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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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but can they load a show at the real headlines with no mercy we're going to live out of washington d.c. now we keep being told the insurgency is the reason of businesses aren't hiring well tonight our guest smith tells us why that excuse is not only destructive but in her own words propaganda needs to be laughed out of the room then rick perry says the fed printing more money they be treasonous michele bachmann doesn't they gave families count as families you have to wonder are the republican presidential candidates more extreme than ever before and according to a recent study the ability to just google it is changing what we choose to remember
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but is that a positive development or is it a sign that we're getting super organise week to lead researcher to see what she has to say we're going have all that and more for your night including a dose of happy hour but first let's take a look at what the mainstream media has decided to miss. you know the name calling in politics these days has turned into a stream of never ending fodder for the media and let's face it why wouldn't it be when you have the words terrorist communist socialist fastest and you name it being thrown around so lightly by pundits and politicians alike the thing is it's one thing to address the name calling and call out the name caller when what they say doesn't apply i quite how that just let it go unchecked let me give you an example a couple weeks ago we saw an outpouring of anger directed towards the vice president who even though he denies it was reported to have called the tea partiers terrorists when it came to the debt ceiling debate again the vice president claims that he never said that. the white house came out and said that they don't find
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that type of language acceptable and a huge media debate unfolded asking whether or not the tea party really can be compared to terrorists which they can't but yesterday not a campaign stop the president was confronted by a tea partier about that issue. which is why you. see so the tea party are demanding to know why president obama was talking about civility when vice president biden allegedly called members of the tea party terrorists he just didn't see a face i didn't see them on the news every would be absolutely certain. now i don't really know biden said that or not for starters i would like to give that tea party or their a little bit of advice and remind in the not everything you hear or see on the news is true which is why i spend so much of my time calling them out for that and so here we get to the next element it is tea party or was very upset about being called a terrorist but president said that he understands because he himself has been the victim of being of queues of being a socialist or somebody who was born in this country but at the end of that whole
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thing the tea party or later told reporters that he still thinks obama is a socialist and that's where i have a serious problem in the mainstream media and the right wing mainstream media machine known as fox news to spend endless amount of time talking about how it's so wrong to call the tea party as terrorists which i agree just doesn't apply but then when it comes to using other terms to describe someone the in reality well things that are one hundred percent not true then they just perpetuate it and a perfect example there came after warren buffett wrote an op ed yesterday calling for congress to stop coddling the super rich and make them pay their taxes like the rest of us but this is where fox news decided to take it. on your book through an alfred york times today so we should be i think you mentioned earlier we should do it we should be taxed more i guess the people who are a little troubling you go create or you want to tell you these are job creators test them a little bit more which they're not doing enough already what he says i'm you know a. is he completely
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a socialist and he's playing into mr obama's hands of. you know i have really had it with this word i don't believe in a tit for tat. i don't think it's ok to call tea partiers care is just because the right wing calls obama a socialist and i first started to believe that you should be able to say whatever you want because you have the freedom of speech in this country but if you're going to go on the airwaves and say whatever you want it's up to the media to check that i get instead of checking it the mainstream media either perpetuate it perpetuates it by using the words themselves as you just saw it box news or they just ignore it or scoffing giggle for a second and move on like m s n b c or c n n but why don't we just settle this thing once and for all right here on the alone a show maybe people will start using the word socialism all the time if they knew what it actually meant so let's take a look at the definition of this word and this comes from a number of dictionaries out there socialism is any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and
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administration of the means of production and distribution of goods a system of society or group of living in which there is no private property and an economic system based on state ownership of capital that don't matter what you think of the president or of congress or the laws on our books and i know we've described what's going on in this country right now is socialism for anything we have a government that is too close to industry in this country but it's too close in the sense a little allows these industries to get off easy not pay their fair share in taxes and so the only people that are actually paying their fair share are people like you and i and the richest of the rich most often those in government or the ones who are leading the industries they have plenty of private property private capital they hired from the state or for which there are enough loopholes and tax laws that they don't actually have to pay anything to the state. so when warren buffett or the president says that the rich need to pay more in taxes they mean that the rich actually need to pay taxes as buffett pointed out in his op ed yesterday he has one of the richest people in this country one of the richest people in the world paper
