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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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three graphs just weren't enough to explain the housing crisis so tonight i brought four we got private space flights to the international space station but then surely heralding a new era of free market space exploration and giving us more government contractors we got any hand count from phoenix on the implications of cell phone so it sounds ansaphone all of your guess is a wrench tonight on day delivery was the eviscerates the newly christened by the media g.o.p. g.o.p. top tier candidates is obama's midwest non campaign two are going to be the all-american feel good speeches on that saves obama's reelection chances or is it more like what mitt romney has dubbed the magical mystery tour either way we're hitting the trail behind brock's bailout bus as it hits the road to serfdom on tonight's adam versus the man.
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all of the. rocks below buses in the road to serfdom to say hello to all the poor sad plebian that is and economic policies of spit in the face of america you're about to get thrown under the bus your parents warned you about the president's got a hideous new w.t.f. tank so he can stomp around the country in style by the way this change or bust bandwagon is even eco friendly no thoughtful fuel is used it only runs on the hopes dreams souls and tax dollars of the american people the obama care of and as a whole consists of about thirty vehicles the one point one million dollar monstrosity or stormtrooper express some are calling it. obama's that deception is
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equivalent in size to a cross-country greyhound bus and celebration of the brave new american police state and to cheer up the american people on the raping your children's future tour the black source rex's that out in all black armor plating and heavily tinted windows no ease not only a funeral for america just yet even though explosions there he's kicked off the death star of the american dream too are looking to ask voters for another four years of currency debasement and under cleared war the imperialist in chief is in the midwest presumably to celebrate subsidies by truck and high fructose corn syrup in the back of the people's hearse the change or bust bandwagon is carrying his message that he's got a plan to save the economy and make sure we're all put the work there is no shortage of ideas to put people to work right now luckily he gives a short list of keynesian pro-government economists on his list while he's looking for those job creation ideas on the hope you can spare us more changed or if we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a
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a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget that's just took secondary place to that. this slump would be over in eighteen months aliens. problem solve or reptilians. would you like a ten for a hat mr kirkman they might be selling them at the denver airport i'm sure the brock will be able can take a quick detour and pick one up for you sirrah service spokesman ed donovan not officially the new buses are the kinds of comments on the capabilities of the b.s. express but we do know that it's environmentally friendly and does not rely on saudi oil it's actually powered on the tears of embedded american children and the cow manure that's manufactured is a side effect of each obama speech in iowa obama stepped out of the job killing machine hoping to find adoring fans but instead he ran into those crazy tea party terrorists because there were noise here as well to what it was what he said what.
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he wrote. with. don't worry obama still will learn anything from the sofa looks forward to spending more time and money if elected and spring out of a doubt. that we can all look forward to the obama gettin coming to a swing state near you and i well i guess if we're calling it the obama get in we might as well just refer to the bus as the mobile sure noble a socialist reactor that will have a meltdown i mean time there is no teleprompter and its immediate vicinity with an approval rating hovering around forty percent obama is desperate for friends in the heartland of america but he's looking the wrong place they figured out what obama's hope and change was really all about. look we're friends but do not trust a hope to sleep in these lands. according to a report released today by the commerce department permits for future home construction and housing starts were down for july but as so many pro-government
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propagandists are quick to point out they were down less than expected a you know expected by all those reliable economists that are quoted in the media all the time the wall street journal is now describing the housing market as battered and struggling and the data makes it clear that the so-called. recovery is about as real as obama's efforts to actually deserve a nobel peace prize so the government manipulated the housing market in a way that was intended to increase homeownership under bush and you see the increase on this chart starting here back in two thousand and two and for a while it worked this chart shows new home sales all the way back from one thousand nine hundred sixty three to now and here's that specific uptick in two thousand and two which lasted until mid two thousand and five when the bubble started collapsing so what happens next the bubble turned into this great housing myth that home prices can never go down and it came with
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a new influx of the market of subprime homebuyers leading to an increase in people building homes and nine homes to flip followed by a sudden reversal of demand inevitably leading to a massive surplus here is the supply side of the equation this is existing homes on the market measured in months of supply pre-collapse sales kept the supply of homes on the market to about five or under five months where this is from two thousand and one to two thousand and five right there so starting with the collapse of the bubble mid two thousand and five supply starts going up coming to a peak of twelve and a half months last year so what happens when supply keeps going up and demand keeps going down prices go down so. just this little part of the chart here two thousand and five two thousand and eleven. this became the next phase of the crisis as so much of our economy was tied to the value of homes
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so that when the prices drop consistently for four straight years all sorts of imagined equity was lost the thing is the homes were never really worth as much as they were selling for in the first place but price supply and demand don't exactly tell the whole story housing starts remember that's including all housing units on an apartment building each unit is counted the same as a new home this chart shows in blue the total number of housing starts going back to the one nine hundred sixty eight the recessions are shaded in light blue and you can see how it is affected housing starts but none like the most recent one in red you see the total vacancy rate so what this graph shows is the correction here in blue we were building too many homes and we scaled back that's the free market correcting the government's manipulation here's the sad part in red what this really represents is the gross misallocation of resources that is the ultimate
