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the gateway to the ground imperial tried to talk to us the bush coromandel. socialist good to see don't need to go and. read this in the kennel was hotel retreat. for labs and deja vu markets struggle to recover losses following a worldwide plunge off to being spooked by the weakening u.s. economy and the e.u. debts. in my private conversations with the president of syria i discussed the same ideas the reforms need to be carried out if he fails to do that in a sound future awaits. president medvedev ones syria's president says at least ten people were killed in new mass protests following friday prayers. and the former ukrainian prime minister yulia timoshenko was arrested for contempt of court during her gas field trial sparking all the rest.
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international news and comment this is r.t. live in moscow just turned eleven pm here in the russian capital world markets clearing back their losses but remaining unstable after the sharpest fall since two thousand and eight that decline raised fears of another wave of the global recession amid the slowing u.s. economy and a huge debt crisis daniel bushell is following the markets from brussels. bravura spreading to new countries france and belgium next have hit record highs against germany's. services authority has asked british banks to reveal how much debt they hold in belgium on fears that that country could be next italy and spain have entered crisis talks with the e.u. as they yield critical of you guys so now you have investors pulling out of france
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italy and spain in the second and fourth largest eurozone economies and that is why the investors and the markets are panicking the moment the leaders of france spain and germany are holding an emergency teleconference to try and stop the open rails and coming out at the top you have italian prime minister silvio berlusconi and his finance minister openly disagreeing on this solution solutions to the crisis and the e.u. president jose manuel barroso slammed on discipline communication by e.u. leaders for making the crisis worse and germany is furious at such an open attack this time when it's already critical as in europe we've seen america really suffering and raising doesn't tackle the key problem which is making the problem worse giving them more and that their economy is weak because they know the you're
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the u.s. are really starting to tackle that key issue yesterday was the wall street was years there was steep slumps in the share price and there are now fears that america will go back into recession which would strongly hit not just america but the whole world economy and the u.s. and europe politicians keep trying to reassure the public that everything is ok but it's investors who are really making decisions they're the ones that are pulling their money out of these markets and they're saying that they don't like the situation at the moment at all. and it will there and economic analyst michael ross says the market panic we witnessed was triggered by politicians who were not dealing properly with debt i tell you one thing this is not a normal crisis and this was not a normal question that we had this week. it was the beginning of the end what is the illness that has three get all these problems the illness is called dead western nations over debt they lose their credibility and what happens when they
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lose their credibility then banks are going bankrupt and i'll tell you another thing only in a short time all banks all of the most important banks world wife in the western world will be taken over by a government by the government and another thing it's not the discussion of the euro and the debt in europe this is of course it problematic issue it was the discussion about the debt ceiling in united states that triggered this mess everybody knows are also my grandmother but the problem you know is not solved when they. called up the debt ceiling we are in very very big problems and i don't cannot see any solution at all take experts to call it also a problem all the only cure they don't know is to produce not direct but that is already. the issue of this crisis is already the cause of this crisis so how can you solve this crisis with moderates so i don't see any solution. this is r.t.
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life here in moscow still ahead this hour. islam and the sure you know it is unsolvable in europe a group of hardline muslims tried to enforce tougher surely a law in london opening a new front of multicultural tension in europe. close up the troubles to the the region on china's doorstep and discovers how russian and chinese culture intertwine mists of the few minutes way beyond what. the first president did it is urging syria's leader bashar al assad to kick start reforms and end the violence in his country before it's too late dmitri medvedev was giving an extensive interview to r.t. as well as muscovy radio one georgian t.v. channel peak is a preview for you and the full version of that interview is coming up in about an hour from now. a lot of cities unfortunately the situation in syria has taken
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a dramatic turn we real politicians should follow developments but gadhafi gave violent orders to destroy the opposition the syrian president gave no such orders unfortunately a lot of people are dying in syria this is our biggest concern in my private conversation with the president of syria and in the private letters i sent him i discussed the same ideals refrains need to be carried out but you should establish peace with your position establish peace in the country create a smoking state if he fails to do that then a sad future awaits all of that at the end of the day we'll have to make a decision we are watching the situation it is changing our guidelines are to the with doing and i mean while antigovernment protests continue across syria despite an ongoing crackdown by the military reports suggest at least thirteen more protesters have been killed nationwide as the assault on the city of hama continues as is the opposition dismissed a decree from president assad opposing a multi-party government system saying the violence has to end before donald begin
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his international pressure is growing on the syrian leadership to stop the violence with the usa it's working to find new ways to try and influence the situation beyond sanctions. and islamic leadership tension of a very different kind in britain with hardline muslims trying to enforce sharia law in london from abstention to amputation auntie's law and it's been airing help they want to instill their tough code in the capital. so we are here to tell you that a slum. is unstoppable in europe stoning for adultery cutting off hands for stealing death renouncing islam this group of men is trying to enforce shari'a law in the u.k. they started a campaign to make certain areas of london and all the cities islamic law controlled zones starting withdrawal from stone east london mostly to be fairly good of being evil because of these numbers were targeted to the muslim and all
