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in india aussies available in the move go into the joint below to the home of villas the gateway to the grand imperial trilogy it's all western coast coromandel you can a little socialist good to see don't need to go and. read this and the colonel was hotel as a retreat. the e.u. commission chief says more money should be available to save the region's crippled economies as italy and spain slide towards debt this crests and the cost of pouring saul's. the un condemns the use of force against civilians in syria and calls on all sides to end facilities amid continued violence across the country. and the palestinian woman on a mission a peace officer failing in a suicide bombing mission against israel r.t. is a still. international
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news and comment this is r.t. live in moscow just turned eight pm in the russian capital going to have you with us this hour the head of the e.u. has joined the struggles to lift the region out of its financial page calling on yet more money to be made available to struggling economies it was a manual but also also wants the bailout fund to be able to buy government bonds as the major eurozone economies of spain and italy face being crushed under their debt boring cost for both countries surged as investors rushed to rid themselves of risky bones italy avoided the worst of the boring bottle but production there remained sluggish and uncompetitive causing bond interest to surge to the euro high prime minister silvio berlusconi attempted to reassure markets saying the country's economy had solid foundations and it's fair to five a spain it's me cause for hope the euro zone might not be able to put the bills. reports it's the heart of the
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e.u. protesters taking their anger to. step by step activists from the fifteen m. movement hope to make europe a better place the point of it is to inform people that might not be informed about about things that they can do in their local government and to find out what problems they're having in their local government. in their small towns and to help them come come up with solutions we have reunions every evening we get to the village we need with the locals and they tell us what's going on in their town. the organization was born from the protest marches in spain where more than twenty percent are jobless and youth unemployment is painfully over forty percent the highest in europe it's these numbers the drove thousands of madrid streets in may now the financial foot soldiers are beating a path to brussels and some other countries their problems are.
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even bigger. because. big. strangely. overall the whole chain. all together to change that to change the things we we we march like a. symbol for everybody to join us rachel is one of many non spanish europeans with whom the fifteen m. message present made it knowing that if there is one thing europeans do agree on it's who to blame. promising rescue but livery recession is a lot of corruption there's a lot of injustice and people want to change that people also in other countries i'm happy with it. in general the way the world is run with a lot of money in the hands of a few of the banking system. manipulation and the corruption of.
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political system and there be can. people power works if it's large and people are realizing that we do have power to change things in a certain way and basically we just have to get on the streets and make our voices heard so the idea is to go to. kind of well the central european parliament and all the things that the muscles. particularly to to basically protest that we're not having our human rights respected in the place where this is going to say that it will take them two months to march this fifteen hundred plus kilometers to reach brussels where the last thing on their mind will be putting their feet up greece portugal spain people those in their jobs and their homes and while the politicians in these countries insist the situation could get better common people believe current economic policies are the eurozone lead down the road to nowhere in the last party. but to discuss the situation in the e.u.
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we can now talk to dr richard wellings from the u.k.'s institute of economic affairs he joins us live now from london thank you very much for being with us here on. the e.u. commission president wants to inflate the bailout fund but if italy or spain do succumb could money to bail him out really be found. where we're looking at such huge amount the phone could end up being over a trillion euro so the problem is once you get into those sort of figures then the economies the public finances of france and germany and the major euro countries are then under threats so there's really threats and so really growth in germany in france and the conflicts could be lost in those countries well it seems that those major eurozone economies are under threat and. has admitted that this crisis is now spreading to the likes of italy and spain of course we're talking at the moment so why is it happening at the moment just how serious is it when those major economies in the euro zone are now being affected. it's extremely serious and i think to be
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honest looking at the figures i think a lot or some sort of default for italy is almost inevitable because they have to go and ask to borrow something like five hundred billion euros by the end of twenty third so you know just a particular problem at the moment because all the other major economies are trying to borrow huge amounts of funds from the markets at the same time so i really can't see any way out because we've heard in our report just angry protesters a plain decision makers of the e.u. for their troubles you agree with them. well i don't think the current decisions are making a huge amount of difference but the main problem is actually a failed experiment in itself that was instigated decades a couple of decades ago and obviously if you have a one size fits all interest rates over a huge geographical area you're going to conflate these different problems all over the region and it's going to end up in tears because it will be huge restructuring is going to rule out especially in southern europe just to make their economies bring about the competitiveness of germany and so on so really the whole system is
