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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2011 4:31am-5:01am EDT

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over the hill and what do you think of the demonstrations and revolutions that keep shaking the arab world what is the position of the iraqi government regarding these events is it positive negative or neutral at this stage. it is positive iraq was one of the first arab states that welcomed the revolution in tunisia probably our official representative was the first one to arrive in tunisia and egypt to congratulate them on the revolution we've got good connections with other protesters movements as well they consider iraq to be an example despite all our drawbacks iraq is pursuing a line of new democracy it's an example of achieving democracy freedom and respecting human dignity we are all aware of our drawbacks however but they are looking at us whether we recognize the people's right to self-determination for fulfilling their political will and making their political choice while being free and preserving their dignity iraq is anything but neutral in this situation but at
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the same time iraq is unwilling to interfere with other people's affairs we can set an example that's how we see our role which does not consist in choosing leaders. but do you have the same position regarding the current events in syria at the moment. yes the government has the same position regarding what's going on in syria however the investments in syria different due to the country's geopolitical position in the region and the role it plays for iraq syria is different from libya it's different from yemen with a good relationship and permanent contacts with our brothers in syria showed that we still have time for the reforms that would be really felt by ordinary people and that it's impossible to resolve the issue solely by force but even officially and constantly demanding that iran should stop and barging in all the neighboring regions of iraq stressing that such sanctions negatively affect the relationship between the two countries why doesn't iran react to it. is iraq's weakness. oh.
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no these bombardments are unlawful and very harmful they've been a cause of concern for our previous and current government the people of iran and iraq are close we are friends and allies and actions like that do not serve to improve our relations which is what we keep telling them that iran wants the kurd free life party to see sect evictee in the border regions this demand is completely understandable but that's not the way to solve this problem you have witnessed the shootings they are chaotic and pointless we have worked in the mountains and we know that these bombardments will not lead to any result. recently around propose solving the issue through negotiations of the security committees of the two countries and we support that proposal i believe that today's decrease in intensity of bombardments will ultimately lead to their end we let the iranian government know about the position of the iraqi government i often hear that the iraqi government doesn't have any final position on this issue and if that's not true we
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do have such a position and it's been stipulated in the relevant treaties and presented to the iranian ambassador more than once the position has been officially presented via diplomatic channels and in the personal meetings of the leaders i personally carried out negotiations on this with the iranian foreign minister such talks have been conducted by other ministries opposition has been published and voiced in a parliamentary address in the mass media that was. my that was after that that quote that mr minister the leaders of political factions are carrying out and go she is with the government and the issue of american mountings track to staying in the iraqi armed forces after america pulls most of his troops out. how many are there going to be and how long are they going to stain iraq. or yes iraq needs military instructors probably the military instructors won't be from the troops that are being pulled out from iraq probably the training itself won't be conducted in iraq we must be precise the published data and only says that the government is
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willing to start negotiations rather than conclude an agreement on the agreement to pull out the coalition troops before the end of twenty eleven remains unshakeable. does that mean that before the end of this year all the american troops will be pulled out from iraq. or all the troops in departments will be pulled out before the end of twenty eleven without any delay but there is another problem here iraq has purchased tanks airplanes and military boats and this equipment requires further a preparation and good instructors that's the case throughout the world let's say tomorrow we buy russian tanks then the instructors must be russian as well we should not mix up two different things and talk about the troops staying there longer until now the number of instructors and other details has not been defined mr zebari i'm sure you are very well acquainted with the report presented by prime minister nouri al maliki to party leaders in parliament of the current status of iraq's armed forces what does it say that the report gives an assessment of the
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country's domestic security and it says that our armed forces have reached the level of proficiency and equipment status sufficient for maintaining it but i would like to point out again that we have no aircraft no air shield no defense system our ports in the gulf an ambassador have no cover from the sea since there is no navy in place and there still remains a need for intelligence services in the view of the threat from al qaeda and terrorism quite honestly we still need to build up our defense capacities we need equipment and armaments as well as qualified instructors who will be able to increase our armies be. formants to the level where it would become fully operational and self-sustained even with us given this when can we expect the iraqi armed forces to complete building up their defense capacities and he called on the task of maintaining domestic security. this is beyond my authority so i'm not prepared to answer this question but i can say that it will take some time no doubt