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scott's last year than any of the other people in his office though is it earning money from a job rather than make money with the money they already have and it's not about a redistribution of wealth it's about trying to even out the system make it fair close loopholes so that one portion of the population isn't getting away with murder all the other here is the entire burden who has to deal with definitions or facts right just let them call each other names and let the american people be fooled and scared until they think it's real and that's what the mainstream media chooses to do and that's how they miss it. let's face it the economy isn't getting any better in fact one in three economists now say they believe we're heading into a double dip of a session and for the more than sixteen percent of americans who are unemployed if you use the real figures in the us six that's not good news but is that these
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predictions that are keeping businesses from hiring the idea of more bad news if you listen to them by them i mean the corporations in the businesses they'll tell you that the threat the higher taxes and more government regulation are creating financial uncertainty a little odd considering taxes are lower and regulations are fewer than in recent decades in the u.s. and according to our guest tonight but argument is propaganda that needs to be laughed out of the room so joining me from our studio in new york is eve smith creator of the blog naked capitalism and author of econ how unenlightened self-interest undermine democracy and corrupted capitalism he's i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and now with the where i got that line from where you said this is propaganda needs to be laughed out of the room was at a recent post that you put up when you were a guest blogging for glenn greenwald over at salon dot com can you elaborate on that for us. well it's interesting how uncertainty has increasingly in the business media become code i mean now that for we need less regulation we need less taxes
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you know they said they've they're so confident this idea that then certainty equals government intervention that they're even need to bother unpacking the tag phrase in fact it's really obvious why businesses aren't hiring the economy's terrible and you pointed to the statistics we have an economy which before the bust was seventy percent consumption with high unemployment rates with millions more underemployed with plenty of workers not included in the headline unemployment rate consumers aren't feeling optimistic they aren't willing to borrow more money and spend beyond their means the way they were in the past and banks not accommodating them either the banks of tightened up on a lot of consumer credit and so it is that there's uncertainty that there's actually a pretty safe degree of certainty that the outlook is going to be terrible all the business surveys completely debunk the party line that business is the culprit the business the surveys show that businesses are most worried about demand you know unless you're in a business that benefits from
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a terrible economy and there are some you know tailors for example are doing gangbuster business right now unless you're one of those businesses that's countercyclical countercyclical you don't have good prospects and you don't have any confidence that the economy is going to get better any time soon why would you stick your neck out and hire people well i think that's a great question then but so then you know why wouldn't businesses stick their neck out and start hiring right now no matter how many calls there are for them to please stop sitting on all the cash that they're holding you know it's interesting how it seems like they've switched spots of the american people who used to be the ones that are saving and now it's the businesses that are saving because until recently consumer spending it didn't actually fall until that was a junior july. that's correct i mean the well it has been for long at a lower rate but yes it basically there has been the trend has been that there has been modest increases in consumer spending even from the crisis on where there was the fourth quarter of two thousand and eight early two thousand and nine where
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there are big declines in consumer spending because you know a lot of people have been surprised that there haven't been more consumer more cutbacks in consumer spending you know for example the christmas season last year was much better than people anticipated but nevertheless if you widen the frame you know you raised a very basic point which is that the intuitive understanding that everybody has about how the economy works is that consumers save businesses spend spend spend the money therefore you don't want government running big deficits because golfer fit my crowd out this. investment by raising interest rates now that model has actually it's not just that that model isn't operating now it actually didn't even operate in the last expansion underneath under bush businesses have been net savers since two thousand and two and that's just an unheard of pattern in an expansion and you can look at the way the economy works overall now this is have terrible incentives stock market trading is very short term oriented investors are very punitive if investors missed their quarterly numbers big c.e.o.'s have stock incentive weighted