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fundamentally flawed to end up in tears you're saying that the eurozone could indeed collapse well actually i think if we're going to be sensible be european elites should be actually trying to work out. a responsible way for the euro to break open for countries such as greece to leave the eurozone i think in the long run that's the only way otherwise they help your economies in northern europe are going to be brought down by the whole region but isn't there an argument that this could actually perhaps strengthen a union whereby we might see further economic integration integration whereby. member countries will be told how to tax and how to spend their public expenditure where we see the whole system being centralized that could be the key to keeping all of the eurozone together couldn't it because we've seen these profits countries like italy and spain spending far too much money and actually rocking the boat. i mean there is russia this is actually a danger you would end up with a european transfer union where the richer northern countries are subsidizing
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permanently the poorest certain european countries which is what we see in existing currency unions like the u.k. where you have heard the southeast and london dies in propping up places like wells in northern ireland which basically no real economy and you can source on the european scale that would be disastrous for the healthier economy is in northern europe. germany fer out of all of this there is talk indeed that germany could be very much strengthened by this current crisis even though i don't think that's true i think you're well no because the danger is obviously if we get a transfer union then german taxpayers will have to. suddenly european neighbors also there's a danger of course with the bailout the german debt levels are going to spiral out of control and of course at the back of all that we certainly see peter de buying bonds in the danger of more printing money to get out of the crisis so there are inflationary dangers in the medium to long term from this richard wellings of the u.k. based institute of economic affairs joining us live in london thanks very much indeed
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for your time the u.n. security council has condemned escalating violence in syria demanding an end to bloodshed and is calling for internal political dialogue comes amid reports the syrian opposition stronghold of hama has been overrun by government forces with witnesses saying there have been more casualties he's made a point nor is following events at the u.n. in new york. all members of the security council adopted the presidential statement which first and foremost calls for an immediate end to all violence and urges both sides of the violence and conflict to drain immediately the security council presidential statement also condemns widespread violations of human rights and the use of force against civilians by the syrian authorities it calls on the syrian authorities to fully respect human rights and to comply with international law the un security council force is issuing this presidential statement following more
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than four and a half months of violence in syria that is when anti-government protesters first took to the streets back in mid march to call for the resignation of the syrian president now as a result of this presidential statement russia's position has been and continues to be that there should not be any overextension pressure put on the syrian government such as sanctions and the council also believe that it was better to put a statement out rather than a resolution russia has said and continues to believe that this issue should be resolved in the form of dialogue trying to get both parties to come together and speak rather than taking sides one way or another the russian ambassador to the united nations vitaly churkin said that the security council is still working under the shadow of events surrounding libya after the security council adopted a resolution allowing for a no fly zone the u.s. and european countries started what is now
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a military intervention russia china many other council members believe that the text of this resolution was taken advantage of manipulated misinterpreted and that is an event that russia china brazil india many other countries do not want to see a repetition of so this is why the security council is acting the way in which it is trying to come to a peaceful solution trying to send an international message and of course it will continue the security council to keep its eyes on the events taking place in syria . in new york the syrian opposition has dismissed a creature from president assad allowing a multi-party government system francis also reacted with skepticism but journalist neil clark says to make change happen in syria the western powers need to keep away from the country's internal affairs. opposition. to these reforms and also i think
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the international situation and the fact is that syria has been under pressure by the u.s. and its allies but really it really is and i think that one of the worries of business and had is that introducing a critic before would actually be exploited an attempt to get rid of government by backing opposition parties etc so i think the western line on syria very counterproductive what this is all about is the west trying to. come to syria i want to see who they are credit syria where you can express their opinions freely but the western policies are character productive this is a problem that syrians have to solve and nobody else it's not up to all. u.s. government anybody else trying to its appearance at the serious or. well if you've missed anything in the program here on screen you can always go to our web site you can find more stories news updates and i catch some video it on t.v. dot com it's online all the time here's a taste of what's there at the moment for you right now and the epic story from central russia and find out why a deaf and blind to the with the with talk of fire he's been pulled from the
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chamber mark in the garden like a dog. also on the website no more friendship between pupils and teachers a lot of contact with students through online networking sites comes into effect in one american state. one available on our website r t v dot com the new polish defense minister has dissolved the air force unit responsible for transporting the country's top officials it follows an investigation by walsall which concluded pilot error was the cause of a plane crash that killed late president lech kaczynski a much of the political elite polish investigators who found the crew of the presidential plane was changed as of the last minute at the last minute i should say said the poor pilot training was partly to blame for the accident and russian experts also pointed to the psychological pressure placed on the flight crew by polish officials during the landing approach the crash near the russian city of cements last april killed all ninety six passengers on board the plane. and
