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wealthy british soil it's sometimes. hard to. market why no. one knows what's really happening to the global economy cars are reporting on our. welcome back this is our season weekly review the headline it's. president obama has announced that republican and democrat liberal makers have finally reached a deal narrowly avoiding a do as difficult but agreement on extending the country's debt limit a potential economic catastrophe seems to have been avoided but the episode marks by domestic political bickering has done wisht america's standing internationally. also poland admits pilot error caused last year's presidential plane crash that
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killed president lech kaczynski the scores of top officials also as official reports still puts part of the blame when russia despite criticism from aviation experts. after hundred and fifty thousand hunting government protesters take to the streets across israel demanding prime minister netanyahu steps down but some say the arab spring has now spread to the country. off next states technology update looking absolutely conservation and the latest developments in the high tech world for me. hello and welcome to technology update are you tired of paying those overblown electric bills at the end of each month this could be the answer you've been
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waiting for a lot of the energy and with it a lot of the harder and caskets burn out by crummy old incandescent light bulbs but what if i could get you a lot more light and waste way less wattage in the process and up and coming russian company is just open a huge new production facility to help make that energy efficient dream a reality. not begun doesn't mean my sleazy sales pitch the high tech brainchild of a trio of russian scientist was born abroad and is now returned to russia to cover it in on a shiny new factory at the outskirts of st petersburg aside from being a happy homecoming the l.e.d. assembly line launches a big step in russia's attempts to modernize its economy and go green at the same time. the capacity in effect. is the highest in the business today in russia countries and in eastern europe we can produce today's thirty minute. amounts. it's to.
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cover three hundred seventy five thousand square meters l.e.d. is the latest in a long line russians big and powerful made some of the first strides in constructing the incandescent lamps in the eighteen seventy s using carbon filaments renowned american inventor thomas edison introduced improved filaments and extended relatively short life of electric bulbs first to forty then to over one thousand hours by the early twentieth century the tungsten filament light bulbs still in use today were already emerging in lamps appeared in the thirty's college and lamps at the end of the one nine hundred fifty s. and high pressure sodium street lighting in the sixty's compact fluorescents or c.f.l. some were pioneered in the seventy's and are still a popular option as we move towards energy efficiency gallium nitride light emitting diodes may be seen in the ninety's with improvements in technology since then showing incredible flexibility in efficiency and quite possibly making l.e.d.
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the light of the future. bright future that brought out the big shots the op the gun factory opening governor of st petersburg clearly understood the positive impact of having the company on her church and she was joined by talk local dignitaries and investors from moscow and beyond it's a project that state high tech corporation is happy to throw its weight behind. this is one hundred percent. from the ground up on the fundamental level we can thank for his scientific contribution he won the nobel prize for his research in the field of hatred structures which is the basis of the light emitting diodes that are being produced to it. in fact there's one st petersburg academy at the root of all of this the yogi physical technical institute it's been a world class center for fundamental physics and cutting edge technology since the days of its founder of. not only did he and the faculty of delimit read this text it would soon. there is need to train the ranks of the soviet union's top nuclear
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scientists they also begin work on semiconductors that underpins virtually all modern electronics. was one of the institute's bright stars in the field of semiconductor physics and a forefather of today's elite d.'s. semiconductor along to meeting july it's were developed as early as nineteen twenty years probably by russian scientist a leg loss of experimenting with silicon called. the end of the night and sixty's we saw the appearance of more d.s. based on a three d. five semiconductor hitter instructions that was in late one nine hundred sixty s. and early one nine hundred seventy s. basic knowledge implemented over these facilities is the next generation know how developed by my students and what we see here demonstrates how fast this area is changing both in scientific and technological terms and also in terms of the top rates equipments are operating here. on top managers maxime and the beauty of lead
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is slow growth and how it's a coach for all of your of students in the same mid ninety's graduate class and while the op electronics department in your fiancée to give them the best of foundations they were completing their studies at a time of difficult transition for the russian scientific community. at the beginning of the nineteen nineties our economy faced a dramatic oaky evil due to disastrous reforms implemented by the government i mean there were carried out in a callous way and as a result russian signs found itself in a difficult situation we could not have survived also maintained our scientific potential without international collaboration. to guns founders were part of a global generation of innovative entrepreneurs seeking elusive started conditions in an era of uncertainty in fact much of the developed world was suffering in economic identity crisis in the late twentieth century. not just in the collapsing