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. there is an opinion that the decision to employ u.s. forces personnel to train the iraqi army was made by iraq's political leaders under direct pressure from the us st what can you say about that those are the hired at no there was no pressure the americans helped us lay the foundation and start building our new army that's one sure thing they keep helping us and monitoring the progress they give advice on what strategic armaments we can buy from them we have a need for them and they have their own interests in iraq and they're protecting their interests but not by way of putting pressure or telling us to do this or that there is nothing of this card they say that they are ready to stay only if iraq asks them to but we're not asking them our government hasn't given such a request as for the military instructors this issue will be discussed by the government and the country's leaders iraq has a need for them that at that that they want to have been made by iraq regarding
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terminating the cause of iraq's international isolation and what stands in the way of complete removal of sanctions. and you know beyond all the decisions about iraq's isolation by the international community disarmament w m d's oil in exchange for food and other contracts that have expired the issue of iraqi assets has been solved dozens of agreements have been cancelled but are not relevant anymore but a number of decisions primarily concerning kuwait are still effective this is a very sensitive issue to say nothing about port mobarak there are also other decisions that we should comply with resolution eight three three on the iraqi wage boundary d.-ma. cation saddam's regime took this decision well our constitutional power must adopt this resolution. as part of our humanitarian record we must solve the issue of prisoners and those missing the issue of kuwait property should be resolved but we also have casualties and separated families
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a lot was stolen from our country in two thousand and three but we must solve these problems and we have started this work five percent of our oil revenues go to kuwait as compensation and that will continue. given. what's your assessment of the relations between baghdad and moscow is there a program to develop corporation relationship in all areas. thank god our relations are developing well and we're making significant progress i think that russian foreign minister lavrov his visit to baghdad is a good confirmation of this our relations in political economic trade construction and military areas have become quite advanced they're very well thought through plans of russian iraqi military cooperation aiming at increasing combat readiness of the iraqi armed forces which for many years have used russian military equipment and armaments there is also a plan for russian oil companies to participate in a number of projects to develop the iraqi oil industry including some investment
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projects i think that we've proved that we make no preferences and do not obstruct russia's interests on iraq's markets as russian business circles might have thought earlier despite the fact that the u.s. and great britain are also active in iraq market and pursue their interest i'm sure that fair competition will allow russian oil companies to take their fair share in iraq's oil market. there were thirty or that you have retained your position as foreign minister and prime minister his cabinet for a second term in office what is your opinion of the premier and the government's work as primarily a citizen of iraq and secondly the minister of foreign affairs. that the board. well how did i love in the a man learns never expected to become prime minister you never thought about the position i for my part never thought i would become foreign minister i was just doing state service but a man learns i'm sure elmer leakey has learned a lot about resolving the country's problems and countering threats to iraq during
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his first term he and i work side by side for twenty four hours a day following and managing our affairs we would not have achieved anything if we work separately the country needs every one of us to work the country needs a stronger political leadership stronger parties and parliament more unity elma leakey despite being the extraordinary and experienced man he is would not have achieved anything if he had worked on his own you cannot clap with one hand of course this is my opinion with we have learned a lot and we still have a lot to learn we have to define the criteria of national unity and national interests and rule the country based on these criteria and the will of the people the good of the people will decide who runs the country fire elections no one can rule forever the people will change and replace their rulers that is what democracy demands in all countries of the world like it was here thank you very much minister that.
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the history of this place runs through the centuries. a paradise for archaeologists zoo ologists and ecological tourists. but one fateful night shots destroyed the army of life. how this republic got its my. hoping dreaming and retreat into. the future. on. the move.
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to the losers. it's tz. just seems. to. say. i am. wealthy british style. is not on the types. of. markets why not.
