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tv   [untitled]    August 19, 2011 11:01am-11:31am EDT

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by tear up to two people with some of it's by sharks in two days attacks that have never been seen there before. a very warm welcome to you this is our see live from moscow stocks in europe have plummeted sharply after a similar falls in asia and in the u.s. investors are growing more anxious about the european financial situation and as leaders ability to resolve the debt crisis the result is the new push to reports this all comes amid new fears that the world economy may be on the verge of another recession. you're picking up where the us left off on thursday which is the there's a deadly cocktail of ingredients poisoning investors the moment not only is america releasing toxic figures on employment housing and so on yesterday was the worst day
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for the footsie one of the world's biggest stock markets over in london in two and a whole few years on fears that the world will slump into recession taught by morgan stanley has slashed its for cost for growth for the world economy a worrying saw in there and asia is not being left out of this asian markets are also now there's a saying when the us when the us sneezes the rest of the world catches a cold and that's particularly true of asia which is export driven countries like china and india rely on the west to boy its product its computers its toys and so on so you understand why the whole world is suffering at the moment so this week's summit really raised more questions than it. is to single financial government for the european union but the people of europe say they don't want to it's in opinion polls that which raises real questions about the demo crissy over the you leaders just how democratic european leaders all it also doesn't point to the real enemy which is that many countries have too much debt and their economy is on competitive
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here in europe it really doesn't have to have those issues and it's times like this where they may wish they had the safer job presenting news for example well perhaps we'll see them seen half. its reporting bad live from brussels for us but in asia the situation doesn't make any better as the stocks that closed in the red the deputy director of the center for international monitoring these asia safeguard itself for exposure to the troubles in the us. i think all these emotions of pentagon i'm certain it will last for a while people warning about the circuit the diva or surge in the recession all for us are you calling me as well as the japanese and the european called me an economical cooperation between china and the young contrary supposed to die in the current china every year we become of very important economical jong and because of dependence of all these economists on chinese girls so i think in the future asian
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countries we all coordinates on the call very very closely to a safeguards there you call abuse and then there you rest them in the from outside to show a competitor from the sharks or from you or. a us chinese also if you don't want to make a call to me much more independence so i think in the near future you will say so maybe your steps will be taken by beijing all story is to be able to call me on to try to strengthen cooperation between china and russia and countries. russia markets are also suffering losses today following the downturn in stock exchanges around the world let's get the latest now from our business desk rena standing by for all say fears of a double dip recession are reflected in the mood of russian traders t then it looks like well the russian market somehow recovered earlier cellphones but still ended the week in the red in my six closed just under
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a cent lower but better than what we've seen during the day it was a see a red across the board is you see here with basic materials or oil gas utilities and financial all down bucking the trend with gazprom that managed to reverse into the black at the end of the day after trading two and a half percent lower i'll give you the figures a bit later in our business both. making forward to that kareena. still ahead this hour as well a forerunner of change we look back on how the course of the soviet union took a major turn twenty years ago this day after an attempt to overthrow the government was staged on the streets of moscow. russia has refused to look or made by the u.s. in the series leader to step down moscow believes president should be given time to implement promised reforms that the country should be left alone to sort out its political future. is in damascus with more.
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russia's position has always been clear syria definitely needs reforms detainer is definitely needed required in this country but president assad needs time to do that. the syrian leadership needs time to implement its reform program but significant steps towards that have already been taken by the state of emergency has been lifted to the higher court of state security was abolished the decree allowing citizens from peaceful demonstrations was accepted by the syrians should negotiate not fight and the opposition as well as the regime is responsible for making that happen russia believes that's what the turnover trash. could only deteriorate things here on the ground and could hamper our transition to democratic state at the same time russia has all the time to reach rating that eve present our side doesn't keep his promises in that case this national community should react to
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russia's delegation is due into massacres very soon on saturday to try to find out exactly what is going on here on the ground and to see how assad is fulfilling these promises while the situation on the ground he is here it is very complicated and i have to emphasize that the call from the u.s. and e.u. for the syrian president to step down comes just hours after president bashar assad has announced that the military operation here in syria is over and had promised more reforms we've witnessed the army throw we've seen at least thirty tanks live in the city and inside the city we haven't seen and in ministry laughed police has returned to duty meanwhile we are receiving reports and the raw media reports that based on the information received from protesters and local residents that's
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the army is still. on the ground. in latakia and even in the reports that. the soldiers are firing from type to time to peaceful demonstrators but i have to emphasize and this is very important that these reports are very hard to carry five because of international journalists are not allowed to move freely here in the country as the syrian government says because it's dangerous well james corbett as a self and independent news website says russia can play a key role in preventing the situation in syria from repeating what we're seeing in libya so extremely important right now to to watch how russia's position in this unfolds because obviously we are entering into unthinkable times where the idea of military intervention in syria is on the table only major force like russia seems at this stage capable of really preventing a repeat of what we saw in libya which of course started out as the u.n.
