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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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oh i'm sorry marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture texas governor and republican presidential candidate rick perry has threatened our nation's top money man chairman of the federal reserve ben bernanke just how far will his brazen cowboy go to push use irrational ideas across meanwhile no love for ron paul you know the twelve term congressman republican candidate who won the i would debate the guy who clinched the runner up spot of the recent i was straw poll yet can't get any attention for his accomplishments why is he an afterthought in the media.
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you need to know this rick perry is wasting no time resorting to violent rhetoric in his campaign for president while speaking to a crowd i will carry weighed in on the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he's monetary policy saying this. we are you. training. course people can be put to death of convicted of treason economist nouriel roubini
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tweeted about the comments saying the code is making murder threats all of the german. rick perry is really running for america's executioner in chief and he's already there as the governor has killed more. visitors and at least one who was apparently innocent than any other governor in history rick perry apparently loves killing people as much as he loves threatening it but he's not the only radical position in rick perry's political repertoire he also thinks social security is a ponzi scheme a claim he backs up in his book fed up and acclaim he doubled down on a recent interview with the daily beast saying i think every program needs to stand the sunshine of righteous scrutiny whether it's social security whether it's medicaid whether it's medicare you've got one hundred fifteen trillion dollars of unfunded funded liability in those three they're bankrupt they're a ponzi scheme course that didn't sit too well with a bunch of folks in iowa who were on hand to confront perry about his social security claims. credit.
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card. actions security is true or not he was citing the use of three. years and he wants to see. so here we have a guy running for president who just kinda dragging the chairman of the federal reserve down in texas to be executed and called social security a ponzi scheme is he too radical and dangerous for america to answer that question i'm joined by anthony hall i'm a republican strategist a former special projects director for governor rick perry anthony welcome thank you for having me is ben bernanke you committed treason. i'm sure you and your viewers all agree that much like vice president biden calling it fifty percent of americans terrorists saying that all tea party members are terrorists that is that why do you say that or. what exactly did he say it's the exact same type of oil where someone is being
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a lesser tip to an extreme and of course governor perry wasn't suggesting that chairman bernanke he should be executed so when just printing money another q e three or another stimulus obama bernanke the stimulus is certainly not good for americans it's going to drive down the bad value of the dollar we have style rocking unemployment but these are the same guys that came out and said does allow us to the stimulus will have seven percent unemployment or less they have failed twice now they want to do next of the said eight percent or less and there are simple pretty decent nobel prize winning economists who say that had that stimulus not happened unemployed be much worse i mean for the several billion dollars that stimulus ended up in taxes and rick perry is claiming the jobs that were created with it were created by him. looking and we're sitting here debating the negative that he may have been worse and they have no idea and i couldn't tell you the stimulus created jobs in texas rick perry is claiming credit for that and the
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stimulus also gave us trillions of dollars in deficit who your children our grandchildren are going to try to pay off the lot in eagleton were raised as well as the stimulus it was an eight hundred billion dollars stimulus two hundred fifty of it was x. cuts it was about we're going to do all this just to destroy the debt ceiling raising the debt ceiling of two point seven million come on tom ok on talking about you're talking about the back to the fed here for just a second the way the q.e. quantitative easing works i'm assuming you're familiar with this is that what the fed does is that they buy treasuries now they create money out of thin air to buy those treasuries but when they redeem those those treasuries they they collapse that money out of thin air and all the profit from the treasuries goes back into the national treasury so it's basically revenue neutral and it's not inflationary why why the whole demagogue routine about this wasn't he really saying that if the if the fed does something that's going to keep the economy from crashing worst before the election that that is the political treason that he wants the economy to
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really suck as we go into november two thousand and twelve so he can beat obama. well nobody wants the economy to really stuck in our otherwise these are american lives you're talking about and it was very illustrative of what you said on the economics going to one we appreciate that your viewers myself i was familiar with it what was significant however is it's over it's an extended time period so we're need he's going to go in print money he's going to as you said created out of thin air which does what it increases the supply of the money money supply increased which of course decreases the buying power of the dollar we're already only an inflationary environment we're in a deflationary environment right now we've got a bill in the last shopping years that americans are paying a lot more for groceries today than we did six months ago there are some oddities that are more expensive there are a lot others that are a lot less expensive that's why there has i'm a social security caller for two years i assure you that the average american is paying more to survive today than they were
