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tv   [untitled]    August 10, 2011 8:01am-8:31am EDT

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four pm here in the russian capital our top story a world wind of violence continues in the u.k. as rioters devastate major cities from birmingham to liverpool the day clash with police towards cars and ransacked shops and a fourth night of unrest over the capital was kept relatively quiet by sixteen thousand police officers or am it is following the story in london we saw a lot of trouble in birmingham last night which we also had seen on the previous night manchester unselfish i will say flat up in quite a serious way as did variety of sort of small towns in the surrounding areas so this violence has now spread out words from the capital into really improbable small towns all over the country we're hearing reports that three people were killed in birmingham when they were run a vote by a car that was just running amok and the police are looking at investigated launching inquiry the reason that it was under control last night we think is because an additional ten thousand police bringing the number of police to take it
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sixteen thousand were working on the streets of london last night they had permission to use rubber bullets if they had to a supply of rubber bullets is available to them we haven't heard any reports of us having to be actually deployed we still fires in other parts of the country police being attacked with rocks and with petrol bombs so really this is this is something that is now nationwide parliament will come back and meet today coming back from that some a break to deal with the situation but i have to say that a lot of people were very disappointed in david cameron statement yesterday they were expecting him to come in here and say this is out of control we have to do something concrete about him what we're going to do is this this and this in fact he didn't say that parliament is coming back today they're going to they're going to hold a debate which a lot of people said you know we don't need a debate right now what we need is actual action but the government and not proposing to introduce any emergency legislation. still with the situation i'm
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hearing in tottenham where of course it all began it will spark up as a result of the shooting of a man called mob doug and what the building you can see being demolished behind me was set on fire by usage on the first night if these troubles and these communities in which the violence is taking place are hugely socially deprived there's nothing for young people to do around here i speak to youth worker in clapham yesterday he told me that people are on their summer holiday and would you rather sit in a more should tell a vision i would you rather go out and use in shops and she said even she knows which one she choose you know people are out for excitement essentially and just looking for something to occupy themselves and that hole in that level of occupation is being exploited by other people who are you are coming in and older people older criminals who are coming in and so i sing them to violence at least that's what she told me say really really large social problems at a time when when the u.k. is spending an awful lot of money a broad base in libya and in afghanistan and that's the subject of my report.
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across england and wales more than eleven thousand police have already been laid off in austerity measures by two thousand and fifteen a total of thirty four thousand will go meanwhile london and other cities are taken over by thugs the police have not been anywhere where the police if the police were hit if not what it means are i think any surprising soudan little bit better i don't think that doing everything they can i think maybe more i think they need to be more competent while police numbers are being cut the estimated cost of the war in afghanistan from two thousand and one to the end of last month was thirty billion dollars all taxpayer cash british forces are also heavily involved in libya despite the ministry of defense being required to lose thirty two thousand star. general patton says money's being spent on foreign wars that should be spent home but i think the point has come where we have to call in. forces what we see. and.
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criminality across the whole of what we should do in my view pull our troops back from these pointless wars in afghanistan in iraq. as money spent on two wars in foreign lands parts of london birmingham liverpool and bristol i century get to partly because of high immigration but also because young people in these communities have no prospects they're bored and disaffected and as the cuts bite that's not going to improve a class youth worker told me four out of eight youth centers have closed since last year it's about investing in our communities we take away the money from the police in the way that the money for youth work. i mean i could never have imagined such consequences to be only. a consequence of tuesday night still sixteen thousand police officers on the streets of london according to the metropolitan
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police the force is being stretched more than ever before and increasingly londoners are talking about taking matters into their own hands bringing with it to ation under control is just the beginning of folding this problem and it's not just about cleaning up it's about communities coming to terms with the fact that even at the current numbers if violence is widespread enough the police seem unable to retain control the feeling of insecurity in these communities is likely to remain for some time particularly if the police keep disappearing from the beat your i am it r t london. where you can follow our to you on twitter for the latest updates on what's happening in britain on our feet at r.t. underscore com right now at seven hundred fifty people arrested since london riots began on saturday with one hundred sixty now tars off of the u.k. will not allow a culture of fear to take over the streets police now ready to use. water comments
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all that is on our twitter feed our underscore problems with her dramatic put her on fire twenty four seventh's. and are you. into. the. well at least four people have now been confirmed dead as rioting moves across the u.k. prime minister david cameron val to end the violence that was sparked after police shot him and that in tottenham north london independent journalist patrick henson who was himself caught up in the mayhem so the government stop playing political
