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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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let's not forget that we in the hard part. i think. well. we haven't got the bigger say so get ready for freedom.
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are just time for you said it i read it right a time respond to my brilliant and engaging viewer comments from facebook twitter and you too because when you've got something to say i listen now person i want to respond to a viewer who commented on my interview about michele bachmann and her statements on being a submissive white alex but her not said women should be submissive to whoever employs them in parentheses it gives them money which is usually their husbands i love that's why this logic women are to be submissive at all times either to their boss which is most likely male. or to their husband sorry alex just because you work for
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someone does not make you submissive to them they're your boss they're not your master oh and if you help support your wife that doesn't mean you own her either welcome to the twenty first century noun or sponsor my fireside friday about the cia lie about the number of civilians killed in afghanistan because the dam said because the russians have never heard any innocent civilians in afghanistan now i think those viewers are totally missing the point here this isn't a comparative analysis about which country has killed more civilians this is about the fact that the cia has been to lying to the american people and to the world about the number of civilians that they've killed in drone strikes so sure you can look at other examples from the past other countries say that somebody killed more did worse but that doesn't change the fact that right now in the present our government is lying to us and using that to keep the wars going john brennan has come out and said that for the past year there is not been one collateral death in our drone strikes in pakistan that's just not the truth so you can if you can say
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russia killed more civilians that person killed more civilians or you could realize that what we should be asking is why we're even there to begin with and that's your choice now lastly i want to respond to a viewer who commented on you too terry cox who said republicans have balls but bad ideas democrats have good ideas but no balls and you know what if you alter that to some good ideas on the democratic side i couldn't agree more and that's it for today's ranting and i'll be back with more later this week. i am a by now we all know about the two societies that exist side by side the small towns across america that are struggling to survive a wall street keeps raking in the big bucks in chattanooga tennessee is no exception to this growing divide say back in may the town was optimistic that a new one billion dollar volkswagen plant would help get people back on top. as of today more than one thousand people work at chattanooga's volkswagen plants it is a milestone not just for the company or for people with a new job you know thirty years ago there were no automotive industry jobs into the
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sea now they are killed for a third of all manufacturing jobs in the volunteer state volkswagen will be a magnet for new jobs by attracting suppliers and just continuing the movement of the american auto industry here and that bill to raise family incomes in tennessee and we've heard for years but ninety percent or more of its problem is it seems that everyone was so caught up in actually having jobs they overlooked how much money employees were going to be making there's a movement in the auto industry to maintain or lower labor costs to be more competitive with foreign automakers so as of now chattanooga volkswagen plant doesn't have a workers' union and just to give you just how union workers pay compares to nonunion pay let's take a look at these numbers from the center for automotive research american auto employees average between fifty to fifty dollars for our foreign auto employees between forty five to fifty five per hour but volkswagen's hourly wage starts at
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fourteen fifty per hour and that wage increases to twenty one dollars an hour over the course of three years so it doesn't take a mathematician to notice a huge pay gap there makes you realize how desperate people are when these v.w. employees chattanooga are willing to take a job knowing that their salary will be considerably less and that of their unionized counterparts now by the looks of the media hype surrounding this new plant back in may people are just happy to have a job any job as long as they can pay their bills so perhaps the bluebirds will. cohen it makes the most accurate comparison when he writes all main street continues to suffer from high unemployment plunging home prices the financial industry is dancing a jig after paying itself about one hundred fifty billion in compensation in twenty times it's true and i know that i have said repeatedly wages in cities like chattanooga are falling rapidly at the exact opposite is happening on wall street so how can we close the gap and warren buffett has a suggestion in an op ed in today's new york times stop coddling the rich.
