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six thirty am in moscow were reviewing the week's top stories here on r t the u.s. stripped of its prized aaa credit rating for the first time triggering fears of another global financial crisis as investors are ready for a black monday asian markets have opened and gone into negative territory. in the eurozone debt woes provoked a turbulent week with european central bankers now agreeing to buy italian and spanish bonds to stop the rot in brussels is concerned if italy's economy fails it would be too big to rescue and could drag the whole currency down with it. plus
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demonstrations in israel as a quarter of a million protesters demand the government drive down the cost of living or go prime minister netanyahu has set up a team to look at reducing taxes but the opposition says he's trying to end the protests and not deal with the underlying issues. and artie's in the republic of south ossetia marking three years since the conflict with georgia devastated the region but brought about recognition from oriel services being held in the capital city hall for the victims of the conflict. on the eve of that anniversary president medvedev spoke with r t r with at home must be radio when georgian t.v. channel peak about what action he took and the legacy of his decisions interview coming up. that's a question that mr president thank you very much for agreeing to answer our questions then let us go back to the events of two thousand and eight that then you met with the georgian president mikheil saakashvili your meeting took place in st
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petersburg and there was an impression that points both into casey and in moscow that we had arrived at some sort of an accord and the dispute would not be allowed to pile over into an armed conflict and i reiterate that this feelings present both in moscow and its p.c. could you tell us that he managed to agree on anything with the georgian president back then. the question you know catherine i had the same impression at the time i can still recall meeting president saakashvili for the first time it was in some petersburg we met in the constantine palace and mr secretary arrived i told him literally little you know there are many problems in the region at the moment georgia is at odds with these unrecognized states but i can assure you that as a newly elected president of russia i shall do everything in my capacity to help him find some compromise solution that would accommodate everyone and would eventually facilitate a reintegration of georgian territory that's acceptable for all the parties and gauge a negotiation naturally couples but this is what i told her word for word and his
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response was spot of course we are ready to cooperate and i also have this impression where we could at least try to find some creative solutions if not a new chapter entirely but first of all there was an opportunity to meet on a regular basis which i can tell you earnestly i spent the next month checking regularly for any feedback from our georgian counterparts there was no way. the same time georgia was getting more and more visits from envoys from across the ocean but as they would be double speak with the moment of truth for me as i realized later while analyzing those events in hindsight over and over again came with a visit by u.s. secretary of state connelly's of rice fields with lang following that visit my georgian colleague simply dropped. all communication with us he simply stopped talking to us he stopped writing letters and making phone calls it was apparent that he had some new plans now and most plan to reimplement it later but mr
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president am i correct to assume that the way you see a visit by the u.s. secretary of state was meant to urge president saakashvili into the country do you think the united states was deliberately encouraging georgia to pursue a conflict with almost no i don't think so the united states is a very large country headed by pragmatic people but in politics connotations a nuance is a very important as it is i don't believe the american served george as president to reinvade but i do believe that there were certain subtleties and certain hints made statements like it's time to restore constitutional order or it's time to be more assertive which could effectively feed saakashvili as a parent hopes the b. americans would back him in any conflict that they would stand up for georgia and even go to war with the russians therefore i do see a relation between ms rice's visit to georgia and the events that followed just as i see a link in my further discussions with the u.s. president our phone conversation and then also some meetings. over one more
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question in here of that they still believe that while russia's initial response was legitimate self-defense the further actions of the russian troops were excessive why wasn't it an option to push the georgian forces out of the set yet and stop at that point to. cause later. you know so feet people are free to make speculation like that and i have come across the many times to try putting yourself in the shoes of russia's commander in chief my shoes that is for sure we could have merely forced them out and stop there but what we're hearing from georgia we should fall back to our initial position and our american friends and their allies will help us rearm get our new aircraft and whatnot and then we should resume the same offensive with any. to figure out the world we're letting them do that would have been a crime against the memory of those who died protecting their land and therefore our mission at the time was to destroy georgia's war machine so that if you
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wouldn't be able to target civilians as setia at cartier and the russian federation because as you know it's all mixed there but i was there when i left it at that time you looked at them. surprised us that you were referring to the peace and force ones operation and i keep thinking back to today libya and syria when do you consider it acceptable to stick. to russia now for deciding whether it's ok to launch a missile was when we should got that there is russia billion to get out and leave and here it is imposing sanctions against syria how do you accommodate your decisions in georgia back then and russia's stance on today's prices ocean figure you see alexey it's always case by case there are no identical countries and there are no identical solutions i guess it's clear to you what is going on in libya so there's a man who has been running the country for forty years and at some point he decided to use force against his own people this was condemned by the entire international community including russia which is we're not taking any part in the military