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palestinian women are joining the ranks of the would be suicide bombers from those who carried out atrocities they were waging war against israeli occupiers and seeking vengeance but one woman was captured before she doesn't age her device and now has a very different mission paula samir brings us the story now. this thirty seven year old palestinian mother doesn't attract much attention when she walks down the street but she's walked a long and difficult path from would be suicide bomber to peace maker it wasn't so long ago that she felt could see was planning to strap explosives to her body and blow herself up in an israeli supermarket is magic if i talk about a lot harder and tell them i needed all the equipment but they just laughed and said you're joking i said if you don't give it to me and how much will of the said think about it for a month and then they called me a month later and folky everything is ready for you. it was the second intifada a palestinian uprising and already two of she first teenage cousins had been killed
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by israeli soldiers while her brother was serving eighteen years in prison for his part in a suicide mission well i am a mother and i love my life but i wanted to do it because the israelis destroyed aristide is i wanted to destroy their arrogance female suicide bombing is relatively new in the palestinian world lofa idris a twenty eight year old divorced paramedic from ramallah became the first woman to blow herself up in jerusalem in two thousand and two ten more women have since followed in her footsteps one of them. commentators so inside and. restaurant she saw her fiance being killed in front of their eyes so she was really pushed to the back. point that she want to talk to and her life experts agree that the reasons are tribal woman to become a suicide bomber are complex his anger and bitterness towards the israeli occupation forces is also the patriarchal nature of palestinian society according
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to and not burka has written several books on the subject here woman suspected of sleeping with a man before marriage can be thrown out or even killed by the families and their rumors it doesn't have to be true but in such a society that can kill this is the way to get rid of women and through lead them spread the problem with their dignity and honor and without really their families but the irony is that while these women are held by some as martyrs many religious leaders are reluctant to send their daughters to the front line as bombers and although islam condemn suicide explain shaikh mohammed it's acceptable when fighting colonise ation and occupation if there are some groups or governments. will come to occupy our territories we are where are we have to do to fight against these invasions chief says her reasons were both political and personal she was fed up with the bombs falling around her and the
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shame that after just two years of marriage her husband had run off with another woman knife and some people come to match the plan was simple she thought was going to pretend to be pregnant and hide this with me hours of explosives and give me a maternity dress she was going to come here to natanya an israeli town not far from a home and blow herself up among israelis suicide bombing due to the kind of attack that doesn't get between children and women there is no excuse absolutely no excuse at all but her plan was foiled by palestinian informant who tipped off the israeli army chief or was same tranced and spent six years behind bars now back in. she says she regrets it and devotes her time to telling her story to both israelis and palestinians in the hope that both sides can come to greater understand the other. years later my daughter asked me who i was going to live her with and i said with
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grandma i didn't understand at the time how much she and my parents would have suffered i understand now i know have blown myself up wouldn't have changed anything the only way to peace is for israelis and palestinians to work together. a strong message from a rather surprising source policy r.t. to current. well time now to some other international stories now in our world update and french judges have on an investigation into the new international monetary fund and the private allegations she abused her power while finance minister christine lagarde intervened in a commercial battle between a french tycoon and a form of the state owned bank to approve a payment of the business when in two thousand and eight the gods of noise it was called documentary go over from the many styles can of the i.m.f. last month after he charged with attempting to rape a new york hotel name. a gunman has been spotted on the virginia tech university campus where thirty two people were killed in the two thousand and seven shooting
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and then that issued on the university's website warns that students and staff should be staying inside and locked their doors the suspect was described as wearing a blue and white striped shirt and sandals but police found no one matching that description and there are also no reports of any shots. three senior nuclear officials have been fought in japan as the country struggles to cope with the consequences of its nuclear crisis the trade minister said they would be held responsible for mishandling the fukushima plant and its problems it's exactly because of people in mental states and a major loss in the radiation is still leaking from focusing on nearly five months to the problem of quitting on me with fatal levels detected earlier this week that . china has arrested two thousand people and closed down about five thousand businesses in a major crackdown on illegal food additives after a wave of contamination scares campaign was started in april when chartered shops were supplied with bread infected with buy and pork that glowed in the dark
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inspectors look to close to six million food related businesses during months of investigation. we take you to one of russia's far flung corners where indigenous people enjoy life and the wild. today where in russia's far east on the move the region it's a place of breathtaking actual beauty wet or inspiring wilderness meets the long held traditions of the key people and there is also rich in natural resources namely gold with institutionalisation is getting harder for locals to preserve cultures others have but the polls. this week the russia closed up teen welcomes you to the far east and more region they hate it some eight thousand kilometers east of moscow a little under nine hundred thousand people are spread across this vast beautiful