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security council resolution one thousand seven hundred three of no fly zone which immediately became a bombing so we've seen how this is just a stepping stone to a later phase and unfortunately via the type of rhetoric that we've seen especially with all of the major nato powers yesterday coming out with cameroon that sarkozy and merkel and harper and obama and clinton all coming out simultaneously telling assad that he needs to step down it's exactly the type of preparatory phase that we saw in the lead up to the libyan campaign so i think the parallels are there. there with still to come why the sky's the limit at the international ash a near. stunning performances by aerobatics teams from across the world school or aircraft what is all this mean remarks to belgium eleven has opened its doors to the public watch all reports of leader in the program. and there's horror on the beaches of russia's following says the hunt begins for
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the shark that mauled two young men in the space of just two days. it's twenty years ago to the day since eight communist hardliners staged a coup to overthrow. the then president of the soviet union but while it failed to topple the government it's widely seen as a pivotal financer in the u.s.'s sells eventual collapse takes a look at how it changed the course of soviet history. if you turned on your t.v. set in moscow on the morning of the nineteenth of all this one nine hundred ninety one this is what you would have seen tchaikovsky's swan lake. why are so many muscovites because on the streets this is what was really happening. there was confusion and panic even among the tent crews themselves martin with a coup order to march towards moscow i thought i'd figured out when i get there as
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we weren't given any information as to what was happening. soviet leader mikhail gorbachev had been shot in his holiday home in the crimea a state committee on the state of emergency declared itself in charge it was made up of high ranking communist party officials including the head of the k.g.b. gorbachev's vice president and the defense minister they were terrified that gorbachev's democratic reforms and the union treaty due to be signed on the twentieth of august would give so much power away from the center to the soviet republics it would destroy the soviet union. but it was an act of treason on the part of good but your finance in your list circle out right carries and they were going to ruin our country and left. in a press conference later that day they said that gorbachev was ill and that they would take over in his absence but their show wasn't convincing on the nineteenth
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of august vice president kennedy and naive on the other members of the emergency committee sat in this very spot as he delivered his statement the assembled journalists noticed that his hands were shaking then one twenty four year old journalist blew his official words right out of the water. bottle to tell me do you realize that you've conducted a credit card they look pretty very convincing. and. just got mad meanwhile on the streets the russian supreme soviet building the white house had become the center of resistance to the two boris yeltsin the president of the russian part of the u.s.s.r. had convinced some of the tank crew to switch sides people flocked to join him and demanded to prove the chops return. if yeltsin tells you that was a yes of in your command of traitors and enemies whose always will you have be as
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night fell on the twentieth of august the curfew ordered by the cool denies is raised fears of an assault on the white house when armored vehicles began moving through the rotunda night protesters disillusioned with the communist party rose up to defend their hopes of democracy. of kamaz son dimitriy was killed in one word police are now down to the right where he is friendly demand tried to drag him away while the machine rodela my sons had and killed lead to marriage wow. failed and what's more it destroyed trust in the communist party which was then back russia and november one nine hundred ninety one by the end of the year the very system they sought to keep alive the soviet union had ceased to exist dumbarton. well despite the fact it happened twenty years ago there are still some people out there that the u.s.s.r. is no more local it's all t.