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campaign reza few nations are attempting to instill order in libya through military means we don't think it's the point thing to do but there is one nuance you should keep in mind there had been split into three parts by the time of the war with them it should have been about pulling the country back together for them with rather than merely restoring constitutional order i don't read libya is still in one piece such a risk does exist for libya but so far parties in the conflict ending the so-called rebels in the program daphne forces have pledged that preserve their country's territorial integrity so the situations are quite different however i'm not saying this to explain how we make decisions or i'm merely trying to demonstrate that all of these situations and scenarios are totally diverse. this goes for other countries as well. i think what about syria and egypt syria syria is a more complex issue but sadly their situation has been unfolding in a very dramatic way so far that much all of us practical politician should keep
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a close watch on the developments in that country but gadhafi for one had issued unequivocal orders to slaughter opposition activists by contrast syria's president never ordered anything like that unfortunately people are dying in syria in grave numbers and that arouses our deepest concern therefore in my discussions with president assad during our personal conversation was planted in our correspondence as i've been advocating one principle i hear that he should immediately long for reforms reconcile with the opposition restore civil order and start developing a modern state should he fail to do that he's in for a grim faced with and we will eventually have to take some decisions on syria to actually we've been watching developments very attentively the situation is changing and so what are objective on the menu yes and that's that's that's that's this is a look at some of the numbers in the wake of the war in two thousand and eight
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russian envoys and the representatives of south a set is de facto government argue that the fighting in sindh valley that claimed two thousand lives that was the number that was announced that later on russia's investigative committee estimate of the casualties it's no more than one hundred fifty people meanwhile it was this alleged toll of two thousand serbs on the main reasons for not showing the so-called peace enforcement operation how would you counsel this discrepancy now three years after that i will. bring you more. commits of whom i have explained by rationale for taking out a decision on the university cajuns you see i didn't go get any figures from his nation this isn't exactly a case for mathematics ignore the words let me remind you what was going on the acts that were on the night between. the seventh and it's the eighth well i received a phone call from the defense minister after i was on vacation at the time sailing down the volga river and the whole world was looking forward to the olympics that were about to take off in china but minister told me that georgia had launched
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a full scale combat operation to be honest my initial reaction was complete damsels that i told the minister we should check this but in the sack is really completely out of his knowledge that maybe it's just a provocative act i say the stress test blow your settings so they try to send us some kind of message and i will later the minister reported to me this is no bluff they've got an all out artillery barrage and they're using grad rocket launchers and whatnot i said all right i'll wait for another update or some more time if asked and the minister called again i have something to tell you i believe they've just leveled the ten full of our peacekeepers killing every one of them what was i supposed to do i said return fire and shoot to kill no figures have been announced at that point. mr president you said you gave the order to return fire that are the operation continued after the heavy weapons rolled in and the conflict zone due to an all out war could you tell us about how you made the decision to continue to
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operation and another question that all our colleagues would like answered who called whom first did you call prime minister putin in beijing first or did he call you how did you and the prime minister called me to move. with him so the first time i contacted him about a conflict was about twenty four hours after it had broken out that what was going well was already ablaze or what mr putin just made a statement condemning tbilisi's move that was the right thing to do of course but we spoke twenty four hours after the attack over a secure line you understand it's not very appropriate to discuss matters like this by cell phone it's also a lot of trouble to establish a secure line with someone who's in a different country that we taught and we talk more when he came back but even before his return i called a meeting. the security council i explained my position my decision to return fire and engage in conflict the security council members voiced their support for my decision sometime later we had a meeting in subject which mr putin attended i don't want anything on the question
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of russia's accession to the world trade organization is very relevant these days russia wants into the dot the w c o wants russian and problem as far as we understand is that george was blocking russia's expression it is the only country that's not in favor of russia joining the w c l oh yes there's been talk about georgia agreeing to agree to russia's succession if russia lifts its in-car go on the import of georgian goods or make some other concessions is russia willing to barter for it and what is your take on the prospect of russia joining the company t n. that was very well put the one point i don't want to do is carter for it that would be immoral a moderate georgia has a position on russia's w t o a session we respect that position as we respect the stance of any other sovereign state as long as that position is in line with the goal set out in the w t o's charter trade trade preferences custom regimes are we
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ready to discuss it all the imports of wine and mineral water we will discuss anything but the problem is something else in essence our colleagues in georgia a trying to force us a new edition of the political problem under the guise of w t o a session i'm referring to entry points control over the traffic of goods and they will want to get the e.u. involved our position on this is clear if you want information about the traffic of goods including transit for abkhazia and south or setia we will provide it via a modern electronic database i've agreed to the suggestions made by the swiss president to go to this and i recently discussed it with president obama we're ready to implement the model that switzerland has proposed to us however if they try to change current. the tickle reality serving as a prerequisite for russia after the cio session we won't fall for that. cio essentially is not too high a price to pay thank you very much mr president. please
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. just simply. say. wealthy british style.