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billionaire investor warren buffett is awesome so the rich should pay higher taxes as a matter of fairness but now he's getting real specific in a new york times op ed today my friends and i have been troubled long enough billionaire friendly congress all that he's saying is if you make over a million dollars in taxable income that should be taxed at a higher flat rate regardless of how you made the money and if it's above ten billion dollars that rate should be even higher. yes we've heard buffett talk about it before but when will people actually start to listen to head of berkshire hathaway also know the tax disparity in our country here at the mega rich pay income taxes at a rate of fifteen percent on most of their earnings but pay practically nothing in payroll taxes it's a different story for the middle class typically they fall into the fifteen percent twenty five percent income tax brackets and then are hit with heavy payroll taxes to boot so no matter how you break down the figures and grunge the numbers it's clear we're going to make the growing wealth disparity that is bad and getting
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worse and i'll tell you what something needs to be done otherwise examples like the one that we just showed you in chattanooga tennessee those are become the norm in this country a race to the bottom all for average americans or for average americans while wall street continues to raise to the top. i am now last month army suicides hit a record since the army began releasing those figures in two thousand and nine thirty two potential suicides a record twenty two were active duty soldiers and ten were reservists and that means that there was on average more than one suicide a day last month just the first seven months of this year that brings the number of army suicides up to one hundred sixty it's a statistic that it's never easy to discuss but it's one that speaks volumes and the army for now is calling them potential suicide because they say that investigations are under way and most of the deaths to confirm the exact case at least in one of these cases those closest to the soldiers say that it's undeniable take for example staff sergeant jared. he had orders to return to afghanistan this
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month for a ninth tour of duty but his body was found a few weeks ago at joint base lewis mccourt and his wife said that he shot himself in the head that he wanted out of the military and the rangers never took his pleas for help seriously or the army's launched a major effort over the last several years to institute new training for soldiers to be able to bounce back from stress the change the stigma that seeking help will impact their careers negatively and they're also on a five year fifty million dollar study of the numbers show that their efforts are working so what exactly is going wrong here to discuss this with me is lieutenant colonel samantha neuro a wounded warrior of walter reed army medical center samantha thanks so much for being here tonight now before we get into exactly what's going wrong and the way the that the pentagon is treating many of these individuals let's talk about why suicide rates are climbing so high for example the man i just cited going on his ninth tour is that in saying. you know of course
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most vulnerable positions are going to have an impact on the lives of soldiers and as we continue in this war we're going to see the lives. just touched like we're seeing right now the bigger issue as i see it is the stigma the mental health stigma reaching out for help with mental health issues still has a social stigma in the military but at the pentagon or at least the army says that they're trying to change that but they're trying to hire new people institute new rules and they're trying to spread this idea that you no longer have to have this negative stigma involved you can go out and ask for help is that not really happening though it is and the army is. just their army has a mission and you know he has many programs that we are all encourage participation but let me ask you another question on a bigger question what about society as
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a whole society still has a mental state and so we're looking at the military under a microscope what about society because society still has that mental hospital so we need to look at the stigma of mental health as a one enormous problem but how do we look at it differently for example for you know those that have not been in a war situation versus those who have right i mean tell me about what it's like to have p.t.s.d. what it's like to go for multiple tours what it's like to see the horrors that you see in war and you know how are people for example journalists how are doctors supposed to be able to relate to that because those are the injuries that aren't visible they're not physical injuries they're there inside and i can speak to that because i as you know i do have p.t.s.d. i've been mobilized four times and my last mobilization i was injured again in baghdad and i was mobilized i was whether backed out of baghdad with severe
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p.t.s.d. and i've been in recovery at walter reed. i can speak to my own pain my own suffering. i can't speak to the army's official policy but i can speak to what i know and what i've experienced and what i'm still living. the most and most difficult thing is the difference between invisible invisible injuries and. it touches on what we're talking about today the suicide the suicide rate. when people can't see something they don't know how to respond they don't know how to react they don't know how to help they don't know what to do and i've i've lived that for the years i've been in treatment now. i can go to give you an example and i go to one of them i wonder where that a group of wounded warriors and this happens repeatedly. over the event
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we all enter we walk in as a group. sometimes we have celebrities sometimes senior political fishel sometimes the military officials sometimes just local people coming out to say hello they walk right past me. to shake hands with a person who has a visible injury maybe an amputation maybe some other type of very visible injury how do you talk to you know what should they do what can you tell people in terms of trying to understand because of course it's not only one thing that we have we have soldiers obvious committing suicide maybe abroad it may be here at the base but a lot of the time it happens at home. the first thing i would say is the help is there and to reach out and get out there is a stigma but the army is trying to limit the stigma and minimize the stigma is hard
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in the combat arms units the units that are like you said time mobilizations. but it can be done people can reach out people can get back out reach out get out that's number one number two for the people who are around people or have the opportunity to say hello don't make assumptions and just just because somebody looks fine that they are fine. i can speak for myself i'm far from fine. i know is a journey it's a path i'm on every day to get to find. the man i want to thank you very much for coming on tonight and for you know discussing that with us obviously it's a personal issue for you but it's something that facts thousands of individuals especially those that are now coming home are that have been fighting in these wars for the last ten years so hopefully somehow this horrible trend will stop and people wall street learn you know how to stop it thank you so much thank you. well
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still to come tonight he's tried to use sharia law is scare americans now he's trying out another tactic to have more on the night school time second and happy hour another unflattering photo of michele bachmann services plus i'm being nice will not get you a great back in just a month. you know somebody should do a story at the scene so. you think you understand it and then you know here's some other part of it and realize that everything is ok and you don't i'm sorry is a big. deal. and yet.