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socialist bloc the west german city of dortmund where the russian innovators eventually founder integrator was no exception. the world is full of rusting old industrial space fallen by the wayside and the constant shifts of the global economy the challenge on everyone's minds is to rethink and rebuild these spaces to compete in the high tech twenty first century. these challenges were particularly acute in jordan a city at the heart of the once mighty male logical complex and europe's largest economy these pictures are from the final days of felix west a massive plan operated by the steel giant crude that along with other heavy industry installations was the lifeblood of the city's well established working class long before the mill was shuttered for good in one thousand nine hundred eight the economic outlook endured was darkening. as. people suffered from the crisis a lot of working places have. they had to take
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a decision here what to do for the future what to do next what comes after cooking and money and decided to focus on the high technology. that was the decision in eighty's and the result of this decision you can see here so. the factory which is one of the one of the rooftop of technology center by the way is also home of. companies. would soon sign is an impressive new facility a far cry from the dreary dortmund of years past with doors opened in april two thousand and five and this factory is set up as a competent center for micro and nano technology startups with offices laboratory and clean room infrastructure for small companies trying to take technology from ideas to products and facility combines funding from the city state and european union now hosting around twenty companies with over one hundred employees. including many from russia so really what you see here and it is basically the
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essence of eight years of experience already did with the russian friends russia not exhausting. you know the route in technology that needs to have access to global markets openness me there is a gap in between and don't want this rush magic teams find the perfect infrastructure in order to do the conversion of their technology into products where is the money to make a reality come from well basically it needs investors right but you know to give them this infrastructure in a most high tech startup team to make a predictable conversion you have a clear timeframe move to the for use in order to convert technology to products and prepare a company in order to approach global markets that's exactly the kind of preparation . and his classmates turned business partners an octagon we're looking for when they came to dortmund and the incubator to help them take tough quality off the electronic technology to the market. the gun originally was founded by. two my
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friends and classmates from university and myself and later on their fire he joined us and he helped to move for the gun here to door companies to sell it is. the company made of creation with theodore and through this time to develop the main principles and basically we came to the final product we've created it and we didn't come today we are between ten top companies on the level of performance so what exactly was it that opera guy needed to get their business off the ground insured equipment. diodes don't grow on trees to grow in every taxi all reactors are able to read top quality equipment at affordable rates and the m.s.t. factory in the after gun team would set about generating a top quality sample it made them an attractive investment to set up a full scale production here's how it's done. production starts with
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a thin model crystalline sapphire wafer in a process known as epitaph. placed inside a special chamber the wafer is bombarded with various gases to form a multi layered structure under specific pressure and temperature conditions the gases cause chemical reactions leaving layers of gallium nitride indium nitride and aluminum nitride on the way for surface in each wafer will produce up to thousands of l.e.d.s. so a laser edging process cards out the individual chips contacts are then affixed to each one of the tiny l.e.d. chips are now ready to be placed inside the casement connected with gold wire the contacts and covered with a foster layer to convert blue to white light and negative him positive charge currents meet in the active layer of the diode releasing photons in the form of visible light. technology while the energy efficiency. recovering the innovation technologies and we look to russia and we talked to
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several groups of finance several financial groups and on the group of michael crawford they will like much faster than others they realize the potential of the company and they simply bought it now main expertise and main core technology. inside of these. phones a way that we can grow material with the least dislike cations and defects to even. mean that we can build chips with a more cost efficient technology delivering the same level of performance we are in a transition phase from pilot going to factory who have. to hire one of the natural evolution today in russia octagon is now busy calibrating their production lines in st petersburg to perfectly recreate the recipe day nailed down in dortmund it's a tedious process even on the prototype scale and now the expectations are far higher
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comes out of these machines is going not to showcase for potential investors but to meet the lighting needs of clients so if all goes to plan what advantages can there l.e.d.s. offer for an equivalent amount of light octagon projects its. last c.f.l. is nearly ten fold and incandescents by fifty times meanwhile the l.e.d.s. will cut in half the energy usage of most c.f.l. zx and usefully ten times less like tricity then old school bulbs mercury pollution is a potentially serious problem with energy saving c.f.l. l.e.d.s. avoid that toxic threat elegies completely. environmentally safe in russia from next year from virginia refer to ban four hundred watt incandescent bulbs like other people because well we were. but in russia there is no such high penetration of the so we see that in terms of the market size. direct replacement of incandescent bulbs. it's bigger compared to europe so that's why this we expect
