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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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season long road comes. as a speech now in the palm of your. it's weekends like this last one that make me think are so should be seven days a week in libya the rebels are marching on tripoli and obama is already spinning that one and we now have the lemonade stand three all join us tonight the three brave souls who got arrested saturday at the u.s. capitol for selling lemonade and civil disobedience in solidarity with every american child has either lemonade stands shut down the summer we've got an update on the ron paul campaign and the birthday of on how regulations can leave you to die of cancer and a message from anonymous announcing operation. and then versus the man when we put the love in love olution we do it for you.
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and obama continues to play golf at martha's vineyard even as libya collapses and our top story tonight nato is continuing a wishy washy policy of not quite knowing just what it knocks with libya or how extensively it wants intervene but it seems the chips are finally falling into place for the embattled nation though the chaos isn't over just yet colonel moammar gadhafi is government after four decades reportedly collapsing u.s. officials have expressed fear of last minute reprisals from gadhafi on civilians in the capital tripoli although it is unknown whether or not his government forces are still capable of such action in the crowds are only growing on sunday rebels capture colonel moammar gadhafi son and heir apparent safe at the rebel held town of the ghazi rule forces are advancing into the capital city of tripoli and are now closing in on him and he has not surrendered and is not expected to so one tyrant
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here will lose power but we don't yet know who or what will fill the sewing power vacuum but rest assured that something will one could hope that. the people of libya move closer to the concept of liberty at least more than than what we see in the media with the constant praise for democracy but to assume that this will be the case puts a kind of a glossy ignorance over the whole situation and at best after all there were many reports that a great number of the soldiers and libyan in the libyan rebellion have previous ties to al qaeda operations in iraq. at least so-called al qaeda operations in iraq the libyan rebels now closing in on the throne are just one faction of the transport there were others in there have already been clashes between them the problem is that it's it's hard to discern just how many factions of people are already vying for power in the wake of the libyan rebel rebellion but some of the rebels have been reported to have links to overlap with rebels who do not desire
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a western style democracy but instead seek to return libya to a monarchy even or an islamic republic as it was before it got off the deposed the king interest and the rebel forces that are left are the ones that won the infighting by most effectively calling nato airstrikes not only on gadhafi forces but on their competing factions as well in the midst of the chaos is nato willing to pull another operation ajax well for a quick history lesson operation ajax is the cia name for the one nine hundred fifty three iranian crude a top u.s. tax dollars had a direct hand in with the assistance of kermit roosevelt yeah i know kermit but what he did was worse than a with a heavy amount of u.s. fueled subterfuge the democratically elected leader prime minister mohammad mosaddegh was overthrown along with his secular government this is where we talk about the concept of blowback our foreign policy saw a clandestine u.s. forces opposing iran's getting democracy then installing an unpopular authoritarian monarch. well as you can imagine they didn't much like the cia reinstalling the
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dictator they just ousted prior to having a democratic government so as a result serious damage was done to our collective american reputation amongst the iranian people and we defectively provided a contemporary political reason for islamist radicals to go to the west with a anti western iran revolution came to pass in one thousand nine hundred nine memories of american intervention were seared into the minds of the persian people and here we are today or average for truck f one fifty on cheerleading for a rick santorum nuclear holocaust over tehran where. having the slightest clue how the hostilities actually came to be so one tyrant will lose power but we do not yet know who or what will fill that power vacuum but we can only hope that obama will learn the lesson and make sure that we don't have the same problem the blowback that we once had from that before now there's another issue here with. c.n.n.
