse shape than it is now they're going to continue to spend and drive us all deeper into debt we've been doing this for forty years this is not going to go anywhere it's not can change the dow jones industrial average is near its all time i kind of prize this is that when the financial markets are all fat and happy and most people are well i mean yes there are people that are better despondent and suffering right now but that's not a crisis america is the largest debtor nation in the history of the world it's just getting worse. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton rushed to be a show asian leaders this week but that's bait we settled on time beijing as america's biggest question to him since his impatience with washington's financial mess. on missed says china can even dump the dollar as its main currency we can't afford bad relations with china see beijing holds the cards you know we're
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dancing to the tune that they play the real problem for china is that there's no way that america can pay back the money to the chinese have already loaned us politically is just not going to happen and especially when interest rates rise i'm surprised it's taken the chinese so long to figure out that they've been throwing a lot of good money after bad i don't think we're going to fall i think we're going to inflate which is just as bad but you know we're going to raise the debt ceiling the problem is the debt ceiling the sooner the chinese stop stop enabling this tony economy that we have the sooner we as americans can begin to repair the damage and what's going to happen is when the dollar collapses americans are going to see a big reduction in our standards of living. later now we take a closer look at other struggling corners that hopes for some evolutions who are bailing out the. financing. lighter news and current ones separatist movements are gaining momentum in belgium
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talking fears of a chain reaction across the whole of europe. also refuses to show the full responsibility for the polish presidential plane crash in western russia saying russian traffic controllers also contributed to the aviation disaster the crash killed the late president lech kaczynski dozens of countries ruling in the spring season next year assessing reports many in poland aren't happy that the national tragedy has become a political weapon. another day another blame game poland's very own probe into last year's presidential plane crash in smolensk all but confirmed the findings of russia's investigation that the crew was almost solely responsible for the tragedy . at this point there is an obstacle a tree that the aircraft collides with a fragment of the left wing is detached the aircraft begins to reach a sion but let me emphasize it's not that the tree was too high the aircraft had
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simply been at a location where it shouldn't have been it seems the very things that got in the way of the plane are now getting in the way of warsaw taking full responsibility and trees are not the only thing rooted in poland failing to see eye to eye with moscow or here's where the approach controller two thousand metres away should have told the crew to stop descending the horizon command should have been issued exactly the same moment he shows that the landing zone controller was performing his duty. on tuesday. such statements come as little surprise to experts with some of them saying acceptance of responsibility would be impossible for the polish society they've been given the truth and the truth is there. they can't take it now i don't think that the polish investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think that they are looking to pin some of the blame on
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somebody else aviation experts echo this opinion calling the swipes against the russian side and substantial some claims concerning the airport all controllers they have nothing to do with the crash i've been a pilot for over thirty years and i know a simple rule if you don't see the runway or it's like of the decision height you have no other choice than to raise the landing gear and go to your reserve airport the initial russian light investigation was greeted by an avalanche of criticism from some movements in poland they expressed doubts about the reliability of the report often based on anti russian sentiment and some experts say it is not pure emotion driving this but well thought tactics. i think we're now witnessing zimm political games to shift the blame from the polish side of i was an expert in this commission and i was surprised to learn that the crew was chosen immediately before the flight such a poor preparation for such a high profile flight publication of this report had been delayed for several
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months and was very much anticipated in poland it was meant to put paid to all speculation regarding the smolensk plane crash but instead it could once again be used as a political tool experts say the timing of the publication is not coincidental this could be exploited also in the political electoral campaign because this should be no longer than two months. until elections this report and all that issue but if you're traveling will be use it or even easier is it in the electoral campaign and the twin brother of the late president kaczynski was quick to prove this suggestion with a sharp round about the report. the prime minister to say has. no courage to take up the responsibility for the plane crash and has shuffled it off under his staff nevertheless he is responsible for all the games he played with the russians he's responsible but the poles were not conducting or even participating in the
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investigation he's responsible for not defending polish interests and at the international forum which will get to the bottom of this case as this is what we owe to those who died while the polish society is still deciding whether to admit the painful responsibility which comes with reports experts are speculating whether this is a fair and objective investigation or an attempt to please all the players in the long lasting blame game. r.t. from warsaw in poland. israel has become the latest middle east country to see nationwide government protests tens of thousands of demonstrators taking to the streets in major cities to say prime minister netanyahu steps down unless he undertakes sweeping economic reforms parties for the developments and some of the biggest rally took place these early advantage in fifty thousand people here with the most popular chanting we demand for social justice