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a year ago and it is indisputable that increasing the money supply drives down the value of the dollar today then you know we have a lot of social security should be getting more money than they're getting right now because they haven't had a cost of living adjustment because they're supposed to be no inflation perhaps and maybe we should means test social security there's a lot of things that i believe but we are here discussing national problems and texas the economy which hasn't actually created forty percent of all the jobs the last few years so you want to turn it well and the price of oil is up during that period of time more than doubled and texas is creating more pollution than any other place any other state and country is that the prescription for creating jobs . well texas is what at roughly the thirteenth largest economy in the world it's absurd to say just because oil is that the jobs are created in texas and that's exclusively the reason and the energy sector beyond oil the energy sector which by the way is the largest sector the largest economic engine in america largest
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industry accounts for about twenty five percent of texas economy so even discount the jobs and a cause for more than half of the donations to mr perry's campaign doesn't or you know i don't think it really doesn't matter we're talking about jobs if you want to take away twenty five percent of texans a job and say. eradicate them because of the price of oil which is frankly an absurd premise you still have created more charges than any other state by far and in fact almost is mean is that the top five combined do you think that the the the goes to cameron todd willingham is going to be haunting mr perry as he goes of the fellow who was after he had been executed became pretty clear he was actually innocent kerry fired the the three guys on the commission that were looking into it . well you may be better versed in that than i am i don't know that it became pretty clear i think it's still questionable but i suspect that a texas forensic science commission concluded that there was no possibility that
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there had been arson when his three three kids died which is what he was convicted of doing killing his kids ok i don't know if there was no possibility at all i don't agree with that but but moving beyond that actually there are a number of states in america that allow executions and i think that any execution haunts every executive in the state was a human rights and i think they're all and the on that point i think will agree and thank you very much for being with us today. thank you appreciate it turning our attention away from one republican front runner for president to another republican who frankly should be a front runner but isn't getting any respect from the news media that's ron paul ron paul who spent far less than what bachmann spent in iowa she brought six thousand ballots and he came in a close second in ames straw poll over the weekend losing by fewer than two hundred votes and some people in the paul camp actually think he would have won it by stolen some of those votes he also was
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a clear winner of the republican debate in iowa last week garnering far more applause than anyone else check this out i do not believe in giving him title minutes to illegal immigrants at all and there should be no mandates on the states to make them do it was and it's been going on and on because we just plain don't mind our own business that. was you know i want to translate our rule of law into a rule of mob rule senator santorum i said i'm weak with since time it's trillions it was was but ron paul's impressive performances so far have been largely overlooked by the mainstream media saying the daily show jon stewart took a jab at the media for this blacklisting of ron paul. and by the way this pretending ron paul doesn't exist for some reason has been going on for weeks
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a new gallup survey showing rick perry running second to mitt romney knocking down iowa favorite michele bachmann to force. the how do you force the how do. i did libertarian ron paul become the thirteenth floor in a hotel. so why is the republican establishment and the corporate media ignoring the ron paul campaign is it possible we see him as a threat here offer his take on the issues mike riggs these those. editor of the libertarian reason magazine mike welcome to you tom how are you i'm for i'm well would you vote for ron paul i am a principled nonvoter but i do so i'm not going to vote for anyone whether or not he's the guy like the most is more of a gary johnson guy i mean anybody guy but i definitely deserves more attention ok well in that context is he dangerous to the establishment of the republican party. here is hitting some notes at a time when the republican party is basically running away from some record
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spending under bush was under by no means under control paul objecting to it then he's objecting to it now the only problem is he was running against one objecting to it then i think americans are done with war they're ready for this to be over. again that's something you know republicans helped engineer that no they didn't you know that thank you and paul was going to open who gets now the people who is would now have said we should take a different approach they weren't saying this in two thousand and eight. ron paul it's correct me if i'm wrong is the only principled anti-war candidate period right now in the entire presidential field i think gary johnson is as well but he's he's in a game that wasn't purchaser in the debate that i was certainly was the ron paul was certainly the only principle so does that i mean there's billions of dollars being made off these wars so if in the media in the defense industry i mean you know you have definite work here in d.c. you drive just fifteen miles into virginia and you can see these thirty bedroom