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there was a quote that i wanted to share this. on sorry we don't have it. all right well moving on to our next story we have an update from congressman ron paul's campaign . media and hackers try to shut out ron paul's this message this weekend and well they failed congressman ron paul. he's the nonexistent republican candidate who statistically tied michele bachmann for first place at the ames straw poll we might have heard of many ways the media have done their state a job of reporting instead of shilling a pew research study broke down coverage of republican candidates and found the front runner who shall not be named got even less coverage than little to no names like jon huntsman. corporate media you have to wonder who is really subverting this country. paul was mentioned just twenty nine times by comparison perry was mentioned three hundred seventy one times bachmann was mentioned two hundred
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seventy four times and romney was mentioned one hundred one hundred eighty three times on top of the inane inexcusable media blackout a cyber attack that attempted to throw off fund raising momentum on saturday evening someone hacked into the campaign's web site during the birth of a bomb. it's like someone on the internet doesn't like ron paul imagine that in the midst of the attack campaign manager john tate released the following message by e-mail quote we thought it was bad when the media tried to ignore sleeper message under wraps but the scott worse earlier this evening a cyber attack was launched on our website shutting us down and robbing us of the last few hours of our money bomb boy the establishment is more desperate than i thought they don't even want our message to get out on our own website now well whatever the case may be that the poll haters are all in the fail boat at this point ron paul still managed to make it rain federal reserve notes and he's sitting pretty on a whopping one point seven million dollars looks like liberty had to win this weekend after one but not here at the u.s. capitol we have another incident here of let's just call it unnecessary police
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overreaction and if you've been watching the show you might be a little bit familiar with the rash of lemonade stand shutdowns we've had over the summer petty city and local level of government micro tyrants have been shutting down lemonade stands with reckless abandon so when in protest a group of activists leaderless activists decided to meet at the west lawn of the united states capitol and civil disobedience to sell lemonade and one of the most amazing things that came out of this you might think well selling lemonade public property without a permit you never know what's going to come out of it but there was one great surprise to see after these activists set up a lemonade stand on the west of the capitol in front of all of the tourists there and. that was that that the children who wanted to buy lemonade
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the spite the fact that they were police officers standing right in front of this little lemonade stand this great threat to national security they went if you were trying to intimidate the children telling them you can't buy love meaning here they can give it to you anyways we have a clip of that let's roll. the money. on it is a great look at the great. new york money people . out. there for. now for the full story on this and you have to check out our website or our youtube channel at youtube dot com so i found on caucus we were full. video showing the events as they unfolded but as you can see here what this was it and there's a reason this video actually is going viral right now where you can see is that the
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children have no respect for the police officer whatsoever they see him telling them not to do something and they miss it in two thousand and eleven american children realize how little already incredibility our government really has children tourists when presented with lemonade and police orders they go with the lemonade it is a measure of how close the american people are. so overthrowing the unjust author already has been exercised in this country when we see police officers doing this denying children basic rights and this is happening across the country in a variety of different circumstances sometimes you have lemonade stands that are put up in a truce of areas that are shut down because of code but even if it is it's happening on private property it's happening in people's front yards children are being told
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that they cannot do something by men who show up with guns and have to talk to their parents and say no this is illegal because the government says so and the government can't even grasp what's happening here the lemony liberation activists there on saturday were all there because they wanted to be there as individuals and this is something the establishment the people who want to impose their authority by force simply don't understand we have a clip showing that let's were talking point. are you saying. that. that little right there usually there are only. so what about the implications for tourists who weren't americans that day we have a little interview that one of our cameraman got with
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a spanish tour guide as well. i mean what do you think you think you should be. relieved to be really do you really not now my stories they're frustrated they're afraid and this is a real the radio this is not freedom they are so bright because of all your money this is money they make me feel that you know i'm not at least so now they intimidate the rest and then again they don't know they don't need to be in the language tell you we're not ready to push them to the. big one and. only when. they're going to take. what you're saying there is when the spanish tour guide turns to the crowd he says we're going to go back on the bus and talk about liberties or more on a lack thereof kind of hard to make out and this is what tourists see when they came to the american or saw when they came to the capital of the united states on saturday. the world is watching events like this and thanks to the internet and
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thanks to well i would say the ability of independent media sources to get the story out but it seems that freedom of the press in the united states means freedom to cover whatever you want as long as you don't mind getting roughed up a little bit simply these. words really i would be all sort of going to sleep it was what it was simply if you can force me to make the laws i just force and serve. this club was not with the police it's with the lawmakers. i was wrong but if that wasn't shocking enough check this out. oh well i. guess.
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if you knew it i. just can't relate to your. body. where you're. sitting around. would you like to comment on the incident that led to you feeling it to be necessary to push my parents camera out of the way no comment and no i don't interfere with the law enforcement when we're making a rational you'll be arrested to thank you. when we come back we will have the lemonade stand three will duffield name a plane and catherine bill right here with us in studio on adam vs the man.
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margie is the state run english speaking russian channel it's kind of like. the. question today has an extremely confrontational stance when it comes to us. and.
