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in india. the. president. beatriz's. believe that the. connection. made.
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following a worldwide. by the u.s. economy. in my private conversation with the president of syria i discussed the same. if he fails to do that. syria's president. for contempt of court. if.
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a group of muslims try to. enforce tougher shari'a law in london opening a new front of multicultural tension in europe. just after six pm on friday here in the russian capital this is r.t. and a first to our breaking news this hour a ukrainian court has ordered the arrest of the high profile opposition politician and former prime minister yulia timoshenko she's been on trial since june for allegedly exceeding her authority while signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine but was during her time in office as the country's prime minister she has been arrested now for contempt of court accused of obstructing the questioning of witnesses prosecutors say her alleged crimes cost the country over
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one hundred fifty million dollars to a child who was one of the leaders of the orange revolution that later plunged the country into political chaos when the alliance broke up and we're hearing that her supporters attacked the police vehicle which took her from the court later today we'll be joined live by our correspondent in kiev for details on this developing situation now world markets are clawing back their losses but remain unstable after the sharpest fall since two thousand and eight decline raised fears of another way for the global recession and with the slowing u.s. economy and e.u. debt crisis don't you push all this following the markets from brussels. but you're a virus spreading to new countries france and belgium all next day yields have hit record highs against germany's the u.k.'s financial services authority has asked british banks to reveal how much debt they hold in belgium on fears that that country could be next italy and spain have entered crisis talks with the e.u.
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as they yield critical new highs so now you have investors pulling out of france italy and spain the. fourth largest eurozone economies and that is why the investors in the markets are panicking the moment the leaders of france spain and germany are holding an emergency teleconference to try and stop the open relative to coming out the top you have prime minister silvio berlusconi and his finance minister openly disagreeing on this solution solutions to the crisis and the e.u. president jose manuel barroso slammed on discipline communication by e.u. leaders for making the crisis worse and germany is furious at such an open attack this time when it's already critical as in europe we've seen the america really suffering and raising the debt ceiling doesn't tackle the key problem which is making the problem worse given the more debt and their economy is weak because they
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know the your the u.s. have really started to tackle that key issue yesterday was the wall street was years there was steep slumps in the share price and there are now fears that america will go back into recession which would strongly hit not just america but the whole world economy and the u.s. and europe politicians keep trying to reassure the public that everything is ok but it's investors who are really making decisions they're the ones that are pulling their money out of these markets and they're saying that they don't they don't like the situation at the moment at all. daniel bushell reporting in the meantime market geary a hong kong based executive headhunter and business consultant says that america europe's financial uncertainty is making investors look to the east. we've seen that the economies here in asia pacific have done very well over the last two to three years they survived the previous financial crisis china is looking at about
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nine percent growth this year india eight percent and don't forget indonesia at about six point five percent that's about forty five percent of the world's population these are populations that have been been growing economic wealth has been growing so there are now significant spenders on retail themselves we've seen tremendous growth in the property market particularly in china we've seen china's car market now become the world's largest car market and i think major companies are looking for growth in asia pacific and they're diverting their attention to these markets and our business of course is keeping us up to date on developments dimitri has his eye on the markets are particularly after the release of the latest u.s. unemployment report and how are the markets responding now well initially there was a very positive response serve the dow jones and the nasdaq went up more than one percent one point two percent we've seen them actually go up but right now it's all
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come back into negative territory so the dow is seeing lows of minus point six percent so it's really like a roller coaster ride belly very volatile investors being quite cautious as to opening long positions of course ahead of the weekend so they're mainly preferring cash at the moment russian market also did see a rebound almost paring all of its losses in friday's trade but right now they've come back down more than two percent losses in negative territory i'll have more on that in around fifteen minutes. or so you the. president of your death is urging syria's leader bashar al assad to kick start reforms and end the violence in his country before it's too late to retreat mature there was giving an extensive interview to r.t. as well as a. radio that is and georgian t.v. channel peak he's a preview the bear in mind the full version of the interview is coming up in about twenty minutes time here on our. unfortunately the situation in syria has taken
