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omissions. on the. happy monday i thought would get your attention today by starting with a segment called voluntourism from an ism and that's why it's already you know this is an episode that's got everything of course we've got the latest on the g.o.p. presidential race with the latest from iowa lukens examine for their take on the big business of undocumented immigrants obama is trying to use football to discredit you end california there's something there on cell phones to stop protests we've also got jay bahador author of the pirates of somalia inside their hidden world of worlds did you get a behind the power introduction to the shiny new super andras but out of work versus the man.
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walk this global phenomenon we get into wrong so we're on january twenty fourth two thousand and eleven counsel michael sanguinary in an attempt to help young college women over the immortal words women sort of void dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized. and while the exact relationship between how the woman dresses and her likelihood to be rape are still up for debate the comment launched a movement senator on the idea that it is wrong to attempt to excuse rape by referring to a victim's attire they also are raising awareness of the broader problems of rape and sexual assault and are quick to point out the victims are not always women cofounders sonia garnett and heather jarvis are also working to reclaim the term slut because quote women are tired of being oppressed by slut shaming of being judged by our sexuality and feeling unsafe as
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a result of being in charge of our sexual lives should not mean that we are opening ourselves to an expectation of violence regardless if we participate in sex or pleasure or work a man so you get what some have called a poor cation protest ladies i say war power to you and using a sexuality as drugs conscience of the cause i was personally sucked into supporting the slut walk in washington d.c. this saturday when a sudden thunderstorm struck which. got most of the slots sorry i couldn't resist ok so seriously i was disappointed to find that more of the slots in attendance were libertarians voluntourism as a specific philosophy of libertarianism in particular is the only political philosophy compatible with pat with feminism and i see this is a feminist not as a libertarian as we progress to a more voluntary society the advantage that men have by physical strength becomes less and less relevant is all forms of force and human interaction are condemned
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and women's unique abilities are relatively elevated in value by society at large until then though i would have thought the more women fighting back against rape would be pro gun the great equalizer brings the two hundred fifty pound would be rapist number down to the same level as the hundred pound would be victim now gentleman you might look at this with a little reluctance to embrace it but let me just point out two things that might help you get over that natural reaction first this is part of the progress of the species and an elevation of your limitless mental creative capacity over your own limited physical capacity and second empowerment of women and it's better sex for everybody so you'll also have that sort of forward. so we're not a red line yet but the circus is a real go in strong and the results are in from the circus that is the ames straw poll michele bachmann won with four thousand eight hundred twenty three votes
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narrowly beseen her second place opponent by one hundred fifty two votes. sold by tim plenty in a distant third place with two thousand two hundred ninety three votes but once he was trailed by homophobic theocrat rick santorum and former federal reserve governor herman cain newt gingrich and jon huntsman had no formal presence at the debate in their numbers reflected that it's macabre came a good last thirty five votes but one award for most bad ass name in other news the number two has ceased to exist this is the headline that appeared on politico after the results came in or you posted on the minnesota public radio website politico has since changed the headline to simply say michele bachmann wins and straw poll pretty clear them right second place is entirely irrelevant sucks for them there's no libertarian television to call them out for it this time around that's right someone named ron paul got second place and i was struck well actually
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statistically tied with michele bachmann for first with four thousand six hundred seventy one votes but we in the media tend to conveniently forget inconvenient details wait a second i say maybe they do it maybe we do it so that all the ron paul supporters will just call and complain and get the more attention quick. ron paul is a racist and a loser it is a homophobe and no one should pay any attention to him at all and you can reach out of versus the man i'll see at two zero two just kidding one of the controversies has been the way in which shell narrowly edged out paul. not not like that bachmann's campaign was requiring folks to register at her booth to gain access to a country music show featuring randy travis now a folks didn't have to vote for bachmann at the bachmann booth to get a ticket it certainly could have helped her get a bump. in the poll so with all of that the g.o.p.
