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tv   [untitled]    August 16, 2011 11:31pm-12:01am EDT

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dealers and shady under the counter deal. and coming up in about thirty minutes my colleague are silly i will be here with a full look at your news but right now it's back to our washington studios for the alyona show. artist time for show and tell on tonight's program last time we spoke about the pentagon's claim that they knew the guy who shot down the helicopter and afghanistan that killed thirty u.s. service members do you believe the pentagon they really know who the guy was or was it all. sort of producer producer for trees in a sense to find out what you have to say. the u.s. military told us that they were able to hunt down and kill the insurgent who fired the shot that brought down a u.s. helicopter killing thirty american and eight afghan troops come on there are still
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some tough questions that still need to be answered first the military says it is not certain it was an r.p.g. that brought down the helicopter so how can you identify a man who pulled the trigger on an r.p.g. when you're not sure if an r.p.g. round actually hit the helicopter well the u.s. military said they found this man due to information provided by local civilians so what do we know about him what was his name what province was he from surely if the locals knew who had done this and where to find him someone had to know who he was right well we wanted to know do you believe that the u.s. really got the right man we're just pointed out it looks it took them ten years to find bin ladin yet they found out who shot the helicopter before the weekend while miles on the other hand said there is no reason for the u.s. to lie but west side said hell no i don't believe them and i've told does show us the picture so it didn't happen then he asked just how the bloody hell can they tell all your comments raised
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a lot of questions one thing is for sure the media needs to question what the pentagon officials tells them not to accept it simply as truth just because it came out of the mouth of a u.s. official when a story of revenge for an act of war against the u.s. is dished out to the press. everyone rush to be the first to break the news just flash journalism and message spreading through mainstream media without much thought about how originated so the next time any government tells a story without supporting information it looks like it's up to you guys to keep asking the questions that most press never will and then decide for yourself who to believe. now is always thank you for your responses and here's our next question for you we just spoke about some of the statements that we've heard from the g.o.p. presidential candidates so we want to know what your thoughts are do you think the g.o.p. front runners are more extreme than those we've seen in the past you can respond to us on facebook twitter and you tube and you know the response i just might make.
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now we've got an update on a story that we told you about yesterday activist organization anonymous organized operation bart to protest the unjust actions of the bay area transit cops over the past few years and last night it took place protesters made a mess of rochelle were in san francisco's bart train system yesterday for downtown stations had to be shut down the hacker group anonymous called for the demonstration after transit officials blocked so phone service during another approach us last week. now some are calling it a real life denial of service attack something anonymous usually does when conducting a cyber protest of a website or organization and this time around protesters were wearing the guy fawkes masks distributed excuse me disrupted commuters from boarding trains at the civic center montgomery powell street and embarcadero stations and while they shouted no justice no peace reports say that cell phone service remained on this time around the opposite of what happened last time the public attempted to protest the actions of bart police and the f.c.c.
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is still investigating whether or not bart had the right to shut off self-service in the first place however it could take some time to determine if they were in the wrong declan mccullagh told me yesterday there's a lot to be sorted out. this isn't something we've seen before in the u.s. at least in my memory i mean this is something new that egypt this is something that me shit all the program access to social networking sites or other other forms of communications maybe are used pastors and so this is something it's going to take people while to figure out where the f.c.c. is looking at it also could do violate the first amendment it could violate the california constitution which also provides even stronger free speech rights than the federal constitution does i'd be surprised if they're not lawsuits here eventually. so all the f.c.c. tries to sort out the legality of the cell phone mess has become clear at the people of san francisco are continuing to fight against police brutality and for their rights of free speech and assembly. now it's fact technology the internet
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it's changing the way we interact with one another changing the way that we learn and changing the way that we remember last month a new study was released that show that banks to the ability to have information available at our fingertips think google searches we some consciously stop storing away as much data as we used to we now forget things that we're confident we can find on light and we're more likely to remember the things we think are unavailable online on top of that we're better able to remember where to find something on the internet that we are remembering the information itself so it's a reorganization of the way that we remember things doesn't mean that we're getting stupider or just more efficient now let's add to this a recent study conducted by telegraph that a lot of that our separation anxiety to our smartphones what would we give up in order to have our phone so we found that a third of all people surveyed were willing to give up sex for a week rather than go without their cell phone what if five people were willing to go without shoes rather than their cell phone and get ready for this one at twenty
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two percent of people said they would be willing to go a week without seeing their significant other rather than go without their phone so what does that say about our society and can we make ties between these two stay. joining me from our city studio from our studio in new york is betsy sparrow lead researcher and assistant professor at columbia university's department of psychology that's the i want to thank you so much for joining us tonight and first we're going to start with your study here so google is making us remember things in a different way there are a lot of headlines out there said the google is making as google is making us do you think this is necessarily a negative thing. we don't know yet. research but i have to show we're using google in the same way that we've always used other external memory systems like other people so we've always allowed other people to be responsible for certain types of information and we're just the internet is just a much more pervasive and ubiquitous. portal to other people and so we're allowing
