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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 6:01pm-6:31pm EDT

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i'm broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow this is going to have you with us take a look at your top stories the e.u. may soon be getting an upgrade which critics say could put it on the road to becoming a single country under the premise of fighting the euro debt crisis the blocks to dominate members germany and france have said they'll push for closer economic integration with deficit rules written into member states constitutions investors didn't take the news well with u.s. markets closing in the red over fears of euro zone viability and a new figures showing economic growth in the region had almost ground to a halt even before last week's turmoil daniel bushell is in brussels. the key decision is they have announced a single united eurozone government they also announced a corporation tax to unite the corporation taxes of germany and france so we're moving slowly towards a fiscal union which is what many had predicted but of course there's one small
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problem which is the people of europe haven't been asked because the the president of france faces an election next year where he's already trailing behind his rivals and suspected this may make him even more unpopular because the people of europe but in polls in opinion polls they say that they don't you. the european integration angela merkel the chancellor of germany says they showed great courage to do this and they dismissed the use of euro bourne's which many have said would be the solution agreed eventually they said the euro bonds are not a miracle they're not a cure and france and germany won't guarantee other countries' debt so they refuse to bail out the rising problems in countries like italy and spain they also denounce the rumors and speculation and said they'd fight against this the groomers that they say are trying to bring down the euro so there will be a single government they'll elect the president a little be very official
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a tax on financial transactions was also announced. that the purpose was to home annoys economies and taxis across europe so a very wide ranging proposals on offer here today. dr raymond professor of business and international affairs at the george washington university says that decisions taken at the meeting reflect only the political aspirations of german and french leaders and not market demands. unfortunately this is not going to make much difference for the ongoing crisis all the news that came out of this press conference was quite negative for the market the most negative i believe was the fact that it was announced that the european fund stabilization facility the bailout fund for the european euro zone members will not be expanded and they believe it's enough as it is for the moment the second thing there's no common euro
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bond that is going to be issued and there were very clear about this in the markets we're not expecting this other bad news for the market was that taxation is going to go up especially in terms of corporate taxation more harmonization and then down the road they also want countries to have a balanced budget so the european leaders unfortunately have done it again they haven't really addressed the markets needs for clear concise action but what they are doing instead is looking at the long term political solution to this dilemma that they have it doesn't seem that they understand the market seriousness about what's going on no one is asking the taxpayers to pay another bailout instead they're using the european central bank as a mechanism to buy the bonds for italy and spain what most europeans don't understand is down the road when the greeks cannot pay their money back it will be the taxpayers from germany and from france that will end up paying for these bonds
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down the road the bad news is that we're not going to see any growth and i think everybody understands that and with that joblessness will not get any better and not any time soon. and later in the program we take a closer look at one of the worst hit countries of the european financial crisis. as the clouds gather over spain and many are more than prepared to swallow a bitter pill to cure the economic ills of the credit crisis. and taking a military might to a new level we look at what lies behind china's move to revamp its massive war machine. high tech combat jets and the latest gleaming airliners pierce the skies of moscow the world's biggest aircraft manufacturers are showing their wares at russia's max twenty eleven airshow casing their latest a design and as our tees are still is there at airfields. well it's been a very vengeful day here the first day of the max two thousand and eleven we've
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seen some pretty impressive individual shows of some of the aircraft here we saw the thirty we also saw a modified version of the savoy twenty seven as well as the f. fifteen of the u.s. air force again very impressive performances and one interesting one was the airbus a three eighty which is the largest commercial aircraft out of the market right now a flying in the sky like it was a small plane that was interesting to see but again at the max two thousand and eleven that's what it is it's here for it's basically for these companies to showcase their latest innovation the latest technology what their aircraft are capable of and as far as the russian the participation here is concerned there's one model that's really highly anticipated a lot of build up towards it that's the super team this this is a russian made this generation military aircraft and it's the first of its kind that is made as far as russia is concerned also the first that the country has done produced in the last twenty years now the only other fifth generation of military aircraft out there is the f. twenty two raptor which belonged to the u.s.
