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in india as he's available in the movie going to the joint the hotel rooms the home of the lights the gateway hotel the ground imperial truly the george was the bush coromandel new kind of let's go to socialism good to see don't need to go and proclaim reza said the colonel was hotel as retreat. the e.u. commission chief says and more money should be available to save the region's crippled economies fancifully and spain's slide towards debt distress than the cost of pouring souls. the un he condemns the use of force against civilians in syria and calls on all sides to end hostility samit continued violence across the country . and the palestinian woman on a mission for peace after failing in a suicide bombing mission against israel we hear her story.
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this is r.t. live from moscow where it's now or just after six pm welcome to the program the head of the e.u. has joined the struggles to lift the region out of its financial pit calling on yet more money to be made available to struggling economies. also wants the bailout fund to be able to buy government bonds as the major eurozone economies of spain and italy face of being crushed under that their borrowing costs for both countries have surged as investors rush to rid themselves of risky bonds italy avoided the worst of the boring bubble of production there remains a sluggish and uncompetitive causing bond interest to surge to a euro high prime minister silvio berlusconi attempted to reassure markets saying the country's economy has solid foundations but it's clear that if either spain or italy asks for help the eurozone might not be able to foot the bills as artie's
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arena reports it's the heart of the e.u. where protesters are taking their anger. step by step activists from the fifteen m. movement hope to make europe a better place the point of it is to inform people that might not be informed about about things that they can do in their local government and to find out what problems they're having in their local government in their in their in their small towns and to help them come come up with solutions we have reunions every evening we go to the village we meet with the locals and they tell us what's going on in their town. the organization was born from the protest marches in spain where more than twenty percent are jobless and youth unemployment is painfully over forty percent the highest in europe it's these numbers a drop thousands of madrid streets in may now the financial foot soldiers are
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beating a path to brussels and some other countries the problems are. big conscious. big. very. strangely as americans overall the whole change. all together change that to change the things. we march like a. symbol for everybody to join us rachel is one of many nonstandard sure appearance with whom the fifteen m. message resonated knowing that if there is one thing europeans do agree on it's who to blame dodgy politicians promising rescue but delivering recession there's a lot of corruption there's a lot of injustice and people want to change that people also in other countries are happy with it. in general the way the world is run with a lot of money in the hands of
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a few in the banking system. communication and the corruption of. the system and their. people power works if it's loud enough people are realizing that we do have power to change things in the certain way and basically we just have to get on the streets and make our voices heard so the idea is to go to. kind of well the central european parliament and all the things are decided in brussels. particularly. to basically protest that we're not having our human rights respected in the place where this is going to so it will take them two months to march the fifteen hundred plus kilometers to reach brussels where the last thing on their mind will be putting their feet up greece portugal spain people those in their jobs and their homes and while the politicians in these countries insist the situation could get better called on people believe current economic policies of the euro zone lead down the road to nowhere in
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a godless courtsey spain. well the euro zone's bailout fund which are currently four hundred forty billion euro strong has been criticized for its inefficiency in dealing with the crisis but economics journalist patrick young says it's the banks who have to stop cashing in on the region's troubles. the european union's be alive fund is on the verge of running out of money as soon as one of those major economies such as spain or italy default and every day the market is saying it is terrified of the death has been built up in the system and it's a bold by the fact that nobody in the euro zone wants to actually lead a side of this problem i think the public is being kept in the dark and it's been sent a lot of smooth messages from the political classes that don't really hold up to the stark reality of markets i think the problem is that ultimately banks are going to lose money as part of this entire play they originally bought a lot of these bonds thinking that would be an endless nerve of keep interest rates for all of these countries and effectively they give it up now players over
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governments need to step in they need to restructure the market and we actually need to see that demon d word the thought in other words some of the boards have to go bust or the bomb tough to be restructured and ultimately some here in the end up with their banks. meantime across the atlantic the world's largest economy has been pulled back from the brink of default by an eleventh hour compromise the former chief of russia's central bank warns that excessive borrowing and political squabbles could still push the u.s. past the point of no return. for a living on credit is always difficult at a time may come sooner or later it will have to be paid off like no nobody wants to remember that it was in the early ninety's when bush and the republicans came to power the us external states not yet obtained by issuing treasury bonds with different terms anything from one week to twenty years and interest rates grew massively right now it has been increased still further so generally it all
