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collection among the clothes of the other maidens the leader part of the movie the road isn't she from the world's finest but a precocious chemist. our breaking news of this hour here on r t rebels claim to control the libyan capital after a major nato back to advance and there are reports that three of colonel gadhafi sons have been captured by the opposition the location of the libyan leader meantime is unknown. journalists in tripoli reported gunfire near the hotel saying reports of overnight looting of houses in the capital has left them feeling unsafe . opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to the bitter disillusionment that followed the fall of egypt's dictator. and the international reaction a ranges from euphoria to outright caution and concern over the likelihood of an
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unstable rebel government want to part by competing interests. just after seven pm on monday here in moscow this is artsy welcome to the program so we start off with the breaking news here the fast moving developments in libya rebels say they now control most of tripoli and have taken a libyan state television off the air but some reports also suggest that opposition fighters have been looting private houses now three of gadhafi sons are thought to be in rebel hands opposition leaders say a large number of their fighters are being killed there are reports that the rebels are closing in on khadafi compound but the whereabouts of the cone or unknown some rumors suggest that could athlete maybe in talks with south africa about a possible escape route despite denials from both sides and. insists it will
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continue combat air patrols until all government forces surrender following a night of chaos in the capital crowds have been seen in tripoli central square waving a revolutionary flags journalist marti noxon royal who is in the hotel in tripoli where the foreign press had been obliged to stage or in the conflict is afraid for his safety and says he's been threatened. the situation has gotten more tense more members of the previous hotel staff and security. and media group is responsible for us have returned with guns obviously because they were fighting is recalling tears in our soldiers he returned with news from the fighting and the picture given us is not a picture of loss and you were very confident and i believe i'm sorry to say i couldn't go further one of them worse might have been killed from this possibility acting on it for me right now because there are sniper summer itself. leaving even
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messages by us to c.n.n. for example not to mention how ironic that. we were to kill this. up veiled threat in my eyes it's unexpected censorship. in new. conflicts in what the western media the us are seeing seen in journalists because they had believed the conflict of need on the rebels and that belief in my life where i felt if your limbs were not reporting ice for not reporting. framework of this consensus it was like saying danger we think of friends and rebels in my kitchen the journalists here i'll tell you right now some of your own sin your friend my name is in our realtor we have strikers here somebody i'm sure i don't know if they did i'm sorry to say i cannot go out there for check and once that person showed they left in their car and asked
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to come back with a message was we're hearing maybe i'm letting you know the knesset is we're hearing on the ground a conflict conflicting reports what al-jazeera seeing what's he saying and they can get very upset very very upset a him. taking it and i'm going with the law. meantime members of the european union have once again called on khadafi to relinquish power but euphoria over the ongoing assault on tripoli is fading replaced by concern that the new government may not have the authority needed to bring and maintain peace now it is i ben is following the reaction from london joining me live now ivor so reacts from ten downing street what do you know. well the prime minister david cameron is very confident that this is the beginning of the end he said that he is on his way out he's recently just been on the phone to the leader of the national transitional council. stressing the need for a smooth peaceful and as quick as possible transition to this new democratic
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leadership you said that the future of the libyan people has to be in their own hands but at the same time as all of that he did say that nato forces mandate for being in the country expires in just one month will stay there for as long as it takes a quote an open ended response to that question and also clearly he's willing for it to take is as long as it possible and longer than is desired so there is some uncertainty tempering the jubilation around the rebels' presence in tripoli the other uncertainty is over the question of the frozen assets britain has said it's prepared to release them but there are for the building a new infrastructure in the country and stabilizing it but there is some uncertainty is who those will go to and how they'll be used also uncertainty around the e.u. sanctions a spokesperson for the e.u. foreign affairs committee has said for the time being will remain in place. over libya and will be lifted when the time is right and finally the question mark of
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course still hangs over. where. is still unknown and britain stance has changed once again about on that issue prime minister saying this morning that his future will be in the hands of the rebels themselves to begin with when the campaign started six months ago he was saying exactly must go then they changed tack about a month ago saying that he can stay in the country so long as he stands down but living in exile now there seems to be washing their hands of it once again saying that it will be in the hands of the rebels as you're saying i'm. going to come and some last second tactical changes are going on here but what about other e.u. states or any reaction from them at this point. but a lot of. britain's calls for gadhafi to go germany italy france the e.u. nato also have all come together saying that the end is now nigh and asking.