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air force and now we're talking fifth generation we're talking about faster more efficient aircraft as well as those with better stealth capability so that's something to look out for this is the first time they will be unveiling it to the public it's made its maiden flight already again unveiling to the public so interesting to see how it will fly in the sky but it's not just military of course we have some a commercial aircraft you would see some of the bigger commercial aircraft in the market of course the boeing dreamliner the airbus a three eighty i mentioned earlier and of course a so why super jet people just going inside trying to find out exactly how big it is but i actually was looking for smaller planes this plane right here the one i'm sitting in is one of those i'm not military not commercial it's called an experimental plane it's traveled eight thousand kilometers to come here to russia from the united states the first time it's been out of the united states and it's actually also home built basically can build it at home that's what it is but i'm not going to try anything funny. because the stunts the professionals are still
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looking forward to the aerodynamics us are aerobatic performances of the french italian and american air force as well as two teams from russia russia nights at a swift action and my colleague eager about having had the chance to see them behind the scenes practicing amount of their practice runs and let's see what funnies at. the atmosphere here at the cuban air field this tends to do the most famous aerobatic teams in the world even a dress rehearsal shoes no margin for error. today is one of the last chances for the russians and the swiss should crack has a new program ahead of the marks to show performance. to show stopper the trademark nine plane diamond of two very different aircraft delight them exam formation behavior sukhoi. down from below the force jets looking for sync but as the pilots touchdown tempers run high. that's
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normal everybody cares we're all in the mood to work we all want to put on a great show. but these pilots don't think of themselves and to train as a serving officer is the flying elite hand-picked from the entire russian air force the best technology develops top gun so maneuvers are being abandoned in favor of long range missiles and advanced trade. these demonstrations of piloting prowess just becoming a side show right. richard so i don't think so at all. over the chronics could often be jammed so we would go back to who sees whom and how they can respond to this situation skills will never become obsolete enough to go again practicing for hours affecting distills only harmful in the world the heart capable of. old fashioned dogfights might not be as big
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a part of as they once were but can they keep in the life. of. the field. and stay tuned to r t has will be at the max two thousand and eleven air show throughout the week will have some first class of flight action as well as talking to the captains of the aviation industry who are there. and as the world shows off the very latest on air combat developments at russia's max air show one of the more recent participants has been picking up the pace hoping to become a new world leader in the field beijing has only just finished a round of sea trials of its first ever aircraft carrier heralding a new era for china's naval fleet and as author and forbes columnist gordon chang says its neighbors should keep a close eye on developments in the communist led superpower. it said that its new aircraft carrier is for scientific research and training well of course it's not it's meant to try to intimidate countries in the region especially in the south
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china sea where china is claims the entire body of water as an internal chinese lake and of course china wants to project power not only southwards but northwards towards mongolia and russia they talk about the last territories clearly beijing wants to get these territories in a later day but no country right now threatens china and that really is what is bothering the countries in the neighborhood and the united states and basically what's going on is there is a military build up which really is the big sin the past is in the world today its most recent white paper it talked about information technology and cyber war also clearly they're putting money into their navy and to their air force the only ladder really is the army the army used to get almost all the money but now clearly china wants a big air force and a big navy so that's where a lot of the money it's going into as well as to teacher forces in other words nuclear capable missiles well china has probably more debt than the united states
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you know the chinese like to lecture washington about the dollar. is to g.d.p. ratio is at least as bad as america's it's probably almost double and when you add that hidden debt to the acknowledged dead china probably has a debt to g.d.p. ratio of one hundred fifty to one hundred sixty percent nearly the military has become much more popular for college graduates because they have not been able really to find work in the civilian economy so the people's liberation army will do and has actually done better on recruiting in the last three years eventually it is going to really undermine chinese foreign policy because all the countries on the periphery in the south and the effects are now very very concerned the only countries that are complaining are north korea and burma. a recent report released by the big. investigative journalist says u.s. drone strikes in pakistan have killed at least three hundred eighty five civilians
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almost half of them children meanwhile estimates by washington are much lower and as chris woods a senior reporter at the bureau says the cia is getting in the way of comprehensive research on the topic a minimum of three hundred ninety five civilians we think and as many as seven hundred seventy five civilians among those killed just to be clear the cia has now admitted that they have killed around fifty civilians in pakistan during the duration of the certainly years of the drone war but they say they haven't killed a civilian since my last year and our evidence suggests entirely the contrary we were hearing rumors of u.s. officials in washington trying to cast aspersions on our study before it was even published and for example trying to link us to someone they were claiming was a spy in pakistan and also raising the validity of our research itself and we went back and looked at over two thousand individual media reports from pakistan by u.s.
