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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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sea. of breaking news at this hour rebels claim to control the libyan capital after a major nato back advance in the reports three have come up about his sons have been captured by the opposition the location of the libyan leader is. a journalist in tripoli reported gunfire near the hotel saying reports of overnight looting of tells us in the capital has left them feeling unsafe. and opposition supporters rejoice hoping the forty year old regime is nearing a dead end but skeptics point to be bitter disillusionment that followed before all of egypt's dictator. and international reaction ranges from euphoria to elton like caution amid concern over the likelihood of an unstable rebel government fall apart by competing interests.
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international news live from r.t. here in moscow was just turned nine pm seven pm in tripoli in search of operating news this hour where the forces moving developments in libya continue rebels say that they now control most of tripoli and have taken libyan state t.v. there but some reports also suggest that opposition fighters have been looting private houses through gadhafi sons are now thought to be in rebel hands and that position leaders say a large number of their fighters have been killed there are reports rebels are closing in on kidnappings compound but the whereabouts of the colonel are unknown and some rumors suggest that gadhafi may be in talks with south africa about a possible escape from despite denials from both sides and nato insists it will continue combat air patrol. until government forces surrender. from
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a couple crowd to be seen in its central square and waving revolution. or journalist trapped in a tripoli hotel say there are heavy explosions close by power is down and there is gunfire outside but it doesn't rowe who is among those in the hotel is afraid for his safety and says he's being threatened. situation's gotten more tense more members of the previous hotel staff and security. and media group that is responsible for us have returned with guns obviously because they were fighting these are volunteers and also curious in return for news from the fighting and the picture they've given us is not a picture of loss and you were very confident and i believe i'm sorry to say i couldn't go further one of them worse might have been killed from the motel this possibility acting like for me right now because there are snipers some i will tell
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. you to messages. to c.n.n. for example not to mention out here and that. we detail this. ok ok threat in my eyes it's unacceptable in its censorship. in news came of. the. conflicts in what the western media the us are saying a c.n.n. journalist it got there i believe he contacted me you know in the revels and that could leave. my wife for economists who were not reporting as for not reporting him framework of this consensus like saying danger we feel threatened by the rebels and by the gentleman that journalist here i'll tell you right now some of your own sunni friends my enemies in a realtor yes you're somebody i'm sure i don't know if they did i'm sorry to say i
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cannot go of the fourth trick and once the person shows they left in their car and . go come back with the message was we are hearing maybe i am letting you know that the messages we are hearing on the ground are conflicting what the reports say what al-jazeera saying let's hear news and it can get very upset very very upset hey hey hey hey hey hey you know i'm going with the law. well there are reports of. libya to new zealand border at the moment thousands of libyans are heading in that direction to flee the fierce fighting between pro and anti did nothing forces a nazi correspondent is out the border there has been rather intense fighting reported. and rebel forces. from the border with tunisia in it's out of a much void within the b.n.p. have been in the green and the place over the past five months people would have to . keep leaving because they have very likely about what's going on here we've been
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told that it's actually no way to be a force literally attacking is going to hold their way over tripoli. to give even more if you think people who are going to. say i don't want a past couple of weeks here how to. fight armed armed then again he can board. the ocean. here have. their vehicles. really everywhere he would be in the license plate so. exactly who those people where now are you know if we were freed earlier even for sure and i did. not mean if we based. this already to say that they believe. the comment on european flight flight how.