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a whole new way of speakers have been taking to the stage they have been calling on unity and message coming across very strongly is one by one people here can bring change a lot of criticism being leveled at israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu in fact if he time his name is mentioned he is why are you here tonight i'm here because it's just becoming passable to live in this country anymore we work we give and we do we keep on giving and there's no end to this this is the first chance this is the only one has to change just because you don't have any choice so what you say people have been inspired by the demonstrations taking place in their. hearts or what is your sign saying. you guys are leaders on earth. why do you want him to go home. alone because of the police to actually stand in stations green inspired protests we saw taking place in the arab world yes well i think there's a lot of influence of what happened in the to do. and on our syria lebanon and what
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you see in libya also there's a lot of influence of posing that when people understand i do have the power that they can take in our united by danger they don't need any more government to go there what to do they can start telling the government what they want. to do you know they can begin to start deciding for themselves. back to what they said is the spirit of revolution here a number of israeli populous son singers have also been taking to stay. and mike sullivan. translates. your middle east. while still coming out you on the program cross border trouble so protest against nato take near the border crossings across of being one of the big things territorial unrest throughout the week and also. the parents triple disaster to news that claimed the lives months after
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a devastating earthquake and tsunami triggered a for the seemingly disaster of different waves gripping the country on depression and suicide. in europe the number of a struggling economy seems to me creasing spain is suffering recession some employment has been put on review by the credit rating agency moody's says so vulnerable about international jihad but it leads to cuts to avoid becoming the next victim of the debt crisis but i'm f. it says the country's credit rating could be risky for austerity measures taken. biggest boy of greece has received another play from of its main creditors germany's finance minister says write a blank check to buy back greek bonds and better readers of last week's second bailout package the financial journalists here abouts it's the rescue package is simply banks paying money to other banks. we're bailing out the banks and we
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wouldn't be that soft i presume with greece if there wasn't a problem or for the french and the german banks not only of these two companies but of course they are the major players in this if they were in that rollerball greek situation indeed we are throwing money at the banks through greece this package will certainly not help the greek economy the greek economy needs growth and since you're in the midst of a very bad recession you're blige a country to cut spending to increase taxes then throwing some money. is not the solution. well smaller e.u. countries like the republic of slovakia also feel their economy is being crushed under the weight of the currency crisis with bailouts for eurozone member states nations that it's the vacuum in the pinch there's artie's is there a first reports some say the expectations of prosperity of the engineer paid in have disappeared. they say that charity starts at home also
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back here made you want to think poorest countries but with pressure from the e.u. to participate in a second bailout then money could soon be going to greece. i'll tell you what joining the euro zone brought responsibilities but not benefits in fact slovakian pensions are significantly lower than days in greece people here it is hey michel to tell us they barely cover their food costs with the money they receive you have to. deal with homelessness. have to reform our pension system our health care system was never enough money. back in two thousand and nine when slovakia joining the year is a it was such high hopes it was also kind of prestigious or to be the first one among hungary and public polish people for the one from center of europe to be
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you know in israel grab back the year easing it seems isn't all it was cracked up to be as we join your of the on the roads we've been through the bible saying but that's one country. of just this one country in may two thousand there and the rules changed dramatically days left to be very gangly well now be breathing a sigh of relief the pain may bring not only here easing countries have felt the benefits slayback shoppers have been heading to bed check out in a bid to escape a year a week come just across the border from the bank it's the czech republic where these people store out there doing a building business more and more people make the regular journey to do their shopping because the prices here is simply much cheaper with people now shopping outside the country vacuums retail revenues have fallen dramatically and the high prices mean a tourism industry has been hit hard he certainly not the results hopes for. when we first joined up but every club has its leaders and what they say apparently case
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even if they're the ones who got you into trouble in the first place you see created this is the reason that all of the countries in europe on the are. home with your nose there are the greek bonds are as good as german bonds so all these. make it possible for a greek. for so much money so that he may be contributing this time it's left many of days at first so you get to join the year in gang healing they're now simply being pitched around. i think that accurate. norway could have witnessed even more bloodshed last week or this video of a man who admitted the recent shooting massacre was reportedly planning to attack other targets the royal palace on the headquarters of the ruling labor party were believed to have been part about those private hands meanwhile crowds have been gathering in downtown austin a massive fraud tribute to some people. because expressed strong plantinga's