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markets see. what's really happening to the global economy for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines to cause the reports. the week's top stories here on our team of the u.s. trip if it's prized aaa credit rating for the first time triggering fears of another global financial crisis has investors ready for monday asian markets have opened and immediately got into negative territory. in the euro zone debt woes provoking a turbulent week with european central bankers now agreeing to apply italian and spanish bonds to stop the rot in brussels he's worried if it will ease economy. fails it would be too big to rescue and could drag the old currency down with it. plus demonstrations in israel as a quarter of a million protesters demand the government drive down the cost of living or go
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prime minister netanyahu has set up a team to look at reducing taxes but the opposition says he's trying to end the protests and not deal with the issues. and we go to the republic of south side here to mark three years since the conflict with georgia has devastated the region but finally brought recognition morial service is being held in the capital city vall for victims of the conflict and sports is next stay with us here on our team. hello and welcome to the sports news and these are the headlines. gave you the season spartak moscow miss a penalty but come from two goals down and need a floodlight failure to win for to a ten man so that you know russian premier league. plus that's why they're champions manchester united come from two goals down to beat rivals manchester city three two in stoppage time to win the community shield. and lives to reach
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russia come back from three goals down to beat three thousand and six four be crowned european beach soccer champions. their first a convention of world war and an unconventional match having missed a penalty and endured a break a flop like failure spartak moscow came back from two goals down to win forty that track in a pulsating match in the russian premier league have signed sort of first half lease through after that off on thursday more is c.n.n. into rebounded penalties make it two nil and just before half time spots are down soon about mr penalty so tonight it stayed there three minutes after the interval the next sas lounge and i ever saw the reds and pulled a goal back from the penalty spot for our eight maybe to tee off the seventy six minutes but then the lights went out of the new stadium and it took fifteen minutes to get them harshly relist and when the game resumes and vallis and netted
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a goalie deep into injury time he was there when for two yes in complete contrast it was an eventful game for knocking on t.v. who were held to a goal of the straw like a little bit of. well meanwhile twice former champions rubin kept up the pressure on the top four with a controversial one their win at second bottom spot no to reinvent only under the syllabus for his feeble first half penalty deny it was their goal. might be the bank that saved his blushes with a seventy second late strike despite a wave of protests from the home side who insisted the strike accountable because in the build up still being to retreat and stay fifth. while in the early kick off the new boys class and i can not easy to know when is it lonely out there for a match winners from spain ninth grade you opened thirty two minutes and. in the second half i think you lost it in a long range cracker from a set piece and then his poor side and the third defeat in four games. but on
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saturday champions eat humble league leaders to moscow to nail the gap the gap to the top to just two points two goals within one second half minutes did the damage and some because of cost and fifty four minutes with a pinpoint header. and unmarked lights in the new course it's within minutes to know it's simply ego i can say is this is me a post this week was only the second this season batista was neat and now unbeaten in nine games. so i read defeat so far this season for taste our supporters but some of the fans will want to remember this day for a very long time as a group of birthday boys and girls were given the perfect present the chance to walk out onto the pitch with their heroes scott mcclellan has more. all these kids have at least a couple of things in common one of them of course is their undivided love for the red and blue club says moscow and the other is that they're all celebrating their
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birthday in august i must say tippers i read the announcement and said sky website and now both my sister and i are here to leave the players out. the announcement such was talking about it as a club still more company in name to winning over the hearts of supporters from an early age in this case as with boys and girls aged eight to twelve all parents have to do submit their kids' birth certificate to a serious car and they will get an opportunity to meet at their favorite player or one of their home games at clapham or schools and when madame told me that i could leave the player on the pitch i said yes trade away because i have six count and eager to get paid is my favorite. those lucky enough to be among the first eleven up against the birthday present which their friends will probably talk about a few months after all it is a dream come true to be to your idol to such an important much like the one between c.s. and senate that. i've been a fan of says scott ever since i can remember myself and i would not miss this