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dot com for all the details where you'll also find out how some of them are in fairly high places republican presidential candidate michele bachmann the niece of the u.s.s.r. still exists and continues to pose a threat to the us. also online view president hugo chavez wants to bring back all the exporters venezuelan gold about to the country to protect it from financial turmoil and the possible consequences of action. because the more world news in brief you now at least forty people have been killed in a hundred were injured when a bomb exploded at a mosque in a club or a region in northwest pakistan where mr prado teenage boy detonating
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a device during traditional friday prayers many of the injured are in a serious condition and no group has a mistress going to get the taliban and al qaeda militants are active in the. twin suicide blast of rock the afghan capital kabul close to a compound run by the british government be explosions said of a five hour long gun battle between security forces and insurgents with at least ten people killed the taliban which is claimed responsibility says it was marking the anniversary of afghanistan's independence from the u.k. president hamid karzai made no mention of the attacks during events to mark that story his people to unite and move the country towards a better future. the israeli military and guards are exchanging deadly fire after a series of attacks allegedly by palestinians on thursday. seven israelis were killed after buses civilian vehicles and soldiers were targeted and the south of
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the country girls abound gaza based on this. think significant that the violence comes just weeks before a u.n. vote on palestinian statehood all palestinian political factions have their mind and a link or responsibility with this attack on the israeli side on despite this fact we have witnessed last night military operations against the gaza strip in which syrian policy there were killed more than twenty people were wounded i guess that there is a link between the the case of the slayer with authority going to the united nations next month trying to talk to police in the street i think the israeli side are trying to use this as a pretext to launch military strikes against the palestinian civilians and the palestinian factions i think the israeli military would like to drupal di's any palestinian force to go to the united nations to seek a palestinian state this is why all policy and political factions. are trying to
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call for calm and try to call for ceasefire with the israeli side in order to prevent any attack against girls or the west bank by the israeli military forces and in order to give a child for the palestinian authority to go to the u.n. next moms to or seek a palestinian state moscow's popular international ash a continues to saw a putting its doors to thousands of new spectators on friday some of the most spectacular aerobatic displays are still ahead at max twenty eleven before the show closes in two days time and there's no i'm just about entertainment many major contracts are being signed as well we're going to signal is there for us. there are sounds of jet ten propeller engines in the skies of scores off various types of aircraft on the ground it means the march two thousand and eleven air show
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has opened its doors to the public the first few days its function mainly for official and business delegations inking out those billion dollar contracts with some of the biggest names in civil and military aircraft producers from across the world but now ordinary people can see and even touch some of these planes themselves and there's a huge variety of them from old ones for example this plane is from the times before the second world war to some of the most advanced ones like the air bus a three eighty jumbo jet all eyes are on the skies there's a huge program in store for all the visitors already seen stunning performances by steam's from across the world including the russian knights swifts and falcons are expecting more from them and others in the next few days as well. for those who can't pilots planes but would really want to know just a little bit want to feel like they're on the simulator so here as well for example
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this one gives an idea of what sort of hardware will be installed on airplanes over the next generation in this case pilots won't even need to look out the window all the needed information about the flight will be displayed in of a cockpit it's not clear whether some of this hardware is installed on board or one of the headliners of the march two thousand and eleven but it's just still top secret the fifth generation stealth fighter jets t. fifty and r. g.'s you know tried to lift the curtain of mystery. a little bit about this plane. many have heard about it until now only a select few had seen it with their. nies to add the nation fans the t. fifty is known as pac this is it is still being developed so most of us technical specifications are top secret in fact as close as we can get to the real thing is this model right here but during the next airshow visitors get it sure we can make
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just to see the jets in flight the first ever public display for the top five the jet is being developed by the sukhoi design bureau under the watchful eyes of the united aircraft corporation and the entire project is shrouded in mystery in fact representatives of the corporation say the project is so secret they can't even talk on camera about it so the united states and russia are the only two countries in the world the technologically potential to implement a large scale national project for the development of a fifth generation jet fighter the fight of russia's demonstrating this year's max air show is strong evidence that russian aviation is in a very. the jets will reportedly be able to carry out combat duty in any weather at any time of day will feature a special coating which will make it less noticeable to and to aircraft craters and
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will be able to cruise at supersonic speed ahead most of the guesswork boils down to this when highly developed the russian fifth generation fighter. after twenty two and f. thirty five a run for their money in terms of stealth capabilities maneuverability and cost smart of the this being a new generation fighter it's much more comfortable if lyle everything was designed with safety in mind it has thrust vectoring engine so it fly safely at near zero speeds it's safe even with a fly still first up to date environment in a cockpit is also the fighter provides intelligence support to the pilots on board the jets are supposed to be fully developed by two thousand and fifteen. it's hoped orders for roughly six hundred jets will follow with one third of that number going to russian air force but until the final touches to the project are made the only chance to see the hope and pride of russian aviation is the max air show. to r.t.