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relinquish what little power he has left so there's a lot of jubilation going on in europe and trying to signal this is one of the beginning of the end and also the start of a new beginning for libya however the leader of the national transitional council mustapha joel did appear in front of the press in libya. just recently saying that well this isn't the end yet and the end will be only when gadaffi himself is captured so in libya they're exercising caution because this is of course a very potentially precarious state this is a post limbo and we've been here of course before with iraq where mistakes were made and like iran libya sits on a great deal of oil wealth so that really complicates the issue considerably unlike iraq however there is the foundation for a new government already in place that is recognized around europe they already have a diplomatic mission here in london but already the british press is quite skeptical
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of their ability to govern democratically saying that there are there is potential for infighting with a lot of interests there in britain already the government here is as it is keen to avoid another iraq they know it could go either way they want to avoid this drawn out insurgency and have called the national transitional council to avoid reprisals and revenge attacks and already britain is leading a international corporation there providing training and equipment to try and help set up elections democratic elections and stabilize the economy to try and ensure what will hopefully be a peaceful transition as you were alluding to earlier regarding iraq and its oil wealth already now in libya because it's not yet over already multinational corporations are really steak and i claims and various libyan oil fields are his i don't like another bank here. meantime french president nicolas sarkozy will hold
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talks with the leader of the libyan transitional government later today by phone and a multinational oil giant as i was saying have already started to move their workers now into vacant oil fields an official brings us the latest reaction from here the french defense minister says the call for a meeting in paris to plant what he calls a road map for libya french france's foreign ministry says that talks are under way at the highest level and that nicolas sarkozy the french president will meet with djibril the head of the transitional council later today monday france says that the transitional council. will as it moves forward now as it plans its future did that libya is a potentially prosperous country that it needs assistance from the west if it's to come through with those plans to brussels the you were representatives have said that as the united states seems to be taking a back seat in these negotiations they see an opportunity to fill that vacuum
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admitted the hard work lies ahead and the deep divisions between the rebel factions means that it will be a difficult time because when there was a single enemy gadhafi it was very easy for various factions some with very different interests to bond together and now there are fears that this may collapse and there may be a power vacuum fronts in fact claimed that the war mission in libya is over now defense experts here in the european union are concerned by such statements because with the absence of gadhafi in any sort of real power structure there are concerns that there could be an even more bloody civil war emerging some analysts do see the potential for western powers to devoid of libya according to a petition in particular to the oil interests shares in italy's all giant any have shot up on news that it has sent workers into libya already to work on that country's oil fields. he's done it bush reporting right there well for more now on
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the future for a post gadhafi libya an interest the various factions have in it and i'm joined by a william and with a full spectrum dominance to tell us how in democracy and he will go to live from frankfurt thank you for joining us today so the transitional national council has been billed as everything from a grassroots democratic movement fighting for freedom to a loose mult of armed men fighting for power in your opinion just what is the transitional government the t.n.c. well what what we have going on in libya for some months now is a major effort by u.s. and nato forces to pour at least a billion dollars by best estimates into the so-called transitional national council it's a rival tribal clan warfare that's going on in libya this is not the democracy movement in any stretch of the imagination. it's simply an insurgency being supported covertly by u.s. finance arm shipments into the rebels in order to simply carve up the oil fields and get it into western hands rather than in libyan speak as which could all be
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held firmly to that i think the real underlying issue in this whole nato bombing of libya so rival tribal internal is warfare but what's going on now in libya we don't have a capital a capital city full of armed men crying victory what's next. well i think we're going to face if they do succeed and it looks in all likelihood with the full power of nato and all the. insurgency being supported by u.s. and nato over the intelligence that they are eventually going to topple gadhafi and i think what what libya's going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos and nobody knows the outcome this is as i said of the beginning this is try again strive this is not democracy against a pal or terry so. what emerges from that i think is it suits on of the western oil interests especially the british and the french who are fighting like and like peron is over grabbing those the most to do so you will fuels for them for their
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own companies that it suits them to have chaos because and they can control the terms of of oil the exploitation much better now recently a western governments unlocked some of gadhafi is a frozen reserves to fund the rebels but where is the money going will they spend it on infrastructure that's been destroyed during the conflict or is it just going to be lining their pockets. well this is what nobody can predict i mean these these are not to for the most part people schooled in democracy over generations these are as i say just people who've been promised to the control of the oil in return for making an armed revolution against the established government of libya so you know nato is doing this under a manipulation of the the gulf cooperation council several months ago where saudi arabia got a deal with washington controlling bahrain from from revolt in return for which saudi arm twisted the g.c.c. members to give this. apparent support for a u.n.