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consequence or one of the ultimate consequences of the housing bubble and the government's manipulation of the market we are living in a country of more and more empty homes based fieldhouse to present and the lots of people got rich during the bubble the rest of us are now paying the price but especially those who would be occupying a housing unit if they could afford it because their taxes were going to fund all the bailouts of the housing crisis was an excuse for and are now living in their parents' basements instead. of the circuit knowing he'd want. to security. well look at no it is not related to. what you just saw was the dragon capsule a private rocket operated by the space x. company well this is at least a step in the right direction i hope with nasa no longer throwing your tax money into their own subtle flights astronauts will for now be hitching rides from the russians on soyuz spacecraft and exploring the possibility of using privately
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operated shuttles space x. is prepping a mission to the international space station with a scheduled launch on nov thirty it will dock with i assess a week later to perform a cargo test from no word yet on what the test from payload will be but i guess it's going to be a lot of dread ice-cream one thing is for certain governments still very much of a practical monopoly over space exploration and humanity has moved at a pace that will in development in this case sensitive to embarrass even the united states postal service let's go private operations keep pushing their way into space and eventually surpass the governments are together i'd rather see a nike on the moon than risk having the government turn it into a death star and we've been following the story out of bart bay area rapid transit in california where that government agency decided that in order to stop a protest from happening they were going to shut down cell phone towers and if you've been watching the show you may have been keeping up with the story as well but we have some deeper questions we want to ask us through the implications of
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government agencies been able to shut down cell phone communications to prevent protests so joining me now is the publisher of freedom's phoenix dot com and host of declare your independence ernie hancock early and out from phoenix arizona ernie thanks for being with us tonight my pleasure if you're covering the story ok so with this with this agency it's a public transportation agency under the government of california that actually own the cellphone towers in question that are in their underground system why don't they have a right to say you know for our purposes we're going to turn these off. you know it's a baby area rapid transit system otherwise known as borked and the one thing that was interesting is you have a gentleman named linton johnson spokesperson for them and he keeps saying our customers our customers are constant customers and he want to give you the impression that they are like a private business can do exercise their own individual rights as a private business in how they serve their customers but it's tax funded it's
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government so the one thing is you look at a couple of things whoa what if the people pay to ride the bart so technically aren't they customers or is it is it is really subsidized it's subsonic ok the front ok so you pay a poke in where the rights of our. if you was a private entity you know even if it was of making money for the government it's still government so what happens is they have the option of a couple things one you could be private in the need to do what they want and they try to equate themselves to things like airlines well you know the airlines apartment where you can use a phone or not so while there are you know private you know at least for profit there it's still kind of out of that pull fascism but what happened was they also had the option of you know doing looking for the actual climb waiting for something to happen i was worried that this would happen some day not nail i was thinking you
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know this is what's going on in syria and all through arabian speaking countries right right we're not needed here this family well although. a lot of people i guess as you point out a lot of you are dr varian specifically the comparison to mubarak in setting down the internet. but if this is happening now and you're here or you sound this is happening now so there will be encouraged that the government sees the people protesting at the bard's. severances hypothetically on the same scale a threat to government power as the protests in egypt that we have got to that point. now looking for a reason to exercise police control i mean if you look at it in another option is if the f.c.c. was not involved them you're looking at whether they're violating rights or not and so on i mean if you got to where we were able to communicate outside of any kind of government licensing or control we'd have many different ways to communicate and
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what good would matter but now we're we're forced to really gain or sells to these radio frequencies they're handed out by the government the government wants to be able to turn them off and they want the government wants this to be on their public transportation system and corralled in their subways and then they decide whether we can can or. not communicate so i'm going this is a bad sign and all round so i just so i have a meeting monday with the phoenix police department i already talked to him we need to know that here in phoenix we always preempt this kind of stuff and i have good communication with the police department here and i said look we need to talk about this i want to know what your policy is on just exactly this type of thing and they agree you know that this is this is a bad sign and they want to talk to me in monday after our meeting on my show to clear independents will be talking about her meeting all the great irony here is that the protests that they wanted to shut down didn't actually happen and now
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there are significant protests happening in response to this crackdown and you are taking this if you want to a lot more people are paying attention because we know that we have raised ourselves as a people to that level of a threat for government as people are paying attention ari thank you so much for being a part of that ever or have also freedoms phoenix back home. when we come back a political landscape is changing at least for the g.o.p. presidential candidates. does a person lacking mental power idiot an adult mentally inferior to a child of three stupid person below normal intelligence if they each from brain state still only have. half a brain. ok ok maybe this is that a little bit harsh. no it's not they killed her it was only after the break in studio to analyze those republicans being considered the top tier in the race for the white house and you'll see it's not
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a very sight plus will expose the gun in the room and have you the viewer right here on adam vs the man. let's not forget that we had an apartheid regime. i think. even. we have a government says they're going to keep him safe get ready because their freedom.
