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tv   [untitled]    August 22, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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live. bringing you the latest in science and technology from around rush limbaugh the future of coverage. oh i'm sorry but in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture well market out these regime in libya comes to an end tonight as rebel forces take hold of the city of tripoli so what happens now and what's our military investment and regime change in libya worth it and from dictatorships to monopolies eighty and he wants to rule the wireless market with an iron fist the first order of business eliminating the low price text messaging plans and adding huge fees so that we have a monopoly problem here in america.
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you need to know this tonight after forty two years in power all market is no longer in control of libya it is swift offensive rebel forces stormed into the capital city of tripoli confronting heavy gunfire from the last remaining forces loyal to gadhafi and twenty four hours later the city was in rebel hands downtown tripoli is now a war zone with armed soldiers patrolling hotels and snipers posted up on rooftops but rebel forces say they now control most of the capital city as for work and himself is holed up no one knows n.p.r. is reporting that gadhafi may be trying to seek asylum in nation like russia but that report has not been confirmed it out he now joins other hours to dictators like hosni mubarak in egypt ben ali in tunisia and ali abdul cell a in yemen who've
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been forced out of office in this arab spring coincidentally the phenomenon we're seeing posing you gathered for a photo ten minutes ago in libya no more smiles this time around president obama spoke this afternoon on the most recent developments coming from libya. for over four decades libyan people have lived under the rule of a tyrant who denied them their most basic human rights now the celebrations that we've seen in the streets of libya shows that the pursuit of human dignity is far stronger than a dictator i want to emphasize that this is not over yet as a regime collapses there's still fierce fighting in some areas and we have reports of regime elements threatening to continue fighting. although it's clear that gadhafi is rule is over he still has the opportunity to reduce further bloodshed by explicitly relinquishing power to the people of libya and calling for those forces that continue to fight to lay down their arms for the sake of libya so what happens
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now and will the end of that off the spell the end for other deal idjit i'm ised arab dictators like bashir assad in syria here to offer his take on this issue it's ali go read national security reporter at think progress dot dot. dot org dot org yeah. thank you for joining us and thanks for having me on it's a pleasure is this good news is this wait and see news or i'm even hearing from some folks the although cut off he was a brutal madman he was largely running a secular country and now. we're going to see women in burkas well we don't really know what's going to happen yet i mean i think for the meantime it's. it's it's a pretty easy call to say that libyans are are better off at least now without as you say this madman running their country and we don't really know how things are going to shake out in the future but but for now i think it's a good day for the libyan people the. when egypt fell when.
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the the egyptian egypt had this whole infrastructure i mean the military basically ran it but there was a whole governmental infrastructure and even though they ran many of the businesses even you know when when mubarak fell there was still a structure there. my understanding is that libya is very much not that case that basically the entire structure was khadafi and an inner circle of basically brutal and spend it was run a little was run more like the mob and egypt was actually run like a country with an autocrat and if that's true in reality check me on that if that's true then you can see where egypt could make a gradual transition to civil society is the institutions of governance are there are those institutions totally lacking in libya mostly lacking partially lacking what what does that say about how this will play a role in fact in fact in egypt the military structure the rule the country before
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mubarak's fall is still largely in place at least for the meantime i mean they're responsible for making this transition but. it's not a done deal yet and in libya you know it was largely a cult of personality formed around this revolutionary leader that came to power more than four decades ago and to a much greater degree than mubarak did he suppress civil society and it was based it was his system was based on as you say a kind of corrupt patronage system where you had a lot of oil revenues and was able to use that to buy off tribal structures and so on in order to repress any percent within society and so yeah i think that there is a real absence of broad national institutions and civil society in libya that could . turn into a sort of troublesome vacuum. in the absence of the strong central leader well the question becomes who is going to step into that vacuum my understanding and again
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you're the expert i'm not but my understanding was that could offer you represented you know just one of many tribes and that was his power base and it wasn't one of the tribes that's where all the oil is and the some of the some of the larger tribes you some of the more geographically close to the oil tribes may end up now just being in charge and so it might just be. anything new boss same as the old boss just from a different tribe is that right as it's it's a troublesome paradigm because it's one that you had. in iraq as well where the resources were largely in the areas of one in that case said kerry and group rather than tribal group and it can cause tensions and strife and it's always a problem. administering revenue sharing across an entire national society and i'm not i'm not sure exactly how i mean we like i said this is all speculation but for the meantime we've got the transitional national council in place which is the rebel alliance that's based in benghazi and is. for the moment at least seems
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to be a unified opposition movement and then actually i'm not met spirit i should say that i'm just a reporter so i just follow these things pretty closely but we have an expert at the center for american progress sarah marc on who put out a piece today that where she was explaining that the there is really a need for the transitional national council to do precisely what you're talking about and make sure that they become a broadly inclusive. movement for the transition and that would include even former gadhafi regime elements really that all libyans have to be included in this process and i think that's going to be an early key you know how it shakes out if it's going to end up being a more fractured society and the federalized system it might be too soon to tell the society there might be better suited to a system like that but we really don't know yet but for the meantime i think that that it's definitely is a good piece of advice that the t.n.c. should try to unify all libyans under its banner and build the institutions of