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come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's cars or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report on our. last chance to be so much brighter than if you knew more about someone from feinstein freshens. smilies for instance on t.v. dot com. see. that's why the breather for european stocks which opened lower but hold steady for now but
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it's a downward spiral for asia in the wake of the historic u.s. credit rating reduction. three years after george one machine to try and seize south assess here we need the scars of the conflict tearing down all the building their lives. leaves you going to riot seeing spreads in london dolphins of all the things that injured trying to contain what started as a peaceful protest against the fatal shooting of a. time now for the latest sports around you could see the gathering here of thought the rush to become world peace is add beats football that's looking that way and despite the lack of gold in sundin of course was in moscow the national scene of being crowned european champions in the russian capital the.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and these are the headlines dark drama spot our moscow overcome floodlight failure and a two goal deficit to be ten man terry. and sam brass rusher a grand european big shock of champions with victory over switzerland. while destroyed in haven't scored claims the world golf championship in ohio as tiger woods struggles to get. the first spot at moscow coach for larry carp and says he was left physically drained after watching his side come from two goals down to be a ten man terry forty two it was a game that had everything from its penalties sendings off an even floodlight failure terek took a first half lead to a sealed off while. netted a rebranded penalty to make it sing their. just before half time spotlights are too
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dizzy you missed a penalty so it stayed to you neal then three minutes after the interval terek source london naive saw or read and review combat of paul to go back from the penalty spot but for audi made it to to you after seventy six minutes. but then the lights went out in the new stadium and it took fifteen minutes to get them partially released. and when the game regime zuba vella to netted a goalie deep into injury time to gives the green for a spot actually signing them a dizzying made his debut this game and also said he would never forget it. meanwhile twice former champions three being keep up the pressure on the top four with a controversial one they'll win at second bottom spot and now a cheek being defended leonardo disservice to his feeble first half penalty tonight by security cough but he saved his glasses with a seven second minute strike. despite a wave of protests from the home side who insisted the striker had handled the ball
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in the build up still being a victory and staying fit. lokomotiv moscow new manager remains undefeated since taking charge although his side played out a goal or straw against bottom side created yet of that is three wins and a draw for the portuguese boss since arriving in russia. while the nearly kick off yesterday new boys cross in the dark came out easy to know when is it to end there for match win this run and stay nine market today of being there thirty minutes into this game in early in the second half because i think you blasted in a long range cracker from a set pace to condemn it all my side to their defeat in four games a quick look at the table that this is the scar leading the way they are only two points though ahead of zen eight the normal moscow. with the same number of points their fourth and fifth respectively moscow a sixth and closely followed by locker might see the other end is this
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a familiar story at the bottom chris of yet of propping up the table present a nine after their win. now when england manchester united have won the community shield coming from two goals down to be fish rivals manchester city three to wembley the traditional couldn't raise it to the new season proving to be a bit of a thriller joleon lescott and being. given city a two nil halftime lead soon after the restart united got one back three chris smalling nani got an equaliser with half an hour left and then with just a few seconds remaining he grabbed the winner breaking clear on the halfway line vincent kompany missed a tackle company said afterwards his team need to improve while united say they are ready for the new season. we're going to. be freed from the bad results. ok there was something to think it was the four of
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us once again it will be rather it was a version of i mean you have to be full of stuff you know normally ninety schools. say was a good game to write that i think. we just got the best health and see you take the piss out of this game. like a serious question i have been game pushing on the question i think we can assure. you from the. math russia have won the you any sympathy final impeached aka the second time in the history after coming from three goals down to be switzerland six full in moscow only cost half as the story russia has already established itself as one of the world's big soccer powerhouses alongside giants like brazil spain and portugal to name just a few the euro league super final held in moscow for the first sign by the way proved once again that they seem is a force to be reckoned with come the world cup however their home team started the
