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tv   [untitled]    August 24, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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country is just a race of. what had been each. began a journey. where did it take the. breaking news here on r t the russian cargo space ship progress has reportedly crashed in eastern russia after failing to reach its target earlier wednesday the vehicle was launched from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan and was due to dock at the international space station on friday specialists say the ship went off course after the rocket suffered an engine failure it was taking three and a half tons of cargo to the including food fuel and equipment. now joins us live with details on this so tom what do you know. where lori is far as we can glean at the moment the rocket was in its three hundred twenty fifth second of flight they measure the seconds very accurately on its way up into war but when its third stage
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motor that's the third stage of the rocket blasting it up into space somehow failed a reporter to drop into in pressure at the russian space agency and it appears that from then the progress module on top of this soyuz rocket fell back to work and it fell in the altai region of siberia no one was hurt and the rocket itself isn't on mom's transport rocket so there was no crew on board either however the rocket was carrying more than two and a half tons of food and fuel supplies to the crew on the international space station the six cosmonauts and astronauts up there at the moment so it'll be it'll remain to be seen what the results of that is and how serious a situation that is made. do keep us posted here. as the civil war in libya rages many say the country could go the way of egypt and
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end up with a dissolution of society and patient or reform but some believe it could be much much worse and i'll talk to. one of his views on recent events. i'm talking to abdel bari atwan who's the editor of the london based upon the arabic newspaper al could be he is obviously going to talk to me about libya and he says that there's a huge potential for libya to turn into another afghanistan i missed out on thank you for talking to r.t. today now explain to me what the factors are at play or comparable between libya and afghanistan. there are a lot of similarities here between. programs and lead we need to intervention military intervention it is through this intervention is not actually sending troops on the ground but the same. or another and try to
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see. like afghanistan and the other you know libya. state like what happened in afghanistan and nobody can predict what will happen after combat and we know very few would be removed from power because he and i actually i mean something has a good pickup in that but a big question please you know whether that turns the council which is there representing that revolt will be able first to contain the differences divisions in its own set whether it is capable to run the country and to keep it as a united states that seems like an accident that the issues. let's talk about the war specifically first of all where do you think it's. going to do you think you'll fight to the bitter end if he is
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a very kind of despite to many people in that words describe him as a crazy man i meet him there three times in my life. you know what i should. whether we like it or not he believes very well we don't know where he is actually hiding it took the need to under american fifteen years to find some of bin laden and kill him i don't know how many months how many weeks how many years and you know that it will take them to verify nobody can kill where about he's hiding he could be in. about ex military perhaps and politically he could be in sirte where his own people and in the south where. it is there you know we're tribes actually situated so we don't know but they have an excuse to live there from if they used to leave the for his son his son's actually trying to be in the air to be in itself
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i think this is a clear indication is that there would be there it would be incredible it's and as far as the mood on the ground goes what do you think will happen when and if the rebels catch him will they kill him or they talk big about the international criminal court what do you think will happen it is a huge question is we don't know what will happen if he is captured we have a very bad experience when i bet it will actually try to capture. the chief of staff or army you know. his bodyguards probably sources so maybe there's something that happened to put their feet we know that there is a you know a sense of revenge spreading on the tables and media so it depends who is going to capture him if he is captured by. either the groups that are sick or almost could be shot dead you mentioned. is really his favorite son and was the heir
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apparent how much power do you think he will make that he still actually popular among the loyalists of his father and his father supporter actually so he is an important figure he knows how to communicate it would be meet with the media itself he's still a very prominent character. of that right could refugium so whether he has military power i don't believe so he has some political party but you know i don't believe that feel will survive and i think the most that he can actually try for a safe exit for him and for his family. presence or not is obviously key particularly because up till now the rebels have really been you know it's it by a common hatred of exactly how likely now do you think of balance in the transitional council is i think the proper after care about free post for error
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could be more actually problematic and the problem for there are fewer before the removal of president cheney because there is a huge slit split among. themselves and factions who are participating in this park and it's cut off and. there are united by a patriot act they're free but if. he's killed i think you know now will be will turn against each other and we know there are some brigades you know who are fighting with their bills. for the extremist muslim groups. we wouldn't fight with the secular and the same time even if you talk to those sarah seculars or producer actually liberals. they're part of there was some conspiracy so maybe those people will turn against each other but also we knew that you know the majority of the people who are fighting muslim extremists or actually. people who
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believe. so how the people is that we could deal with those people after about a month of chemical but i think are they going to legitimize consider them a legitimate legitimate part but a partner and future leader here so there are huge question marks here. personally i believe the post will be more proper and i think that the graphic david cameron's been talking about sending british troops to libya as a peacekeeping force but will that be enough to keep a lid on what is potentially a nation at war if david cameron sent. it's. army corps rich personnel under the banner of keeping peace in their free air this will be seen in libya and also in the arab world as a foreign intervention exactly like not having an afghanistan iraq and this would