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welcome back to adam vs the man this past weekend make mcclain catherine will and will duffield were arrested on the west lawn of the capitol for selling lemonade for ten cents a cup these brave lemonade liberators are with me now in studio for more on the story and how this came about thanks so much for joining us. let me start with you catherine because we had you on the show when you were organizing this event putting it together was really amazing i'm just so impressed with how you were able to grant together and and how it came out to remind our viewers if you would. why is this such a compelling thing why why are you going to resign for the cause of the woman liberation. well i think primarily we just wanted to bring to light and expose something that happens in silence all the time and that you know children will go outside and you know they want to learn the value of a dollar they want to try something new and learn about entrepreneurship and it
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they're basically shut down the pub by the police and told that they should just go inside and play videogames then and not trying to things and that their ideas are wrong and that they're criminals and to me that's just such a terrible message to send to children that they can't make a difference in the world and if we can't do something as basic as sell lemonade in our front yard i mean it just it's just a huge sign that our government is just out of control so for this is that you were there so long and you got arrested i suppose having as both of you were carrying cups to people as this police barrier that they had so this circle to cordon you dangerous people off or looks or is or was it fifteen cops that were there yeah there's a good fifteen maybe twenty so we're really surprised with the way this played out not really i mean whenever the government is given the opportunity to use force
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they're going to use it excessively because you know they get to flex their muscle they get to show off what they do and what they do best is just impress people you know we obviously weren't hurting anybody i mean we were not even really out there for profit i mean at ten cents a cup we weren't gaining anything and so even if that was the case even if it was just wants to scream when i see public property being prevented from being used for commerce you don't think a little excessive bending of the capital would be preferable to going to one after some unemployment perhaps but you know obviously this was symbolic and in a sense on those grounds alone would be really just protected speech are clearly not doing this to to enrich yourself it was not. a money making and that or it was simply you know showing of we're not going to be controlled anymore it's all about control and i want to control myself i want children to be able to control their own destinies and if police are telling them they can't then we have a problem. let's go to welfare decide how well now you've clearly established
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yourself as a dangerous terrorist your dancing at the jefferson memorial. your active all night with your online activism with probably we're not remain anonymous for now but what did what was your role and what did you expect the police reaction to be well honestly my role. going from facebook and breaking down from my home near philadelphia and i expect we need to. make. it now one of the things that came up while the arrests were happen is the officers were going who's in charge or who's the leader we need to talk to the representative of the group will who was your leader in this event. we didn't have one in back of the station equestrian just further asking we're here was one my
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rule in our organization once you don't have it written into the. internet. so i don't think. she's laughing with you here this is just so ridiculous they take us to your leader ok so we can cut the head off the sink i mean there's no i don't see this is the sort of disconnect there with this there's an idea well when they say there has to be a leader what's your response what do you what do you think what do you want to convey to the people out of forty or what because ultimately it is the leaderless resistance that's developing in the united states and globally to government oppression of all kinds. they have to get that and it in order to willingly relinquish any power how do we get them to understand that a leaderless resistance happens because people are compelled to be involved will well honestly i don't know considering the billions of our dollars that they spend
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on i would instant gratification trying to figure out how we're it would seem very by now they could understand. people in this day and age with instantaneous communication and see a problem the internet and they can form an ad hoc group to act against that problem and bring about possible change in country so what's next. i mean that's where you were arrested there was there there are charges pending would what do you what do you face now legally vacantly if we were arrested and charged with them being without a permit failure to obey and unlawful conduct. so it's just sort of i don't even know what those actually mean and i mean failure to obey if an officer was to give you a horrible order like you know go drink gutter water and you can do it are you
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going to get a failure to obey charge pushed against you horse this is the america you know we sent so i don't know i think we all can i hope the charges will be dropped which it seems like the most sensible thing for the government to do so they probably won't go without her body it's the most sensible you know this is part of a national event though right and what else happened on saturday there were people protesting did anybody else get arrested no across the country i heard reports of police actually seen the lemonade stands knowing they were illegal and just letting it go all right well the site is long and freedom dot com right and people can go there to get some more the details of the story see some more videos will duffield from springs resurvey thank you for joining us and in studio dylan a mclean thanks so much for being with us you know it was. you once said when law and morality contradict each other the citizen has the cruel alternative of either losing his moral sense or losing his respect for the law. as our country is