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super final slow and that's put it lightly this which side who are they your league runners up in last year's tournament managed to upset the sold out improvised be sure rita three times by the end of the first period their star player and look at what's even moscow striker de young stunk of h. scored a brace and he's teammate border added the third should be degraded not funded as it was obvious that two one two top form in the opening minutes we couldn't hold on to the bull and eventually conceded some pretty easy gills but thanks to ok which we were by far will come from the second period on boards i think and achieve the result the russians finally brought some joys of the fans in the first minute of the second period after scoring a penalty switzerland's replied with a goal of their own a minute later but despite the disadvantage the home side managed to build on that first goal and equalized at the end of the second period it's not easy to play here against two thousand people and those. one strong russian team. think they make
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a good game but also you know what russia is one of the best team in the world. we have to learn from this but this game on the scoring made it for four until the clock showed three minutes before the final whistle and it was then that russia took the lead for the first time in the super final through the me. two minutes later the same player put the yearly crown beyond any doubt for russia after scoring his second for the russia have become the champions of the continent for the second time while switzerland have lost the euro league super final for the second time in a row however both teams will get a chance to square off once again at the upcoming world cup in september the kid and big soccer season is over the gulf nations are now moving on to the benefits today to compete for dollars that the soccer world cup where russia is considered to be one of the favorite things robots call for it hard to moscow now in tennis
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fears of an audio that has missed out on a third title of the year the russian losing to poland's agnes could advance in the military insurance open in california. playing with a heavily strapped shoulder once again but it didn't seem to affect her again taking the first set six three and then the second six four times in three years the way and also measure up to twelfth in the world rankings and also ending a bit of a title brackets roddick stepanek the czech beating again one thing straight sets to win the legg mason classic seven eight had not won an event the two hafiz and self and thirty saying is the oldest winner of this tournament since jimmy connors won it at thirty five back in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight now studies adam scott has won the world golf championship and i hire a final round of sixty five gave him a four shot victory over world number one looked on with an rickie fowler while tiger woods finished off way down the field and what was his first event in four months that would continue his pull for. on the final day he's back playing after
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a long layoff through injury but struggled to find any real sort of rhythm or consistency finished tied for thirty seventh place one over par drop salt into the wound adam scott was using woods is former caddie on the right there steve williams he was fired by woods last month but has found the winning touch with god you had a flawless round and on seventeen on the overall. to win here at this place in a world golf championship or a change i've been enjoying coming here for a few years but to finally win on this track is great on a great front when i go writing and i feel like i'm a good we're from around caring so i've you know great believe myself but honestly that's the base week of my life ok the thirty three years hundred forty five ones now and that's the best one i've ever had finally twice talk in detroit red wings center people that say because one issue is. the war the award is a given by a russian you speak of this event sport which recognizes the top russian player in the n.h.l. an r.t. spoke with that stink about life on and off the ice.
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it's a hard question slim also someone with a half from the brink system. from. mike not only in the side team and the whole organisation they would like to build to this fifteen years might be more when the people who are hard to jump inside they feel like i'm in the families in the square and everybody. more days waiting from here. i'm still playing soccer and i. saw it so it you know so i can one more time. this is my way and when i'm young i just think in winter time playing hockey and some of them play inside get them started with them
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play in the hockey and unfunded time for soccer and i might be watching. it so my bill with both sides here from the team is more than a post. image called me the minute in the year was just going to help me i was so small just small business like a miniature. maybe one of the strong enough to hold somebody or be paying the bills and so was. being demolished like the penalty it's all those penalty you get out of the money wouldn't stop working so i never stopped working in the us but ultimately.
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i'm not is. more like strokes. for the full story we've got it for. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers on our team.
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in india oh she's available in the movie the joint the children's movie that's a great way to go to the grand imperial. george weston. you can allow her to. sit down to go and. read this and the colonel will search as a retreat. around the world stall but we put that sinking feeling in the red all to the historic u.s.
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credit rating college while similarly tens trading is expected in america. three years after georgia on the east its war machine to try and seize self and said we need those who bear the skulls of the coldplay tearing how they're rebuilding their lives. and loosing and rioting spreads in north london dolphins' of offices trying to contain what has a peaceful protest against the faithful to the shooting of a. hair in a moscow. stocks tumbled one day kicking off what's is a string of torrid trading.


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