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tv   [untitled]    August 8, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for like sleep you think you understand it and then he glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything is ok you don't i'm sorry welcome to the big picture. and yet. i. feel for. for.
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the so. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime right leg i think iraq is made of money well. we're never going to says there's something safer get ready for freedom.
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it's time for you said it i've read it takes time to respond to my brilliance and engaging viewer comments on facebook twitter and you tube because when you've got something to say i listen now first i'd like to respond to a very kind viewer who commented on my fireside friday about defense cuts last week i r x i said a load of what you're reading off you don't even know what you are saying you're just reading off the teleprompter that your master writer is set up for you i bet that after this show you will forget what you were talking about until you read again what you were saying you effing puppet actor now i think irish guys is little confused about a few things first of all i wrote every word of what i said there's no master writer or puppet master whose words appear in the teleprompter just my words that i've written sorry to disappoint the entire point of fireside friday is for me to be able to communicate as simply indirectly with my audience as possible something
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that i'm personally very passionate about and i take it seriously so my words are my own accept it and yes i use a teleprompter for that thank me but sorry ladies and gentlemen remember zation skills are just not that great and i want to respond to a viewer who commented on my interview with an experience last week on the potential for an american it spring to come to the us nicky jean alison said i love you and well for all those out there that love and i have good news for you you're not going to be seeing her on the program once a week and you'll be able to see me with an eye on the young turks university tomorrow and finally i want to give my viewers a heartfelt thank you for all the positive feedback i've received from my interview with brian lamb which aired on c.-span last night i was a little nervous about being in the hot seat so i'm very glad that you all enjoyed getting to know me a little better and all the people out there who just heard about the show for the first time from watching that interview keep watching are really happy you can join us now if you missed the interview make sure to watch it online at q. and a or so that's it for today's ranting and i have more for you later that week.
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and we often talk about stories of police involved incidents that appear to go over the line and tonight sadly we have yet another one for you a young man planning to leave for college in just a few weeks is the latest person here in the u.s. to die after being tasered by police over the weekend ever howard went into cardiac arrest after being struck by a stun gun at the university of cincinnati and how it was attending a summer school program that would have given him a jump start on college classes this fall police say they were responding to an assault call when encountered this young man they say they're going to howard approached he had his fists drawn but no weapon about point officer used his taser sending an electric shock up to fifteen thousand volts into howard's body and police say the eighteen year old fell down and became unresponsive after being rushed to the hospital in cincinnati he was pronounced dead now today the county coroner told the cincinnati enquirer inquirer that he had also been shot with a stun gun and then rushed to a hospital last year but he wouldn't give any other details in that case so the
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young man's mother says that her son was so looking forward to leaving for college in just a few weeks. i think the school here. believe will be leaving in two weeks of school i want to know what happened i want somebody to tell me what happened. and how police would place the officer on leave and she would turn all investigations are under way a second investigation is trying to determine why a nine one one call was placed if an assault and actually taking place this is because the police never found an assault victim at the scene and no rest from eight this is just yet another case the highlights the need for a frank discussion about taser use here in the u.s. a few thousand eight report from amnesty amnesty international found that three hundred and fifty one taser related deaths happen in the u.s. between june of two thousand and one and august of two thousand and eight that's a rate of just slightly above four deaths per month and there is no need for people
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to be losing their lives that way it's time for a wake up call for police and the makers of tasers of course police taser manufacturers will argue until the cows come home that their guns save lives because officers are not using weapons that fire bullets ever using a taser on ever howard the police didn't save a life they killed a teenage boy who was unarmed there was no immediate threat to the lives of the police officers police officers should be able to handle disarming an eighteen year old boy without the use of a taser and that's the end of the story. now the other week we spoke about sugar babies sugar daddies and sugar mommies in this episode let me explain a lot of websites out there that connect wealthy individuals male and female with younger individuals male and female looking for someone to help them out financially the exchange probably depends on the relationship but i think it's safe to say that it's at least companionship and most cases sex so these websites existed for a number of years but with the tough economy the numbers are shooting up one site
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called seeking arrangement claims to have eight hundred thousand members now and about thirty five percent of those they say are students trying to pay their way through school so is this prostitution is a wrong but what does it say about our country when so many young people mostly women feel that it's the only thing they can turn to joining me from our studio in new york is writer melanie burley yet who documented her own experience using seeking arrangement for vanity fair melanie i want to thank you for joining us tonight and like i said you you tried this out so i just want to know you know how did you how did you feel about it is this prostitution but just with the cuter name . well you know my feeling when it comes to human relationships is that there are always economic undercurrents when it comes to companionship and sacks there's always something being exchanged whether it's a meal of back massage or you know a diamond engagement ring so the lines are definitely blurry and for me even more
