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tv   [untitled]    August 17, 2011 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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free. and free. video for your media project free video don carty dot com. hello i'm john harshman a washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight the big picture of the g.o.p. presidential run for the white house is quickly becoming a run for the wall of shame how much longer will perry romney and bachmann continue to make fools of themselves before they seriously commit to take down president obama in two thousand and twelve and billionaire warren buffett feels the country's wealthiest should pick up the slack by paying higher taxes so will my conservative annele backers opinion we'll see in tonight's lone liberal rumble.
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you need to know this it's beginning to look more and more like the republican field is not a race for the white house but is that a race to the bottom the bottom being radical far right policies you can wrap your head around firs there was rick perry earlier this week accusing federal reserve chairman ben bernanke he of reason. so. we. are you. training for. all. their interests just awful.
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he followed up those comments today by accusing climate scientists of manipulating climate change data for money. or their views i do believe that the. issue of global warming as does the size of yours are scientists who have. death. and severe. and i don't think remarks that america should be engaged in standing on still have a scientific theory they have to prove i guess risp rick perry is just doing his part to make sure america remains the only developed nation in the world that doesn't acknowledge manmade climate change is actually occurring but not to be outdone by the newcomer from texas the republican front runner for president mitt romney unveiled this new campaign platform to create jobs fire public
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workers federal employees forget too many of their patients much and the many cases they do a good chat we respect the work they do it's important work to do we just have too many me also attacked president obama for planning to take a vacation to martha's vineyard later this month even though mitt romney is hosting a twenty five hundred dollars person fundraiser at martha's vineyard on the same day the president will be there which brings us to michele bachmann the third of the top tier republicans in the race if you are counting ron paul was the mainstream media's not side from having to defend her husband's gay therapy clinic bachmann is now trying to defend her position against government and outs at the same time collecting almost three hundred thousand dollars in government handouts for her family farm kelso dusted off the old obamacare death panels argument yesterday at a town hall meeting in south carolina. saying this about the president's health
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reform. his plan is there's a fifteen person board a political appointees he appoints i pad board this board team people will need making could be magical decisions for over three hundred million americans when in doubt go for death panels right so who's going to come out of this rat race and take on president obama next year and offer his take on the republican field is democratic strategist karl frisch syndicated columnist across canada partner of bullfight strategies here in town for a welcome thanks tom. it's sort of like a day in the circus yeah. coming out of the iowa straw poll first of all what's your take on the g.o.p. field well i mean far be it for republicans that i would ever try to improve their sanity coming out of a straw poll it's as if every four years or every years when they have a straw poll they try and find the most unlucky people you know that they can and
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to give them a little lift coming out of this you know i think given that you can buy ballots if thirty bryce apiece michele bachmann and what six thousand of them and as the monitors orders in about forty two hundred of them turn on the right given that you can buy ballots you think the mitt romney would be like we had in this i mean the guy's got for him about the last inspection he bought the last straw poll thousand and he won it and i worked on the two thousand straw poll that george w. bush won in george w. bush is the only republican to ever win the straw poll of the caucus the nomination and the presidency i think he might even be the only person to have ever won the straw poll and won the nomination but he bought it to i mean it's just a real deep fund raiser for for them and to say that he won the presidency you have to have a conversation or a supreme court what's your. thoughts on the blue republican group there's this group that has sprung up that is arguing that in closed primary states democrats should be registered republicans. so that they could vote for ron paul in the
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primaries because there's like this general sense of outrage i mean when the when the straw poll results were announced i was sitting home we were there and my phone being so i you know we turned on the t.v. to see what's going on c.n.n. wasn't covering it wasn't doing news using more. wasn't doing it was a prisoner show but there was fox sure most of america turns to fox from history and for the next forty minutes they were the live in iowa nobody mentioned the name ron paul i mean literally he would tell you the first place in the third place and fourth place and you know so any of what you think of this phenomena and what do you think about the whole the whole thing of the media ron paul particularly republican media sure when it comes to fox news you would think that rand paul ron paul's son was the product of a macula conception because you rarely ever hear about ron paul on fox news i'm not a paul fan and i'll tell you why he's got a lot going for him politically he raises a good amount of money he has
