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tv   [untitled]    August 23, 2011 2:31pm-3:01pm EDT

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gadhafi. well that brings you up to date for the moment i'll be back in about fifteen minutes from now with more on the developments there in tripoli up next that is the editor in chief of italy's prominent weekly news magazine he discusses with r.t. italy's controversial mission in afghanistan and its vested interest in seeing gadhafi in libya that's next on r.t. . allegations of italian forces paying bribes to the taliban first appeared in the media in t. thousand and nine a place that was furiously denied by rain but now u.s. diplomatic cables uncovered by italian less press a magazine reveal that concerns over the edge payments reached the highest levels of the us administration we're joined now by the editor of the magazine jenny can thank you very much for joining us say you like a scene uncovered these diplomatic cables yeah these cables go. down
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so what was going on in afghanistan we have a different. source to tell intelligence about this by him and be made by the government done in ninety nine now do we can. leave as a confirmation because according to these files bush personally president bush was asking berlusconi our first minister to stop by a man in afghanistan when the. publisher of some allegation all of the ten out of these of the member of the government of the defense minister. the buscombe person won't deny that they said the was not by meant why we can exclude boars now or give us the evidence that the government was paying some tribes the taliban's in afghanistan ok so let's talk
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a bit more about what happened in two thousand and nine when these allegations first came out the response from the italian government are true there was no response you have to feel that every finger about afghanistan he need is a. question because we never say that italian troops are in afghanistan for war we always say to the parliament that. a peace mission and so everything about afghanistan is covered by a secret state secret the military secret and most of all this information all the evidence about what italian troops do every day in afghanistan fighting. what all the troops do in afghanistan in italy is the night that will the levels why did the italian forces take this approach towards easing. it's a traditional way i mean all the forces doing it can stand the proof of
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british forces paying some tribes in. cash there was an incident in two thousand and five or. a lock in the sea one hundred eighty from the bleed from the regular four crash of the south in afghanistan manti's was full of money there was this man a bearing with the cash money dollar left and they were used to live according to. many sources including these files italian secret service where just two hours some months of quiet say ok italian troops are going to stay here for six months we don't care what they are going in the to do in the future we just want six safe months and this is the prize we are going to pay for let's talk about nate and then in libya the name in.
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public opinion in libya is a different question because libya is. is a big economic call affair for italy. traditionally leaned over it italy for. us for nature or for the interest of. all the big italian factories in the. medium government. over ukraine which is the biggest bank a in the past they even today that only has more amount of. it's. very important for our economy and so that's a different question. we have we have the side the telegram and the side of the bell seen bear in benghazi because there was
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a bigger canonical interest in it and they can sense now that we could possibly see a very disorganized group of rebels coming in and maybe a similar situation to. that this organization plays out this is a big. speech really because of the actually that people are sol does not be made by forces coming from the east the fault is. all link at the retail end government but the falls is coming from the west which seems more link at the with british government i mean uniquely seen in the. situation in libya even with even now as like a big chest being a member between italy france be trying to reach the core of all the oil fields on the gas fields in libya libya is
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a big question we. we fall to that french the great retain were using red belts to. c.l. italian assets in libya that's was the biggest fear of anything and you think that's the case i don't know we would see at the end of the game actually the game is going on and so. palin governament most of the. energy company and was gov strongly the county envoy has got there he is. for an affair. the path mental which is very very strong i think that and he was playing good in the last secretly being wards but we will see at the end what you mean by secretly and what was going in. the. game or trees between different
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tribes different group of rebels different former gadhafi government now we have some very important land of the government. to withdraw my values to prove. it is an italian economical groups but the we don't know if these people are still. good links with the tribes and with the groups who made the rebellion and so we don't know which tribes which group which government is going to start in the next future most of all we don't know will really control the gas lines the pipelines this is the most important question for you to
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describe what's happening live is a chess game of if issue reason. the nato mission in libya was humanitarian reasons move it has to be i mean how much of it does come down to political games or money the libyan mission has in run a play in question is a no say in this because the reason of the mission was to protect. the population and so when yesterday there was the way back up back there was. while the nato mission got to do to stop the rebels up back in. people living in tripoli i mean you money study on a mission was just a diplomatic mission for different interests. i don't think it was and. you have just made me up about that one. is keeping the former lead me down so refugee is given for. having problems with.