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important question is why as a society are we fixated on moralizing sex. wow i think you make a really good point there because like i said this these web sites have been around for a while you actually wrote about this in two thousand and ten but now now they seem to be seeing such an uptake in customers and especially young students everybody wants to debate again and ask if it's right or if it's wrong so after going through yourself do you think that it's totally fine to you would you encourage other women to look for sugar daddies i think it all depends on an individual situation i've never been in the business of bad and good so i would never outright say that it is either good or bad i think that. what you spoke to in regards to the economy makes total sense need to definitely breeds you know flexibility in a person's boundaries probably so i'm not surprised to hear that the interest is
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increasing currently and as you said also it it's always been present and it will always be present the internet has just created of widespread platform and easier access for people on either end who are interested in such relationships to be paired together so tell us more about the relationships that you actually had or the men that you encountered when you went out i guess trying to trying to go seeking arrangement and looking for money i mean it was a very straightforward you sit down and he gives you can actually give you a credit card and then go to the house. you know it really buried a whole slew of different kinds of men my experiences were checkered i met people who totally misrepresented themselves as i'm sure you know happens on any internet dating site and i'm that total gentlemen who you know i count as friends to this day and i think each relationship depends upon the two parties involved the site
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sort of encourages you to outline the terms on your own whether that means that you meet a person and you're handed cash mediately or in one case i was given an i pod for some reason when i sat down to brunch and that was a welcome gift but certainly not part of the deal so. you know i had guys who wanted to take me shopping and lavish me with gifts but not any cash out right because i suppose they had some sort of personal boundary for one reason or another so it totally depends on each individual's desire and how to manage the relationship i think it's now over although the ratio i think is about ten to one in terms of the sugar babies the people who are looking for cash on these websites versus those that are willing to dole it out and i also know there's many more women that are the ones looking for cash there are a few sugar sugar mommies i guess is what they call them on these websites would
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say you know what do you think about about the culture why aren't guys lining up to try to find wealthy older women to take care of them or pay their way through school. you know that's a very good point and i don't know i think you know it all has to do with how we're conditioned by society and traditionally. let's face it the man has been responsible in most cases for providing whereas the woman has had a different role traditionally so i think that's just a natural extension of the way things have been operating for years i'm sure a lot of men have personal hang ups and might very well like to earn cash for dating but perhaps are prevented just because they're too timid. now if we bring this back to the economy because you and i have just been discussing how this is existed for a long time you can say there are a lot of relationships out there you know where people are accused of being gold diggers and whatnot but now that we see this huge spike in people one of the
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websites or seeking arrangement specifically has eight hundred thousand members now and young people are just doing this to try to pay their way through school do you think it says something wrong about our country though that that school is so expensive that this is what you have to do you know no i don't think there's anything wrong with our country i think people are probably more aware of the phenomenon because it's becoming increasingly popular it's just getting more and more oppressed i don't and certainly the economy is breeding the desire for women saddled with student loans to try this i don't think it's a statement about you know the moral. evolution of of the nation at all now since you wrote this piece back in two thousand and ten and you followed up with anyone else that you met any other women that were sugar babies and looking for sugar mommies and daddies and seen if any of
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those experiences ever worked out for them as they would have a long meeting full relationship from this. you know i do not know any other women personally who have used seeking arrangement however i will say that i have a lot of friends who have accepted very pricey diamond engagement rings from their fiances and i'm not sure how to differentiate between the two all the time and i would challenge people to consider the difference if there is. now melanie laugh it just have to ask him and obviously you're on t.v. talking about this so it's not something you're you're ashamed of assuming your family knows that you're trying to go seeking an arrangement with some with an older richer man yes definitely i've always been pretty forthright about what i you know my life and my beliefs and my convictions and i've never shied away from sharing that with my parents or anyone else quite frankly very well we thank you
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for for sharing your experience with us too and it's definitely a very entertaining piece too to read about your experiences there in vanity fair and it looks like a lot of other people are trying that out to melanie thanks for joining us tonight thank you. now so to come to think of the war in afghanistan is really only going on for just a couple of years why not my full time award and then one happy hour buyer's remorse but hillary clinton made a better president plus all eyes are on michele bachmann that newsweek cover back in just a moment. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so silly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's you some other part of it and realized everything is just you don't know i'm sorry love the big picture of.