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u.k. international media looking at the strikes and then once we've actually untangled that process and got the clearest idea of what had taken place we don't cross reference with a host of material which included legal studies case notes of lawyers who are fighting cases the civilians in pakistan leaked intelligence documents us secret cables there were leaks point wiki leaks earlier this year and so on so we're trying to build up really as comprehensive a public view as we could of what's actually been taking place with the cia attacks . despite being the fourth largest economy in a europe spain is definitely living through a rough patch with a host of economic problems waiting to be solved as hopes for the country's eurozone survival fade more and more reach the conclusion that the best strategy is simply to leave the ailing currency. reports from madrid. some work to live others live to work corky market combines the two today he and
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his nephew run the picture frame shop set up by hawking father almost a century ago but the family firm is in a rough spot. all in spain my business has been struggling it was not visible in all areas of business times have been very hard. consider this unemployment at more than twenty percent one of the highest in the eurozone a gargantuan sovereign debt ever crossed their bonds and the country's problems don't stop there despite being the fourth largest economy in europe spain is definitely feeling the bite of the credit crisis and that many ask the question is the eurozone such a great idea after all the answer may just be no the country's rating has been downgraded twice in september of last year with moody's agency threatening to do so again in the future in fact some in spain believe the best strategy in the current climate may be an exit one. this would give us
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a certain autonomy it would affect positively internal processes in the country the purchasing power would give citizens access to all sorts of benefits and would have been good for the wages very well could lead to the improvement of situation in spain. a key factor here is distance while the spanish struggle with unemployment their fate has largely been decided by the masters in chief in brussels. what we're witnessing here major internal problems which you cannot solve. because it's outside of in your competence i have neither the finances nor the labor capabilities to help spain or of course many people are unhappy with the place paintings in the european union. but hook him isn't losing hope that his country and his business will eventually climb out of the slump. it will stabilize in the end is the small businesses like mine that will do the job because the real people
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will take work close to heart in large corporations something which may only be possible if spain quits the foundering federation of the eurozone and puts its own house back in order even though scar two hundred. the two thousand and four tsunami in south asia took everything for many of the victims that lived along the coast of india recovering has been next to impossible and some have resorted to selling the only thing they have left their own body parts preassure other reports cholera room again is alone in her tiny empty apartment in chennai like many indians who struggle to make ends meet kala is constantly in debt despite selling pretty much everything she has including her own kidney i didn't mind that but no it was when i went to a broker he told me that i could sell my kidney i agreed because i was in a bad situation and my children were small we did not even have any food to eat. when the two thousand and four tsunami hit the coast of south asia kala was one of
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hundreds of thousands of people who lost everything in order to get back on her feet she got a loan that she was later unable to repay. we had a lot of debt i had to borrow money to buy the fishing boat the people i borrowed money from started asking me for money they said they will come home and embarrass us if we didn't pay the money desperate and vulnerable tsunami survivors soon became the perfect targets for the illegal organ trade in india it's become known as the red market every year one hundred thousand indians need organ replacements a demand that drives an illegal supply with some organs even being sold to a small percentage of desperate transplant tourists in one thousand nine hundred four the indian government hatched a law meant to regulate organ donation in this country each recipient was supposed to get an organ from a donor who was in some way known to have even though each transplant was supposed
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to be approved by a committee of doctors it's almost impossible for anyone to stop money transactions from happening under the table in general when a recipient finds out that he or she needs an organ donor they normally approach friends or family for a match and when those options are exhausted rogue doctors or hospital staff can introduce the recipient to a broker usually a former illegal donor too who can scout nearby poor neighborhoods for someone who is willing to sell their kidney and go under the knife. but good news for the most part of roots of this. is the law. in a blind eye. to transplants from the donor to the recipient take place in the hospital simultaneously the donor ends up making a little over a thousand dollars while the brokers can profit almost double that. i went to the
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broker he said he will give me fifty thousand rupees for my kidney it was supposed to be much more but the broker cheated us donors also frequently are robbed of their health before i used to run around and work a lot but now i can do as much work as they used to i find it difficult even to leave that part of what i can go to work i have severe pain in my abdomen and my chest. and while horror stories of the red market are exchanged among locals those with no options left are forced to take extreme measures sacrificing their health just to stay alive preassure either r.t. chennai india right now let's have a look at some other international news for you. a french court has investigated allegations that the new i.m.f. head abused her position as france's finance minister christine lagarde is accused of wrongly approving a four hundred million dollars compensation package to businessmen bernard tapie
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back in two thousand and eight tapi a friend to nicolas sarkozy exclaims he'd been defrauded by a former state bank when he sold a stake in sports a giant adidas guard who denies misconduct saying you she made no personal profit from the deal. the syrian government seizure of the port of latakia has continued into its fourth day that's despite demands from neighboring states that damascus stop shelling civilians and withdraw its forces from the country's towns and cities according to the u.n. representatives of both syrian and gun boats and tanks are shooting at anyone seen trying to escape so far thirty four people have been confirmed dead and house to house arrests are made by government troops the un human rights council plans an urgent meeting on the syrian crackdown but the us claimed it's not going to demand president assad's resignation all it wants is to stop the violence.