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happened under republican rule to a large extent the debt was formed under the bush presidency the war in iraq and their role in the conflict with where huge military expenses my question is then why all the hubbub no it's just political games nothing more there is certainly responsibility. in the famous american economist about ten years ago that the us economy considering its domestic and foreign economic policy is burns to face a crisis like the roman empire. you can watch the full interview with the former chief of russia's at central bank you know just about twenty minutes time right here on r.t. . the u.n. security council has condemned the escalating violence in syria demanded an end to bloodshed and is calling for internal political dialogue it comes amid reports that the syrian opposition stronghold hold of hama has been overrun by government forces
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with witnesses saying they're being get more casualties. as following events of the u.n. in new york. all members of the security council adopted the presidential statement which first and foremost calls for an immediate end to all violence and urges both sides of the violence and conflict to drain immediately the security council presidential statement also condemns widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the syrian of already it calls on the syrian authorities to fully respect human rights and to comply with international law the un security council force is issuing this presidential statement following more than four and a half months of violence in syria that is when anti-government protesters forced took to the streets in mid march to call for the resignation of the syrian president now as
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a result of this presidential statement russia's position has been and continues to be but there should not be any overextension pressure put on the syrian government such as sanctions and the council also believe that it was better to put a statement out rather than a resolution russia has said and continues to believe that this issue should be resolved in the form of dialogue trying to get both parties to come together and speak rather than taking sides one way or another russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said that the security council is still working under the shadow of events surrounding libya after the security council adopted a resolution allowing for a no fly zone the u.s. and european countries started what is now a military intervention russia china many other council members believe that the text of this resolution was taken advantage of manipulated misinterpreted and that
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is an event that russia china brazil india and many other countries do not want to see a repetition of so this is why the security council. it is acting the way in which it is trying to come to a peaceful solution tried to send an international message and of course it will continue the security council to keep its eyes on the events taking place in syria . not his marine corps not reporting there from new york with the syrian opposition has dismissed a creed from president assad allowing for a multi-party government system france is also reacted with skepticism but journalist neil clark says it's made change happen in syria and the western powers need to keep away from the country's internal affairs. but it's been almost the opposition in syria. but also i think the international situation and the fact is that syria has been under pressure by the u.s. and its allies for very many years and i think one of the worries of business that may have had is good if you get
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a credit reforms which would actually be exploited by the. government by backing opposition parties etc so i mean in the west to iran syria very counterproductive but this is all about is the west trying to. come to syria i want to see a movie or a critic syria where people can express their opinions freely but the western policies are hugely tragic productive this is a problem the syrians have to solve and nobody else it's not french government british got us government anybody else trying to interfere in syrian soldiers. you would r.t. a lot from moscow and if you missed anything in the program just go to our website you can always find out more stories in news updates and eye catching of course our team your company there is a taste of what are lined up for you right now and horrific story from central russia to find out why a dentist and the blind elderly widow was tortured by his own daughter who chained him up in the garden like a dog. no more friendship between pupils and teachers stopping at contact with students through line and networking sites comes into effect in one american
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state. a new polish defense minister has dissolved the air force unit responsible for transporting the country's top officials it follows an investigation by warsaw which concluded that pilot error was the cause of a plane crash that killed at the late president lech kaczynski and much of the political elite investigators who found the crew of the presidential plane was changed at the last minute said poor pilot training was partly to blame for the accident russian experts also pointed to the psychological pressure placed on the flight crew by polish officials during the landing approach a crash near the russian city of last april killed all ninety six on board that plane. palestinian women are joining the ranks of would be suicide bombers those who carried out atrocities say they were waging war against israeli occupiers and seeking vengeance but one woman was captured before she got no doubt about us and i
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was a very different mission. brings us the story. this thirty seven year old palestinian mother doesn't attract much attention when she walks down the street but she's walked a long and difficult path from would be suicide bomber to peace maker it wasn't so long ago that she felt could see was planning to strap explosives to her body and blow herself up in an israeli supermarket who had it in front of the bar i called fighter and told them i needed all the equipment but they just laughed and said you're joking i said if you don't give it to me and how much will they said think about it for a month and then they called me a month later and said ok everything is ready for you there. it was the second intifada palestinian uprising and already two of chivas teenage cousins had been killed by israeli soldiers while her brother was serving eighteen years in prison for his part in a suicide mission well i am a mother and i love my life but i wanted to do it because the israelis destroyed or receivers i wanted to destroy their arrogance female suicide bombing is relatively