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the web see the. ships were not in them. as you know sixteen years old when he committed these moms that's not so strong so it should not be punished for his crimes sean is being no rational person can deny the. past. and will be. the souers must be executed for the brutal crime committed this is a punishment this is not. imagine. that. cause you. know you want some.
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now i didn't come here justice. and heard the first word of this congressman about. ronald martin now and my thought is now. wealthy british style sun. sometimes rises.
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breaking news that. the opposition claims to be in control of most of the capital. remains. secret assistants. reportedly planned the endgame for gadhafi guiding the rebels push. maybe to celebrate is just as widespread. and. government. helped. bring you up to date with those developments in libya and fifteen minutes from now in the meantime cage is next with all the latest.
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what are you watching the tuesday night sports roundup and here are the headlines almost a done deal on jay i agree terms with insulin for the signing of cameron strike islamiya less so you set to become the highest paid footballer in the world while the final hurdle munched a city agree a fee with all snowfalls midfielder samir nasri for the gunners champions league play off the belief in cup time. taking over the russian city of cars on picks up the battle to host the twenty thirteen summer university games after russia finishes second at the latest event in china. but first football and russian club angie have confirmed they've reached an agreement within salaam to sign cameron strikers some less so in a deal which is expected to make him the world's best paid player subject to passing a medical on wednesday the thirty year old is set to sign a three year contract as there has cost the free spending in dagestan club a reported thirty six million u.s. dollars he's due to arrive on thursday on the path to stop today's match at rest of
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the african start could be messing iraq off a million dollars a week after tax which is maybe thirteen million dollars a year around a billion rubles was bought by billionaire suliman cut him off in january and he has already brought in brazil a legend about to call us and russia. calls. all over england on the last week's departure of captain incest fabregas to barcelona also have now agreed terms to sell their other stomach feel that samir nasri to manage the city the twenty four year old france playmaker is now set to want to get magical at it had stadium before completing a reported forty one million dollar move the signing of the deal will also ensure nasri is not cup tied in european football featuring also stripped good in a.z. for the away leg of their champions league play off on wednesday no meanwhile manager also inventor will be allowed. on the touchline for austin's champions league play off second leg as he denies it on wednesday who i thought will now hear benghazi appeal against his two match ban after the tie the gunners boss was found
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guilty of contacting the austral bench while serving another ban during last week's one zero first leg when the english premier league side we're also fined for improper conduct can now make contact with his team for the return leg in italy which could prove crucial for the government's offer a difficult start to the season. while the second legs of the other champion he qualifies are also taking place this tuesday night with a place in the group stages of the tournament at stake so inside apple will have to overturn a one nil deficit against these were cracked by and munich looked to be almost there with a two goal of advantage over soon a. read from croatia cruising at four one up from left first leg against swedish champions mauled by israeli champions michael b. i thought i have travelled to belgium chimes in this game lost their out couldn't decide on champions league football if they don't beat danish one is up but then say. but i also atletico madrid have bought a prolific quarter and colombia striker about
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a mild fall for fifty seven million dollars the twenty five year old is a direct replacement for saturday i go out of my particular soul to manage the city last month falcao scored a stunning forty one goals in fifty one games for porto including a formidable seventeen in their europa league winning campaign last season and. well elsewhere chelsea have unveiled their two new teenage signings at the training ground covered belgium striker well maybe in the car to you as a rifle and elect and he's joined by a nineteen year old spanish midfielder remember you from wasilla. i'll give you the happier man as you can now rub shoulders with this point if you ever did a drop back and play in what he called the biggest league in the world. first of all. after the hour just wanted to show the coach we were never meet me to meet i'm ready but
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first of all i want to train him to be fitter for sports and. well me around for the chelsea boss josie right now has said he's not going anywhere despite reports he may quit as manager of rail madrid as the self-proclaimed special one is facing a band of up to twelve games for apparently poking barcelona assistant coach tito vilanova in the eye would be as possible as to the fans for the bust up which occurred after the ill tempered super cup second leg of the new camp last wednesday that's one side won the tie if i fall on i guess but then there is also subjects to a format than to tell you. are staying in spain further meetings have failed to resolve the stalemate between players representatives and the spanish league meaning players from the top two divisions are still set to strike for a second week in a row the issue is a pay dispute as around two hundred players have not been fully paid by that cash strapped clubs demanding a wage guarantee from the league and the right to break their contracts if they're not paid for three consecutive months these proposals have been rejected by the