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pay and so they've got the credibly short term oriented nobody wants to invest anymore so i think you know you definitely bring up a good point there which is everything is focused on the short term it's focused on these quarterly earnings and how can we don't actually hear that discussed as much in the media the fact that businesses aren't hiring because they're more worried about making sure that they still look good on paper just in the short term and making sure that these executives still get their record bonuses every single you know every quarter rather than the fact that well this is part of the problem here . unfortunately the business media remember that a lot of the discussion happens in the business meeting and sort of the larger popular media winds of picking it up is the business media itself has benefited from the short term focus because you know when i was a close about wall street in the early eighty's people didn't care that much about quarterly earnings to be perfectly blunt i mean yes if there was something extreme if there was either markedly good news or markedly bad news in the quarterly
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earnings of course investors would react with sort of a band of their reaction was you know of. what we're earnings could be for them not to react was a lot larger than it used to be in part because nobody took quarterly earnings up seriously they weren't there they were and are audited there's a lot of noise between what happens in the quarter and what you actually see anyway and and but the business particularly in particular when consumers started getting access to real time market data you saw a big shift in behavior in the late ninety's when suddenly you had the rise of the dot coms everybody was investing in them you know the stock seemed to be moving all the time and you had this this new obsession with where stock prices were and that led to more people watching the business media more closely so that this is media is is the big beneficiary and promoter of the short term focus so how do we change the conversation how do you get both the business media to start talking about the long term and what exactly needs to get you know what exactly the country needs the
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world needs to get the economy back on track in the long term and to get companies thinking in the long term do they have any kind of incentive to do that. right now no because also short stock holdings themselves are very short term oriented i mean there's so much if you look at the statistics particular with now high frequency trading beings being so influential the average holding time even before high frequency trading for cole of the stock was under seven months i mean if you throw in that the impact of h f t i haven't seen recent research has to six but it has to have collapsed so we really don't have long term investors in stocks anymore i mean the irony is that the private equity funds which in theory of a big buy companies take them private in theory they should be able to take away take a longer term perspective in fact they just want to basically get the earnings up and throw the companies back into public markets so even they don't take much of a longer term perspective either i mean the biggest change and it would take a lot of muscle to do it would probably take changes in the tax code would be to discourage. c.e.o.
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incentives towards being stock market oriented and instead have them reflect longer term measures of business performance like free cash flow i mean if you took if you go to business schools free cash flow which is what the business really makes that returns after that it's cash flow not a three quarter profit reported profits can be manipulated and that's what it has available on an ongoing basis to invest in in either in either in dividends or in the company itself but that's really the bottom line measure of how business is performing or you know i think you're right in the sense that we probably won't see that because nobody wants to see any more government meddling here but then what do you suggest is the answer do people just have to deal with it for now and just realize that we know the one thing that is certain is the economy isn't going to look good for probably at least the next few years and so i have to sit around and put on my thumbs and deal with the fact that i won't have a job and you know the government should sit around a deal about where should government try to create more jobs. well this is it's
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funny the way businesses are complaining about a situation that they've created because the other way out of this box would be to have more government spending you know as i indicated before we got the private sector saving our businesses are saving you actually need government to take up the slack and yet there's been this propagandizing oh my god we can't have deficit spending in a downturn that's nonsense some of the time you know you want to worry about government deficit spending is when the economy is strong got a legitimate concern to generate too much inflation we learned that that inflation if it becomes persistent is very damaging to the economy and to investors but that is what we have now and the fact the businesses have been have either sat on their hands or have taken an anti-government line you know they're living with the system they created and it's funny for of it's sort of like that cliche of of an orphan asking for sympathy when he's actually the one who shot his parents and the meantime just blame the government that ass and if you do anything about it even i thank you so much for joining us tonight. thanks so much really appreciate the
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opportunity now still to come i call out the f.b.i. for trying to scare parents and the g.o.p. race for the white house is in full swing concerns from outlandish comments by some of the candidates so are they crazier than usual or has that really become mainstream i think it's not. you know sometimes you see the story and the siege so. you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else here's some other part of it and realize that everything you say you don't. charge is a big if. you're really really good and you know.
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fuck fuck fuck fuck. let's not forget that we sat in apartheid. i think either one of twelve. or never governor says they're going to keep you safe to graduate because their freedom.