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russian market to grow even faster than we think now we see the growth of the market for a living in russia from seventy to one hundred percent a year and we expect this tendency to continue. to gun doesn't have to look too far for customers is the city of st petersburg is undergoing an l.e.d. overhaul. our company is in charge of maintaining some one hundred eighty thousand lighting elements around the city that's a huge market for the new. currently power consumption total several make a what's the opening of a major production plant that will produce and hopefully lights to will be a boost for simply does the documentary initially we intend to use the ladies to eliminate the city's gardens and. there's also an ambitious municipal construction plan in the pipeline with new streets to be designed and built in two thousand and twelve twenty thirteen. so after we've done the pox we'll extend the replacement
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program to residential districts and then move on to revamp the lighting for major transport arteries in the city as well as the embankments and other key sites beyond their hometown opposite dawn is breaking out to the faraway russian republic of straddling the arctic circle in icy northern siberia energy efficiency is more than a slogan they're producing electricity and much of the region is expensive and heavily subsidized they also need new technology built to withstand their long brutal winter. what have you guys done to make l.e.d.s. still work in temperature conditions like we have a lot of parts of russia it was one of the challenge especially mad because when you came to this market and you can't articulate the great it. russia is a very cold country and nowhere. there is a standard that you need minus sixty degree acquiring for the use of your devices so you know. have developed a lot of special it through and it's cost effective for the client. and this
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is a prototype here what's different about it i can't tell with the naked eye but tell me a little bit about the technology i would say that right now you can buy minus sixty degree ruminated but they extremely expensive so it's not like a commodity product in the market what. those high end products will come when it's a new company ends. and sold quite the way it's opening new do arts design is definitely a big part of the heavily competitive game since other companies outside of russia have already been on the market for years to gun has to show the ability to meet customer specific demands to temperature standards and it's all about better lighting solutions ever lower costs definitely it's like more economical light you pay less after you put your lamp and you get your period today it's still quite high from two to five six years. but in four years it will be like
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a year. of like means that it moved accessible for. the population for now that kind of mass scale consumer base is a bit beyond our grasp even if you think this land for street and industrial lighting would be great for your garage you might bark when you saw the three hundred dollars price tag so well up a gun works on driving down the cost of chip production somebody needs to tackle the issue of bold design before i'm sold on switching over to. only the creative minds that hard limit of studios are already on the case moscow's hip is design squad is constantly coming up with new ways to merge high tech function with the fashionable for their blueprints or behind a futuristic prototype octagon screw in l e d. y. it was the mean challenge that you guys had to overcome in making these lines
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obviously energy technology sweat and fun but it's still got some issues to solve the biggest one is the problem of couldn't go on because it's pretty use a lot of heat so we have to design a very good. read into is that what this thing is we're here yeah it's like. the theme we just came out for the market maybe three years ago and it's just a standard solution but we like to change it and make it more effective and we got inspired by nature because if you look at some of the stuff like mushrooms for example very there they just late because of the way of an up and go in and we create the saying the same similar stuff here and this book helped us to extend their capacity and space around and. to make that cool and process more effective from a purely design perspective from an artistic perspective do you like working with bulbs that need
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a radiator this clunky like when i look at this i see mostly radiator very little ball and you don't get light maybe as much coming down this direction are you looking at ways to completely redo l.e.d. lighting so that you don't have to have such a bulky radiator industry itself is very rapidly changing day by day i think maybe even after one year we will have another design be folks a live different look so what then is the future of this kind of design a look like you mentioned. getting smaller and smaller and for example they came a bit new to technology which is called slide engine and physically it's a very very tiny ensley been adamant and they implemented in there but not you know the common the you could create any shape whatever you want really looking for but some of the designs may seem a bit frivolous a first glimpse but we're talking about a far more flexible lighting future where we can. ditch traditional shapes in the name of variety add a bit of color to just about anything and replace old school single function
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buttons with tiny l.e.d. screens multiplying the devices possibilities another arena with nation is in the automobile lighting and they will be a hybrid by russian billionaire this month is literally hoping to reinvent the wheel set for full scale production sometime in two thousand and twelve the economy cars are trimmed with all the latest gadgets for the irving commuter could have said next in group packs both octagon in the new car company so it's no wonder he understood the advantages of that product from st peter's little issues because first of all the use of like sneezing diets helps is to count pad consumption compared to traditional labs and secondly no less important they standard lifespans basically running as long as you can. also the use of l.e.d.s. this to simplify because upticks lowering costs by saving and hard decision features. you movie zero has company here as the world's leading luxury sports car