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welcome back to adam vs the man as we all know the mainstream media loves pretending that ron paul doesn't exist but at least you can count on r.t.
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america to provide a fuller story but even though all of the mainstream cable networks other than r.t. seem to have completely dismissed ron paul there's there's one other network on cable that you can count on to cut through the spin comedy central this potential ron paul doesn't exist for some reason has been going on for weeks a new gallup survey showing rick perry running second to mitt romney knocking down iowa favorite michele bachmann to force. the honey do. the libertarian ron paul become the thirteenth floor in a hotel. behind you at your age tea party patient zero zero zero but small government grassroots business he planted that grass these other cokes there are just more of majorities in a tri corner to have run polls the real deal yes all you have to do is i had a tricorder had these days and next thing you know you might just have
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a republican presidential candidate even if there were democrats so more on the now media sanctioned official talk to or of the g.o.p. field our own jake gilbert or. the mainstream media has assigned their top presidential contenders and the american really american voter has been hammered by a character list from dumb and dumber mitt romney michele bachmann rick perry are constantly changing their soundbites to appeal to who are more of their talking with. ron these conservative policy is reliables obama's anti-war position and romney is a total big government it's highlife obamacare instigator in chief so i know you don't need any more convincing romney sucks. to rick perry michele bachmann just two years ago rick perry stood on the steps of the austin capital talking about seceding from the united states now he's saying how much he loves it here so
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what is it rick you love your country or are you going to leave it but what about this notion rick perry is a job creator let's think about that do you know what kind of jobs rick perry has created texas has the highest percentage of workers making minimum wage out of all fifty states in two thousand and seven two hundred twenty one thousand residents of texas were making minimum wage and by twenty ten the number has doubled to five hundred fifty thousand rick perry would have you believe he knows how to create jobs but numbers don't lie and numbers are telling a whole different story we should all scream at the top of our lungs that rick perry your crappy governor and rick perry knows just about was not just creating jobs is george bush knew about foreign policy prior to the iraq war here's what he said in his book fed up north korea and iran presents an imminent
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threat with their nuclear ambitions all of these issues require investment in defense capabilities so if you want another war america and you want lousy paying jobs you want another george bush you want to right wing christian whack a mole then rick perry is your man but what about our final candidate from the mainstream dumb and dumber list maybe buckley. bargain. with. your cow car as we know our own back in your home your. own home who are not our repertoire amama we. have our car on your heart our ha ha ha ha ha ha part of our. we are in the last days brainless sheep into the fold what kind of babbling b.s.
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theology are you talking about i have a master's divinity i'm a reverend i don't even know what his crap she's saying is it's like she's killing the holy voice the god voice and talking softly to people will think of him holy and oh and by my bible talk show up to all you voters out there don't be fooled by this one degree jesus taught it's b.s. real christians don't talk like that they are normal people bachmann is interested in being a star she does she wants everything possible to make it happen and so she's talking about stupid stuff like fantasy stories regarding the founding fathers changing her voice into creepy jesus ness and people i'm just simply here to tell you that bachmann is a moron buckman perry and romney are a bunch of snakes they are vipers they are whores searching for power and self aggrandizement. ok well thank you for telling us how you really feel there that was that was certainly. what i guess we know the truth about them now but ron paul is
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right up there and it's kind of a great thing we can say now the top tier for at least includes ron paul now right yes i mean ron paul is the is the guy that we go to ron paul wants people to be free ron paul wants people you can have freedom of religion ron paul want to have a good job with sound money policy ron paul is the only guy that can possibly do something to make america go strong and say ron paul is the candidate for an america we need you to get behind ron paul we need you america to put your voice on ron paul. can you hear me it's the thought that was a hero but what. i heard early tendrils of hope about the republican party and i sniffed it like like a shark with blood in the water and i thought i would throw just a few pennies into the mix write the stuff was worth going to a third media interrupting them one time for me to give you. those oh see how it is
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applied you know i wasn't there you know you're there and if you build a conspiracy there's the goddess right if you go some talk about ron paul's if you pay off our producer something here right never trust anyone with two first names that's why i don't go to a bachmann stall near george michael anyway look. the republicans have not balanced the budget since eisenhower and two thirds of the federal budget is spent on entitlements and other twenty percent on defense as they call it really are fans and so until the republican party as a whole starts cutting to the chase and actually talking about cutting in title minutes or cutting defense nothing is going to happen ed ron paul is not going to be able to take it rocco's that's what he's doing he's bringing the chris brown he's a pulling the data through the republican party in the libertarian direction the department of all friends of utah he says he wants to be the part of the fence and bring the troops home he wants to end it in taiwan and he wants total government reform this is the guy people it's time to shut buck when terry and put ron paul out there ron paul is our man. well look i think that ron paul has had
