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old free blog videos for your media. seem real gun darkie john. human rights group sonic the u.k.'s probe into torturing prisoners overseas after details emerge of britain's secret policy of using extreme measures to extract information. from jet the said and go on moscow's international air show as global buyers and flight fanatics taxi are the best that aviation stronger. the lead.
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discord over closer european harmony france and germany a unified economic front to save the struggling hero while investors are left unimpressed with. the stuff for twelve noon here in the russian capital watching r.t. however the british inquiry into its agents use of torture overseas has been slammed before it had a chance to get started it was revealed that britain was prepared to use harsh interrogation if the potential information that was gained was considered important enough about flood human rights groups to boycott the inquiry saying it lacks credibility as a lawyer and that reports. walking a tightrope of pay. first it's emerged that's how britain security agencies were
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encouraged to decide when to talk terror suspects. held ground in afghanistan and in guantanamo bay between two thousand and two and two thousand and five he says he was tortured and accuses the u.k. of being complicit in that torture only now is the level of the official complicity being revealed i am completely one hundred percent sure but i would not have gone to guantanamo autoblog wrong headed papin could be involvement of british intelligence services i spoke to british intelligence offices quite regularly. but only one kind they were physically present when i was being abused they saw my . lecture. me they saw my according to policy documents seen by the guardian newspaper senior m i five and m i six agents were asked to weigh up the quality of information they might have tain
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with the level of mistreatment of prisoners would suffer and if it was worth it to go ahead amnesty international says there's a mounting pile of credible evidence on the extent to which britain was involved in torture as yet another document that's been hidden for a very long time that's just been released that shows that there was you know perhaps circumstances in which. you know ministers are very senior officials authorised agents to participate in and situations where it was more likely than not the torture would occur there's a police investigation into torture allegations under way and as soon as that's finished an inquiry will begin but it's already come under fire the policy on interrogation and all the relevant documents may not be made public which is angered human rights groups so much that they've refused to give evidence all go to inquiry meetings there's also control to see about the chair of the invest. ation
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so peter gibson used to be the intelligence services commissioner the government doesn't see a conflict of interest there but many m.p.'s do we have to have confidence that the judge presiding is not somebody who has been heavily involved with cheaper service in the future in the past and i think pointed powerful people including tony blair jack straw and david miliband have refused to reveal whether they knew that policy led to a number of people being tortured the ministers in agents who british knew the public would be outraged according to the guardian it includes warnings that if it got out the policy could lead to increased radicalization. agrees it's true anybody would get radicalized if you hear about the types of torture that took place however when the government said that they will hold to account those people who were involved in torture and we take them to the wood and if the government ban goes against that. but it's going to be in secret you will get to see those people
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involved in your torture and then people will lose. any supporting any idea that the government is actually going to try to. carry out justice many fear the inquiries that to begin shortly will be ineffective and that a second one will be necessary at vast expense but there's also concern that creeping revelations about just how could the u.k. has been in torture and extraordinary rendition will lead to further radicalize whatever happens it's clear we haven't heard the last of britain's involvement in torture your and its r.t. . now billions of dollars worth of aircraft sales are likely to be inked over the next few days at an airstrip in a moscow as the international air show takes off for its second day it's already proving to be quite a sight on the ground and air with over one hundred planes due to take part in a starlight. showcase. reports.
