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in tight you windsor tell me touch your group which is a good girl how an international house flooded to change every green loyalty to intel who. battle rages and for control over libya reports from tripoli say the commander of colonel gadhafi security breda orders his soldiers to lay down their arms as rebels advance towards the central square of the capital the rebel council says it will stop the fighting or cut off you leave the country and also claim to have captured three sons of the libyan leader according to the libyan government one thousand three hundred people have been killed since the nato backed onslaught on tripoli started. suggestions of that ceasefire egypt has reportedly managed to convince both gaza and israel to lay down arms after days of heavy shelling. a look at other stories that shaped this past week the crackdown against english
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rioters against momentum gains momentum the harsh sentences handed to those who played only minor parts in the chaos as human rights groups say judges and politicians have gone too far. and e.u. leaders a promise of a single economic a government fails to reassure anxious investors as a fresh trouble over greece once again threatens a stability. broadcasting live direct from the heart of moscow they say is r.j. with breaking news from a libya some reports even suggesting that colonel gadhafi may even be detained we'll give you updates on that as we get information available but reports now coming in that the libyan leader moammar gadhafi is personal security guard has disarmed and surrendered khadafi has been detained reports are. that libyan leader
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moammar gadhafi is personal security guard as i just mentioned has disarmed and surrendered the rebel council says it will stop the fighting that's raging around the capital tripoli if it cannot leave the country but in a second audio address the colonel urged the nation that can fight for the country they also claim to have captured colonel gadhafi his son saif al islam associated press says that libyan rebels are coming under sniper fire as they near the capital's main square rebels have reportedly entered tripoli from the west as fighting in libya intensifies associated press also says that nato backed rebel forces have advanced to within a few kilometers of the tripoli's city center eyewitnesses are tweeting that an independent strike has also been raised on the mosque in the city. there are also reports on social media sites that state t.v. in libya has gone off air coffee spokes person. has called for a cease fire but says that the rebels are not ready to listen independent
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journalist feeling and gave us this report from family. situation now is very grave and crucial and its. only obstacle to peace. but that should be happening. is nato and the minute that nato leaves this country i mean it is bloodshed well and the rebels admitted at the beginning of the crisis that without the support of nato they would have collapsed within two days and this morning we had. a press conference with the heads of the intelligence analysts and you see. the west. working with al qaeda which would be in government of course has been saying all along that this has been vindicated a number of times during this crisis most recently by an al jazeera interview. where the who is a well known. terrorist who was speaking on behalf of the rebels in libya so
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now we have a situation whereby al-qaeda is leaving made so on the ground in libya they are ground force they are poorly made and telling them where to buy and here in tripoli every time that the rebels and the threat from the masses masses in tripoli and the libyan army nato. says anything that moves so really tiny well overdue for a cease fire and for negotiations that we've seen thousand three hundred people killed in the past twelve hours alone this is almost equal to. which was massacred in the three week by israel in gaza in two thousand and eight two thousand and nine so really. the wildcard as well raising that. raising their voices across the world because they are in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine where are they
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for good people of tripoli and libya more than one thousand three hundred people have been killed within the last twelve hours of fighting this is according to the libyan government spokesman. he addressed to journalists in tripoli accusing nato forces of causing death and destruction. nato is that tacking the heart of a peaceful civilian city it's at that event. that has taken a defensive position is that certain volunteers and nato. air cover to these arms again have no political project no seen from it what they want right now is been there to understand. political analyst not enough some royal who's in tripoli as nato is the major player in this reason to solve this specifically targeting the areas where international
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journalists are. need or has done all the heavy work this is a neighbor war make no mistake this is a naval war they heavily bombed cities west of here they bombed all night out even ten seconds stopping to bomb this entire city nagel landed the insurgents on to the coast of tripoli they have no respect for international press i was putting up a sign on the hotel in the hotel i took the initiative to downright threat and snipers shot at me i was told right now i can't confirm it but i was told in a lot of the living and the people are amassing in green square in other parts of the city not arms and ready to fight to defend this nation i don't know how to play out that it was a shooting to collage or. the media has been deliberately involved here this war is not about colonel gadhafi colonel gadhafi is just a pretext for this war this war has nothing to do you know gadhafi has any money
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from the people. switching to another angle now nato secretary general anders fogh rasmussen has released a statement on the situation in tripoli saying that the libyan people should be spared of further bloodshed for more on this we join our he's at greenwich a can from washington now if you can give us a little feel of what is the reaction from washington right now. well washington a t. player in this battle for tripoli that's for sure was saying that could dockery's days are counted and they pay are in close contact with the rebels we do know at this point that nato has been doing the heavy work attacking tripoli we're talking about seventy five thousand strikes where they have some five to six months and here is what nato secretary general said you know about the recent developments in the league and he said that gadhafi as we dream is clearly crumbling and here is i quote quoting here sooner colonel gadhafi realizes that he cannot win the battle
