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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2011 4:01pm-4:31pm EDT

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communities decided it's time to take the matter into their own hands it's. called jury a warning to looters if you come out to enfield tonight you'd better be in disguise at the first sign of trouble this is what happens. around five hundred mainly young men chased down the road after police ready to drive troublemakers out of town. despite the mob atmosphere a large crowd of young men are out for justice there's been no trouble so far most are ordinary people out to protect their communities a lot of people are here to help there obviously are some people that again today the opposite effect but you're going to get that everywhere every much start it's taking our stories of what young children not i will but children on the streets follow this is happening if there's not enough police then move help them and just give everyone a wage the cost to the shops and just push them away basically we don't want to go
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after anyone or root cause any trouble we just one might sure that no one comes in specially no shops open. and it's not just in enfield in other parts of town sikhs have banded together to protect their livelihoods and property sons and daughters come together with us and say let's solve the problems without one to violence and forcing to suppress commuter which then takes it on. causing the violence in the streets. this is the current face of communities across england many of which felt under siege from looters and said in their darkest hour the police were nowhere to be seen police have not been anywhere where the police if the police were hit if in all that would've been done maybe this is what david cameron means when he talks constantly about the big society handing power and responsibility back to local communities. and i think the
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scenes we all saw our television screens last night of communities coming together to try and stop violence taking place was a model of how these things should be done that despite the fact that three young asian men were killed in birmingham early on wednesday trying to protect local businesses looters allegedly rammed the with the car the tragedy ignited anger in the asian community a vigilante band attracts all sorts and. doesn't just rear its head in looters there's a huge number of police officers on the streets of england at the moment which many find reassuring but groups like the enfield army prove that communities still feel police are unable to protect them and with budget cuts for front line officers still on the table on the beat could get fewer and further between while local vigilante groups could take up the slack. british prime minister has blamed gangs blackberry phones and even social networks for their role
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in recent u.k. writing and david cameron suggested temporarily blocking access to websites like facebook and twitter at times of unrest but jeremy kaufman from the u.k. labor party believes that media controls will only make things worse. but you can't stop communication what you have to do is assert a moral value within society and encourage young people to believe that they have some scope and some stake in society and that is the problem it's the social alienation the impoverishment the disillusionment of young people is not exclusive to britain it also happens to be france and spain and italy and in many other countries across western europe there's a very unpleasant agenda surrounding this which david cameron in part is promoting one is the could meant of social media such as twitter and facebook the other is eviction of whole families from homes because one member of the family has been charged convicted of an offense to do with the events of the past week and then
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suggest to bring in water cameron says yes the putting the army on the street all kinds of draconian measures that we have to listen and try and understand not the principles of those people to stealing simply for themselves but the danger to all of us of the very large number of young people who don't feel any any problem with getting involved because they don't feel they have a mistaken society as a whole and that is a very dangerous thing we've got to learn lessons from repression won't solve it repression will make it worse censorship won't solve it that will make it worse. the us court has ruled that two american contractors who work for a private security firm in iraq can sue donald rumsfeld over their alleged illegal imprisonment and torture if proven guilty the former pentagon chief would be held personally. while in iraq the two men made claims that their firm was engaged in corruption it's believed that they were then detained for nine months at a military facility before being released without explanation or charge the lawsuit
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against rumsfeld had been rejected by prosecutors until now activist deborah sweet told me earlier that the case could be seen as a step towards justice though the obama administration has consistently opposed a prosecution of bush era. i suppose it could go all the way to revealing this sordid business that stands behind this illegitimate occupation of iraq and i would add afghanistan by the united states one can only hope that there actually is the potential for the whole story coming out in this lawsuit of course it is not just by happenstance that the lawsuit has not been heard before this because it's the obama administration that has resolutely opposed any prosecutions of the former bush regimes war criminals in office like rumsfeld and like bush himself
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dick cheney and all the torture lawyers that actually created the justification for torture carried out across the whole rubric of the war on terror there's been numerous attempts to seek justice in u.s. courts by people who were detained in guantanamo completely without charges by people who were kidnapped and taken to u.s. black torture sites none of these people have been able to convince a court in the united states to allow their legitimate lawsuits to go forward and this is in each case because the obama administration department of justice has oppose these inquiries and their justification is always national security. still to come this hour an hour to an assault on civil liberties in hungary journalists are forced to keep quiet if they want to keep their jobs as