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a huge amount to do with the tea party movement the tea party has had come in they took seven hundred sixty four earmarks from the federal budget were over it added a trillion dollars to the national that just in two thousand and ten and so you have and of course ron paul's district is one of the top in texas for getting federal system since two thousand to receive a new one billion dollars extra one hundred now i know his argument is that they take the money from us i'm just trying to get it back but someone's got to start giving up something if you going to ask seniors to make sacrifices if you can ask the poor and those who are sick to make sacrifices the first people who need to make those sacrifices are the libertarians in power i don't think i'll listen. listening to comedians and get behind ron paul he is what we can do he can beat obama he can do it nobody else can at least in the right direction that's just gone so far before i let you terence object anymore on this andy for our fervent
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supporter of ron paul if you had interrupted you know we could have played the wonderful new animation from liberation animation that we have to introduce you so bad like in this and in this with me yeah top hat and a thong and that's the. oh right going to do now because i'm ready to foreign ok joining us now for the first ever exposing the gun in the room on adam vs the man stuff on on em. just. ok still fun for the first i don't even feel like i'm worth all of my only. completely out of my introduction yeah sadly living wills and fireworks going on somewhere here well there aren't for next time but this is the first ever now that you're going to become a regular guest on the show i'll fishel with a bumper introduction and a beautiful animation from liberation animation exposing the gun in the room was to
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follow any one of those horrible politics ok fight so you want to talk about defense and as long as we've got jake here everybody knows the gun in the room of the american military but what is the other gun in the room that you need to expose well the gun in the room that i talk about is you know way back in the ancient world they couldn't figure out what made the tides work and people aristotle of us went completely mental trying to figure this out and they saw that they saw the moon in the sky they saw the tide going back and forth across the oceans they just couldn't put in two together and i think the same thing happens when people talk about politics they're talking about which who do want to know what you know why should it be ron paul or barack obama in the hood ornament on the car that runs you over and what i'm sort of trying to argue with the gun in the room is to say it is nothing to do with politics politics is a mirror effect of our acceptance of the initiation of force at a state level you and i cannot use force to get what we want if i want to job i don't get the kidnapped guy until it gets me the job if i want to date i don't get
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to chloroform the girl and put her in the trunk of my car at least anymore we talk about this so you used to be able to do that you know it's interesting i missed the front is the drive you got a great point here by the way you know what this is of course does the citizen force does have a nonviolence and which is a much more effective weapon statistically overall and that is something we do have over stuff on how do you connect that to the current national defense paradigm. well the current national defense paradigm is says that in order to protect citizens from the initiation of force we need to subject them to the initiation of force through taxation and through the inflation of the counterfeit monopoly on the printing of money held by the federal government and the federal reserve so it's a complete paradox i mean that's as far as you need to go is a logical argument you know to say i need to protect you from violence and in order to do that and get a subject you to violence at my whim at in for an item that is a logical argument that would not go to two inches out of the mouth of even
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a first year philosophy student get we accept that as the dominant paradigm for how to organize things in society it's never going to work well said and brilliantly condensed enough as opposed to a three hour podcast we're grateful for your contribution to the show and for us all the way to the clock in the first ever segment of exposing the gun in the room with the quality so the take doesn't have a chance for a bottle will have to wait the last of the pod jake thanks for being with us thank you. all right first an email about yesterday's so from thomas ransom who writes man you must be running thin on stuff to complain about related to the president and you do realize presidents have been having that photo op with the super bowl winners every year for a long time like clockwork regardless of political stripes right well here was my response yes not
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a single word in the e-mail just this the motivational poster tradition just because you've always done it that way doesn't mean it's not incredibly stupid now i just found out i don't know where i've been that they're doing a roast of charlie sheen so we have some comments on that. first from erik karlsson who wrote i thought surely she was kind of self roasting isn't this redundant and from a fiber optic who writes in a world of media this just now came to your attention come on adam and from jesse james who writes seems to know how to roast and self but this should be epic yes i'm looking forward to it i know i'm not any good at reporting on entertainment news nor do i want to be anyway that's our show for i thank you so much for tuning into adam vs the man to get a website adverse of the man i called to vote on get some topics and find me on facebook and twitter as always you can get me at adam at adam vs the man at dot com and thank you to all our fans on facebook at facebook dot com so i hope if the congress will contribute to our right.


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