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field will likely shrink teapot decided to bow out shortly after his ames results came in it's arguably this is a bad thing because the more neo cons we have in the race the easier it is to split their votes and in the end for ron but i don't think the field is going to shrink just yet yes answer rick perry do nothing become instant front runner that's right kids the long awaited kendall texas edition is finally on sale to make or make a corporate entities everywhere even better with his announcement for the presidency in south carolina on saturday perry is now considered one of the three front runners along with michele bachmann and mitt romney never mind i don't know all of the polls as far as the irresponsibility of our corporate media know no bounds kilos to be showed last but by nine tenths of one percentage point in the straw polls it doesn't because it isn't supposed to pick winners but it's supposed to tell us which way the wind is blowing that's as good as we had to be
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honest tyson sure but we're we're seeing the morning shows this morning who are all the stories analyzing what it means that ron paul essentially tied for first place any which reason that is essentially going to be or it is is it media doesn't believe that ron paul has a hoot in hill's change of winning the iowa caucuses winning the republican nomination winning it triggered a g. so we're going to do. well i guess it doesn't and joining me now for the word on the street our own deliberate oh and lucrative you gentlemen thanks for being with us and i. our our first story and i we do have some bad news we want to share there's been a wave of recent attacks in iraq sixty killed seems like all rocking civilians. i thought are we going to at least one tell you we still have the mark of you won't be a number of times it will see some kind of reaction so well the listener this is you people's what i keep saying in there forever and ever except for ron paul he's the
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only one of the purgative moment so if rider gets the nomination there's a there's a slight hope chance that they could be and this is also a very important time because iraqi government is thinking about keeping the fifty thousand troops there even longer but the first thing that i think about after hearing the stories how british as a soldier is just a couple of years ago were caught dressing up as rebels and shooting up different villages to blame it on a different ethnic village to start more problems there this was documented and people could learn more about how british i say what if i did work in fighting gori because british se agents were setting off bombs borne of different villages and blaming it on different i think groups to cause more violence there so they would just buy the real point is that there is an interest among those who are in charge of these wars you know have incidents that you know it's not for keeping troops in iraq it hasn't yet and that's a point if you think about the story spirit there were highlighted everybody should know they could get is up the american troops are staying there not be big so the country you know how we. should be left i believe it's sort of like ok
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there's one quote here from the story that i want to share because it's not put forth as capturing the mood of the iraqis and it's apparently from ali saab the owner of a food shop and bags of the blame is on the american troops they want to show the weakness of the iraqi security forces iraqi troops are weak and they'll need more years before they're ready to protect the country is that represent the general view of the iraqi people well i'm going to say i don't know i can't speak for the rest of the peoples right but i think that what this highlights is that the idea of training other armies so occupying training up a national security force of afghanistan iraq somalia or anywhere else is a bogus idea because we don't know what they're going to be like when we leave so it's a stupid concept that the pentagon's put forth in a. rock and afghanistan training that for iraqi and afghan forces and i also do think that if you spend time in these places like iraq and if you have like i have done since i left the marines you see that these pit third of their militaries are
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a joke there are a joke speaking of big money government scandals and a lot of talk about immigration lately and we're starting to see some of the financial incentives behind it come to light there are a lot of people filling out their own putting people in jail is big business and one of the policies that feels it is our sort of non policy about immigration that we have aside about this from a video that's going around let's play this. private prisons profit like a hotel the more occupants that go with it the more money comes out private prisons rely on anti immigrant lines. as to. whether people are undocumented doesn't matter as long as they fill the detention facilities for days . months or even years suddenly and their copycat sprouting up across the country. so if you've been following this is this new message going to represent and seemed