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let's not forget that we had a heart break. i said. well. we have to go there for safety get ready for freedom.
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are decided that it's tool time of war and i to go through frank gaffney frank gaffney its founder and president of the american center for security policy he's also a radio show host a blogger and a columnist focusing on national security issues he's one of those beltway talking heads and he's also a total nut job he's a partner pal discussion with the heritage foundation which is a think tank based here in d.c. and they are discussing the possibility of an electromagnetic pulse attack or an e.m.p. on the u.s. that would be an attack on our country's electric and technology great. he's the
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brink think that i think that's probably going to happen and say during the event he reportedly said bar none the threats to us that i worry most about is he now this must be a big deal for a brain to make those comments so we did some digging today and found a video of frank's groups that place online about a possible m.p. attack the web but it's not designed to kill americans at least not directly about the way instead it is meant to at least impede the magnetic pulse that destroys electronic devices and power grids. scary stuff in fact about two years ago frank was quoted over at think progress talking about potential e.m.p. attack and he said within a year of that attack nine out of ten americans would be dead because we can't support a population of the present size and urban centers and the like without electricity that would be a world without america as a practical matter and that is exactly what i believe the iranians are working
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towards are it doesn't sound scary yes it is an actual threats i have some very very serious doubts as to most other people in the world but the thing is it seems like frank gappy is creating a bit of pattern here calling things that are not on issues the greatest threats that america faces like this one for example. would still be in the steerable for. the saudis. who are seeking to insinuate. the barbaric totalitarian islamic code all over the world including here. if he prays cappy thinks sharia
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law is a major problem here in the us and he's very concerned the sharia is creeping into our country there's only one real problem with that there is not a single documented case of sharia law taking place here don't worry that is our brain he just keeps on talking about the issue trying to scare people about muslims and now looks as if he's found a new big scary cause to champion so i'm going to go out on a limb and say that as e.m.p. threats probably should be taken seriously just seems like frank gaffney loves to spread fear and that's why he's getting to. still time lord. ok it's monday and we need a drink so joining me for happy hour tonight is r t correspondent laura lister and
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that is the money i heard on the hill columnist for roll call ladies thank you for joining me tonight and i remember having a room that will let you drink etc. well this point is ok obviously there is the ames straw poll over the weekend or so bachmann was the winner and we discussed the newsweek cover last week everybody always likes to make fun of her when she looks a little crazy which sometimes she does but this one is just kind of messed up look at this picture that the telegraph actually published of her eating a hot dog and i would. like them you know all six of them i don't think so i think that they just hate her and so they want to put the most unflattering picture of her i feel like michele bachmann's a very beautiful woman is a photo editor you can choose a bunch of these democrats or a vote absolutely and that is that they're writing these horrible colors just shows that they're getting commentary saying that they don't like her or they want to publish an unflattering picture you don't think they're calling her out a little bit i mean alone in the i mean that i mean it's hard to get and that picture is let's just say. suggests it was and i want to know are you was shoving
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a giant corner i eat out and doing that i don't think people would care as much we would love about of as much as they go on average of the corndog you have a lady doing that's interesting but i guess i'm just more vain because i didn't really notice the whole corndog salad aspect of it i was just like wow that's a really bad picture i don't know why hold. my hand when straight to the nerdy way it clearly surprised mine didn't but i guess you would i really think i'm going to admit it immediately goes into the gutter and i think probably that's. we how those people out there injuries or look at pictures like this and so i do i think it's kind of messed up yeah. they could at least try to make it like hi or something you know that might work in our favor but if you are a little busy right now do the my green thing where you're just like really i mean she there are legitimate reasons to go after political personality but there is i
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just i just don't buy it but that's what we talked on the show before to say that she actually is like crazy she actually says crazy things you don't need to try to make her look crazy you just replay clips of her saying that she said to her husband and there you go pictures worth a thousand words though and the telegraph doesn't have the luxury of those telling soundbites that if they have paper to write ok look. they have wording of journalists they can write big article was saucy to yeah all right she won but number two. strabo was actually well let's put the media explain it for you you know if i would it was the straw poll ames iowa has for submissives front runner status very close second place finish for all for the congressman from texas who's making the white house what did we learn here my final thoughts on the ames straw poll i think we found out that when she has been in this race for a long as an organization to match her enthusiasm that was the question ron paul is
