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you can go with such old clothes with which i don't have to go for clearance to run this in the kennel was her job as a school retreat. i am. i and. another day of violence vandalism and looting in the u.k. but how we heard the entire story i'll talk about some of those details that are not holds. definitely not the us as worst may be yet to come so could the sum of all fears add up to social unrest in the us any time soon. thank you and it's a vision of sixty six years ago
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a weapon of mass destruction meant to end a world war i look back at what has been learned since the ocean and i was on. it's tuesday august ninth four pm in washington d.c. i'm christine for us out there watching our team. well let's start with london this afternoon where massive protests have led to widespread rioting and looting and where despite sixteen thousand police officers deployed to the streets lawlessness has spiraled out of control over the last few days protests there broke out after after a twenty nine year old man was apparently shot and killed by police officers if you take a look here you can see just how many clashes between police and rioters have taken place over the last five days an illustration of just how widespread this has
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become now our own laura emmett is on the ground in london and brings us the very latest. london's burning rioters and police take over the capital for a third night as he leaves his target yet more areas of london in a spiraling cycle of violence on monday night the college showed few signs of abating in fact it spread further around the city to here in east london in hackney where writers that party cars and try to break into more shops meanwhile terrified residents of london could do nothing but no call police seal off the streets and treat whole areas as crime scenes with local communities trying to come to terms with the wave of looting engulfing north east and south london in enfield waiters looted shops making off with whatever they could carry in nearby edmonton a man with stopped south in brixton riots says threw rocks at police and in tottenham where it all began the high street is the burned out shell the police the
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chops i'm sorry everything that's happening the recession you know there's a lot of anger about that no jobs nothing for the youth. so yes i have. strange america you know and it it it is sad that it's the it's a poor people that's suffering it was sparked by the fatal shooting by police of this man mark duggan tottenham once own says about why and how he was killed but his shooting was just the spark in an exceptionally dry tinder box tottenham and other london boroughs have long been simmering with resentment towards the police towards social injustice and towards unemployment this is a community which is sound fantastic precious for a moment then are losing jobs their lives and services youth clubs are being closed those never an excuse for violence. when she was attending. the juarez
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and concerns and complaints about the tougher part talking with the school. which that's a far talking has one of the highest unemployment rates in london particularly amongst the young black people are far more likely to be stopped and searched by police than white and together with hackney brixton welcome stay and lewisham which also saw violence it's become a victim of what prime minister david cameron is now calling failed multiculturalism this powers of some of the ethnic groups. taught these ethnic groups interests. kits are you sure you know the pope well there. respects. the races. are pretty. something. unless these gangs of youths tire of the violence there doesn't seem to be a real reason why this looting should stop it's unlikely the perpetrators have jobs
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to go to the schools out for the summer london residents fear more unrest on the streets in the coming days the losers aren't making a political points and hardly anyone in these communities supports them but many are saying that there actually is a political point that social integration in parts of the country is deplorable social mobility is nil and the relationship with the police is that bad as it's been for years and with cuts in government spending looming over the next few years the situation is very unlikely to get any better it's r.t. hackney east london. a lot of talk now going on about how long these will continue for and also about the security in london in general now it's important also to look at not just the specifics of what we're seeing but also of the bigger picture where does this anger actually stem from what are the implications of it are ben cohen is the editor of the daily banter and also
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a regular contributor to the huffington post and he is in our studio in los angeles . and then i know that you've written about this pretty extensively and one thing that you wrote i thought was really interesting was that that type of behavior is the result of many years of social nation frustration and anger and that a decent society should produce normal happy and production productive citizens and when you get angry and destructive citizens something is clearly wrong so i guess i want to start off by asking you what is the larger problem here. polaha problem is that you have an entire class of people that feel completely alienated from their society and this the rioting and anarchy that you seeing in the streets of london is a is a product of that massive alienation i mean these are some of the most deprived areas you know that i've seen in any major industrialized city tottenham is long been a very very impoverished and crime ridden area and the turn was sense on the old