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chance for anything something like this may never happen again. but the c.s.r. last will probably soon be a race for members of the grassroots for their parents but think in the reminiscence of a special birthday present more than likely remain in their hearts for. scott mcclellan hard to. follow running on money scored twice including the stoppage time winner is defending premier league champions nonstandard pain from two goals down to me if i can't win his and for his rivals manchester city three say and win a thrilling community shield encounter at wembley the additional could raise it to the new season proved to be a thriller a lot of united a psychological definitely a tough like title number twenty six he took the lead out of thirty eight minutes joleon lescott any time talking about that in the head and. first half stoppage time enough space to run and find i'm sitting second however united's chris smalling volley to go back soon on to the restart and united will within an hour of
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nanny chipping keep the child off then difficult to establish time hesitation i've been some company on the whole quite a line last night to run and challenge round costs and compete a scintillating comeback. i mean while russia has run the year early super finding beach sucker for the second time in history coming from three goals down to its wits and six four and also as much reports. russia has already established itself as one of the world's beach soccer powerhouses alongside giants like brazil stay in forty goal to name just a few the euro league super final held in moscow for the first sign by the way proved once again that this scene is a force to be reckoned with from the world cup however the home team started the super final slow and that's because it lightly the swiss side who are the euro league runners up in last year's tournaments managed to upset the souls out improvise the charade up three times by the end of the first period their star player and look at what he must post writer deion style goodish scored
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a brace and his teammate borrero added the third to get it from getting it was obvious that he wanted top form in the opening minutes believed we could hold on to the pull and eventually conceded some pretty easy gills but thanks to ok which we were by far more come from the second tier is on board specific and achieve the result of the russians finally brought some joy to the fans in the first minute of the second period after scoring a penalty switzerland replied with a goal of their own and then it later but despite the disadvantage the home side managed to build on that first goal and equalized at the end of the second period it's not easy to play here against three thousand people and also a one strong russian team. but that i think they make a good case but also you know what us is one of the best team in the world. we have to learn from this this game. the scoring made it four four until the clock showed three minutes before the final whistle and it was then that russia to believe for the first time in this super final truth dimitri shisha two minutes later this same
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player for the yearly crown beyond any doubt for russia after scoring his second for the team russia have become the champions of the continent for the second sign while switzerland have lost the euro league super finals for the second time in a row however both teams will get a chance to square off once again at the upcoming world cup in september that's like a lot of beach soccer season baseball probably over the calculations are not good at all it's good that it's ok to compete for authors that the soccer world cup where russia is considered to be one of the favorite teams robot offering arctic cosco finally twice ok on detroit red wing center battle that so has won this year's column outraising he was given by russian newspaper soviets the sport which recognizes the top russian player and won a shelf and spoke at that soon about life on and off the ice.
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it's a tough question sledgehammer so when will they have on the rink systems. half an hour mike not only the inside team and the whole organization they will close the deal to this fifteen years and maybe more the one that's a good people work hard to jump inside to fill it in the family is a surprise to everybody that is more towards today's tweeting from him. i'm still playing soccer and i a large charge of a lot the. president. thanks lord so it's no son of hiking what more. does. only way when i'm drunk i just thinking one think i don't play hockey and some of them blow inside with them stuck in them playing the hockey i
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don't like funded plan for a slug and i'm already talking. with some little of both and their fans are all humans as well they're not all saluted with torchwood thing and even the minute in a year they made was just going through the whole thing i was listening to guests so there's a slight continuation. maybe i'm not strong enough to hold somebody or anything because it's so small and b think you're bald little bundle to be the sole its final thing you know when you stop working so i never felt working with the us but ultimately.
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it's a big secret it's a be immortal i came to this new b.b. just post a number of people a lot of old you know we stopped watching from home looking for. the fish train. the russian builder. thing is the movement of the mall some of the ones that never looked so efficient and so powerful of a thought well for those with hope and so i'll tell you at present in a small way why i played one and so on but i do find it no also at all being wired more fishtank in the things number or the reason. and i think.
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