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tv   [untitled]    August 3, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bolton back here's a recap of the top stories here on our t.v. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is real get into court on a hospital bed it cairo six months after the mass protests forced to go from power you are now looking at the live pictures from inside the courtroom in cairo where the story trial is being held will he is facing charges of causing the deaths of the nearly eight hundred fifty people during
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a very greece revolution it will be the more big live pictures throughout the day. but the u.s. swallows selfmade a bitter pill to avert the devastating default of the country that never has a days to jump at the chance to advise other nations through very economic struggles turns out to be unprepared to handle its own crisis. and non-school once it gets calls up and you want to target the syrian regime urging for action to push the warring sides towards dialogue when be escalated by would see the country where this comes this first crack thousand protesters are reported on wednesday colleagues of one hundred forty deaths over the past several days. largely sat down with russia's recently appointed envoy for human rights to discuss his new role also in jindo golf shares his views with archie on the notorious guantanamo bay prison camp and that nato is presence in libya well that's coming up in our interview. thank you.
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think. think. a little thank you very much for being with us today thank you for your russian foreign ministry's first ever envoy for a human rights why was this position craig now will you also directed this is a new position. has been established a few months ago eventually to be exact it's three and a half months. i am in this position and has been established to. be direction of the president of the russian federation mr woodward if. decision was taken by a foreign minister so you lower off the basic idea here is to. probably even more actively. profile our country russia in the field of
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human rights democracy and rule of law there was a very important issues and then mentions or international relations as you know and of course an extremely important part of my job part of my job description i am a c. used to morning listen chief from the with the implementation of human races. in the world i mean across the globe. it's not only human rights. shown in my faith all it is also democracy and rule of law can russia realistically at crissy a welt exporting democracy and we do not think as a matter of principle it can be exported but. obviously democratic development should come first and foremost from within the cancers and we consistently proceed from the assumption. you know there are
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no i mean the shouldn't be such thing as a first or second year you know some cancers are expected more to leave to the democratic standards then the others. are also you are selling to muse universality and this is the concept which is not unique. to russia or. an international acknowledged concept how do you responsibly human price watch report which trilateral u.s. reluctance. investigate systematic torture and imprisonment by specialists in iraq and contacting me is an interesting question actually. we took note of all the reports. it is not the first time. human rights defenders like it would have been this way or international organization and which is the wing non-governmental organization in this case which
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is dealing with you on the rates drawing attention to this issue we have heard from the us american human rights defenders also from the non-governmental sector demand action from the us government mainly in the proper investigation or for a number of cases very fair not mistaken they have been a number of lawsuits against the us government dealing with the religion of human rights violations during so-called counterterrorist operation in particular during the military campaigns in iraq and afghanistan. you mentioned also. the b.b.c. in the one thousand miles from where there was another base in bagram and i'm going to stand up tomorrow. unfortunately there hasn't been a proper investigation. there hasn't been any proper way for me cecil punishment so there is some degree of impunity obviously here and.
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quite a major issue in the field of human rights i just might say that we expect that the us government will react to there was. a recommendation was in a proper way of course the. educations mostly refer to the period of the previous obviously the future of the city. and that we know that the incumbent administration really stubborn as a me as racial has pledged a. number of times to deal with those issues. we still have to go on how to charles' been recently arrested by serbian authorities call for a fair trial for this man what are the chances that hostage pirates will receive a fair trial many. struggles will be for will be objective will be based
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on facts. will be impartial. but not politicize those are the most important create duryea on which the i.c.c. way is to operate under its membership action and unfortunately the practice you know a number of respects. different ways. you know would have to have been a lot of. criticism ground and the problems related to the us if you want it's easier to keep it as including accusations of double standards and unfortunately there has been sort of ground for this in the past we hope. this threat to. the way in delhi sickleave it is by the way under the un security council resolution. by the end of two thousand and fourteen we expect that the. remaining. international body will. draw
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a sort of conclusion some lessons and will occur in an impartial and professional manner this is always speculation is not only are we expect the usual this is the expectation of the servants of the serbian government as was expressed by a government publicly and this is the expectation of all members of international community play a hot topic for the past couple of months has been libya consequences beneficial space american and european unfortunately unfortunately hostilities in libya have been continuing for quite some time and. remember all of the factors we have. to suffer from those facilities most the war. and unfortunately civilians suffer from both of them actually by the few forces by the government. from the. use of force by. by
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the coalition forces and the other important to your office is proper implementation of security council resolutions nineteen seventeen minutes and seventy three as far as especially as far as protection of civilians and protection of civilian population is concerned but what do you do to protect the integrity of our favorite security council resolution in the future. this is a very important issue and i think. once again as the russian a little stressed. time and again. proper lessons are to be limp. especially from the results from one hundred seventy three we are unfortunately unfortunately the limits or use of force. properly i would land but let us not forget the. prime responsibility of the governments to protect the civilian population. there is also
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a very important usual sovereignty here so we expect that the governments of course will live up to do with their perspective. legations international obligations. but even international community ease to undertake certain steps to protect the civilians. if used to act in accordance with international law portrays the progress of the signal for example in case of nato because you talk about governments and how civilians are suffering you can current actions but also only fractions is there a diplomatic nathanson to censor his actions for media i would see it is not so much probably that you few of censuring but of course the effort you. lied international attitude towards there was deviations from certain deviations from security council resolutions of course this opinion is being expressed in. the
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signal is being conveyed and it will be heard this particular signal. but. the most important. task more store tickled to be used to store because still it is as quickly as possible to. ensure a proper transition to do political process. rational howard who was kidnapped in africa than american agents and convicted in the united states will be given his sentence in september you have sat that pressure will not but will card for an asinine response what is real we are absolutely against violating the legitimate rights of the russian citizens abroad and including including. improper extradition and which to police in this particular case.