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from running into kids on the street is that they just don't care they have no interest in. in anything to do with society or community and they're green neglected and forgotten for so long now that it's no wonder that this is not a surprise the writes in london is not surprising to anyone who lives in london something like this was always going to happen and it was just you know we could take anything to spark it off or it happened to be you know the shooting of someone over possibly an innocent man made maybe not we don't know but because it's not necessarily. the immediate cause is not the problem is the bigger picture and that's of that was one thing i found interesting then in this report that we just showed a lot of people that were interviewed you know they described first of all this area as a ghetto they said it has one of the highest unemployment rates they also said that this is an area that even though it was impoverished before because of the economy it's now gotten worse there's no you know centers for the use to go to some of the
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afterschool programs some of the different things like that have been cut back. and so many of the people that we're seeing are that are looting there are indeed very young i guess talk about this as a relates to the trend that is a lot alive and well in terms of the economy. i think that it's obviously the behavior that you're seeing from a lot of the users are completely inexcusable it's criminal behavior they're destroying family shops and people's houses and streets and cars and it's disgusting but you have we do have to look at what's happening generally speaking with our economy on a number of different levels first of all you have to look at the austerity measures being passed by the government the recession that you know the two dogs in a crash so natural collapse has hit poor people weak streaming hard i mean really really hard and it's made inequalities work far far worse you've got very low
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social mobility in britain in the first place we've got progress in the lower social mobility of a industrialized country on the planet and then you've got government coming in passing more states and measures but it's going to further disenfranchise an already disenfranchised generation of kids that just they don't have they don't see any future for themselves certainly a lot of the budget and there that a lot of countries can learn from and quitting the u.s. i want to go to you know on the lawmakers there are reacting i know prime minister david cameron recalled parliament from his summer holiday and also spoke out about what's going on i just want to play a little bit of what he had to say and then we'll talk about it as ever police officers have shown incredible bravery on our streets in confronting these thugs but it's quite clear that we need more much more police on our streets and we need even more robust police action. this is criminality pure and simple
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and it has to be confronted and defeated all right so a couple things here you know the police are brave we need even more police on the streets and the people that they're dealing with are thought what do you think that this comment shows i mean is that just kind of the fact that that's what's going on or is there sort of a larger problem here with the police and the citizens. i think you can look at this on two different that was the further military cameron of course these these kids who are losing shots and destroying people's properties or committing criminal acts and they should be they should be dealt with that's for sure but when you have someone like david cameron a product of of the richest schools in the u.k. he's a he's a white guy with absolutely no experience whatsoever or any talk over a type of material property that he spent his entire life in oxford in you know working in the city working for p.r. companies in the banking industry what is this going to know about youth culture
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what it is i know about the problems facing in the city the black kid he doesn't have a clue and it's really you know you can you know he's he's playing to the crowd he's playing to the general anger and there's a lot of anger in london about these rises and rightfully so because they are committing criminal acts but it's you know he's a politician and he's going to say this is going to say that i think that while there are so many government doesn't acknowledge what the problems you're just going to see a recurrence of this again it doesn't matter how many seats you put on the street i think it was also demonstrated that such a notion these problems are going to happen again and again i think we also saw that when deputy prime minister visited birmingham he said you know he wanted to talk to some of the victims of violence and the locals there ended up booing him saying too little too late i think that really shows kind of what you're talking about real quick one last thing just a really interesting tidbit kind of adds a little flavor to this story if you look on amazon dot com one of the most popular
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looks at items right now. aluminum bats and sales of aluminum bats are apparently up about five thousand percent on amazon u.k. and even when baseball bats are up about thirty six hundred percent those are some numbers according to the business insider any thoughts on you know what that means is everyone sort of arming themselves with baseball bats now. i mean it's a very shocking statistic our daughter who's daughter go on hoping that it's not the year the youths the writers they're harming themselves with this these kind of weapons. because then you know it could get even worse i mean you know that's pretty sad that's a pretty sad state of affairs and you know this stuff is happening on the doorstep of all my family in london all the areas where this is kicking off his right where my parents live with my brother lives with my cousin lives you know so this is this really hitting close to home for me and hearing things about they really makes me frightened to have to so close to home in so many ways ben cohen editor of the
