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tv   [untitled]    August 12, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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market why not it's going to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max keiser for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on r t. the g.o.p. presidential candidates squared off last night and i was a little wrong calls libertarian incursion into the g.o.p. has reached critical mass to the tune of fifty four percent in last night's official online poll the old guard of the republican party still wants to set out its own better half we've got the recap and then on the ground report from marty's own procedures i want to ames iowa you going to explain the war on facebook in london and we ask what the impact of the anonymous attack on facebook might be for all americans for tax reform got to take a feldman author of the cost of government they report which was today august twelfth two thousand and eleven down were really any of the week on a sad note you see today is the day the average american has earned enough to cover
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their share of the cost of government aug twelfth i know ok how about this happy cost of government day from adam vs the man. last night six rhinos mitt romney's hair and elephants and a creature called the bachmann all had a little circus problem the elephant in this case ron paul trampled the competition with logic and reason at the ames debate with the straw poll just one day away but it was a great change of pace from john king snore fest in new hampshire earlier this summer and fox managed to make a few feathers fly this time around many from the glitter king i'm self newt
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gingrich i don't really like newt but. did he give that small chris wallace a well deserved it there. how do you respond to people who say that your campaign has been a mess so thought oh me said first of all chris that i took seriously bret's injunction to put aside the talking points and i wish you would put aside the gotcha questions. thousands i'd love to see the rest of tonight's debate asking us about what we would do to lead america whose president has failed to lead instead of playing mickey mouse games. i. speak or gingrich if you think questions about your records or mickey mouse i'm sorry i think those are questions that a lot of people want to hear the answers to and you're responsible for your record so. the get a rebuttal part lie think that there's too much attention paid by the plesk or
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about the campaign minutia and not enough paid by the press corps to the basic ideas to distinguish us from morocco. but even stranger than its dazzling rhetorical performance which won't be enough to save his campaign it seems like he's copying some of wrong as if i'm bad and i think that it is a scandal that the federal reserve is secret and i think that frankly their monetary policy since the late ninety's has been a major factor in the bubble that has been created and a major factor in the economic pain we're now going through i thought we were in the twilight zone for a second there and ron paul and it did cut into boots body somehow and certainly doesn't look anything like john king's softball questions though rick santorum also known as the band's ken doll self destructed on stage and got a foreign policy lesson from ron paul i want one night that ron being the only military veteran running for the g.o.p. nomination by the way santorum speaking of himself also said we could kick the
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tires i think a prostitute try to tell me that once. iran is not isolate iran iran is a country that has been at war with us since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine iran is a country that has killed more american men and women in uniform in iraq in afghanistan than the iraqis and the afghanistan's half cannister iraq you were writing me and the iranians are the existential threat to the state of israel you ask the yes he israelis what's keeps them up at night it's iranians funny enough a mahsud has not gone thirty and the support of syria i can see and the reason hold onto me for they don't know who did theirs it is not the successor i know the rules and you guys have been given these guys a lot of time and i know a lot of trying to do is a lie and sort of us question coming ok the sooner the senator is wrong on his history we've been in war in iran for a lot longer than seventy nine we started it in one thousand nine hundred fifty
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three when we sent in a coup installed the shaw and the reaction the blowback came the nine hundred seventy nine it's been going on and on because we just plain don't mind our own business that's our god. it's also good to know last night that mitt romney has decided that he operates on a real economy while facts and careful evidence remain in raw land which makes him immune to accountability in his failure to create job growth as massachusetts governor and when you were governor massachusetts ranked forty seven of the fifty states in job growth question you were going to be the jobs president absolutely chris let me let me tell you how the real economy works. now we can't go over all of the economic policies mentioned on the stage last night in one show but it should be noted that one big government neo con wasn't able to make it to the i was stage last night ken doll texas edition gov rick perry who has not yet announced
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luckily ron doesn't seem to be too worried about that i'm paraphrasing here but it's as ron said it will only split votes off for other additions of the kind our so romney maintained his position bachmann and plenty went out and as usual ron paul crushed everyone and all the online polls here are the results of the official fox news topics poll in which ron paul had fifty four percent of the vote last night you can guess from this image he's the one represented in green he got massive cheers for a foreign policy of peace a domestic policy of freedom and a commitment to the constitution talk about the better half of the g.o.p. and this weekend politicos will be turning to tomorrow's straw poll in ames iowa was an early indicator for the g.o.p. nomination but rick perry governor of texas and a soon to be major candidate is set to announce the same day because of the importance of ames and i will former arkansas governor mike huckabee who came in second in ames and went on to win the iowa caucus last time around is calling it