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it looks like the f.b.i. is finally getting into the asking or making their grand entrance into the twenty first century with a new smartphone app available exclusively for the i phone called the child id now the whole idea here and the parents can load information into this application for each of their kids with details about their height their weight and description anything else that would be helpful to identify a kid if they got lost now aside from providing tips on how to keep their children safe this is the if for some awful reason your child goes missing you have all the necessary data on standby to immediately send on the internet to local police anyone else that you think you might need to alert and that sounds like a good idea to encourage people to download this app that has also made it free and
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even come up with some interesting posters like this one to spread the word about the technology but the thing is if you take a closer look at what they're seeing on this poster might really be scratching your head as a few other skeptics have pointed out already the stats the f.b.i. is posting might not necessarily be accurate take for example the first line or it says a child goes missing every forty seconds in america many never return home now and north in a.z. points out that would mean that eight hundred thousand kids go missing every single year however according to openly available f.b.i. missing children statistics that's not even close to true that's not even in the ballpark and a recent study released by the f.b.i. itself it shows that about one hundred fifteen children a year were the victims of a typical kidnapping according that same study forty percent of those children sadly were killed so when you calculate the stats that means that forty six kids during that same year didn't return home so the statement that every forty second
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seconds a child goes missing seems to be blatant misinformation and a characterization that many kids don't return home is also overblown now according to the f.b.i. it's forty six kids out of one hundred fifteen victims so i would argue that's more like less than half who. even more appropriate already so it's very clear from the way of those posters word of the f.b.i. is fudging their numbers using alarmist language to instill fear into parents and to top it all off a study out of princeton shows that despite the fact that most cities across the country have in fact become safer the public's perception has not changed and with fear mongering like this coming from the f.b.i. i think we all know why i don't want to spare my usual ranting about the privacy issue with some devices i can say the f.b.i. promises it won't be keeping all this personal data about your kids i'm not buying it so while yes i'm totally in favor of using technology to keep children safe i don't think we need to amp up a smart phone apps appeal by having the f.b.i.
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scare the you know what out of all the parents with their lives. well well well there's no denying that a presidential race for two thousand and twelve is officially on but are the candidates off their rockers it's one thing to try to appeal to a base with fiscal or social conservatives trying to outdo one another be the bigger tea party or as well as cast all the blame on the current administration are these candidates doing rhetoric that's outright extreme take a look at what rick perry said about the federal reserve's policies and fed chairman ben bernanke. i don't know what shows. like oh.
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that's of course coming from the guy that is a lot of the around the treasonous idea of seceding from the united states but that's just one example or to look at a few more clips and ask if this batch of candidates are crazier than your typical politician or crazy this is the new normal and it's got this with me is matthew boyle reporter at the recall or thanks so much for joining us and i thanks for having me ok for starters these people i guess you could say are more on your side but on lines that might i do you think that the candidates are a little crazier these days it was just that they're saying seems a little more outlandish than usual we want to first of all i would really like to get a copy of the rubric that you guys use to define people in the political spectrum as extreme or not that i that's i don't i don't read it is i'd love to see it because people when i was clearly support rick perry in the clues didn't show bachmann and socially interoperate but i'm talking about the rhetoric of the politicians right and the type of situation that the country's in right now because obviously you're going to find some kind of support or if these are the top
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candidates in the g.o.p. race right now right clearly americans are angry they want some kind of change the it whether they want obama out of office or they just want some kind of change in the country in general but wedding you're in dire straits and the economy is in dire straits and people are starting to feel desperate are they going to be more willing to go to someone this is a little more out there than normal will i mean first off i mean if you're going to say that there's vitriolic rhetoric or whatever term you guys are using these days i don't think it's really a great record i don't agree and i rather a i'd rather i'm not saying do you think that people want to change very. example let's go back to what rick perry was saying here right about the federal reserve about ben bernanke he of course there's the whole we're not going to teach three very nice here in taxes but now it's this idea that the federal reserve shouldn't even be printing more money is that a mainstream idea has it been a doesn't tell you this if i would highly trained i would much more trust rick perry's advisor on the economy than barack obama spurlock obama is we still put nine point one percent unemployment he said we were going to stay under eight
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percent unemployment that isn't true rick perry has with us here i'm ready to battle yours now you're not answering her she restaurant here in the us when the pastors have been totally normal for the majority of the candidates to start talking about the need to not have the federal reserve print more money to start questioning the federer first through actually who say it is ron paul if you look at rick perry's actual comment uses not before the next election he didn't say it would be treasonous to do it at all ever again bows would be of more of a run on of idea rick perry said with a very much on thing in on it right now be i.z.'s idea if you're going to fire into outsider you're going to print more money before the next election as a way to hide that back enormous damage that you've done to the country that's what rick perry start really what i think perry was conwell rick perry is on he's going to do even though that's the last he was asked by reporter they said they do you think that that would be done by the obama administration just to beef up the economic numbers right because some people would actually argue out there i disagree that q.e.