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a much more serious campaign than it was four years ago four. all right so ron paul came in second and you know we got a lot of letters and tweets from viewers of the show today saying would you please talk about the fact that nobody in the media is talking about ron paul and so here it's the they announce the results and they just kind of move on and then you see michele bachmann you know doing interviews with david gregory being on meet the press you see rick perry being discussed everywhere you see tim paul and he's voted everywhere because he dropped out the guy's done and yet you still see to call in to you on every single screen but then they just kind of glossed over ron paul i mean he did in fact. second place here yet only by one hundred fifty votes it's interesting because i was speaking about this with a guest earlier lou rockwell who is an economist and he's also a ron paul supporter and you were saying very that you know michele bachmann was all over all of the sunday talk shows yesterday all of the mainstream media and ron paul suddenly is not in the conversation because he was one hundred fifty votes behind well i think one of the things about ron paul as well that he will always seem a little bit like the outsider candidate he's always can be the one that's pushing
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the issues that nobody else wants to talk about including bachmann in this case going to be who make i think that outsider is the media makes an outsider when they also don't talk to him afterwards so now you have to look at who is in his platform friends and what kind of corporate sponsors that form threatens and some would argue it's a military industrial complex and corporations backed it but i think i also think that i mean age is always a factor in these things as well and i think one of the one of things you have heard and this may be goes back to you know what you're saying the message to that out there is that he is that he's an older candidate and that's something that i don't know if you guys have noticed in the past couple days people have talked about how old he is how old he is i mean he seemed kind of useful in that clip that you guys just showed with his like short sleeves and he's always you know lovely and bouncy and i think you know first seventy five. he's really i mean he's doing well yeah it does not seem seventy five. ok let's move on to
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the big came out it turns out. being nice actually will get you a raise at work so then you automatically have to think that it must be the opposite which is i guess was being a total media. myself but i think that always makes me think of one of our favorite movies personally. i don't want john i don't think i'm going. to look like you or see what is going to work with well i will. never be sure if you can keep your job actually. i mean you can say that it's just a movie but a study basically proves that if you are too nice you're going to want to lose out you're going to take advantage of you travel and it works better for men to be a jerk or to be rude or less agreeable as the study said then for women and women only got a five percent higher pay whatever then men who saw an eighteen percent increase if they were i got those numbers to give me i'm going to like it like you know the
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rate of yeah right if you're a man are i mean that's good right because that means you're aggressive in the workplace and apparently you have ambition whereas we decide attitude well clearly but i also think that maybe one of the things that gets us further in the workforce is being smart and being copied it and you think you know. maybe i mean and i think there's nothing wrong with being nice i don't actually i i like to think we're all nice people i mean we're not cured right but what i think is interesting about this study is that these were people that identified themselves as less agreeable than average so the person or thing and second is i think that given that they're probably the people that are more likely to go into their bosses and ask for raises and demand and be more assertive in that regard well that's one of the things you hear about women for example all the time i mean one of the gender stereotypes is that women aren't going to go into negotiations to accepting a job and start negotiating salary it's always it's generally thought that men do
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that and women just take what's given so i think that that stuff away from think it would be nice you could also be a little bit of you know complacency or laziness too or maybe even pyrrhic like you said some people don't necessarily want to go in and talk to their boss you know and be strong willed about of they'll just be like oh well i know much i can do also denying and even thousand dollars less a year round. well it's also like this economic climate who wants to leg but nobody else i would say are you now are less agreeable i got out ok well yeah it's working for them to get it out but i but thank you for joining me and there are nights out thanks for joining in make sure we can back tomorrow that's the sparrow the lead researcher of a study that showed that google is making us all stupid can be on the surface got that steady now in the meantime don't forget the fan of a lot of show on facebook and follow us on twitter and if you missed any of the night's share or any other nice you can always catch tell it you tube dot com the flash eleven show very close the interviews as well as the shell in its entirety coming up next is adam versus the.
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marvin here broadcasting live from washington d.c. coming up today on the big picture. the official make a show. called touch from the on cue.


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