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a dramatic turn we real politicians should follow developments like gadhafi gave violent orders to destroy the opposition the syrian president gave no such orders unfortunately a lot of people are dying in syria this is our biggest concern in my private conversation with the president of syria and in the private letters i sent him i discussed the same ideas reforms need to be carried out he should establish peace with the opposition establish peace in the country and create a modern state if he fails to do that then a sad future awaits him and at the end of the day we'll have to make a decision we are watching the situation it is changing our guidelines are to. meanwhile antigovernment protests continue across syria despite not going crackdown by the military reports suggest at least eight more days of the assault on the city of hama continues the opposition dismissed or to create from president assad
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proposing a multi-party government system saying the violence has to end before the dialogue begins the u.s. says it's working with its allies to apply more pressure on syria with sanctions and beyond the sanctions but arab lawyer says such threats are counterproductive. need pressure international pressure on syria is producing some result is that is the action on this issue they have to make the changes that require. principally start killing people remove some of the leadership even. on the part decide on the government and on the military and i think the threat that the u.s. and france and and britain. flying to syria is very counterproductive it is not acceptable what's happening they have to have a dialogue but they are resisting falling into the same trap which we have fallen before with iraq when there will be security council said they will not invade iraq
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and they did they said in libya only we are going to have a no fly zone as it turned out to me into a war an invasion of libya. meantime there's islamic leadership tension of a very different kind in britain with hardline muslims trying to enforce shari'a law in london from abstention to. lor and it's been hearing how they want to instill their tough code on the capital. so we are here to tell you that islam. is unstoppable in europe stoning for adultery cutting off hands for stealing a death of renouncing islam this group of men is trying to enforce shari'a law in the u.k. they've started a campaign to make certain areas of london and other cities islamic law controlled zones starting with wealth of east london muslims will become on the good of being evil because of usama as an alternative to the muslim of the no muslim community
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also looking we believe that muslims kind of together trade according to the sharia was all their problems. and even police themselves to a large extent hopefully one day to have a summit governments who should have authority local security locally i do provide welfare locally choudhry and his friends are fly posting parts of london with large muslim populations they want to ban drinking gambling and playing music and they say they've got bands of young men ready to patrol and in full shari'a law by any means now that enforcement will not initially being on the level of inviting and for didn't believe that islam has the capability to be what in essentially something like pornography prostitution should do so. and by that you mean it of course i believe that the need a mosque should be run out of the area these muslims say british society is broken a little with drugs crime and prostitution because of that they firmly believe members of the communities that targeting will welcome sharia law but the word on
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the street about the campaign tells a different story comes down to if you don't like the laws of the place you live find somewhere way to appreciate the law and. things are completely legal in this country this is not indira pakistan this is our own laws people have no rights community bring their laws in here we often have a costly but trouble councillor martin. griese saying this could destroy community cohesion we've. taken down the post this assumes that because we do not want these posters around. and they have no place to move from for us citizen equality campaigners say the surest supporters shouldn't be considered a religious movement but so far right to political organization with the police to campaign designed to divide and conquer communities the danger lies in dividing people dividing communities creating mistrust and particularly among from non
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muslims towards moderate muslims i think this is part of their aim is to create mistrust so they can then turn to moderate muslims and say look everyone hates you we're your friend turn to us and it's a very very dangerous thing and it's a political tactic to increase their own power undeterred by opposition chaldron and his group plan what they see is the beginning of an islamic emirate not just of the but all over europe police have mobilized to take these posters down as fast as they appear but choudhry and his group say they formed bands of vigilante and forces to make sure syria is to all physically and in other parts of london women have already been harassed for not covering their heads if these muslims ever get their way i won't be able to dress like this on the streets of them stay or many other parts of london brussels rome and paris and it's r.t.