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mansions that are that the defense c.e.o.'s you know were behind the home for the maid and for the butler and for the next guy is a profitable business for a small group of people it's a friggin empire yeah and ron paul's column that out it seems if you look at the you go to the for example they ruled on that you see that these big corporate media companies have interlocking boards with the big defense companies i mean you know to what extent are you do you think that there is some sort of. will conspiracy to keep ron paul out of the mainstream versus just what they're actually overlooking him or die down or we don't go on a long with the republican party because they think he's going to he's going to harm the party somehow i don't think it's chance that the media overlooks and i think it has more to do with the fact that they take their cues they take their coverage ideas from g.o.p. kingmakers and republican strategists and those people definitely do not want not
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oh they know they don't want ron paul in the republican primary which i don't think he could do even if you wasn't being completely ignored they definitely don't want him splitting votes away in the general election in two thousand and twelve but mostly i think it's a lazy mainstream media saying you know do you know if the if the consultant or the guests that i have on my show three times a week says the ron paul is not worth paying attention to that i'm not going to devote any coverage to him well if for example the minute that the iowa straw poll results were in my phone chimed looked at it and i said that was our where i was writing and i said hey let's try the t.v. and check out the news so we go to c.n.n. and they're doing some kind of documentary headline news is doing some other show. is doing something about prisoners at fox news there's fox news there in iowa there live. mike huckabee and a couple of other people we set there a washer for about forty minutes and never once was ron paul's name and yet he had only come about two hundred votes short of being the winner the winner i mean never
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once was his name mentioned and have he won i think i have been called useless perhaps or inaccurate or not as important as it was made out to be part fox in the weeks preceding but why fox i mean i thought fox was this bastion of ultra hard right and i mean ron paul wants to end social security wants to end medicare he wants to end and you know subsidize public education across the country i mean basically all the programs that the that those so-called hard right are gung ho for i mean yes i refer to libertarians as as republicans want to smoke. up and get laid right i want to decriminalize pot and right and sex which is fine with me but you know you would think that setting those things aside parties would become helpful i think the law is the anti worth i think it's the anti-war thing i think it's the his belief that we should not be as involved internationally as we are period that we should not be sending military aid to israel that is a big stickler for people on the right especially in the upper echelons of the right i mean they are very pro israel you look at bill kristol who is magazine as
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they will announce that paul ryan man may not be running for president i mean those people it still matters to them we think we're right really cares about our national rupert murdoch does which again is why i think it may not be as conspiratorial as it appears i think really was it is it is media people relying on you know this small slice of the g.o.p. that they have access is there is there a chance that i mean there's a lot of energy behind ron paul there's a lot of true believers people who just absolutely follow him is there a possibility that i could split off into a third party candidacy that we could see another ross perot well i asked polls campaign when he announced that he would not be running for reelection the congress so essentially said he'll be retiring from congress with regardless of whether or not he said and see sideways right yes yes he's getting up there and i asked i said does this mean if you're not running for reelection to congress because he's always been able to do both i said if you're not does this mean you'll do a third party run if you don't win the nomination and the response is very simple it is we are running in campaigning to win the nomination so what happens afterward
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i want to know that is not an out but is not a no and he did drop out in two thousand and eight the libertarian party candidate bob barr got almost half a million votes ron paul got twenty thousand write in votes and his name only appeared on ballots in two states so if you can imagine his name appearing on ballots in fifty states and him possibly again this is all just speculation having to back him will return party if he doesn't win the republican primary he will peel votes off them like a banana peel yes assy mike thanks a lot for being with us and thank you for she thoughtful and insightful analysis we'll see how the ron paul story unfolds but if his campaign is the railed by the corporate media then it wouldn't be the first time that's happened and unfortunately it won't be the last time either. it's time for a daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question is rick perry resorting to violent rhetoric accusing ben bernanke he of treason and playing
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politics and printing money your choices are a yes people are put to death for treason or be no it's just fine rick perry threatens best friend bernanke. let us know what you think the pope will be open until tomorrow morning. coming up many believe some of the nation's fattest for wallets to pay their fair share of taxes is right while others think it's sartre was a after the break conservative commentator david sullivan explains why he agrees with the other is. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through. who can you trust no one who is in view with a global missionary see where are we heading state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do our t.
