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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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the old girls. are russians for each. of your. machines on the. golf course they are now here in moscow you would not see a recap of the top stories now and a battle ground tripoli heavy fighting goes on in the libyan capital rebels bombard colonel gadhafi compound backed up by nato airstrikes rebel claims that they have controlled most of the city and capture of gadhafi son saif have now been proven incorrect. secret assistance british intelligence has reportedly planned the endgame for kid of his regime guiding the rebels in their push on tripoli more u.k. military personnel are said to be on standby in the mediterranean to boost the
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effort. igo e.u. all johns flocking back to libya on a red carpet laid out by a self-proclaimed a new government to reward those who helped to oust gadhafi reignited the debate over nato as a real motivation for intervening. libyans join in jubilation anticipating gadhafi is full but the skepticism with that it may be too early to celebrate is just as widespread analysts point to the poster revolution all thora the need by egypt which has yet to turn over the power to the people. no i told you stay with us here on out see our thanks to john to look at the pharaoh editor in chief of italy's. weekly news magazine he discusses with r.t. if lee's controversial mission in afghanistan and its a vested interest in seeing khadafi ousted from libya. allegations of italian forces paying bribes to the taliban first appeared in the
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media in two thousand and nine a case that was furiously denied by the now u.s. diplomatic cables uncovered by italian less press a magazine revealed it concerns a video that's payments reached the highest levels of the us administration and we're joined now by the editor thing jenny thank you very much for joining us your legacy in uncovered these diplomatic cables here these cables go. down so what was going on in afghanistan we have the. saw to tell intelligence about this payment. by the government and. nine. do we can. give us a confirmation because according to this files personally president bush was. corny as mr top with a man in afghanistan when the time's gone for publisher of some allegation all of
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the ten out of these or the members of the government of the defense and he's the. sort of the boom scrawny person won't deny that they said that the was not meant why we can exclude goals now or give us the evidence that the government was paying some tribes the taliban in afghanistan ok so let's talk a bit more about what happened in two thousand in the when these allegations first came out the response from the italian government there was no response you have to feel that everything good about afghanistan he need is a. question because we never say that he probably and troops are in afghanistan for war we always said to the parliament that. and so everything about afghanistan is covered by a deep secret state secret the military secret and most of all this information all
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the evidence about what italian troops do every day in afghanistan fighting. what all the troops do in afghanistan in italy is the neither will the levels why did telling forces take this approach towards easing. it's a traditional way i mean only the forces doing it can stand with proof of british forces paying some tribes in. cash there was an incident in two thousand and five or. the c. one hundred for the from the bleed from the regular four has crashed in southeastern afghanistan mountains was full of money there was this money barreling with the cash managed dollar left and they were used to provide according to. many sources including these five italian
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servants were just playing two hours some sort of lie say ok ok and troops are going to stay here for six months we don't care what they are going to do in the future we just want six safe months and this is the prize we are going to pay for let's talk about. and it's late and government in libya the name in. public opinion in libya is a different question because libya is. is a big economical affair for italy. traditionally linked with the telly for the whole oil or gas for nature or for the interest of. all the big italian factories in the. media and government. over ukraine which is the time because bank a
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they even today that only a small amount of. their talking for our economy and so that's a different question. we have we have decide the telegram decided to pull out of the. bankruptcy because there was a bigger canonical interest in their concerns now that we could possibly see a very disorganized. group of rebels coming in and maybe a similar situation in iraq where this organization plays out this is a big. piece really because of the actually that is not being made by for all its is coming from the east the fault is. more leaning to the u.k. and government but the france is coming from the west which seems more link at the
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with the british government there i mean anything to have a similar. question to lead and even with even now as like. a matter between entirely france. to each. of all the oil fields some of the gas fields in libya and libya is a big question we. we fall to the french the great retain were using red belts to. c.l. italian assets in libya that's was the biggest fear of anything and you think that's the case i don't know we will see at the end of the game i truly the game is going on and so. telling government but mostly they tell you the energy company and. was strongly the kountry envoy has