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a lot of ardent excited supporters and he's right on a couple issues it's far as i'm concerned but the man's career is one checkered with racism it's checkered with positions such as not supporting the one thousand nine hundred sixty four civil rights act so i'm not somebody who would support democrats voting for somebody like that he's extremely homophobic he only wants a libertarian streak run up so far that being said for the republican party to continue to ignore him i mean if we did that on our side you can only imagine what people would be say i think actually we have to dennis kucinich i mean he's been marginalized although there haven't been pay for play kind of operations like the i was struck for for democrats i think it would take paul more seriously anybody says a significant amount of money he did really well money is one of the lyndon la rouche of the republican party and he's got these these followers sure almost as i know we're both going to get hate mail from them but but what he should do with that money is run could. television ads and this is just
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a political strategy to me run compelling television ads on his issues and do real scientific organizing on the ground to get his voters out when he doesn't do that he comes in sixty comes in seventh and you know i don't know where the money goes it might go to winning straw polls but straw polls don't matter the only straw poll that matters is the one on election day and so if ron paul is way out here and mitt romney is way over here as moderate libertarian you know more than extreme in republican circles you've got this this far right which is basically a tea party leader and all these tea party candidates the new york times came out today and said that the tea party is number twenty three out of town at three of their least they're less light than atheists and muslims who in republican circles it's not politically correct to openly hate you know so if the tea party is doing so poorly with the american public and yet the republican base is pushing all these tea party candidates in are they going to end up with another barry goldwater
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situation i think it's very possible i mean with rick perry and michele bachmann in particular. the tea party if we all recall those poll numbers that the tea party love to push back and you know two years ago a year and a half ago sixty five percent of americans approve of the tea party that's when sixty five percent of americans thought the tea party was what they read about in their high school or you know junior high school or elementary school textbooks right now they know what this key party really is and they don't like it a bit carl on the democratic side if joe biden is considerably older than barack obama in another four years of believing that and and i think a lot of democrats think that he's a little bit of a loose cannon to be president. or maybe i've characterized that whatever he's not generally considered to be the guy who's going to run in two thousand and sixteen as a possible f.d.r. did this three times pick a different vice president is it possible that obama might do the same thing to pick somebody who could run strongly in two thousand and sixteen i don't. so. a i
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don't think you need somebody who is sitting in the white house or as vice president to run twenty sixteen the they complement each other very well i mean in the places around the country that the president needs the most help. are the same places that he needed the most help in two thousand and eight places like ohio places like pennsylvania. and the boy don't well from scranton vice president joe biden continues to offer the same type of help he offered four years ago i can't imagine that will be replaced i think will be on the campaign trail before we know what yeah i suspect you're right karl thanks so much for the next time we'll talk to. the republican primary is all fun and games until you realize one of the people could actually become president of the united states and so president obama's main intention. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's the question the founder of pay pal is funding a floatin utopian libertarian city no rules no building codes no minimum wage will
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work choices are yes what could go wrong or no can you say b.p. oil spill log on to the market account let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. crazy or catch me if you can since may germany has been captivated by a runaway fugitive eluding authorities in the varian countryside the fugitive accounting you have on ever since escaping from the slaughterhouse of may and then nearly causing a traffic accident by stampeding german police cars a few weeks ago has been a marked animal with police giving hunters the authority to shoot or that's prompted local animal animal rights activists to join the search for you to protect or so far neither side has had any luck finding or animal rights activists even water a bull to try to save the goose you know god. out of the woods but their plan didn't
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work when they found out after the fact that the ball was castrated now an animal communications expert from switzerland claims to have communicated with the yvonne through telepathy or telepathic as a telepath and so as yvonne is fine but isn't ready to come out of hiding yet and a facebook page devoted to yvonne is offering up to a fourteen thousand dollar reward for her capture as for nearly causing that traffic accident the german police yvonne tells the telepath that she insists she was innocent and that it was that one armed cow who was really responsible. after the break my conservative guess panel is genuine steen and daniel helper joining us for our midweek alone liberal. drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through it if you can wade who can you trust no one who is you in view with