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to shift in the immigration debate and i don't think it is but i think right now the policy the president just a complex is way out of control and what these people are trying to do is stop it and it's very hard with a powerful lobbyist i mean you have c.c.a. and alec working together you're saying anything much like it is not going to same same service and solve the problem it's pretty hard to do i mean right now there's a lot of money invested in this public information public knowledge is very important to understand what's happening look how much money they're making and they want more people in jail that's why in america we have two point three million people in jail more than any other country in the world more than china and it's a big business and sadly private prison industries is thriving here and growing five to ten percent each year i mean you know one thing about this article fails to ask him a lot of people america what are you going to do about illegal immigrants if you look at if you look at crime that's happening in the united states specifically. immigrant populated areas you see that latinos are a large part of it was violent crime be able to answer that question well ok well
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let. me also americans answer the question is let somebody else worry about it. this is what i mean we have to deal with it i mean the point is the point is we have to deal with that illegal immigration is a problem crowding our jails is big money making progress and it's not going to go away until we fix mexico the immigration debate is so retarded we have to. expects a couple you know we're not just put there for the reason that you're going next week is mark saunders who's i know jobs the economy is ridiculous there's extra credibly low education rate it's horrible when there are related story here getting to the big picture of this there was a former judge in pennsylvania was guilty verdicts in exchange for a million dollars and it backs finally sense to twenty years the justice in this supposedly maybe a small measure of justice is that this is after someone sense of jail needlessly a young man and it up committing suicide as a minor in jail because this guy was just what's important to understand about the stories that this judge was stupid he didn't pay the taxes money off checks he got
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from the prison that i arrest look into is that it was like why is this judge getting over a million dollars from a private prison industry that he's sending more and more young kids to so he was still i mean would have like paperwork to paper over so he was so in conference and work on the side and this is this is very stupid this these things happen but in a march smarter way all around the country i mean violent crime time went down twenty percent since one thousand nine hundred one but fifty percent incarceration rates have gone up since one thousand nine hundred i think the real headline with the story should be something good came out of something the i.r.s. . that it's not total all the government's fault here one problem is that citizens have to take responsibility for their personal ad because god what are you going on here. with more on this with luke and thanks for joining us sir. when we come back the super congress has the power to reduce spending but whose pockets are they and does this new gang of twelve have ulterior motives plus san
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francisco bay area transit officials are making headlines yet again this time cracking down on free speech while the story in our police state update and the president's been busy person a big birthday blow out now that's. in the interest of good sportsmanship and regulations to the green bay packers on your fourth super bowl championship i'm looking at thirteen belt championship. it seems the president may have his priorities a little mixed up but we'll try to go as it may be to give them the benefit of the doubt just if we want even try to say to you're watching out of versus them at. this number given that we had an apartheid regime right.
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i think it's even money well. we never got that that says they're going to keep him safe get ready because you the freedom.
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well the back to adam vs the man last week senate minority leader democrat harry reid and speaker of the house republican john boehner named their appointments to the super congress or technically speaking in the united states congress joint select committee on deficit reduction their job is to find the cuts to the federal budget to avert a default crisis that is manufactured anyway while obama spends the money that congress gave him anyway so as per the law they each of twenty three democrats and three republicans from their respective chambers of congress and they just so happen to be all from states with major defense contractors now before we get into
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those specific states and some of the defense truck contractors there are sort of point out that you might not know that the defense contractors as part of the military industrial complex have already set it up this way as if it's a game that the american people are rigged to lose or the the will of the people is designed to lose and they've already got plants facilities manufacturing complexes all sorts of defense contractor facilities scattered throughout the united states deliberately scattered even throughout congressional districts but particularly states so at least ensure that every senator has jobs in their district or and their state or every congressman has jobs in their district that if defense spending gets cut or stretched to be cut they will protect with they'll fight against those cuts tooth and nail big. does it means jobs lost money to the district money to the state lost back to their campaign law so let's meet the super