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that's going to go there in china is what we can now cross to journalistically missile he's founder and chairman of the online newspaper the fulton network he is in the rixos hotel thanks very much indeed for joining us there on the phone we've just been talking to a journalist who staying in the same hotel as you he was saying he feared for his life he felt threatened and very much in danger of. what is the situation from your point of the. it's a strange situation because we're now in pieces in which is no more the leaders of the country. from the otel but now there is only for now only thing friday you tell because you know some of the u.s. journalists are not journalists at all they only see if we cover all journalism so they staple try to kill those inside. now. the quarterly. we totally fidgety and no food and we are. legion fighters in fight
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to protect us against the us and. the outer leaves surrounded by to try. to prevent the entrance of me to here but you need to lose a lot of ground to be especially certain those would be consultants he found while forces and. rebels from a. part of the town not all but a great part of town and you know it's always the same think what happened in the last days you know the towns. in the night. need to is booming the place is a writer that we've actually got felt ok we need a vehicle to shoot everybody in the street and after that only after that the so-called rebels end of in the street so it's very easy of course. the military
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action is not performed by the so-called rebels. you need to that's why they are doing all the things during the night to heat with other people doing the action in the in the each time if you reverse in the lead you loyal for fifth why to. come full regaining. let me just let me let me just. let me just quickly ask you it's you the journalists who are providing us with first hand accounts on the news what's happening there in tripoli you say you're under threat and you talk about spies being in the hotel are they just make it clear representing gadhafi loyalists oh are you concerned about n t c rebels infiltrating the hotel and being. i'm saying to you almost so-called ordinary. u.s. action. and what are you saying to them then i mean clearly if in the same hotel
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as you are you know what they're doing there and trying to identify who they are and what their mission is a certain everybody knows everybody in the story very strange and know they ought. to be. american cia agents why do you feel threatened then. so i will explain you know. this security issue is a lot of. people from. the cia and right and just briefly just briefly finally terry is not all over yet clearly in tripoli what you anticipate tonight just briefly what can you from the sources you're talking to anticipate happening next just briefly yes i think it could be. very very. light. like it was
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a. fight we will talk to exactly who these pictures are. doing to the first part of the night there was the first part of the night. one thousand four hundred people killed and five thousand. i think to. the right ok well now nobody. i'm sorry we're running out of time go down or make contact with you later but in the meantime keep safe thanks very much indeed journalist joining us live there in tripoli. well members of the european union of once again called on gadhafi to relinquish power but euphoria over the ongoing assault on tripoli is fading replaced by concern that the new government may not have the authority needed to bring and maintain peace parties are the better it is part of the reaction from london. the prime minister david cameron is very confident that this is the beginning of the end he said that he is on his way out he's recently just been on the phone to the leader of the national transitional
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council most. stressing the need for a smooth peaceful and that's going to transition to this new democratic leadership at the same time as all of that he did say that nato forces mandate for being in the country expires in just one month will stay there for as long as it takes so quite an open ended response to that question if there is some uncertainty tempering the jubilation around the rebels presence in tripoli the other uncertainty is over the question of the frozen assets britain it has said it's prepared to release them through the building a new infrastructure in the country and stabilize the there is some uncertainty is who those will go to and how they'll be used also uncertainty around the e.u. sanctions a spokesperson for the e.u. foreign affairs committee has said for the time being will remain in place over libya and will be lifted when the time is right and finally it could happen where is he. is still unknown and britain stance has changed once again about on that
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issue prime minister saying this morning that his future will be in the hands of the rebels themselves to begin with when the campaign started six months ago he was saying they could go then they changed tack about a month ago saying that he can stay in the country so long as he stands down but living in exile now there seem to washing their hands of it once again saying that it will be in the hands of the rebels in libya potentially precarious state this is a post in limbo and we've been here of course before with iraq when mistakes were made and like iran libya sits on a great deal of oil wealth so that really complicates the issue considerably unlike iraq however there is this foundation for a new government already in place that is recognized around europe they already have the amount. mission here in london but already the british press is quite skeptical of their ability to govern democratically saying that there are there is
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potential for infighting a lot of interest. well for more now on the future of pushed good afy libya in the interest that various factions have in it i'm joined by mark bannerman he's professor of oxford university thanks very much and the professor of the being with us here in r.t. now six months and thousands of deaths later what do you think it's been achieved will the transitional government deliver the freedom and justice it's promising. looks like we have a problem with the communication relay speak to our president army veteran and we did establish our contact with him can you hear me now or professor aman i get i can hear you and i can be clear yes and you know yes fine did you hear about a question so i can get the first question they don't like the idea i did yes we've heard the idea that this is we and or beginning if you've got trace. of your service to our service the next hours of tapes and that's a lot about how acquittals what was going to come because watching what it were