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against his own people the better so that the leading people think are spared further bloodshed and suffering while the whole of the international community has been united saying that if he has no place in the future and that he must step down and that was a view shared by all u.n. security council members including russia but. the means by which nato has been accomplishing the goal of al staying khadafi have seen many violations of the grand resolution from six months ago that authorized the military intervention the resolution was designed to protect civilians but many innocent civilians have been killed by nato strikes within those six months or the funneling of weapons to leave rebels has also been done in clear violation of the arms embargo that was imposed on levy a western powers clearly took sides in the civil war and basically disregarding the whole part of the population in libya that was against the military intervention in the first place well in light of all those violations that have taken place it was
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very very likely that the u.n. security council would have adopted yet another resolution on leave you know come september and september is when the previous resolution runs out so it was very crucial it was crucial for nato and the rebels to carry out the operation before the resolution runs out and from what we see on the ground they are meeting the deadline although the rebels are far from being homogenous group with their official leadership. and that is the transitional national council is being recognized as legitimate as the legitimate power to deal with in libya by all allied forces who have been helping them oust gadhafi the rebels have been heavily backed by western powers including the united states they had over the transitional council mustafa abdul jalil who has traveled to washington a number of times he has received overwhelming support from politicians here so he's definitely seen as their man in tripoli but one of the stumbling points here
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is that he hasn't been chosen as a leader by the leading people themselves and many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers are making those very important choices for them also going back to the point that the rebels are not a homogenous group there has been some internal fighting going on among the rebels as well at the end of july a top rebel military commander was killed on the very suspicious circumstances circumstances which led to many believe that the head of the transitional national council might have had a hand in that murder but again that infighting has been very murky and there definitely hasn't been enough coverage on that but many experts are saying you know the fight for tripoli the fight for who's going to be ane charge of libya is no surprising considering what's at stake and let's not forget we're talking about a nation that has the richest oil reserves in africa all right thank you very much richard reporting there from washington d.c. now for some reaction coming from london we can cross live to our correspondent
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laura now what are the people have turned down the street saying at this moment in time but we have heard reaction from downing street quite late sunday evening and it was a surprising reaction i'll be honest with you they released a statement saying that. it's happy that he's committed some are calling for crimes against his own people and he must now to avoid. suffering for his people that's a cool they've been repeating over a series of months now that the gadhafi must go and the background of all this is that just just less than two weeks ago the embassy that there be an embassy in london with in fact handed over to have reopened by representatives the scope of the charges you know powerful through the exactly a great scene of people who were there have now gone back to libya and it's been taken over by the transitional council. we see rebel forces create shaking our aaa
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both from the east talent from the west and of course all the time backed by these naysayer and strikes which is being heavily supported by loans and arms by downing street and results the fact is that we are hearing reports that we don't know now wegg exactly is parties resulted from reports of being putin say polish land have been captured and the rebels say that they're holding them in a safe place ready to hand them over to the relevant authorities now the view generally on the ground and i have to say that the libyan conflict is rather small and out of the news over the last few weeks those things tend to do have a very short news cycle and we have a lot of our own stuff going on here in the u.k. but people are saying now that this might be the hearing but they're not thinking of that is he and quite yet military experts and analysts are coming out and saying that these these final moments is these final few streets that the rebels have to take if they are going to think fortunately tripoli will not be easy at all we're
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looking at rain which offers advantages to visit friends as the dependents can then take a move a residential buildings lost any kind of high point they would be taking with politics or class and using it actually to bend the city and it cools in terms of nato and these these incredibly numerous past strikes that they've been launching it's much harder to target strikes when you're in such a well thought out and kind of residential area and. what is going to be left behind when this keep october fortunately is there uber whoever comes out on top it's expected that it's being told it's in place by the locals and was probably a bait i'm a rattlesnake so i'm trying to track the sources will be key for oil and transport infrastructure which of course essential people carrying on that know more every day lives now we'll seeing the rebels making gains pockets at least very she remains remarkably defies hardly have read this whole thing the libyan information
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minister says the government is still very resilient and he said he's naysayers meet her to a backing. plate and have power and get out because issued this is the school for his supporters to do what he calls that cleansing really of the rebel hands exactly still as we are hearing reports from the ground that there are still hundreds of our own exactly supports is the way some of them have surrendered so where this is going to lead it's not quite clear the end rather than the end and also we should think about what will be left behind when they spotless how it's not you know how are people going to be seen and say no it's all right thank you very much ortiz a laura and reporting there with of the latest on the libyan reaction from london now we are getting reports now that rebels have reached a green square in the center of tripoli and that there are celebrations going on there meanwhile president sarkozy of france as well as the german government are again calling on khadafi to step down in the face of the recent gains by the rebels or he's general bushell is in paris with the latest. president sarkozy called on