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a new media nor a slammed for curbing press freedom. that's still to come but first after choppy week for europe's stocks for euro zone countries have resorted to methods unseen since the two thousand and eight crisis to try and calm markets france italy spain and belgium of decided to ban short selling on the shares of banks and other financial companies the practice sees investors selling stocks that they expect a drop in price before buying them back and keeping the difference short selling is being blamed for increasing recent market volatility meanwhile struggling italy's approve forty five billion euros in cuts to balance the budget in the next two years while france has been battling speculation it was going to lose its aaa school which is finally reaffirmed by ratings johnson wednesday investors however remain unconvinced the country's finances are solid enough young haagen from the european school of management and technology says it's the banks that are once again being offered protection. part of these rescue managed measures have been
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taken to to rescue the banking system. especially with the banks and southern europe and i think this needs to be addressed but overall we also have this kind of political situation where it has been very convenient for governments to increase debt levels to avoid bringing tough measures to their constituencies and i think this is something that has to end markets have indicated that they are not willing anymore to finance these large debt levels my fear is that we see some short term improvement in the share prices i think overall we will see a continued downward trend so overall i think these measures will not have a long lasting impact france also has a debt problem the overall debt level is very high and now that the u.s. government debt has been downgraded there's obvious fear of who will be next in the game and we've seen the problems with spain in italy recent. the and i think it's quite natural that the markets at this stage are concerned about france as well so i think that the french government is under some strong pressure to act requires
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some political will to implement these changes and i think that is the big if so if france is able to convince the market that it will implement these tough measures then i think we could see some stabilization in the markets. well more news coming tonight catching videos are always there for you on our website here's a taste of what's online right now at our. short spot on the korean peninsula and fresh tensions between the north and south and analysts predicting souls of twenty twelve elections will bring big changes in relations. and an alien abduction is more likely than sensible congressman at least according to the majority americans are rapidly losing trust in their lawmakers for more on those stories and plenty of others had to ulti dot com. let's have a look at some other news now from around the world in brief and syrian security forces have renewed their clampdown on regime protesters following friday's prayers
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when mass riots erupted in several times at these temperatures as were shot dead in separate clashes across the country after police opened fire on the crowds that comes after american secretary of state hillary clinton called for wider international sanctions on syria you know going on rest which began in march is said to have claimed seven thousand nine hundred ninety s. . at least four people have been killed and dozens more injured after a train derailed in central poland was traveling from the capital will sort of the self and the engine and three of the carriages left the tracks rescue teams are working at the site of the cause of the accident is not yet known. pakistani court has sentenced a paramilitary soldier to death over the killing of a young man in june. the incident that occurred in the city of karachi was caught on videotape and broadcast on national television he died. later that he believes six other memory also accused in the teenager's death and were handed life in prison the killing provoked public anger and increased complaints and tentative
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pakistan security. student protests have exploded into violence in the chilean capital santiago testimony government funded education the street city police cars with sticks and rocks out offices most demonstrations started two months ago when president pinera announced plans to cut spending on education he rebuffed him by students telling them nothing is free in this life and someone has to pay. the government in hungary has adopted a controversial new media control law critics say it represents a full scale assault on the freedom of press and result in hundreds of journalists being laid off but first there are reports despite fierce opposition many have been forced into silence over fears of job security. evil see no evil speak no evil at least not if it's about the hunger area and
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government opinion so hungry is new media low claim that journalists are being silenced. it's about hiding things and hiding the truth and not covering the controversy or issues. of the government that's the whole message of this of this law covering broadcast print and online content the controversial new law also established a new media authority that these working for the media regulate. by the ruling party and were loyal supporters being selected public service broadcasting is completely controlled by the government there had been some measure of the office and they put. people loyal to the government into key positions that public public t.v. channels journalists who voiced criticism have felt the wrath of the new authority they were journalists of the public radio and. was introduced they
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have their one minute silence in the national radio. suspended and one of them. left their radio. in effect he was dismissed and the other one was fired hundreds of others have suffered the same fate with the wave of layoffs across the industry this is contributed to an uneasy situation in the media here who want to keep their jobs. of line so murky the shakeups a good thing and that the layoffs in hungary's a very inflated public media sector has been long. this government has not only talking and been talking about it but they have laid the people off because they saw that it is unsustainable. so i think. this debate has become. very politicized it's more about politics than about professional commerce. if