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always going to work each kernel is what divides them for instance regional interests and each person's quest for one and trying to even religious right. and so i think we've heard all the right one of us from the people of the eggs are the substance or transitional national council. or somehow or another in a practice once you will potentially a member of the murder or commanding general of the units or distinguished entrance into a record and i'm saying get a sense once if it's the case which is considered all sorts we may think there's tension surface. now the thing is that e.u. leaders have made it very clear they will continue to support this new government when it does get set up when all the libyan people though and you mention all those different factions in a different interest do you think overall the libyan people will welcome the continued interference from the international community over its future. well i
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hear the purpose of this but she really your and your nation were immigrants and american. troops on the ground also have some of the prices. they don't want to fill the room before actually interviewed by the sorts of mean so it conflicts with their words and that's partly because they recognize. there are will change and exactly where is that somehow or other for a machine all of the equipment say the situation. and in a sense from the comes to the i was so world things didn't work and we can all guess about. what all of the. continuous arms can. also. extend to war war war then of course. some of the states force libya there are some who are much more. substantial than some are. of course much focus has been made on libya resources and gas and the rebel
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factions they've made it very clear that it's a priority to secure gadhafi the oil facilities but looking further ahead what will we see some sort of contest competition and indeed a fight over these oil spoils of war and it could be described that this is so remember that one of the sources of the rebellion was the least. i told the terrorists and you know it's very much a very good business hunch was just yet and if we can see what final crisis of. chain rebels of the west march and sure the rebels in the west know we can run a civil war in which i'm sure the country we don't want to reckon with we need our it back to their brothers it's for. girls it may say and it's not which although any more goods and chinese consumption is ours we believe. that's so we can abuse thirsts wish to national service it's actually more than groups and also some of
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sort of some of the just. always good to hear we have to say thanks so much for joining us live there lots of professor mark owen there at the oxford university in the u.k. thanks very much indeed ok. well the news of the rebel advance into tripoli was greeted warmly by investors around the world sparking an immediate drop in oil prices a matter of just been discussing there with professor analysts say that the most important question is just how much stability this new government will bring in our sara firth has more on this for us. what we see really is we need reaction in the oil markets to the events in tripoli we see in the oil prices as you say talking almost three dollars in festus thinking that there are some oil production could resume shortly now it's least foreign minister has confirmed that the italian oil company any has sent back into the libya they've led the way really in sending a work his back that now what we've seen is the other big oil companies such is the
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key have actually passed on the fence at the moment they're waiting for see exactly how this plays out what's going to happen in the coming days and weeks we've heard from the information editor of the libyan rebel oil is that they said they don't have any problems with western countries one thing companies italy france the u.k. they're ok but they could have political issues with countries like brazil china and russia now if that's to be the case then that could certainly be a major setback those countries you could see the loss of billions of dollars worth of oil contracts and i was speaking to one of the editors today very large mistake here and it's the he's been following the situation very closely and how he described this is like a chess game now between the oil companies between the front countries on the ground there is still an extremely confusing time in libya what's happening in
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tripoli now there is still a lot of. stalled out and say certainly if i know it means is this a major at the moment but still the potential problems for those countries that the libyan rebels had pointed out amongst the market that there will be out there in oil production restored some point in the near future in libya. reporting let's not get analysis on the situation more analysis in libya from david miller he's from the south africans for peace in africa initiative joining us live. they know well it's pretty clear what your stance is but i must then begin by asking you apart from gadhafi supporters it seems to many people around the world that it's quite clear that what's happening there in libya is what the people of libya wanted and values wishes would not have been achieved without nato support. our must put it's quite clear that we are not in support of either of the parties
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that are involved in the conflict in libya at the moment what we have been campaigning around in southern africa and in the continent is the fact that nato should to stop immediately. terrorism in libya. the terrorism that has been going on for months now killing innocent lives of the libyan people and we've been saying that they must actually withdraw their military forces and actually allow a u. roadmap that just been outlined by african leaders to resolve the conflict in libya this really we are not in support of either the rebels or. the or the appropriate us forces in libya do you think the african union would have achieved what has been achieved so far some would say that they haven't really played a big role in this. no no no the nato nato has not achieved anything in certain
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nato is actually the probe no the african goes you are just going to have sorry to interrupt and ask you about the africa on that union. i'm i'm trying to respond to both your questions the first one is that nato nato has not achieved anything even if they are to remove gadhafi and his government at the moment what we are going to have is it clearly forms of political instability and. also the civil war in libya and in terms of your. the question ok you say you has shown to have the capacity and the political will to intervene on a number of african conflicts in the continent the recent one has been the sudan sudan conflict as you know there are still outstanding matters but largely the conflict has been resolved there's also been a solution of the conflict there's also. of the ivorian. in