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party's reporter on the scene is one of the few journalists in syria and you can read her take on the latest developments directly from our twitter feed. he. the. summer of our main stories in just under ten minutes from now but first the classic summer took a dark turn this year as riots and looting that flared up across the country now lift the lid on what happened and why it's our exclusive interview.
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the. teacher and author has written a book called the nation and is a frequent commentator on youth culture speaking to r.t. so what was your reaction to the riots and surprised i was shocked when i heard of. the near where i live but i was not surprised because a lot of commentators have said that this sort of thing. has been waiting to
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happen for a number of years now why is that. i think it's complicated. i mean i suppose you could isolate a few factors firstly we have had a kind of run of disaffected socially disadvantaged young people in our open areas for. maybe a couple of decades and they have become more. become angry. divisions in society of god. and they've become less frightened of the consequences of misbehavior because actually they've been getting away with this sort of behavior for many many years what about the education system is failing this generation i actually argue very forcefully not know that said
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education isn't everything as i've been hinting at you know once you've got the highly educated group of people who know that they're not there haven't got huge prospects then you've got perhaps even more of a problem than if they were totally uneducated we also know we have a small minority of very distracted illiterate poor so the education system has done well and i think it's that mix it's a sort of toxic mix of the bright working class kids and. a group of people a community play perhaps very easily educated or not though surely these kids should know that violence is not the answer people brought up in a context where they have a kind of conscience perhaps you wouldn't be doing this with they do this is a one off or is the potentially more to come the underlying rumbling kind of disaffection of your brewery that kind of affects all of us in the day to day level
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i don't think that's going to go away. for many years unless we kind of reorientate the prospects for a long. to these young people to spread to europe do you think i don't know i personally know i mean i always say this in my your nation. you know french italian cultures so called have a different kind of attitude too. and it doesn't seem to be so much of a problem because of the way for example a treat things like alcohol which again we have mentioned alcohol in britain plays a huge role in the actuation of anti-social behavior and causes no mass kind of problems throughout the u.k. every weekend what is it about british society then the with the means your vicious flourishes and has always been the case i mean i argue in the book how to mean our
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mascot in britain used to be john ball who was this drunk fierce sort of yeoman type character who would bash the foreignness of broad and that was a coup for. and that's that was what two hundred fifty years ago even people like david cameron were members of the thing called the bullingdon society which actually actively encourages young man to get drunk and trashed property. you know the deputy prime minister. a few years ago i punch someone in mouth or rain him posting actually was celebrated for you know we have kind of as a culture an attitude to violence we've always join in whatever was going on you know we kind of quite an aggressive adversarial culture. that really influences things as well it permeates into every level of our society the reaction in many parts of the country from communities to launch vigilante groups
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clearly they're angry and they want a heavy handed response is that the answer i don't think the public a very well educated about how and why. why children come to do this so for example there's a lot of discussion around how parents should be teaching their children and disciplining him or his son much evidence i know my experience a teacher is that the children by their parents are the ones who are the worst behaved you know and that just doesn't come out in the kind of general conversation and sort of knee jerk reaction you know we need to be much tougher. we know it doesn't work in the long run ok so what should we do then if we say see thirteen year olds who do you walking down the street so we give them a hug i think again it's so much more. she should say building relationships within communities is very important this is something i've . you know quite strongly on the web site on my writing you know we have very
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socially segregated communities and socially segregated schools. where you have schools where all queen she come together we have communities that actually know each other these sorts of problems are dealt with in a bit of fashion. thanks very much thank you.
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and a five thirty on a tuesday evening if you're watching in chatham illinois it is two thirty in the morning on a wednesday here in moscow russia's capital this is r.t. look at your top headlines europe's economic leaders of france and germany put forward a new proposal to steer the block out of its economic woes a single collective eurozone government to be led by the e.u. president but the suggestion failed to convince traders of a used ability as markets closed down after news of the region's weak economic growth. all eyes are on moscow's skies where the annual international max air show has taken off welcomes you on board the high tech combat jets and the latest sleek and gleaming airliners. and thousands of indians living on the breadline are ready to seize a.


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