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new in the palestinian world what idris a twenty eight year old divorced paramedic from ramallah became the first woman to blow himself up in jerusalem in two thousand and two ten more women have since followed in a footsteps one of them when they're on with it saw his side in. restaurant she saw her fiance being killed in front of their eyes so she was really pushed to their. point that she wanted to end her life experts agree that the reasons are private woman to become a suicide bomber are complex his anger and bitterness towards the israeli occupation forces is also the patriarchal nature of palestinian society according to him not to bercow has written several books on the subject here woman suspected of sleeping with a man before marriage can be thrown out or even killed but if families and your murders it doesn't have to be true that in fact for society the hero this is
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the way to get rid of women and to let them serve a problem with their dignity and honor and without revealing their families but the irony is that while these women are held by some as martyrs many religious leaders are reluctant to send big daughters to the front line as bombers and although islam condemn suicide explains shaikh mohammed it's acceptable when fighting colonise ation and occupation if there are some groups or governments in. we can't do it by our territories that we are where. we have to to fight against these invasions sheaffer says her reasons were both political and personal she was fed up with the bombs falling around her and ashamed that after just two years of marriage her husband had run off with another woman and life had simply become too much the plan was simple she thought was going to taint me pregnant and hide this
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if we owls of explosives and give me a maternity dress she was going to come here to natalia an israeli town not far from a home and blow herself out among israelis suicide bombing of the kind of a good person between. all women there is no excuse absolutely no excuse at all but her plan was foiled by a palestinian informant who tipped off the israeli army chief or was sentenced and spent six years behind bars now back in. she says she regrets it and devotes her time to telling her story to both israelis and palestinians in the hope that both sides can come to understand the other but then i don't know how this years later my daughter asked me who i was going to live with and i said with grandma i didn't understand at the time how much she and my parents would have suffered then i understand now i know that blowing myself up wouldn't have changed anything the only way to peace is for israelis and palestinians to work together rock
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a strong message from a rather surprising source policy r t two current. and i don't know are seventeen minutes past the hour here in moscow let's check out some other international stories here an artsy french judges have ordered an investigation into the new international monetary fund chief over allegations the she abused her power while finance minister christine lagarde intervened in a commercial battle between a french tycoon and formally a state owned bank to approve a payment to the businessmen in two thousand and eight of the guard denies any misconduct she only just took over from dominique strauss kahn of the i.m.f. last month after he was charged with attempting to rape a new york hotel maid. three senior nuclear officials have been fired in japan as the country struggles to cope with the consequences of its nuclear crisis the trade minister said they would be held responsible for mishandling the fukushima plant and its problems he will also resign because of departmental mistakes and vowed a major personnel overhaul radiation is still leaking from fukushima nearly five
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months after the double earthquake and tsunami with fatal levels just earlier this week. china has arrested two thousand people and closed down about five thousand businesses in a major crackdown on illegal food additives after a wave of contamination scares campaign which started in april when chinese shops were supplied with bread in affected with guy in pok that made it glow in the dark inspectors of close to six million food related businesses during months of investigations. will likely stay with us and next we take you to one of russia's far flung corners where indigenous people enjoyed life in the wild. today we were in russia far east on the arm or region it's
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a place of breathtaking that's real beauty anywhere or inspiring wilderness meets the long held traditions of the people the area is also richer and natural resources particularly gold but with industrialization it's getting harder for locals to preserve their culture as i was having course. this week the russian close up team welcomes you to the far east and unmoored region located some eight thousand kilometers east of moscow a little under nine hundred thousand people are spread across this vast. the majority of whom are ethnic russians but living alongside them is the ancient i think people traditionally hunter gather is used to living off the land their way of life has changed dramatically for many over the years here in the a more region as a russian place up teams been finding out. just. it's a way of life that stretches back generations here in russia has fallen restaffing
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people have survived by living off the land but their numbers and culture are fading. well out here in the midst of the amours tiger if you look hard enough you can still find evidence of the traditional hunter gatherer and bank lifestyle we were fortunate enough. to thank families that have been living out here for about a month ploughing to day by loading up their reindeer to do for themselves on seeing another part of the. past there are fewer and fewer places for them to do and the elders say they know. we've grown wood and we had lying around and it's all because of the gold miners bearings they destroy. the tiger which now can't even provide us with enough food they've destroyed our home taken everything from us and offered nothing in return. whether a blessing or a curse i'm sure is a region abundant in natural resources and with gold currency trading at an all