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complicate the whole situation it could actually make some of those muslim extremists among the rebels to turn at least that appearance general counsel and also to a plan i've used nato so now we are fighting for your troops after they finish this job actually would be my. guess that the british or french troops would be sent to keep law and order and and post their breath so it could be a huge mistake from from parents and from sarkozy to try to actually send troops today the stakes are massive out there now nato and the u.k. specifically is talking about democracy by the libyan people how realistic do you think that is talking about democracy is very easy in your option but actually practicing democracy. it is a very complicated process democracy cannot actually put people in the war in iraq
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or afghanistan democracy is our culture it is a huge process first you have to start this process in a country like libya you know for the last forty two years never had a multi-party system they never had the parliament been ever had institution has been quite a consensus or any institution so. moch writing process actually will take a long time but it is very sweet talks about democracy and we know that under the banner of democracy in the west and they have been in afghanistan they are and. look what happened for example and i don't understand that we are going to celebrate the tenth anniversary of their invasion and occupation of afghanistan is the worst part to. true true to the taliban in the beginning ten years ago they went there to remove taliban from power. to destroy it and for structure and now it is you know there are thrown but whole and they are talking to taliban and
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they want to have an owner of an exit from afghanistan. or they are losing seven billion dollars a month the same thing you got you know now iraq is a completely different story there is none of that democracy in iraq is very vulnerable democracy do you think the rebels basically sold off oil when they accepted rest and military support definitely need to have. played a major role in the success of that airport to capture most of the cities of leaving your violence kill our people so. presumably there was a deal struck between that and levy and it will have that many times. and france in particular we know that nato is not a charitable organization we know and france there are looking for contacts for ordering we are looking for a business in libya is destroyed completely undercut their footage and there is no
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infrastructure at all so i believe that leaving a cake is very lucrative for their you know that they want to share how much. is this actually was agreed to by the position and cars have been put on this and council need to look at that especially britain france we don't know yet but they're frantically that need to what is looking for a price and the libyan future government should be and will be a very heavy price for a cause that is not. a free service no definitely there is something behind that. i suspect that need to would like to have military bases there. i suspect that you know british and french company is looking for exploration contracts abseiled by act one thank you very much.
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as you know was sixteen years old when communities mars that's not to say the chancellor should not be punished for his crimes on years. no rational person can deny the charge has been planning has been punished and will be punished. by sellers must be executed for the greater. punishment this is not nothing. imagine. that it's. causing. any mercy on you once knew her. how i didn't come here ask for justice. in her case mercy. is congressman.
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final word. and my that is now. more news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada asked for. giant corporations are on the day.
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breaking news this hour here on r t russian a cargo space ship progress has reportedly crashed in eastern russia after failing to reach its target orbit. vehicle was launched from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan and was due to the international space station on friday specialists to say the ship went off course after the rocket suffered engine failure. a celebration of mixed with firefights and explosions continue in the streets of tripoli as nato rushes to secure. a chemical weapons and a complete collapse of security in the capital. and the leader of libya's a rebel government prepares to meet even leaders to discuss the country's future
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concerns that lucrative oil deals may take precedence over the needs of the people . of north korea will consider halting nuclear tests if the six party talks are resume so says the country's elusive leader on a red trip to russia. and iran to files a lawsuit against russia over its refusal to supply the s three hundred of mobile missile systems so iran says they don't fall under a u.n. resolution preventing the weapons and it's. time now for the sports with kate. a lot of the world's response updates and this is a taste. for russia can strike us some will absolutely has to join our premier league club music transferred in some allow. us orange mango top the netherlands
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and spanish. football team. to the hill russian cycling team cup to show celebrate success at the tour of spain back another in no stage four in the mountains. the first four and summits there will undergo a medical this wednesday as you propose to join russian premier league side but i just have agreed to buy the contrarian striker from into milan for a fee of thirty six million dollars well if the thirty year old is past thinks he's set to sign a three year contract and usually arrive in russia on thursday to meet his new team mates they include brazil legend robertson carlos and recent signing of eurasia a call from chelsea and could even play at rostov on saturday the african star has been offered a haul five million dollars a week after tax which would make him the world's highest paid player. by believing its women could be wroth in january and find a local tycoon say he was prepared to do what was necessary to make the club
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a force in football and a card force in the russian premier league. well in stark contrast with angie who have apparently limitless another russian top flight side is about to go bankrupt that's the song claimed they cannot even afford the trip to clearly a set off next month which means saturday's home game against could be their last in the premier league after losing four games in a row their bosses are calling for sponsors to step in as the players are in fear of almost three months without bein pate. but i was worrying will be trying to qualify for the group stages of the champions league this wednesday evening but they have a mountain to climb as they host me on in the second leg of that playoff run but there's many need to overturn a three one deficit from the first game and i have to do it about right back because me and was injured is also down to further. under the pressures also and also manager arsene wenger has depleted side of travel to newton