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daily banter also a regular contributor to the huffington post thanks so much. well from the economic issues around the world to those right here at home it's not just the government that's out of money that needs to borrow even more many americans are in the same boat or harshness of the residents are not decided to find out how individuals are doing balancing their own books. there's been a lot of discussion in the news about national debt but what about personal debt this week let's talk about that are you in fact i am very much some student loans here. is it worth it are you glad that you went to college and now you've got to pay that back oh yeah i had a blast cause anything to go back why do you think so many people allowed themselves to get so far and that is the is the age that we live in everybody sees the person next door that they've got the brand new car the lifestyle and that's
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what they want is so much advertising and people just want you to spend money so i think that's the difference between americans and europeans but you have advertising in europe are you just you don't pay attention to it or. i think we pay less attention to it and we probably think a little more about what we need and what we can't afford so it's all about thinking yes i think so is it worse for you to be into personally that it is for a government to be into. it's much worse for a government or why because we trust the government to do the right thing and they're doing absolutely the opposite of that we don't you trust yourself to do the right thing and live within your means i do. such that i can pay it off debt is dead it's bad for governs best for individuals and the government should show leadership show they've got to clean it up do we really expect our government to
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get its act together if we can't get our act together for small families we can only hope that individuals and the government will step up and make a difference what would it take to get the world's back and out of debt and living within its means and financially environmentally what would it take i think at this point something major is about to happen and that's what it's going to take it's inevitable what major thing i really don't know but it's going to be a big change in the whole world is going to feel us in particular whether or not you're in debt personally the bottom line is we've become a planet of debtors so it might be time for all of us. to rethink what it is to live within our means. living within our means certainly a foreign concept to so many people so what will this way of life mean for the future of this country if we continue to borrow both as individuals and as
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a nation how will we ever climb out of this hole well charlie mcgrath is the founder of light awake news dot com and comes to us from ghosn in montana. charlie i know it's been a little while since we've spoken and certainly i think it's fair to say a lot of us were surprised to see you know what happened this week in terms of our financial reputation we were told if we didn't raise our national debt limit that we would witness first of all a crash of the stock market and second that we have our aaa rating downgraded what we did raise the debt ceiling and guess what those two things still happened. yeah absolutely i mean you took the words right out of my letter back in the commentary video that's exactly what i said you know for month after month we have democrats and republicans. we had our vice president with the treasury secretary the federal reserve chairman and even the president came out and said we absolutely cannot lose our aaa status we cannot the fault on our debt we must raise the debt ceiling if
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we raise the debt ceiling and everybody knew this was going to happen it was it was a given and the exact thing that they used to terrorize occurred anyway and then the president comes out a few days later after we should six hundred points in one day five hundred in another day and tell the american people you know it doesn't matter what some rating agency had to say we're still could triple a credit rating now how come how come we're supposed to be afraid of what s. and p. says before we throw the nation two point four trillion more dollars into debt and then afterward when they call it out for what it is a destruction of a country because of the debt we're supposed to discard disregard what that i think is a really interesting point of what is said to people who say you know of course we have a few bad day for example today asaf actually recovered in a late surge and closed up four hundred thirty points so maybe we just bad days and now we're bouncing back. but you know if you watch the mainstream business media
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today that's exactly what you're going to hear it's a time to jump in with both feet a buying opportunity the fact of the matter is you know the stock market was taking before the debt ceiling was the but was passed in congress and signed into law we're overseeing is the reality of what happened to the economy a command economy when the federal reserve is running it and they start i want to take it easy you remember this stuff and you and reality is starting to set in with the economy we spent trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars bailing out a bunch of banks but the unemployment situation is still outrageously high and promises only worse the fundamentals in the economy are in the day so this is what started the sell off everybody today and granted today we had a big rally day of two hundred plus points on the dow jones everybody was sitting there with bated breath waiting for ben bernanke to be come out like some kind of magical money fairy and save the day he came out and did the exact opposite now you