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something is unsustainable you have to cut costs that the day has been strongly contested many talented journalists have found themselves out of the job. is not transparent. the people want. to talk. to the. recent firings and uncertainty about the implications of the new law or just some of the recent events to look cool seeing serious concerns about hungary's democratic future everything mokhtar the government needs an independent media so if this government thinks that it can oversee the whole media it can influence the whole mediate can regulate the whole media it's very. very bad ground but heavy criticism from both within the country and internationally the
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government is sticking by the new media laws and the changes they could bring could be start to radically transform the face of hungary's media so it's a bit of past. what is due to reach nearly thirty degrees tomorrow here in the russian capital moscow up team takes you to the capitals outskirts to find the best ways to take a break from moscow's summer heat. great
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. comfortable. unique. so different but the only one. moscow. alone welcome to the moscow out so in the show this week we'll be exploring every cool celebrity bull translating to silva for us in english is the perfect escape
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for the day in the summer wildlife and they just some bathing swimming watersports and all just a hop and i'll call johnny from the city center seventy board is actually an island surrounded by an officer lake and very small twice coming by compton you'll timing can't think of the why she could end up being stuck in traffic for hours on end no to any drivers who are residents permit holders twenty buses a minivan school bus with custody can enter the actual. tens of thousands of. children including one in the beach have a. serving european and russian cuisine.
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is the way to cool down. there you can enjoy. the greatest need a. great. part of the city and. i remember how you used to play here when i was a child. most of the area here is taken up. it's a wonderful place to. paint. a haven for the communist and. provides a taste. with. mixed in with palms and forests.
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the park has over two hundred. hundred years old. and very popular among muscovites it's difficult to find the free spots here especially because the whole range of. the old and of the new to make a trip really worthwhile. just make sure. the force is much more than people think . makes. a recipe quite a history. today visit to a country. will be complete without enjoying the traditional summer barbecue.
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here. surroundings. steak very tasty and the table to discuss the various activities of. this week's guest. capital. moved in the middle of winter. now is the middle of summer to complete what it was when i got. in the summer months in the freezing conditions minus twenty. plus thirty you can lay on the beach you can. go to water. ski water skiing is great. difference compared to london. the weather is a little bit unpredictable. if the weather is bad even if. the water.
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is going to go away anyway so. this is the people you know the weather but generally in the summer. the park very close to the center of moscow and they. come in with. your grandmothers. grandfathers and you can just. in the water. it's great. to be. chilled out. with a bit. of us here we've got you know. the. people have. been on the countryside and we've been here before. and we've. sort of
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a beach on the grass with the. keys and we can read it. for yourself from the first. areas of interest. to get closer to it. in this lake it stretches from one thousand two hundred metres. along its. cranes and. interesting facts about the environment it's provided information stands for those who are on the path. to picnics and fishing.
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tractions in speeches. on its territory some. time providing more to young people some. stay longer than. his hotel and its territory. and restaurants. grounds. if you. if you believe relaxation in. this is the.
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training equipment. of. any one of a fourteen year old. school
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has been. training sessions. for other people. and expensive. training. with several local and international competitions you see that jet skiing another with a sports becomes a real business. so with safety. features . to hear. the cable. on the jet ski will start to take. them to.
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wow thought was absolutely brilliant. well fun i just love the summer here. with the sun beating down. to the beaches to get away from the heat but the ones just scream. into the sun. with huge forests. and dozens of activities. so next time. that exhausting shopping spree is getting too much just. maybe. is just. very relaxing although i think i'm getting a bit. of the same time next you can tell them for me and
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the rest of the crew here. thank. you for. her. it's the
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so. it's.
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here in the russian capital top stories now in the hundreds of move to protect their streets from troublemakers communities across england accuse the police of. the recent destructive wave of unrest. former u.s. defense secretary donald rumsfeld faces a lawsuit from americans over the. employees of a security firm claim that would be punished. before being released from a u.s. military facility without charge. and journalists are outraged and hungry over a new law that could effectively silence critics of the government if you have the legislation in dangerous press freedom and the very notion of democracy. more news more developments in less than thirty minutes from now with me here in r.t. the meantime it's our special report for you exploring how it's the second largest city in russia's far east where the oldest of soviet cars cruise the streets and centuries alter.


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