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the two thousand and eleven attack sasha one of the major fight is over here just pulling these just unbelievable we knew it was right over my head i can't hear anything in my brain is melted and it's seeping out of my heroes were truly a dramatic display of military aviation might hear at the two thousand and eleven attacks as i just outside moscow city said if you're anywhere near moscow anywhere near the region perhaps your personal jet just come on and i cordially invite all of you to join us here for a stunning day and a wonderful display of just. aeronautics. over the big eighty three eighty s. i went inside i wanted to first class and i sat down for champagne they said no so i left but we have all sorts of other sukhoi military jets around here and of course today is the highly anticipated debut of the sukhoi t fifty super jet is
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ultimately supposed to go head to head with lockheed f. thirty five lightning and the f. twenty two raptor it's lighter it's supposed to be more technologically advanced and it costs less than the us f. twenty two raptor there are many helicopters the unmanned helicopter robotic systems are here the days of terminator and skynet getting closer and closer and closer now because one of the displays coming out today and over the next three days of the russian knights in those two points forty seven's of course the russian swifts in the world famous make twenty nine of us now across if you want to start somebody has a story about the brand new passenger jet the s m s twenty one this is one of the new hoops of russian aviation it's called the in this twenty one gets counted as an airline in the twenty first century there's a lot riding on the face of this plane it represents the efforts of the russian aircraft industry that's so for. failed to break into international markets and it
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will have to be as modern as it says it is to survive the competition. but the short to mid range passenger jet to be going up against the likes of boeing seven three seven an airbus is a three twenty both well established planes its makers are fully aware of the challenge ahead but we understand they will not we're not sure of this market. market. but we hope we will hobson for our home market. they're confident the m s twenty one will be able to technically match its competitors with a third of it built from like composite materials and a totally new airframe it will save on that crucial substance feel how. one person is present. approximately ten percent or so of
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course operation of course. but the ennis twenty one also follows the earlier sukhoi superjet as one of the first russian airliners built in years the efforts are being led by the united aircraft corporation which is trying to make russian plane companies work together and i care purses done in europe for. capacity from suporn home portal two point two two point two political election it's early days yet but with a wealth of aeronautical engineering experience from soviet times hopes of flying funny that the m.s. twenty one will put a new generation of russian airliners in the clouds tomasson party. a larky is at the maxi thousand and eleven throughout the week to bring you the best of moscow's chuck power to push up. hands.
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i approach. shape our future flights hire our team chancellor to the max air show. well in a few minutes all update you on the worst oil spill in decades of british waters shell says it's under control but green groups are not convinced with crude gushing into the sea for six days. and as american drone strikes continue to hit pakistani journalists out of the legal suit the cost will be bringing you their findings. these fifteen to twenty million years for the planet to recover from a major extinction event for the planet is time we don't. it's been going
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on for months twenty one years and since it's been eco terrorists before there was even islamic fundamentalist terrorist in this country when nine eleven happened the bush administration could not find any terrorists because the feds couldn't find any real terrorists they decided to take these young people who were accused of property sabotage and labeled them as terrorists someone you destroy property. with absolutely zero intention of harming a single human being. in my mind it's not fair and real people who are green in this country are the housewives who recycle. and the children who play trees on the weekend with their cub scout troops that's the. sound. kind. of. tough.
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for the. we've got. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. europe's nations are on the verge of blurring into one well financially at least with germany and france calling for economic harmony across the euro zone well growth is grinding to a halt and countries are struggling to stay afloat the euro's big players think the answer is to force mandatory budgets on to a number of states missouri europe correspondent daniel bushell explains surrendering the sovereignty is not what people want. the key decision is they have announced a single united eurozone government they also announced the corporation tax to unite the corporation taxes of germany and france so we're moving slowly towards a fiscal union which is what many had predicted but of course this one small
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problem which is the people of europe haven't been lost because the president of france faces an election next year where he's already trailing behind his rivals and. this may make him even more important because the people of europe but in polls in the opinion polls they say that they don't want to exclude the european integration angular merkel the chancellor of germany says they showed great courage to do this and they dismissed the use of euro boredoms which many have said would be the solution agreed eventually they said the europeans are not a miracle they're not a cure and france and germany won't guarantee other countries did so they refused to bail out the rising problems in countries like italy and spain they also denounced the rumors and speculation and said they'd fight against this. is that they say are trying to bring down the euro