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well from stone loved it. and you can discover more on europe's struggle with multiculturalism online of course dot com also on our right now prison diary alleged a gun baron a victim on trial in the us gives his account of hardship times in american jails and the political dealings which may be behind the case highlights on our website. russia's envoy to nato says the alliance is preparing a military operation in violence torn syria just four months after going into mormonism to. talk. with r.t. live from moscow now about to our breaking news story here
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a ukrainian judge has ordered the arrest of a former prime minister yulia tymoshenko citing contempt of court she's been on trial since june of her alleged misuse of power while signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine. and ukrainian capital alexy it's a massive trial to how did it come to this point. well we understand the latest decision by the judge who is supervising this case with leading this case that's good some of the countries ukraine's former prime minister placed under arrest before that she was simply forbid him to leave the country now the trial will continue with her being in the detention center behind bars now indeed the atmosphere in and outside the court building here in kiev has been completely electrifying over the past month or so these supporters of you to mexico several hundred of them have been gathering here voicing their protest against what they describe as a politicized case and indeed today the scenes were pretty much reminding of all too familiar scenes from ukraine's parliament several years back fighting
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accusations all this has been the picture of today from inside the courtroom from inside the court building indeed when the former prime minister was taking out of the court building and was put into the armored vehicle which was to transport her to a detention center these supporters of some of them good it included the deputies of the parliament attacked the. and tried to block its way but clearly the policeman made sure that the bus normally. as we understand is now delivered to the detention center still the rally here continues with the supporters trying to voice their voice their discontent voice their protest against this decision and i'd like to remind the viewers that has been on the trial for the last month or so accused of many different economic crimes including striking unlawful gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine and the unlawful use of money received from the kyoto
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protocol several years back so indeed this is the biggest case in ukraine for the last several years or so when we are observing it and this is some interesting point with being placed on the rest that. we can hear the noise behind you and emotion certainly running high there in the capital but i take us back if you will to the situation in ukraine ukraine two years ago was very different tell us what was going on politically back that. well it certainly is a great fall from grace for the woman who was once considered to be one of the most influential politicians in the world just eighteen months ago you became a center was ukraine's prime minister now she can find she can easily become the country's most high profile. back in the times when she was at power in the range of government as the prime minister had two spells in fact as prime minister ever since the two thousand and five orange revolution those were the times of political chaos constant. political fighting between her and the president and the gas deals
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with russia which is now she's being accused of striking illegally happened in those times certainly those were the turbulent times now with a new power here in ukraine the power itself seems to be the power structure seems to be more or less stable but clearly this new power led by present in the party of regions made it clear that he. is a criminal and they believe she is she is going to blow. for huge loss of money from the ukrainian budget that is hundreds of billions of dollars and that is why this case is happening right now i would have to see how it plays out in. life and thank you. now the u.n. has given it russia access to what's thought to be the planet's biggest gold and copper fields for exploration but it won't come easy they lie in the deep sea deposits of the mid atlantic ridge are going to go as details of this deal. russia has fifteen years to explore the. mid atlantic ridge in order to find
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out whether indeed this is spec to gold and copper or are in fact contained there and if the research proves to be successful if they do find a war in the mid atlantic ridge that that means i should get the priority in the development of that field but this has never been done before no country has ever applied for the development of the seabed enter in international waters until last year china has decided that they wanted to ask for permission to research for any potential valuable materials in the in the seabed off the indian ocean so this of course brought forth a many opportunities for other countries who are interested in develop development of such resources particularly for russia there is the arctic the arctic sea russia is very interested in possible developments of a well and gas resource there in fact russia has for quite some time has been trying to prove that the alone awesome bridge in the arctic sea is in fact
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a continuation of russia's continental shelf and if they do prove that that in fact is the case if other countries agree with russia that that means russia will get to develop the possible incredibly rich oil and gas resources in that field of course russia has to compete with other countries who are also vying for the for the peace of the arctic by in those countries of course are canada the united states denmark norway and interestingly enough china. is a really good reporting right now it's twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow to check out some of the international headlines for you libya's government has described reports that the youngest son of moammar gadhafi was killed in a nato airstrike dirty trick rebels claim that twenty eight year old a comment was among the thirty two who died in the road which the alliance says targeted in a munition depot and a military police were still if you know a town southeast of tripoli in may one of could have used other sons was killed
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along with three grandchildren when a nato bomb hit the house they were. thailand has its first ever female head of government. has been elected prime minister after her party secured a parliamentary majority she is the sister of former prime minister thaksin shinawatra who was overthrown in a military coup five years ago he was charged with corruption and fled the country but there's speculation he might try a comeback now that his sister is in charge. but i don't know one of russia's most remote corners where integration with china knows no boundaries. anywhere in the far eastern region it's a remote but rich area holding that russia's largest gold reserves and its russia's most eastern economic outpost making the most of its proximity to china as artie's
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alice hit found out. a very warm welcome to this edition of russia place out this week coming to you from the all moot region situated in the very full of this reaches of russia's far respect thousands of kilometers away from you in moscow but to me of like that it's by popes from china and all surprisingly the influence of china and its culture is everywhere here. high heels and a hard hat it's not a look many women can pull off but then lily white on arrests or if she prefers to be called in russia is no ordinary woman having first arrived in a mall as an interpreter in the early ninety's she and her family worked their way up from running a small cafe to owning this large construction company. and spread across the region's capital blagoveshchensk no fewer than four large chinese restaurants full most nights and serving up the taste of the orient to russian dinah's it's an impressive pool failure and one that the mother of two says she
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couldn't have built in china if you. use the good of it i saw an opportunity to create something here russia needs skilled laborers and with china being so close and easy access to chinese goods and equipment and are ready workforce. new research is just one of a growing band of successful chinese entrepreneurs operating in russia's far east where a river is all that separates the two countries easy proximity coupled with favorable visa regulations continues to inspire thousands of chinese workers people like sucha to flock across the border every year his is a tried and tested business model selling cheap chinese clays. so whether it's a pair of a trendy train is that your raft or perhaps the design of fungal says this is where the people of blagoveshchensk head to pick up a bargain we're inside the chinese market which then the center of town and of
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course everything and. beth the label made in china and all the sellers also come from something that let me tell you it's absolutely packed in fights here and the party is like this every single day so clearly business is booming. i've been here for three years i left china has there weren't enough jobs things are going well here you can get things really cheap here which is great if you've got a large family the quality varies hugely but on balance i think we're lucky to have chinese traders here russian goods just can't compete on pricing. and by hopping on one of the many packed ferries that cross the more river every day russian consumers can enjoy an even more authentic chinese shopping experience audi is with a slight slavic flavor thank you for a bargain and in the process help to fuel the chinese economy it's led some to fear that russia's far east is being exploited by its entrepreneurial neighbor.