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unfortunately the new shoes those issues are not. being satisfactorily tackled by the americans say what they would like to see is there any response of course you know would you use to be a cost effective. proportionate. but russia has been consistently following we hearing the norms of international law so you can be based on international law so we are not violating international law in order to fight. the international law so this is there. i don't remember that i use the term symmetrical maybe it was in the heat of some discussion but. the idea was precisely.
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not to respond with illegal steps. illegal steps this is not going to that we should basically as a matter of principle and used by the russian federation think i'll go to russia for a long run for the human rights democracy thank you that's one of the match letters and i thank you. wealthy british style. markets find out. what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cancer
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a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report. it used to be an ideal place for a holiday. in a moment. of thought. good news if you are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. with some. of.
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the it was the order. of. the street studentships to keep troops of the times revealed in the soviet files and on the. top stories on our t.v. egypt's former president hosni mubarak is wheeled into court on a hospital bed in cairo six months after mass protests force him from power you can look at live pictures pictures of will dark inside a cage in the courtroom about to start against trial that is happening six months after the mass protests have toppled over what he is facing charges of the deaths of nearly eight hundred fifty people during fabrice revolution and he's standing trial with his two sons and his senior aides more live pictures for you throughout the day on our t.v. . and the u.s. swallow self-made
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a bitter pill to avert the devastating deep fault economy that never has a days to jump at the chance to advise other nations through their economic struggles turns out to be on the parents handle its own crisis. and law school once again some calls up you want to target the syrian regime urging for action to push the warring sides towards dialogue to end the escalating violence in the country this comes as fresh crackdowns a protester. as are reported on wednesday following some one hundred forty deaths over the past several days. for the unions here with all the latest action from the world of sports and i hear it's all going on in the rugby world at present indeed it is tennis it is now one month and one week to go until the world cup kicks off but there's a lot of shall we call it friendly action to be played right before that we'll talk about one of the big games this weekend in just the second.
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good to have you with us thanks for joining us this is sports today plenty ahead over the next ten minutes in the. second round anything better than a true no but for rubin kazan at home to do not like here tonight we'll see the russian side make the champions league playoffs. fury with hooliganism cases fifty percent this year in the russian premier league we look at the reasons behind the worrying statistic. back in the swing former golf world number one tiger woods returns to the green zone free. thing a practice round of the bridgestone invitational. barring major upset rubin kazan will be into the champions league playoffs by the end of tonight the tatarstan are fit hold a two goal advantage against kiev following last week's third round first leg qualifying clash in ukraine are being seen here going down into the disappointing
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three no loss the mess the cli against felt title hopefuls on g. at the weekend have a couple of injury concerns but. it is i think cagey refusing to name who they might be the nominee while our injury free rubini and him to join two other russian clubs in the group stages of european football's from your club competition the need to crowd the sides qualifying off some play. now there's eleven other games time for consideration in champions league qualifying tonight the pick of which looks set to take place in momo the home side leaving one though from the first leg so expect on all rangers attack in sweden later last year's dutch run and jumped twenty looks set for the playoffs but most people remain inside the bus louis update the visitors leaving to know from the first game where we champions. rosenberg how it all to you after losing one militant the czechs are fit players in last year's europa league semifinalists penfield here are favorites to reach the next stage at the expense of spore the
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portuguese side will take two goal advantage to turkey. heavy handed policing has been the main cause of football violence in russia this season that's according to the premier league's head of security with hooliganism a fifty percent on last year police are now being encouraged to let stewart's take control of games richard from port fleet reports. it seems like this sort become an alter regular occurrence of stadiums across russia to season supporters response at moscow's elites in petersburg and in armor who have been the main culprits however of a russian premier league head of security police heavy handed policing to the root cause of most of these problems. the main problem we are facing is with the organization of games different styles of policing the quality of the stadiums and other factors can have a massive impact on the way fans behave if the police act in a civilized way towards the fans then there is no source of provocation. for me to
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debate spare is a problem of hooliganism in russia those states have this is also a problem amongst a number of countries in europe however the spotlight is clearly on russia to clear up its hands as they will host the world cup in two thousand and eighteen. the russian premier league head of security once to say a complete change in the way security is don't work in stadiums across the country . we are very interested in the police playing a much smaller role in organizing security of football games in russia we need to train security personnel and security to carry out this job the police should not try to provoke a situation i would rather try and work with the fans both parties need to work together the police have been seen as the main cause of the problem by russian football fans who've long called the stewards to be the sole security force in the country stadiums under police as chief of public security who spoke about the matter last week but me it's not something has to be done and. we are very