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a major tactical blunder by the way the huckster will be making it very clear who he supports tomorrow by playing his bass guitar for santorum and herman cain but joining us now from the ground in ames iowa. for the straw poll that has had a better sense of why this event is given such importance we are joined tonight by artie's artie america's own christine for is out there saying thanks so much for being with us tonight and adam aria outstanding so from what you're seeing there do the people of iowa this year in this in this particular election especially those in ames of course do they have a sense of the extra weight that their votes carry what americans put so much stock in the results of early primary or caucus states like iowa. yeah it's really interesting out and when you think about it i mean when you look at the fifty states in this country iowa ranks thirty in terms of population so it doesn't always make sense to everyone but the people that live here they certainly feel like it is their right they feel like their opinion is strong we were at the iowa
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state fair this morning talking to a lot of people and they really take this seriously and if you think about it you know those who will be coming out here where i'm standing right now is right where the straw poll will be taking place right behind me the stage that all the candidates will be making their speeches and inevitably where the winner is announced anyhow they come here and they don't just spend five minutes casting their ballots they actually spend an hour or more on several hours spending time with the candidates visiting to different it's a big festivity as you mentioned mike huckabee will be playing he actually was just in here a few minutes ago there's barbecues and games and a very festive and the people of iowa do take their votes seriously based on what i've been seeing in the last few days. hope it don't take it as a right maybe a responsibility but not a right certainly to have the vote count more than the rest of the people in the country but for the candidates that are organizing on the ground there which ones those are the most organized little ron paul count looks like all of our viewers want to know but the ron paul people yet figured out how to do fried for you don't
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go on a got a because of the water on the stick that we're hearing so much about i heard they were having some difficulty getting the corn syrup batter to adhere what do you see in i mean i don't know about the picking of butter at the iowa state fair there is a life size cow made out of butter that gives you an idea of where what part of the heartland we're in i wish you could see all around the item in this entire auditorium because it is wallpapered with ron paul signed this big if they somehow ron paul people got in here and literally have wallpaper you look like it looks like you're out on a convention if you look around we are told that some of these signs will come down for tomorrow to make a little more even there's maybe three or four santorum signs a couple herman cain five but. it's pretty outrageous i mean his supporters are everywhere and they're not only everywhere they're loyal and they are vocal and you heard from the debate last night any time he spoke he had the largest applause i met a family yesterday that had just come in a husband
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a wife their four kids oh did we lose the feed all right well we look forward to hearing more from oh we have christine back on the connection no i was here and i started i we lost about a second there oh that's ok i was talking about this family that i met a husband and wife four kids and they brought a bunch of young people with them who didn't have a lot of money but really care about ron paul they drove to iowa from las vegas so that gives you an idea about the type of people the devotion that he has this wonderful absolutely any effect of the pain when presence and i was already being felt a little well see there she was up a state there certainly after we were i know that a lot of people a lot of mothers their daughters they all wanted to meet hale and not getting the sense that it's really taking the attention away from some of these other candidates i mean these are candidates that have been on the ground here every single day for the last several weeks really trying to you know meet some of these voters but you know as you know with their appeal and she always seems to make
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a splash well you know it's a serious members of the media here and adam riess is the man will do our best to ignore her publicity stunts in the future christine is out for him and i will thank you so much for being with us tonight absolutely. and joining me now for the latest on the attack on facebook from london is the our own adverse of the magnetar look at ascii luke what's the story thanks for having me man i was just on r.j. news talking about the hague alien dalek problem we actual solution with the run with the london riots and how the police stood back and allowed this to happen now no surprise with the solution is the government going to come and take more control away from the people and the people are going to beg for it right now c.b.s. news just reported david cameron will ban twitter and facebook because of the london riots now we have to understand why this is happening and why the riots you know even even happened i mean in london people were abused by the police in the specific urban areas people were. it's hard for them to live with austerity