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a tax on financial transactions was also announced. that the purpose was to home annoys economies and taxes across europe so a very wide range of proposals on offer here. oh investor seven left mostly unimpressed by chancellor merkel and president sarkozy clients saying that they expected more well dr shah had as a professor of business and international affairs says it be it decisions are political not the scope. unfortunately this is not going to make much difference for the ongoing crisis all the news that came out of this conference was quite negative for the market the most negative i believe was the fact that it was announced that a european fund will stabilisation facility there be allowed fund for the european euro zone members will not be expanded and they believe it enough as it is for the moment the second thing there's no common europe on that is going to be issued and
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there were very clear about this and the markets are not expecting this other bad news for the market was their taxation is going to go up especially in terms of corporate taxation where harmonization and then down the road they also want countries to have a balanced budget so the european leaders unfortunately have done it again they haven't really addressed the markets needs clear concise action for what they are doing instead is looking at the long term political solution to this dilemma that they have it doesn't seem that they understand the markets seriousness about what's going on no one is asking the taxpayers to pay another bailout instead they're using the european central bank as a mechanism to buy the bonds for italy and spain what most europeans don't understand is down the road when the greeks cannot pay their money back it will be the taxpayers from germany and from france that will end up paying for these bonds down the road the bad news is that we're not going to see any growth and i think
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everybody understands that and with their joblessness will not get any better and not anytime soon. iran is hailing russia step plan to help restart international talks on a terror disputed nuclear program russia's foreign minister and his iranian counterpart have just been discussing that in moscow under russia's proposal major powers will reduce sanctions against iran for each step it takes towards opening its atomic ambitions to international inspection iran is a logger heads with world powers over its nuclear aspirations and the latest round of talks stalled in january without agreement and during the meeting in moscow the foreign ministers also talked about the launch of iran's first nuclear power plant built with the russian help iran it says the bush era facility will be fully online in the near future. more head on the eye for more of the news we're covering on the air and let me run you through some of the reports lined up right now at our t v
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dot com the struggle to stay alive by selling your own organs the grim reality for poverty stricken india those who are preyed on by the illegal bodyparts market. plus selling siberia through star wars movie theater and ask the russian president to fund a giant statue of art two d. to highlight the region's top no progress that story at r.t. dot com plus you can find all our video reports on our future to check. the oil for a shell struggling to plug a second week at one of its north sea platforms the company was forced to admit it's responsible for the worst spill in british waters for more than a decade about thirteen hundred barrels of so far but the company says the first pipe rupture is now under control of the flow of oil into the sea is now down to
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two barrels a day are green groups sounded the alarm and that there will be big consequences for the environment shell that eventually came clean out of vanity is an energy analyst of the environmental organization platform says that a lack of transparency calls into question the seriousness with which the company is treating the incident. but it's a. rather small. breasts. i won't go through these examples phil calls all those in the chicken sense to. you for. also it sure was when hard and difficult and certainly there is a role the growth. will surely is using dispersants the reason why we can't use
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your. on the uses questionable people swore they would use. small boats in the world for. operations not actually. even supposed to clone them ripple don't have adequate information coming from shore so when she was in public with a large. share of. very small bits of information and there's going to statements coming from. members of her company. which goes on to question susan's. well let's look at some other world news and grief for you as a prime minister has criticized the country's most prominent adze corruption campaigner describing his actions as quote totally misconceived other hazaar is on
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hunger strike in jail demanding tougher laws against fraud and bribery thousands gathered in front of the facility chanting slogans of support as our us spends a light behind bars the spite of a government decision to free. europe's president is a valley to return to his country two months after leaving for saudi arabia to be treated for injuries after his palace compound was attacked or yemen has been torn by six months of grassroot protests calling for president salih to be ousted and there are fears that his return might spark a civil war the u.s. has frequently urged him to quit over concerns that a renewed conflict could encourage the yemen based way of al-qaeda. two men in britain have been sentenced to four years in jail for trying to stir up last week's writing by using facebook well they became the first people to be sent