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intervention military intervention by nato and ever since and it's been the most brazen violation of international law that we've seen it's so incredible to me that the international media doesn't debate some of the some of the legal aspects of this regardless of whether conduct is a good guy or bad guy this is a precedent that is going to be used time and time again no matter who. well you mentioned you mentioned that the i know it to be found what do you think he could be planning for his next. i have absolutely no idea what what he's planning. he has such strong support from the population for one simple reason i think and that is for forty one some years he has taken care would be oil revenues of libya to provide clean water for the population to provide schools to provide virtually free medical care. the education and literacy levels have risen to almost ninety three percent in the country compared with forty years ago so the population wasn't
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a bigger population with discontent as you had in tunisia it's quite different so khadafi commanded the significant loyalty especially the tribal basis but now it's all up for grabs i think so could efi over the years with the profits of money made from the old revenues are spent lots of money on infrastructure as you were saying the education transportation the medical industry as well could we expect a similar sort of support of the people from the next transitional government do you think well look at what we've seen already from the members of the transitional government where they're not only in fighting there they're clearly one another is this is just the. you know brutal power grab by by greedy groups that see a chance to get a chunk of the action so i don't think we can expect anything positive and dramatic change of personnel and went on deaf william a full spectrum dominance totalitarian democracy in the new world order thank you thank you i mean time the white house has hailed the rebels advance into tripoli
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saying the situation is at quote a tipping point president obama called on the libyan leader to acknowledge reality and give up power in egypt only as the u.n. mandate for nato's military mission there expires next month some are suggesting the timing of the battle for tripoli is no coincidence. as the coffee regime is collapsing with enormous help with nato when their air strikes washington says they were in close contact with the lever rebels leadership and that the u.s. will support and here echoed president obama a peaceful transition to democracy everything that was going on in tripoli this weekend was anything but peaceful we're talking about extensive nato bombing the city before the rebels made it to the central square of tripoli we've seen the rebels cheering all night that theory much reminded of what we saw in cairo when hosni mubarak was ousted but up until now as we know the people in egypt are not governed by who they chose as their leaders and similar things happened in other colors revolutions when people ended up with not what they wanted and in libya
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those who took over and that is the transitional national council have now been chosen by the libyan people get the council is being recognized as a legitimate power in the via by all allies suit been helping oust gadhafi many libyans are outraged by the fact that foreign powers is have essentially made those very important choices for them the war's been going on for six months it took many lives and drew a lot of criticism nato is facing a deadline is september when a resolution for strikes has to be renewed and given all the violations that have taken place it would be very hard to get everyone on board for extending the campaign with what we're seeing on the ground he looks like they have met the deadline it's important to know that colonel gadhafi had no friends in the international community after what he had done to his people and the whole of the international community has been has so far been united in saying that he must go all of the u.n. security council members shared their new including russia but many say the way nato has been accomplishing the goal of toppling khadafi went beyond the u.n.
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resolution from six months ago which also raised the military intervention and some say far beyond the resolution was designed to protect civilians but i mean this is the view is they've been told by needles for exploring those six months that funneling of weapons to levy and rebels was also done in violation of the arms. embargo imposed on b.b.'s for the rebels they are far from being a homogenous group there has been some internal fighting going on among the rebels themselves but many experts are saying the fight for being in charge. is no surprising considering what's at stake and we're talking about a nation that has the richest oil reserves in africa well while there is still fighting going on in tripoli we know that i was rebels are already negotiating all contracts with companies from countries that have helped help them get could be off their back one libyan all for him controlled by the rebels said that there may be political issues working with russian chinese and brazilian companies in the sector
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and so for some the battle in tripoli may be about ideals but it seems that many of them there are very much down to earth with their missions. going into town according meantime moscow believes that gadhafi has no option but to resign and that a change of power in libya could pull the country out of crisis however it says that foreign interference in libya's internal affairs is unacceptable russia also hopes the takeover will put in place a legitimate power which will stick to its economic commitments towards moscow but of course i think it's a trough the chairman of the state duma foreign affairs committee says even if the opposition wins infighting is just around the corner. the national community is this community is not you know if it consists of different tribes. new groups political forces. will start fighting each other i'm afraid is is. no the future government of libya
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heading had these. support. be very very grateful. very helpful to these currencies these group of need two countries for them to to to read. see the future for the rebuilding of the economy over there china nor russia they have no chance to hear of the same equal. treatment they have the countless we each have helped the opposition in libya to be in this week three. and it will be following the dramatic events in libya on air and online throughout the day so he can do stay with us. let's get to some other news now israel and the palestinians have reportedly agreed to restore a fragile cease fire that's after sunday's attempt to end the cross border fighting around gaza resulted in more rocket and airstrikes artie's pull asli and i'll bring just more from some of. the popular resistance committees has agreed to. this