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two helps out the economy and he did in fact say total loss and he said if they print more money between down this election i would suggest that's exactly what's going on and they're just trying to improve obama's chances so he just doesn't like the idea that obama is trying to do something to help the economy in the meantime he wants the economies are growing he was the economy to crumble and be bad so he can be a little unfair if you're going to falsely prop up the economy by printing more money that's what he's talking about a question that needs to be discussed right that's not a question that the president makes singlehandedly this is the federal reserve that we're talking about the federal reserve is suppose in the end of the ladder it's supposed to be. is it really why i think you really want to go down that road the federal reserve is not independently verify you and i can agree on that one ok but so did did wrong policy changed things why now do we have rick perry now and why now do we have tim paul and he talking about you know angry. at the dollar being a. candidate al sharpton and not anymore but now he wasn't in the race until about two days ago why suddenly do easier this rhetoric rhetoric the fact that people are
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talking about that they don't believe in the federal reserve the idea of having a central bank anymore if they don't believe that maybe we should go back to the gold standard this used to be only ron paul just to say it right when you have terry said that we say that we shouldn't have the federal reserve anymore or go back to the we'll start in the federal reserve currency in that we should be put more money to also prop up the economy things move the election so there were only . some. false when that or the flop you know you break right up economy based on printed money printing more money i mean that's where perry saying i want to see repairs not say to do way with the federal reserve like ron paul is saying you know if you actually really contrary is the only thing this now and i believe if we can agree to disagree because obviously we're not getting anywhere is that the only reason rick perry is saying these types of things is because maybe ron paul started leading the way because now we're in this new i mean it was the guy he forgot who are the fire away are you going to have it you're probably crazy let's move on to a social issue ok so we have
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a clip from michele bachmann and well let's take a listen. can you get a couple with we talked children your mind be considered a family. when it comes to marriage and family my opinion is that marriage is between a man and a woman and i think that's that's been my view what would you call it was true it would not be considered a family to you you know all these kind of questions really aren't about what people are concerned about right now this isn't where i was a few years ago and i just didn't make any candidate for president should be asked about his or her views and their record this is a record of your stated these were defining political issues for you and as your political career advanced you want to say that same sex marriage was a defining political issue of our time those were your words struck in two thousand and four so i'm just asking you about your views on something that is animated your political life i think my views are clear. well i think that there gregory did a pretty good job of calling her out there in terms of her hypocrisy but so
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basically she's saying that if you're a gay family then you're not you're not actually family you don't count maybe you shouldn't even be people who just don't count period ask you this i'm crazy idea is that a crazy idea i mean and what are you regularize words to say back in two thousand and four she said that you guys have had years to bring this one up why are you bringing it up now i mean we're using you guys to me for i my david gregory bill let me can you be honest five years writing is going on in the election right now and if you look at recent polling right the majority of americans actually approve of same sex marriage i'm sorry but the tides are changing the world is changing and it's shifting and opinions are shifting so to me so our candidates come out and openly say that they don't think that gay families count as families that's pretty ludicrous and that's crazy and that is a huge portion of the american population that are calling not a person do you think that's crazy or not it's a little bit out there but what i'm saying why wait until after she wins the ames straw poll to start where she's been doing sunday shows for months now i almost
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every weekend it's been getting she's really hitting me on the norden there's i'm on a prayer. an inordinate and ordinate amount of props and why wait until after she wins the straw poll to bring out i know for sure i mean because you know that she might actually be a serious candidate so to resurrect nobody considers a serious candidate who is united story that's up to other people right but after this you know what i'm going to go for is what i'm saying is there is that is there is another if i have to take we have to take a break so i got all right but thank you so much for being here i thank you so much . also to come tonight we have accused a edition of show and tell and computers and smart phones have made our lives easy but are they also making us dumber or back in just a moment. into where we were three mechanisms to do the work to bring justice accountability. i have every right to go with my government through it you want to know why i.


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