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the global machinery see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called sasha's when nobody dares to ask we do our t. question more. it's wednesday that i went on the lone liberal and go up against two expert
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political commentators to debate the week's biggest stories so far on our panel tonight daniel helper the deputy online editor the weekly standard and jamie weinstein senior editor of the daily caller jane i don't get out of this ok here's the very first set up here rick perry is the man of the week have to jump into the race last weekend right he's been talking about all his job creation what he had. since june of two thousand and nine texas is responsible for more than forty percent of all of the new jobs created in america to think about that we're home to less than ten percent of the population in america but forty percent of all the new jobs were created in that state. well you know that sounds great but there's a little fuzzy math and here take a look at this graphic this is according to the bureau of labor statistics it turns out that texas is actually last in the country for job creation if you count for
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population growth to the way it worked out four hundred thirty seven thousand people moved into the state many of them from mexico or from nearby arizona where a lot of hispanics are feeling increasingly unwelcome only one hundred thirty six thousand pound jobs meaning that texas has across the nation the most rapidly rising rate of unemployment period highest unemployment increase in the nation not only that most of the jobs peri's claiming credit for were created by government as government jobs thanks to obama's stimulus project a graph on that as well so rick perry's job creation record really a sham right unless you want to either credit president obama or a couple hundred thousand illegal immigrants who were fleeing as speech and then eighty and arizona are coming in from mexico i mean i don't i don't have to here sit here and defend perry i'm not a perry booster but the fact of the matter is he actually created jobs you could give the same things obama stimulus in other states people were coming to the state because they saw an environment where jobs are being created people are going to
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stay because they saw an environment where people will speak spanish is a second language proudly instead of in arizona the state he came from all over not only just arizona and other places and they weren't worried in arizona about me all of those hundred thirty six i guarantee you a minimum wage job the argument to be made that they're low paying jobs but you know what's better worse than a low paying job no job ok so did i hear this right daniel the genie and i'm wonder if we're going to back him up is now officially taking the position that government creates jobs i've never seen one of these thank you just admit rick perry created jobs ok so one guy used nobody's disputing that the stimulus created jobs through this deed create jobs the question is was the most effective way to create jobs in that it created enough jobs and with that create lasting jobs created many of them out here rick perry. sure we created them and now they're now they're teetering out so it creates them in short amount then you stop spending the money then you must have jobs but that's not mean that's how economics work that's the keynesian view of the keynesian views courses then keep on spending but i'll just let you in their
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pockets mr but i know you disagree you would disagree because my over here is a very i put it was he was he had to decide which is the government can create jobs and so far even reduces regulations have allows the unfair outrigger class to expand expanded so rick perry taking obama's stimulus money everyone took about and spends most government most governors economic stimulus money you can make that case probably every governor america he still has more job rick scott there's very few that you can say that easy but poor to the point is that he says quite despite taking the government everyone taking it he states that grew more jobs in other states yet he also good more unemployment you wouldn't you didn't dispute the fact that brit perry state of texas created forty percent more you just said were you sent up forty percent of the job of the country in all in all the statement everybody had to be a nice get you go back just six months the numbers change but if you keep it here you can bet it's picking their numbers better if you go back ten years from when he first became governor it's actually more astounding now you have to divide by the
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population rate as other states that have higher property lation and jobs after each look at police eyes of others in order between texas and mexico and the number of people coming across that border which is lower are of course on guard and other factors i could wish california arizona where there nailing people not texas and there are a lot of factors the question is who has created a better jobs growth environment rick perry or is or his democratic opponent president obama and i don't think there is any dispute that rick perry state has been far more successful in the united states. was not going to be better order and reason i created it was that of your and that's that's the central tenet of the of the next elections are we need to we need more curt cooks and. and more think you would rather be working than at no job at all warren buffett has made big big news this week he wrote an op ed in the new york times saying that his tax rate is paid seventeen percent taxes a billionaire and secretaries paying twenty some odd percent he will in fact