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measures with all the cuts and people have become so desperate have become so hopeless but the only answer and solution against the system sadly that they came up with was violence and the reason they came up with violence is because they're having a hard time paying rent paying for food and it's stupid and it's very ignorant and it's very animalistic but that anger comes from fear they were fearful they were afraid of how they're going to survive but when you're fearful when you're angry we have to understand people become stupid they don't think straight and that's what the system wants they want you to be fearful and these things that are going to come to the united states we have to be prepared for them we have to build a community we have to be there for each other and these elites are thriving on this and they're benefiting that benefiting from this they're getting more power and control and the answer lies within people out there remaining calm believing in love loving themselves and loving their countries and not of not allowing this to happen here in the united states absolutely really well said and it's important to note that as activists for us every mind that you free every person that to share that kind of information with that will lead them to react and not with fear but
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with love when things get hard when we see the kind of turmoil possibly in london maybe coming to the united states. and it's just really is i mean look at the obama administration they've been preparing for this just a couple months ago the obama administration took control of twitter and facebook for so-called emergency purposes. they've got a whole new control the n.y.p.d. just started a task force and whatever i'm on facebook i send out a message that me and my friends are going to meet up give out flyers there's always twenty police motorcades waiting there for us before we even get there so that's a clear and obvious seller already spying on us of course me and speaking of which facebook anonymous is also cracking down on the facebook it's almost like this corporation now that is formed out of this web site is being caught between the government of the people trying to play both sides because anonymous is going after facebook for privacy rights violations and going after them with this is salt on november fifth now personally i don't know if that's the thing with facebook to go after but if this is a way that we get more people to switch from facebook to maybe more open source social networking ok i guess i'm all for i kind of hope that anonymous doesn't
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succeed in crashing facebook on november fifth because otherwise i don't know how i will put the show together but we want to hear your thoughts on this issue and i love getting your feedback so on our facebook fan page at facebook dot com slash coco's for congress i just posted our question of ponder over the weekend. what will be the impact of the november fifth anonymous assaults on facebook so if you the viewer the names the years you worthy of the application of your collective intellectual knife we may just read some of your comments on that on monday. of all the things we're going to be concerned with there has been a rash of lemonade stands shut down by microbes pirates but have no fear of cows until joins us in studio to explain how you can take back lemonade freedom plus live an update from vega felon for americans for tax reform on their annual cost of government day and is it time to boycott sony we see what you the viewers have to
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say and stick around no better way to end your weekend with adam versus the man. into the only one with the mechanisms to do the work to bring justice to
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accountability. i have every right to know what my government should do if you want to know why i think actually that's. what i would characterize obama as a charismatic version of american exceptionalism. welcome back to adam vs the man as your news hound like me you've noticed that with the summer heat comes when they stand then with lemonade stands comes what he paid micro tyrants from local cops the city clerks the county code and forces coming to ruin summer fun for children everywhere with their recent rash of lemonade stand shut downs well thanks to activist robert fernandez august twentieth two thousand
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and eleven is lemonade freedom day joins us now to explain how activists in washington d.c. would be committing civil disobedience in solidarity with every american child who's ever have their lemonade lemonade stand shut down this path until who along with any free or something the call for lemonade freedom here in the nation's capital has a thanks so much for being with us and i am so very happy to be here where are you going to be on august twenty ninth we are going to be at the nation's capital and that twelve pm we're all going to meet there and we're going to be selling lemonade until three pm on the west lawn of the last four and yes so you're willing to get arrested for lemonade freedom yes so we're hoping i won't get that far i mean it's very possible that we could go there and sell lemonade and you know them just let us sell them a name for it for three or four hours who have seen how capitol police have wanted to crack down just for making money on the capitol in any form if it doesn't have
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the government's permission now look here at all this you are you are you planning on risking arrest for lemonade freedom sue i think you face a five hundred dollar fine for doing this but i think what we have to do as a community is show how stupid these laws are not acts to put ourselves like the people along that are right now we have to demonstrate how stupid these laws are and we have to force this issue on them and that's exactly what can. i was doing here and i hope a lot of people show up on saturday and you're going to do so no no no you haven't so what's the time we see these lemonade stands shut down there this city enforcement code it's really petty local regulatory stuff right now is there any effort to i don't know get a national bill passed or or have some effort as part of this to change the law or is this just about raising awareness that the american dream for children is the table to sell lemonade sometimes on their parents' property has been taken away yeah i mean it's just showing how how ridiculous it is i mean i think even it