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worthless a pessimist revel in self pity at the sight of china forging ahead while optimists think of ways to develop like a version of the same pace using chinese expertise capital and labor because i believe our region is hugely fortunate to go to china if we compare our city to others in russia we're much better off in almost every respect i was told of extensive plans for more joint ventures and grace integration between the two countries as far as government is concerned its relationship westra. you're standing here on the a more coastline it's a mere five minutes by boat across to china so close you always feel that you can reach out and touch it and people living here say that they've been witness to the phenomenal pace of development along the high pick representative of the growth of the chinese economy as a whole and its influence here in russia alison bit more to region. or
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a topic to update us shortly with latest news stories here with a bit of a time for the business news with dmitri. and as we move welcome to business r t the u.s. markets see sawing even after a positive jobs report payrolls in the u.s. rose by one hundred seventeen thousand workers after a meager forty six thousand increase in june of stronger than expected report sparked a rebound but that hasn't so far continued peter weston from its own capital believes what we've been seeing is a relief rally and logical downturn i think that what you're seeing is it's proving that the the u.s. economy is still growing but not more than that. still people are worried about the recession i think we're just seeing the market rebound is really investors clinging on to a little piece of good news in this kind of environment so i don't think that we should read anything. into it too soon to say. people were watching the coming data
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very closely and the issues that were the negative issues that were there yesterday are still there today it's just a little bit of sort of a little bit of a golden lining if you want this is what we call a relief rally which easily can turn south again if you see something coming out of spain and italy or anything else coming out of us very slowly returning downwards again he's a western there with his comments well global indices are fluctuating manoj ladwa are from e.t.f. capital group says russian markets are likely to be the first in line to see an upswing. russia has had a fantastic run look at the. great run over the last few weeks or so is slowly start to come off but it's coming off from the highs and with the increased amount of exposure to us that with a high amount of exposure to the oil and gas markets i feel there is near term downside for for russian it would cease to be had but when the recovery comes it will come at some point then the russian market does seem very well positioned to
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benefit quite significantly from its. move to the markets now starting with oil and it's making somewhat of a comeback though actually started with gold it's up forty seven cents this hour silver up marginally twenty cents and this is because of course these precious metals have traditionally been a safe haven assets at times of volatility. so move now to the u.s. markets they're seeing a roller coaster trade on friday after an issue upswing from the jobs report the dow jones a did actually descend into negative territory down point six percent at one point now up point four percent tech stocks under pressure nasdaq up just point one percent microsoft being one of the biggest drags to move over to europe and things that haven't changed the very much up to the opening of the u.s. market so. that it's both down one point nine percent banks among the worst performers today royal bank of scotland did see
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a decline of around twenty one percent in just friday's session but has recovered since that's after a second quarter loss. markets in russia have got just fifteen minutes to go and the r.t.s. is showing one of the biggest losses this year or more than three percent this down one point eight percent dragging on the markets energy shares gas from and of course now some of the worst performers again. from down two point nine percent growth next two percent and one quarter. it's coming down to a low it's not seen since december after the world plunged in the previous session that's on speculation fuel demand will fall to financial stocks also in the pressure on one of the biggest losers and we will be back in fifty minutes time to bring you an update to bring you the closing figures for the russian markets join me then again.


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