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actually has quote he said while the poor middle class fight for us in afghanistan while most americans struggle to make ends meet we need a rich continue to get our extraordinary tax breaks my friends and i have been coddled long enough billionaire friendly congress it's time to get our government to get serious about shared sacrifice box news called up followed up by calling him a socialist take a look at this. warren buffett wrote an op ed in new york times today so we should be i think you mentioned earlier we should be we should be taxed more i guess for the people who are cutting you guys want to create more you're not getting any of the you know job creators tax and a little bit more because they're not doing enough already well what is this i mean is he completely a socialist so very simple question very simple question for both of you is it socialism to ask billionaires to pay the same tax rates as their secretaries in their g.m. he is not he is not a socialist warren buffett always the toughest but he could he's not necessarily
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right in this issue for starters you know you can tax the ultra rich what he wants over what if you were over one million and over ten million dollars in the way he suggested it's going to raise a minuscule amount to deal with our long term fiscal problems is almost irrelevant secondly the republican catherine is like that almost it is very very closely one hundred four hundred individuals the united states have more wealth than one yet if you have given it. more than what you're suggesting you're actually rather it is not then why is it that when when clinton raised taxes three percent on those on the very rich people that we saw a balanced budget and it was the entire deal of us that he didn't he didn't and he didn't pick for long term drops of three percent in a get us in the order of the and even to use that we had even when it when it was moving towards a balanced budget it didn't account for a long term fiscal problems. on our social security and medicare problem there is no there it's a fact what do you get out by the story my question is not am neither of you answer answer my question here is it socialism if you want to ask your billionaires to pay the same tax rate as their second i said if you have socialism in the fox news crew
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the fox host did not call him in the fox news group that you just played he did not call him a social asked whether was whether he was a socialist there is a difference a small difference but it's come on but the larger point is that why doesn't work buffett who is not a socialist i agree and i think i believe is a capitalist and it's very successful one at that why doesn't he write a check to the government and give proceeds give a lot of his money like he wants to without forcing other people you know both know that's a cheap shot it's not a decision i shot it was not a cheap shot but what it is are a completely irrelevant to the issue he said that's like that's like you know you saying well you know i'm opposed to government regulations and i say well why don't you go out and write some different i mean that is not the point it's not because i actually has a tell you if you guys are both agreed to it or not socialism has billionaires to pay the same same tax rates as their secretaries is it not un-american to defend the idea the billionaires should pay after that every two weeks what would you
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rather the matter is there's a pattern that republicans are trying to push that lowers the rates but limits loopholes that was going to increase the amount of taxes he pays and if you ask warren buffett one book that has how hidden some of his tax revenue in foundations and when they ask him why don't you put that up for taxable oh no the gates foundation and my kids who are writing these foundations can handle this better than the government why does he get these foundational breaks and he's asking for more tax but this is what i want you want to do away at night now you now you're talking out of both sides and also he doesn't want to him so you say there's he wouldn't we shouldn't have government funding for things like health care and charities and all those people because private foundations to take care of that on the other hand you just said when rich people give money to foundations they should you know they should not just sort of just i don't you know i'm just. he wants people to pay higher taxes if he is himself your child have opposed his hiding in iraq or see is it just some small part of of course he is the problem with. seventy percent he's paying seventy percent as most of his incomes to happen capital gains which is taxed at fifteen percent what you make you live in sydney and you bought
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around the pool waiting for the dividend check to its original back then as i suppose of it as as we learned of it says every year his piece is that the total number of people that we're talking about your something like four five hundred the problem is that the prophecy that the president has on the table which warren buffett is supposedly supporting it does not affect four hundred people in fact it affects much much more and not just millionaires and billionaires but also a thousand bears they don't call it that because it sounds stupid or sets right because it's lavender thousand one hundred whatever it was i have no doubt there's always like you military the point they're not super rich people so why it's so if more buffett said. write a check do it ourselves but but i'm just i'm really glad to hear that you can all see that you support a great the organization c standing institute is going to create the libertarian communities that float around the ocean i'm really curious to get the thoughts on this they're going to go way out in the ocean so they're even free of trees i mean truly lawless territory pay pal co-founder peter thiel has put this thing together
