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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 9:30pm-10:00pm EDT

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rich how about more socialism for working people how about you know about having stronger unemployment benefits how about having social security cost of living increases that are literally solid how about medicare part d. medicare for everybody a good single payer health care insurance system to bring all of us up to the standards of the rest of the developed world. crazy alert to watch twilight people arrested in one thousand year old in galveston texas over the weekend after he broke into a woman's apartment in search of human along the man who claims to be of empire alive for more than five hundred years walked into the woman's bedroom wearing only his boxer shorts no cape and proceeded to his and growl and then try to bite her the woman got away call the police later found the man again hissing and growling in the nearby parking lot his excuse to police he needed to feed and then was taken into custody and is surprised being held for
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a psychiatric evaluation at least until daylight some news. coming up there is one business business that is booming despite our nation sitting on the edge of yet another recession and immigrants play a big role in the profits. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions. made who can you trust no one who is your view with the global machinery see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question morning.
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welcome back to the big picture i'm tom hartman coming up in this half hour the republicans yell and scream about illegal immigration as one group of people who are making a lot of money off before profit private prison industry operate down this tangled web of special interests and politicians who are profiting off the most downtrodden people in our society and so much for being able to ask your republican congressman a question on the next town hall about him ideally take i'll tell you how paul ryan
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and his buddies are privatizing democracy to avoid an. constituents there's something. in the mess of the rest of the news with the economy flailing there's at least one industry other than wall street and big oil that's booming and that's the business of locking up immigrants now because there's more illegal immigration in the united states that it is actually less because private prison lobbyists with the help of paid off lawmakers who write strict anti immigration laws like arizona's as speech and seventy are making sure that more and more illegal and sometimes legal immigrants are rounded up and thrown into for profit detention facilities around the country and each new immigrant captured translates into over seventy thousand dollars a year for the private detention facility so it's
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a pretty lucrative industry take a look at this video produced by the group to tame it which breaks down this corrupt cycle of capturing immigrants for profit. this tension of migrants is a multimillion dollar industry in which immigrants are treated like this air force i used it to benefit profits corrections corporation of america were c.c.a. the geo group and the management and training corporation combined over two hundred cities in the nation with over one hundred fifty thousand votes space for a total profit of close by fourteen dollars private prisons profit like a hotel the more occupants that go with them the more money comes out. to be just like you're still introduce the real estate or hamburgers private prisons rely on anti immigrant not that guarantee them access to fresh and here's how they do
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joining me now to talk more about this issue is the founder and director of sun tom a x. axle wall folk or folk cabaletta axel welcome to the program. thank you thank you so much for having me on i know i'm mangling the name of your organization could you please say it for me. it's called went from me with translates to count me in order tell me your story ok so can you break down for us what we're seeing going on in this for profit and war against immigrants. yeah definitely well what's happening is after as ten seventy was passed last year and we saw the whole to be nationwide we wanted to dig deeper our supporters and them asked us to look into it to really really scratch the surface of what this law was about and what we discovered with a web a web of interest monetary interest principally and a web of political interests that kind of converge and created these laws designed
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to put immigrants behind bars for profit it started in arizona but it certainly has gone through many states we see it in texas we see it in georgia we are seeing right now in alabama and sort of the laws are created to put immigrants behind bars document or not that becomes an after fact after you know the whole situation the point is that the every night they are in a detention center the private prison corporations make two hundred dollars a night the folks who are advocating the legalization of pot have been pointing out for a lot of years that that is a very very profitable industry not the pot itself but the illegality of it there's the police end of it where there's profit to be made in manufacturing things for the police to use there's the imprisonment part that's very profitable there's no drug testing is profitable it looks like and there's lobbyists and literally
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millionaires and billionaires and as a result of that was so-called war on drugs it looks like the exact same strategies that have been used and fine tuned over the last you know couple generations in the war on drugs are now being used in fine tuned and brought into this. i hate to say war on illegal immigrants but i'm not sure what other metaphor to be used for. absolutely in fact is the same people back in one thousand nine hundred eighty four when the private prison industry really bloomed and it was corrections corporation of america c c a in its founder thomas beasley who really pushed forth this agenda that the war on drugs was going to populate the prisons and therefore there was going to be money to be made we you know through to want to have vacates later the same folks the same corporation stated even publicly that people leave that the detention of undocumented immigrants was the next boom was. keeping the sheriff was