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league ensuring destruction to establish football calendar for the first time in almost three decades. now russia has officially taken up the baton to hold the next summer university games in prison in two years' time as a lavish closing ceremony has been held in the chinese city of shenzhen to bring down the curtain on the latest competition for students globally in fact russia collected a games flag rather than a fast on the well in the meantime russia won forty two goals at the games to finish second in the overall medals table but their effort was twelve by the for the first china launched a staggering seventy five top gongs rhythmic gymnastics superstar and i have that was the biggest contributor for the russian team the world and olympic champion added four goals and one silver to have trophy cabinet but following the success of the chinese event the pressure is now on to stage a similar. impressive tournament. is going to be another great chance to
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witness not only sports but great culture there with mirth russian both rideau the diversity so thank you sanjay and the world. well there are so used to go before those games but has just hosted the latest leg of the russian touring car championship with both experience and use grabbing their share of the spotlight at the new year with third base track. racing day includes two sessions of the national championship so there are two chances to rack up points towards the overall standings and the first one's for defending champion because of top everyone else is the fifty three year old bounce back from a less than perfect out of the previous leg just not good however he didn't make the podium in the second race that was won by the young standings leader an example for all of retained top spot of next month's race here in moscow. now to a sport that has been played for thousands of years polo the tradition of playing
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the sport had been lost in oblivion in russia for over a century but is not being revived with help from the sport's historic powerhouse argentina it's not only on a small. horses count among the most trusted friends of mankind in wildlife this is why polo is one of the most anshan coca-cola sports this game was first played in persia more than two thousand years ago and has only slightly changed since then. it still takes the same skills to score goals with a long handled mod on the field that's twice as big as a football pitch. the most important thing in polo is probably the so-called chemistry between the man and the horse they should be sympathetic to each other also it's crucial to learn the equitation in childhood although even adult persons who come to the sport late can reach pretty good results in terms of training hard every day back at the turn of the twentieth century polo was quite a popular sport in russia but after the revolution the tradition was broken it was
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only brought back to life several years ago and the most skilled pole club which was established in two thousand and six by lexia dunker is now one of the major centers for the sport it also hosted the russian open championship which was being held for the sixth time you need a lot of players you need a lot of horses you need a lot of competition as in any sport you need to practice practice practice you need to invest invest invest and so far we're doing what we can but it's all private and it's all based. on them of the players themselves and their money. in terms of price horses are like cars it's not only about how expensive it is it's very important to choose the one that would suit you in this respect you should always take an expert's advice as to the price it may be from eight to ten thousand dollars sale argentina and up to five hundred thousand dollars it's emotions and
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human resources are always a crucial factor in this respect call in russia as a competitive advantage the traverso. brothers to grandmasters from the sports powerhouse argentina these term around glamorous russian fans of this elite sports have good opportunity to get up close with their known for a short master class on the secrets of polo and witness the russian open finals where the tournaments top player and a hundred let his team beluga to victory. however there is still a lot to do to make question pull competitive on the international arena these are low now because it's new it's a new sport here and we need a lot of work. and we need. to know what is bordeaux because. doesn't know what is. but i think he's improving. day with
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he's possible to become more prepared to play polo has never been only about winning and losing with another member of the winning team russia's top ball of book titian or me how you write down being the best proof of it is the first the better you treat your horses the better they perform i don't care if i lose or win i just enjoy it it's a team sport and first of all it team here means the horse and the rider and that's the best thing about it. and that a deity which often leaves the fastest way to success. over it but in your own party school region. of us all the sport for the saving. twenty years ago in the largest country. to serve two cases of.
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what had been more each month each began a journey. where did it take them. for
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breaking news from libya hundreds of rebels event to the libyan leader's compound opposition claims to be in control of most of the capital however the whereabouts of gadhafi remains. a secret assistance british intelligence and reportedly plan the endgame for going after his regime guiding the rebels in their push. to get the oil joint strike back to libya on a red carpet laid out by a self-proclaimed new government keen to reward those who helped to the. international news and comment from moscow where it's just past eleven pm and in tripoli nine pm where the breaking news is that libyan rebels are in.


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