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more memories to be stored externally from ourselves and we're getting really sophisticated at knowing where to find things. restoring what seems to be the essential thing in today's age i don't know yet if it's making us i don't know you know i don't know if people's grand store memory is any less what i suspect is that people are becoming more specialized what they remember are we just you know i guess you could say becoming reliant on certain forms of technology and you know could this be seen as an evolution of sorts mike masnick over kind of describe it or compare it to the fact that now we have calculators so you have fewer people memorizing their multiplication tables because you know that at the end of the day you can depend on a calculator if you have to write i mean it's just like any other revolution and you know when you when you look at the from the oral tradition to the written tradition and things like that people worried about what would happen people's memory isn't and the same thing is happening now that you know people think that oh no you know i don't know remember phone numbers anymore well it's not really
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a skill to remember a phone number. of things and the seven automatically that's our working memory does it so if someone took away my. phone connect to your other story. for you know for a week or whatever i would remember numbers you know i would have because i would have to it's just that we don't know we don't need to now so we can't we don't need to remember you know that actresses name anymore we can we can store it externally but if it's something that's important to me you know something that you know i'm going to teach my students or i want to you know i want to know because you know that's my profession then you know that will be something that i will continue to remember so memory is much more that memorization and so that's what the next step will be the next several steps will be looking at you know how is memory changed and how might it be beneficial how might it not be and what is what has really changed all we really got now is just simpler data show that we have organized what we encode in
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a different way so that we're remembering where instead of was well you say you know this is preliminary data but would you go out as far as saying that perhaps we need to apply this to the way that we teach students because so much of today's education system is based on memorization. doing so many tests have never actually . never been a big fan of memorization myself that might be just because i'm not a very good at it so one of the things that i've noticed just and i mean i teach myself and i've noticed that the students they want to just regurgitate back to me what i've told them you know they don't want to actually show that they understand it or they don't want to apply it to a new situation or something like that so i think that you know taking the onus away from memorization could actually be a positive and that if you don't have to remember names and dates and all those other things that it might be possible that people are better able to remember the connections or better able to apply it to a new situation like i said before so the you know the there might be stolen
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unconscious memory traits and this is one thing i'm looking at so there might be still in what we call implicit memory so that if you ask people in a way that's not conscious what they've learned by. still be there and those connections will still be there and they may be using them in a different way so that's one thing to look at and education was definitely interesting to think that you would know where to go when you googled something and what website it may be on although you don't retain the information that's actually there and so i don't know if that's another sign of that becoming lazy or actually any kind of critical thinking but let's bring go ahead sorry. i was going to say i was actually pretty florida how well people remembered where to find things because i gave them a really impoverished folder names in the actual study and the trivia statements were really memorable so i found it pretty remarkable how well people remember it so i think it's even more than just doing a google search you know they're able to kind of go beyond that first layer and really look for multiple sources and you know reliable sources for information and
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going beyond you know just a simple google search going into databases and stuff like that and being able to find things so i think it's obviously an adaptive skill to have now but really quickly i just want to get to the last question for you right out of time so that if we talk about this cellphone study could that be some of the reason that we have separation anxiety people don't want to be away from their phone is because now they get so much information from their smartphones by being able to google stuff i think so i mean i know i know if i drop my phone in the toilet or about a month ago. so i don't have one for about a week unfortunately fortunate i didn't have to give up anything but. you know so i didn't have my cell phone and it was it was hard not to get information as soon as i wanted it so i do think there is that aspect that we're we do have some you know there is i would say diction we are dependent on it you know we expect to find out things as soon as we want to and we don't we don't have that patients to look for to wait for information anymore yeah i definitely don't have that patients i hate
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when i don't have service and i can't access everything right then and there better i think you certainly have you know we're going to thank you. now still to come tonight he's an elected official but if you want to ask him a question you have to pony up fifteen bucks why not tonight's full time award added happy hour a new campaign ad that promises world peace plus think that could be healthy but more and more. takes fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event for the planet is time we don't. it's been going on for about twenty twenty five years and since there's been an eco terrorist before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country when the nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because
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the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who are accused of property sabotage and label of ben as terrorists someone you destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being. in my mind is not a terrorist real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with their cub scout troops that's the. sound. of. tough.