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keeping the profits going because they knew that with the laws and the situation the political situation across the country but there was an opportunity for money to be made and so what they're doing is partnering up partnering up with legislators across the country and really hijacking our state legislatures like the case with russell pearce in arizona and with a combination with an interest group called alec american legislative legislative exchange council together that crap that this law is seventy which was word for word what we saw in the final document and it was both interest the political interests that we have hidden there russell pearce tied to all of these nativist groups and the economic interests with these private prison corporations that are making a lot of money aside from the profits for the executives who are living comfortably in their suburban mansions or the other human stories in this. there
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it's really terrible but we're here and because what we do in immigrants for sale that's the name of the campaign we document how this is impacting two families we have the case one particular case. back in georgia there was a man who is married to an american has a kid here and was going through the process of his status and so he missed a court appearance is because they sent a document to the wrong address and so he missed it completely so he ended up being arrested and sent to the store detention facility in georgia which is the largest in the whole nation and he spent there nineteen months trying to prove his case trying to prove that this was in the state nineteen months in the meantime seventy thousand dollars a year and we're seeing the time again and it's surprising and not really surprising but you know a lot of people would become a shocking story detention facility the largest private facility in the nation
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which is in georgia which is a state that just passed h.b. eighty six and that nathan deal during the campaign the governor of georgia received money from c.c.a. so this is the web that we're seeing and it's impacting real people like the case of pedals man yeah it's it's a horrible situation what can we do to stop this. well the first thing that i would recommend people is to get informed you know they can visit our site and can visit other organizations that are doing something about it that's immigrants for sale dot org but most important thing is to organize in their states to really call their legislators and say that this is wrong that these contracts that are happening in their backyard in their communities that these are causing a whole break in our community and the worst part of it all is that this is a five billion industry that we end up pain because these contracts are paid with either our federal money or our state got money or our local money so we're
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actually supporting this industry to keep going and to keep destroying lives extraordinary actual thanks so much for being with us and sharing your story thank you so much for having me on you know as long as profiteers are in control of our prison system and buying off our lawmakers their compassion and common sense approach to resolving our immigration problems and our legal system in general seems that it will forever remain elusive. it's just. it's the good the bad in the very very little phases silly boy the good buddy roemer the former governor of louisiana and current republican candidate for president is blocking his own party and taking a stand against job outsourcing or went after tax loopholes the lead c.e.o.'s
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outsource american jobs take a look. cut off the big chunks. g.e. to the trade reform. they like this is the mine that i would do away with the deduction in the tax code i think it's section one sixty two which allows one to make a call center as an example for see if they deduct pete spencer that from the american taxes. it all be changed. we ought to defend our jobs cooperate that's a great idea and democrats actually tried to do just that last year republicans filibuster the bill after it passed the house to filibuster to some maybe that's why republicans won't invite buddy roemer to the debates but bad mitt romney unlike buddy roemer the republican front runner is sticking to the talking points namely
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firing more government workers republican governors are piling on to the unemployment rate by laying off hundreds of thousands of government workers all across the country and as president romney is pledging to do the same speaking to voters in new hampshire romney this federal employees we've got too many of them for their take too much and the many cases that we respect the work they do it's important to do we just have too many rights so mitt romney is running on a platform. of bahrain hardworking americans that's his jobs program no wonder he's the republican front runner. and the very very ugly one back on his radio show this morning back going into another one of those paranoid delusions and accuse president obama of lying to the american people about his economic policies here but he is fundamentally transforming the united states of america and he is doing it with deception bullies and lies that's how he's doing it really so what does
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that transformed america look like one because i'm not seeing muslim caliphates or black helicopters or loser people rising to power anywhere so i've been the factor economy is no longer shedding eight hundred thousand jobs a month why that wasn't president obama took office things much too many progressives should grin actually look remarkably similar to how they were before and that was you still being on the airwaves which is very. well made up putting in new york two cents at a local town hall meeting is going to cost a lot of dollars now republicans are outsourcing town halls to avoid their constituents next in my daily take. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through it if you may who can you trust no one who is in view
