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we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from russia. we go to the future coverage. tensions rise in the middle east as hamas calls often cease fire with israel following days of deadly airstrikes on gaza. while here in israel after the taking to the street they pay they believe the government is trying to use the conflict to drive that came from no great mind to make big problems join me in a few moments and i'll bring you more. also this but another turbulent week for the world's markets as fears a mounting with the u.s. and europe on the brink of another devastating downturn as we reported. plus we continue our coverage marking the twentieth anniversary of the attempted coup against mikhail gorbachev which changed the course of history for the soviet union . and its all about vaccine get out of the international air
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show near moscow with a final day of gravity defying stunts and a lucrative deal making to go. live from moscow welcome for me kevin no internet you're watching r t it's now ten pm this saturday evening our top story hopes for a mideast peace agreement have been dealt a fresh blow with a mass announcing its pulling out from a defacto ceasefire with israel the statement follows two days of israeli air strikes on gaza that saw more than a dozen killed these paula slayer reports. iraq is putting pressure to try and calm tensions on both sides we know that an initial agreement had been fined between tel aviv and cairo we have no details of that at the moment commer has been insisting on any formal apology for his role it also says that it was not only an expression
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of a great but once a commitment from his well that this kind of violence will not happen again the israeli defense minister would rock has said that he would grant the date of your keyboard of gods who were killed in the latest state of violence he also says he had ordered an immediate investigation this is just part of the bigger picture we keep tensions on the ground intensifying quicky at least fifteen palestinians have been killed in the past few days dozens have been injured and while today alone some fifty grad and some rockets rained down on southern israel dozens of israeli citizens has been injured so a lot of concerns here in the region that this is going to eighteenth and will continue just intensifies activists have thought of gathering here in tel aviv and in and out of why it will stick around as well they believe that the government was hosting and is hoping that this if elation and violence to detract attention away from social economic problems at home that's almost given up to the soft spoken she
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says of the exact opposite is going to happen in fact the plan tonight is that demonstrations will be holding candles and they'll be marching in fine and if recognition as a memory of the people of both sides who have been killed in the last few days of violence we do know that the middle east quartet has issued a statement while it condemns the attack on to say that sucks its initial state as i did and that was an attack at least some eight israeli citizens killed it is also called on israel to stop attacks on the gaza strip with a call to say that the cairo also needs to take responsibility to step up if it's in the sinai peninsula that's to cry and bring the security situation there under control the arab league is also meeting tomorrow to discuss this is certainly a lot of internet. national interest and a lot of international pressure in terms of what is happening here and it's going into more afraid that israeli government is going to use this native state of mind and argue that they shouldn't be recognition of a palestinian state which is on the cards for next month in new york in the israeli
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foreign minister avigdor lieberman who that the palestinians are not serious about peace now has been responded to with the word madness by palestinian leaders k.k. that it feeds into a particular point of view that israel is trying to fly and gannett international support not to see the palestinians clear that they come from. these correspond paula slee a very well israeli journalist told me that if the crisis to do some israel launches an offensive on guards there it might face domestic resistance as young people there are reluctant to fight for the government. i think that the next week is going to be an incredibly important dramatic and almost volatile week in this region especially in terms of the indian ocean if the demonstrations in the west bank get out of hand or get very violent i think there will be a reserve call up in israel which will directly affect the constituents of the
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temperature's keep in mind that most of the people protesting for social justice in the streets of tel aviv and jerusalem are of age to go into the reserves and so if there is a call up for either a ground invasion into gaza or any sort of outbreak of violence in the west bank he will be the ten protesters and they will have to ask serious questions about whether or not they're going to fight for a government that has so far ignored their demand for for economic reallocation inside of israeli society. because we value your opinion on events in the middle east go to our website there you can cast your vote on the reasons behind israel's attacks in gaza at the moment if you voted so far we have not told the last hour seems hard to believe that the latest attacks are a way to sabotage the next months of u.n. votes on palestinian statehood that so the votes are piling out there on your chart nineteen percent to be thinking that the attacks are an act of defense and that israel simply wants to protect his own people and again as you can see that twenty seven percent say it's not that you need to provoke a response from the palestinians minority in just four percent this think that
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israel's trying to divert attention from its domestic problems you could make that change that is know what you think is good to hear from you and r.t. dot com tonight. saying in the middle east the russian delegations arrived in syria to assess the situation on the ground there with reports of dozens of new deaths during the latest spate of anti-government protests first despite president assad's claims that army operations against civilians have ended the international pressure on the syrian leaders mounting to despite moscow's refusal to put us into mandibular side stepped down u.s. imposed fresh seven hundred. sanctions would be you preparing more penalties target countries also unlisted denselow told to such views a moves now could prove decisive. the americans have been very clear they know their influence and ability to change syria behavior is limited they've always said it had to reach out to countries closer to syria and russia is one such country and
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a very important country at that so i think the americans are now in europe in specially really have to work hard to persuade the russians they are right on syria and russia is currently running for that is the next important step i think we should focus on one particular element which is really important to go in the way serious oil exports of the present about ninety percent or so serious oil is exported to europe so the europeans are now come out you know united front against assad does that mean they will no longer accept syrian oil now syrian oil makes up some a quarter of syria's hard currency budget so could have a huge amount of an impact on the assad regime its ability to control things so ultimately i do think there is more than rhetoric to what the u.s. and europeans are saying right now and. still to come this hour on c marking history is twenty years since the tenth over from the chaff of the soviet union government was forty second of our special series of reports coming up if you just . next the world stock markets have plummeted amid signs of a possible u.s.