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got there he is. for an affair. departmental which is very very strong i think that and he was playing good in the last secret the libyan war but we would see at the end witching that secretly and was what was going in all these. game or trysts between different tribes different group of rebels in front of the gadhafi government and now we have sound very important land all the government would use to withdraw money or use. we really value. it is an italian economical groups but we don't know if these people steal. the links with the tribes and with the groups who made the rebellion and so
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we don't know which tribes which group which government is going to start in the next future and most of all we don't know. really. the gas lines and the pipelines this is the most important question for you to describe what's happening live is a chess game. reason. the nato mission in libya was for humanitarian reasons i mean really simply i mean how much of it does come down to political gangs and money the libyan mission has in run a play in question is a nonsense because the reason of the mission was to protect civilians protect the population and so when yesterday there was the red bell at black who was three probably what the nato mission has got to do to stop the rebels are cracking
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creepily to protect the people living in tripoli i mean the money stallion mission was just a diplomatic core of a mission for different interests. i don't think it was an imitator mission and you have just media and all of that when even glance escaping from the lead immigrants and refugees escaping from libya where i having problems with. the web see the. ships were not in them. as you know song was sixteen years old when he committed these murders that's not to say the song so are some upbeat honest for his crimes song is being punished no
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rational person can deny that son has been honest is being honest and will be honest. as ours must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is. this is not. to mention. that it stays. constant. no new whatsoever. no i didn't come here just. entered the first. star group a small. pond martin. and i that is now.
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subsists the bulk. of. the book. today violence is once again flared up the film these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada . showing up for the at the some up. in the czech republic he's available insists gallery hutto historians central hotel privy room the nice and most regal the stuff i used to which i am a taste in bosnia and herzegovina a little in who told me who children of each college are who killed you big but you
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know who to put you know so chilled beer to hotels you're good enough cool durable teacher to know and you're like toast. in serbia loosies available in the hyatt regency. headlines on the battle ground tripoli heavy fighting goes on in the libyan capital as rebels problem bob colonel gadhafi compound backed out by nato airstrikes rebel claims that they controlled most of the city and had captured gadhafi son saif have now been proved to be incorrect. secret assistance british intelligence has reportedly planned at the end game for gadhafi regime guiding the rebels and their push on tripoli more u.k. military personnel are said to be on standby in the mediterranean to boost the. e.u. all of john's flight back to libya on a red carpet laid out by a self-proclaimed new government keen to reward those who helped to oust gadhafi
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reignited the debate about nato as a real motivation for intervening. and libyans joined in the jubilation anticipating could offer useful but skepticism that it may be too early to celebrate is just as widespread on this point to the post revolution of already in nearby egypt which has yet to turn over power to the people. are located those are the headlines here on our next to your world of sport news seems that we are in the wrong line of work here russia is set to make one footballer the highest paid player in the world higher or yes that's right this year the result i personally holds that distinction but in some milan star some lessons try to overtake him to the chew off a million dollars a week a week if he signs that angie horan last. hello
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welcome to the cheerleading scores of the joining me here. a million a fortnight and cheer on the verge of signing cameroon and in the last hour some lessons to make the highest paid footballers in the world. i know how little manchester city agreeing with off the cylons are in the done a tricky thing to look at the top sides. and the down on their rockers love the start of the path of their final warm up game of the world cup new zealand. first global and russian premier league club are expected to complete the signing of cameroon and into non-strike as some absolute right to this tuesday the move would make him the highest paid player in the world with a weekly wage of around all five billion dollars the club so finally agreed a fee of around thought she really in dollars for the thirty year old according to fee for agent peppino totally missed how to mediate the deal in so would also get another six million in fact it was successful at the russian club as we said the african star is set to become the world's highest paid footballer nothing over half
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a million dollars a week off the tax which is nine hundred thirteen million dollars a year or around a billion a move ams is expected to sign a contract and g. were bought by billionaire sort of in the mold in january he has already signed brazil legend roberto carlos recent russian play make up the additional calls. all over england following last week's departure of captain said probably goes to barcelona also have now agreed terms to sell their own i strongly feel that samir nasri to lunch to city the twenty four year old france playmaker is now set to undergo a medical at the end he had stadium for completing a reported forty one million dollar move the timing of the deal will also ensure nasri is not cup side in european football as he won't feature and also. do you do a z for the away leg of their champions league play off on wednesday. well meanwhile arsenal have asked you a bit if you let you manage your ass and beggars too much touchline ban off until after wednesday's match as today's a bangle was found guilty of contacting the gunners bench while serving another ban