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civil society in in iraq in the in the minute we have left here in iraq the you know basically you had a sunni strongman running a country that was mostly shia and now it seems to be kind of flipping and it's still up in the air is there a sunni shia this schism a sectarian schism in libya or is it just purely tribal no. my understanding is it's mostly tribal difference i mean there are certainly some religious extremist elements but it's just it's unclear you know it's such a it's such a black hole because of the way that gadhafi ran the place for four decades that we don't really know have a very good idea what's going on there we know that there were you know some of the actually there's a connection that some of the extremists that fought in the iraq insurgency insurgency didn't fact come from libya it was one of the largest providers of insurgents to iraq but that's not necessarily an indication that there's going to be an overwhelming islamic extremist strain there and that it necessarily is
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something to become alarmist about. but yeah i mean i think that the gadhafi did represent the tribe but he managed to contain a lot of of society's own positions and when we don't exactly know it's going to happen yet but it's going to be interesting to watch it shake out and i hope things go smoothly also ali thank you very much i really appreciate it great to have you here links. president obama is the man who gave the speech in egypt last year which conservatives attacked in which he stood next to dictator mubarak and told the people of middle east of the middle east they wouldn't have to tolerate dictators laying the groundwork for the arab spring as for what happens now that gadhafi is gone it's anyone's guess revolutions breed unexpected consequences for example just look at iran in the fifty's and seventy's or iraq for them in the fifty's and so but there are some people who have laid this stuff out look at how this works and have put together with theories on these in bremmer is one of them he came up with a notion called the jake or actually there's two jagers or heard about in this
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minute or two but his j. curve lays out stability on the vertical axis openness on the on the horizontal axis you start with a country that's very stable but not all open so this would be like saudi arabia for example you know basically a dictatorship or a very you know rigidly controlled country and then that rigid control the stability collapses as the country becomes more open. and then you see this increase as openness increases into an increase and stability this is the movement of a society from an authoritarian closes to a functional open and stable society is the ideal curve that we're hoping to see here but in the bottom of the j. curve by the way this is the period of danger because a lot of countries get down to here and they flip right back up to here and this this is what could happen in iraq is what could happen in afghanistan what could happen in libya very easily but why the revolution in the first place there's
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a here's another another graphic of another j. j. curve this is built on one hundred sixty two work done by james channing davies and what he pointed out is that when a people's expectations are here and reality tracks as appreciations zero problem one reality starts separating away from those expectations this is an acceptable gap this is the time of revolution. so one of the ways this gap between expectations and and reality what one of the ways there's two ways basically to prevent revolution one is to keep reality going with expectations which is you know continue growing the society make it more and more open build civil society whether it's iraq afghanistan or the united states for that matter. or the other is to more slowly change the expectations for example we've seen this year and even in the united states where the expectations there's a there's a second graphic here that shows this here we go where if you can bend that
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expectation curve if you can you know over the last thirty years of reaganomics by saying things like oh you know. free trade will eventually kick in just just hang on yeah we're going to lose you know twenty million jobs it is a low budget if you can change the expectations even as reality is crashing that gap never gets so wide that creates a revolution and so it's really interesting to consider how all this stuff works and libya is now facing several challenges openness and expectations as frankly as the united states we wish libya walk and we're going to need a lot ourselves. and. it's time for our daily poll your chance to tell us what you think here's today's question or republicans drop their opposition and pass a new jobs and stimulus package asap your choices are yes people need jobs or
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no they want the economy to tank so obama is not reelected agata arbonne dot com let us know what you think the poll be open until tomorrow morning. crazy we're back with global warming kill we aliens bark so-called news had a lot of fun with a report on friday from a group of scientists who warned that aliens might destroy humanity to save planet earth from manmade global warming since fox is the hub of phony science and climate change denial immediately strong strong into action to ridicule the report and then directed their fox viewers also known as zombies to a poll talking head meghan kelly's website asking what should be done to respond to the study viewers had three choices try to curb greenhouse gases suggest to scientists how to create jobs or develop weapons to kill the aliens and the results
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were all that surprising. so far three percent say we should immediately increase efforts to curb the greenhouse gases can't hurt to think a straight about nineteen percent suggest that we should develop weapons to kill the aliens first but that that's the majority are saying that the scientists should skip the research on this issue and focus on how to create jobs we could use in that range of that issue. ok that's right some of our so-called news viewers were six times more likely to suggest developing weapons to kill illions over developing ways to curb greenhouse gas emissions when they were right on the jobs but still far to the worse you respect the plans under greater threat a threat from illian change invasion than from climate change and they don't even know about the robotic engines from planet xena that are already here. coming up if your cell phone provider is a t. and t.