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. region with our reporters there on the ground of the on going international air show in the moscow region so you do stay with r.t. for full coverage of my twenty eleven as we track the business and aerobatic side of the event all through the weekend now the classic horror movie jaws has become a reality in russia's far east which is been terrorized by a marine predator a cash awards been offered by the local authorities for the capture of the shot that savaged two people. gave it tells the stories of the victims who are lucky to be alive. nothing like this has ever happened here before russia has never seen a shark attack let alone two in two days this sixteen year old boy was diving one hundred meters off shore when it appeared the young man's wet suit served as protection and saved him from death but both his legs were severely wounded. so
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much you heard a crying help a shock. that i was tired of reserves or some guys went out to do you see of him and really first day was only a day earlier a twenty five year old man lost his forearms trying to defend his wife when the couple was saved witnesses were shocked at what they saw but i would just get rid of them it was really scary a country one described it as the man's hands were chewed off and the boat was full of blood. the attacks happened in the far eastern premal your region that shares a border with north korea it is known for its beaches and clearwater and swimming here has always been safe dangerous sharks don't usually go that far north in the sea of japan scientists believe the predator was a white shark a man eater and all trying to work out what it was doing here there was this type of show it really comes to our waters it's a species that lives tropical and subtropical waters of the ocean but with global
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warming they're now starting to move more and more to the north out of roughly three hundred sixty species of sharks just over thirty are known to be dangerous to humans the rest are either too small only pretty deep but most experts agree that any shark with sharp enough teeth and longer than one point two metres can cause serious injuries especially if there's food of blood in the water and while scientists are looking for the reasons for these recent attacks the swimming season in the area is over at least for the time being dairy r.t. moscow on just a few minutes you can join the cross talk debate next they are all they says business with carina. current welcome to our business update this hour we start where the markets which plunged into another round of volatility with fears of an underlying double dip the sentiment was spurred by negative data from europe and the u.s.
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and the russian bourses haven't bucked the trend for the latest i'm joined by a correspondent with us from norfolk or. so let us know what's the market looking like now. looks quite interesting corrina are mary can markets actually opens in the rag zone but very quickly they've corrected and now both jones and. stock are up in the green zone less than one percent but still european markets have been going down whole day dux was about losing about three percent odd so i almost the news of spirit being central bank buying a tally in and spanish bonds audax together with pixie corrected and now they're about so less than one percent in the rads zone as for my six and r.t.s. just the words the closure old russian stock markets they also went up significantly and closed the just in the red zone just so slightly less of them one percent now the reasons for that are three fold first of all of course with prices
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going strong answer growing supporting russians folk markets second of all news so positive views from american stock market sound so european markets going out of course also had its influence when the russian markets as well now some experts call that this is a dead cat bounce meaning that so the general trans is that one word but that sound point stocks do go for a short while but then continue to fall down whether this is the case will be able to find on monday of course but what's going to happen on monday will significantly depends on how american stock markets closed down today and by the time that happens most traders here in washington to europe will already being injured. they're weekends ok thanks very much for that and let's take a look at the figures now here's wall street the dow is still struggling between highs and lows and the nasdaq is point three percent high after a low starts hewitt talk courage is topping the loses list on the dollar down
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twenty percent for the world's largest computer maker unveiled plans to sell its personal computer business this its line of smartphones and buy u.k. software company autonomy for eighty four eleven point seven billion dollars now markets in europe every cover of the worst of the days falls off to a steady a start for u.s. share this pussy's trading flat to negative while the german dax is down one percent only a markets were sharply lower with balls of more than three percent for some leading indexes some banking shares were hit again with lloyds banking down five point four percent in london. nearly four percent now here's moscow of the markets have recovered from earlier a sharp fall but still ended in the red as you see here in the markets closed just under a percent lower but still better than what we saw during the day and he has this not shot of the markets movers on the mind six and as you mages among the main decliners lukoil and will snap tore down bruce hyde who ended the day two and
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a half percent in the red talking the trend is that managed to rebirth of the reverse into the black after trading two and a half percent lower in evening session banking stocks the worst hit square bank lost nearly to nearly three percent. not low prices like almost six percent decline on thursday concerns about global economic recovery are weighing on crude oil over that we could always giving some support light sweet is trading at eighty two dollars per barrel while brant is up at almost one hundred and eight dollars per barrel and a quick look at precious metals. gold is trading at a new record high level has uncertainty about the global. the economy is pushing investors back to say havens they spot prices now at above one thousand eight hundred and fifty five dollars per ounce and so was also outputs gaining three and a half percent. that's our business update for this hour but join me in forty five
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minutes for more. culture is the same us we are going to go for you no longer any muscle because there weren't any difference to me but failed to change everything twenty years ago communist party hardliners attempted to derail me helped out of
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a child's efforts to reform the soviet union. this is black friday at the market the world's financial stocks hit by a fresh wave of seventy and made fears the world economies are in decline it comes as a suggest the u.s. and europe are dangerously clegg's to recession. let's go cautions against international calls for a change in syria saying president assad needs time to implement a promise changes. to its twenty years to the day since attempting to coupe by a group of communists against then president mikhail gorbachev while claiming to topple the government to help bring about the eventual end of the soviet union. unswerving is in russia.


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