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question more. is asking millionaires and billionaires in america to pay a few more taxes socialism. but so-called news think so you may remember yesterday billionaire warren buffett one of the richest men on the planet and an op ed for the new york times in which he said while the poor and middle class fight for us in afghanistan and while most americans struggle to make ends meet we mega rich
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continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks my friends and i have been coddled long enough by a billionaire friendly congress it's time for our government to get serious about shared sacrifice before the ink was even dr fox news went nuts it was talking head eric bolling yesterday. warren buffett we're not at the new york times today so we should be i think you mentioned earlier we should be we should be taxed more i guess the people who are getting a little bling you got the ones who create or you're not getting any of the you know job creators tax and a little bit more because they're not doing enough already what is this i mean i would add is he completely out socialist playing. warren buffett one of the wealthiest capitalist to ever set up shop in america is now a socialist according to fox so-called news so how can that be fair to weigh in on warren buffett's socialist leanings is conservative commentator an advocate for billionaires david so i gave a welcome. thank you for having me tom as always it's
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a pleasure i am surprised you don't push back on my introducing us advocate for billionaires you think of yourself as such. no i don't but what's the point suppose you know what i say you'll roll over it like a steamroller do you have feel feel free why do you hate warren buffett. well i don't hate warren buffett but i have to tell you after reading his piece. he sounded a little like a thought old old man he seems a little angry perhaps that you know the world is moving on without him i also thought it's astonishing that the president now is trying to garner some legitimacy by saying i agree with warren buffett we need to do this and that raise taxes this is ministration this president in particular is entirely too cozy with these mega investors and ultimately the actual product and the rhetoric
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don't accord if you're saying you're saying that he's he's an angry old man because the world is moving on without him and then you're saying he's in tight with the president i would say if you're in tight with the president the world is not moving away from what i was saying ok well they are saying let me just ask a very simple question what is socialist about asking billionaires i mean he makes the point that he pays seven you pay seventeen percent of total total taxes and his secretary pays what thirty four percent i don't i don't have the article in front me but in that neighborhood right what is socialist about asking billionaires to pay the same tax rates as the rest of us. well because that's not really a fair equation if you look at regressive taxes the taxes that we all pay whether you make ten thousand dollars or ten million dollars you have to pay taxes on that first dollar spent the less you make the larger your tax burden appears to be it's
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ironic that warren buffett who has taken advantage of some very skilled accountants and it's ernie's now turns around and says you know we should pay more and i have every confidence if mr buffett were to give this administration every dime of his immense fortune they would just waste it we would have such little vision show forward you know do you not answer why henschel accountability you know you know you don't answer my great you and i both i mean you're a tax guy you know this that if you make your living sitting on your body around the pool waiting for the dividend check to arrive the maximum in time tax rate you're going to pay is fifteen percent bets the rate that most hedge fund managers make which is what warren buffett is fifteen percent that's why his total taxes were seventeen percent and and anybody who makes over one hundred six thousand eight hundred dollars a year pays zero in social security taxes so again right i'm so sure that man about cassidy and hill is based tax will be significantly more one these people are that
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he's supposed. to be the estate tax with you but that's a separate issue what is socialist about asking billionaires to pay the same tax rates as their secretaries. it's certain it is they're going through they pay the same regressive rates and we have a progressive tax system and the fact of the matter is right now we are overtaxed whether you like it or not what we need is good financial accountability from our elected officials not more money so they can just waste it wasted on these wars that we're not fighting to win and waste it on these fancy full failed social programs that hasn't really helped anyone but put all the money the dispensations it's administrative point to one point and we could just be ready in some time if you want to in fact i think we have of the past but it is a part of it here's the eighty eight out of the forty holiday of moore's money or hunger they going to do with out of the four hundred richest people in america had