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i am . i am. i am awfully easy cheap flights and i am artsy takes me to the max.
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still. to feel. the soviet smiles on the.
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cards after tonight's tool time award and tonight it goes to congressman paul ryan it was constant republican is now charging it constituents to attend town hall meetings and yes you heard me correctly it's now going to cost you fifteen bucks to get your question answered by congressman ryan and paul ryan isn't the only lawmaker to charge voters for these town hall meetings it's actually a growing trend lawmakers are now hiring a third party firms to organize the events back in their districts when they're home so the event planner then charges an entrance fee with the promise of getting your question answered i'm sorry but what i want a free democracy what's next they're going to charge you to vote now i think that we all know why congress members are starting to charge these events they're hoping to keep angry voters out in recent years that we've seen video clips posted online
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of really pissed off voters that getting a wee bit testy with their lawmakers and congressman paul ryan is not immune from the outrage earlier this year after his plan to end medicare and replace it with a voucher system was voted on in congress i should say that a lot of wisconsin voters were unhappy. you want to take a publically administered program such as medicare and turn it over to a private corporation tell me how my grandma is going to benefit from that you should bear. the risk in the older of the two take on the insurance companies when we can so you go show its properties right so. you don't know anything about medicare or whatnot on it no idea what i'm driving it when i look at your budget as you cutting the things that i agree with entitlement programs they don't see you doing across the board cuts with the military. all right so just a few months after being called a liar and booed congressman ryan is only taking questions from voters for a price i barely the congressman doesn't understand that he works for the voters
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they pay his salary what's really interesting about this paper of you move so far only applies to republican congressman politico says the republicans ben quayle and ship private are also guilty of pay that's actually really surprised the g.o.p. agenda is obviously to privatized privatized privatized or privatizing democracy just seems like the next logical step but do you remember back to the summer of two thousand and nine that's when town hall meetings were getting ugly over health care reform and it was the democrats were facing angry fillers. shots from the health care debate in michigan i don't think that you take a. look at it but it's not coming out of the right you know in georgia they've decided that we're just stupid you and congress have a cadillac health care plan. well after that one the democrats can start charging for town halls so i think this is to high i'm gonna miss fellow g.o.p.
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lawmakers get it through their head it is time that they do that american citizens we the people we pay your salary we should not on top of that have to pay to ask you a question you work for us plain and simple so for charging his constituents to ask him a question congressman paul ryan it wins tonight's bull's-eye more. ok time for happy hour that's evening and joining me tonight is our two producer jenny churchill and jay pretty fair senior communications strategist with new media strategies thanks for joining me guys thanks for how well we are speaking about presidential candidates and. ron paul has a new ad out there and of course yesterday we speaking on the show happy hour about whether ron paul wasn't getting enough attention from the media i mean he did it come in second from the straw poll in ames and yet everybody kind of glossed over
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him was acting like mitt romney and michele bachmann and rick perry are the only ones worth talking about well maybe people will get talking after they look at this new that is. it's the story of a lost city. opportunity lost a story the same policies leadership the story you're smiling too she. says she said. to be sure. she. spoke. to the. principal. use of the spare.
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liberty. to. restore america now. i'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably the most epic campaign ad i've ever seen what about you guys. announcement but it was actually pretty epic i would say yes i was saying to them i could not get out well i mean at least this one really kind of addresses the issues head on i mean to. video also did you know actually you know i read the script of it and i thought oh that's a little bit over the top you know this is this is still over the top but it's still pretty good and it's going to bring these i mean you know i mean like this is clearly the second coming of jesus he is the messiah and now i think that's a play really good with libertarians because from a lot let me think of this weird kind of born again christian vibe where it is like we have your nutrition but have he was how we got at the end of random your heart substantial portion of america so i think that's my point was that ron paul is treated like a bit of
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a god you know figure in the entire libertarian movement at least from what it seems like well it's interesting you should use the phrase a bit of a god in fact that's the phrase that was used to describe barack obama when he was running for president i'm glad that you brought this up in fact the dollar. three really i mean if you're going to secure it let's talk about obama who is a guy who's been during your misunderstanding. i suppose you're making a play by not always you can accuse me by saying that like ron paul he has the most hardcore supporters right that's something that has been acknowledged by everyone out there as they are dedicated they're hard core as they are falling to the edge you're calling you are calling not to make some good points in there in this ad about the fact that he has stood by his word which is what makes him such an interesting politician such an interesting candidate candidate is that he hasn't changed his stance five million times and flip flop by million times like every other politician out there over the last thirty years the one that can bring peace i'm sorry right we all hope for world peace to say you're the only one that can bring it about us it's a little much but what i'm. saying learned not to. accept campaign promise