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overrun with high salaried micro tyrants an arbitrary code in forces we see what looks like the death of respect for individuals isn't it obvious that we have too many damn laws in the country certainly will win the argument is no longer the law's moral but only that it's practical in some bureaucrat's night at least we're not going down a dangerous dangerous path as a society but the point of law in a free society is to protect the individual and their liberties this is the entire point of opting to have any government lose any centralized government after breaking the chains of the british monarchy and really that's the only legitimate function of american government or at least it was supposed to be history can show as it hasn't really worked out that way from the beginning we've seen horrific institutions like slavery protected by government but it is two thousand and eleven one would think we'd have grown up some species in one case busybody regulation is
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deemed far more important than the life of a woman fighting for her life as she suffers from a terminal form of bone cancer jim klein struggling to pay her medical bills just as she struggles to survive and to top all of that off the government is once again doing what it does best making sure it creates impediments and inconveniences that add to the burden of someone's life. jan klein is trying to scrape up money to pay for medical bills by selling the vast majority of her possessions and give away prices she sell several yard sales in her backyard but now the city government is bringing down the hammer on the cancer patients the rule being that in salem oregon individuals are only allowed to hold three args sales per year not based on any matter of principle of course laws of such arbitrary nature seem so obviously silly through yard sales is ok but if you have a fourth with one within the same three hundred sixty five day period we're going to have to lock you in a cage for a while and maybe you'll die of cancer while you're there so we're seeing
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a scenario where economic sanction is literally making it more difficult for you and me to say alive but in essence that's always the case this story at least does have a positive note to end on where the government is trying to stand the way of james progress an outpouring of support as allowed her to raise over thirty four thousand dollars charitable donations online it's good to know that while government such as these have no moral justification for existing people still do if you'd like to help jan the fight or cancer is a way of saving it to the man who would otherwise keep this woman from doing what she needs to survive please find help jan klein fight cancer that's helped jan klein c l i n e fight cancer on facebook and now. a message from anonymous. dear citizens for a free and just world lately there has been an overwhelming trend of incidents of police officers arresting and harassing citizens for filming while enforcement they
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are justifying this by calling it a number of things from obstruction of justice to wiretapping this is an outrage and we cannot allow them to continue to arrest innocent people who are merely assuring the safety of everyone by recording what is happening around us recording police officers not only serves the people but the police officers as well we are ensuring the safety of all parties involved by eliminating the he said she said well that keeps true justice from being served filming police has no good valid argument against its legality those we paid to protect and serve us should have nothing to hide from the public while they are on duty for example officer lyons of the oceanside police department shown here respecting a citizen's right to film and open carry a gun in california as cops welcome recording for our safety and theirs we are entitled to ensure our safety and not be charged with crimes because we have to babysit our law enforcement the days of corrupt cops twisting the system to their
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favor will soon be at an end up aeration proper razzi hash tag up as a movement in which we all film our law enforcement at all times for all reasons filmed them discreetly or in large groups collectively asking them questions as if they are celebrities tell them it is your right and ask them for the penal code which states it is illegal to film them this will result in parole police officers being exposed and good police officers getting the credit due for risking their lives to protect us this can be combined with other operations with todays technology it should be almost impossible for corrupt law enforcement to continue take out your phone at the first sight of police start up their camera and be prepared together we will change the world for the. better by showing what is actually occurring in the streets when bad cops confront good people what good is a dash cam that only protects the officers why is your camera legal and mine is not
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you are not above the law you are not allowed to speak talk on your cell phone while driving run red lights and us while we are restrained or search us without warrant yet these are things we see every day officers must be held accountable for their crimes more so than citizens for these are the people we employ and the pentagon to protect us to lead by example but they are merely protecting themselves we must put this to an end this is your right this is your duty we are anonymous we are legion we do not forgive we do not forget expect us. who some crazy stuff going out there on the inner webs hash tag operation. hope you participate and i just like to end tonight so it's a little note about something i've learned from now being a member of the media for
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a little while now because well i reject the term journalist as the school of journalism seems to have been designed as a way of giving way to propaganda we do as people conveying a message in any form be it through comedy or television or radio or print to our audience to be honest and direct and what we deliver to give you the facts unbiased and to do our best to present a message that is important and valuable to see you and when you tune in to a show like this or any show covering current events there's an expectation that we are going to be able to cover those events well it seems that today in america freedom of the press means freedom to cover whatever you want as long as you don't mind getting roughed up a little bit and that's no freedom of the press or the effect is that you the american people don't get the full story and it is the government harassing the media that is keeping it from you that should be enough that should be enough to stand up and get involved and that's.


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