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a.z. in ne is only after a one zero win at the emirates in the first leg gunners are without midfielders some me a nursery after agreeing to sell the twenty four year old to manchester city for forty one million dollars is imminent departure follows that of skipper says probably gas divorce alone or. also miss jack wilshere is injured however vango will be able to sit in the dugout for the tie after apparently breaching a touchline ban last week suspended a further ban well on the field will be closed after the match and a french miss confident his side can reach the group stage for a fourteenth season in a row because we want to qualify and not. one can depend on how we play all the way we play the game we know to play. but you should go one playing be changing. well in contrast years in a.z. have only reached the champions league group stage once and that was five years ago
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and although they finished fourth in syria on one season they have also lost players need to be elected sanchez to barcelona but start the fans in their chances against arsenal who have failed to win their own two games in the english premier league. while another game is wednesday ben feet will hold a two away goal advantage of play has a state spends eight on three chichi first day draw part of the president having an uphill toss despite making the last sixteen last season they need to extend a three one deficit since its champions employee of this year and mark potter eight but he saw. a strong grasp after a one month first leg draw. fall and choose their secret side at the well went through to the group stage probably three of us were clocked off three want to three three two one languages by and munich out also threw off the reason par three over old grandma zagreb a pulsar as well as points despite using two nil to swedish jargons momo they scraped through thirty three of the three legs goals in champions games this
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instructing hi-fi on penalties chicken breast cancer one side they are also save the three pounds impact from methods like defeat the danish side evidence of. now spain may be the reigning world and european champions but they're no longer the number one football team in the world according to the latest rankings on it now goes to another lens for the first time that happened in spain thirteen months ballot number one after the spanish loss to italy in a friendly netherlands game against england was cancelled five the enterprise men do rise to places to number four germany are third in the same boat which is based on results over the last four years europe was popular america's success means they're up to face with brazil looking to six italy portugal argentina and croatia into the top ten for russia twenty five places to thirty the dutch are only the seventh nation to hold top spot on argent. ciena prison guards germany and italy.
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moving on and russians liking clean cut too shall have claimed their first win in this year's tour of spain after the spanish rider than what i know won the grueling four stage in the mountains well in fact the fourth stage was too tough for some riders tour de france green jersey when mark cavendish was unable to keep up with the palace and that cross the. sierra nevada he abandoned the race was forty kilometers left however there were no such problems from right now he caught up with the leaders are over the last few kilometers and in the end it was a fight for the line between herself chris aaronson saxo bank son guard but that petition handed enough to win by three seconds to take over all these jersey. in most sports red bull are leading the way in formula one and they have also paved the way of what will be the second to be america's next year consultant and former driver david coulthard got back behind the wheel to test out the dirt track in texas and interest in the fifteen months it will debut on the f one calendar
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a circuit in the state capital of austin is set to host the last one race of the twenty twelve season and it's hope this will raise the profile of the high octane sport in america. now to a sport that has been played for thousands of years polo over the last century it all but faded out completely in russia but now it's been revived with help from sports historic powerhouse argentina robert ford has more. horses count among the most trusted friends of mankind in wildlife this is why pool is one of the most ancient. this game was first played in persia more than two thousand years ago and has only slightly changed since then. its two takes the same skills to score goals with a long handle on the field it's twice as big as a peach. the most important thing in polo is probably the so-called. chemistry between the man and the horse they should be sympathetic to each other also it's
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crucial to learn the equitation in childhood although even adult persons who come to the sport late can reach pretty good results in terms of training hard every day back at the turn of the twentieth century polo was quite a portable sport in russia but after the revolution the tradition was broken it was only brought back to life several years ago and the most coupole club which was established in two thousand and six by alex sera dunga is now one of the major centers for the sport it also hosted the russian open championship which was being held for the sixth time you need a lot of players you need a lot of horses you need a lot of competition as in any sport you need practice practice practice you need to invest invest invest and so for. we're doing what we can but it's all private and it's all based. on of the players themselves and their money. in terms of price horses are like cars it's not only about how expensive it is it's
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very important to choose the one that would suit you in this respect you should always take an expert's advice let's put a price maybe from eight to ten thousand dollars sale argentina and up to five hundred thousand dollars it's emotions and human resources are always a crucial factor in this respect call in russia as a competitive advantage to traverse the brothers to grandmas tourists from the sports powerhouse argentina these time around glamorous russian fans of this elite sports have got a unique opportunity to get up close with their known for a short must declare all the secrets of polo and witness the russian open finals where the tournaments took player and a hundred left his team beluga to victory. however there is still a lot to do to make russian pull competitive. national rina the slow now because it's new it's a new sport here and we need
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a lot of work. and we need. people who have to know what the sport though because our little bit doesn't know what he is. but i think he's improving. he's possibly forgotten more people to play polo has never been only about winning and losing with another member of the winning team russia's school full of vocation or they were done being the best proof of it is the economic pressure of my first book that you treat your whole system better they conform i don't care if i lose or win i just enjoy it it's a team sport and first of all it team here means the horse and the rider and that's the best thing about it. and that idiot which often thieves if passed this way to success. are see most of the region. that's all the sport for this. is what other update.
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