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congress shelley first up we've got united states senator max baucus democrat democrat from montana where lockheed martin which is one of the major defense contractors in the country has a lot of sub contractors right next up u.s. senator john kerry democrat massachusetts also home to a lot of raytheon plants no surprise and us senator patty murray democrat from washington state where boeing is developing the new f. thirty five and to arizona where we have u.s. senator john kyl and more raytheon all right we've got in ohio u.s. senator rob portman general dynamics with a lot of work going on there senator pat excuse me senator pat toomey from pennsylvania also home of the defense contractor be a e systems and finally to the house side we've got united states representative xavier to cerro and in california i mean no surprise there's a lot of aside from the military bases themselves lockheed martin we've got united states representative james clyburn south carolina where there's
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a new small defense contractor being heralded daniel defense making small parts there kind of doing some civilian some military but of course new jobs for the district one hundred of them with a five million investment up front you're going to see some more military contractors going there we've got united states representative dave camp from michigan as well as united states represented fred upton where general dynamics has a strong presence united states representative jeb hensarling from texas now i mean texas just just to get to a highlight here and there's so much military development going on bell helicopters got some new quickly going on there in development in texas we've got united states representative chris van hollen from maryland where lockheed martin happens to be headquartered now there are a lot of jobs represented here. and all of these various facilities in all these different states represented by all these politicians but you see they're not jobs
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that contribute to raising the standard of living for anyone and their very well protected jobs so when these tax leeches get funded by these members of congress not only are their campaign funding kickbacks there's economic havoc too it's the broken window fallacy writ large it's easy to see the jobs that the military industrial complex creates but not the jobs that never existed because paying taxes to support all these leeches has kept people from being hired to do jobs that actually create goods and services people want to consume but as long as we've got the super congress poll of bureau in place the american people will be doing the wrong kinds of jobs and as long as resources are diverted from the free market to feed this machine it will mean no jobs for all to many.
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of them. you would think with the frequency of police power abuses and scandals coming to light in the ever advancing march of new technologies that government corruption would be the decline but not so it seems as the future puts pressure on old school tyrannies organizations like the bay area rapid transit push back harder here is two thousand and eleven and they decided it's appropriate to block cell phone service at select stations this move is reportedly in response to a planned protest this week why are they protesting us well they're sick of cuffs shooting people basically johan's messily as you may recall was the bart police officer who on new year's day two thousand and one shot and killed attained down on a stomach oscar grant a week ago another shooting this time the forty five year old charles hill sparked a new anger so why the cell phone where it's for safety reasons. the thought being that having phones to coordinate a protest might create unsafe conditions for commuters on the platform at least
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that's the official line supplied even though cops with guns who know they won't really get punished if they shoot someone seems to be the greatest threat to public safety so it looks like you'd be best to avoid trains on the bart system altogether not only might you be shot but once it happens you can expect if you want to call the paramedics all that commotion might make things safer but ever fighting for truth justice and law is another mistake in a bar in defiance of their research on communication on sunday the group hacked into the bart website releasing the personal contact information over two thousand customers signed onto their e-mail list and released the following statement we are anonymous we are your citizens we are the people that we do not tolerate oppression from any government agency bart has proved multiple times that they have no problem exploiting and abusing the people part hasn't really going to affect that much by this in the cellblock will likely continue through the week earle's of the outcome here the implications of this one incident are serious while the police argument
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may seem pragmatic on the surface and it's it's never appropriate never acceptable for government to restrict peaceful communication in a public domain this is smiley faced fascism at its worst a cell phones can be deactivated by government agencies to protect themselves from public protest then we have no allegiance to such government there is no consent of the government when those governing fabricate excuses for not listening we can't let you protest for your own safety this is worse than the i'm washing my hair excuse if we accept this it would be another case of trading liberty for false security in another case in which it is an acceptable. obama said that we've got work to do and that it's not going to stop until everyone in america who wants a job can get one so let's give obama the benefit of the doubt let's assume he thinks he's done everything he can for the economy it's so just