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egyptian brokered truce between israel and hamas now the p.l.c. is significant because moderate is a relatively small it's how this thing until it is. hold responsible for that initial cost border raid on tuesday that killed eight israeli citizens and that's why this latest wave of violence what we are hearing from the p.r.c. itself until now it has not been prepared to be party to this and now saying that it will be but this still remains a lot of confusion over the cease fire it was signed last night it was in fact agreed to last night since then some fourteen rockets have been fired into israel now the problem that hamas has faced from the beginning is that it does not have control over palestinian factions operating in the gaza strip there was almost this interview no one dismissed there but we're now hearing from the palestinian official that hamas will be able to enforce the cease fire with smaller militant groups if you speak to israelis here really what many israelis will tell you is
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that it is in israel's interest or at least now under the leadership of israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to launch some kind of attack on gaza he's the right person to direct people here saying that israel has been preparing for such an attack for quite some time and of course there have been social protests at home criticizing the netanyahu government that was making almost crazy as they came to the tracks attention away from them. from sort of. more of the headlines in just a few moments before the business news i was covering. her welcome to our business our thanks for joining us all prices of trading makes on monday bread crude is sliding as libyan rebels appear to be on the verge of ousting the regime but stronger equities and we could dollar have supported the u.s. crude prices now joining me now to discuss the issue is christine says korea no oil and gas likely analyst at standard and poor thank you christine for joining the
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program what's going to be the levy effect on oil prices you think. will of immediate effect this particularly with brandy because it is more sensitive to what's happening in the region of would be for it to come down but you have to realize that the things in libya have not actually been resolved. khadafi the forces could steal place or counter-offensive so things have not been resolved but if things do get settled then we will see prior the price of grain coming down but we must not forget you know the have the price of oil is also something that investors and other people use as a hater against inflation because we've seen the price come down with news of libya but then grinds as the dollar fell so it's going to have a mix effect could will think brant if the situation in libya falls apart doesn't fall apart would proudly trade down to one hundred. slightly below ok but how long do you think that it will be before levy is back on top. i think it will take about
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a four year before production he said its peak levy is currently producing around less than one hundred thousand barrels which is about nine percent of the previous capacity now we understand from any which is the largest producer in the country that so far as they know installations have been hurt but still you cannot just turn it on you have to build up the pressure and you have to start gradually so it will probably take a full twelve months before they reach peak well you're saying the presence of oil go up and down on the dollar in the long term would leave it back producing how do you think this will affect prices. i think you will see the differential between brain from god narrow we think about twenty six dollars and i think that should come down to maybe fifteen or ten in general the price of oil should come down one to see two asian libya it's resolved now one situation is resolved you know there's
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still a lot to be done in libya they have a lot of different factions but as long as the one thing i'm sure they will agree is that they need to revenue from oil production therefore we think one of the first things that will go forward regardless of where the big install actual government is of production will be started now companies will be reluctant to you know going full steam ahead until they actually know what the situation is on the ground with terms to having a recognized government case of talking about the companies which energy content is our best place you think for future operations in libya. well any so largest producer it gets around fifteen percent of its production repsol it's a smaller player pretty represents about sixteen to seventeen percent of stored production so the impact will be the biggest in those two companies and then we have took our we just about two point five percent of its total production and gas
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problem has about two blocks in the area so those companies will probably benefit the most and you've seen it in intraday trading any has been up by almost four percent today so kristie we're talking about leave it all with what about the gas there will see what we see an increase in industrial. companies like any. well they need an eternity in general depends for winter on natural gas and natural gas is much easier to turn known or oil so we could see if the situation is speedily agreed on the ground probably some export from libya even dissuade into what the companies do not want to start operations before the recent reaganites government in case the recent backlash but natural gas is much easier to turn on it could take just a couple of months ok thanks very much for that christine to court and all that for gas equity analysts from standard course thank you very much for that. and let's
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take a look at the markets now u.s. stocks solidly higher what conwell off initial rally as investors keep tabs on libyan end game many traders are looking ahead to a speech by the federal reserve chairman ben bernanke here at an annual meeting on friday he was listed shares of italian any the biggest you so we can prove junk eight percent french all conglomerate told tall also rose up three point six percent and world of shell climbed over three percent in europe markets are trading in the black as well london is up led by gains for the field services from petrified after a strong first date while rise in silver and gold prices helped lift prisoner low now the footies gaining over the sons of the dax is off point two percent. the russian markets ended in a block but not too high the aussie has gained a quarter of a percent rather my six minutes nearly four percent now here's a look at some individual steps on the rise it's most energy majors bounced back from early losses with ross near. point one percent and the banking stocks rolls on
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the rise would be to be want to over one and a half percent and point metals among the main gainers adding over six percent on strawman call us. now brant crude falls in london on speculation even production will recover after rebels run for the capital tripoli brant down one dollar for. it seems sensible to trade one hundred seven dollars a barrel all w.c. guys covering eighty three dollars of our. precious metals gold careening closer to one in one thousand two hundred dollars an ounce of the flight to safe havens contains and so worth is getting wrong point eight percent the song. well that's all the figures for now but i'll be back with more in about forty minutes so help in trying to find a. little
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bit of. both a british science exam sometimes it's a matter of.


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