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here's a quote he says we're going to this is from him he says we're going to create kind of floating petri dish for implementing policies that libertarians stymied by indifference at the voting booths have been unable to advance no welfare looser building codes no minimum wage and few restrictions on weapons. ok no building codes no minimum wage you can get built by the cheapest way i mean he said it would be like the b.p. oil spill what's wrong with people going there i want to go there i'm just i mean i think it's most important he said is no structure that's not weapons because last time they tried to do this in the one nine hundred seventy s. the island of minerva took over an island in the congo near the tongue over the tongo thought it was their territory and kate said they a flotilla. you know obviously a very low tech flotilla and forced the. libertarians off the island so one hopes that they have a bigger military for this this new approach here's my question if the libertarians create this little village and one libertarian decides that he wants to build his
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apartment building three stories higher than all the other and they are kind of like the sun like they were getting what happens. that's part of living in a libertarian utopia we'll see what kind of people are straight rude they're not scritches no bill no there's no place no social consensus. moving. well here's a quote here's only bush moving to the island if you want to stop being a social contract or sensual i'll be a social entrepreneur so and the social contract is whoever gets there first wins i guess and so you know one of the big things i called libertarians republicans want to smoke dope and get laid because you know they they want to decriminalize pot on it and it wasn't a prostitution market so where where are they where these guys going to get their hookers from either going to take turns ok looking but it will probably be a probably good market out there for a hooker to go out but that's not really the so it's always bad are they going to import all of their cheap labor is that is going to run honestly i think he will be and i think will be working for him in. the city where all the entrepreneurs go
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well in an iron man's real life i mean they were they were having sex parties all the time peter t. bills maybe they are going to take turns peter tools worth several billion dollars he's an exceptionally successful and wealthy businessman and entrepreneur that also means that some of the things that he's invested in have not worked out and have not been money making opportunity sharing my skepticism you know what i'm curious just as you are but but but him giving one point two five million dollars to this project is like the one of somebody oh now that ravitch american going to disneyland could be fun with another house or another house of justice should be to be there was not a gesture a bit like it should be noted that big the person running this project is the grandson of milton friedman well that's interesting it well the last rushing the party but if they're going to import a bunch of labor because somebody's got to do the work and they don't want to do the work and they're going to bring in a bunch of labor and they're not going to offer nash universal health care we can bet on that what do they do if somebody gets a contagious disease what happens if somebody shows up with a burka roses or or you know some really virulent no no already there i mean what
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you know here we have you know the most nations have national health or we have a better public health purposes but they were so innovative in this island because they have restrictive no restrictions on people developing thing they will have. only that you have to carry out a manic ok you win and you do prevent disease by just isolating yourself yes and yes i was not aware it was shipped them off unless it was. please comes in and then ok here's our guard quote for a question this is where to go here if we learn one thing coming out of iowa it's that the candidate for president needs to be careful eating corn dogs michele bachmann and rick perry liz liz of the hard way back in two thousand and six so did president obama with a hot dog so they're quick for a question with a bullet will political consultants now take a lesson learned and for big future presidential candidates from eating fat like food don't ask don't tell is. ok. i want to look i want to see what the fried
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butter looks like yes that's right butter on the stick that was ok great thank you very much jamie deanna great to have you with us. coming up in the bush administration cia withhold vital information that could have prevented the september eleventh attacks i'll speak with a journalist who's been following the story very closely as reporting a shocking new development on the tragedy of not a lot. less number given that we had an apartheid regime right. i think for a feed of want to quell. whatever
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the government says they're going to consume safe get ready because your freedom. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so sorely sleep you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew you don't turn on target welcomes the big picture.


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