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children as young as four years old are getting their limit a.t.m. shut down and it's just it's it's something that so fundamental and basic you know a child having a lemonade stand in that yard and for the police to go to people's homes and say oh you can't do this because you don't have a permit it's just it's so bizarre i can't even believe it's real so i mean we just want to show people how how far their reaches of our government go to where it interferes with just basic everyday life or exists so this is about something a little bit more than lemonade luke what do you see as the fundamental economic freedom that is that is being taken away here i mean our freedom just to live i mean the bankers are looting everything we can't even sell anything on the streets because of all this bureaucracy the government has nothing better to do with all these damn gangsters underground looting everything but now they're going to go after a little four year old children who are trying to sell lemonade it's time we make a stand right now we tell people enough is enough and we're going to be sold some damn lemonade to people because it's our right to and we should have no government
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bureaucracy in our way finding us and telling us in jail for simple nonviolent this is beautiful nonviolent peaceful resistance and we're talking about london and you have agreed with that it's a small issue a lot but i can so small issue that brings up the whole larger issue about what's happening in this country right now with the drug laws and we need to make a stand by the basic individual. freedoms of commerce of simply buying and selling don't really exist never have a lemonade stand as if it is the something that you are looking back on from personal experience yet as soon as i had a lemonade stand at my grandmother's house in lake iowa and we would set up a lemonade stand it was just like a basic part of childhood and i mean me and my friends would even you know go door to door and and sell items as a way to you know raise money for various things and i think was even a limited stand where the children are raising money for cancer patients and it got shut down so it's basically like telling children you can't make a difference in the world problem don't try to change it so what's the web site
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people can get more information on and then they can go to it w w w dot limited freedom dot com or they can a course for to look yeah are they can go to our facebook event page for the washington d.c. event which is lemonade liberation day i'll stand well thank you both for being with us really appreciate it and will be reporting august one of the many freedom they will talk to them thanks for being with us tonight pleasure and will undoubtedly give our keynesian in chief at and say canyon a big boost from fiscal war story hungry voters sony has plans to turn up the propaganda of president obama in two thousand and twelve slated for release just a month before the election team america part ok well they are actually calling it that but a movie is already in the works to show the glory of the bin laden killing this is the same sony that hosted a fundraiser for obama in april by the way so do you want your money going to
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support obama as it's i'm to boycott sony for the answer to that so i return to. barbara's comment tonight we turn to louis lopez who writes that's capitalism in america everything is for sale. but you know that's not what a politician gets paid by a c.e.o. in the politician uses the force of government to subvert for morgan capitalism to give the corporation advantage that's who says i'm ok but back to sony on twitter p.a. underscore yes our rights yeah they are probably the fox that scripted that in the first place and it turns out boycotting sony is actually an ancient tradition according to cope no glee we were already boycotted sony ok ok so
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can we convince anyone else from this incident to from this movie things it's a boycott sony also ran in covington i'll be boycotting the film and really anything that has to do with real life in an incompetent leader like brock obama all right but ranny another we isn't ready to put down the playstation controller their products are too good though plus boycotting seems more like a liberal thing to do oh let's cut target and wal-mart and god and knowing we can just not watch the movie. yes true but liberal you know delusional activism is a liberal thing to do boycotting is an inherent recognition of the power of the free market and downy words and i'm not sure what that scream actually means says what a psyop the guy who comes up with these narratives and pass them off are the guys that pass these off as try to pass them off as real events really must think we are stupid i suppose the right so maybe you're not ready to give up your playstation
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just yet but at least we can skip the movie and vote anyone but obama in two thousand and twelve. remember on this show we talk about tax freedom day that was april eleventh this year but that only tells half the story today august twelfth two thousand and eleven is the official cost of government they were very lucky to be joined in studio tonight by jacob feldman author of the cost of government report he's a murkiness and a fellow in the department of economics at george mason university and is an associate of the tax policy director for americans for tax reform jay thanks so much for being. all right so the cost of government how is this different from tax freedom if that happened in april. i thought we paid all the polls absolutely you have access here unfortunately you haven't paid for the massive regulatory regime that's out there extra deficit spending that's going on above and beyond tax freedom day so those are the direct individual taxes april eleventh when you add in