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wireless i have some bad news for you the company is screwing over customers through outrageous price spikes and why we all might get a better deal on wireless if we move to france. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through to be made who can you trust no one who is you know what you do with it global mission to read see where we had a state controlled capitalism it's called sackfuls when nobody dares to ask we do our tea question more.
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and she is screwing over its customers the company announced last week that it will no longer offer a popular monthly plan to one thousand text messages for just ten bucks instead eighteen she is forcing customers to choose between a plan that costs twenty cents per text or an unlimited text plan for twice the price twenty bucks a month meaning the vast majority of its customers will end the pain double what they pay now in their monthly cell phone bill for text messages eighty defended the plan change like claiming that they were just trying to streamline their offerings the organization free press is firing back. in a press release last week free press so the rate change is merely a price hike in sheep's clothing the group went on to say this unilateral move to
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gouge customers by raising prices on a service where earns a nearly one hundred percent profit margin calls into question eighty and he's claims that the wireless market is perfectly competitive in a truly competitive market no carrier could get away with raising prices on a service where it already charges a ten million percent markup. so is there a real problem with compatible that or to most of america's wireless market and if so what needs to be done to solve it joining me now is joel kelsey political advisor for speech dot net so welcome thank you tom thanks for having me and million percent that's right yeah the. streamlining what they call their texting plans are forcing new consumer new subscribers to choose either between a twenty dollars per month unlimited message plan or paying the olla current rate of twenty cents per text message now we don't really know how much it cost eighteen
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t. to deliver that service to subscribers but most estimates put one text message around three tenths of a penny that it cost eighteen nineteen. and for consumers i've seen is that high right you know if for consumers that means two hundred forty dollars a month which is a lot more than they were paying if they signed up for a five dollars plan or a fifty dollars mother plan right and i think two hundred forty year two hundred forty year or so and i think a lot of consumers as they they adopt smartphones are beginning to make text messaging obsolete there are things like google talk like instant messaging technology things that are stand ins for text messaging really and that are free eighteen thousand knows this they're scared of it they want to kind of try to suck that last amount of monopoly profit out of consumers before this kind of tax credit revolution happens and hence the price the price hike well speaking of scared of
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the. couple of articles in the york times over the last eight or nine months here just some real quick quotes one in france and this is uncharacteristic of the rest of the countries that just use france's example hundred megabyte download internet speed which we would consider commercial grade high speed. five megs is what i get as a consumer. unlimited phone to phone. unlimited phone service to seventy countries not just in one unlimited wireless anywhere in the country unlimited smart unlimited smart phone use thirty three dollars a month. and and the reason why is because france says you want to build a tower that's fine you have to let any company that wants to use that power use that they pay you a fee for it right and you have to use that fee to build more towers but basically it's and it's the way it was when i lived in vermont we had you know horizon on the
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the copper but we bought our telephone service from green mountain telephone that's right literally and was twenty five bucks a month flat rate it was great service a guy for blocks down the street would come over when i called up with a problem and fix the phone or use your internet service from a.o.l. or link or prodigy or item or of other come for anywhere and so it was all cheap so it looks like we have become not a pure monopoly it's not just one company but to do all the lawyer try out the lawyers something something so close to monopoly that there's really no longer any price competition is that is that is if i think it's a pretty accurate picture and unfortunately there's no policy to try to get back to the place where we had that kind of competition and it was both disappointing price and actions. back in the picture that you've painted several decades ago. was allowed things like the internet revolution to happen allowed things like you know companies like google like facebook like skype to innovate and to reach
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millions of consumers across the country and scale these models that started out in garages up and the reason that was because you had a number of competitors out there in the marketplace that were offering services to consumers and if they tried to interfere with those innovators like google like skype consumers walk away and go somewhere else you also had a number of public policies at the foot. communications commission that were done away with with a potentially over the last you know ten years or so from two thousand and you know they see a variation of the sherman as i trust to act exactly and so both because of market consolidation you see an elimination of several firms both in the wireline market like comcast for eyes in one thousand nine hundred and also the wire less market and now you only have really four nationwide competitors eighteen to mobile not a lot of it which brings us to to this is topic and in fact back to cable real quickly just in japan it's one hundred sixty megabits per second twenty dollars
