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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 2:01am-2:31am EDT

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ten am in the russian capital you're watching r t with me marina joshie colonel gadhafi son has made an appearance in central tripoli refuting rebels claims that he had been arrested he came to speak with international journalists who are still trapped in a hotel without electricity and communications during a brief window when power was restored we managed to speak on the phone with independent journalist lizzie phelan who saw safe khadafi herself. well there have been some extraordinary events right of course we've been hearing over the past few days that the libyan government is crumbling the position of the rebels are saying that they are in the control of tripoli so it was not about surprise surprise of all the foreign journalists and there were five bodies i'm sorry at the hotel. with . funny boy he gave an interview he did and he also took some of that done with him
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for a drive to safety where they were taken. away some of them say they still thousands of people in the in the area in support that the libyan government. a number of his as people from tribes across the country have come into the capital to support the struggle here against the rebels. very much relaxed in high spirits he insisted that the libyan government and for them pay is winning against the rebels and then we also have the news that mohammed gadhafi has brought on the gadhafi the son who was reported to have been captured has been released by his out of by the comments gadhafi and he apparently gave a speech on libyan television so of course these events just completely plan that the section of the wild about what's happening here in the capital on its head you can log on to our team dot com for more eyewitness accounts from tripoli.
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they went through all the. journalists thing in a central tripoli hotel say they've been targeted by rebels get more information from inside the libyan capital at r.t. dot com. journalist and anti-war activist susan lindauer says the libyan regime i fall but that won't bring in and to the bloodshed. i think that it is the end of the regime however i do not think that it is the end of the war i think that that nato has a very serious problem they have arrived on at the point of a gun they've brought demat quote unquote democracy to libya through guns and the people of libya are very angry at nato they are not jubilant that the rebels who have arrived are celebrating the people are not celebrating with them these people do not like outsiders they are now preparing to pursue tribal vengeance and
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vendettas very quietly they will punish those who have attacked them and we will probably not hear very much about that in the in the western media at all but this war is not over and they will now have their blood debts and they are not going to be eager to reciprocate and reward britain or france or italy they would like to see those countries stay out of their of their of libya and to stay out of their oil as well the fight is not over in tripoli but carve up of libya's vast oil riches the biggest in africa is already beginning italian foreign minister of fire the starting gun saying italy's any oil company will play the number one role in the region and as laura amad reports the service won't come cheap for the libyan people. delivered as a promise but seen by many as more of a threat david cameron says nato will stay while libya makes the transition to democracy as allied forces lend support to the rebels to take tripoli to stop the
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war coalition warns libyans not to expect they're getting something for nothing but western powers don't do this without asking for a paper why is it that the head of the t.n.c. is running off to paris to meet with the french president while of course he is one very very important issue with why the western powers tony blair and others struck a deal with gadhafi in the first place it will be exactly what they're seeking to continue with with the t.n.c. to further explore those oil riches the british government makes no secret of the fact that its motives in supporting the rebels aren't entirely altruistic last year alone the u.k. exported around forty billion dollars of goods and services to north africa and the middle east but it's black gold that's the key libya has the largest oil reserves in africa western powers look at the region and they talk about humanitarianism all
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democracy but they sink about oil greg martin says it's impossible not to draw a comparison with iraq he's written a book about the aftermath of the iraq invasion in which he maintains western powers imposed a democracy which played on sectarian divisions that ensured years of tribal struggle but also meant the allies retained control of the oil supply while the u.k. government insists lessons have been learned from iraq western oil firms move into libya even before the fate of tripoli is sealed great oil grab is already beginning b.p. has a contentious oil and gas exploration contract in libya which the u.k. government will be anxious for it to resume italian oil giant a n i. it's the first to send back to libya and it says rose on the knees french towel and. the well as investors hopes they'd soon be able to resume production in libya but it was price to the libyan people the great sheer is that just as they did in iraq
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that creates a democracy which serves interests or the west's interests or oil companies interests and does nothing for the people of libya nor of its. asia times correspondent pepe escobar believes as soon as western countries get you know oil contracts they all want boots on the ground to secure their own. this is the cover story in this story from the beginning was r two p. responsibility to protect that was the basis for u.n. resolution one nine seventy three there was that bathes of the agreement between the u.s. and saudi arabia we get a resolution based on your fake arab league gold nine countries out of twenty two and you can do any you want with bahrain or in saudi arabia itself but this was the cover story sold to american and european public opinion especially the chinese the russians many being brazil for that matter they're not buying it they know it's a u.s. nato coordinator operation without them there will be no victor just will be