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recession and renewed worries over the health of europe's banks investor confidence has been dealt a severe blow and it sparked a massive sell off at the end of last week as artie's report now explains global economic fears continue to build. investors around the world may have very little to celebrate this weekend as u.s. stocks and major european share markets closed down on friday of course this capping the turmoil and volatility that continues to be seen in the european economy in the u.s. economy at least being seen for the past few weeks this does not help ease the lack of confidence interest and lack of trust that is taking place among analysts and investors keeping their eye on the global economy and j.p. morgan chase morgan stanley goldman sachs are among the three banks that came out with reports we're wising their predictions for u.s.
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and global economic growth they cut those predictions morgan stanley even saying that the global economy is hovering close to a recession and also not helping the circumstances recent reports indicating that the u.s. economy is not doing as well as anticipated manufacturing is that its lowest point since two thousand and nine the housing market is still experiencing a huge slump unemployment is spiraling here in the u.s. more than fourteen million americans are unemployed investors are also very concerned about how european leaders are handling the debt crisis in europe the fact of what it's doing to the euro zone many believe that the right decisions are not being made and not being made quick enough clearly this is an indication that three years after the financial collapse that started here in new york wall street in fact the rest of the world clearly that crisis continues to be having
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a huge impact on the lives of people all around the world those people that were promised that three years later the economy would be doing much better and now all these. he said that there are a lot of struggles taking place and it's not quite clear if any leader of any country knows how to handle this problem to stop all the volatility and turmoil and to bring confidence to investors. what is going to put new york for us well indeed fears over repeat of the financial crisis of two thousand and eight or spreading global panic talk to jason johnson's a professor of political science he said he thinks we might see a recession in the u.s. if investors aren't reassured companies that have lost your the last two days are these companies aren't magically not working anymore it's just the people's confidence is at an all time low so it confidence stays low we will see another
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recession of confidence improves the economy will be gone probably that is when someone actually wants to call it or most of us right now is on by china china is not about to reclaim the state or region you're not about to reclaim new york city by calling in their debts primarily want to see america so just leasing from the past united states if the president can really control and there's still some confidence in our future economy. people's inertia and inability right now to get the economy moving right now it looks like the chances of barack obama getting real like there actually are still better than fifty percent which would lean left markets that are concerned with investing right now they're going to feel more confident if it looks like obama's chances of being real like that are slim everyone's going to get more nervous because you know no idea when you're ministration might get out. of the term of markets so just of course affect traders with private investments and pension funds on the line it affects all of us and our very own residents in new york people there they're protecting their savings right
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now. as the global economy continues to be volatile where do you feel like your money is safest this week let's talk about that do you have faith in the stock market are you kidding me. i'll go to washington i love las vegas play blackjack or play roulette that's when you have a chance you have face i mean it's not too much better than still worried because they're. following but you haven't sold out yet you know it'll come back to show you have money invested. they don't test at that much but i just haven't got the money if you have the cash now's the time to fire things well but what if it just keeps crashing further if you have the money to lose you lose it if you don't downplay it do you have money invested own best we cover the hard times and everything in economy is not stable so i just at this present moment the stock
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market is not safe so where's your money under my mattress the way both up and down it's really it's just a game so i have no faith in it is that was why we play a game with our security. but what are your choices what are you going to do with your money you put out a mattress i don't think that's going to work too well but what about in gold you can put seven gold but warren buffett says you take something from. under the earth . you put dollars into it and you have to get your money back. from selling the gold so it doesn't make sense to me if things were to get to where you have to put your money in gold i don't think the u.s. government would allow. people to on the mine because see so is there a chance that we could go back to a system of bartering or more local kind of exchanges of all things so right now we
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live in an. where there's the real. with these there was the money that war is the kind of the end here with what's going on in the economy i think still a matter where you keep your money these days the bottom line is no place will ever be completely in violence. the resident next week coming up here the sky's the limit. it's the two thousand and eleven a max air show just outside of moscow here with me rule research a variety it's really heating up out here high flying with major jets pulling g. forces i've been watching you for hours i feel sick and dizzy i love it details to come stay with r.t. . later kim jong il has rolled into russia by train in a rare trip abroad for the north korean leader he'll be meeting president to be to