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and then times notes cable operators are concerned that not only if they do the same here in the states our prices fall but that the super fessor is language customers a larger video on the web and drop their cable service which is profitable. and if they offer one hundred service it opens a pandora's box everybody will get their view on the internet and then the compositional drive prices down to forty bucks other view which is desirable for a console we're talking about the companies out of business is there any possibility. that this is ministration or any administration for that i mean some of these companies now have are larger than the g.d.p. of most nations that we have that we can politically take these guys i mean i think it really is a question of political will there's a set number of policies that the federal communications commission and that congress could enact that would not only encourage new competitors to enter this market lower the barriers to entry for them to do so but it also would force the
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existing companies to drive down rates and free up some of the innovative energy in the market right now and it's really a question of political will several other countries that you mentioned japan and france the netherlands they chose to walk down that road they chose to create an adopt open access policies which would allow several competitors to. and over the wires that companies like comcast horizon own and he made an investment. and pushing those policies they fought hard to get those policies adopted and what we see afterwards are countries like japan offering service for half the price at twice the speed as average americans here in the united states get and they're still going on and they're still making money it's absolutely profitable and you know all of these countries i think just like any profit seeking firm in a market. will price will develop their prices in relation to consumer demand not necessarily in relation to the cost how much it costs them to deliver that service
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and when you have one or two companies in a market that's not a bellwether of a competitive marketplace and that's not in a competition to discipline price to get people adopting a disparate edition it's. thanks so much for being with us you can tell. me it's time to bring back the sherman antitrust act and put an end to monopolies of all kinds in the united states. it's going to get out of the very very for a face for face just really ugly. really hurt a former white house spokesman appeared on fox yesterday morning and ripped apart karl rove i mean completely got to go. what is his action he has yet to put pen to paper and issue a jobs plan or a deficit reduction plan or the last nine months of plays
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a second about ideological rigidity it comes from my issues would you want to run this karl but as someone who was a leader in the white house that turned a record surplus into a deficit that got us involved in a war that we never should have been and turn to for the new york stock exchange into a casino i don't think the american people are quite ready to hear a lecture from you i'm good governor hold on what are you. i was i appreciate the insult i'm. i appreciate the end sold as i don't suppose that i have said or does it whatever the matter and as a fact of the matter is. it's the real mystery that much of the blame for today's troubles fall the fate of the bush administration and karl rove it sure is nice here in the facts called out once in a while even if it is on fox so-called news and bad senators john mccain and lindsey graham the two republicans released this statement in response to the apparent victory of the rebels in libya graduating all those forces that made it happen. except the united states the strange statement from these two united states
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senators read we. british french and other allies as well as our arab partners especially to our in the u.a.e. for their leadership in this conflict but we regret that the success was so long in coming due to the failure of the united states to employ the full weight of our air power. i almost forgot the republican president obama cannot receive any credit under any circumstances if a republican were in the white house on the other hand and mccain and graham would be hosed you know there is a parade for him or her and the very very ugly the donald. trump is david letterman likes to columns on fox so called news this morning to give his advice on what our military should do now that libya is under control of the rebels. so what do we get out of it why don't we take you well i mean why are we reimburse you guys so if you know the old days when you want to where you can get a picture below the spoils right. because they're oil that's why we're not taken
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it. just because our military dropped a few bombs in tripoli doesn't mean we now have the right to loot libya of their most precious natural resource if you're really interested run in take your crackpot team of investigators who are still waiting for president obama's birth certificate and why over to libya and drop plans to take their oil i'm sure they'll be very welcome that's actually very true. coming up millions of americans continue a desperate search for jobs so will the nation or the president's highly anticipated jobs plan for much needed relief or will republicans block that to. what drives the world the fear mongering used by politicians who makes decisions to break through get through to me who can you trust. no one who is human view with
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a global missionary see where we had a state controlled capitalism is called satchels when nobody dares to ask we do you r t question more. welcome back to the big picture i'm so arbonne coming up in this half hour the
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curtain on the obama administration's job plan hasn't even been lifted and the g.o.p. is already throwing water on the idea so is it becoming clearer and clearer that republicans just don't care about the millions of unemployed americans or our fragile economy and from jobless to homeless the housing crisis is still ripping home so we're from the american family meanwhile guess who's doing just fine thanks there's a tale of two recoveries coming up. president obama is not expected to unveil his job creation plan for the few weeks the republicans are already lining up against it as for the idea of more spending on infrastructure bush's brain karl rove railed against it yesterday morning on thoughts.


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