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with the global machinery to see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. i'm. your take my take is the segment of our show where you have the opportunity to make
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yourself heard here on the big picture it's your chance to share your questions comments ranson observations and i'll try to address them as best i can our first comment comes from patrick on a viewer rant line we had this interesting take on the debate going on in america between conservatives and progressives i realize for a public terry for built this country out of greed and aggression and basically lie cheat and steal it can i but it built an empire financially and otherwise and the democrats now want to take what was built and give it other people because it's a kinder gentler way and i understand that but i can understand that you need to understand that it will never happen so to keep all that made it whether they stole it tonight did or built it themselves with their bare hands will never go to secure because the way it's the right thing or not. well there's there's a few flawed premises in your argument several of them actually to say that the
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republicans built this country thomas jefferson founded the democratic party which is still around today and his contemporary george washington was the guy who first put into law legislation that would that would have paid for in fact it paid for. homes for the poor here in washington d.c. thomas paine pushed for social security and national health care alexander hamilton is now as jefferson normally enemies agreed on the importance of limiting the power of great wealth we didn't have a millionaire in the united states until the seven hundred ninety s. the really rich people left after enduring the revolutionary war we didn't have a billionaire in the united states until the eight hundred eighty s. in today's dollars and congress then limited them in eight hundred one with the sherman antitrust act teddy roosevelt one further with the inheritance tax and president taft after roosevelt busted up standard oil into twenty six companies so we don't really have to say the republicans built america the democrat in just the
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promise is flawed you're right people with great well they're hanging on to it as much as they can but. the the beginning to the next coming comes from our message board over thom hartmann dot com thanks to the tea party in the army of young people who support ron paul and the resurgence of iran's philosophy the greed is the highest good libertarianism is now back in the mainstream political debate in america and dominic on our message board had this important question to pose to libertarians a simple question for libertarians who wrote it a libertarian model of governments governance is so great if not perfect why have we never seen a prosperous answer example of this in the history of humanity well really simple it has never worked anywhere it's been tried i mean it was basically libertarianism is a lord of the flies world it's a dog eat dog world there's this fantasy this is libertarian group now and one of the. founders of one of the big web companies says he wants to create a floating island that can be
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a libertarian community or hate it doesn't work it never has it never will next up is a comment from joseph on my facebook page he had this to say please keep reporting on how people can and should be participating in precinct level democratic policy or politics to move the party and the country back to a sane and responsible less corrupt banks good suggestion few weeks back i did a daily take on precinct level involvement in politics and how the tea party use that strategy to take control of the republican party last year take a look politics starts at the bottom it starts with precinct committeemen and women people who are either appointed or when local elections we have very few votes at stake in some cases ten or twenty votes positions that pretty much anyone can hold the positions that wield enormous power it's precinct committeemen and women who elect district county and state party officials and delegates who choose primary nominees that then go on to hold elected office and who helped draft the party's
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platform and even though the tea party doesn't control the majority within the republican party in congress they do control the republican party's platform because they have the control of the precinct committees and therefore progressives need to do the same thing only within the democratic party. well i must have been on to something because the very next day tea party central red state dot com published this article titled oh the progressives have figured out how the tea parties took over the g.o.p. embedded in the article is my daily take and call the tea partiers to get even more involved in producing politics now the progressives have caught on to this actually is critically important and i encourage everyone watching to find out how to become a precinct committee person and let's together move the democratic party to the left where it historically has been and should be now we have fifteen months until the next election time to get to work finally our last comment comes from vicki via
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twitter she writes. a pigeon nest discovered under my porch. here's the deal it's really not pigeons they're actually cleverly painted doves these pigeons are actually robots of the planet xenu they're here to spy on us what do you see when you ever see whenever you see meetings of powerful people anywhere in the world pigeons their spies on the planet scene and that's it for my take your take tonight if you'd like your comments and questions heard on this segment the big picture listen up we want to know your to send us your comments by visiting the tom hartman facebook page but twittering at tom underscore when you're in the champ room on the message boards or the blog tom hartman dot com you can also leave a message general rant line at two two five three six fifty three zero six agree disagree sound bob it's all welcome to remember that your comments may be used on the year.