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materials which were described as good excellence going on right wing attack in any politician's radical views triggered outrage of the european parliament calls his resignation whether there are some commentators have believed these extreme views will try to grow support across europe. i think is a tad really highlighting if you're changing and you're been changing purple while they expect a relatively economically stable influx of immigration so you have your cross the border to norway in particular pretty you know d.c. in two thousand to two thousand and ten where you're seeing now is where the decrease in living standards which you know a lot of confusion particularly in the lower classes about job security here is the a lot more focus on immigrants and if you're going to see a lot more islamic extremism and i think you're going to see a lot more break really extremism particularly in the indian countries and most mcgraw regions probably didn't know that was twenty five percent immigration who
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are private they do a lot more statistics now i think you're going to be you know people think oh gosh this guy was a crazed lunatic but we have another pretty serious problem too so we're back here and i think you know i think you know even a lot about you know people tend to read more right wing and write me please state clearly don't shoot children but he does you can have one. belgium is a hotbed of international politics representation it's a prosperous country and. turned differences and artie's daniel bushell reports that countries promise squabbles are sending a warning signal to other nations so divorced before planning their next murray age but not well lowly of the southern region of belgium the contras been with delta fictive government recalled fourteen months french speech in the cells and flemish speaking floor does in the north disagree on pretty much everything many analysts
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think the most likely outcome will see the country break into as soon as it splits with floor this is complete the world will look to hook up with france for richer or poorer but mainly for richer going it alone when your small region is clearly not appealing a world they say political clout is important the main appeal is money when the looniest part of france and everything that name it we have the same language we watch french t.v. not belgian but above all our economy is controlled by french firms with full suggests that hall for sixty percent of the french want to become one presidential front runner marie le pen last week said she would with the southern half of build them with france president sarkozy's ruling party and the opposition are already in talks to tie the knot we have contacts with other parties with you and he and we have contacted the socialist it has been confirmed to us that's in case belgium
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would speed up then it will be welcome in france. the biggest party in the northern half was the split two experts say bill james already divided people don't know any more about the other half of the country the flemish people don't know who are the popular singers or writers today in the french speaking part of vice versa king albert fears bill james national day last week was its last he added the crisis threatens not just every building but european integration itself. trails e.u. scared that the divorce of belgium was work of the rest of europe catalonia leaving to be scotland leaving a great releasing surplus marchers and excluding the towns here attorney with guns getting. just one great clash to become. that conflict mass killing suffered in europe since world war two labors turned to each other as you
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can slove a broke up and the determination of regional identity is not to be underestimated frige unionists say we have the flag and everything else worked out to become fraud says twenty eight region all that's left are the details the new bush will see crossings. a series of clashes at the cost of the serbian border this week to nato forces taking over control of two crossings wednesday cos of all of them to seize the checkpoints previously controlled by said simple question shortly after one of the crossings was attacked by some two hundred. and two fire bombs torched customs better forces them to control the post under attack and. the boys from each in a base in the country that's not protest welcomes politics expert says it's
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not an act that the go ahead he calls its puppet masters in washington. you should bear in mind that. leaders could have done nothing without the ok from the u.s. administration and we know that the u.s. has got a massive investment in kosovo it's got the biggest military base in the world in kampong still smack bang in the heart of kosovo and so everything that. gets up to is also raised by washington in the first place having said that the poverty in kosovo over for all peoples and albanians as well as. is so huge that they're suffering already under this combined washington regime which was brought to nothing but poverty and pain and really has nothing for the region but bring organ harvesting and pain and poverty to everybody we know who can stop it and it is time for the u.s. administration stopped its extremist to pop its increased enough from even further expanding into. recognize territorial area. the earthquake that devastated japan
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here in march the country's death toll is still rising suicide rates have increased since the radiation crisis and from the massive tsunami the government fearing a depression could emerge sean thomas has been to japan to find out why so many people are taking the room lives. a triple disaster on a scale the world has never known causing damage destruction and uncertainty forcing tens of thousands of japanese refugees to leave their lives behind and seek shelter anywhere they can some people. barker. but the problem is that. they be they have been accused by. classmates or you know. of course by offshore. causing. if. not.