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two thousand and three and many others like buendia and so forth so really this propaganda which is misleading the whole. a you is incapable of intervening in african affairs is actually a lie and it must be exposed for what it is but let's look at the future and let's . suppose that nato will end its military mandate as it's meant to next month by september i do therefore not have any faith in the national transitional council that it will be able to carry out a legitimate and effective government and you believe then that there could be greater political instability and problems in libya you don't have any trust in the m.t.c. . we are not sure if they are going to pull out of libya immediately i mean who in the recent example of iraq at the moment they are still in the. coalition of the forces that are against democracy in the way they are still in iraq at the
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moment as we speak so the speculation that they'll be out of libya in a matter of a month can also be found to be false when you look at the experience of course. but i think what is important here is that we do not have confidence that the military intervention by nato is going to bring about peace and stability in the here because we know that violence because violence if you respond to. to a violent conflict through military intervention like we've seen in libya at the moment we are likely to see. arms like you to see the proliferation of terrorism and. terrorist organizations. positioning themselves in and outside libya and including the surrounding countries
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that are in libya so we are not only going to be dealing with conflict also libya but. libya as well ok we will have to leave it there very interesting here we have to say thanks very much for joining us live. live there in johannesburg thank you. well the white house has hailed the rebel advance into tripoli saying the situation is tipping point out he's going to check on has more now on the reaction from across the atlantic. well from the latest here the u.n. secretary general has called on colonel gadhafi forces to cease fire immediately and make way for a peaceful transition and that the you when he said stands ready to provide all the possible existence to believe giving people he also said that the u.n. is going to hold a meeting on the recent developments in libya with representatives from the e.u. the arab league and the african union as well as other organizations while the genie is falling apart that's obvious to everyone with the enormous help of nato
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and their airstrikes in the meantime washington a key player in this fight for the floor says they are in close contact with the rebels leadership and that there was full support and direct quote president obama at peaceful transition to democracy well everything that was going on in tripoli this weekend was anything but peaceful we're talking about extensive nato bombing of the city before the rebels made it to the central square of tripoli we've seen the rebels cheering all night that very much reminded of what we saw in cairo when hosni mubarak was ousted but up until now that people in egypt are not governed by who they chose as their leaders and that's just one example of a revolution that any doubt with people not getting what they wanted and then leave those who called for and that is the transitional national council is now being chosen by the leaving people get the council has been recognized as a legitimate power in the view by all allies who has been helping oust gadhafi many
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leaders are outraged by the fact that foreign powers that essentially made those very important choices for them the word has been going on for six months it took many lives and a lot of criticism nato is facing a deadline in september when a resolution for the strikes has to be renewed and given all of the violations that have taken place it would be very hard to get everyone on board for extending the campaign with what we see on the ground in libya right now is. it looks like the nato has met the nato forces have met the deadline it's important to note that colonel gadhafi had very few friends in the or national community after what he had done to these people and the whole of the international community has been united saying that he must go he must step down all of the u.n. security council members shared that new including russia but many say the way nato has been accomplishing the goal of toppling can be went beyond the u.n. resolution from six months ago which authorized the military intervention some say
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it went far beyond the resolution was designed to protect civilians but many innocent civilians have been killed by needle strikes during those six months and also the funneling of weapons to libyan rebels as has been done in violation of arms embargo imposed on the as far as the rebels are concerned they are far from being good homogenize group sort of a united group there there has been internal fighting going on with them but many experts are saying that the fight being in charge of leave here should be of no surprise to anyone considering what's at stake and here we're talking about a nation that has the richest oil reserves in africa. the french president nicolas sarkozy is announced to hold a conference with the leaders of the libyan transitional government later this week and artie's daniel bushell brings us more now from paris the french defense minister says that has called for me to give paris to plan calls for libya french france's foreign ministry says that troops are on the way level and the nicolas
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sarkozy the french president will meet with groovy head of the transition later today france is that the transition. as it moves forward now as it plans its future. is a potentially prosperous country but it needs assistance from the west to construe those plans to brussels the representatives have said that's as the you. state seems to be taking a backseat in these negotiations they see an opportunity to fill that vacuum you admitted that hard work lies ahead and that the divisions between rebel factions means that it will be a difficult time because when there was a single enemy there fee was very easy for various factions some with very different interests to come together and now there are fears that this may collapse and there may be a power vacuum france in fact claimed that the war mission in libya is over now
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defense experts here in the european union all concerned by such statements because with the absence of gadhafi in any sort of real power structure there are concerns that there could be an even more bloody civil war emerging. bushell there will be back with headlines very shortly stay with us live in moscow. hungry for the full story we've got it first the biggest issues get the human voice face to face with the news makers. would be so much brighter if you. from feinstein question.


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