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interested in the police playing a much smaller role in organizing security of football games in russia we need to train security personnel and stewards to carry out this job the police should not try to provoke the situation but rather try and work with the fans both parties need to work together things are slowly starting to improve does he need some petersburg fans who through been on the reverse or carlos has been found and banned from the stadium he will not face any criminal proceedings however unfortunately a similar incident happened in samarra and the perpetrator has yet to be caught. pulling over still a very long way to do so full in russia or become an activity where parents would not think twice about taking their children so much again. we don't see moscow. now roberto carlos is ungenial hutch callao one of russia's richest clubs have been attempting to lure another brazilian teenage sensation neymar to dagestan for weeks
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now but then so have countless other clubs across europe the legendary pele the nineteen year old son paul striker is worth the attention. with. i could. feel like a man. because i can see that. chance for the excellent player i hope. else for that. tiger woods is the former world number one golfer had missed three months of action through injury but practiced on the greens yesterday head of this week's bridgestone invitational the good news being the american said he felt no pain in his left knee or achilles tendon afterwards woods is twenty eight in the rankings currently he will also compete in next week's p.g.a. championship his first major tournaments since the masters in april where he finished in a tie fourth thirty five year old woods also spoken to split last month with
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longtime colleague steve. i thought it was time for a change. i felt that you know steve and i have had some amazing run i mean just to be the health care you just there's no denying you took my career and i think i felt it as well and we've. got a great partnership forward for the world years a little more in the bunch of tournaments but i just felt i was trying to change things up will go up woods will be welcomed back to the world of golf by an old friend darren clarke purred with sports first dollar billion euro for the first two rounds of the bridgestone invitational twenty eleven british open winner clark quick to point out the parra levels between the two a similar bill similar color similar structure. i don't know we just got where he sort of got my sense of humor and i got his. you
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know it was all those years ago were. first together in ninety six at lytham in the open there when he was there. with the time goes with butch we spent a bit of time together and. you know just you sort of are give him a little bit of stick and what i really have him for going to give me i'm not going to start. now the two thousand and eight beijing olympic gold medalist carmelo anthony chris paul and dwayne wade have wrapped up their week long basketball tour in china three of the m.b.a.'s marquee stars who are find their future is still uncertain as the league's labor dispute shows no signs of being result for the fans in beijing would know god love to see such top caliber names come and play in the chinese balls ca should the star trio themselves stating their options remain open while keeping a close eye on the. former n.b.a. player stephen marbury plays in china but the two time all-star said most american players would find the extremely long training sessions tough going but anthony
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said that this isn't the problem. of tribes. but we've been true no no love so far as training. comes with the territory but as far as coming over we always hold true good options open hopefully we want it to come over hopefully we have a season but who knows. bruising autumn is in store for rugby enthusiasts with the world cup in new zealand just over a month away we also have quite a warm up on their hands this weekend a classic battle against all enemies into twickenham ive good way to rate the red man's readiness the welsh will be without their cup there must be reason for somebody to trip the record actually injury and could very well miss their world cup opener on september the eleventh i can support or south africa some more important is the stand in skipper with wales record trust or shane williams all sorts of oval for the clash two thousand and eight world player of the year saying that heading into a pub is the only way to truly determine the team's overall fitness. but it's going
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to be tough we know that i think probably you know if we are on this issue all of a performance and see where we are leading to we'll probably see both sides of an i want to win this game on the following week but as far as we continue to smoke how we progress in six nations and so you know where we are just as a side we're. finally a baptism by water fire and steel was the only way to earn the title of tough guy in stuff for church this week two thousand souls taking on an all you can handle obstacle course to see just who is the hardest of them all know swanky armbands around here the athletes getting their competition number right there everyone can see speed quickness and an impeccable sense of balance only some of the skills needed to advance competitors receiving plenty of chances to get their feet way before jumping over a week for it burning hate pencil and going for cold when contestants are forced to
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creep underneath the unforgiving barbed wire scott constantly as the man finishing the thirteenth number of course in first place that he choose to be on edge in the piece. and i think it's safe to say after that everyone is a winner and that is all the sport for now whether it's next. wealthy british scientists say sometimes. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy kinds of reports on r t. fifty. five.
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