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games and address the important seems. to be on his is one of the most shocking things i've ever had the displeasure of seeing was in brixton early monday morning about one am. gangs of youths who were some of which had fled from the central brixton into the surrounding areas like stockwell barricade in the streets with rubbish bins or anything they could find in order to stop cars and try to pull drivers from the cars and take the cars in one instance this happened one man came to help the driver and he was beaten by a gang of six or seven young black youths in brixton very frightening i was barricaded in a pub for part of the time because we couldn't go out and the pub sieged about an hour after the incident so no police to be found. if you dial nine nine nine the
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police said sorry we can't help you just stay where you are now if the leadership of this country and the heads of the police departments everything have been paying attention to what's going on around the world in the middle east in north africa the leadership in britain in the police force in britain think oh we're different you know it's the same you have mobile phones blackberries twitter you have mobs they're able to outmaneuver the police at any turn and the police cannot cope with this and unfortunately the criminal element know this my advice to the leadership of this country all your m.p.'s and david cameron and everybody else stop playing politics stop playing labor and conservative the blame game and you've got to start looking at what's going on the street. so ahead this hour on our team back at og's south korea return fire at its name at its neighbor after a north korean artillery shell falls into the waters close to the country's dividing line. we return to her reflect story of the sexual assault of a minor as the case is reopened here in russia. but first with the
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economic turmoil in the u.s. and the eurozone sparking volatile market trading investors are increasingly looking a safe haven for their money and it looks like asia could emerge as the main contender many analysts believe that with loss of america's aaa credit score and fears of a new wave of recession china could become the world's strongest economy earlier than expected previously the international monetary fund said beijing could force washington from its financial prototype twenty sixteen and it still holds more u.s. treasury debt than any other foreign country in a voice loud criticism of america's handling of its borrowing limit prices for asia correspondent has details. the latest international monetary fund predictions are showing that china's economy will actually grow bigger than the u.s. economy by twenty sixteen which will be the first time in more than a century that the united states economy will not be the biggest economy in the
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world initially we were seeing asian markets falling but people are saying that that really is only a short term impact and that in the long run that asian countries are actually better equipped at dealing with this financial crisis india china and japan have actually been growing since two thousand and eight while obviously that's not really happening in the west as significantly also you know foreign investors if they start following the path of risk aversion and moving away from u.s. treasury bonds many people are saying that they could start investing more in asian markets like india and china so many people over here are actually. seeing all of this as an opportunity for that shift to really happen for more of the international community to get on board and move away from the dollar as the reserve currency to some sort of basket currency that could include a lot of the asian powerhouses like japan and china. well martin hannett key and so soon director of financial advisory firm tice group believes the financial power
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shift might have already happened in many regards china has already overtaken clearly. suppose at number one economy in the united states and that's when you're looking at the physical economy physical production there on the purchasing power adjusted basis because they're renminbi is undervalued and you need to reflect that when looking at economic sizes projection by standard and poor's made in the year two thousand and five there was six years before now where they actually projected that all of the major western governments were heading for junk status including france the u.s. germany and the u.k. and they started actually saying that the u.s. would lose the aaa rating stages in two thousand and sixteen so not actually five years ahead of that original projection now the balance sheets of these countries if anything would have only gotten worse which is why the u.s. has lost the aaa rating when you have economies major economies where the deficits
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and out of control and you have this kind of projections on the line that means that these countries are usually going to print have a out of the problem so you the main risk and the new form of this fund enterprises will probably be very high to hyperinflation in the west and cons in that means investment wise you need to look at other areas particularly gold precious metals is something we have been advising for the past ten years we still are optimistic on that and then asian emerging market economies look a lot better than the best own countries. well tell us what you think about the current market turmoil i had to r.t. dot com and vote in our latest poll we're asking if the emerging economies can profit from the trouble in the west so far most of you are saying they can and should capitalize on the situation and take the reins from if you believe the world are ready to globalize for emerging economies to come out the winner here while others are saying they will only profit if they are smart enough and act fast
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enough so tell us how you see it all playing out to go to argue dot com and cast your vote. so korea has returned fire after a north korean artillery shell fell into waters near the two countries maritime diving dividing line relations between the two countries are at their lowest in years since last november's deadly artillery exchange killed four people on a south korean island coast sides claim to tell their foot opening fire first with pyongyang saying the attack was a response to seoul's provocative military exercises in the area after running frank from the university of vienna says despite the tense situation on the peninsula hopes are high both sides will eventually reach a peace deal. it's a little bit surprising in the short term because there were hopeful signs of talks in indonesia between north and south korea. so be all little bit surprised as to this is happening now and get out of the mess the situation is complicated and they