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no taxable income last year it was all in the form of dividends and interest it was all taxed at fifteen percent the average income tax the average total taxes paid by those four hundred richest people in america was was in the low twenty's twenty one twenty two percent and yet you know that this guy who. wrote it already is paying for it is that i don't live in the white is so how to list about saying that somebody who earns their living by moving money around should pay the same amount of income tax as somebody who earns their living with the sweat of their arms nailing being a carpenter or no or the brain be going to have a security regular salary if i got it right i've heard all the rhetoric the facts of the ice are a lot of you i pay the same tax rate people right in the fanny and you've got a legion of viewers who just think they're going to get something for nothing unfortunately with this unprecedented race it doesn't matter how much money the
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government takes it's not making the situation better they really have to get accountability and we need to stop turn off this race and this administration has an abysmal. record where's the transparency where's the accountability there he's still not answering my question what is socialized and so i asked him three times to say the same tax rate as the rest of us some there not already do they are not just certain millionaires in america are paying between fifteen and twenty two percent taxes on average and working people in america in the middle class and upper middle class are paying on average twenty five to thirty five percent plus you throw in state income taxes and social security they could be over forty percent and if there's not a billion or there's there is no reality of your argument because what you're doing is you're waving this equation with long term capital gains ok and that's not fair ok they pay the same amount of regressing to scent and the same looks. but listen
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if an individual who like you said this hardworking carpenter were to purchase some stocks or make a reasonable investments and held it for more than a year well those dividends would be preferred as well so should you be taxed more to yes you see the bad guy and yes if you make your living as a real estate's regulator or if you make your living as a tax accountant or as a carpenter you should all be paying the same income tax rate if you're making a living. you mean everyone equal you know tom you're not about this yes asian before and i have every reason to believe that if you were to do your admittedly in the open air is amylase socialism will do as you're going audience and everyone else within two years that money would find its way back into the hands of the people that you routinely demonize night after night it's certainly didn't happen from one hundred thirty five to one nine hundred eighty when those you know when the top tax rate was higher and the average c.e.o. is making thirty times what the average worker instead of like on wall street five thousand but david we're out of time thanks so much for being with us today thanks
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for having me it's a pleasure as much as david may well not want to admit it socialism is actually thriving here in america and it's likely here to stay americans have a love affair with socialism the average american will have socialism in the form of medicare social security. police fire schools you know the typical stuff this is you know we all pay into it we all get out of it it's socialized but rich people have their own post form socialism and they love it too for example the top cap and capital gains tax rate is fifteen percent what i just mentioned they don't pay social security or payroll taxes on money after the first hundred six thousand dollars so on a million dollar income nine hundred ninety thousand of it more or less nine hundred thousand and change i don't know social security taxes on a billion dollar income you know nine hundred ninety eight million dollars no social security taxes do a pretty good oil companies are getting three billion dollars an hour for corporate
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jet owners get accelerated depreciation even the airlines don't get the deal of corporate jet owners to get you know if the billionaire with a private jet bankers get trillions from the fed i mean literally billions in tax dollars that the banks are bail out corporate is corporations are constantly you know and this is this is even beyond socialism a xterm allies costs basically the cost of global warming the cost of pollution in . clear power plants eating our rivers i mean all of these things they don't pay a penny for that you and i do as taxpayers it's like socialism for the rich and they internalize the profits eighty eight of the four hundred richest people in america own by the by the way the for the richest people in america own more wealth than the bottom one hundred fifty american million americans eighty eight of them had no taxable income no wage tax average average tax on them was lower than twenty percent if we're going to continue to have big socialism for a.


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