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everything else you get the burris you get all twelve two thousand and eleven and that's counting all the extra days the past tax freedom day i believe on april twelfth that has to be paid at some point just right now on the backs of the children why is it so important to point this out it's i mean it's not like it's an officially recognized government holiday not like anything happens today but it's a chance to do what why do you when you print this out and i missed her why why bring this to the times when the american people like this. and the american people can normally look at their taxes and they see how much the government say community weigh in any one year but they're not seeing if they still have to pay that back at some point in the future and that's what they cost the government to highlights and highlights how how you're paying extra right now for the regulations either for electricity like you highlight in our e.p.a. case study or through banking because the dodd frank regulations so what this does in a very unique way is it tells you what you're either paying above and beyond taxes or what your children are eventually going to have to pay at some point ok so we
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have a couple charts i want to show our viewers the first one shows the cost of government day from one nine hundred seventy seven as a t.r.s. calculated it to two thousand and eleven now this is actually gone down over the last just the last year from from two thousand and ten whereas tax freedom day got pushed back is this a good thing doesn't when the strike can void this convince people that maybe government is is shrinking if i guess if it weren't for the contrast of brock obama's effect on cost of government day versus previous presidents and what we're looking at is really at the peak of the stimulus coming down when you've injected of a money thankfully it comes down at some point but we still have a large spending problem so we're still seeing is an increase from two thousand and eight of thirteen days of just federal spending because of rock obama to put in a strict nominal terms if we were to convert if we were to throw spending at the highest year of the bush spending two thousand and eight he would be spending four hundred seventy seven billion dollars less every year now to just be clear for
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americans for tax reform you're not adore same bush is fiscal conservatism just showing that in contrast to what we're seeing from obama right now absolutely and again if you look at the years you see that bush went on his own spit spending binge as well but what we're still what we're still trying to highlight here is that as as hard as the bush years were when it came to federal spending we're looking at an even larger increase of with obama that's unfortunately as we forecast in our report going to continue even all the way to twenty twenty one a lot of american citizens go holy crap most of the year on working for the government. i want to show one more chart here height chart of how that breaks down here we go from different parts of the government what do most americans how do they react when they see this and then they actually see this is like the receipt oh most what is what is the reaction the reaction is largely in show and rightly horror when they take a look at how long they're working just ripped out of spending and then for regulations as well i don't most americans are totally unaware of how much they work for a regulatory burden every year seventy seven days down from every single time ok
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now i have to apologize almost to my viewers tonight to our viewers to say that we're ending our week on such a somber note i mean this is like by the way here's the bill can you give us some good news is there anything that would forward to when we look at the cost of government we see this receipt undeniably in our laps august twelfth the whole year leading up to this we were working for the government unfortunately the situation is still really grim now the federal debt agreement the federal debt deal worked somewhat in our favor what we did is we shaved off five days off the cost of government step forward problem is we had other options such as the house republican house g.o.p. bill which wanted to cut our which would have cut the cost of government day by twenty would have returned us back to life of the first time in fact cut across all the way back to only one day later than one thousand and two during the reagan administration so it's a step in the right direction we can always shrink the size of government particularly when it comes to regulations and federal spending but as as things
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have gone on so far we're still looking at a very grim scenario for the future they're still plan on having a great weekend aren't you i am i had a wonderful party last time but the syntax particularly highlighted the cost of government so it's about having a smiling face while being under a heavy weight outstanding to go thanks so much for joining us. yes please because as a cost of government dot com outstanding all right and coming up next we will be joined in studio next thursday by gary johnson very excited about that and author of a door with some stories on the somali pirates the. another under-reported story this very excited during that interview and tomorrow washington d.c. is the the c slut walk and while i wholeheartedly support the main cause of making sure that slots know that they are not to be blamed for being raped we will be there covering that and hope that you can join us. at noon tomorrow and of course what you just saw was.


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