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time high the pressure to produce is greater than ever and few places more say than here. russia's third largest coal miner founded in one thousand nine hundred four the joint russian british venture says it will increase production this year by thirty three percent to some seventeen tons so here we can see the very beginnings of the gold extraction process several small holes are drilled which have been filled with explosives and then blasted and approximately thirty to forty thousand tons are brought will be broken out with each plant. it's a process that generates huge amounts of point sed where mining at this operation all with a grade of three grams for each ton of god of war. a tug of war is
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a million grams so out of that one million grams three of the particles of gold and we have to recover those three it's the proverbial needle in a haystack an equation that just does not have to those who see the tiger as their home others are more pragmatic an inevitable consequence of living in a lucrative landscape. in this era working more than a hundred years the all renia need a lot of damage in this case it's new technology centric knowledge of how it worked in the gold and how to store waste materials we've talked with hundreds of people. in this area and not all but i also. you know most people say yes. gold mine will bring us more than we have before. meaning more. true spoofing and schooling programs who funded by the mine. if the
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price of perspire a secret could spell on told environmental damage the centuries of having tradition given to extinction well joining me now is someone who knows all about it and that said ok he was born and raised in a nearby village that's right if you were born in the village you know new left in in two thousand and three to come and study here so what was day to day life like for the epic people in your village. last year. as. you make probably the majority of children who'd like to return to follow their parents away of. the. year the orphan the parents. all all
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children all the old even the children. and the. rearing of years saw many of them don't see themselves all these spheres of life. the see themselves all the. many thanks for sharing your thoughts about life growing up in a village with the bank people very interesting many times that's all that we have time for this additional rush to close up or to join us for more from the region for a sure thing. all right and in just a few minutes here at r.t. we talk to the former chief of russia's central bank about the origins of the crisis now plaguing the u.s. and the eurozone out of business with next.
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close human welcome to business and seen russia's extending its most ambitious privatization program since one thousand nine hundred the government aims to fully sell fourteen major state companies by twenty seven seed it will keep a golden share in six firms on the list including russia as well major ross snapped into round a large and producer p.t.b. bank which is ross's second largest lender this will give us a b. ability to our other shareholders get from the other companies which will be sold completely powell also russia's biggest producer international airline and hydro electric power company run by. the privatization plan could rush over two hundred million dollars by twenty seven c. meanwhile some analysts say that woes around the world could possibly reduce demand for russian shares but to rise the money on from morgan stanley bank is sure sentiment will be strong under normal circumstances so with that kind of turmoil the demand for emerging markets. should have been decreased but
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surprisingly enough with turmoil not only in emerging markets but in the mature economy investors took a list of verbs not much to buy and on a comparative basis the exits from russia which is performing much better than most of the markets over the economy is pretty healthy consumer demand is growing the budget is healthy as usual praises are high it is stable i mean both economically and politically it could become attractive attractive proposal but beginning a lot would depend on the execution signal of the markets now in oil is trading near a five week low concerns of a slowdown in the u.s. accounted by speculation that the federal reserve may start yet another stimulus program u.s. markets are falling hard shortly after the opening as jobless claims they climbed
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only one thousand last week demonstrating only marginal improvement european stock markets bear stronger opening results trading lower this output see down two percent so this was gains of the beginning were on the back of gains on wall street overnight refers to this first winning session in the line on wednesday but as you can see there in the states everything has changed to put these down two percent the dax one point six percent lloyds banking group is down heavily on the back of poorly received results in marseilles shedding more than twenty percent out of the communications providers have passed most of the switching to broadband. here in moscow fifteen minutes of trading left on the clock the r.t.s. is down two point nine percent my six almost two percent move to see what's driving the market low as banks are slightly better than the market was for break down point four percent energy majors posting strong declines because of the decline in crude prices rose next down two point two percent against a rouse the only one very much bucking the trend this company was included in the
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new. privatization plan as was mentioned on the program. consumer prices in russia fall in for the first time since two thousand and nine cheaper vegetables have forced down the inflation rate by point one percent in a weak point one percentage point say i know inflation is now running out about nine percent now of us against a question head of russia's order chamber doubts the governments will need to target for the. stronger oil prices will help reduce the budget deficit to around one percent however there are concerns about inflation the first half of the year was good but money growth especially growth in money supply associated with an increase in gasoline prices concerns that we will be able to keep inflation at seven point five percent. we will be back in fifteen minutes time with nothing i'll see that.
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