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winter the majority of whom are ethnic russians living alongside them is the ancient i think people traditionally hunter gather is used to living off the lands their way of life has changed dramatically for many over the years here in the a more region as a russian place up teams been finding out. this stuff. it's a way of life that stretches back generations here in russia's far east and i think people have survived by living off the land but their numbers and culture are fading. we're out here in the depths of the a more of tiger if you look hard enough you will find evidence of the traditional hunter gatherer a bank lifestyle we were fortunate enough. to write families that have been living out here for about a month now and to day by loading up a reindeer to do for themselves own thing another part of the. past there are fewer
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and fewer places for them to go and the elders say they know we should like to move the roman wood we had lying around and it's all because of the gold miners bearings destroying the tiger which now can't even provide us with enough food they've destroyed. everything hammers and all but nothing written to me thanking you. whether a blessing or a curse i'm sure is a region abundant natural resistance and with gold currency trading and time high the pressure to produce is greater than ever and few places more so than here. russia is third largest gold miner founded in one thousand nine hundred four the joint russian british venture says. willing crease production this year by thirty three percent to some seventeen tons so here we can see the very beginnings of the gold extraction places several small holes are drilled which have been filled with
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explosives and then blasted and approximately thirty to forty thousand tons of rock will be broken out with. it's a true sense that generates a huge amounts of waste we're mining at this operation all with a grade of three grams for each ton of gulf of four well i tell them four is a million grams so i have to about one million grams three of them all particles of gold and we have to recover those three it's the proverbial needle in a haystack an equation that just does not add up to those who see the tiger as their home others are more pragmatic an inevitable consequence of living in a lucrative landscape. mining in this area working more than one hundred appears they all really need
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a lot of damage in this case this new technology center can order how topping the goal and how to store waste materials we talk with the end result. was invented in this area and not all here but i will say that most people say yes it's this gold mine will bring us more than we have before and improve our lifestyle meaning more jobs and cultural schooling on schooling programs all funded by the mining bus it's the price of perspire a seat it could spell on told environmental damage john c. centuries of i think tradition for them to extinction. alison of us are in region. well known just a few minutes we'll be talking to the former chief of russia's central bank about the origins of the crisis now plaguing the u.s. and the euro zone before that. matters with dmitri we have this update.
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hello and welcome to the business update on our see real panic on wall street happening right now we'll look at that in a minute first of all russia is extending its most ambitious privatization program since the one nine hundred ninety s. the government aims to fully sell fourteen major state companies by twenty seventeen but it will keep a golden share in six firms on the list including russia as well major ross snapped into round a large energy producer and russia's second largest bank this will give the state be abilities so i'll vote all of the shareholders if any other companies which will be sold completely include our war zone russia's biggest producer international airline aeroflot hydro electric power company ross hyder. and the new privatization plan could earn russia over two hundred billion dollars by twenty seventeen and while some analysts say the government's plan to keep a golden share could reduce the demand for russian ackwards weak spots so when the
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un from morgan stanley bank is sure sentiment will be strong. interesting phenomenon of the investors lately preferred that the company we stayed put is a policeman too in such company as for example or snow or hopefully is better by which would be a truly pasting piece for the whole group with his vision and vision of the russian government which is a jew a little of the financial sector of the us so i think it was not really the point there's a third of the mechanism of this golden share so it should be very very clearly defined even based on us understand what it is if the government understand well how it could use it then there is i don't see any problem all right let's move to the markets and as i mentioned there's a huge wave of selling off going on right now start with crude oil light sweet is below eighty nine dollars per barrel is that levels not seen since june pretty much
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this is on course a higher dollar on concerns of a slowdown in the u.s. which is affecting global demand of course and that's kind of my speculation for there was no stimulus program if we look at the stock markets in the u.s. they are nosediving the dow jones down two point six percent nasdaq more than three percent that's after jobless claims showed a decline of only one thousand last week demonstrating and acknowledging the improvement in those crucial data coming out on friday so investors are really selling off before this data european stock markets therefore ended the first day session on an extreme negative note the four c. down three point four percent the dax roy same amount they were actually up at the beginning of the session on the back of came from wall street the first session and nine which we saw on wednesday thought as you can see there nosedive idea the session the footsie was driven down by
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a banking stocks such as lloyds banking group one of the biggest losers and inmarsat it was she. adding more than twenty percent off of the communications providers and customers was switching to broadband and troops withdrawing from afghanistan are also saying things. and this is the closing picture for russia not all of that bad as we see it in europe for example but of course they caused the other yahtzee is down two point four percent my six two point one percent banks were actually faring better than the markets by bank the quine just point nine percent of the close it was never was down two point four along with other energy companies on the back of declining crude prices and ensure raul was actually gaining on not try the end of the session this is as the state concluded the company and the new privatization plan and that soul of from this edition of the business news on nazi will be back in fifteen minutes with my.
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