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refer to the talks in a few days' time and this visit comes as pyongyang struggles under a set of western sanctions while military tension on the korean peninsula rumbles on r.t. jacob greaves reports. thought that energy corp is largely central to these discussions is something the president himself as champion quite recently when it comes to these two countries are always in the background this is the issue of the denuclearization of north korea and russia heavily involved here in the six party talks are ongoing trying to beat that end goal because kim jong il himself wolf this is his third visit to russia his first occurring in two thousand and one and i was on the quest of prime minister vladimir putin then president stay for three weeks came back in two thousand to it's the third time this time he's been invited by prison facts the first time these leaders are going to meet face to face and that's expected to occur next week in the russian republic the reason for this
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timeline well control yorkie like the child by train is space the form of transport bomber training in france this whole visit comes on the back of russia pledging fifty thousand tons of humanitarian aid to help with north korea's food shortages and first batch just arrived yesterday in north korean ports also the headlines tonight libyan rebels are closing in on the capital tripoli from taking fire from the western city of zawiya they are now pushing to look at our feet troops back on the road to tripoli that fifty. that follows the statement of the strategic all kind of parade is now under their full control after more than a week of fierce fighting the civil war started over six months ago we've made in the building in march claimed the life so far and. indeed soldiers have killed twelve separatist militants trying to prevent them from crossing from pakistan controlled kashmir into the indian side the shooter took place at a military control line dividing disputed kashmir between the two countries new
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delhi says it regularly intercept is missed rebels trying to cross the kashmir border to fight indian rule there. over ten thousand people gathered in new delhi in support of a prominent activist who is on his fifth day of a hunger strike and he says he's physically weak but will not renounce his fight for tougher anti corruption more than india a campaigner started his fast in jail after being arrested for planning a protest police approval and sarah says indians are fed up with government bribery and this threat the starve himself there unless parliament passes his legislation. twenty years ago to the day history was making its self heard on the streets here in moscow the city was under military curfew on the second day of an attempt to overthrow mikhail gorbachev the event president of the soviet union of his time bar looks back now at the attempted coup that prove pivotal in the collapse of the u.s.s.r. . twenty years ago today moscow was in turmoil tanks on the
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streets barricades monday outside the russian parliament the white house panic and anger were in the air and the soviet army came face to face with its own people. the first couple of days were pretty scary that's when we had to go to key points in the city and protect them there were crowds of people gathering and violence was on the verge of breaking out. that isolated soviet leader mikhail gorbachev and seize control of media outlets but one reporter defied the k.g.b. officers in his news room. we switched on our t.v. camera without much hope of being able to corner tonight you can see barricades being erected. survey's report was shown and spread word of the democratic resistance developing around the reformist russian president boris yeltsin as the standoff continued through the nineteenth and twentieth of august fears grew of an
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assault on the white house you know with the tanks and soldiers in the streets all of it for me to feel uneasy thinking what's going to happen in an hour what's going to happen on my time. those armored vehicles tried to ram their way through barricades and move into a road tunnel near the white house some of the protesters tried to stop of lubov kamar thought her son dimitri was safe with a friend in fact he was manning the barricades. judging by documents that i've been able to see and know that mitri had climbed on my vehicle to cover its mission slits after the in that he jumped into the vehicle three a hatch where he was shot. dimitri was only wounded but the vehicle then ran over his head killing him as two other protesters were shot in the mayhem. that guy was killed in front of thousands of people deserve it comes out later that
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picture a phony by car poor picture and bottles setting them up fire throwing them at the tanks the conspirators already wavering lost their nerve. the three men memorialized here have become martyrs for the democratic cause in fact expected assault on the white house never materialized but even before the violence which happened just mere few soldiers were being orders. my colleagues and i already saw that the coup was failing so after i got the orders to attack the white house and it ran yeltsin we didn't animist we decided we wouldn't do it. as the plotters admitted it the bloodshed destroyed their cause the august coup but come close to succeeding but in the end it went the way of yeltsin and democracy tom barton. twenty four hours before vicious international air show closes in the moscow region