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the world you are really worth it and you know. let's not forget that we are right.
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i think. well. we never got that says they are safe get ready because your freedoms. are dissatisfied so if i'm a warden some nights it goes to you senator john mccain now the arizona republican was on meet the press on sunday and host david gregory was discussing the war in afghanistan the president's decision to begin withdrawal of the surge forces by next summer and listen to john mccain when he was asked about this issue. well
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first of all on the train year of thing the fact is that we have only had a surge for a couple of years now since the president announced it as you know what west point so we've had a very short time there's no doubt that we've had. i'm sorry that i was here john mccain correctly is he then simulating that the war in afghanistan has really only been going on for three years can't go and he's trying became but sorry you can't simply claim with the war started it when it's convenient for your particular stance the this october seventh the us will mark the ten year anniversary of this war ten a long costly years but he is now thing of this war only started with a search and senator mccain is a decorated war vet he will sell is a p.o.w. in north vietnam for five years he is entitled to speak his mind but it comments come off as pretty naive in this case if mccain really thinks the war just started three years ago maybe you should tell that to the soldiers who lost their lives in the first years of this non war or maybe the americans who have had billions of
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their taxpayer dollars spent and it's awfully good mccain is trying to erase from history and all of the dive into those numbers in late two thousand and nine when obama ordered thirty thousand more troops to the country the congressional research service estimated the cost of the war at that time a two hundred twenty seven billion dollars barely that money doesn't count now take a look at this information from two thousand and one to two thousand and nine the us laws nine hundred forty seven soldiers in the war so i wonder how these soldiers' families feel about mccain's assertion that the war is just getting started now during the same eight year period and estimated forty eight hundred u.s. soldiers suffered serious injuries while fighting and he lost limbs suffered brain injuries and their lives have been changed forever and that number is not counting the soldiers who were treated in the war zone and just kept on fight that of course there's civilian death toll in injuries the numbers are all over the board and it's believed to be in the tens of thousands but everyone disputes everyone else's numbers and two thousand and nine when obama ordered more troops to the region the
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u.n. said the twenty four hundred civilians have been killed and if you want to if you want to debate strategy you can ask why this war wasn't made a priority you can ask why we went into iraq go ahead with that but don't disrespect those who've been fighting this since day one so senator mccain thousands of soldiers. civilians are dead thousands more injured and billions of taxpayer dollars have been spent to really believe the per se years of the war don't count and that's why we're giving arizona senator john mccain tonight's tools on board. ok it's time for happy hour tonight and joining me this evening is r.t. correspondent christine present and anthony ran down as i would record economic research for the reason foundation thank you for joining me now of course there are a lot of people that are upset with obama they're upset with the economy and it
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leaves people to start asking questions for which i think are just kind of stupid questions bill maher went ahead and talked about this one take a look i think hillary would have been better having lived through p.j. dizzy dress. and trillions and all of that she would never of still like obama seems to think that he can win them over you go shit with him she would have bill you know i mean she would she knows how to deal with difficult. i don't view problems with days at all tell you why because yes we can talk about hillary and how she's a ballbuster you know she is so much tougher than obama and i think there is a statement to be made there but i don't think you can actually ask would it been would have been different or would it have been better of course would've been different but would it have been better if this person was in office because. from the record if you look at obama specifically people flip flop a change completely for when they're on the campaign trail to when they get into office you have to start asking all the whys and you never really believe that are
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you just trying to sell us lies or just something changed about you fundamentally once you're in that seat of power but you never really know how someone's going to act when they get to that seat and i think obama is a perfect example of that so why ask how we think hillary clinton may have acted but it really surprised us all because she was acting completely different and because it makes for great television. that maybe or maybe happy hours in washington d.c. where we're also let's go there see what it entails they say the conversation follow that we all they're going to have here you know in washington d.c. or big time talk shows because it's impossible to know where my issue with this is that people seem to have this collective amnesia about obama you know love him or hate him love his policies or hate his policies he never said he wasn't going to try to negotiate he always said he was going to be a little more moderate he said he was going to try to work with people and even though that's one of his face even though to an extent he was very naive about that concept and what it meant to work with people he has done his darndest to work with
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the republicans regardless of how outrageous their policies are so when people criticize him for doing that they're just not remembering what he said he would do and if you don't ask this question you have to have a definition for what better is and so if you if you're saying things would be better with hillary so what difference would would you want everybody's going to have a different opinion on how how they would like the country to have gone whether or not they wanted obama to be more or less liberal and it's it's really just a big hypothetical question extras for their journey there and thirty because you are more hawkish and obama has already taken us way down the bush road again when it comes to you know our wars and all that stuff so i think you probably even worse than hillary you're bitter about the wars in the shoot their everyday lives i know people are is an important topic. but you know we all think kanye west you feel so misunderstood in this cruel cruel world take a look at what he said recently. just. like.