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republicans have figured out a way to both make a buck off of doing their public duty of meeting with constituents and make sure that they never again have to answer an uncomfortable question there's out as a big difference between public space and private space if you're standing in a public space public school a library a park on a street corner for example your right to be there is protected by the first amendments provision protecting the right of assembly and your right to speak your mind is protected by the first amendment right of free speech. but if you're a private space like the office where you work or in a theater are you paid to be let into corporate owned for profit space or for that matter a space that is being administered by a private organization that's contracted for public space like if you or your family for example were to to rent part of a public park to have a family reunion that is then considered private space and you have no rights under
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the first amendment you can get fired for saying something your boss doesn't like or thrown out of the theater just for opening your cellphone so let's assume you're a congressman paul ryan for example and you just passed a bill that takes medicare away from your voters you may have some concerns about questions that your constituents would put you out of public town all right so what do you do privatized the town hall move it into a private space or a space under the supervision of a private entity or corporation and make it quite clear that it's private and not just anybody can speak up and that anybody who misbehaves can be thrown out just like going to the movies impossible you say well from now on if you live in paul ryan's district in illinois and want to ask him a question at a town hall it's going to cost you fifteen bucks to be exact now to be outdone dan quayle is charging forty bucks
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a question in arizona it's the newest republican trend paul ryan and a number of other republicans are now outsourcing their town hall events to private organizations that charge people at the door to attend. this is coming from the party that supports the outsourcing of millions of american manufacturing jobs that supports privatizing our commons our education our fire departments our police us to privatized our roads and bridges and other new corporate owners charge tolls to use them republicans even support outsourcing of our democracy itself to hedge fund managers and shadowy corporate c.e.o.'s by inviting them into political campaigns to pour in so much money for t.v. ads that they can determine the winners and losers i guess it's not that big a surprise that they're outsourcing their constituent outreach to those free and open town hall meetings that have been the backbone of our representative democracy for hundreds of years i'm now being shut down because republicans don't like the
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feedback that they're getting from their constituents republicans don't want to be asked about their real agenda is especially now that they're busy trying to dismantle medicare medicaid and social security and given billions of dollars in corporate welfare to the wealthiest people in nation at the expense of the poorest and it does tend to make a lot of average people angry so from now on to avoid their angry constituents republicans are reaching out to groups like the republican lawyers association the national federation of independent businesses and the chamber of commerce or even koch industries to sponsor and or run their town halls and charge people money to ask their republican congressmen and women questions and they can keep a blacklist to make sure anybody who may ask a tough question can't get in this is taking the idea of running government like a business to extreme lengths the government is not a business it's we the people and we shouldn't have to pay to talk to our members
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of congress. what's next every time you want to send a message to your congressman you have to text messages so they get your cell phone number and can sell it to telemarketers at five bucks a pop i'm sure they'll figure out some sort of house leave it to the republicans to turn democracy into a way to make a buck and in the process keep out anybody who may disagree with the sell off and sell out of america and free speech and only those can free speech as sean hannity with his two hundred million dollar contract so often says freedom isn't free what do you want about the by next year it's up to fifty bucks a question welcome to the new republicans but best political party money can buy as the big picture for tonight for more information on the stories we covered visit our website to tom hartman dot com free speech dot org and. also check out our two
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you tube channels or a link to tom our. entire show is also available as a free video podcast on i tunes and we have a very powerful and i phone and i pad app at the app store he sent us feedback twitter it's on letters for our facebook thomas for our blogs message boards and telephone comment line it's on our agenda. and don't forget democracy begins with you you show up and participate get out there get active tag your it see them all. wealthy british. that's right.
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