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a stalemate they'll go for ever and we have the international community sort of basically decile emphasis ours taking sides in a civil war so when they knew that they could go on for months or maybe years on that it's ok let's try to take tripoli in one date and they did it because they belong basically going the whole city and the way towards the north this reminds me of i was there at a time because mission provisional authority in iraq in two thousand and three this is the same seeing we're going to have a western blitz on the ground and we're going to open up. libya for a hired corps no holds bar durable capitalism with no rebuts ration of profits you know what let's get their oil as soon as we can the best contracts possible are not that this is completely krrish if this is the way we don't know yet that u.s. and nato goals we're going to have reracked two point zero. of course while we gauge expert opinion on the story we value your input to the fact you can have your
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say on our website r.t. dot com where we're asking for opinion on what lies ahead for the country assuming a rebel victory. well it seems not many have faith that we'll be left with little more than an oil chest for nato members rout a fifth fear the country will be torn apart in a power struggle nothing will change at all is the view of eighteen percent and despite it having been a so-called five for democracy only a minority feel that's what a little itchy why don't have your say click along to our team dot com let us know what you think. our cheering crowds in tripoli's green square now renamed martyr square left many around the world with a feeling of deja vu back in february gyptian is worried united enjoy and hope for a brighter future when they celebrated the toppling of hosni mubarak now it's the
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feeling of disappointment that you know it's now our day is going to count looks at what's ahead for libyans if the change finally comes. the cadets the regime is crumbling. the rebels are cheering. the same cheers and tears could be seen in egypt in february as the nation ousted their longtime leader hosni mubarak but six months on many egyptians say their home is being crushed by reality or sort of volatility by the way you know i love the revolution when it happened i won't come to that looked at the time like a life at the end of the time that it's not getting better we have nothing to eat don't tell me about democracy for hungry people it just doesn't matter the egyptians now are not governed by they chose as their leaders instead it's their or me that's in control the army that has strong ties with the west and he spots. by washington the military regime the edifice the institutions that were the essence
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the fundamental essence of the mubarak regime those remain and we can see the thousands of people have been brought to military trial since the end of the popular revolution that ousted mubarak in tripoli the body taking over is the national transitional council also chosen by the leading people yet the council has been recognized as the legitimate government of libya by all allies it's been helping oust gadhafi many leave us are outraged by the fact that foreign powers are effectively making vital choices or that there is too much wealth and geopolitical strategic value to libya to only become reformed in democratic rights and universal participation by the citizenry. western powers need to implement a western economic and military agenda and therefore the people who will command the political situation in libya and the military situation in libya will
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indeed be supported and buttressed by western powers western powers have thrown all their support behind the national transitional council giving them billions of dollars and weapons to gain control but the rebels are far from being the united group what is going to face after that is a period of prolonged chaos nobody knows the outcome this is as i said in the beginning this is tribe against tribe this is not democracy against the taliban revolutions in egypt and libya have developed under different scenarios in egypt it was an on armed uprising of millions in libya it's been an insurgency flooded with weapons by the west and those weapons are still in their arms and they're not going anywhere and many analysts are saying that we could find themselves in a much worse situation than the egyptians because on top of power crisis similar to the one egyptian libyans could be facing a fresh out of violence at the hands of armed mom. reporting from washington are
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today. former bush administration official michael bryant says once caught no matter what happens to gadhafi it'll be the hague tribunal pulling the strings be careful what you ask for you might get it then again you may not be the example of egypt and they're not really they're a they didn't get what they were fighting for that may happen in libya as well. it seems that. the west is very there's a there's a bond between the libyan rebels and the western countries there's a lot of input. now what we'll have to do are a lot of you know a lot of interplay i should say but now we'll have to wait and see. the rebels who are still sort of for you know exactly who are what are they and how will they did they are they just using the west to get to take over tripoli in the country and get rid of gadhafi and then once that's done they're going to do their own thing and they don't need the west anymore the hague the international court is very much
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involved in what's going to happen when they capture to darfur which i have no doubt they will so does that mean the people of libya are going to decide his fate i don't really think so i think the international court's going to decide his fate and i sound a little cynical when i say this i think maybe his trial and maybe punishment execution life in prison may be in libya to make it look like the libyan people or are deciding his fate. we'll be bringing you more expert opinion on developments in libya and also this hour for you in our front here. toward the border where people fear the internal conflict is already spilling into tunisia plus. this is what's left from the offices and. how much it was attacked by three mistruths operates in here shortly before. the six. party tour of the country
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which many believe is following it maybe as footsteps our special report on the aftermath of the military operation in the syrian city of hama is coming up later this hour. russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says there could have been a less bloody resolution to the libyan crisis but both nato and khadafi didn't allow it to happen. we have always wanted a quicker outcome and it could have been faster but a number of factors prevented this from happening including could not use a position told allies they could not she insisted that negotiations were only possible to him actions were also an obstacle they far exceeded the mandate issued by do you want security council. fighting in libya is reported to have reached the country's border with tunisia we're having gunfire has been heard tunisia has beefed up its army presence and a frontier area as libi an infiltrator us have allegedly crossed the border or t.v.