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here we're asking this really really do you think we actually mean these things or to just say them to get attention and get people riled up and have all these you think that you're hitler kanye west first of all nobody looked you know walk down the street look to hitler and got buckeyes crazy they were all scared of him and it's ridiculous to me what this is the question of happy hours outside of washington d.c. . or at least in different neighborhoods perhaps or maybe this is this being kanye perhaps it's just just one more thing being said but really they're not the same because you know he clearly hates white blonde haired women like hitler so i think it's a completely. i mean i think i think you might have a point in terms of is he just saying this to get a rise out of people does he know that when he says crazy things that even though
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it's negative publicity he gets a lot of publicity for it i think one of his songs he was singing after that was talking about how he's lonely and maybe wants to back in the spotlight i think is so talented and it's very hard for me because i love his music and i love it he does but he's so self-righteous and he i mean i think he also said in the past that he go i know you mean read he talked about being the michael jordan of you know round and transforming and he just thinks he's the most amazing person and he is talented but like have a little humility i.e. i totally agree i was part of like a ten minutes i'll tell you why it wasn't just that it was really the clippers like forever because yeah well the funny things is that he says that he feels like he's going to be vindicated by history and that hitler has nothing going to get advice from anybody and so. the better example of their economy if you're going to be first to egomaniac. now let's take a look. newsweek brand new cover girl it's. a lot of play it is just cracking up
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first of all if michele bachmann you don't know and it's called the queen of rage and the photo might seem a little displays and i think my favorite headline that i saw they came from gawker who just said michelle bachmann looks surprised to be on. i'm sorry but i'm going to have nightmares about this this is the most frightening picture if i were her if i were her people i would be so angry but that's the picture they put on there but that is the face that she makes i guess awhile but it's so scary to see i mean she's it looks like she's got this but you know you lose this captures michele bachmann her father mr if you remember her. the crazy eyes and she never looked at the camera. with the bottle she's staring off camera right north whatever it is and this is a this is so this is an irish outreach absence of michele bachmann or this is just the same person that has them holy like so well conspiracy against her that's always trying to make her look the other way or probably was the photographer. look
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up the hood you know where there should be a little bit of it isn't the cover where he was sort of you know freaking out and crying oh you know those on the cover of newsweek are not this is there's not a conspiracy here. i think it's not actually scary to look crazy she's definitely not that much to say about that. this one is interesting there's a new study from the american psychological association and sex and they decided that more gender equality you leads to more sex and it's kind of interesting that they made it like a you know supply and demand thing they looked at universities they're saying that there's something worth e-mails on college campuses these days that they have to fight a lot harder to try to get the guys so i guess that means more girls are putting out you know they're becoming easier so if you're a dude. check out the ratio right the generation before you're going to go and compared it to other countries where you know the mentality isn't quite as
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developed and here now that we have it sort of demystified sex in general apparently more people are having and i've read a lot about this and i know that you know they say that one of the reasons that hunting became so popular in the united states is because men back in the late eighteenth hundreds early one nine hundred women were only allowed to have sex with their husbands once a week they were i had to stop them after that and so to get out their rage and to get out their aggression and then went hunting and so it did that to what i what i . did it was no social there was once a week a bunch of men went off a load and it was you know they got their aggression with their shotguns but the problem the point i guess is you know what christine body. you have any last words if you've got a rap more power to women. and we use that here ok guys thanks for joining me tonight that's it for a night show thanks for tuning in make sure you come back tomorrow i'll be interviewing marina live vitus one of the stars of the new lifetime reality show russian dolls now the meantime don't forget to become a fan of the lower show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any
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of tonight's your any of the nights you can always catch youtube dot com slash they want to show and post the interview as well as the show and it entirety next is adam vs the man. the history of this place runs through the centuries. a paradise for archeologists zoo ologists and ecological tourists. plus one fateful night shots destroyed zombie of life. how this republish got its life by. hoping dreaming and retreat is.
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more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images go girl has been seeing from the streets of canada after. trying to come for a shelter on the day.


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