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during last week's one zero first leg when asked no were also fined for improper conduct and have appealed against the ban if the request is denied that bengal will be forced to sit in the stands for the toilet it's only which could prove crucial for the guns after a difficult start to the season. while the second leg of the other tragedy the qualifiers a taking place this tuesday night with a place in the group stages of the tournament at stake so it's like oh well i have to overturn a one mil deficit again and his website. by munich looks to be almost there with a two goal advantage over suited to know exactly that from croatia cruising for the left leg because swedish champions no israeli champions maccabi haifa travel through belgian travelers getting lost from the slums in the world which will sell and champions league football they take the daily things that i didn't see it. but also at that to go with it have pulled realestate porto and colombia strike up another nail file fifty seven million dollars the twenty five year old is
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a direct replacement for a go at all because sold to manchester city last month scored a stunning forty one goals in fifty one going auto including a formidable seventeen in the europa league winning count payne last season. well meanwhile over in england match the likes of maintains a lot perfect start to go top of the premier league after a three you know when it's time to tottenham look at aldrich was missing the spurs squad of twenty five year old croatian midfield star continues to be linked with a mentor chelsea all despite his absence the visitors did hold united to be our mark when danny welbeck broke the deadlock and then fifteen minutes later the forward some time anderson the second brains rooney has the third in the dying minutes. you know i did not have the maximum six points from two games along with leaders nice to city hall. got me want michael obi the father of chelsea midfielder john obi mikel has been rescued by police after being kidnapped for ten days in
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nigeria those suspected of abducting him were paraded in front of the media at a police station in the central nigerian said you just. claimed soldiers were among his captors. us where players and spain's top two leagues are set to strike for a second week in rome the issue is a pay dispute as around two hundred players have not been paid for by their cash strapped clubs that are not only a wage guarantee from the league and has the right to break their contracts if they're not paid for three consecutive months this proposal has been rejected by the league both parties are holding further meetings this tuesday to try to resolve the stalemate. now is just over two weeks to go until the start of the rugby world cup in new zealand russia hopes to bring back their nabhan rebel star adam burns for their final warm up match against gloucester on friday coach nikolai another said the lock is maternal grandparents are both russian should be fit for the clash in england and will feature in a team that will more or less be the one that will face the usa in the world cup
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opener in new plymouth on september fifteenth russia have lost all three of their warm up games in britain so far the latest a forty six nineteen loss to the ospreys that's not an issue of his side's progress headed for a first appearance to go kart. i mean while the coach of hosts new zealand believes he has a potent side for the tournament graeme henry announced his thirty man squad ahead of their trying nations clash with australia we can surprise selections into the relatively inexperienced collins laid the twenty three year old will act as a back up for fly half done carter while city of any sort of are to have has missed out and had regrets he feels for the train back. if you forgot missing out. because they're quality people. but now we're we're we're pleased with this we think it's got a lot of experience and most experience will direct side the history of the guy producer a good number of yanks can get flights. who i think will get real vitality. and
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energy as a man each and i might be on the outside backs but just thoughts now as the russian touring car championship has passed its midway point as the newly refurbished tracking ancient city of cazan is both experience and youth grabbing a piece of the spotlight a racing day includes two sessions at the national championships so there are two chances to rack up points towards the overall standings as the first ones or defending champion fourth top everyone else as the fifty three year old bounced back from a less than perfect chance at the previous leg in his in walkabout however he didn't make the podium in the second race that was won by the young standings leader alexander thought to retain top spot head of next month's race in moscow. and will end as we began talking about football twenty five goals were scored in the russian premier league at the weekend which sorters cast a talk i'll just one point writes the bottom four so here are all those net busters it's goals go lower.
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and also the sports analogy more in just under two hours please join me again. twenty years ago in the largest country in. this particular case it's. one hundred. fifty each began a journey. where did it take to. emission
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