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responded to read english goes out a spot for us. well violent clashes have been reported along it's unusually been border over the weekend it all started on friday when a local resident has reported that near the town do reportedly several vehicles with the license plate carrying arms men have been spotted afterwards clashes have been erupting throughout the weekend between the tunisian border patrol and the even men we can talk with certainty about their identity now you have to remember that it was in tunisia where the events of the so-called arab spring have started transfer to transpire this year with the ousting off the tunisian president and the unrest which started in tunisia has essentially been caught like a fever throughout the middle east and the northern africa and the result is that what we are seeing in the capital right now now back then in the spring of this
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year thousands were fleeing from tunisia to europe in order to escape the mayhem which was going on here and now a similar situation is happening to libya but now libyans are fleeing over the border with tunisia into tunisia and of course what we could be witnessing is yet another human catastrophe in the region with thousands of refugees trying to escape to me of course we do not know whether or not those refugees will try and make their way into europe which dealt with that crisis and now may be facing another one with the ongoing clashes in libya a former u.s. diplomat in libya john graham says even if the rebels take over their old barely be a hint of democracy in libya. there is so little civil society in libya there are so few and so democratic institutions are so weak they have nothing to build on and egypt in tunisia there was at least something to build on once the top fellow was gotten away with in libya that's not the case these people have to start from
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scratch and there are all kinds of reasons why it could fail what is the whole nature of the transitional council is. it's it's a mess it's these people are some of them are exiles some of their are have fled from there you could argue regime a few of them are islamicist summary intellectuals and probably a professor of some or business people so we're just hanging together is going to be an enormously difficult task for them the other thing is that they've got you know worried reprisals they've got they can't they can't they can't hear of reprisals against their enemies that will just create the kind of civil strife that everyone wants to avoid france plans to hold a high level meeting next week to discuss libya's political future the top leader your opposition leader has been invited to the french capital daniel bushell reports on those saying paris is jumping the gun anticipation of oil contracts
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the french president has spoken to the rebel leader mahmoud jibril by telephone on monday and announced that he's invited him for talks on wednesday in fact paris is behaving as if it's all over now in brussels diplomats and analysts saying that the united states has really taken a back seat here see an opportunity to take a leading role before western the information for its oil corporations for example we know that it's only any had large contracts with gadhafi before the civil war and was accused of corruption in order to gain must have contracts in that country . and just to remind you of god extensive coverage of the situation in tripoli on our world website i so you can always had dot com for the latest video analysis and opinion and you can also get up to the minute news from the region on our twitter page so follow us at our team underscore. now fighting
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between protesters and government forces continues in syria as well the u.n. says more than twenty two hundred people have been killed there in the six month long crackdown on anti-government forces and despite growing calls by western leaders on bashar asad to step down he says his regime is not in danger and the government is in control. in syria want to see for herself whether that's true. the city of hama around two hundred kilometers north of the capital damascus religiously conservative sunni dominated city it's been one of the centuries over the years tensions here in syria for many years in one thousand nine hundred eighty two during the current president bashar assad's father ruled in the city saw bloody massacre according to amnesty international over ten thousand people were killed in the regime's crackdown on the city's sunni population but during this conflict this city has been among the last to join the national opera's in the army were moved
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into in july drew ten days later i t. is now going to see how things are on the ground after the army left the city and to try to find out exactly what's happened there during a ten day military operation. do we to hama goes through homs the city where activists have been reporting dozens of civilians over the last few months of violence. the closer we get to the more dramatic the student who becomes checkpoints of pm on the highway. at the entrance to hama. but that's not the remaining only. kind of the recent unrest. rich in the city of hama became infamous after it appeared in an amateur video posted on you tube showing dead bodies thrown to the r.c. river comment accompanying this video sad these were residents of hama killed by security forces while syrian t.v. reported they were policeman. despite the president's photo and all
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military operations against anti-government protesters they've recently been reports about the army still being deployed in several cities across syria including hama. this is what's left from the office a squat in the center of the city of hama officials say it was attacked by extremist groups operating here shortly before and to the city they say that. the armed groups at the building on fire and killed at least twenty soldiers who were inside the building at the time of the attack. the only came to remove barricades behind these barricades there were people not peaceful demonstrations and there were clashes between them and the troops. while the governor's sharing his views on what's happened a crowd gathers outside his residence the slogan sound neutral first.