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might have to show some force to their population eventually we all think that there's going to be a peace agreement because the current situation is obviously not sustainable the question is when and under which conditions and to the right now the north koreans are struggling to have a succession problem there how could the mess that you call me that is really don't know also worsened by the recent floodings and next year to have a big event coming up with the need to show some success to their people so far it's not even clear we're going to draw your son. because he does not get official lubin on the success or even if you will. heard still not clear what type of success it will be will it be a third grade nuclear or will he be more like a head of a collective like what we've seen in china and all those questions are not only aust by us in the worst but also by people in north korea that creates a lot of uncertainty and insecurity. well remember if you missed any story we're covering on the air you can always go online to watch the news you want twenty four
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hours a day here's a taste of what's live for you right now at our dot com a polygamist mormon preacher gets a life behind bars in the u.s. the jury just forty minutes to find the man guilty of sexual assault against minors . and join in the ancient traditions of merrymaking learn how. people celebrate a farmers festival long term into a day are fun for friends and family for more details logon to our t.v. dot com and. look at some other international stories for you this hour overnight firefights between nato troops and afghan police have left four officers dead and four others injured just outside kandahar city the local police chief says the victims were members of an anti taliban initiative manned by locals wanting to protect their own villages the local police chief said the men were reportedly mistaken for insurgents the incident follows last month's move by nato to begin handing over control to local authorities across afghanistan. syrian tanks and
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armored vehicles have stormed several north western towns near the border with turkey expanding the military offensive to crush protests it comes as president bashar offload out he will not relent in pursuing what he called terrorist groups in the country earlier he met with the turkish foreign minister who pressed him to end the crackdown on anti-government protesters over fifteen hundred people have reportedly been killed since the uprising began in march. the u.s. drone strike has killed twenty one suspected taliban and al qaeda militants including foreign members in northwestern pakistan the group is believed to be behind a number of attacks against american troops in afghanistan islam abad has repeatedly called for the u.s. to stop the strike saying they are a violation of the country's sovereignty activists claim up to twenty. five hundred pakistani have been killed in the attack since two thousand and four. libyan state
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t.v. has broadcast what it said was footage of colonel gadhafi his son visiting people wounded in an air attack east of tripoli genuine it would be the first visual proof that he is still alive after rebels claim to have been killed in a nato air strike last week libya's government has also accused the alliance of killing at least eighty five civilians in the west of the country nato says the targets were military meanwhile the head of libya's rebel movement has fact the entire executive committee which functions as a cabinet that follows the assassination of the commander of the opposition forces last month author and blogger steven moment says it's obvious there's no agreement between the rebels and that nato is targeting civilians as part of its war strategy . with rebel characters and this is really the executive committee was that. they were only confirm reports to the rebels inside. if they were literally contesting or most each other some people call it was the only others in need
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always lost those last of all we knew it was going to wear just one militarily but they certainly could and we're imposing extreme hardship on the libyan people. we're going to tell you civilians we know killing civilians they won't call don't call mistake nato is targeting civilians there is a strategy when we ask all those. only university if there's going to killing civilians over the years. but sexual abuse case involving a seven year old girl has shaken a small russian town in the country's far east outrage was triggered after judges allow the suspect a pedophile to walk away free now russia's high court plans to reopen the case amid the revelation that hundreds of child abusers escaped justice each year ours is dire press coverage reports on how mothers and activists are taking matters into
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their own hands. and mother in grief. i even thought of buying a pistol and shooting him myself i simply don't know how else to protect my family will leave on the first floor with curtains constantly drawn i go to work every day sick with fear for my daughter which are on the website. it was hard for that area to admit she trusted someone who harmed her daughter she brought the man into the house is a common law husband to live side by side with him for more than now in the news. that my daughter told me he threw a stray cat from the roof and said he did the same to her if she ever confided in me about the things he was doing to her. so. when the dahlia finally managed to get things to the court the jury acquitted the man who she says is now off to her family hungry for adventure now that his experience is just one example of many in a recent controversial case a man suspected of raping