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gadhafi to immediately give out what power he has left to order his forces to cease fire and to give way to what sarkozy called the legitimate libyan authorities as the outcome of the rebel victory is no longer in barrels but the french leader i did he fully supports the rebels he called this a disorder of moment and hailed the libyan people who support them reiterating france's backing call the rebel provisional council germany has called on gadhafi to stick around quickly difference experience here fear friends will no use military force in the capital putting civilian lives at risk and that it will use the international criminal courts employment of gadhafi as a justification in the bushel reporting there for us now of course we'll keep you abreast of latest developments in libya as they come across but moving on now cross border violence has erupted in the middle east this week with israel launching airstrikes in gaza hamas responded by launching up more than one hundred rockets
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and mortars into the country the violence erupted after a series of attacks inside the jewish state on thursday that killed eight civilians latest reports however suggested that egypt has managed to broker a ceasefire between the two sides are his policy or is the following the developments for us from jerusalem. the reports we are receiving indicate that hermetic actual say that cairo has broken this truce which goes into effect as evening we understand there tel aviv was turned and about making any kind of agreement with the garda operatives and the militants they put down fire first we also understand it will be the sensibility of her mask security close to enforce the cease fire not only this is good news that the reality on the ground is that no one here really believes it is fire between the two sides will rasta and will will really survive the taste of time this latest violence started on tuesday in a three pronged attack there cliff eighty's rabies did that it's all responded
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almost immediately with a strike in those areas trying to be in continuous since. there have been more than a dozen palestinians killed they have been more than its eighty grad and some rockets that have rained down on southern israeli towns killing one israeli and injuring many more so certainly the these things on the ground is they're both sides are incredibly angry both sides are incredibly distrustful of the other and one of the sentiments being expressed sharon israeli circles today is that the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has been preparing for a war with gaza for some time and never really what happened on tuesday was just perfect opportunity to carry out the assault that we've seen here in israeli circles demonstrators did it they're not surprised the latest spate of violence many believe that netanyahu was hoping for something that has to happen because he is a prime minister there is a very strong armed security issues are issues of what what is called terrorism here in israel rather than on increasing socio economic internal problems so for
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more than a month now you've had tens of thousands of protesters in all the major cities in israel and they marched again last night and was the for the slogan was a call for social justice they added a new slogan yesterday saying a cause for a cease fire now the protesters are asking speaking to adamant that they will. this latest spate of violence tracked the unit and now his government from increasing its conses they planned that by the this weekend in september they'll have a million man march they believe they'll get a million israeli citizens to the streets and that's almost one sixth of the population here so do so me it is a lot of kids grow until israelis about domestic issues and if anything romney key to this latest spate of violence they say has made him even more determined to make should it turn yahoo any government addresses the concerns. of britain where two young men have been handed a tough jail sentences for using facebook to encourage violent riots the jail terms
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were praised by prime minister david cameron but slammed by human rights groups over the top bennett has more on how the policy of zero tolerance has taken hold in the u.k. . four years behind bars for the riot that didn't even happen jordan black sure and perry sutcliffe kenan were banged up for inciting disorder on facebook and no one turned up after their invitation to riot which they later said was a drunken joke but now they face sentences even tougher than most looters and i worry is that it is an imbalance a four year sentence for example would normally be given to somebody for a previous bodily harm for holding someone up with a knife or even for. some form of sexual assault so it seems to me that. there is a danger that the courts are moving into disproportionate territory and that actually devalues our response to more serious crimes the governments encourage courts the dish out harsh sentences by using the public disturbance as an
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aggravating factor it's meant this man anderson the finances could even be sent to jail for theft of just two scoops of ice cream because like this one denying bail to most offenders and ignoring any claims of previous good character of the one thousand two hundred seventy seven people charge so far two thirds have been reminded in custody that's way up on last year's rate for serious crimes which is just ten percent some offenders even being made homeless is their punishment with local governments taking away their houses but many say it's all simply cause more harm than good i think this is very unwise the move to remove people from housing interim of benefits because actually if we are seeing that some of the crime that we saw on the streets was an expression of people not feeling porter society not feeling proud working unities then these measures are actually going to push it further away from society further away from more communities and far more likely to
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commit crime for facebook case is the first sign of the government's desire to crack down on social media sites like twitter were applauded by the west for mobilizing the masses in the arab world but they were also instrumental in the u.k. riots so now the prime minister wants it to stop. we are working with the police intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites or services when we know they are plotting violence disorder and criminality when social media fuel revolutions in egypt cinching britain called it democracy but now the shoe's on the other foot when troubles closer to home are very current there i mean you know the. poor. wee wee. country. the prime minister says this is where britain fights back put its fear this fighting fire with fire