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but the action numberless is showing no sign of waning russia's newest fighter jets the still classified t fifty prototypes being the main headliner of the event with his first public display and made another dramatic entrance on saturday with thousands of spectators looking on all. the ground is royce in shame. the reality of the two thousand and eleven max international air show the chief fifty is it the james bond of the russian military aviation industry this thing was only unveiled a few days ago no one's allowed inside it except the pilot and the technicians here comes a super striker still the fifty. major stealth capabilities the plan is to build one thousand of these babies over the next decade also have them in service by two thousand and fifteen. i don't care enough. to two
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forces. got you to go. there you have it as suddenly a sense of calm in the air as the chief fifty has now gone about so a secret bunker this has been one incredible show here that super stealth is just deafening and what a loft so what to pull those high g.'s i will be having more ports from the max two thousand and eleven shortly here on r.c. but for now my colleague out of pissed off has an insightful story about the three year old russian assume she put out one hundred. only uprooted time just a year ago who is who project is now officially in business over two hundred orders already both from airlines in russia and from abroad now we have a defect. to me that she and me company can put out
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a flawed us major so we are now more affordable and more let's say hope he's to get full steam ahead of the next couple years say a joint project between russia's aviation giants europe's bridgette international and several dozen other companies this is the first civil aircraft produced in russia from scratch. since the collapse of the u.s.s.r. and you see what all the fuss is about we decided to go on a demo flight to as they say touch the plane ourselves this is actually the first of course a project funded which was sold to an airline it was named after we got in the first man in space and this plane has already made several international flights we're told that this is the basic version of the chair so nothing special but pretty simple and modern walking the. luggage go workmen's overhead it looks pretty spacious stark noisy the seats the seats are pretty comfortable overall i have to
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say that a whole new level of comfort compared to this quaint main outdated why was which are the thirty four and the forty two. geared up with some of the most advanced mediation equipment with a maximum range of around two thousand miles the super super jets will replace soviet era aircraft and with a price tag of around twenty five million dollars per piece which is around twenty percent cheaper than its main rivals there is interest in the super jet from foreign airlines as well generally as a flying experience is no different to flying around your fanatic on more than a couple of little quip goes overrules a nifty little aircraft it's developers say they will continue working on the super jet to help get rid of any problems and with a line of orders already secured the promise to deliver over one hundred sixty planes by the end of twenty sixty you board is going to r d moscow region.
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and you can learn more about the stars internationalists show on our website i'll take your call there of course should always get laid as a brace of videos and all our new stories too. it's a drama involving an internationally acclaimed georgian theater director but it's all taking place offstage rather than on it robert studio as being fired after making critical comments about the president mikhail saakashvili officials deemed the xenophobic but the opposition in tbilisi say he's being punished for his anti-government views r.t. sarah ferguson as the story. all the world's a stage the famous georgian theatre director he said brilliantly boortz who like many of shakespeare's works on it has been fired from his role in the pride of the
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georgian theatre robert stewart has been removed from his post allegedly for xenophobic remarks but in fact it was revenge on a political decision we demand that the georgian culture minister restored him to his position in comments he made in an interview with the direction of being outspoken against the government said the president saakashvili being armenian and he was not able to understand the needs of the georgian people it was a criticism too far and the government branded him senate told him to exit stage left the many theer he simply being punished for his anti government views. therefore it is to vengeance on strewn for refusing to support or worship them unlike others this was a political decision. the actions of the authorities haven't come as a surprise to sack israelis a cane and this is the latest in what they call an anti democratic trend of the
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president's critics being silenced as they use the problems to release him for a short period of time it will be a major loss for georgia and his theater but the government is not worried about this they're really afraid of any moral authority in georgia i mean those people that are brave enough to criticize them but those countries who are forever but they say the show must go on and the internationally acclaimed director could now end up working here at one of the most popular theaters where he's been offered hot spots gain a beloved very heavily felt by many in georgia serve. now looking ahead for you we're going to we can absolutely guard. a couple of men. this time we're on our t.v. off driver brought you up today from a new stories this saturday evening here in moscow but you can stay with this.
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morning's today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world
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has been seeing from the streets of kenya that. change operations are all day. wealthy british style sign. on. the market finance scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report. in time and available in hotels friends to convince myself to tell buying called the onion tree going to come and let me tell bunco this was a telephone call granted the joke. from a dog is what's up.


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