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down by judges for the mass civil unrest that swept england and in a separate case three men who were jailed for between sixteen months and two years for looting and handling stolen goods nearly thirteen hundred suspected riders have been brought before the courts. now an investigative journalist report says u.s. drone strikes in pakistan have killed at least three hundred eighty five civilians and almost half of them children and washington is refusing to pull back on its aggressive military campaign against al qaida crosswords for a big group which study the deaths of american officials are getting in the way of comprehensive research on killing innocent people. a minimum of three hundred eighty five civilians we think of as many as seven hundred seventy five civilians among those killed just to clear the cia has admitted they have killed around fifty civilians in pakistan during the duration of the seven years of the drone war but
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they say they haven't killed a civilian from a of last year or evidence suggests entirely the contrary we were hearing rumors of over u.s. officials in washington trying to cast aspersions on our study before it was even published. for example trying to link with someone they were claiming with a spy in pakistan and also raising the. research itself we went back and looked at over two thousand individual media reports from pakistani us u.k. international media looking at the strikes and then once we've actually untangled that process and got the clearest idea of what had taken place we don't cross-reference with a host of material which included legal studies case notes of lawyers who are for i think cases on behalf of civilians from pakistan intelligence documents us secret cables the only point here and so on so we're trying to build up really as comprehensive a public view as we could of what's actually been taking place at the cia. and in
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just a few minutes we talked to be a prime minister of a cacio which gained independence from georgia along with south set yet three years ago ok for that it's all the latest in business with me. thank you very much the russian currency has been having a tough time in the recent labor markets it's just marginally stronger this salad my six trading however you just love is what it's a bank believe the ruble could win back some of its positions although it would be quick. there is scope for the world to recover given the fact that world prices so far are quite resilient from what we're seeing in the markets is that people are still very cautious and taking on. even though. her levels. look she. does off for significant value at
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the same time the flag risk levels are elevated across the board across the the world economy that i think will act as a deterrent to the very fast recovery endurable i think this recovery will take some time let's take a look at the market so we start with commodities recently crude prices are rising slightly ahead of us and entry reports which are expected to show with the klein in reserves of brant crude is just under one hundred ten dollars per barrel light sweet is up sixty cents this hour. asian shares ending wednesday's session mixed hank saying is gaining around point four percent while the nikkei is news in half a percent fresh concerns about the european economy are weighing on about the sentiment falling disappointing because of the euro zone and german growth ripples financials were the first to suffer and so here we down one point three percent at the close exporters were also under pressure to go to europe now where shares have
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somewhat recovered after dropping initially one and a half percent shortly after the opening investor this appointed with a lack of action coming out of tuesday's meeting between merkel and sarkozy. and this is finally russia where the r.t.s. and nice except for almost completely pared losses reality is the terms point one percent myself by just a notch take a look at the main movers on the markets and mostly they're still down blue chips gazprom down point one percent. is point two percent a low invest. however reacting to the announcement of the stock has been included in the global start in seas that's been happening for the past couple of months now it's been very volatile and this is one of the hardest hit stocks of the moments down one percent. in love the bank says given the current market volatility players prefer to buy into less liquid but safer stocks for
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a long time. we have seen some activity from a long long situations which are picking up some second tier names across the russian universe in small quantities there is until the fact that we're probably going to get a bit lower from here but they're happy to start by now. so a select second tier names are potentially. a good investment opportunity for long only investors for investors with a long term price and in terms of blue chips the activity has been quite volatile there hasn't been any sector after four months which is markedly. explicit over the last few days and i really doubt this will. change somehow in the next couple weeks pricing at least. the world's fourth largest group calls bird has seen a second quarter profit drop by twenty two percent as a russian drink. beer company says sales in russia fell below expectations as
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a result of the thirty percent price increase due to higher taxes russia's top be a ground ball to occur is one of cause bergs he sets the change in fortune as false calls were to more than a home of its full year profit outlook. now the moscow government is getting out of the hotel business and selling its city operation as part of this year's privatization programme the hotel company as it is known controls around fourteen properties with two to four star ratings it isn't comes out of the firm's investor billionaire ronaldo the side it's a fall out yes i said to be worth around two hundred million dollars. business he will be back in fifty minutes time with his next mandel.
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to. get. to it. if. you want to.
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say. this is true studentships it seeks the balance time from the feel that it's the soviet files on the a coupe. the booming. the limits. to. pick. him up to. come up.


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