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know he came out and said that they're not going to do any more do you think they're not going to do any more stimulus and they're going to keep rates low the mainstream business media did all they could to grab on to the keeping the interest rates at zero pretty soon the period of time we did see some short covering that have a bit of a rally today but as far as i'm concerned the goal of the federal reserve since two thousand and eight is to have their banking brethren have their debts put on the back to the people of this country that has been completed so now there is no need for the federal reserve to come out and try to stimulate the economy in earnest they'll just let nature take its course now and unfortunately we live in an economy that if it isn't manipulated by the federal reserve and it's allowed to take its natural course that's going to be straight to the floor all right and what would you have like ben bernanke you do have that sadam in what what do you think he could i mean. i think that a lot of people are probably in your same boat but in terms of ben bernanke he in terms of combiner in terms of a plan for the future of this economy i mean keeping rates low and holding off on
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another round of quantitative easing i think to me to be you know just sort of apathetic like i'm just going to stay here like a deer in headlights for a little longer and see what happens so what's your answer that. well you know a lot going to have all the answers and i've been a bit on r.d. before that austerity is coming but we're not even looking at potential solutions ron paul had a brilliant idea just released here a few weeks ago let's dismiss the one point six trillion dollars that we as american citizens over to the federal reserve i mean that's a start right there that could have taken care of bumping into the debt ceiling before congress all this out and increase the place and. we could also look at the cost of war a study that just came up by road to university shows that the current wars we're engaged in the current wars that we were propagating in prior america with are going to end up costing american people four point four trillion dollars none of these cut these these are cut that could be made without affecting the standard of
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living of any single american that is it was going to happen was going to happen it exact opposite we've elected a super congress they're going to have the power to implement austerity without having the scrutiny of their constituency and it's going to be rammed down the throat of the american people through a rubber stamp process and certainly very difficult to convince a lot of people that some of the solutions being proposed are any different than what we've been seeing over the last few years telegraph founder of light awake news dot com this man montana on the economic collapse to the debatable collapse of mankind sixty six years ago today president truman and u.s. policy makers made the fateful decision to drop the second two atomic bombs on japan he's of course our hiroshima nagasaki during the final stages of roald war two so six decades later what are the after effects and what have we learned. it was a top secret mission a new weapon of mass destruction scheduled to end a world war and russell gascon back would serve as the necessary evil guiding the
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atomic bomb to its targets. sixty six years ago the b. twenty nine bomber known as the enola gay dropped the world's first out of bombs on the japanese city of heroes three days later a second bomb was dropped on august saki the bombs would serve as the first human experiment of nuclear warfare setting off radiation and byron mental and lasting damages long after the dust settled again can by twenty two years old at the time looked back during the sixty fifth anniversary and recall the historic moment we knew but we knew going to do was supposed to shorten the war but we do not know how until the bombs exploded we did not realize because with the cold war that was not a normal cabaret or thought at the time and the hero's welcome he received when he
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came home i remember taking a photograph and i remember the flight back to two million. and the histories that were started in honor of the crew of the in all of a glorious moment for the united states a moment intended to save the world from the threat of communism a justified moment we have used it in order to shirk the agony of war in order to save the lives of thousands and thousands of young americans. we shall continue to use it until we completely destroy it but the glorified end to a bloody world war left deep scars on the receiving end more than one hundred thousand japanese civilians were killed in the initial bombing and hundreds of thousands of others affected for decades to come critics point out that even though it has been sixty six years there has still been no official apology by the u.s. government and there are many people living in this country with a baby live with regret every day and made their own apology i'm sorry for the