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muslim communities ozomatli you believe the muslims kind of together trade according to the sharia was all the problems all the british area and even police themselves to a large extent hopefully one day to have a summit governments which will have a policy locally security locally and you provide water locally choudhry and his friends all fly posting parts of london with large muslim populations they want to ban drinking gambling and play music and they say they've got bands of young men ready to patrol and in full shari'a law by any means now that enforcement will not initially be in on the level of inviting and feeling badly but if someone has a capability to the beast what do you say should be so easily like pornography situation he should do so. by that week because of course i believe that the need a mosque should be run out of the area he's muslim say british society is broken a little with drugs crime and prostitution because of that they firmly believe
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members of the communities that targeting will welcome sharia law but the word of the street about the campaign tells a different story comes to answer it is a lot a lot of the place you live find somewhere way to appreciate the locals and all of these things a completely legal in this country this is not india pakistan this is england because our own laws people have the rights commuting their laws in here well i think now the cost of people travel but councillor martin. griese they could destroy community cohesion we've. taken them. because we do not want these posters around. and they have no place in for us this is an equality campaign is real support this shouldn't be considered a religious movement it was a right political organization with a place to campaign designed to divide and conquer communities the danger lies in
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dividing people dividing communities creating mistrust and particularly among from non muslims towards moderate muslims i think this is part of their aim is to create mistrust so they can then turn to moderate muslims and say look everyone hates you we're your friend turn to us i mean it's a very very dangerous thing and it's a political tactic to increase their own power undeterred by opposition. group plan what they see is the beginning of an islamic emirate not just to be. over europe police have mobilized to take these posters down as fast as they appear but choudhry and his group say they formed bands of vigilante and forces to make sure syria is. all physically and in other parts of london women have already been harassed for not covering their heads if these muslims ever get their way i won't be able to dress like this on the streets of them stay or many other parts of london brussels rome and paris and it's r.t.
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well some story london. filreis is a writer on terrorism and political violence and he told me earlier that he thinks he called britain's government doesn't treat pain as seriously messages coming dangerous. of course he takes a very literal reading of the qur'an and the literal understanding of sharia law and i think this goes to the heart of the problem for islam power throughout the world and indeed for the muslims in the predominately non muslim countries how do they interpret god's alice in laws as presented as revealed in the holy text and i think you know there is a real to break their new fact is someone who is prepared to take on this debate but the trouble is that it's never really discussed on a serious level because it is considered so outrageous and you know then it creates then the opposite of that which is non muslims in britain saying rest locked him up these people are dangerous so unfortunately what he's done is he's trivialize the
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debate which is a very serious one for muslims but it was an engine trousering is group that triggered the formation of the english defense league in a town north of london called looping so actually you know why i know them and consider them i mean i've always talked to them and we like the flintstones the way they behave but indeed because their messages can be amplified by the media all around the world this has some very very serious consequences but it's increasingly it's like the english defense league and perhaps even you know fly a string of events treating people like i'm describing in norway and so you've got people saying well we have a right to do that because look at these people look at these radical muslims so in a way the idea is there are dangerous and i think people are going to rein back and start having maturity debate of some of the issues beneath what what i'm talking about. filreis talking to a little earlier here on r t coming your way in just a few minutes from now complicit or not as a top secret documents suggest british intelligence agents were involved in torture
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in prisons for nearly a decade we talked to a former guantanamo detainee to find out what he went through. and also dig deep is russia has given one of the biggest gold and copper fields for exploration bodies are ridiculous code takes a look at what it could mean for the. unrest has broken out in central kiev after a ukrainian judge all of the rest a former prime minister yulia tymoshenko citing contempt of court she's been on trial since june over alleged misuse of power while signing gas deals with russia in two thousand and nine. has more now from the ukrainian capital. but this isn't by judge in the key of course rule documents in the central ukraine's former prime minister is now placed under arrest i'll be forgot she was forbidden to leave the country now she is taken to a detention center and that's where she will spend her time until the trial comes
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to and then certainly the atmosphere inside and outside of the court building here in central kiev has been electrifying over the past several weeks or so ever since the trial started in june supporters of units of a second have been flocking here several hundred of them are now here protesting the decision which they believe was politicized and the case itself they believe to be straight there by the country's president because again according to the atmosphere inside the courtroom reminded of the chaotic times in ukraine's politics when there were sporadic fights in ukraine's parliament fights pushing and shoving accusations those scenes we've seen inside the courtroom for the past several weeks today it certainly was the culmination when the judge ruled that so much franco was to be placed under arrest supporters of the former prime minister as well as several deputies though because this bomb and tried to blow the armored vehicle which was to take out from the building to the detention center they in fact blocked this census but then the policeman managed to disperse the crowd and the