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the primarily a move towards self-preservation this idea of desertion is defined by many as characteristically in japanese and has occurred of those who have evacuated the dishonorable title of traitor and of course it's hard to hear that we have family neighbors with think about our health but in other words we run away we escape because we're scared of radiation but there is no example in the world of something similar and the consequences are as they're ongoing. while those who have moved to shelters here in tokyo are facing that guilt and the pressure to move back home there are others who have lost everything cannot handle the overwhelming change and they are facing even darker demons japan already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and following the disaster in march the government has issued a warning about a possible nationwide epidemic of depression here some organic farmers committed suicide because you know be organic. soil is everything
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very good soil for after many hours of hard work and it's just contaminated one night. so. it's inside out i'm very sad to hear the news. many other also very much depressed a recent national survey in japan performed by dr roshini and his team shows that suicide rates in japan have been found increased in the months since the disaster compared to the same timeframe in the previous ten years but the demographics are not what you might expect. since her late increase. in. centers either thirty percent that they fear areas because suburbs struggling to hit the cost. they have not had to make since i this disaster has certainly taken its toll on japan's economy and such constant
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reminders of an intense topic can harm the collective psyche of the people who live here as well because of the. tsunami disaster last year disaster many people actually lost their jobs or their working on the show was crushed. so. yeah they have so many who read them to commit suicide. causing japan's death toll to keep rising even though the initial disaster subsided months before in japan china thomas and our team. it's week saw a rising hopes of a revival of the storm six party talks on north korea's nuclear disarmament while a two day meeting between washington and pyongyang north both discussion points and productive us in south korea participants in the six party talks must be consulted before any progress is made the talks in both koreas u.s.
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china and japan everybody started in two thousand and three but going on with due to suffering sanctions for test long range missile and vowed never to return u.s. says north korea must dismantle its nuclear facilities before any deal reached and your expert says that will be tough as the north has always viewed the u.s. as hostile. smacks a little bit of desperation especially because when you look at the build cause which it says you will dismantle your nuclear program first and then we decided to talk to you that's an absolute no no i was in north korea last year and i confirmed from north korean officials directly that the state awfully is the same state of play as it was fifty eight years ago the fifty year anniversary of the armistice did not end the north korean korean war for that matter north korea south korea are
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still at war with each other and the war from the north korean point of view is a war against america is not south korea the view it as a block to the government of the americas so let's you start school i really doubt this basic difference is important it's absolutely positive and start talking. russian sailors are celebrating navy day this sunday event has already seen festivities of the country's major ports with worship praise and actual productions here she's president took part in it so gracious are pictures of westerners come in and good reason to see the baltic fleet modern russian navy was founded by someone in the first in the seventeenth century these days its main force can sense something in this archive something means critics as more ships. well full coverage of our top stories is available twenty four hours a day at r.t.
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dot com always a wider variety of content it's a bit more unusual to like these stories a one legged sale of at most a seat on the russian news yes keeps an eye on the horizon before going into the secret place to set up an image. and carpets have been on a road on moscow's roads but these weren't red in color or part of a glamorous event more and i website at r.t. dot com. we're back in the headlines in just a couple minutes davis said. we'll
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. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered hungry for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on the party.


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