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could only fan the flames of civil disorder after bennett artsy london a collective economic a government that's the latest measure proposed by top e.u. leaders in their bid to halt market turmoil and reverse the stagnation across the continent but the idea have found little support among investors who say it's come as too little and too late angela merkel and nicolas sarkozy rejected the idea of euro bonds that favored by the markets and is seen by many as the best way of emerging from the debt crisis and according to international consultant and former belgian employee lord van oosterzee the entire affair was a p.r. boost for alien politicians. given and went on to biggest economies and not only union get together it is of course always many families on up psychological level shirley's meeting stand to draw the line or should be the eurozone countries at
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last in general so whenever they decide there is basically taken under any other countries they're not going after the ones that cost the crisis they're not going after the ones that hashed the money that he lost in this crisis i mean why not talk about the raising taxes on those people why not do a talking about. demands only be large file against merkel and sarkozy are facing huge problems with their popularity in the in the polls so i think it's also new with the image of building etc not so much room for finding a real solution and yet in another blow to the euro zone of the blocks a second one hundred sixty billion euro bailout for greece may be under threat athens has agreed to provide finland with collateral in return for its contribution for the financial rescue package but it has sparked indignation among the other fifteen dollars some of which are now also demanding collateral analysts however warned that greece is incapable of handing out such guarantees and professor of
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applied economics perfect men for it says that lack of direction in the e.u. isn't helping it battle its crisis. there's obviously a lot of uncertainty about the eurozone and what will happen that the eurozone summit wasn't very conclusive or helpful in that respect so that's a great deal of uncertainty which is worrying the markets about the situation of banks in europe i think that will be a result but it may take some time to resolve it that's the problem meanwhile the markets are very nervous and the eurozone will be will take time to sort itself out either the euro will break up all they will produce a fiscal union with big trans was to bail all these countries out nobody really quite knows which but that won't be resolved any time soon but i think what it is happened what is happening is that the western economies the richer economies are having a harder time of it because you know all the growth. ability of raw materials is
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being taken by countries like china and india and brazil and so that's leaving very little scope for the richer countries to grow their groaning under these very high low prices you know which depress their incomes and make them much more cautious syria's president assad has given a live t.v. interview saying the regime is not in danger of failing and that the government is able to deal with the current unrest in the country syrian state media have condemned u.s. and european calls for president assad to step down saying the move is part of a conspiracy russia has also refused to back the calls saying assad should be given more time to implement promised reforms it comes of a crackdown on protesters but as our reports while the west sees the government's actions as oppression some in syria see it as protection. job is done the city liberated there is or in the east of the country has become the last
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syrian city after clearing off extremist groups have been terrorizing its citizens for weeks the military claim is that it's bandits blocked the rates barricades it became a city we were hiding we were just like hostages. soldiers of the syrian army are living in the city of near the iraqi border. officials are saying operation is now over there the city has been freed from armed groups as you can see people are welcome in the soldiers as the waiters control tanks have been trying to make their way through jubilant crowds thousands of kilometers away in the white house at a solution has already matured president bashar al assad is the one who's terrorizing the syrian people and that should end. the transition to democracy in syria has begun and it's time for assad to get out of the way not everybody has
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agreed there moscow has insisted that assad should be given time to include man's promised changes his recent decisions to release political prisoners repeal emergency law and allow peaceful demonstrations have indicated the right direction but external pressure could still bury a fragile transitional. reforms will give bosses just syria it will make the country stronger but seriously enemies don't want syria to be strong america for instance they're sick and tired of a strong syria and they want to weaken its they don't want reforms they need instability and chaos across the country as long as possible and their pressure works for it with contradictory reports about policemen and security officers killed across the country and the army's continued crackdown on protesters despite president assad's pledges to the u.n. to top military operations the syrian people no longer know who to trust and what
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to believe. in their country at the crossroad again the on themselves with patience and reflection r.t. syria. now back to our breaking news this hour with a round of the latest developments in the libya where ports and say rebel forces have reached the center of the capital and are in control of ninety percent of tripoli but colonel gadhafi remains defiant and in a second audio address urged to the nation to fight till the end international criminal court prosecutor spokeswoman confirms that after his son saif islam has been detained the rebel council says it will stop the fighting that's raging around tripoli if the libyan leader leaves the country witnesses are tweeting that an independence has been raised on the city's central knots. and of course we will keep you updated on the developments in one. and i'll be back with a recap of our top stories in just a few moments here on r.g.p. thanks for joining us. from.
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the. dems be official on tee up location join me for the i pod touch from the q. sampson. cianci life on the go. video london.


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