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bus started to move with no problems whatsoever. british intelligence services of allegedly been violating international law for almost a decade leach top secret documents just agents were involved in the torture of prisoners held in a seize the policy was reportedly first implemented in two thousand and two in afghanistan was a big who spent three years in guantanamo and on the prisons says he himself witnessed british intelligence agents being complicit. they were physically present when i was being abused they saw my homes and my pockets while my lecture hall they saw guns pointed at me i lose subject to the sounds of women screaming i was little my wife being tortured i am completely one hundred percent sure that i would not have gone to the on time altered background had it not been for the involvement of british intelligence services i am head of an organization called page business in which we have been campaigning for people to take that charge of trial by the us we
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have highlighted over thirty cases that include syria egypt bangladesh morocco pakistan in which british intelligence services have been involved in or have been complicit where people have been abused in these countries and we have offered this information to the critics can taranaki you can the policy advisor for amnesty international in london says the inquiry announced into the torture allegations is fundamentally flawed and there are a few key reasons why the inquiry is unable to do its job properly and the thrust of these is the rather shocking level of secrecy that surrounded the inquiry much of the inquiry is going to take place behind closed doors and no information will be released to the public without the say so of the government which is very worrying for an inquiry they're supposed to be getting information to the public about about what's been going on very much hope that they will see that there will still be an inquiry which is open and fair and transparent and i think if that
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there is a full open inquiry and lessons are learned from that and the u.k. can restore its reputation in the world by then making sure that why doesn't the future learn from the lessons of the parts. you can always find more on all the stories we're covering at the moment on our website in addition to what you see here on screen t.v. god can also picture galleries blogs and expert analysis waiting for you then it's a quick look ahead to what's lined up there for the moment should you log on right now prison dari alleged going viral victim boots on trial in the u.s. gives us his account of whole chicken tie in american jails and the political of the news which may be behind his case highlights on the web sites and also. russia's envoy to nato says the alliance is preparing a military operation involving still in syria just four months after going into libya for more of his interview log on to the website it is dot com.
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please. the un's given russia access to what's called to be the planet's biggest gold and copper fields for exploration but it won't come easy they know in the deep sea deposits of the mid atlantic ridge not easily negotiator has the details of the deal. russia has fifteen years to explore the the. mid atlantic ridge in order to find out whether indeed to suspect its gold and copper ore are in fact contained there and if the research proves to be successful if they do find or in the mid atlantic raise that that means i should give the priority in the development of that field but this has never been done before no country has ever applied for the development of the office seabed interest in international waters until last year china has decided that they wanted to ask for
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permission to research for any potential valuable material in the seabed off the indian ocean so this of course brought forth a many opportunities for other countries who are interested in the village development of such resources particularly for russia there's the the arctic the arctic sea russia is very interested in possible development of a well and gas resource there in fact russia has for quite some time has been trying to prove that the alone also a bridge in the arctic sea is in fact the continuation of russia's continental shelf and if they do prove that that in fact is the case of other countries agree with russia that that means russia will get to develop the possible incredibly rich oil and gas resources in that field of course russia has to compete with other countries who are also vying for the for the peace of the arctic by in those countries of course are canada the united states denmark norway and interestingly
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enough china. and look at some other international headlines in our world update this libya's government has described reports that the youngest son of normal going to africa was killed in a nato air strike as a dirty trick and here rebels claim the twenty eight year old good athlete was among the thirty two who died in the raid which the alliance says targeted an ammunition depot military police facility in the town southeast of tripoli in may what about his other sons was killed along with three grandchildren when a nato bomb hit a house they were in. thailand has its first ever female head of government you look a lot has been elected prime minister after her party secured a parliamentary majority she is the sister of former pm taksin shit and once he was overthrown in a military coup five years ago he was charged with corruption and fled the country i respect a racially might try to come back now his sister is in charge. disappear
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off to one of russia's remote is corners where integration with china knows no boundaries. today were in the far eastern region it's a remote rich area holding russia's largest gold reserves and is russia's most eastern economic held post and there is making the most of its proximity to china as artie's answer but found out. a very warm welcome to this edition of russia place out this week coming to you from the amour region situated in the very cold this reaches of buses for weeks with thousands of kilometers away from you in moscow but to me of like minutes by folks from china and all surprisingly the influence of chile or its culture is everywhere here. high heels and a hot house is not a look many women can pull off but then little one on arrest or if she prefers to