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now we've learned now i know i know but we'll get out of what you know clinton could have got the same treatment he was he was a sensation when he was first running and then we all realize just how he was and i think that we're all realizing this about obama and i think that the funny thing about republicans is that nobody ever gets that kind of choked up about about republican candidates even republicans don't really i mean people are grinning and bearing it with mccain for instance i mean nobody was killed or you know there's maybe suck i'm sorry you look at john mccain you want to be able to get choked up and be excited that that might be the president of the country you got to be kidding me i want you to know what is john kerry is any better i don't really care he was a boring candidate you know i totally agree with that al gore people but people like the charismatic candidates people like that's why they like george w. bush that's why he like all right here in the rat race for now boy why be charismatic when you can have an ad that's like and a hollywood trailer like temple empty most boring person on the planet i shed a tear while watching has an hour when it's ok to do more ads running out of time
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but very quickly actually the pay pal founder. peter thiel has given one point two five billion dollars to initiative to create floating libertarian countries in. international waters would you go well i'm just curious as to whether one paul would run for president of the libertarian country or even have to run i feel you'd be anointed he would be you know answer the question and also i think it's obvious that the reason cruise ship is going to take everyone there i don't know the reason there is no reason god has a cruise every year all right let's move on to something that paul krugman that was saying today when it comes to obviously his idea of how to stimulate the economy what we need to get back on track we had this interesting idea of looking at it if we if we discovered that space aliens were planning to attack and we needed a massive buildup to counter the space alien threat and really inflation and budget deficit took secondary place to that. this slump would be over in eighteen months.
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i yeah yeah yeah yeah ok i mean obviously crippling isn't the only one out there that argues for the fact that we need to stimulate the economy you need to pour more money into it but the same time kirkman now is advocating for some kind of a war in order to stimulate that kind of economy and i mean aliens attacking who the hell knows but they were also in endless war and we've been pumping money into defense for the last ten years and that hasn't quite worked so i just i'm just so long this is like. he's seen independence day and somebody takes you away from him and it's put away i mean blue to be right he's like to see it on blue ray now to be fair i think the best losses in life can be learned from the twilight zone so i mean i do admire him i wake up every morning like oh my gosh is everyone going to be ugly today it was a little day by the way is one of the greatest movies ever if you know how do you think how did that impact romantic advice for you did you feel like this was good did you think about it was going to make much of a difference. i think so anyway. just getting awkward for me.
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no let's move on to there comes another study that may prove this woman wrong. i'm done with the fact that it's story if you're a god of law or are you why do you work for you. if you quote me again if you go all over and no one's going to chase you are you kidding me with the right. ok that's doing my goals those seen from the biggest loser and this woman is a tough but that's how she's made her entire career but it's basically the show is really emotional i have to admit i've watched a couple episodes and stuff there you really get into it these people are trying to lose weight and change their lives they don't die but now comes a new study that says not everyone who is obese needs to lose weight it's possible to carry extra pounds and still be healthy this is just going to ruin her career i mean we've had guests on the program to come on and talk about why every single study can't be listened to because of the most part they're all crap this really
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didn't ruin our gov it's not like the study people are going to be like oh you know what i totally love being fat screw it how many people are going to use this to fight against michelle obama's fight against obesity. those of you watching at home we are the pretty television people that are telling you about who is whose mom and whether or not one thinks but of the other. yeah. i want to thank you very very much the people b.c. the rumor was a male so i mean if you agree to anything i think that's a military that right is not here is certain about overweight this study is ridiculous because it's saying if you happen to be one of the obese people who do not suffer from the entire list of illnesses that obesity makes more likely then you're one of the chosen few and you will not die from any of those illnesses this is why why would i want to study aids are you guys had i got her thanks for joining me it's a good night show thanks for tuning in make a comeback tomorrow and experience in the young turks way back on the show time don't forget to become a fan of the ilona show on facebook and follow us on twitter if you missed any of
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tonight's show or any other night i was captured on youtube dot com slash below shell and coming up next is adam versus the max. in the united kingdom is available in. the room was the one who took the old waverly who took it until certain the millstone hutto country homes. the blue mountains the rim the crimean it used to be. the royal the ruben's original.
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human rights groups from the u.k.'s probe into torturing prisoners overseas after details emerged of britain's secret policy of using extreme measures to extract information. from jet the seven go at moscow's international air show as global buyers and fly actually offer the best that aviation cost to walk for. in china test as first aircraft carrier as it beefs up its much military machine and starts a new era for the navy. eight am here in moscow you're watching our two you all come to the program now an eminent british inquiry into its agents use of torture overseas has been slammed before it had a chance to get started.


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