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maker's head see the light and i'll believe the lamps in recent years as well as the bang for the buck gets better you can expect to encounter more l.e.d.s. on the road. as you can see l.e.d. technology is finding applications everywhere these days even letting you light up your own living room but it's just the tip of the op electronics iceberg back in the dorm an incubator there are more innovations on the way from the same team of st petersburg scientists upstairs from octagons launching pad to m.s.t. factory i don't offices of the russian companies you know while their classmates and former colleagues find their mission the well known l.e.d. industry into humans died even deeper into their scientific work on semiconductor physics they've assembled an international team to become one of the world's leaders in laser diode technology in jordan they've set up a complete production cycle beginning here with molecular beam at a taxi in. finishing with a range of packaged products their output includes wafers laser chips and fiber
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coupled laser modules for use in industrial medical and communications technology. in two thousand and three at team of eight young researchers from the physical technical university where we worked in the laboratory of the nobel laureates to wrestle fear of go to a unique opportunity to set up a private company here in germany we managed to secure significant funds from investors and set up this semiconductor factory now we are a successful company which among other applications produces millions of chips for the medical chips that help save human lives but also our enterprises some ongoing research to create a unique chip to be used in the industry of optical computer interconnections. certainly russia is a different place now with the establishment of the responder corp he was submitted a project to roost with a proposal to set up production facilities back home. a factory that will make chips using our technology we should be something unique for russia.
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to take knowledge evolution says referring to is called quantum dot lasers and arena where his company is among the global elite quantum dots for confined semiconductor crystals with unique electronic an optical properties first discovered in the one nine hundred eighty s. by russian physicist i see quantum dots for great advantages in laser applications . conductor heteros structures like quantum wells are harder to control for lasers quantum dot lasers require less current for more amplitude and has tested them extremely low relative noise these properties have long been theorized their benefits are on the verge and realize ation. on the bases of a company's latest invention will be able to make a chip that will transmit many channels through its. move and one hundred gigabits . it will help replace the bulky bunches of cables that you see everywhere today
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just a few fibers. we can cut energy consumption by several dozen times in the maintenance costs by many hundred times so if. you think of it this way all the data coming out of your computer gets on a highway today the options are basically either building a new road here another cable or waiting in traffic would be under data. home laser proposes adding lanes to the same highway sending information on the same fiber using several different non-interfering wave links and to that the fact that each lane is supplying an autobahn speed and you see what kind of breakthrough we're talking about multiply that by the scale of data. google facebook or amazon and you're redefining the world of cloud computing. there are some one hundred data centers being set up every year around the world these are enormous factories for
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data processing consuming a huge amount of energy. in two thousand and six. two percent of electric energy production in the united states that's a huge number so she expects to revolutionize the optical interconnects industry in the near future with research and development and production sites and generally in states and russia. so obviously the right conditions for a top russian ocular like tronics technologies to develop have been set up in. two competitive firms with cutting edge projects are already out on the market and possibly more on the way they build successful innovative business abroad and now want to bring them home what's the magic formula factory is built on a model that's worked in high tech development in production clusters all over the world from the famous silicon valley to taiwan in southeast asia so when. the time comes to build up this kind of center in russia the resoundingly answer from moscow
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right now that's see idea at the heart of the skolkovo project an international city of science and technology set to fan out over the next decade in all directions from this spot just outside of moscow so the next time technology update brings you a high tech success story it might just be born and raised right here in still then enjoy the right. i hope that school confident is going to cover these pork to take thank you for groups with a deer's to give them kind of in kuwait or conditions like we get it in a mist factory which we discussed with you when we were there and set up a small manufacturing and all that can develop your sample or your prototype and get custom corrections and this part has to be done in russia immediately otherwise we would never you know cross the bridge between science and manufacturing because between science and avoiding manufacturing there is a huge gap there is
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a prototype development and find just i myself am a scientist they very often they don't understand how huge the things get. if used to be an ideal place for a holiday but it changed in a moment. the demands of war are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. fish fish. fish
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