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be called in russia is no ordinary woman having first arrived in a mall as an interpreter in the early ninety's she and her family worked their way up from running a small cafe churning this large construction company. and spread across the region's capital blagoveshchensk no fewer than four large chinese restaurants full most nights and serving up the taste of the orient to russian sina's it's an impressive pool for you and one that the mother of two says she couldn't build in china you. just said i saw an opportunity to create something here russia needs skilled laborers and with china being so close and easy arsonist a chinese goods equipment and a ready workforce. merissa or is just one of a growing band successful chinese entrepreneurs operating and russia's far east where a river is one will that separates the two countries easy proximity coupled with
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favorable visa regulations continues to inspire thousands of chinese workers people like sunshine to flock across the border every year his is a tried and tested business model selling cheap chinese grades. so whether it's a pair of a trendy trainers that you're off to or perhaps the most designer sunglasses this is where the people of like aggressive heads to pick up all get more inside the chinese market which then the sense of town and of course everything inside here bad the label made in china and all the sellers also called from china and let me tell you it's absolutely perfect in fights here and how it's like this every single day so clearly business is booming. i've been here for three years and that china is the one to not jobs things are going well here you can get things really cheap here which is great if you've got a large family the quality varies hugely but on balance i think we're lucky to have
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chinese traders here russian goods just can't compete on price and. by hopping on one of the many packed ferries that cross the river every day russian consumers can enjoy an even more well frantic chinese shopping experience. the is a fine slavic flavor thank you for parking and the process helps you feel the chinese economy it's less sons of fear that russians far east is being exploited spines entrepreneurial neva dismissed the church or the city missed revel in self-pity at the sight of china forging ahead while not to miss think of ways to develop like a version of the same pace using chinese expertise capital and labor but i believe our region is hugely fortunate to go to china if we compare our city to others in russia we're much better off in almost every respect i was told of extensive plans for more joint ventures and great integration between the two countries as far as
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government is concerned its relationship. with downs in here on the a more couth line it's a mere five minutes by boat across to china so close you always feel that you can reach out and touch it and people living here feed that they've been witness to the phenomenal pace of development along the high paying sly representative of the growth of the chinese economy as a whole and its influence here in russia alison a bit more regional. along the way shortly a recap of our top stories with me in just a couple of minutes before that though the latest business with the me from. where are you and welcome to business our team markets around the globe are seesawing even after a positive jobs report in the u.s. payrolls rose by one hundred seventeen thousand workers after a meager forty six thousand increase in june
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a stronger than expected report spot the rebound for confidence seems fragile piece of western from ads on capital believes what we've seen or what we've been seeing is a relief rally and logical doubt that. i think what you're seeing is it's proving that the us economy is still growing but a lot more than that. still people are worried about a recession i think what you're seeing the market rebound is really investors clinging on to a little piece of good news in this kind of environment so i don't think you should read anything into yet it's too soon to say and people were watching the coming data very closely and the issues that were the negative issues that were there yesterday are still there today it's just a little bit of sort of little golden lining if you want this is what we call a relief rally which is easily can turn south again if you see something coming out of spain and italy or anything else coming out of us very easily returning downwards again. must now move to the stock markets and russia joined the panic
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across international trading rules your theory is down three percent my sixty two percent lower friday bringing the overall weekly lost eight and a half and seven percent respectively so we're going to get some of the individual moves on them i say examine g.e. majors among the worst performers on low will prices gas core musing almost three percent growth in after two and a half percent of its lowest level since december after the world plunged in new york that's all speculation of fuel demand will falter financial stocks were also under pressure and telecommunications company rose telecom was one of the worst trading stocks down three point four percent. from global in a season fluctuating when i was a law firm he acts capital group says russian markets are likely to be the first to see an upswing. russia has had a fantastic run look at the my six is that it is not a great run over the last few weeks or so is slowly start to come off but it is coming off from the highs and with the increased amount of exposure to us that with
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x. with a high amount of exposure to the oil and gas market i feel that there is near downside for the russian it will cease to be had but when the recovery comes it will come at some point then the russian market does seem very well positioned to benefit quite significantly from its. that's on the business team for now come next summer and see the headlines.
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this used to be an ideal place for a holiday. to change in a moment. the wounds of war are still visible. the republic is not only relieved but also shaping the future. wealthy british style. sometimes it's priceless money. markets why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy in the kinds of reports on r t.


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