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a seven year old girl was released without charge. yes i pulled off her underwear and she started crying i squeezed her neck and pressed her into the ground it only took a couple of minutes then i told her to go home and tell no one. only after an enraged crowd nearly lynched the men did police launch a fully fledged investigation into the case and record that confession authorities also disciplined the original investigating officer will summarize this for us look at the words that happened here is the mother was treated like a football while she was kicked around from office to office a tragedy had happened to her shouldn't know what to do but no one wanted to even talk to her let alone accept her statement where they really russian authorities have not declared a fight against the sexual abuse of minors but results seem to have been meager with estimates claiming thousands still fall victim in attempt to put things right activists have started taking matters into their own hands i'm underage that's fine
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i like small boys and would love to kiss you and hug you and do many other things to you this video has been put together by a group of volunteers as they track people they believe are paedophiles and they go online pretending to be an underage boy or girl and. set up meetings with people who wouldn't need to preferring minors the idea is to film their faces and expose them on the web to be able to what if it were simply a group of people who decided to fight this evil in our own way because our families live in the city our children work in these parks and we don't want them ever to meet those perverts plus a good cause like others which when they try to act within the law but often operate and it's edge volunteers tracking paedophiles on line say most people will sign off when they learn the personel chatting to is under age but they also say the out of one hundred contacts one is said to be looking for easy prey currently
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the maximum sentence for child sex offenses is twenty years in prison an amendment to the law is meant to introduce tougher penalties including life in prison and conditional chemical castration but i'm till the changes are implemented and proven to be effective the activists say they'll continue with their teaching on to campaign diary pushed over arching moscow. that wraps up our main news block alice is here next with the latest business. i live in a very room well can see this is the business. of the markets we're here in russia having a very volatile day indeed a positive coverage by the strong performance on wall street even night they've been bouncing in an ounce of negative territory and it seems investors have little faith in the measures announced by the us federal reserve to stabilize the situation with. the headquarters all of the r.c.s.
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stock exchange here in moscow. but with this continued volatility on the market again today. began this morning trading is positive territory but again the market. really very hard to predict exactly what's going to happen when the market is going to stabilize though we saw all the positive results this morning following the meeting at the u.s. . yes. the markets what saying not meeting. the exactly what would be announced. that announcement would be the much of the market what you want to think that's. not that's not what the u.s. but what they said. was that they were going to be keeping interest rate. the next two years until about twenty c. . but that had initially the markets were going to keep tumbling.
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but yes it was about wolf it. was having the pulse of the banks we saw it this morning but as the days progress with this volatility come back in the best is still have that just says. well let's take a look at the numbers themselves in equity markets. all unusually not tracking them all posed to me taking place in the u.s. this hour mixed with. just a notch. my sex is down slightly across the cave to europe now and markets there are in the black held by that rally all the old stories of the seas gaining over half a percent while the dax is up over one percent german land bank it can make of all funk and are among the top performers. moving on to commodities in the oil prices of bouncing around side as well however the international energy agency is
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now predicting reduced evolved in twenty leopard due to fears that there will be another recession or light sweet is that over three dollars this hour of trading at around one hundred six dollars per barrel. tellings of precious metals now they're gaining this hour after seeing mixed trading on tuesday gold key is just setting the record as even outperforming platinum traditionally trades at a premium to gold and silver is also gaining itself to a hospice at the thought. of the russian ruble house see a dramatic decline against the euro and u.s. dollar in recent days the prime minister putin's pledge to pump extra money into the economy if needed however the central bank confirmed it would not seek to widen the exchange rate corridor or he had to stop to savor the excess the reveals vulnerability is linked to its dependence on oil. the scale of the. ball is intimately linked to the oil prices and the main reason
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why the scale of the decline is so significant is the future that russia is still inherently very much dependent on oil prices this dependency hasn't gone away it's still very high and that means prices were to decline substantially below one hundred dollars per barrel. russia would be under a significant strain in terms of its mark work on me so i think it's some of these concerns or really will lead to russia's lingering dependency on world prices that are fueling that are driving the decline in the ruble. ok that is the news update for now i'll be back in less than hour with an update on our business stories in the meantime they say change the headlines with an easter.
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the first.
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at four thirty pm moscow time these are the top stories on our by lines heads more cities across the u.k. while in london thousands of police managed to restore calm after three days of disorder the government's social policies are blamed for britain's worst rioting in years. america's financial woes could see its proud as the world's top of commie pass to china in less than four years investors are expected to turn more into asian markets to escape the economic turmoil in the us and europe. as russian officials turn a blind eye to complaints about pedophiles salt's members of the public wash their own vigil and product on sexual predators current sex crimes laws are slammed for being too soft and failing to keep the threat from the country's playgrounds. now as more civilians reportedly die in nato air strikes in libya serious questions.


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