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a matter of eat our peas and beans patient so now that he's got the economy checked office to do is the president can head on to other urgent but slightly less pressing missions let's see if there's there's the pullout from iraq now and serene in its third year there is the wars that he really likes and in pakistan and afghanistan there's that sticky issue of guantanamo oh there's there's a rosen's of civil liberties and escalation and police violence but now it's like someone at the white house said hey screw all of that let's fight a major sporting event that happened six months ago and invite the winners over for a feel good fall up we've got work to do and i won't stop until every american who wants a job can find one and graduations to the green bay packers on your fourth super bowl championship if you refuse to settle for politics where scoring points is more important than solving problems because the hard thing for better spend the good are you guys coming to my house to rub it in and i don't think it's too much for
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you to expect that the people you send to this town start delivering for you i'm surprised they're not worried geez it's all they. are gonna stay if you deserve better. thanks for listening damn right we do deserve better. zombies pirates and ninja's all the rage on our website for one man when the somali pirates first and headlights in two thousand and eight he decided to make a new career out of telling the story at the age of twenty four he left behind his market research star packed his bags and had a series of five flights out of somalia where he hit the ground in search of answers just one of these guys so now joining us via skype author of the recently published the pirates of some malia is debarred or de thank you so much for joining us tonight and thank you for having me so what prompted you to do this what prompted you to go to this extent as a journalist well it wasn't your list at the time it was sort of my break spoken to
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a lot of turkish journalists trying to break into the field and one thing they told me was just go somewhere crazy. and get your name in print by reading three minutes and you while we succeeded and gradually it worked out i mean i couldn't pick i refuse one of these things were just to know that a boy or. a few beers with a friend just started talking about it was late two thousand and eight and the idea we were in and i specifically was gripped by the same images there's a little bit because the folks at a lot of people you know hearing about modern day pirates and so you know as you said apparently bags and and went to see what was up there and how did you find them. well i my original plan was just to show up and ask for directions to a pirate base. that didn't get the national speeches
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you couldn't like plug it in your phone and google maps and get directions to the pirate base that well the funny thing is i did i did look at google earth. and i soon did on el which became the eastern coast a town that became kind of the center of the pirate world and i even saw someone who took a pirate checkpoint so i started imagining my head going out finding this checkpoint and asking to see the pirates of course when i finally did detail some months later there was no pirate ship it was just a child a peaceful fisher bit and someone to take that as a joke at being on google or ok well here yeah i mean is your book offers a great insight into that world and i want to recommend it but also we have to sit a minute or two left here i want to get your take on what's going on in somalia right now and for lack of a better way of asking the question when we see hundreds of thousands of children on the brink of starvation. who can we blame. well i think it's interesting
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actually dream natural and manmade disaster i'm sure you've heard of the islamist group in the soul of al shabaab which is largely been responsible for preventing people from fleeing and finding finding a and also preventing western aid organizations from operating within territory they control that being said the seasonal rains in somalia have failed two years in a row so what i sort of surprised about is that the media really caught on very early this was coming for a while like a soap the brains filled last year as well the good news is now that it is on its heels and seems there seems to be a crack at the highest levels of boat though between those who want to allow western aid in and those that don't and as a result one faction is polo the capital mogadishu so it is certainly reaching people more easily than it was a few weeks ago ok so it is a second life there if the somali pirates had a single message they wanted to get out so the rest of the world what do you think
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it would be. well it's the national message that their p.r. machine constantly is getting out of the world which is that they're only doing this because of illegal fishing which as i discussed in the book is kind of a founding myth so maybe had some truth ten years ago but now it was blown so far out of proportion that it's almost comical to hear these men say that they were fishermen and they never said you know so within sight of a fishing boat in their lives well where else could you read about pirates with a p.r. department jay thank you so much for joining us tonight the book. somali pirates highly recommended thanks so much for being with us thank you. as ourselves right thanks for tonight adam vs the man take out adam versus the man i've come to our guests and topics and find me on facebook and twitter as always you can get me out of that animates the man i've common catastrophic past lives there's a party by flashing a say and i knew this is out and over from washington this fourth of criminal.


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