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of the changes in seconds what people start seign gives a completely different picture we live to about months and the hour for. this was the most pleasure but after the army entered the city. this night. i can just about to. make a statement in brazil officials though put all responsibility on the people themselves they have the right spots these people just don't want to give the government time to do reforms the reforms cannot go through in such an atmosphere. i would journey to hama has been part of the so-called syria is fine to it but no matter what its initial goal was it turned out to be very different from its name. r t damascus hammer syria. and i'll be back with a recap of today's top stories in a few moments after the business news with us davis.
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and all that's right time to delve into the world of business the latest plunge in the markets could force russia to revise its privatization program one of the most anticipated deals of the autumn and the sale of a seven point six percent stake in this under threat the country's biggest lender has lost twenty percent of its market cap since july lemme say the current market situation is not favorable for selling any assets at a good price earlier this day who says it's privatization program aiming to get over two hundred billion dollars by twenty seventeen. and stay with china's second largest lender plans to open a subsidiary in russia and china's construction bank will invest one hundred fifty million dollars into the project this will allow the firm to get a retail license straight away and its home market the company is mainly focusing on mortgage operations the decision has come true to
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a number of western banks that's recently cut retail business in russia. and continued fighting in libya has surprised some in the market prices that edging up again that's after they dropped sharply the day before and hopes that a swift end to leave a civil war would bring the country's oil exports back to the market however christine to kuranda from status report says it will take the country at least a year to get back on top. i think it would take about a full year before production he said its peak levy is currently producing around less than one hundred thousand barrels which is about nine percent of the previous capacity now we understand from any which is the largest producer in the country that so far as they know installations have been hurt but still you cannot just turn it on you have to build up the pressure and you have to start gradually so it will probably take a full twelve months before they reach peak. have
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a look at those figures oil prices that edging higher as the fighting in libya continues as we know and in anticipation of following you out sprint stockpiles brand blunt is trading at one hundred eight dollars a barrel while doubling to ease up just under eighty five dollars per barrel. and a quick look after russia specials after hitting another all time high of one thousand nine hundred dollars per ounce gold is losing ground on some but it's also interesting well it's trading at forty three dollars per ounce. asian shares are higher following overnight gains on wall street and european markets a pulse is also encouraged by signs of relative improvement in the chinese economy a survey on countries about a fact trying to pursue in august showed slash purchasing managers index richard two months high. and here in russia there are two as has opened on a positive note it's doing around three courses with mice that will open in just a few minutes we'll bring the figures in on that. and looking ahead to the trading
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date on monday from which creature investment bank says u.s. economic data and events in libya will be guiding market sentiment. investors in russian markets we focused on the key story of the week which is going to be the data coming out of the u.s. at the end of the week there is us saying call it g.d.p. revision as well as u.k. but the big story of course is jackson hole on friday will be trading around stories that potentially could come out of the big story is there going to be q e three is there going to be another round of easing is there going to be another program by which the fed buys backed securities or extends the maturity of the debt that it's already bought that no one really knows but that'll be the picture ever really through the week for the remove mill around that so i think today at least the markets are going to be pretty pretty volatile as they happen for a while i think the second story as well for russia which is important is that the market last to digest the implications of the of the events unfolding in libya and
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what the implications are for the oil price. that wraps up the business boston help states more news on our website r.t. dot com slash.
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the biggest sin. the book. to. the book. twenty years ago are just country. certificates of. subsists. the beach began a journey. for where did it take them.
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welcome back you're watching r.t. coming to you live from moscow these are our top stories one of gadhafi sons considered by many as his father's successor appears in tripoli in front of supporters despised rebel claims have been detained when they stormed a city a day ago the information about his arrest was also confirmed by the international criminal court this has added to the confusion over who's in control of the capital as both government and insurgent forces insist they have the upper hand. doubts are cast over whether a rebel victory would actually leave the libyan people in control of their destiny as experts point to egypt where those who fought for the revolution and up with a government they didn't choose. a western oil companies have already started circling around.


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