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region. i'm glad a representative is going there it does not surprise me that there is no apology remorseful americans who experience hiroshima and others who only read about it in their history books came to washington last year to reflect say a prayer and light a candle for those who perished i pray for. the american empire their violence is somehow legitimate because it's like being exercised by the state that's a savage concept it has no moral sensibility and it has no legal sensibility i bring to the late historian howard zinn the nuclear bomb is religion and minds in the us as an easy acceptance of atrocities as a deplorable but necessary price to pay for progress and all inflicted death is evil and some degree or another this happens to be at the upper end of the scale of
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evil it seems to me and we haven't stopped doing really evil things we were at war with the japanese what agronomists first. they would all are going to lose out on us sixty six years later the u.s. remains defiant in its stance on the bombings a necessary evil to end the threat of communism to western civilization but today losing touch with the rest of the world on the legacy they left behind in its decision to use the world's first nuclear bomb on a civilian population christine for zero r.t. washington all right so six and a half decades later what have we learned and what comparisons can be drawn from those days and where we are today i want to bring jake of hornberger president of the future freedom foundation into this discussion let's talk about this jacob what lessons have we learned since this time. so hopefully we've learned that when you engage in a war you follow certain rules of warfare as
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a civilized country even if the other side is not for example you don't let your soldiers rape women are raped men you don't permit them to rob and pillage people or execute prisoners and part of this has always been that you don't kill civilians you don't target civilians that's a war crime that's why they indicted william calley during the vietnam war well what happened here was no different in principle and harry truman targeted innocent civilians in these two cities and so hopefully we've learned that whether it's an imp sixteen that shoots an innocent person or a pilot that drops a bomb on innocent people the principle is the same it's wrong and that's what we need to acknowledge it's so interesting to see some of that old footage and hear some of these old you know sound bites from president truman about the net you know the necessary evil and the need to save so many american lives and therefore you know so many other lives had to be taken why now that attitude i mean do you see
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any similarities with that attitude and where we are today in the three wars that we're involved in well for one thing the evidence has come out since the atomic bombing of hiroshima nagasaki that that simply was not the case the japanese were ready to surrender they were already signaling to the soviets that they were ready to surrender all they were asking for was to let the emperor stay in power and our side was saying no we want unconditional surrender which the japanese could not accept because the emperor was like a deity to them well we ended up accepting the unconditional surrender anyway and let them keep their emperor so it was in fact some people are now thinking that it was really the atomic bombing was simply a message to the soviet union that we have this and you better be prepared and there are a lot of people who say that you know as you know i am a product of a public school here in america and the way that we learn. about hiroshima and nagasaki was almost like you know the u.s. is brave the u.s.
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is far ahead of all the other countries they're smarter they're well developed and we should you know showed that it was almost on its the tragic aspect of it certainly wasn't taught in schools what do you think is missing in sort of the narrative as it's developed over the years well they have to do this korean war they have to dehumanised the enemy they have to make it look like these are just japs you know the term that they used when really in these cities they were filled with women and children and many of whom probably opposed their own government during this war but this shows you know recently they just came out with these secret films that they had of this area right in the aftermath of the bombing the u.s. has been keeping all these film secret which to me is the kind of a good sign the shame of what happened they didn't want to show the world what the horror that they had they had produced and to my knowledge there's still been no sort of official apology for what happened would you think that we'll ever see that
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i would hope so i mean it seems like they're get real close to that because they seem to be acknowledging the pain and suffering that was produced here which is at least a first step but i think the japanese people would love to hear an apology of the saying hey look it was a brutal war was a horrific war and this was a line that did not need to be crossed and if soldiers die that's what soldiers do in war but to advocate the killing of women and children for the soldiers can live longer there's no way that general patton would have ever tolerated that kind of thing and certainly would be at least a little easier to do now that most of the people responsible for those decisions are long gone i guess another thing that a lot of people hope to see is that are a real change in the mentality of out war that seems like still a long way off and i thank you so much for us happened with us about the state of former president of the future of freedom foundation thank you. and we are out of time but for more on the stories we covered her web site r c dot com slash usa we also have a.


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